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#Digital #Canon #OCs #Taking requests

Hey you guys.

This is just going to be a small art request thread.
In the posts below tell me what you want me to draw, and I'll do it.

I'm still working on my abilities, so here are just some of my drawings, to give you an idea of what my stuff looks like:

Everyone's welcome to give me critiques as well.
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Welcome back!
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File 142144207996.jpg - (4.64KB , 146x134 , images-231.jpg )
Could you draw Eris? (Female discord) Also, could you make her look young and adorable?

File 142110410540.jpg - (9.07KB , 259x194 , 467635746.jpg )
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#Canon #Discussion #Critique wanted

Is this good
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The skull looks pretty flat.

File 141080288377.png - (195.47KB , 900x770 , blank_rarity_face_by_crab_spy-d56sq2w.png )
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Give Rarity a Face
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File 142060943250.png - (217.78KB , 900x770 , rarrty.png )
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File 142062249144.png - (203.80KB , 900x770 , blerghgh.png )
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File 142092049750.png - (195.31KB , 900x770 , ll.png )

File 142030458987.jpg - (807.23KB , 1000x1524 , spike2_b copy.jpg )
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File 142030717460.png - (47.20KB , 457x507 , 74582__safe_rule%252B63_artist-colon-the%252Bweaver_snails_spice_awkward.png )
It looks fucking tight.
>> No. 129080
what is supposed to be under neet?
rarity impaled?

on any case, you are pretty good.

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The pile of loot looks more like clay than gold: the key to rendering metals is high contrast: bright brights, dark darks, tight, sharp highlights.

The colors are kinda muted: green and orange, a bit of dull purple... some bright red to contrast the flames or some blue to make the gold pop would add a lot to the visuals.

On a related note; the image has relatively little contrast other than the flame against the background... no bold shadows on the objects, no sharp highlights... other than a shiny wedge on Spikes nose and a phong on... a wooden ladder, and a wooden crate for a giant hourglass? There are a few highlights on some of the bric-a-brack, but the image as a whole could use more contrast. Be bold! The blue and red carpets would have been perfect for a spot of richer color. X3

In terms of composition: Spike is placed in the dead center of the image, which is kinda boring... there isn't anything particularly interesting on the left side of the image, either.

I have to give you points for due diligence: not only is the image highly detailed, the details are in all the right places: Spike has relatively little greebling/details, which draws the eye towards him.

There's a great sense of depth and grand scale, by the way: that's tricky to pull off without vanishing point perspective or adding other characters for scale comparison.

File 142009387508.png - (516.98KB , 1084x1064 , Screen Shot 2014-12-31 at 1_16_01 PM.png )
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#Digital #OCs #Critique wanted

there are lots of ponies like this, but yeah an oc of mine
The outline is sort of wobbly because I only just started digital drawing with a drawing tablet
(I'm not an expert drawer so please give some critique :3)

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File 142028771681.jpg - (79.31KB , 943x900 , 132057163429.jpg )
now i know what's the "oc" mean........
>> No. 129082
its really really good but try not choosing an alicorn generally people don't like em (I really don't care I like about half alicorn oc's) but other than that I love it!
>> No. 129088
protip: Easiest trick for smoothing out lineart... when you work on an image, make it 8 times as large as you intend the finished version to be. Shrink it down to 12.5% when you're done and it's all ready to go, and it'll minimize a lot of wobbleyness and makes details look extra detailed... your lines are actually pretty smooth, though.

Most of her features/details seem to come from Celestia (like that hook of hair around the ear) or Rainbow Dash (The "spiky" tail). IMHO, if you want to make an endearing/enduring character, they need to have a sense of their own identity, rather than just assembling something from existing characters.

All that aside, she seems rather "bare" for a princess... All the princesses have fancy horseshoes, peytrals and tiaras, while this one has no regalia at all.

Aside from that, her physical proportions/features look pretty well spot on: if you've just started drawing, I'd suspect tracing (which is a perfectly legitimate learning exercise as long as you're up front about it), or use of a blank/template, but that's neither here nor there.

Her lack of pupils make her eye look... vacant. That's a pretty easy fix.

At any rate: hope this helps some, looking forward to the next one.

File 141973687577.png - (895.18KB , 1366x768 , Heart oc.png )
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#Digital #OCs #Gallery #Taking requests #Critique wanted

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File 141983870235.png - (194.78KB , 929x861 , Simple Shy Smile.png )
129062 is sort of nice, Moxie c: i like it...

What does Painted Symphony do? is her talent (or his) music?

File 141840438520.png - (595.98KB , 714x513 , rd pencil.png )
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#Traditional #Discussion #Critique wanted

So I'm doodling up a picture for the daughter of a friend (she really likes Rainbow Dash) figured I'd upload what I've got done so far. This is the basic penciled version, I'll be inking it and coloring it (colored pencils) and maybe a few other things.

I'm aware that its not perfect, RD seems to have a bit of a long neck here and the tree in the background isnt in the best perspective but I'm willing to maybe make some corrections.

What do you think, /art/ ?
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>> No. 129047
agreed! Aint nuthin' like the real thing, yeah? :)
>> No. 129048
File 141945198272.png - (1.04MB , 800x586 , Rainbow Dash.png )

I may or may not touch it up a bit. But as for now, I feel its ready to be called 'Done.'
>> No. 129049
added to my DA for great justice:

File 141917763975.jpg - (608.43KB , 4000x3000 , Commision for Quacky.jpg )
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#Digital #OCs #Taking commissions

If YOU want some kind of art done at a low price, comment on this thread!

File 141338046293.jpg - (113.77KB , 750x441 , pinkiesonatakiss.jpg )
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I'll post my doodles from draw threads and whatever here, 'kay?

Open for commissions and art trades too, I guess.
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File 141778698261.jpg - (334.73KB , 920x1500 , hayacolored.jpg )
>> No. 129003
File 141778700827.png - (102.27KB , 789x671 , mikealwhat'ssex.png )
>> No. 129005
File 141803973153.png - (395.05KB , 800x1129 , haya sweater meme.png )

File 141653915933.jpg - (105.74KB , 696x1024 , spoiler.jpg )
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#Digital #Canon #Discussion #Critique wanted

Gud pic?

Formerly Joan of /arch/
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>> No. 128996
Thanks all!
Very helpful feedback! I appreciate it muchly. I will try to improve my art and it's details in the future
I was inspired by Fig Newton of /oat/

PS those are tomatoes, not pepperonies

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Last edited at Thu, Dec 4th, 2014 13:54

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File 141721044702.png - (1.23MB , 4042x2597 , kydose_sheet2_by_benybing-d6h4bbp.png )
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#Traditional #Digital #Vectors #Canon #OCs #Event

Hello everyone, I just wanted to welcome everypony here on ponychan to take part in a high stakes art contest where you can win big! The details can be found below, but everything will be handled here , Enjoy :3

This contest is simple to enter and offers a chance to win up to $550.00 cash!! Five different themes each offering a $100.00 prize for the best picture in that category. That's five different chances to win $100.00. With a way to add an extra 10% to all cash prizes, and a raffle which can win one of you Two Brand New Xbox One Games, this contest has a lot to offer! So draw a picture for the theme you feel most comfortable with, or create a picture for every theme, and attempted to win them all!

How-to-enter :

First, make sure to watch me on DA so you can receive any and all updates. Then read the rest of this journal in full.

Second, make yourself familiar with Kydose, his characteristics and his back story. Taking a look at previous contest winners, or pictures I commission could also help give you an edge.

Third, draw a picture of one (or all) of the following contest themes-

File 141714647035.jpg - (1.08MB , 1818x1000 , taco.jpg )
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#Digital #Gallery

File 139629897239.jpg - (850.38KB , 1432x853 , derpy-space-core-final.jpg )
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#Digital #Canon #Critique wanted

Just critique my art. That's all.
Even if you simply say it's shit, if it is honest, it is still helpful. Full res
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File 141635719041.gif - (86.11KB , 250x240 , 1412028537357.gif )
>posting on ponychan
>> No. 128917
I love you
>> No. 128970
Well, the figure is fairly well formed, by which I mean the proportions and features look fairly solid all around.

The feathers could be more neatly arranged: their size and spacing varies a fair bit, the upward pointing ones seem particularly uneven.

The hair seems fairly lax: I know this is the vaccume of space, so there's no air to blow her mane around, but the way the forelock comes forward contradicts the figures overall sense of forward movement.

An incredibly minor nitpick is the alignment of the corner of the mouth and the lower eyelid. While there's no reason the mouth couldn't push up the cheek like that, the corner of the mouth seems visually off center from the arc of the lower eyelid.

Another minor nitpick: for FiM Pegasus wings and real birds, feathers closer to the body lay underneath those toward the wingtips.

I do have to compliment the overall finish of the image: a backdrop, clean lineart, a touch of shading, and a comfortable level of detail (not too overdrawn, not too blank).

File 141672409494.jpg - (44.54KB , 356x356 , 14 - 1.jpg )
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#OCs #Discussion #Critique wanted

Hey there my fellow /Art/ists and other friends! I'm not that good at Oc's and stuff but I would really like your Critique on my bland, Black and Red, No Cutie Mark Pony, Do your worst!
>> No. 128945
Nice proportions. The chest looks angled a little too straight upward, it might look more natural if it were angled downward more. The body wouldn't be as bent. But actually you can probably get away with this because it's a cartoon pony. However the tail meets the butt significantly too low.

Honestly it looks pretty good though!

Last edited at Sun, Nov 23rd, 2014 04:02

>> No. 128968
>Do your worst!
I got a rule in this forum... if you ask for it, I gotta let you have it: lez do dis. X3

Re: the neck... As Crim mentioned, it does look a little thin. When seen from the side, I find it helps to imagine the forward edge of the neck as a line that originates from the center of the head circle, angled forward slightly, which makes the neck about half the width of the head overall. Weird things can happen due to a figure's pose, tho, so it's all good really. (I could do a redline if you'd like, but I don't think it's really necessary). Her mane obscures the back of her neck, making it look thinner than it actually is.

The thigh is one third the width of the overall length of the body... it looks a little wide here.

I notice a few white jaggies between the lineart and fill... that's a fairly typical problem, addressing it goes a long way toward making the work look a lot more refined. How to fix it would depend on your process and tools, however.

Her shoulder looks fairly human in structure: ponies have vertical shoulder-blades that lay flat against the side of the ribcage, while humans shoulder-blades lay flat across the back and stick out to the side. MLPonies will sometimes show something that looks like a human shoulder when making certain gestures or actions, but the shoulders are typically placed much lower on the ribcage than is pictured here... usually the shoulder joint is placed half way between the spine and the keel of the chest. (IIRC)

Given how her hairstyle, colouration, and accessories make her look like a goth punk vampire, the only thing lacking in this character design are cute fangs... I'm aghast that you neglected to include them! Otherwise, her look is utterly flawless... her lack of a cutie mark really compliment the red pupilless eyes, which really convey her vapid absence of soul or personality. XP

File 141614744908.png - (70.47KB , 1280x800 , Sketch16081553.png )
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#Traditional #Canon #Gallery #Critique wanted

Anyone know any drawing lessons?
>> No. 128902
File 141614779456.png - (64.43KB , 580x551 , 26002__suggestive_blushing_rule-63_artist-the-weaver_snails_spice.png )
There's a couple stickyed threads with art lessons on the board already, you could check there.
>> No. 128967
Your first lesson is this: take your cursor, or stylus, or whatever drawing implement you choose to work with, put it on a canvas, sheet of paper, cave wall, or whatever surface you choose to work on, and push it around to make lines and marks. if you are feeling daring, you may even attempt to create an enclosed shape of some sort. Don't push yourself too hard, though.

The first thing you will probably learn from this exercise is that drawing is a lot harder than it looks, and it already looks pretty hard... congratulations: you have now gotten farther as an artist than the legions of hopefuls who thought about learning to draw, but never tried. That alone puts you in the top 10%... from the looks o f things, you've already completed this step.

Next: go do it some more: you will likely see a vast improvement in your work, possibly even going from incredibly bad to very bad, in a relatively short period of time... as little as a couple of months, even. The second lesson to be learned from this is that you will get better as you practice, so just keep going. It does not matter if you make good or bad art, as long as you are making incrementally better art, one bit at a time, one step after another. Making bad art will probably demoralize and dishearten you, but it cannot kill you, and as long as you are alive, you may continue making those incremental forward steps.

Any artist you can name throughout all of human history, every artist you respect, admire, or look up to, has undergone these exact same lessons: Welcome, brother: you have completed your initiation. Where you go from here, and how far you get, is entirely in your hands.

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