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File 135698092869.png - (250.93KB , 1024x1024 , Spitfire badass times.png )
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#Digital #Gallery #Critique wanted

So I got a tablet for christmas, and I've been drawing my flank off day in and day out over the break. I was up 'till 5 finishing this last drawing (to be fair, I probably started around 1...) and it represents the best I've got at this moment. It's my first offering worthy of the internet, and I need to know how to make it better.

I started out practicing on Gimp, but I upgraded to Paint Tool Sai for this last one, so if anyone knows any tricks about that program, specifically for blending and shading on the coat to make the body more three dimensional, I'd like to hear them.
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>> No. 119904
In SAI, I'm always using the Pen or Bucket tool (bucket only if i don't have messy outlines) to colour flat, and then add shading with the Brush Tool after setting Preserve Opacity to the colouring layer.
(idk if that helps, lul :c)

I really like the way you coloured the mane, btw.
>> No. 119909

I've been messing around with the pen tool in Sai trying clean lines and smooth blending, but I'm debating whether or not I should go back to my roots and preserve the sketchy lines my drawings usually have. At first I thought it might look too messy, but I'm thinking the texture would be more interesting to look at, especially if I tried a cross-hatching pen illustration style of shading with it. It's not what most people seem to do, but that may be a good thing...
>> No. 120029
File 135741511499.jpg - (974.01KB , 2735x2303 , Winter wrap up cropped.jpg )
So I've been experimenting with different shading techniques, and I decided to take a gamble and do a drawing with the eyes closed, since those are the part I feel most comfortable with, and focus on what I don't know. After some derping around, I came up with this, which is less realistic and more stylized.

To anyone who cares to critique, I just need someone to point me in a direction. Is this better or worse? Should I tone down or increase the stylization? Is this not a good direction at all? Or is this what I should be practicing?

File 135422031695.jpg - (19.25KB , 550x352 , naptimechan.jpg )
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#Digital #Canon #OCs #Gallery

Hi everypony... I'm new to /art/. Still very much a developing artist, still learning a lot as I go along. Hello gallery thread. I suppose I'll start with my best one to date.

I like it short and sweet. Hope you enjoy, feel free to comment.
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>> No. 119999
File 135725386872.jpg - (46.19KB , 600x454 , wpbsad3-by-kindlebright.jpg )
Slowly adding to my DA gallery... I decided for January I would do "pony a day" sketches, so here's today's. IRL friend as a baker pony, with a placeholder heart cutie mark because I'm a bad person and forgot what I was going to put there. Shh.
>> No. 120000
File 135725416129.jpg - (45.09KB , 500x500 , sad12-by-kindlebright.jpg )
January Pony-A-Day, 1 and 2.

Bass Clef / Twerky / Twerk It pony is a joke between me and a friend.
>> No. 120001
Thanks! :) And yeah, I usually think so too.

I'm not very good at this whole /chan thing to be honest!

File 135715368690.gif - (239.59KB , 433x428 , 1353184749609.gif )
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#Digital #Canon #Gallery #Critique wanted

Hello everyone!
I figured I might as well make a thread/gallery thing here to get some feedback.
The people at Equestria Daily don't seem to like my art so I guess I'll show what I've got here. Critiques are wanted; I want to improve, really!
I use a Wacom Intuous 4 tablet. Lineart is usually drawn in Paint Tool Sai and colored in Photoshop.
I'm new to Ponychan in general so I'm going to be learning a lot.
My deviantART:
My Tumblr:
Thanks for dropping by!
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>> No. 119969
Thanks for all your input!

I know I'm too good with shadows in general even I've done lots of graphite sketching. However that really limits my practice with choosing colors for shadows. Digitally, I've tried using the burn tool and using exclusively black and found out the best way is to just choose your own colors.

They hug the borders of my forms is probably because of the way I do my shading, so I'll probably try and change that. I really need to practice more from observation to improve. Looking back at some of the stuff I've done, now that you've pointed them out, I can see what you mean and those parts do pop out at me as something that's needs a bit of adjusting to look more real.

And yeah, what you mentioned about EQD is unfortunately true, but that's how it is in the real world too. The next piece that I decide to do for submitting I'll keep that in mind.

Anyways, thanks for all your help and support! You've definitely pointed out some things that I didn't see earlier! Cheers!
>> No. 119994
>Thanks for all your input!
You're quite welcome. :3

>the best way is to just choose your own colors.
That's pretty much what I do, most of the time.

If I want colours for a specific material or subject...metals, trees, stone, the sky, my favorite shirt, etc... I find a reference image and eye-dropper it.

>now that you've pointed them out, I can see what you mean
That's exactly what good critique is all about. :3
>> No. 119998
File 135725262707.jpg - (109.62KB , 500x500 , Glitter hmmmm.jpg )
EQD Drawfriend as far as I've come to understand has an unwritten rule about not accepting self submissions. They'll 'add it to the que' but you'll never see it put up.

I dunno what the numbers behind it are, but I'm fairly certain they only put up things a certain number of other people submit, or things they find themselves.

File 135700455203.png - (184.92KB , 566x621 , Pinkie_Pie_standing_S1E15.png )
119906 No. 119906 [View]
#Vectors #Canon

Pleeeeeeeeeeeease! I just need a normal vector of her eye, looking forward. I'm making an iron on decal of her eye, so I need it to be better then what I can do.
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>> No. 119988
File 135724723301.png - (3.37KB , 88x91 , Pinkie-pie-EYE.png )
Here is it!
But is not masked yet as you can see you can see what's behind it, LOL!

Do you need it vectorized?
>> No. 119991
Ponychan doesn't allow BIG images so here's the link for the big version if anyone is interested....
>> No. 119992
Nice eyelashes

File 135711014038.jpg - (330.81KB , 1051x1757 , ShanliahTiesThatBindLiesThatBlind.jpg )
119934 No. 119934 [View]
Not pony related, I know. But it's the only thing that I've ever drawn that's also on this computer. And the only one that doesn't look like absolute shit.

So, I recently got a Bamboo tablet. I didn't like it at first, but now that some software issues are worked out, I'm enjoying it quite a bit.

My history of artistry is sparse. For about ten years, I drew, but not often. The above is by far my best. Eventually, I fell out of it. At heart, I'm a writer. But the MLP fanbase has brought out my once-dead desire to draw. So I come to you guys. I can't really decide on what I want to try and sketch tonight. So throw some suggestions at me. Also, while we're at it, what do you think of the Bamboo Splash? Any suggestions asto what programs go good with it? I like the ArtRage one that came with it, but also have MSPaint (which is actually not that bad) and an old Photophop CS that I torrented, like, eight years ago.

Now, just to let you guys know, my skills have atrophied quite a bit. That picture above is way beyond my skills as they stand. So go kinda easy, alright? Also, I'm somewhat of a perfectionist. I may take a while.
>> No. 119955
Her legs seem a bit short. An average person's legs are half their overall height. Her legs are about as long as the distance from her inseam to her chin.

I like the armour design. There's enough detail that it looks interesting, but not so much that it looks overworked.

Her feet and hands are rather small. A hand (from wrist to fingertip) is 2/3rds as long as the forearm (from wrist to elbow). Her hand looks about half as long as her forearm. A foot is as long as the head is tall, or as long as the forearm.

The wings lack bone and muscle structure, and the feathers are disorganized. Actual birds wings have about a dozen or so primaries and secondaries, and the coverlets aren't all individually visible. By comparison, drawing a whole carpet of several hundred feathers actually takes a lot more time and effort. Learning a bit of the real life anatomy makes everything much simpler.

Majnouna has a handy little tutorial on wings, here:
>> No. 119986
Thank you for the critique.

I agree with you on all points. Hands have always been a stumbling block for me. And this would in fact be the first time I had attempted drawing wings, so naturally they share little relation with reality.

I do like the work I did on the armor overall, but the chain mail underneath (yes, that's actually supposed to be chain mail) really could have been better. But, as with many other things, this was my first time.

Anyways yes, thank you again for your opinions and such. I would have liked to put something up that I did recently, but things are slow in going. I know it takes time to get used to new methods of drawing, but I'm beginning to get frustrated already. And that's something that I bought the table to counteract. It just seems that with the tablet, it restricts my movement too much. I'm used to twisting and turning the paper in my hand to get at different angles and such, and I can't quit do that on the tablet yet.

File 134041079429.jpg - (136.77KB , 650x500 , request thread.jpg )
109503 No. 109503 [View] [Last 50 posts]
Hi /art ?!??!?!?!?`~~~?!?!?

I am taking each, all and ANY requests to draw ponies, OC and whatever you wish (Or i happen to be thinking about at the time)

I am back from summer vacation and am continuing my old thread >>104975 for those of you whom may remember

I will be doing your drawing in a very cartoony style, I produce quality images that I am sure you will love :)
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>> No. 119697
File 135605302112.png - (28.87KB , 148x188 , bro.png )
Flattery aside, yeah, that N game is pretty hardcore. It'll be cool to see what you make of it, though.
>> No. 119983
File 135723685473.png - (121.01KB , 1193x1179 , Gothic Rarity by Sawhorse.png )
I'll humor you from your /mlp/ post.
Gothic Rarity or character of your choice.
>> No. 119984
Can you do gothic Celestia?

File 135719770730.jpg - (1.25MB , 2560x1920 , 20130103_011841.jpg )
119970 No. 119970 [View]
#Traditional #Canon #Discussion

guess who is who

File 135715758196.jpg - (300.04KB , 400x615 , horseballoon.jpg )
119956 No. 119956 [View]

File 134345100244.png - (2.11MB , 3000x3000 , Rainbow Dash No BG.png )
113169 No. 113169 [View]
#Digital #Canon #OCs #Gallery #Taking commissions
Hey friends!


Want a pony drawn? You're in luck!

I'm currently accepting My Little Pony OC/Canon character commissions!

Examples and pricing are as follows:

Lineart: $6.00
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>> No. 116142
File 134828852595.png - (29.03KB , 378x347 , Offering a Helping Hoof.png )
Some quality work going on here!

I have a couple commissions I'd like to throw in, if you are able.

One of my OC, he desperately needs stuff. Full colour shaded is desirable.

Secondly, I'd like to have another one that is a little more complicated. Scootaloo playing a guitar (fitted for her size), with my name (SarfTheMagnifico) on the side. Not sure if I want a portrait or full-shaded, both with colour. But suppose I'll leave it up to you. The dollar doesn't concern me.

That's potentially $20-$21. If they're good I'll round it to $25
Email me at [email protected] and we can work out the details. Thank you for your time.

>> No. 116144
File 134828863339.jpg - (16.57KB , 400x269 , 8670_1_12_p.jpg )
Vagrant's Gatsby Hat
>> No. 119947
Hey ... I've been looking to buy a hat like this. Do you sell them, or can you tell me where you got it?
[email protected]

File 135696961249.png - (132.88KB , 1000x750 , dash.png )
119889 No. 119889 [View]
#Digital #Canon #OCs #Gallery #Taking requests

i decided to create one of those things, too.

my art is kinda lazy..
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>> No. 119919
Whoops, forgot to put my name.
>> No. 119920
Yeah, I might do that in a while.. when I'm feeling bored again.
And thank you~!
>> No. 119935
File 135711237811.png - (3.25KB , 201x163 , GypsyPinkie Icon- Smile.png )

File 135703274521.jpg - (362.20KB , 1997x1447 , pony.jpg )
119912 No. 119912 [View]

a pony I made, I´ll keep practicing
>> No. 119917
She looks cute ^_^ What's her name?

File 134304195654.png - (194.56KB , 1000x1000 , Fluttershybyjuul.png )
112587 No. 112587 [View]
#Digital #Gallery #Critique wanted
Heres a little art i made about fluttershy, its my fhirst art so i like some critics
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>> No. 112597
File 134305876689.png - (227.79KB , 1902x1999 , Mother of.png )
Are you sure that this is your first? That looks amazing!
>> No. 112602
File 134306260886.png - (52.75KB , 180x170 , iseewatudidthar.png )
I have a feeling you took a vector (, burned some parts, and called it good. Although that's very nice shading, that's not really "art;" it's more editing.

Next time, right click and do "save as" instead of copypasting the png into your image editing program of choice. That'll get rid of the black background and save the transparency.

There's a little line where the wing meets the body. You could do a quick fix and paint over it with Fluttershy's body color, or, if you want to be super advanced about it, use the clone tool to cover it up.
>> No. 119911
File 135703079441.jpg - (849.90KB , 1727x2059 , img033.jpg )
you're good. I'll show you my first art.. It is from months ago.

File 135484684869.png - (91.60KB , 880x880 )
119057 No. 119057 [View]

Hi /art/!

So, quick an to the point. Your brothers at /fic/ are in need of a logo. As you may or may not know, /fic/ is now a beast of multiple boards, so we need something not board-specific, but all about what we do, which is acting as the long-standing premier community for writers and authors.

>Pic related is an example.
We would love to see what our honorable brethren of /art/ might wish to get creative with. Should your work be chosen to represent /fic/ as our logo/brand, be assured it's going to get a LOT of milage, and you will be credited with it's creation (a small "created by ____ " at the bottom of the picture or some such would be a good idea, but that can be edited in after your work is chosen.

This can be canon character, OC, whatever strikes you as awesome; we'd love to see what ideas you've got!

Go crazy!
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>> No. 119881
File 135691548597.png - (11.99KB , 474x209 , Fic.png )

HERPADERP. I should have just put it in the image. :/

Anyway, tell me if the one on my page is still 404'd. It looks fine to me.
>> No. 119883
File 135692792277.png - (591.99KB , 1680x945 , ex7.png )
Sorry, it's still not showing up on my side. Perhaps Dropbox doesn't allow access to that file from my IP address? I think using a general image hoster would be more appropriate here.

I've also taken the liberty of cleaning up, polishing, and hosting that logo here:
Hope you like it, and I hope you guys had a good holiday!
>> No. 119886
File 135693904521.png - (457.81KB , 648x479 , Fic Page Badge.png )

Heh. Sorry about that. Thank you for that spiffy image, though. I mean... wow.

Everything should be in order now.

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