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File 137421395433.jpg - (295.93KB , 880x880 , kirby.jpg )
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idk what u said so here is a picture of kirby that ate pinkie pie

File 137420476198.jpg - (87.66KB , 960x960 , image.jpg )
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Will ponychan please be so nice as to judge my drawing of Luna so far?(:

Also, the chin Is fucked. Fixing that later.
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File 137420538825.png - (277.18KB , 1250x1025 , meh_png_by_zutheskunk-d5zfan6.png )

File 137408104637.jpg - (241.80KB , 1092x742 , 2013-07-16 02_39_05.jpg )
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So umm, I have no idea what I'm doing here but I had hoped that maybe I could talk to actual artist's or something and get critiques....or something. Anyway, I guess I'll post one of my most recent pictures and then....wait I guess?

Oh and my DA

File 133107295922.jpg - (87.44KB , 638x788 , Classless Plebeians.jpg )
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Hello, PonyChan! I am The Less Anonymous Top Hat, and I draw pony and pony-related arts. This will be my drop-off point for my art here on PonyChan. Please note that most of the art will be downsized from the originals to fit within the Chan's size limits. Links will be provided to where you can download the full-size versions.

-Be Friendly
-I do not take commissions, requests, or trades at this time.
-I do take suggestions. So drop ideas if you've got them. If I decide to do one, I will reply to the post, stating that it's in the works.
-I absolutely love comments, criticisms, feedback, and pointers both positive and negative. Throw 'em at me; I live off them!
-Lastly, yes, you can toss my images up anywhere you want, so long as I'm given credit. For full details of what you're allowed to do with my stuff, visit my Deviant Art below.

Other places you can find my art:
Deviant Art:
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File 137099916483.png - (242.11KB , 500x500 , Pirate Dash.png )
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File 137397513670.png - (935.03KB , 1024x1024 , Pegacorn Twi.png )
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File 137397519868.png - (591.66KB , 833x833 , Bad End.png )

File 137395643345.jpg - (339.40KB , 880x880 , ponymon pics originial 1.jpg )
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#Traditional #Event

hello bronies! im starting a YouTube series on a game called ponymon! you can support by watching thanks! (just got a new tablet and it was super rushed)

File 137377809618.png - (54.64KB , 1000x1400 , First Rainbow Dash Drawing.png )
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#Digital #Discussion #Critique wanted

I got a Pen Tablet as a present and this is actually my first attempt at using it. Unfortunately, I'm not good at drawing, but I gave it a go any.

Not bad, eh?
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>> No. 124850
Not entirely sure. I don't mess around too much with tablets. I'm more traditional. But I think if you were to use a vectors you can adjust linework accordingly.
>> No. 124866
If you're using something like Paint it's really hard to make smooth lines. I would suggest obtaining Paint Tool SAI or Photoshop because they have a stabilizer feature that helps you draw smooth lines
>> No. 124879
I'm using GIMP actually.

File 137387858712.jpg - (255.65KB , 1280x960 , zombie pony.jpg )
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File 137385668205.png - (84.39KB , 520x527 , 7d9d3ceaa7429cf5c1d685ad11ad3239.png )
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File 136805019970.jpg - (29.83KB , 430x555 , hope.jpg )
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#Digital #Canon #OCs #Gallery #Taking requests #Critique wanted

Hello everyone.
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Well he likes to cook, and he loves shish kebabs.

Also, he didn't start playing the Balalaika until after his country invaded Equestria. He found it in a ditch stuck in the mud. He was selected to monitor the occupation forces in ponyville and it turns out he really likes it there and he is very kind to its citizens. One of his own soldiers tried to harass the cutie mark crusaders and he stopped him. He has a soft spot for the younger ponies and he lets the CMC play with his surplus materials like his infared/night vision goggles and spare medical equipment/supplies. In fact there is one instance in which he lets the CMC have a ride on his tank and gives them a chance to fire the main gun. (A decision he will later regret)

Another thing he likes to do for fun is flirt with Equestrian fillies but they don't care for him much mainly because he comes off as a creepy foreign oppressor. But he really is a nice colt.

Last edited at Sun, Jun 30th, 2013 12:32

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Are you still taking requests for ocs by any chance? I've been looking for an artist who might be able to do a basic sketch/color for me so I can try to make some of my own pics in gimp. I just haven't been able to really solidify this guy because I can't draw ponies that well XD

Last edited at Sat, Jul 13th, 2013 10:51

>> No. 124836
Yes, I'm still taking requests. Please provide the description of a character and of what you expect to see. :)
A thing you may like:

Last edited at Sun, Jul 14th, 2013 14:22

File 137371860918.gif - (18.23KB , 490x356 , Cutie mark sample.gif )
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I Really need An oc. I Mean I've drawn one before but could someone more professional do it?
He's Orange, stick thin, gray maned, has a blue eye and a green eye and is a unicorn.

If anypony could make one that would rock.

note: cutie mark is a quill and paper

Last edited at Sat, Jul 13th, 2013 05:31

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File 137373265088.png - (269.03KB , 837x474 , 137264528268.png )
Please read board guidelines before posting
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File 137373313120.png - (246.10KB , 371x448 , smile12.png )
As said, the board guidelines for /art/ state that a request should be taken up with a specific artist, rather than getting its own new thread.

Please find a specific artist you'd like to take your request, and ask them in their thread!

File 137368049369.jpg - (438.41KB , 2239x2425 , kyra.jpg )
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#Traditional #Digital #OCs #Gallery #Taking commissions

Hello everybody, I am new to putting up my Pony art and would really like to start doing commissions. But I am super new! Lol! I would really appreciate it if people would come at take a look please. (Only if you're not too busy)
My Da:
Anyway thank you so much friends!

File 137363482496.jpg - (120.59KB , 1280x960 , blood striker.jpg )
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File 137359979787.png - (84.87KB , 1146x833 , Pajama sam pony.png )
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Pajama Sam pony FTW
>> No. 124794
Lmao. I love characters that have some sort of attachment to their name based off of a past experience, occupation, or a former/present place of residency. Like Osaka Joe, One eyed Willie (Goonies), Jed the fish, Wham-Bam Dawson, and Dirty Dan/Pinhead Larry. XD
>> No. 124795
Oh yeah, I forgot about Bazooka Joe. Lol

File 137352083015.jpg - (33.75KB , 250x335 , image.jpg )
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#Gallery #Discussion

Punky pony 69 Wed, Jul 10, 2013 11:52 computer crashed so I haven't gotten on much sry I will catch up and get back to most of u u may think it unnecessary but it's just the kind of Pearson I am also laptop might die so if I stop responding again forgive me UR loyal friend pinky pony 69 bro hoofs for all (btw try to keep responses positive pleas thank u btw this is rainbow dash as an ultra man or ultra dash my friend drew it and I wanna get him some crossover pics as a thank you or just share UR art and discus

File 137350030459.png - (3.20MB , 2880x2100 , Creation.png )
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I make pictures quite often. I want people to be able to see them in full, so I resort to ponychan. Maybe this site will warm up to me.

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