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File 138276735788.jpg - (17.84KB , 640x480 , Midnight Rush.jpg )
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#Traditional #OCs #Gallery #Critique wanted

My pony: Midnight Rush

File 138264309593.jpg - (1.13MB , 2592x1936 , image.jpg )
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#Traditional #Gallery #Discussion #Taking requests #Taking commissions

Hello all! I decided to rear my ugly head as I believe I've had enough practise to be semi good at ponies.

It's rolled around to convention time again and as usual I'll be doing pony pictures (and selling prints and what not)

I've been doing new examples while holed up in my hotel roo and I've got a nice mix....

HOWEVER! I feel that I need one more example picture (note applejack needs cleaning up)

Who do YOU guys think needs featuring? Hell, perhaps shove an OC down my way and get immortalised on my examples board xD

As a side, any bronies heading down to MCM London Expo this weekend? I always get a good herd of bronies and my knuckles are always nice and raw from bro hoofs ^^
>> No. 126617
These are really nice! ^^

File 138225835610.png - (172.66KB , 854x641 , A princess has to start somewhere.png )
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#Digital #Vectors #Canon #OCs #Taking requests

I draw stuff. Remaking a thread I lost track of.

I doodled this a few days ago and I like it :3

Deviant Art:

Oh yea i'll doodle something if you ask.
>> No. 126585
6th Doctor Whooves and a companion, perhaps?
>> No. 126593
Will do!

File 138231511249.png - (102.86KB , 900x452 , Gulie3.png )
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#Traditional #OCs

I drew this... what do you think?
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>> No. 126589
File 138231535479.png - (32.97KB , 149x129 , yay.png )
It's a gulie
>> No. 126590
File 138231542308.png - (32.26KB , 476x476 , 131032__safe_rule-63_artist-the-weaver_snails_spice_table.png )

Is that some kind of frog?
>> No. 126591
File 138231560089.jpg - (83.07KB , 380x509 , 746195992af424eb7d03b36a4fbf1319.jpg )
no... it's its own thing... it's a Gulie!

File 138068289227.png - (3.36MB , 2448x1605 , sketch dump 10-1-13 coy.png )
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#Traditional #OCs #Gallery #Taking requests #Critique wanted

Ola /art/. I shall be posting pony sketches here! I decided to try my hand at ponies today, here are some sketches. Comments and Critique is welcome!

File 138215204776.png - (136.60KB , 431x364 , cheerilee80s.png )
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If Rarity went to school with Cheerilee, does that mean the mane6 went through 80's phases like Cheerilee?

Also, does any know what they would look like?
>> No. 126579
File 138223289898.jpg - (388.89KB , 600x828 , 80s-rarity.jpg )
aw what the heck. I'll bite.
I probably won't do the other mane 6, but this was a lot of fun to draw.
>> No. 126581
haha, that's great. looks like she has a jerry curl
rarity was the only one I had in mind.
she was actually in cheerilee's class and thats why I was curious.

This is my first time on this board and I wasn't sure how it would go over.

File 138220997227.jpg - (537.73KB , 1694x2200 , Imagen (9).jpg )
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>> No. 126578
File 138221133499.gif - (431.12KB , 225x300 , 132719431233.gif )
This is kind of hilarious, though you could work on faces a bit more.

File 138221006439.png - (294.17KB , 641x486 , 853631eda878e41d1a8bf8b3dcb2db0b.png )
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#Digital #Gallery

So saw a rainbow outside and couldn't resist :')

File 138204790659.png - (1.04MB , 1000x773 , clash.png )
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#Traditional #Digital #Vectors #Comics #Canon #OCs #Gallery #Taking requests #Taking commissions

I really need money, so I'm gonna start working on art commissions.

If any of you would like me to make a drawing or an animation for you I can do it and you can pay me anything from 20$ to 50$ as you prefer.

My goal is to raise at least 600$ to pay rent...

So if any of you are interested, or know of anyone who would pay me for my artwork, please let me know, we can talk through skype, just give me your skype name and I'll add you.

I mainly draw people but I have drawn ponies too and I can learn to draw different things quickly enough.
>> No. 126571
can you provide examples to what you have done before?
>> No. 126572

I have my own website

and DA

File 138202005569.png - (335.58KB , 975x975 , my_little_garry_by_discopears-d5z18iy.png )
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#Digital #Discussion

Can Thumbnail Previews to GMOD videos be accepted as Art?
>> No. 126567
File 138203347146.gif - (498.84KB , 400x306 , get out of here stalker.gif )
How about no?

File 135459806863.png - (877.81KB , 900x900 , cadence_by_adailey-d50xxto.png )
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Hey everypony! My last thread 404'd.....but I'm back! Drawing head shots, sketches, etc. So request away! :)

My work in case you're interested:

Thanks everypony!
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>> No. 120448
Adailey, would you still happen to be doing requests? I am trying to build up a good inventory of pictures with one of my ocs so I don't have to keep using re-colors, which I really don't like to do.

If you not it's totally fine, I am asking other artists as well, but if you are I would appreciate it so very much! I am not currently on my own laptop or I would leave a picture with this post, but I thought perhaps it's better to ask before assuming.
>> No. 122766
File 136668663307.png - (195.84KB , 500x500 , tumblr_mjgxok5Pp61rfjjs2o1_500.png )
Opening for commissions right quick! These are just $4 and are colored sketches. OC's are very welcome <3!

LINK for more info:
>> No. 126565
Hi everyone! I'm open again for commissions, these go fast and I haven't been open in a LONG time (and won't be for awhile after) Click the link for more info.

File 138174021294.png - (142.50KB , 900x720 , pleading_pinkie_by_akaelus-d4qd6hy.png )
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I am looking for an artist to commission. If you are open could you please post here with your gallery and prices?
>> No. 126544
File 138179046931.png - (881.71KB , 1200x927 , cohost1.png )

Hello, I would be glad to work on something for you.

If you really are willing to pay I can charge you 20$, or 50$ depending on how complicated you want your image to be.

File 138165082852.jpg - (60.12KB , 899x889 , my_oc__gemini_star____by_rockmanzxadvent-d5he6g5.jpg )
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#Vectors #OCs #Gallery #Discussion #Critique wanted

Hi guys! First time here. Nice to meet you all :D
I'd like to show here the art of a friend of mine, i think hes good at drawing. Anyway, please tell me what do you think about it.

His OC: Gemini Star

File 138055930101.jpg - (110.09KB , 986x810 , image.jpg )
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#Traditional #Canon #OCs #Event #Taking commissions

Details here:
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>> No. 126405
Thank you :)
>> No. 126477
File 138115448471.jpg - (1.27MB , 1888x2046 , image.jpg )
>> No. 126518
Giveaway ends Tonight:

File 137981041896.png - (281.17KB , 1200x960 , Pon2345.png )
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#Digital #Canon #OCs #Taking requests #Critique wanted

Hey there /art/!, It's been far too long since I've posted here, I've been doing absolutely nothing to get better lately, so I thought about doing some requests for the next days.

As always, just follow these:

>No OC - Canon Shipping
>Pony pony

Remember to give me as much directions as possible, don't be a jerk, I'll draw almost anything you want, and if you need anything else, just tell me, and bear with me, I'm honestly one of the slowest artists out there.
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>> No. 126485
File 138120774963.jpg - (86.31KB , 1031x681 , pinkyrainbow.jpg )
I have goosebumps! This is truly amazing. Thank you once again for turning my thoughts into art.
>> No. 126494
File 138133881644.png - (581.91KB , 1500x2497 , RadiantBD2.png )
I think it goes without saying, but requests are closed, so you can all let this thread die, no other requests will be taken.

Thank you all for requesting, I appreciate each and everyone who gave me the opportunity of taking their ideas.

Until next time!

PS: Mods please lock this thread.
>> No. 126495
File 138133914573.png - (144.71KB , 786x1017 , this is ma new hat!.png )
No problemo, apple-deeo.

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