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File 133854094746.jpg - (2.21MB , 3000x3000 , style guide.jpg )
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Because I am not a one trick pony (ba-dum-tish) requests in my old thread got sort of confusing so I decided a new thread with a more detailed OP was in order.

The picture to the left is a guide to what I can do, but what I can do is not limited to what is shown, if there is something you want that's in between it can be discussed, don't hesitate to ask! Now, like in my first thread I am doing 100% free drawings for people but I will be leaving a donation link. I am an unemployed college student, and I really enjoy doing this for you guys.. but my tablet nibs are all going to die sooner or later and it would really help me out a lot. Though, for those that donate their drawing auto goes to the top of the list and done ASAP, I don't play around when it comes to money, the only thing that would trump it would be school work. If you have no money to give and you feel bad for asking for a drawing (don't ever feel this way, srsly) I would love love love a drawing of my OC Jest, I'm making a collection! She is the pink and purple unicorn in my style guide.

Along with donations, I will also be selling custom pony paintings. The details will need to be worked out between you and me and the slots will be very limited but I will keep a wait list. To discuss prices and things you can either catch me here or email me. But it will basically be the cost of supplies and the complexity and size of what you want and the cost of shipping, a minimum of $20

Here are some rules for things I will not draw:
Sexualized ponys
anything fetish related

That's pretty much it... I just don't like the sexualizaton of ponys and will not take part in it!
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>> No. 117870
File 135200090540.jpg - (210.31KB , 1385x1673 , Spotlight full.jpg )
hi, i was wondering if you were able to design a cutiemark fo my OC Spotlight. pic related. his special
talent is performing and i was thinking of a spotlight like his namesake.
>> No. 117871
sorry didn't see that post whitefox
>> No. 128200
Comedy and tragedy masks.For the cutie markless pony.

Last edited at Tue, Jun 3rd, 2014 18:25

File 135433474211.jpg - (1.19MB , 2592x1936 , image.jpg )
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I hand drew and colored it my self, and I didn't sketch it either :)
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>> No. 118848
Their colors seem a tad off, Dash is a bit lighter blue and Fluttershy a lighter shade of yellow, but other than that it looks really good.
>> No. 118852
Looks good for a first-timer.
You say, though, that you didn't sketch it. Although it may seem reasonable for a beginner to copy poses exactly as they see them in their reference images, it might help if you try and mentally analyze the way the characters are structured. What simple shapes and divisions are put together to make the character who they are? If you can figure out how these parts can be manipulated into different poses, then you'll be able to do more with the character than you would just copying poses.

That being said, you're still off to a great start; don't be discouraged and keep at it!
>> No. 128176
File 140131512437.png - (12.46KB , 349x430 , fd3.png )
Hope Ya'll like it (made this on paint

File 140120006394.png - (76.93KB , 800x840 , lightning beat.png )
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#Digital #OCs #Gallery

I got bored and drew up my OC, Lightning Beat, on paint. Yep. Paint. Classy, huh?
>> No. 128173
File 140126224435.png - (632.10KB , 1024x1024 , TwiHappyFly.png )
For MS Paint, yea it is nice. Not a bad little drawing all together either.

File 140041962469.png - (153.04KB , 831x961 , _oc__choco_moka_by_milovizk-d7ilfep.png )
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#Digital #OCs #Gallery #Critique wanted

What do you guys think about my oc?
>> No. 128142
I like it but it could do without the chipped ear.
>> No. 128156
She looks pretty good. I wouldn't go for a neon green jacket though.

File 139882358708.png - (95.36KB , 832x728 , test2.png )
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#Digital #Canon #OCs #Gallery #Taking requests #Taking commissions #Critique wanted

Hi guys, I'd like some practice, but I'm awful at developing good ideas.
I'll probably just sketch here, but who knows? Here's my gallery for reference, If any body wants that.

So, while I take commishes, I'd like to just hear out and sketch ideas you may throw at me for practice, If that's okay with you. I apologize in advance for not being able to do every one, because I'm on some time constraints, but I'll try to get to most, thank you. Let's hope my drawing's up to par.

Last edited at Tue, Apr 29th, 2014 19:07

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>> No. 128125
File 140026198561.png - (215.40KB , 1000x1000 , hey look.png )
Oop! Sorry, I didn't think anyone else would respond after those first few days of silence there! Sorry.

Here you go!

be right with you
>> No. 128126
and before you ask, yes, I tend to change styles... sorry if that's a problem.
>> No. 128140

This is fantastic! Thank you very much!

File 135063173735.png - (17.83KB , 591x455 , Pinkie Hop In.png )
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#Canon #OCs #Gallery #Taking requests

Ello again, /art/! It's good ol' GypsyPinkie here! Here with improved art skills, I'll be posting some of de magicks!
About requests, I won't take too much.
Without further ado, I show.....De magicks!
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>> No. 126726
Sorry guys, I've lost motivation. I've also gotten into new fandoms. I'll probably be getting a Deviantart, but until that comes, I'm gonna be on a hiatus. I'll probably be around /chat/ somewhere. I'll let you all know when I get a DA or get off hiatus. Until then, this WAS GypsyPinkie.
>> No. 126735
Sorry to hear.
>> No. 128139
>>Just wiped my hard drive.
>>Got real nostalgic.
>>Googled my ocpony's name and HOLY CELESTIA you delivered! Thank you so much! Forgive my lack of a respectable trip, but with this I rebuild every image I had posted of Haymaker.


No image attached until I remedy all this.

File 139954498252.jpg - (40.86KB , 504x378 , spitfiyah.jpg )
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#Digital #Canon #OCs

Hey Bros

I'm doing some cheap commissions through this site:

Take a gander if you are interested

Pic relevant

File 136272987061.jpg - (134.18KB , 1512x1512 , flutte base.jpg )
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#Digital #Canon #Discussion #Critique wanted

I am working on this pic. Any suggestion to improve it before inking?
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>> No. 128096
I would personally reduce the breast size to balance it out. Other than that it's a lovely drawing.
>> No. 128104
File 139937038041.png - (296.81KB , 491x404 , 08f.png )
>Reducing breast size
>Not, instead, increasing hip size

We can all be eggheads, I guess, because this is over a year old.

It's so necro, the worms are already dead.
>> No. 128105
File 139939245636.png - (237.37KB , 1335x1005 , dramainternet.png )

File 138770096024.png - (101.57KB , 792x792 , RVBloom-01.png )
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#Digital #Vectors #Gallery #Taking requests #Critique wanted

Heya /art/, I'm always looking for ways to improve my stuff, so criticism is highly appreciated. Other than that, another good way to get better is to just draw in general, so I take requests too! I'll draw mostly everything, provided it's reasonable and not lewd or too macabre in any way.
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>> No. 127685
Sure, it might take a little bit given the complexity of it, but I'll work on it!
>> No. 127690
File 139551664085.png - (201.05KB , 1656x1512 , Rainstream.png )
Ooh, I like your style. Can I request art of Rainstream here?
>> No. 128089
File 139934036756.png - (180.86KB , 900x650 , Peace Angel.png )
If you are willing, can you draw my OC, Angel? the only edit to the pic i want is that his wings be white and two angel wings as his cutie mark. Draw it however style you wish :)

File 136937497205.jpg - (140.38KB , 1391x1208 , image.jpg )
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#Digital #Canon #OCs #Discussion #Taking requests #Taking commissions #Critique wanted

Hi everypony! I'm new here to Ponychan, and I came because I heard this was a great place for mlp fan artists to congregate. I'm just starting out, and I'm taking requests/commissions (see my tumblr for pricing).

Also, I love critique on my works! Please take a look and let me know what you think. I'd love to give opinions/advice on anyone else's that cares to post!

One more thing, me being new here, I'd like to get to know what the community is like. Tell me about the etiquette, attitudes, general show opinions, etc. about the board!



Last edited at Fri, Aug 9th, 2013 14:38

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>> No. 126538
that sounds hilarious, and shockingly similar to the story I'm writing. Shame I can't fit it into the story, but I would never steal an idea anyway.
>> No. 126543
Requesting Sunil Nevla dressed as Big Mac. And I don't mean the burger, so don't get smart with me
>> No. 128085
File 139933903874.png - (180.86KB , 900x650 , Peace Angel.png )
If you are willing, can you draw my OC, Angel? the only edit to the pic i want is that his wings be white and two angel wings as his cutie mark. Draw it however style you wish :)

File 138323834151.jpg - (626.93KB , 1650x1275 , batponybuttermilkfinishedsmall.jpg )
126671 No. 126671 [View]
#Digital #Vectors #OCs #Gallery #Taking requests #Critique wanted

Happy Nightmare Night, everyone
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>> No. 126707
File 138380630507.jpg - (442.40KB , 1650x1197 , humanmelody.jpg )
doot doot
and another
>> No. 126828
Please do Celestia, Luna and Cadence in this situation: parasprituna-d4dk7b4.png

Last edited at Fri, Nov 29th, 2013 11:52

>> No. 128084
File 139933894722.png - (180.86KB , 900x650 , Peace Angel.png )
If you are willing, can you draw my OC, Angel? the only edit to the pic i want is that his wings be white and two angel wings as his cutie mark. Draw it however style you wish :)

File 138833263369.jpg - (285.09KB , 679x858 , tumblr_mybqt6Jo8P1rayplro1_1280.jpg )
127022 No. 127022 [View]
#Digital #Canon #Gallery #Taking requests

Hello all
I have a ton of pony art incoming, let it warm your souls and bellies
I might draw your request if it´s a really cool idea
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>> No. 127082
File 138871978618.png - (251.61KB , 1000x500 , ponyfour.png )

sorry, not sure why that's happening.

see attached.
>> No. 127086
Wow.. the horsedick is still not deleted?

You could just use short links without all the tags...
>> No. 128083
File 139933883546.png - (180.86KB , 900x650 , Peace Angel.png )
If you are willing, can you draw my OC, Angel? the only edit to the pic i want is that his wings be white and two angel wings as his cutie mark. Draw it however style you wish :)

File 134836632202.png - (71.78KB , 392x348 , Pchan-Thead.png )
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#Traditional #Digital #Vectors #Canon #OCs #Taking requests #Critique wanted
Oh, hello there /art/, or Ponychan, I'm a rather unimportant artist looking for requests to draw, critique and feedback, as I'm currently looking to grow in a rather narrow time frame, so instead of sitting and doodling the same over and over again, I want to do some things I wouldn't think by myself.

That said, I will draw almost anything you'd like, the only things I ask is not requesting for NSFW and generally being thoughtful in your request, I'm free to decline anything I deem offensive and/or out of my capabilities.

I use Paint tool SAI for my work by the way.

I also take a ton of time for drawing, so excuse my general tardiness.
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>> No. 127339
Perefct answer! That really gets to the heart of it! qikirxwgn [] [link=]arrcvupvksq[/link]
>> No. 127365

The post that started it all.
>> No. 128082
File 139933872714.png - (180.86KB , 900x650 , Peace Angel.png )
If you are willing, can you draw my OC, Angel? the only edit to the pic i want is that his wings be white and two angel wings as his cutie mark.

File 135741179071.png - (83.34KB , 300x467 , ChrysalisShake.png )
120025 No. 120025 [View] [Last 50 posts]
#Digital #Canon #OCs #Gallery #Taking requests #Taking commissions #Critique wanted

Pardon the repost, but I just don't feel like finishing stuff at the moment. It just doesn't feel right having OP image be a sketch.
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>> No. 127384
Hey. Are you available for a commission? :)
>> No. 127392
I may be. What'd you have in mind?
>> No. 128081
File 139933862638.png - (180.86KB , 900x650 , Peace Angel.png )
If you are willing, can you draw my OC, Angel? the only edit to the pic i want is that his wings be white and two angel wings as his cutie mark.

File 138081064453.jpg - (66.64KB , 1024x768 , image.jpg )
126368 No. 126368 [View]
#Traditional #Vectors #Canon #OCs #Gallery #Taking requests #Taking commissions

Hello, I'm PinkSaphires, I am an pony and anthro pony traditional and vector artist, I have been around da for a while and am looking to expand interest in my artwork. Hopefully. I focus mainly on having my work be cute, but also on details. I hope you enjoy my artwork. I do commissions, small requests and possibly art trades as well.

The piece in my subject line is a rework of an older piece featuring Princess Luna fighting a nightmare, titled 'Recurring Dreams'.
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>> No. 126516
File 138150748831.jpg - (349.19KB , 1600x1164 , image.jpg )
Sorry if I have been quiet here, was working on this monster for three days.

Luna got a little too into nightmare night, and the idea of scary being fun, so dressed as the scariest thing she knows.
>> No. 126517

A da link, because the file is really, really big. I think it lost some resolution upon being uploaded to ponychan.
>> No. 128080
File 139933812930.png - (180.86KB , 900x650 , Peace Angel.png )
If you are willing, can you draw my OC, Angel? the only edit to the pic i want is that his wings be white and two angel wings as his cutie mark. Your art is amazing, Pink.

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