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Mar 31With the Merger coming up soon, we have created an official steam group for the combined sites. It can be found at

File 137495659515.jpg - (284.35KB , 1000x1000 , tumblr_mqjhiy0xLv1rydjruo4_1280.jpg )
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This is the guy behind the Ask Murdershy blog.
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File 137505737854.jpg - (10.27KB , 250x201 , u.jpg )
nice to meet you and is that art by hand

File 137504153845.jpg - (154.14KB , 956x1158 , pinkiepool.jpg )
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File 130676923089.jpg - (212.83KB , 800x593 , pon3.jpg )
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I'm too lazy to think of a proper thread name haha. Anyway, my name is Squidbombed (hayhedgehoghay on dA) and I am an art student who has been enjoying and drawing ponies quite a bit lately. I figured I should go ahead and make a thread for myself to share my stuff. :)

I had a desire to draw Scratch one day and now my boyfriend has a pony drawing taped to the wall in his studio haha.
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Yep haha. Thanks for your excitement, anon. :3
I'm working on stuff for BronyCon, so I should actually have stuff to add to the thread soon haha.
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File 137486044488.png - (395.23KB , 1000x421 , PWTS Banner 2013.png )
Doing some last minute print stuff for BronyCon, so I'll have some more stuff to share soon!
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File 137496677576.png - (779.39KB , 700x799 , ponyville town hall.png )
Doing some Animal Crossing crossover stuff hee


File 137479835935.jpg - (154.29KB , 1280x960 , lightning force.jpg )
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File 137478358165.png - (385.77KB , 643x380 , Untitled-2.png )
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#Traditional #Digital

A friend of mine drew this hand drawn picture of rainbow dash to celebrate 400 followers on the website memecenter so i thought i would give it soem color and shine it up a bit.

File 137468756131.jpg - (37.13KB , 500x419 , lyrasponge.jpg )
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Something I thought of after watching Equestria Girls.

It's an edit of the "You like Apples, Don't you Twilight" pic and the "You like My Little Pony, Don't you Squidward"

and the "You like Rocks, Don't you Rarity"

and the "You like books, don't you Rainbow Dash"
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So... Did you make this or find it or what? It seems this would be best suited for /pic/

File 137459682577.jpg - (477.54KB , 1600x1200 , 2013-07-20 10_28_57.jpg )
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Yes, this is a "please draw this for me thread".

You see, I rememberd reading a while back about a little girl with an imagnery friend. One day she drew it next to herself. It was huge. It had holes for eyes. It had a ton of arms. When she was asked about these features, she said "it has no eyes cause its scared of the sun and has lots of arms cause it takes them from people who dont need them".

YeaH, call the Ghostbusters. So I decided to draw my own artistic interpritation of it. Sadly, im not so good at drawing. Thats why im requesting that someone could draw it for me.

As you can see from my interpritation, I made it like a rotting, decaying skeleton tree, with rotton flesh haning, arms of humans of various ages and races hanging of it (which should be smaller since this thing is like 9/10ft tall). It has a dead tree branch as one arm, a black decayed rose as another. It also has an bloodshot human eye as a hand- Which I drew inspiration from that thing from Pans labrynth.

So yeah, could someone please draw their version of this? It would be pretty cool. And if you read this far- Thank you.
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Sounds like Slenderman was her friend...
>> No. 125136
That is disturbing looking. To be honest, I wonder how it would look in mlp style.
>> No. 125157

So much this. Could someone pllllease draw this? I will reward you will reward you with timestamp thanks :-P

File 134541048790.png - (120.89KB , 609x535 , wetmanecopycopy.png )
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#Traditional #Digital #Alterations #Canon #OCs #Gallery #Taking requests #Taking commissions #Critique wanted
Are you intimidated by the good artists out there?

Do you like self deprecating humor that may or may not be true in regards to my art?

Are your requests satisfied with pencil sketches uploaded using my webcam, touched up in Photoshop Elements, and delivered with a hefty heaping of snarky sarcasm?

If you've answered yes to at least two of the three questions, then look no further than FoxTrott's Sketchy Thread!

If you want something sketched, post it here, and I may or may not get to it. References are always appreciated. If I really like it, I'll color it, but otherwise don't expect too much.

This is the revised edition because I wanted to use the shiny new tags system. The last thread was also getting a bit too big for my poor little 3DS.
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File 136502410766.png - (72.30KB , 427x482 , 28859j5.png )
can i get Ticket?
>> No. 125086
Urm, Excuse me. Do you do humans?
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File 137453549651.png - (248.54KB , 470x470 , the animator's channel is animationrelated btw.png )
Requests, you say? Ponify this face. It will contribute greatly to our cultural development.

File 136634871436.jpg - (50.10KB , 776x600 , sanctumgunship1_1.jpg )
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#Traditional #Digital #Canon #OCs #Gallery #Discussion #Critique wanted

Some stuff I'm working on for my upcoming series. Starting with this gunship.
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Also I dont think the mods are going to take off the autosage. Not sure if they dont like me or they dont care, probably dont care... I might just start a new thread and re-post everything if nothing happens in a day or two.
>> No. 125007
Hehe...haven't checked this in a while.

I have to say, this looks fantastic!
>> No. 125089
We moved to a new concept art thread. It should be on the top page of this forum.

File 137443663096.jpg - (87.35KB , 800x628 , a10a93474e86ee98c5f3278b0ec2de30.jpg )
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What tablets do most digital artists work with? The tablets with no screens seem quite awkward
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I have a Wacom Bamboo Fun. It's about four years old and still works fine. And it doesn't have a screen. It only takes a day or so to get used to, at this point it feels totally natural to me.
>> No. 125051
I would use a Wacom Cintiq, it has a screen.
But $2K is a long way away from a Bamboo or Intuos.

Cintiq []
>> No. 125054
File 137446791192.jpg - (61.84KB , 300x300 , advice bro.jpg )
I know some people that use a touchscreen computer. Damned if I can recall the exact name of them, but I remember boiler3 on Tumblr uses one. He also has a normal pen tablet too, but he uses that little handheld touchscreen PC a fair bit too. Said he picked it up for pretty cheap off this quasi-resale shop. I'd have to ask him again what the URL was, but apparently a lot of nurses will get them then realize they don't /really/ need one and sell it like that, or something.

Personally, I use an Intuos 4. There's certainly a relativistic hand-eye skill you have to develop to even draw a smiley face in MS Paint using a tablet without a screen on it, but you get over it eventually. Took me at least a month, I remember dustbin-ing my tablet for a while just out of frustration but I got over it after a while.

Little tip I'd offer up would be to find a tablet with the same aspect ratio as your computer monitor. I'm sure you can figure out why that would be a problem. Don't be afraid to get last year's model with tablets, though. Shiny new bells and whistles may be pretty, but chances are they contribute little to nothing when the chips are down. If you can find the drivers for it, you should be fine.

Last edited at Sun, Jul 21st, 2013 21:39

File 137317680808.png - (51.68KB , 800x600 , More like, belongs in the trash.png )
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#Taking requests

Hello, Mind if I post here a bit?

I'll doodle you guys something good.

Something I forgot to add I have a tumblr/deviantart filled filled with old shitty art if you wanna check out more of my junk.



Last edited at Tue, Jul 9th, 2013 12:11

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You have won the second place of my contest!

I sent you the steam keys to your tumblr.
>> No. 125048
File 137445795267.png - (2.20MB , 1591x2311 , Deadly_Six_ZEENA.png )
I'd like to request Zeena from Sonic Lost World as a unicorn pony.

File 137409830349.png - (1.70KB , 126x121 , Theunsurebrony.png )
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#Traditional #OCs #Event

I just started a new YouTube channel called the unsurebrony (same as my name on here). I discuss MLP and post animations I've made. would like to use something else for myself in videos and for my cover pic. You can draw my OC (on the left) any way you want and ALL entries (of MY pony OC) will be in one of my videos on the topic. 1 will be used for myself in my videos and 1 will be my cover pic.
No OFFENSIVE content
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>> No. 125032
Thanks, and no problem! It was fun to draw.
>> No. 125034
Video giving you two credit:
>> No. 125045

File 137418132929.jpg - (25.32KB , 640x480 , 2X16 LCD.jpg )
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I have a small LCD display, and I want to display ponies on it ofc.
I'm not an artist so I'm asking if somepony can do a pixelart for me.
I can program 8 custom character into the lcd so that gives a whopping 20*16 pixel resolution (a character is 5*8 pixel) no colors or grayscale, only black or white.

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>> No. 125005
File 137434267505.png - (2.85KB , 20x16 , purplesmart.png )
>> No. 125009
File 137436639440.jpg - (211.73KB , 1112x313 , lookatthis.jpg )

Im using my custom board with a pic micro.

Last edited at Sat, Jul 20th, 2013 17:28

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File 137434050701.jpg - (143.76KB , 1728x1344 , Pony Fail20.jpg )
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#Traditional #Digital #OCs

Trying to draw an OC with the program "MyPaint", beautiful freeware, by the way. Right, so I can't do it right, because i'm on a laptop! I already sketched it out on paper. Let me show you how it comes out when I try to do it. No, i'm not just a bad artist.
Tl;Dr, I'm trying to use a laptop to draw an OC.
>> No. 125002
Like the background, though?
For some reason, it zooms out.
>> No. 125003
It looks nothing like my paper sketch, trust me.
>> No. 125004
File 137434107557.png - (177.35KB , 900x1102 , dat_eyes_pinkie_pie_by_slyfoxcl-d5d4wqd.png )
Ya gotz to go to "taking requests" first buddy. :

File 137336921177.png - (3.63KB , 500x250 , tumblr_mpblzb0icP1rqg01ho1_500.png )
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#Canon #Event

Hello /art/

I announce here my Vet Pony Art Contest!

I'm the moderator of the ask blog .
There is a lot of pony fan art on the Internet but there is barely any with the veterinary pony from S02E10 "Secret of my Excess". It makes me sad that my blog contains the majority of fan art with her but I want to see more because she is a nice-looking pony.

Also I have a lot of unused steam keys from the Humble Indie Bundles because I already have these games in my steam library or as a physical copy. So I give them as prizes for this contest:

1st Prize
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>> No. 124693
Thank you for the participation.
The future will tell whether you win or not.
>> No. 124831
File 137382154260.jpg - (30.20KB , 421x480 , tumblr_mh80cbKIqt1rs7eaxo1_500.jpg )
Friendly reminder:

~7 days until the contest ends.
>> No. 124997
File 137433486032.png - (15.47KB , 307x326 , xclock.png )
20 hours left to submit your picture.

Last edited at Sat, Jul 20th, 2013 08:42

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