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File 135863359368.jpg - (290.38KB , 2149x3035 , editpony.jpg )
120415 No. 120415 [View]
#Digital #OCs #Gallery #Discussion #Critique wanted

So I finally got SAI back, and this is what happened, hope you all like it! I know its kinda not proportioned right but yeah. I like it!

File 135861649923.jpg - (768.02KB , 1280x2926 , how_to_draw_ponies__mlp_style_by_xinternalbleedingx-d4z0i6k.jpg )
120408 No. 120408 [View]
whenever i get to the head i always make it too wide or narrow.its like a bad habbit i cant shake...Help?
>> No. 120409
In the guide you posted the head is fine, but the body is too short.

Is the OP your work? If not, well, it's kind of hard to offer advice or suggestions without an example to work with.

File 135852597699.jpg - (320.42KB , 720x960 , spike is dash.jpg )
120390 No. 120390 [View]
Is this any good? xD

Since im just starting out,i dont have the skill to draw from my mind and have to look off exsisting pictures ;_;
>> No. 120393
>Is this any good?
I'd say so. The lines are pretty tight, the face is expressive and pose is dynamic. If this is "just starting out", then this is a pretty buckin' good start.

I'm not gonna get into any constructive comments... at this point, I think you just need to keep practicing and anything I have to say now would probably be outdated in a week or so.

>i dont have the skill to draw from my mind and have to look off exsisting pictures
Ref images will always be your very best friend. As you get more practice you start to depend on them less and less, but you never really get rid of them entirely.

People talk about drawing from their imagination, but it's actually kind of a myth. The imagination is actually really vague, unless you've done a lot of work to familiarize yourself with a particular subject. Option B is to study or develop a technical process for something, like using a character skeleton to draw a figure in any pose, or using vanishing points for perspective, but this is less "drawing from the imagination" and more "formalized methodology." Techniques. Fundamental skills. Whatever you want to call it.

I talk too much, hope this helps some. Looking forward to seeing more. :3

File 135826762397.png - (86.00KB , 653x472 , OC.png )
120323 No. 120323 [View]
Can anypony draw me a better version of my OC. Ive tried and tried and I just cant, any help would be great.
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>> No. 120347
appears to be a golden microphone
>> No. 120379
Its a Golden Microphone, yes, I appreciate it guys, I just dont have the artistic skills to do it myself.
>> No. 120380
I didn't post as anon this time and my email is given so any drawings can be sent there, once again thanks guys!

File 135839628319.png - (258.00KB , 705x376 , TFC.png )
120348 No. 120348 [View]
#Traditional #Digital #Canon #Gallery #Critique wanted

Heya /art/!

So I've recently tried to get back into drawing, and what better topic than small candy colored horses?

This one's the CMC as a Battlefield 3 squad, added twist in to fill for 4th member. Any comments or criticism is greatly appreciated! Full view is:

Last edited at Wed, Jan 16th, 2013 21:28

File 135820324485.png - (102.39KB , 1250x800 , blue_bass_lladkd_by_rgbargy-d4zdcuk.png )
120288 No. 120288 [View]
#Traditional #Digital #Canon #OCs #Taking requests


Yes, /art/, it is I, CaptainSteve. No one here will remember me, since it's been a long time since my departure, and the only people I recognise are Carnifex, Infernal and Dat_Dalek. Seems the old guard have moved along and a new set of fine artists have made their home, so maybe an old /art/ist could settle in for a little bit? Have no fears, I have no intentions of going "when I was your age...", I haven't been gone long enough to have a zimmerframe now.

I mostly do traditional art, and some digital when I'm doing something big, and really ponies and Monster Hunter are my gig.

All requests are free, but if I feel I've improved enough I may open commissions for bigger things.

My deviantART is for anyone interested in browsing my art.

Home sweet home.
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>> No. 120325
File 135827239878.png - (1.02MB , 1800x900 , rathalos_by_rgbargy-d4setps.png )
This I can do! I have a drawing schedule, so I shall place this third on the list, closed queue now, and I shall work on it this weekend if not Friday!

Pic related to my thread, I drew this
>> No. 120332
File 135829359984.png - (1.73MB , 2333x1696 , lagiacrus rare test.png )
Quick dump, shitty practice of a Lagiacrus I drew but never finished so I decided I'd do the Rare species colour scheme instead and the lineart is going well, so I just thought I'd dump one of 'em practice drawings here
>> No. 120337
File 135833344264.jpg - (188.49KB , 660x583 , yveltal_pokmeon.jpg )
Cool drawing

Not very familiar with MH, since the only one I've played is the PSP one.

That wyvern reminds me of one of the upcoming pokemon legendaries.

File 135717747140.png - (145.55KB , 636x531 , Requests.png )
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#Digital #Canon #OCs #Gallery #Taking requests #Taking commissions #Critique wanted

I'm working on some stylistic stuff and I need test subjects.

Post up refs or detailed descriptions and I'll doodle you guys some pones. I can also design custom OCs if someone wants one? I love making characters.

Examples of stuff on my artblog :
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>> No. 120144
bump due to something he/she posted on tumblr
>> No. 120159
File 135770610999.png - (349.04KB , 1024x768 , Eve2.png )
not sure if you are still taking requests but I woud love something done of my oc Eve. :) /)

art by~KawaiiCutie
>> No. 120335
File 135831270023.png - (0.97MB , 1177x1356 , sleeping.png )
My tablet is busted, so until I get a new one (may be a while) I won't be able to fill requests or draw much. Sorry :c

File 135814057897.png - (87.32KB , 557x758 , wired pony side.png )
120269 No. 120269 [View]
#Digital #Critique wanted

anyone here have suggestions on how to correct the edgeflow on this model?
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>> No. 120282
Crap man, you still alive and still here? Haven't seen you in ages. Nice to know you still working on 3d ponae
>> No. 120306
u have any advise for someone using blender?
>> No. 120327
File 135827788709.jpg - (691.60KB , 1920x1080 , full frontal awesomeness.jpg )
actually, I.....kinda came here looking for advice.

I don't know much about blender. except that it's extremely popular. my guess is, anything you want to know is in youtube and various forums.

File 135820978161.png - (78.36KB , 468x266 , spoiler.png )
120289 No. 120289 [View]
Hello there /art/. Now I am making an open request which any, and preferably many artists to respond to. I am writing a story and I need some cover art to be made for it. The story itself is focused around Fluttershy and is sad. The reason art is so hard to find, though, is that it is humanized. If anyone is interested in helping me out, please respond A.S.A.P.
>> No. 120321
File 135825807189.gif - (468.09KB , 200x200 , 131018490261.gif )
That's rude that you don't read the rules at all

File 135822647931.jpg - (72.96KB , 960x540 , pony_musician_tribute.jpg )
120305 No. 120305 [View]

a tribute for the musicians of ponyville.

Last edited at Mon, Jan 14th, 2013 22:13

File 135783298833.jpg - (609.61KB , 1195x1600 , Rocking Horse.jpg )
120177 No. 120177 [View]
#Traditional #Gallery #Critique wanted

Hey, PonyChan. Frederick here.

This time, I'm trying to get back into art, and it's been a while. At the present moment, I don't have the benefit of a scanner, and so, photographic uploads will have to do. Mais, helas, c'est la vie, non?

Today, I've drawn Rarity (though, technically, it could be said that last night I drew Rarity, but such is irrelevant), and given her a guitar. Why?

Why not?

Before anybody asks, it is beyond artistic license for me to dictate how hooves work on guitars. Your guess is as good as mine.

So, what's /art/ think? Any good?
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>> No. 120223
File 135800439219.jpg - (929.25KB , 1529x2048 , New Rocking Horse.jpg )
I have made a few minor edits to address the following details:

The ambiguity of the disjunction between the back and the guitar strap.

The ear.

As well as a few minor changes to lines.
>> No. 120237
File 135803956365.jpg - (619.57KB , 1195x1600 , DTAP.jpg )
"... og jeg er decideret træt af pis."

Came to me whilst listening to the Nephew song of the same name:
>> No. 120240
File 135804289303.jpg - (582.04KB , 1600x1195 , Pinkie Szinjatek.jpg )
A quick Pinkie sketch, Pinkie Szinjáték, based on the cover of a Pokolgép album.

File 135803695613.jpg - (36.45KB , 960x540 , ponymon.jpg )
120236 No. 120236 [View]

yeah, it's pretty bad, if anyone has suggestions or knows where i can find a tutorial, that would be more than welcomed.

File 135793670510.png - (328.54KB , 1070x1017 , kaiisbestpony.png )
120196 No. 120196 [View]
#Digital #Canon #OCs #Gallery

Starting with me as a pony
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>> No. 120226
OP you got a deviantart? tumblr? something like that?
>> No. 120229
I do have a tumblr, but I don't post pony stuff/art very often.
>> No. 120230
really? this is some great stuff
i think you should start an art tumblr

File 135795923888.jpg - (117.02KB , 528x396 , Mikily Sweeeepies.jpg )
120215 No. 120215 [View]
Hey all,

I'm much more of a craftswoman with sewing etc than drawing but I occasionally try. I want some opinions please :) On two things:

What do you think of it?
What should my bf's OC be called!?
>> No. 120216
File 135795954222.jpg - (122.48KB , 528x396 , Pencil Mikily.jpg )
I also drew this one :)

Its based off a piece I found online but I can't find the artist name to credit them so sorry!! If you know then please add their name so I can credit!! Couldn't find on DA
>> No. 120224
Well, it certainly looks like you've got the characters' anatomy down. I don't know how much of it, if any, was copied (or traced) from reference, but the faces and body structure look fairly show accurate. So I don't think you have anything to worry about there.

As for your bf's OC, whatever the cutie mark you gave him says about his special talent could be a key indicator.

All in all, nice job, and don't stop trying!

File 135796343380.png - (99.47KB , 500x532 , cookie.png )
120212 No. 120212 [View]
#Traditional #Digital #Gallery #Taking commissions #Critique wanted

Hi there! I'm going to make things more organized this time.

I take all critiques, so fire away.

I will also take all commissions. Anything that's a little too violent or NSFW will merely go on my deviantart rather than on this thread.

I dabble in both traditional and digital mediums, although I have been working on my digital as of late.

my gallery is at

if you want to privately contact me, use that or [email protected]
>> No. 120213
File 135796363009.png - (268.52KB , 777x656 , Untitled.png )
yes, it may be rather expressionless. And yes, it does almost seem like Twilight has been beheaded.

But, to be honest, I'm still just getting used to GIMP and my new intuos.

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