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File 137229427950.png - (188.39KB , 750x543 , ss.png )
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#Digital #Canon #Gallery

Gonna dump some stuff here that I'll be doing/have done this summer. Any feedback you guys can give would be awesome.


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File 137565599738.png - (799.20KB , 1000x684 , ppfun.png )
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File 137600866800.png - (802.75KB , 1000x571 , farmgirl.png )
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File 137628438583.png - (363.20KB , 1000x741 , darthwoona.png )

File 136290558720.jpg - (155.06KB , 800x1200 , gabe newell.jpg )
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Who wants to be the first person ever to ponify Gaben?
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File 136293090320.png - (147.81KB , 2560x1600 , chval-life2.png )
ok i just gave him some stuff to eat.

good idea. i guess we made it.
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File 136392788200.png - (203.05KB , 1094x1200 , gayben.png )
Oh what the hay. Challenge accepted.
I more or less kept your color scheme, patachu.
sorta based on this photo:
>> No. 125551
File 137621272218.png - (274.76KB , 2000x2000 , 131413790928.png )
Oh my god I forgot but now I remember

I love you. I love them

File 135993825190.jpg - (525.62KB , 2320x1700 , 81291.jpg )
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Looking to do more soon, but wanted opinions first. Thanks.

File 137356566385.jpg - (99.71KB , 960x1280 , CadencenKryptfoal.jpg )
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#Traditional #Canon #OCs #Taking commissions

Any pony or up to 3, this includes OCs, doing whatever, for only a dollar.
*No r34
Email me if you're interested!

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File 137573436921.jpg - (179.64KB , 938x1242 , polluxgriffon.jpg )
First griffon woo
>> No. 125486
File 137583460400.jpg - (148.86KB , 960x1280 , pollux2.jpg )
had to touch up the griffon
>> No. 125487
File 137583466157.jpg - (56.67KB , 480x640 , nonchang.jpg )
Changeling in disguise

File 137554227303.jpg - (220.17KB , 826x1196 , lilpone.jpg )
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#Digital #Vectors #OCs #Gallery #Taking requests #Critique wanted

Hello [once again]
Wasn't sure if I should delete my old post (Wry Owl's Secret Box of Things), but then I did and at first it didn't do it but then it did.
So this'll be my new one since I changed my name.
+ I'll keep this short: +
- I'll probably do requests, depends on what it is and if I have time available
-May do commissions soon
-I draw things from humans, to animals, to anthro to ponies.
++ My stuff ,

>> No. 125428
File 137555021557.png - (68.14KB , 562x496 , 4th season 18.png )
Since you're doing requests, I'd like to request a Tom Baker pone.

link for the Season 18 scarf colors:
>> No. 125473
Sorry, I haven't been checking this thread often. I'll get it done as soon as possible, probably tonight.

File 137568988655.png - (1.49MB , 1200x2000 , Princess Luna.png )
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#Digital #Canon #OCs #Gallery #Critique wanted

Hello all, I figure I should just bite my lip and start self promoting because...why not? Anyways I'll be posting my MLP art here (but I'm doing other works for school most of the year). Oh and if you're wondering about how to say my name, or if you care, I say it niv-raw-zis. Although it is fun to hear what people say at times.

I'm also starting to dab a little in anthro, And if you have any questions that I didn't answer here please ask me.

A few links


And my DA
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>> No. 125465
File 137569015177.jpg - (521.86KB , 1000x1700 , Luna Armor.jpg )
A request from a draw thread what seems like ages ago.
>> No. 125466
File 137569023154.jpg - (409.66KB , 1000x1176 , Fire Twilight Sparkle.jpg )
Very quick draw thread request.
>> No. 125467
File 137569033447.png - (1.63MB , 1920x1371 , Celestiaadj.png )
Technically the Luna piece in the OP came before this, but no need for repeats. These two were just for my fun and learning as I swapped from PS to sai with these.

File 136511125168.png - (366.64KB , 816x1300 , Impressed2_0.png )
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#Digital #Canon #OCs #Taking commissions

Hey! Commissions are back open from today on, hoping that they'll help out a bit with some things I have to save up for. I've bumped prices up a little this time, since I think I've gotten better and I can't currently take up a job due to bligatory after-school activities. As always, I strive for the user's satisfaction, so I intend to be very communicative with you. Please check out my gallery for examples, and to see if you'd like my style!
Check out my DA for samples of my work, as well as for swift contact!

Alternatively, send an email to [email protected]
NOTE: This time around I will offer canon commissions too, though be warned that I won't take characters if I'm not sure I'll get them accurately!


Single pony: $8
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>> No. 125456

Hello! This is my first time commissioning a photo but I'm really hoping that I could have one done. Although it'd probably be a delayed pay as I need to transfer the money out of my bank account and onto Paypal!
>> No. 125459
File 137567265562.png - (391.71KB , 2112x2073 , show stopper2.png )
Next commission done!

Hello there! Feel free to e-mail me the details to [email protected] so we can discuss it. I should go ahead and say, though, that for security reasons I won't be able to start working on the piece until I receive payment! I hope that's understandable!
>> No. 125461
File 137567656805.png - (706.08KB , 830x650 , Sunshine Sherbet.png )
How much would you want me to pay for a drawing of Sunshine Sherbet greeting a customer at Sunny Scoops ice cream (the place she works)? You can make the customer look however you want, it can even be you. Here's a pic of Sunshine Sherbet though, so you know how to draw her.

File 137563532322.png - (908.31KB , 900x883 , bloodbow_by_aisu_isme-d4mpkur.png )
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#Digital #Vectors #Alterations #Canon #OCs #Gallery

Hello. I am looking for a commission, but I am not sure if someone would be willing to take it.

It's for a story I am writing, and though it's not just a gore story, I am looking for a gore cover.

So I'll just ask: Is a pony's head exploding, something anyone could do?
(For a fair price)

File 137559759146.jpg - (2.79MB , 3264x2448 , image.jpg )
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My friend drew this in the birthday card she gave me. I must declare my joy to the internets!

File 137553986631.png - (92.05KB , 1280x720 , Twilight Sparkle Sketch 3.png )
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#Digital #Discussion #Critique wanted

This looks strange me... can't say what it is because I don't know what it is.

File 137522318469.jpg - (77.80KB , 1024x782 , discordridingshy_by_klarkkentthe3rd-d5simmm.jpg )
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#Traditional #Discussion

Stuff you are most proud of.
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>> No. 125378
File 137527287199.png - (157.84KB , 592x580 , really patriotic angry russian.png )
>> No. 125419
File 137550766321.jpg - (1.28MB , 800x800 , 1327 PONIES PHOTO BY PROJECT 114.jpg )
1327 Ponies in one picture Took me 3 months given my busy schedule
>> No. 125420
File 137550780727.jpg - (285.03KB , 750x750 , 114 RP Ad.jpg )
The 114 RP series on ponysquare

File 133833103807.gif - (548.35KB , 666x666 , the internet2.gif )
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Back from the dead banned, it is Crade Elcin's new art thread.

Sorry the last one was deleted, I had a bit of a problem with the mods. Apparently, my artistic focus lies on porn except that it doesn't and my tumblr is porn infested only it's all spoilered, so it's not.
Great job, mods, for solving this heinous crime.
I won't link to my tumblr here, but to my dA, which is way more safe and totally inactive!
My tumblr is linked there.

I -do- take requests, however, I am busy atm with my askblog and I have a comic and all this manure and I am about to set up commissions.

Let's start this off by dumping some of my pictures. :D
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>> No. 115717
File 134725555448.jpg - (383.71KB , 800x1144 , spoiler.jpg )
rather good. I'll be gone for a week, tho. Starting now :)
>> No. 125397
File 137536251652.jpg - (463.80KB , 2000x2000 , sketchysketch.jpg )
Just gonna bump this here thread again for the heck of it
>> No. 125400
File 137539410104.gif - (9.08KB , 600x450 , story439b.gif )
Oh wow, you're still alive!

I lost track of you when your tumblr disappeared. How are ye?

File 137533853656.jpg - (850.07KB , 1343x758 , spoiler.jpg )
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#Traditional #Canon #Discussion #Critique wanted

In "The Flower´s festival".

You can find here: Pinkiepie, Rainbowdash, Fluttershy, Twilight Sparkle, Rarity, Berry Punch, BonBon, Lyra, Vinyl Scratch, Applejack, A new Dj pon3, Dinky doo, Derpy hooves, A Geek Pony, Golden Harvest and Spike.

Bonus hidden: 3 Pony couples (2 kissing), Hardcore pony group and 1 Pony jumping on the people.

File 137342787879.png - (63.80KB , 403x403 , 12572_421853321214653_36678630_n.png )
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HI there fellow bronies!! I really need your help with something. ok so I really need somepony to draw my oc for me.. I kinda suck at drawing on the computer lol i don't really have a picture of her but she's yellow, has wavey and curly brown hair and tale and she has freckles across the nose, her cutiemark is a kremlin!!
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>> No. 125325
Can someone draw her? :c
>> No. 125335
File 137517775929.jpg - (127.74KB , 284x280 , st_ lenin's cathedral.jpg )
We're too caught up in our quasi-nationalistic furor, marinated in a well-aged sarcasm to think in artistic terms.

Clarification though; is her cutie mark actually the Kremlin or is it St. Basil's Cathedral? I know you said "the blue one" and all, but I'm not sure if you chose the Kremlin initially because of what you thought its appearance was or because of its political significance.
>> No. 125351
It's only the one of the onion tops of st. basil's cathedral.. Nevermind. I really don't feel like going through a huge thing just to get her drawn.. Today isn't my day just forget about it

File 134567977800.jpg - (173.93KB , 500x500 , Kryptfoal Avatar.jpg )
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#Digital #Canon #OCs #Gallery #Taking requests #Critique wanted
Hello Ponychan! I'm Kryptchild, but you can call me Krypt if you like to keep it short~

So I'm getting off my duff and making a gallery/artist/thread thing here to help promote myself, maybe take a few critiques and advice, and hopefully make some friends along the way!

I'm gonna post some of my most recent work to start off with.

The rules post said I can post tumblrs and DAs, so here you go!

I occasionally do Request livestreams, which I'll be posting notices and links to with at least a day's advance. I love shipping and drawing OCs, so there will be plenty of that.
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>> No. 120685
File 135966325002.png - (0.98MB , 1280x1400 , Moozua.png )
No worries. Thanks anyway. Nice gif btw.
>> No. 120891
File 136049173273.png - (516.98KB , 1146x1638 , Spitfire.png )
Drawn during request streams.
>> No. 125292
File 137508479673.jpg - (242.42KB , 687x514 , 34.jpg )
I love that Mane / Tail style!

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