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File 135906578944.jpg - (170.45KB , 720x960 , aaaaarrartrtartartra.jpg )
120498 No. 120498 [View]
This is the pony im going to use for my music. is it good? Im gonna call myself PowerChordBrony
>> No. 120506
File 135907658294.jpg - (9.18KB , 209x241 , Ella excited.jpg )
I like it. Twisted an creepy, just my style. You should post some music when you get a chance, would love to sample it.
>> No. 120539
It's rather distorted.

Someone already has the name PowerChord
>> No. 120545
ill keep those in mine tx

File 135912724530.jpg - (102.29KB , 500x686 , my-little-pony-friendship-is-magic-brony-equestrian-crossing.jpg )
120519 No. 120519 [View]
I need somepony's help, and I dunno if I should be here or in /art/, I figure if I'm in the wrong place a moderator will kindly fix it.

I need a picture like the one here, except with the "Equestrian Xing" on the Diamond part of the sign, and instead of Pinkie I'd prefer Twilight's or RBD's silhouette. It's for a door decoration, if that helps anything.

Thanks much!
>> No. 120520
Or I suppose other pics you guys think would make sweet pony-related door pics.
>> No. 120524
File 135914732320.jpg - (62.96KB , 700x700 , 132084663624.jpg )
From 2 to 5 minutes in photoshop, you can do it, I belive in you
>> No. 120543
I know... the point is that I'm being lazy and was hoping it already existed.

File 135361441130.jpg - (1.19MB , 1792x3312 , SCAN0005.jpg )
118514 No. 118514 [View]
#Traditional #Gallery #Critique wanted

Hello /art/,
I'm new to this board, so please forgive me if I'm not entirely up to date with proper etiquette.

Anyway, I've found myself drawing an awful lot of ponies as of late, and I think I'm starting to get pretty good, but I want to get better. So I'm gonna go ahead and dump some of my favorites. Any sort of feedback or advice would be very much appreciated.
At this point, all I have is hand drawn. (I honestly don't know the first thing about making digital art.)
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>> No. 119708
File 135607556201.png - (2.28MB , 3406x2313 , Dark Magic Twilight1.png )
>> No. 120494
File 135904100404.jpg - (319.45KB , 1651x1981 , lyra mushroom.jpg )
>> No. 120526
File 135914763938.png - (23.30KB , 150x150 , fdInC.png )
This pleases me
I might come back sometime later

Last edited at Fri, Jan 25th, 2013 14:12

File 135787584219.png - (304.24KB , 800x600 , DisturbedPinkie.png )
120186 No. 120186 [View]
#Digital #Gallery #Critique wanted

Good morning /art/! (Or night, currently. I guess it depends on where you are and when you are.) Recently I started drawing ponies, and I've come to enjoy it. So, I have decided to make this thread so that I may share my horrifying abominations with the internet! HUZZAH!

Any and all criticism would be grand, as I am constantly looking to improve my work.
>> No. 120487
Hey, That's a nice style you have got there, with two of my favorite characters XD. And am I correct in thinking that those are lyrics from a Disturbed song? Have you got a deviantart account? Hope to see more :)
>> No. 120505
File 135907333260.jpg - (21.02KB , 326x343 , JHYouMakeHappy.jpg )
Thanks man! You just made me feel a bit better about my art. And yes, that is Disturbed's Droppin' Plates I referenced. I don't have a deviantArt, as I haven't actually made a lot of art yet, but give me some way of contacting you and you'll be the very first to know when I do. (I'll also be putting a link on this thread, obviously.) If you don't want to put any of your info on the thread just email me at [email protected]

No. 120485 [View]

I need someone to draw me a certain pony.
Add me on Skype if you are interested: Fartpaper
>> No. 120528
How about you read guidelines for this board?

File 135886944571.png - (146.72KB , 3320x2600 , hiResPony.png )
120467 No. 120467 [View]
Hi can somepony please draw my oc for me? (I would do it but i can't draw.) thanks!
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>> No. 120472
>> No. 120473
File 135889455835.png - (30.54KB , 1010x600 , spoiler.png )
sorry, couldn't resist...
>> No. 120477
i lol'd

File 135889935078.png - (24.97KB , 830x650 , myPony.png )
120475 No. 120475 [View]
#OCs #Taking requests

Can anyone make a cool art piece that i can use for my avatars?

<--------- That's my OC over there.
>> No. 120523
File 135914725998.png - (343.62KB , 1000x1250 , 3213124123.png )
Grab a bucking pen and learn how to do it yourself

File 135799326957.png - (115.45KB , 800x480 , WHATER.png )
120218 No. 120218 [View]
#Digital #Vectors #OCs #Gallery #Discussion #Critique wanted

Here's a pack to get inspired from. Thought you might like it.

Over 200Ocs.

Though the best choice would be to just google for logos, hair styles and flowers to get inspired from.
>> No. 120471
File 135888906141.png - (317.12KB , 828x966 , panda___mlp_reference_sheet_by_fayfoxeh-d5atcoe.png )
>> No. 120530
File 135914822939.png - (9.72KB , 132x134 , 132175587259.png )
What is this supposted to be exactly?

File 135874995156.jpg - (120.88KB , 597x799 , IMG_1373.jpg )
120436 No. 120436 [View]
Hey all not sure if this is the right area to post this. Anyways, my mother is willing to make a plush as long as I provide her with a decent pattern. So I was wondering if anyone knows where to get a good high quality one, and help my out?
>> No. 120437
File 135875255561.jpg - (746.76KB , 2427x2214 , 38.jpg )
I don't quite know a lot about plushes but you might want to try with a simple design or find some online directions.

Starting small is also a good idea.
>> No. 120438
raibane henmai
>> No. 120457
bump? help find good pattern?

File 135879839937.jpg - (106.18KB , 1024x768 , fluttershy sadness.jpg )
120446 No. 120446 [View]

im ok at this need to work harder

File 135879578065.jpg - (76.60KB , 960x540 , elements.jpg )
120444 No. 120444 [View]

File 135821818214.png - (189.11KB , 860x1123 , bigmaclined.png )
120292 No. 120292 [View]
#Digital #Gallery #Discussion #Taking requests #Critique wanted

Gonna try to get back into a swing.

Last edited at Mon, Jan 14th, 2013 19:51

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>> No. 120439
File 135875940887.jpg - (8.35KB , 230x219 , Ella sad.jpg )
Um..if your still taking requests, and you don't mind doing ocs, is it possible that I might be able to get a picture of mine? I don't how you draw her, and I totally understand if your busy or don't want to. It's just difficult to find artists who aren't too busy with other requests, and it looked like you may have not been filled up yet. I would much appreciate it if you would like to, I shall leave a pic of her in this post. Her name is Ella.
>> No. 120440
File 135875947118.png - (445.89KB , 2500x2500 , Ella cute face.png )
Here's another reference picture, her hair is a bit more streaked like in this one. Or I should say mane rather XD
>> No. 120441
Oh, and, um, her hooves are blue as well. Again, thank you if you do decide that you would like to do it.

File 135873063508.jpg - (81.07KB , 962x613 , a.jpg )
120430 No. 120430 [View]
hey /art/ i made thisssssss

File 135867707202.jpg - (431.27KB , 1600x1200 , 2013-01-17 13_44_35.jpg )
120422 No. 120422 [View]
#Traditional #Canon #Gallery #Critique wanted

here is an origami model of discord. it was difficult but i think i got the shape right. the wings were difficult but i think the best part is the head
>> No. 120426
I can't really offer any critique, but... well, basically, this is totally buckin' sweet. :3

You definitely got the shape right, and the head is totally the best part. Mad props, dude.

File 135863159450.jpg - (53.81KB , 500x338 , Scootaloo All I Want for Christmas.jpg )
120411 No. 120411 [View]

I need something of our favorite two musician ponies in their element. I want Vinyl with glasses on and smiling, and speakers if it fits the picture, on one half, and on the other half, I want Octavia looking posh and uptight with her cello.

Why am I requesting this picture? Because all of the ones I could find just kinda sucked. I need them in their element, not being intimate or goofing off.

Can you help me, my sexy bronies?
>> No. 120412
File 135863345814.jpg - (214.00KB , 1191x670 , octavia_vs_vinyl_scratch_by_bigmacintosh7-d4vt2pb.jpg )
Artist is bigmacinotsh7 on dA

From a friend
>> No. 120414
File 135863356873.png - (134.90KB , 450x279 , Scootaloo Bass.png )
Just what I wanted! Thank you very much.
>> No. 120416
You're welcome ;)

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