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File 138477931843.jpg - (261.71KB , 781x1024 , nightly_conversation_by_michael1st-d65jmm7.jpg )
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#Traditional #Comics

it seem like a sweet moment but i wonder what will next?

File 138449553638.jpg - (952.34KB , 2550x3507 , Something.jpg )
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#Traditional #Critique wanted

I need a critique for this, I don't know what to color it, but whatever. Please critique.
>> No. 126765
Haha okay.
First of all your pony doesn't have pony proportions it just doesn't.
Hindgelegs simply don't behave like that, the hock is missing.
for the front legs, the right leg simply.. well, he broke his leg or something, legs don't bend like that.
As for the left leg, draw it straight, don't bend it, it looks bad, as you can see.

Also, is that an eye or something, sorry, I can't tell.

File 138454754054.jpg - (418.05KB , 1024x1329 , house_service_by_michael1st-d5y8uul.jpg )
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File 138414093766.gif - (360.60KB , 846x425 , Gulie Gif 10.gif )
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I'll draw something for you and you draw somthing for me.
>> No. 126753
Sure, but I'm shitty, so I'll be stealing from you, but I'll do it, why not?!

File 138443788698.jpg - (126.10KB , 720x960 , 1420224_738165222879218_485000399_n.jpg )
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#Vectors #OCs #Discussion #Critique wanted

First of, credit to this guy for making me an OC.

Here is my OC. He was born in ponyville to parents who worked in labor fields, his father a construction worker, and his mom stayed at home sometimes, and sometimes created art that she would sell for some money on the side. After being raised in this artful, but mostly boring setting, written decided that he loved the art, but hated the mundane routine of staying in one place for ones whole life. So, after writing a few novels that gave him a ample amount of money, he decided to travel and write. While writing is what he got his cutie mark in, he does odd jobs when traveling to pay his way. He gets lots of ideas from traveling, and even traveled to zebra land at one point in his life.

What do you think?

File 138429868580.jpg - (9.73KB , 230x188 , spoiler.jpg )
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#Digital #Canon #OCs #Gallery #Taking requests


File 138402547675.jpg - (162.98KB , 1000x800 , image.jpg )
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Hey guys I love mlp fanart what is your fave? This is mine.
>> No. 126746
Quite Nice!

File 138392536749.jpg - (337.57KB , 900x1178 , story_of_lunsi_by_michael1st-d5kawq5.jpg )
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#Traditional #Comics #Gallery #Discussion

well i have found this comic and have been posting for some time in ponychan, but apparently i have been told that i was suppose to post it in the comic thread instead of picture thread: which i still can't find.
>> No. 126745
File 138417689831.jpg - (425.35KB , 1024x1336 , country_encounter_by_michael1st-d5xgraa.jpg )

File 138409005851.jpg - (671.49KB , 900x1051 , Bubblegum Fun.jpg )
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#Traditional #Gallery #Critique wanted

Bubblegum Fun :D
>> No. 126739
File 138409058132.png - (17.45KB , 607x597 , 144109__safe_rule-63_artist-the-weaver_snails_spice_mohawk.png )
Wow, I don't see traditional art very often. Definitely a nice piece, though, good work. Personally, I don't have any actual criticism here.

File 138390273635.png - (80.86KB , 626x698 , Albino Fluttershy Drawing.png )
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#Traditional #Digital #Vectors #Comics #Canon #OCs #Gallery #Discussion #Taking requests #Taking commissions

Meet Albino Fluttershy! (OC Donut Steel! If you use her in any of your art, please give me credit!)

File 138369120887.jpg - (358.65KB , 1280x960 , tumblr_mull5zxemd1sraxa1o1_r1_1280.jpg )
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Hey, does anyone know where I could find a solid vector(s) of some bat pony eyes?
Preferably both male and female

Can't seem to find those anywhere around the internet

>Pic about the closest I've come

File 138298787335.png - (267.96KB , 900x668 , elenapony.png )
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#Digital #Canon #OCs #Gallery #Taking requests #Taking commissions

Pony art abound! This will be a thread to show upcoming prints, as well as taking on any commissions.

I mostly work with digital, although I mainly do traditional during conventions

I'll also be running request sessions as long as keeping up with commissions, so keep an eye out!

Feel free to suggest any critiques as I'm always open to new ideas!
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>> No. 126649

lovely, thanks!
>> No. 126654
File 138310211558.png - (72.30KB , 427x482 , 28859j5.png )
may i request Ticket?
>> No. 126665
Sure thing! I'll sketch her after work tonight :D

File 137426174597.jpg - (2.33MB , 4000x2000 , commissions.jpg )
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#Digital #Alterations #Comics #Canon #OCs #Event #Taking requests #Taking commissions

Howdy folks. Anyone from /rp/ knows me as Sunburst, the Mad Mare from Manechester! I've updated my sheet, and I've decided to start including NSFW related commissions. So, I would like to open up a little below, with some samples of my pony art and my commission rates.

Mugshot: 5$
Full body Sketch: 10$ (+10 for each character)
Cleaned up/Inked digital ink: 20$
Illustration: 30$

You may contact me through skype, the email listed on the contact sheet, or through this very thread.
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>> No. 126662
File 138311481183.jpg - (254.97KB , 472x708 , 1373709763147.jpg )
Well since that went over your head I'm just gonna say that I'm homo for Deja.
>> No. 126663
File 138311514142.png - (40.12KB , 122x127 , z I TOLD YOU MAN I WARNED U ABOUT THEM SCOOBY SNACKS.png )

Perceiving internet insincerity is my worst subject I'll have you know.
>> No. 126664
File 138311557580.png - (74.93KB , 339x295 , faggot.png )
You must be punished.

File 138310896795.jpg - (177.59KB , 1025x779 , apple_bloom_and_babs_seed_hug_by_buuisbubblegum-d5oys77.jpg )
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#Traditional #Canon #Gallery #Critique wanted

I drew this this.
If you like it, go here:
If you don't, don't go here:
If third times the charm, go here:

A link to my other art? Why, it's right here:
>> No. 126657

File 138279177206.jpg - (60.93KB , 801x653 , brassknuckles.jpg )
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#Digital #Canon #OCs #Discussion #Taking commissions #Critique wanted

Hey hey! My name is Brass Knuckles, and I, for the life of me, can't draw ponies.

Since last year, I had been an extensive pony artist on tumblr. I even had my own ask blog and such! But since this year's bronycon, I had realized that my art was pretty much nothing compared to the work of other pony artists out there. It just killed all of my talent and thoughts that I could actually draw well. But instead of moping about, I have decided to stop updating my blog and go all out: Working on making my art as amazing as I possibly can!

This thread will be where I update my work and show what I am doing. I'll be doing notes, doodles, and overall just showing progress. My ultimate goal is to make art so good, that people would be willing to buy prints of it at next years Bronycon. Wish me luck!
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>> No. 126633
File 138287625414.jpg - (68.60KB , 1055x863 , twi2.jpg )
Hey there! Yeah I got some more finished work I would be glad to show as well in the future. Lemme go see if I can find some.

Til then, here is the picture so far. I wanted to go ahead and experiment with the lineart tools Sai had. They are pretty interesting, but I wish I knew how to use the, better.
>> No. 126634
File 138287899522.png - (262.87KB , 2144x2112 , commish3.png )
Here is one of my older, more completed pictures.
>> No. 126635
If you can draw this, you cannot bullshit me enough, you can draw ponies

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