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File 138487232018.jpg - (31.50KB , 525x386 , meh3.jpg )
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Drew some stuff.
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File 138541457041.png - (130.09KB , 707x1131 , kill_them_all_by_ookami_95-d6vdm0z.png )
Nice Job mate.
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File 138609816548.jpg - (2.70KB , 160x160 , jdkbijvawhw.jpg )

File 131595491851.jpg - (769.70KB , 2338x1700 , final v2 changes.jpg )
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I made one a while ago but it's dissapeared into furthest pages.

Feel free to give any criticisms and critiques etc. I would really appreciate it.

My DA account is

I may also post one or two non-pony drawings that I've done.
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File 138197096284.jpg - (622.65KB , 2338x1700 , Scan0005.jpg )
Just keeping this alive for the time being
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File 138197103158.jpg - (528.44KB , 2338x1700 , Scan0007.jpg )
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File 138608301269.jpg - (2.22MB , 1718x2249 , FINAL V2.jpg )

File 138599151990.jpg - (289.11KB , 789x1013 , no_surprise_here_by_michael1st-d61wpb8.jpg )
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File 138595561316.png - (188.92KB , 559x675 , rarity.png )
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#Alterations #Gallery #Discussion

This was an idea that I had while ago, so yeah. Advice and suggestions are nice!

This pic is just a quick sketch, I don't think the rest of them will be as "realistic" like this. They also won't be as messy

Last edited at Sun, Dec 1st, 2013 20:40

File 138589323483.jpg - (853.98KB , 2103x3045 , 2012-08-04-2844_1.jpg )
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So, I kinda draw them, know where else to find them? Links would be greatly appreciated.
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File 138595532956.jpg - (232.99KB , 1017x695 , tardis.jpg )
i have a military pony thread here

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File 138577795357.png - (533.43KB , 480x620 , socks_by_cappydarn-d6vquhn.png )
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#Digital #OCs #Taking commissions

Hello, everyone.

My friend is once again taking commissions, and apart from her normal options ( she is also taking commissions for Holiday/Christmas themed pieces as well, similar to the piece that is accompanying this post. They can be found here

Her art is amazing and worth every penny. It's holidays so I hope some bronies are feeling generous.


File 138530298901.gif - (2.62KB , 50x50 , clapping_pony_icon___princess_celestia_by_taritoons-d5pozf0.gif )
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Dear Artists of Ponychan! I am looking for an artist who can commission for me. I need to someone to draw my OC, I would myself but I am godawful at this drawing thing! In return I will try and write you something. Please help me though?
>picture not related
>> No. 126826
File 138569547888.png - (440.68KB , 1000x1000 , yes.png )
I could help possibly? Reply if you're interested. I offer cheap rates on commishes and such. Only $5 for a high-detail shaded picture somewhat like this?

Reply if interested.

File 137724801540.jpg - (140.40KB , 633x720 , image.jpg )
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#Traditional #OCs #Gallery #Critique wanted

This is my pony Lucifer I created. Post any angel/demon pony if you can. Ps, sorry if the quality of my picture sucks I took it with my pod touch.
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File 138543043585.jpg - (7.79KB , 140x140 , image.jpg )
Angel is In the photo...close
>> No. 126807
File 138543044224.jpg - (7.79KB , 140x140 , image.jpg )
Angel is In the photo...close
>> No. 126811
File 138553590832.jpg - (102.39KB , 1004x952 , Ponymorph.jpg )
Do the necromorphs count?

File 137523670597.png - (47.43KB , 825x968 , celestia_by_fribox-d678q9x.png )
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#Traditional #Digital #Canon #OCs #Gallery

-Tumblr is sometimes saucy, never any r34, but wouldn't suggest it at work.
-Streams wont be announced in thread, so keep an eye out on ponyhell if you want to watch me stream. (this includes a lot of artists, most of them came from ponychan originally)

Hai pones, guess I'm back kinda. I figured I should at least keep posting the little artwork I do here for those not following me on Deviantart/Tumblr. I won't really be browsing the /art/ board anymore since I've mostly migrated to /mlp/'s drawthreads. Requests are closed for the time being, but I might allow them later if I feel like taking requests.

Anyway: I'll dump things as I draw them, for things I've already done they will all be on my deviantart.
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File 138239426204.png - (537.00KB , 2086x1230 , New Canvas16.png )
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File 138535528189.png - (374.87KB , 1173x1788 , New Canvas19.png )
Haven't posted here in a while. Here, I colored this for Newblood.
>> No. 126801
File 138535536238.png - (430.96KB , 1379x999 , New Canvas21.png )
And this WIP of Rarity on a motorcycle.
NSFW for sauce, not anywhere close to NSFW, but I'm not sure how ponychan is about NSFW stuff anymore.

File 135019493570.png - (97.94KB , 829x534 , wf_tumblr.png )
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#Comics #Canon #OCs #Discussion

Do you have an Ask-Pony blog?! Come on in here and join the herd! Whether you need some questions for your in-box, want to set up a crossover, are looking for critique and feedback on your comics, need advice on how to use tumblr, or just want to leave a link and introduction to your blog, here's the place to do it!

Readers are perfectly welcome in here too: you're the reason we do this, after all. :3

(Since this is /art/, blogs with drawn responses only, please.)
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File 135536789607.png - (58.69KB , 400x400 , icon 1.png )
I'm sure a bunch of you have already seen me promote it already, but here it is again!

Updates every two to three days depending on my schedule.
I'm pretty set on questions.
Not looking for any crossovers at the moment.
I've got the style for it more or less figured out, but critiques are welcome if anyone wants to (I'm aware Glitters bangs look weird in some posts).
>> No. 121415

Hiya! I'm the mod of this blog, kinda just looking for some questions and stuff!
>> No. 126787
I'm the Mod and Artist for my OC Blog. Could use some feedback or asks or just general opinion on his blog and mayge some suggestions.

I update and post frequently to asks as well as draw answers for nearly all of the ones I get so if you like art blogs I guess It's nice for that.

I always follow my followers so there's that too. :3

File 138513995850.jpg - (22.59KB , 236x214 , RossoNO.jpg )
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File 138504730531.png - (620.01KB , 3147x3360 , rarity_glasses_by_j_brony-d4ewark.png )
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Hey, I recently uploaded a new Spikity Video, might wanna watch it for a second?

File 137211897676.png - (33.82KB , 128x128 , cywydd.png )
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#Critique wanted #Discussion #Gallery #OCs

I'd call this a gallery of incomplete work. I figure I should put it somewhere.

Last edited at Mon, Jun 24th, 2013 17:14

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Hows that technical illustration project coming?
>> No. 126276
It's a long way going until I can get my hands on decent precision tools, but right now I'm in the conceptualization process. I'm about ready to nerd it up, so here goes:

I had this idea for a superficially magical girl type story (with magical boys with essentially the same abilities) that deals with themes of success and failure and how to handle being insurmountably weaker than your peers. The "magical" girls/boys are actually skilled practitioners of some kind of esotericism (right now I'm leaning for modern bents on Buddhist themes with inspiration from The Lotus Sutra and Hinduism, but I've considered other kinds of New Age beliefs) with heavy assistance from some sci-fi technology to perfect breathing and control chakra balance and energy flow. Instead of just offering fulfilment and enlightenment, the machines allow people to transcend normal boundaries and fight off the Children of Mara, who are trying to keep mankind from advancing into enlightenment.

(As you can see, my ideas are already dipping heavy into Buddhism.)

Because of the heavy amount of technology to be involved, and because I want drawing on paper to become a less painfully unrewarding process for me, I want to start drawing cross-sections of integrated ventilation and energy pathway suits, ego regulation diagrams, essential monitors for central command and for the suits' augmented reality lenses, and other things. It'll help me understand what's happening to the characters at any given time, and it'll help overwhelm the reader with technobabble and scary images if I need to increase the urgency of a situation.
>> No. 126784
File 138497591992.jpg - (3.61MB , 5000x3305 , autumngloam-concentration.jpg )
Autumn Gloam frustratedly tries to follow unclear and inaccurate assembly instructions.

Drawn with pen and ink, color-corrected lineart in GIMP, colored with MyPaint.

File 138495875232.png - (745.41KB , 2592x1936 , firstdrawing2.png )
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#Critique wanted

Hello, i posted this on /oat/ but since it's a little dead, i wanted to post it on here. Pls rate
(it's my first drawing)

File 138486651125.jpg - (6.73KB , 285x177 , xbox.jpg )
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#Digital #Discussion


Even though I do not own an Xbox

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