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File 142552841410.png - (7.37MB , 3468x2524 , CriticalSketch.png )
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#OCs #Taking requests

Hello Art board! I'm fairly new on this board and I don't have any real projects to work on as of now so I'll be taking requests to draw your oc's for free! I usually try to draw as accurate to the show but my drawings have some of my style mixed into them. Anyways all drawings will be done in pencil and will be black and white, for some reason I can't draw well on a computer and when I go to color something I just worsen it. That aside if you want me to draw your oc please leave a pic with your post or give a description.
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>> No. 129439
File 142689428584.png - (6.44MB , 2800x2000 , Nic Nac's Shop.png )
Now that I'm not too lazy to shrink it...

I hope it doesn't do a disservice to your work. ^^''
>> No. 129442
Oh no not at all. I'm cool with you editing the picture and all since that's what you wanted to do in the first place.
>> No. 129443
Heheh, alright.

File 141877132946.jpg - (796.10KB , 2434x2837 , DemonioBlanco-278370-NUWAS.jpg )
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So i hope you enjoyed your noon with out me.

but i have to get out here to ask for some stuff

So i used to draw alot, but because college i just didnt did it that often, then stop drawing for some months, and then got back to do it, but it was just a lame comback, i mean, like 1 drawing each month.

then i stop again.

So i finally finish up everything i had to do at school, and i want to get back to it... but i feel awful.

My art was never good to start with, but now i start a drawing, and trying to do some guide lines, and im like "oh my god, im fucking this up since the start, that look awful"
even before just starting at all..... and i cant just start a new picture
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>> No. 129381
File 142550366858.png - (1.04MB , 1738x2183 , Raina cave obscure.png )
ok, i will do....

emmm... this doesnt count.

Now, for being on a 2d plain on that old pic was because i wanted to show the 2 character facing up looking at the eyes and close, like they are pride and erect with the chest up.... but again, that doesnt justify the stiff pusture like you say, i will pay attention on that.

Last edited at Wed, Mar 4th, 2015 14:16

>> No. 129409
File 142648152517.jpg - (293.29KB , 1700x2338 , Imagen (16).jpg )
an art pic made on a class...
with no instructions so i dont konw what im doing
>> No. 129411
File 142648349450.jpg - (709.08KB , 2326x3109 , spoiler.jpg )
i hasnt done my homework.

now, how do i NSFK this?

File 142561421214.jpg - (3.38MB , 4208x3120 , IMG_20150305_142134.jpg )
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>> No. 129384
hi everypony,i am a newbie to the art fandom. i started a few days ago this was my first one=) please drop a few comment and suggetion so that i can improve...^^ thanks a ton
and have a good day....

File 136201959380.png - (100.18KB , 1920x1200 , golf.png )
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#Traditional #Digital #Vectors #Alterations #Nikon #Canon #Minolta #OCs #Gallery #Discussion #Taking commissions

o hi

Last edited at Thu, Feb 28th, 2013 03:15

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>> No. 128339
Its NSFW content, but not porn.

Basically if you have sex or a sexual act then its off limits. But you can show your solo cloppy stuff there.
>> No. 129289
File 142350258806.png - (513.21KB , 1920x1200 , 1421371570883WP2.png )
uh yes.
applejack > sex
>> No. 129362
What's all ?

File 142477222967.jpg - (24.87KB , 402x430 , my pony 2.jpg )
129358 No. 129358 [View]

I made my own unique pony, claire. Nite time forest livin pony.

File 135580083197.png - (386.77KB , 893x708 , apple bloom commish - sketch.png )
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#Digital #Canon #OCs #Taking requests

i'm taking requests! you don't have to pay for anything, i just want to draw. sketches usually take a few minutes, and full colour painting take probably half and hour+.
ocs are welcome.
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>> No. 119756
File 135637250303.png - (57.61KB , 500x500 , temporary faux pas reference.png )
Ohmygosh I would love art from you, your style is so cool.

Would it be cool if I just let you have artistic freedom with my OC, Faux-Pas? I love seeing people put their own spin on things or just generally doing what they like with a picture <3

Oh and my apologies for the shoddy ref, it's just temporary until I stop being sick and can just draw her :c
>> No. 119778
Eve bump
>> No. 129342
Could you draw a tired Applejack for me?

File 142280676770.png - (366.43KB , 466x652 , adagio_dazzle_vector_by_kimarnic-d858nte.png )
129258 No. 129258 [View]

A micro city of EQG humans inside of Adagio Dazzle's hair, While Sonata Dusk is eating a taco.

Is this easy for any artist?
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>> No. 129262
I was looking for an artist who could draw this.
>> No. 129319
I can do concept art for you if you want.
>> No. 129329

File 142352043909.jpg - (183.77KB , 960x540 , lastunicorntitle.jpg )
129291 No. 129291 [View]
#Digital #Canon #Critique wanted

This video is my attempt to recreate the opening credits of the animated film "The Last Unicorn" using My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic footage and credits. Here is the original credits for comparison:

File 142091490782.png - (688.72KB , 960x540 , temp.png )
129098 No. 129098 [View]
#Traditional #Digital #Gallery #Critique wanted

Hi everyone. One of my first post for the brony comunity.
I am not really good at drawing (and at singing btw). That why I did an instrumental cover of Equestria Girls, from the first movie. I hope you enjoy it.

You can find the video here:

If you ask me, I can share the parts. You can also find a version without lead guitar at this address:

Another instrumental cover of the second movie is coming soon.

PS : It's not a drawing fan art, I hope I posted it in the right board. If I was wrong, I apologize :).
>> No. 129252
Here is my new cover from Rainbow Rocks :) Enjoy
>> No. 129260
Music goes in /vinyl/, try there.

Love the covers, though. X3
>> No. 129263
Nice covers! This kind of thread really deserves more attention, I hope /fan/ delivers

Uhh, about that... /vinyl/ is specifically for non-pony music, so it really doesn't go there either!

File 139934928472.png - (196.58KB , 868x755 , RBD.png )
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#Critique wanted #Need ideas

well... this is where Imma post my stuff when I get around to making something.

I'll start with what I got though. Anypony have ideas of a few things I can try to draw?

Last edited at Thu, May 8th, 2014 11:34

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>> No. 129092
File 142069480530.jpg - (229.14KB , 1220x1256 , JM-Request-30m-V3(nomagic).jpg )
And this is her just with the horn.
>> No. 129218
For a second I thought that was Wind Whistler. Draw Wind Whistler please!
>> No. 129257
File 142276518178.jpg - (345.57KB , 1495x1543 , Windy-Final.jpg )
Yay! Pinkie Pie!

File 140687248339.png - (113.92KB , 800x1053 , waternecklace.png )
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#Vectors #Canon #OCs #Gallery #Discussion #Taking commissions #Critique wanted

How's it going! I've been lurking on /art/ for a bit, enjoying all the awesome artwork. Now I want to come on out and say that I'm doing commissions.

I'm offering sketches, line arts, and colored pieces all done in Adobe Illustrator. It will take me about a week to do a full color and there is just a slight price adjustment depending on how many characters are being drawn. For the most part I will work on 1 commission at a time but if I happen across more free time I might be able to do 2 at a time.

Sketches: $1.00

Lineart: $ 3.00

Colors: $7.00

That is the flat price for 1 character. There is an additional $2.00 for every extra character. Payment will be via paypal.
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>> No. 129054
Are you still taking commissions? If so, I would like to request a series of pony and non-pony mythical creatures based off of a story I'm a fan of. One a month, I'm thinking.
>> No. 129217

Hmmm to be honest I've no experience with mythical creatures. Drawing ponies pretty much all I'm good at at the moment though I am practicing/relearning humans.
>> No. 129222
Oh, hey.

Alright, then we won't do the mystical creatures.

The story I am thinking of is called Alicornundrum by RealityCheck. I was hoping to get a few art pieces of some of the Alicorns in the story (Most are canon characters but at least two are OC) as well as a few non-alicorn OCs in the story. If you feel up for a challenge, you can also try to do the various Royal Guard Corps.

File 137413491352.png - (457.28KB , 760x800 , little_scorpan.png )
124922 No. 124922 [View] [Last 50 posts]
#Canon #OCs #Discussion #Critique wanted

Sometimes I like to make pony fan art. And I figure since this place exists I'd like to post them here. Mostly for critiques, any kind will do. Regular discussion about whatever is also encouraged.
Who knows. Maybe I'll be able to get myself up to commission level!

Last edited at Thu, Jul 18th, 2013 12:10

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>> No. 128624

Is this somehow a response?
>> No. 129007
File 141807331387.png - (128.51KB , 950x844 , hightide_cherry.png )
Hightide and Cherry Bomber as young uns.
>> No. 129219
File 142207517352.jpg - (183.28KB , 1280x1044 , tumblr_nd771hl8GS1u0iwpdo2_r1_1280.jpg )
129219 I made a tumblr blog for funsies.

It's about Dumbbell. My unofficial Husubando.

Please check it out, yo!

File 133477634153.png - (105.24KB , 606x779 , rarisketchcolored.png )
102807 No. 102807 [View] [Last 50 posts]
...but keeps trying anyway.

Figure I might as well make a thread here on /art/, because what's the worst that could happen?
I'll be posting stuff I've made and stuff I'm making, mostly really horrid sketches. Please give me criticism, I do want to improve.
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>> No. 127828
File 139681098642.png - (49.35KB , 495x892 , this_looked_better_when_i_finished_it_than_when_i_uploaded_it.png )
Heh, thanks. For the most part, the way I draw ponies is a fairly pragmatic adaptation of the show's art style, geared towards being easier to draw.

I kinda want to try something more than that these days, however. So, with that in mind, redline me pls.
>> No. 129169
File 142177770717.png - (90.52KB , 1081x739 , a_little_something_celestia_taught_me____by_turbosolid-d5ks8n2.png )
That looks quite nice.

There is no system to get commissions drawing ponies is there?
>> No. 129191
File 142190046640.jpg - (119.69KB , 760x820 , Chuck_Jones_animal_legs.jpg )
On the anatomy front, it seems to me that you tend to draw the hind legs with one too few joints in them, as though the hock was a sort of projection from the back of the calf rather than the equivalent of the human ankle - - e.g., in the drawing accompanying post #122737. See the attached sketch by Chuck Jones.

File 134498068199.png - (165.55KB , 640x400 , Sunset Diver 1.png )
114285 No. 114285 [View] [Last 50 posts]
#Traditional #Digital #Canon #OCs #Discussion #Taking commissions
Hello again, art! I haven't been around as of late, but I'd like to get the ball rolling again! That and money is tight, so yeaaaahhhhh.

I use the GIMP program, with an Intuos 4 Wacom Tablet. I won't be selling prints, just digital works.

For my pony commission, I'm offering sketches, coloured sketches, and digital paintings. Digital Paintings are the big guns, and could take a while to complete, and they'll be the only ones with backgrounds. The amount of characters in a picture will affect prices and the time it would take.

I will only work on up to one commission at a time, since I'm not much of a multitasker.

E-mail me if you want a commission done. I may not always be checking this thread. Paypal is the only payment method I can accept; and my account uses the same e-mail.

(prices may vary with each request)
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>> No. 125498
File 137587004781.png - (258.19KB , 818x664 , Binary Commish.png )
A cute couple!
>> No. 125637
File 137651387081.png - (198.84KB , 515x364 , Sunset Diver 16.png )
E-Mail: [email protected]
Skype: itenapony - (if you do not already have me, please message me a request and mention within it that you want to discuss commissions)

Digital Commissions only. No NSFW.

(prices may vary with each request)

Face/Bust Sketch: $10
+$2 per each extra character
+$7 for cleaned up lineart
+$7 for colour
>> No. 129140
itena do you have that picture still of what i commissioned years ago?

File 141909196878.jpg - (48.20KB , 511x383 , 14 - 18y.jpg )
129034 No. 129034 [View]
#Traditional #OCs #Critique wanted

Hello there fellow /art/ists and other friends, I wanted some critique on these two ponies and to hear which one you guys like more! Do your worst!
>> No. 129043
>>Do your worst!
I got a rule in this forum: if you ask for it, I gotta let you have it... lez do dis. X3

If you're concerned about show accuracy, the proportions are somewhat off: The torsos are rather thin, and the figures are short overall (about 2.5 heads tall, when show ponies are closer to 3.25 heads tall).

The ears are set rather low on the head, even if they're folded back.

The hind legs do a nice job of implying a sort of forward "push" in their posture. The foreleg of the figure on the right does a better job of implying body weight than the foreleg of the figure on the left: it's curved slightly more. The foreleg of the right figure seems slightly thicker than it should be, particularly at the shoulder.

I like that you made at least a token effort to establish a ground plane of some sort, with their shadows.

Anyway: looking good, hope this helps some.
>> No. 129134
Sadly, I have no official name for these Ponies...or Cutie Marks..

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