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File 136075915762.png - (746.84KB , 2000x2000 , valentines ponywatermarked.png )
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#Digital #Taking commissions

Valentines day is coming upon us. Commissions are open.

$13 if you want me to draw your and your valentines oc's in this pose

$10 in this pose

Please contact through deviantart, paypal payment is all i will accept.

File 135322801328.png - (117.55KB , 850x939 , bubble derp copy.png )
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Oh well, i can post my art in a new one. YAY :v

FIRST, my latest.
#commissions #art #zomgitsalaura
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File 136065409740.png - (384.35KB , 1872x1588 , kissy ponies copy.png )
and another commission
>> No. 120940
and it is delicious
feeds me well
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File 136074827877.png - (316.68KB , 500x442 , tumblr_inline_mi5j0iVIZG1qz4rgp.png )

File 136072784621.png - (775.72KB , 1920x1027 , 2013-02-10_17_54_13.png )
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Here is a voxel-drawn 3D pony that I made in Minecraft. I'm not a very good artist, so the actual art was from:

What I did was make a program that voxelizes a 3D model triangle list into a voxelmap, and then I wrote a Minecraft mod that automatically places all the blocks.

File 136034480399.jpg - (69.82KB , 1000x1200 , doodle with me.jpg )
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#OCs #Discussion

anypony out there want to doodle with me? the only subject is ponies, and lots of them!!

the picture is a quick anthrofied version of my mulicorn (mule unicorn!) her name is Doodle Puff!
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>> No. 120862
File 136035927436.png - (13.21KB , 378x365 , buck laptops.png )
how i feel using a laptop to draw.
>> No. 120864
File 136035944714.png - (198.53KB , 885x903 , 134420239327.png )
sorry about that laptops freakin out. best pone in apology
>> No. 120948
No story, really. Just a toxic pony.
Wanted to draw a mane and tail that way.

File 136045290721.jpg - (768.42KB , 1536x2048 , IMG_20121110_152447.jpg )
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#OCs #Critique wanted

Its me!
what does /art/ think?
>> No. 120938
It looks rather nice!
I might be a bad person to critique since I haven't gotten the body shape down myself. But I'll give it a shot for you! c:
Hm- first thing I see is the neck may be a bit too long and the hind legs are a little miss shaped ( I always have a problem with them too!) But I love it! Keep it up!

Last edited at Mon, Feb 11th, 2013 23:04

File 136064217746.png - (119.39KB , 737x453 , Curly.png )
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#Digital #Canon #OCs #Taking commissions

Hello, everyone! After a long hiatus of not really doing any commissions, I've decided to start advertising my work again. I am currently trying to save up money for a good camera, and since I can't get a job, I must turn to you guys.

I will draw any pony you want me to, in any position you want me to. Extra ponies cost extra. I draw OC's, canon ponies, crossovers, you name it. My DeviantArt can be found here:

Not all of this work is recent, so it doesn't all accurately represent my current skills, but it should give you a general idea of what I can do.

Since I need to make the money for this camera fast, I figured the only way to do it is to sell my commissions at low prices.


Option #1
>> No. 120931
File 136064261808.png - (2.73KB , 336x336 , 8 Bit OC.png )
I will offer your piece in any resolution you want, as long as you specify it in the email.

Last edited at Mon, Feb 11th, 2013 21:17

File 136060518693.jpg - (285.96KB , 750x850 , 1359524359626.jpg )
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#Critique wanted

Gais help, i am writing a Sweetie's big race parody but it's Dovahkiin escaping at the begining of skyrim.

This is what ive gotten so far.

We need to move!~
Run up the stairs.~
Gotta move some rocks.~
Holy shit dragon!~

Were did it go?~
He got Tor Shul’d.~

File 136055797030.png - (69.03KB , 491x503 , Stuff copy.png )
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#Traditional #Digital #Vectors #Comics #Gallery #Discussion

File 136055697151.jpg - (51.77KB , 586x244 , Eeglfethr.jpg )
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#Traditional #Canon #OCs #Gallery #Taking commissions

Hi everyone!

I'm here from deviantArt to share my MLP shadowboxes with you.

A shadowbox is a deep set frame with pieces layered into it to give a sense of depth. In this case, I use colored card stock paper. Each frame is 12" x 12"

I do take commissions on these and encourage you to make special requests. Prices can range from $45 - $65+ depending on the complexity and cost of special materials (though most will fall between $45 - $55)

Shipping within the US runs about $15 (though this cost can ship up to 4 boxes together) And about $25 international.

If you're interested, I provide a free digital mock-up of your request prior to making a purchasing decision, this way you have a strong idea of how your box will look before you even take the leap to purchase.
>> No. 120903
File 136055698185.png - (1.06MB , 1280x936 , Luna_Chan.png )
12" x 12"

Same shadowbox shown from three angles. Digital Mock-up pictured above.
>> No. 120904
File 136055732520.png - (1.24MB , 1280x936 , Celestia_Chan.png )
12" x 12"

Same shadowbox shown from three angles. Digital Mock-up pictured above.
>> No. 120905
File 136055767462.png - (1.14MB , 1280x936 , Fluttershy_Chan.png )
12" x 12"

Same shadowbox shown from three angles. Digital Mock-up pictured above.

File 133942720322.png - (340.56KB , 1112x1345 , Ditzynotext.png )
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Hello there!

I am Manatee, you might remember me from such classics as "my last thread" or "the thread before that"

I try to draw pony every now and then. Sometimes they end up looking vaguely ponyshaped, and that's good enough for me.

You can also find me here:

I'm not really good at requests, but I'm always open for suggestions. It's mostly because I'm really bad at promising stuff.

Critiques, questions and any chat is welcome. It got a bit lonely in my last threads. I wanna be more social around here, but I'm not super good at starting conversations and stuff.
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>> No. 119913
File 135703952555.png - (340.37KB , 1280x1178 , tumblr_mfxdatQ8P61s0dh19o1_1280.png )
Happy new year!
>> No. 119914
File 135703975151.png - (522.98KB , 1280x1280 , tumblr_mfx9bjzkE81s0dh19o1_1280.png )
NSFWd because Twilight has a butt in her face.
>> No. 120892
File 136050437867.png - (1.59MB , 1000x1434 , Darklypresent.png )

File 136037737179.jpg - (1.97MB , 3000x3000 , fluttershy.jpg )
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Hello, hello! I'm pretty new to Ponychan here, and I must say that I am enjoying my time! <3 Here's a little something, say whatever you want!

File 136029469611.jpg - (797.27KB , 1532x1529 , image.jpg )
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Got bored so I drew me and my boyfriend :) A.K.A Diamond Sparks and Acostic Powerchords. Anyone got any art with your lover? ;)
>> No. 120852
Hey. Just so you know, artists are supposed to keep their artwork to one thread at a time (which is what the #gallery tag is for).
>> No. 120865
File 136035971145.jpg - (8.30KB , 300x168 , Oh.jpg )
Oh! My bad. ^^"

File 136025744119.jpg - (696.58KB , 1744x1744 , image.jpg )
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This is me as a pony. :) Diamond Sparks! The magic unicorn. She's shy at first but really outgoing later on. She can be hotheaded at times but she's really quite friendly. ^D^
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>> No. 120851
I don't really care whether people are beginners or experts... if you're struggling to improve, you're in the same boat as everyone else.

Welcome to /art/, Diamond Sparks. Are you looking for critique/advice, or just here to hang out? :3
>> No. 120854
Quite alright :3 well welcome to art!
>> No. 120863
File 136035952321.gif - (684.57KB , 500x400 , Picture Unrelated.gif )
I'm not sure really. I'm new and my boyfriend just suggested this site for me. I thought I'd give it a try. ^u^

File 136018210375.png - (316.26KB , 745x420 , Wallpapper.png )
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#Digital #Discussion #Critique wanted

Finished an animation today. Judge at will.
>> No. 120798
it's pretty good
judging only on animation and coloring
i would invest in finding some voice actors or actresses

File 136011284857.jpg - (115.32KB , 878x722 , IMG_20130205_175700.jpg )
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#Traditional #OCs #Gallery #Discussion #Taking requests #Critique wanted

Well, I'm a FRESH Brony, (Fresh as in.... I joined the fandom Saturday) after a buddy of mine asked me if I would watch an episode. I reluctantly accepted and, well, I done loved it. Anyway, I really enjoyed the simplicity of the artwork and I figured, "Hey, I like to draw, maybe I can do that." So some research into the basic body shapes later, I was able to freehand draw my own OC. I'm pretty proud of it, considering it's my first pony in general. The only thing I'm worried about on it is the head shape and I /think/ the legs are too short.
S'basically just me as a pony, named Lian Arte. He does Line Art.
Anyway, I'm just looking for some second opinions on this because I definitely am enjoying drawing Ponies.

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