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File 136492984125.jpg - (190.45KB , 1280x960 , IMAG0701.jpg )
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#Gallery #Critique wanted

I stuck with low amount of followers and questions ;___;
So I just put this link here and have hope you will enjoy it.

Critique if ya want

File 136492543792.png - (382.83KB , 499x529 , fearpop.png )
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[#Gallery] [#Discussion] [#Requests] [#Comossions] [#Silly]

Well guess I'll make a gallery here if that's ok? Umm I do requests and commissions. I'm still learning how to use my tablet. I also do Traditional work which I'm better at IMO. While having a gallery I'd like to discuss things in it to.
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>> No. 122241
File 136492591349.png - (181.62KB , 396x557 , popperrd.png )
>> No. 122242
File 136492595539.png - (477.50KB , 586x491 , rebuild.png )
>> No. 122243
File 136492610279.png - (185.24KB , 291x340 , poppers panties.png )
Instead of making this thread massive..

Here is my tumblr.

File 134170432877.png - (249.64KB , 800x600 , cupcake.png )
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I think I'm going to post all of my art on this thread just to receive some critique and ideas on how to improve. I hope everypony enjoys my art, and I always do my best.
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>> No. 122200
File 136481260751.png - (136.10KB , 900x700 , FunDipp.png )
My best friend's OC drawn by me. <3
>> No. 122201
File 136481267938.png - (77.38KB , 410x605 , Light Rain.png )
My first male OC drawn with Sai.
>> No. 122202
File 136481283068.png - (225.17KB , 900x700 , How To Catch A Derpy.png )
My most recent drawing. It was my first time drawing Derpy. Made with Paint Tool Sai.

File 136220134003.jpg - (966.43KB , 500x3200 , Whoops4.jpg )
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Anybody remember Whoops?
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>> No. 121651
Just realized I never got around to remarking on the comic itself. The first two panels amuse me far too much.

The back leg walking cracks me up.

And the expressions (especially on the foal) are well done. For a goofy gag comic, your ponies can act.
>> No. 121733
File 136322916610.jpg - (699.20KB , 500x2500 , Whoops3.jpg )
>> No. 122166
File 136468054956.jpg - (345.37KB , 500x1095 , unclespriggs.jpg )

File 136466101230.jpg - (129.43KB , 960x540 , tepones.jpg )
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#Digital #Canon #Critique wanted

So my little niece Amy wanted to draw all the mane6 as pegasi having a race and i thought I'd post it here for you guys.... Looks like Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash have a easier time with the wings than everypony else

File 136450984623.png - (382.54KB , 1920x1080 , spoiler.png )
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Rate my work (ill dump if anypony wants)
>> No. 122146
Quite a few of them are really cool! One or two are a bit distracting, but many of them are fantstic!

File 136446147340.png - (397.23KB , 645x465 , sculpture.png )
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#Canon #Taking commissions #Critique wanted

So I finished my first pony sculpture. She turned out pretty cute, but I see areas I can and will improve upon with future projects. I just wanted to know what you think. Would you buy this kind of sculpture? If so, what is it worth?
>> No. 122120
File 136446386023.jpg - (66.08KB , 640x515 , pinkie and rd hugs.jpg )
personally, i wouldn't, but there's not really a lot in the way of pony stuff that i would buy.
i'd say keep working at it and hone your skills before you decide to sell.
she is very cute though.

File 136434833571.jpg - (19.54KB , 640x480 , Picture0018.jpg )
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#Traditional #OCs #Critique wanted

Hey Ponychan, /mlp/ here. After returning from the black pit of our draw thread I thought that I might get a second opinion on this drawing.
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>> No. 122109
File 136441100924.jpg - (18.56KB , 640x480 , Picture0019.jpg )

Updated version. I moved the eyes around a bit, also shortened his legs on the advice at some people from /mlp/.
>> No. 122110
File 136441161027.jpg - (16.95KB , 640x480 , Picture0020.jpg )

After measuring the proportions on some other stallions I found the legs to be too short. Newest and final version.
>> No. 122115
Awesome revisions! You're well on your way to creating awesome ponyart~

File 136442258230.jpg - (10.27KB , 301x168 , 8de.jpg )
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I had a twofold request;

1. Graffiti-style templates of Fluttershy, and

2. suggestions for brands of paint, spray or otherwise, that are safe to use on a laptop.

Wanna make my PC all fancy. :3

Picture unrelated, but I didn't want to make a thread that gave nothing in return.

File 136435235452.jpg - (2.17MB , 2592x1936 , IMG_0001.jpg )
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#Critique wanted

Any thoughts on this picture my friend drew me? ^.^
The wings are a bit weird but its still cute.
>> No. 122102

The legs are really really wonky. They just...don't bend that way. The one in front should be more similar to the one in the background, however the background one needs to be pulled back so there is less haunch showing. They also should not be as straight as they are if you're going for something soft and cute, they should probably curve a bit. And like you said, the wings are a bit off. The forelegs also are un-even.

However, the expression is really cute, and I do like the mane and the intention.

File 136373458815.png - (6.09KB , 299x276 , 132640100233.png )
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Last edited at Wed, Mar 20th, 2013 16:46

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>> No. 122084
If you can explain the markings and gauges, I can doodle something up.
>> No. 122087
File 136431504727.jpg - (927.23KB , 1456x2592 , 2013-03-26 12_21_53.jpg )
The markings on her hoves look like this. They're subtle and engraved into the hoof. As for the ear gauges, they're white, circular, and about half an inch in diameter. I'll eventually probably commission someone to draw her as well as my other tulpas but for now she says she'd love a sketch.
>> No. 122092
I'll see what I can do.

File 136424391367.png - (171.86KB , 1022x884 , avaava.png )
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#Digital #Canon

Hello, I just started a pony ask blog, and It would be awesome if some of you could drop some questions!

anonymous questions are enabled if you dont have a tumblr.

File 136408411384.jpg - (50.74KB , 472x334 , image.jpg )
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Could somepony ponify the characters from this show?
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>> No. 122044
I ment it didn't seem like a big enough deal to react as such
>> No. 122045
Its been happening a lot lately so patience is getting maybe a little thin.
>> No. 122046
File 136415211138.png - (144.14KB , 902x700 , pinkie pie milkshake.png )
meh i remember being a noob.
it was scary and things didn't make sense.
people just need to chill

File 136410448957.png - (65.24KB , 500x500 , Avatar.png )
122032 No. 122032 [View]

I just started an ask blog! If you're interested, don't hesitate to follow me and/or ask a question.

File 136410249701.jpg - (146.38KB , 678x662 , wip___my_pony_02_by_demonioblanco-d4ie0g8.jpg )
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#Traditional #OCs #Discussion #Critique wanted

i have this issue...
i just cant do anything anymore...
i have not draw anything in months, maybe almost a year, after years of doing it, but now i feel like i draw 3 lines and feel it suck and im doing it wrong.

i lost the spark? is some kind of depression? i cant draw because i look what im doing and i feel it suck, specially because im out of practice...

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