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File 136631210444.png - (2.24MB , 2000x1918 , shipping chart easter 2012.png )
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The time has come to update the shipping chart.

I've been gathering the data for these for two years, and it's been a year since the last edition. Since I'm good with numbers but have no artistic talents whatsoever, I do like I did last time and ask /art/ for help.

The last chart, made by CiscoQL, is shown as the picture. He did a good job, but it's hard to fit in 72 characters and a crazy amount of ships on a single image. Since then, the number of characters has gone from 72 to 127 and the number of ships has gotten even crazier. I'm not sure if the new data can be made to fit in a single chart and not be a total clusterfuck.

If somepony feels they can make this chart and have it look good, then that's great. But either way I wanted to compile the data into more useful graphs. I'm a somewhat competent programmer, so I made a program to analyse the data and put it in fun tables - like listing the most common ships of the gayest characters.

But right now this is only a drab text document with a few tables. Nopony wants to read that, and that's where I'm asking for help. I'm asking for two things:
(1) Advice on what tables of information could be extracted from my data (from anypony).
(2) To make a chart and/or make the document visually interesting (preferably no more than one person at one thing).
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>> No. 122768
So, is anyone interested in helping by either drawing the chart, makig other tables/charts or just coming up with ideas?
>> No. 122792
Remaking in /collab/:
>> No. 127294
Pffft. The characters I like to ship aren't on that list. Yet Winona is....Who ships Winona with a pony? I mean seriously.

File 139074110781.jpg - (89.52KB , 768x1024 , image.jpg )
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#OCs #Discussion

I decided to draw a new OC, only problem is, i cant think of a name for her, any suggestions?

Last edited at Sun, Jan 26th, 2014 06:00

>> No. 127282
>> No. 127290
File 139082932630.png - (153.87KB , 584x709 , explain 2.png )
Any ideas on the talents?
Or on her background?

Bonus points if you can use her pegasus race relevantly.
>> No. 127291
Well, i kinda wanted her to have a musical too lazy to write a backround story now

File 138392211399.png - (207.06KB , 900x650 , Violet Melody.png )
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So /art/ you guys are talented right?
Unlike me and my untalented self.
Does anyone mind helping me out by doing a front view of my OC?
I would be very grateful if you did ^_^ Thanks!
>> No. 126863
I'll see what i can do.
>> No. 126864
File 138640858237.png - (62.32KB , 800x800 , Ocfront.png )

File 134979510980.jpg - (38.10KB , 680x510 , 2ghyc.jpg )
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Hello, everyone.

Some of you may remember a couple months back that we had a bit of a /fic/-/art/ collab competition. Well, it's take two now (take six for /fic/, but). For this event, art submissions open at Sun, 14 Oct 2012 12:00 UTC and close Fri, 19 Oct 2012 12:00 UTC—5 days later.

The special new edition to this event is the website. (Yeah, I, uh, wrote a whole website for handling the event for me. Call me lazy.)

For those out of the loop, the competition is quite simple: prompt → art → fic. Artists draw pictures, and then writers write stories to the pictures. You can get a more detailed explanation at the site's FAQ(which gives a perfect segue for me to dump the site links):

- Site:
- FAQ:
- Rules:
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>> No. 117952
>And the fruit's never identified,
Indeed... I went with a Golden Apple because it appears in Greek mythology... among others

From Appletheosis:
Fluttershy: "And... what does power everlasting taste like? If you don’t mind me asking?"
Zaraturvara: "It’s basically like a watered-down strawberry, but crunchier. It’s technically a melon."

Funny thing... I noticed something in the story: zarat- is a term in Avestan (the standard language around Zoroastrian times) meaning "golden," and "ur" means "great" or "ultimate." I don't know what "vara" means, I'm pretty sure that Zaraturvara's name translates to something like "Golden Apple" or "Golden Fruit."

I reread the story, and in that light a few things took on a different meaning... like when Zara says: "One of these fruits—and only one—will grant you power everlasting." He may be referring to himself.
>> No. 117970
File 135235728061.png - (152.94KB , 555x495 , spiritshineumm.png )
I don't exclusively draw ponies or really draw anything seriously very often at all. I don't really feel it's necessary to make a thread that gets bumped once in a blue moon that many will not even pay much heed to

You guys are more than welcome to check out my deviant art though">
>> No. 117983
Heh! I'd seen the Dr. Pepper one somewhere before, never made the connection...that one still cracks me up.

File 136389962656.jpg - (428.34KB , 900x1500 , ppiefinalwtrmrk.jpg )
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#Digital #Gallery #Discussion #Critique wanted

Hey! I'm Wry Owl [Also unstableunicorn, Wry Pony)! I'd like to share some art and get some people who would be interested in giving me daily critiquing, when I upload art of course. I'm a digital artist - I don't only draw ponies, but some other things as well. So, if you'd like to check out my art, my deviant Art is . Pic is a drawing I recently made :)

Last edited at Fri, Mar 22nd, 2013 16:14

>> No. 121930
Bump! :c
>> No. 122028
I'm going to chill in this thread for a while. You have a great style!
>> No. 122030
Thanks! I'll try to upload more stuff. I'm not sure which of the main 6 to work on next!

File 137583612195.jpg - (13.12KB , 150x150 , image.jpg )
125488 No. 125488 [View]
#Traditional #Digital #OCs #Discussion #Event

I've had this idea playing in my head for a while.

Original OC characters competiting in a "Model" contest.
Each week there would be a new theme and each artists OC would be judged on how well they can portray the photo. With any and all specifications included!

Would anyone be interested?
>> No. 125492

This actually sounds like a fun idea! We're you thinking a theme is created and OCs are made, or moreover OCs thematically dressing up?
>> No. 125494
It might be tough designing a new OC each week to match a theme. But it can be done.

File 136863894264.jpg - (180.09KB , 1580x1040 , Flutterbear.jpg )
123141 No. 123141 [View]
#Digital #Comics #Canon #OCs #Gallery #Taking requests #Taking commissions

Hello! Viwrastupr here, I art:

I'm looking to take commissions. I'm fast, responsive, have cheap options and I'm willing to change things until they're just right.

In the meantime I'll be taking sketch requests. The sketches can be upgraded to commissions at any time, so if you're not sure if you want a commission, ask for a sketch and we'll flesh things out.

You can find my official commissions chart here: and an interactive choose your commission chart here: The first link has the entire process bulleted out, but let me summarize:

You ask for commission, we discuss/clarify, I send you a sketch, we go back and forth till you approve, I finish, sending a thumbnail, you send money, I send the full work.

I accept either paypal Or bitcoin.
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>> No. 125450
File 137565397034.jpg - (935.87KB , 3200x2400 , vood0o pony.jpg )

It's something I could do, yes. More grimdark than my usual fare and I'd have to charge extra for emotional trauma.


Your voodoo pony has arrived.
>> No. 125728
File 137718843474.jpg - (226.51KB , 900x1150 , simply_fluttershy.jpg )
Ponies! Because the world needs more of them.
>> No. 125917
File 137842700314.png - (143.67KB , 666x676 , gearnbv.png )
If you aren't busy as hell, could you maybe make this look good? I'm not an artist and it shows. The thing on the ponys eye is supposed to be somesort of bionic eye, and the pony is supposed to be a skull on an unicorn.

File 136462185135.jpg - (171.96KB , 980x1316 , PonyIvy&HarleyHoof.jpg )
122154 No. 122154 [View]
#Critique wanted

So, I usually just stick to doodles in the margins of my homework. But I thought I'd try scanning and colouring this bit. Um... Thoughts?
>> No. 122156
this is pretty good
is it traditional?

File 136481288405.png - (40.86KB , 242x259 , Derpy Icon.png )
122203 No. 122203 [View]
#Digital #Canon #OCs #Gallery

It's been a long time, so I updated with most of my pony art. Newest art will be posted last.
>> No. 127256
Val, que lindisimo tjarabo! Aspiro a ser fotf3grafa un deda y me encanta volver a tu blog porque aprendo muchedsimo con sf3lo ver tu tjarabo, tu uso de los e1ngulos, tus puntos de exposicif3n, y tu impecable edicif3n! Saludos carif1osos y todo lo mejor para ti y tus hermosas hijas. Mercedes

File 136151983671.png - (154.13KB , 3320x2600 , hiResPony.png )
121201 No. 121201 [View]
can someone make a pic of boom zalgo'ed?
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>> No. 121203
File 136157354840.png - (177.81KB , 1694x1641 , zalgo.png )
>> No. 121212

strange how he is so scary and suave at the same time. TY
>> No. 127253
huh comment not anpiarepg i didn't see the handofsean font included and downloaded the handwriting fonts available here sometimes they have different names can you let us know what font you've chosen above and make it available?

File 138732187268.png - (688.99KB , 2127x3000 , Penumbra.png )
126932 No. 126932 [View]
#Digital #Canon #OCs #Gallery #Taking commissions

Hello, everyone! I finally have time to re-open my commissions, now that finals are done with for a pair of months!
I've been practicing and hopefully getting better, so please take a look through my DeviantArt gallery first:

You may contact me through e-mail ([email protected]) or DA notes. if you send me an e-mail, please say so on this thread so I don't miss it! Thanks!

Single pony: $10

Includes one simple pony; any desired pose; no clothing; no props.
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>> No. 127233
Great, just replied to you with a quote!
>> No. 127239
File 139034797105.png - (706.37KB , 2987x3588 , griffon.png )
I'll post the end result here. Thank you for choosing me to draw her!
>> No. 127240
File 139036119448.png - (0.98MB , 1280x1400 , Moozua.png )
'twas a pleasure. She looks nice.
Oh, and that's me on DA, btw. I used to go by Minjask

File 139005913921.jpg - (39.58KB , 638x388 , WIP.jpg )
127214 No. 127214 [View]
#Critique wanted

Hi, /art/! This is a second WIP of our video clip. What do you think?

File 138986417173.jpg - (1.24MB , 1000x3200 , S4E9 Comic copy.jpg )
127199 No. 127199 [View]
#Digital #Comics #Canon #Gallery #Taking commissions

File 138479088094.png - (22.54KB , 261x270 , swanky.png )
126773 No. 126773 [View]
#Digital #Critique wanted

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>> No. 126805
File 138543024711.jpg - (7.11KB , 120x162 , image.jpg )
>> No. 126812
File 138553598401.jpg - (173.06KB , 1278x936 , BY HER BEARD.jpg )
>> No. 127192
File 138978023900.jpg - (16.78KB , 359x480 , why do you do this to me art.jpg )

File 138929047692.png - (451.20KB , 1024x853 , peppermint_pattie_request_by_random_grimm-d6yq3n3.png )
127141 No. 127141 [View]
#OCs #Discussion #Critique wanted

Does Your character have a full name?
Do they have anything like middle names?
>> No. 127142
File 138929494476.png - (157.02KB , 1024x1024 , elle2.png )
I've made a good handful of OC's... but only one of theme ever got a formal name, the others I always just have a name running through my head when I'm making them, and I give it to them until I can come up with a better name.
I never do

but... i suppose I gave this one my little sister's middle name!... so it does have a middle name! :D
>> No. 127148
File 138929992820.png - (139.23KB , 807x989 , peppermint_pattie_by_stillfire-d70byyi.png )
Well my character's real name is Patricia von Pattie.
Her middle name is Peppermint.

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