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File 133477634153.png - (105.24KB , 606x779 , rarisketchcolored.png )
102807 No. 102807
...but keeps trying anyway.

Figure I might as well make a thread here on /art/, because what's the worst that could happen?
I'll be posting stuff I've made and stuff I'm making, mostly really horrid sketches. Please give me criticism, I do want to improve.
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>> No. 121227
File 136163868941.png - (102.04KB , 475x700 , alitwidrawing.png )
I gotta wonder, does this look good, or just really odd.
>> No. 121229
I like it. Perspective seems okay.

Possibly need to continue the cheekbone line on the opposite side of the nose, but that's mostly bothering me because I've been looking at it trying to figure out what's bothering you...
>> No. 121356
File 136207075224.png - (548.19KB , 1125x900 , raritry.png )
I've been trying this crap again.
>> No. 121365
i know people who consider ponies like an antidepressant.
your style is your style, i cannot say it's bad - it is coherent although not being canon. abstraction forces the artist to focus on the expression and movement more than anatomically correctness anyways, that is why on this base there is rare BAD pony artwork. it's cute and fun so you get it.
>> No. 121369
You draw this with a mouse?

Damn nice.
>> No. 121382
File 136217681093.png - (37.32KB , 253x396 , failuretoperform.png )
It's the main reason I'm using Flash as my primary tool. It's vector software and provides smoothing for decently clean lineart. I'd use Photoshop more, but I can't really draw using it.
Oh well, thanks everyone.
>> No. 121442
File 136233396887.png - (718.13KB , 1200x960 , scootadash2.png )
>> No. 121447
File 136234381962.png - (79.80KB , 726x474 , abbabsbros.png )
And a little extra.
>> No. 121506
File 136251589381.png - (104.94KB , 671x621 , alitwisitting.png )
I tried styles and Princess Sparkle again. Don't know how well it ended up but eh, t'was fun.
Despite having close to no clue about the site or the community there, I also decided to give tumblr a shot, so if you feel like checking that out, it's here:
I will be posting anything I draw here as well, though.
>> No. 121533
File 136259641234.png - (426.49KB , 641x765 , pinkiething2.png )
This is eerily captivating.
>> No. 121619
File 136270056387.png - (180.84KB , 780x980 , spoiler.png )
I spoilered today's image due to its somewhat suggestive nature, it shows apple bloom laying on her back with a surprised look on her face. Nothing explicit, though.

In general, I was kind of squeamish about uploading it, because for the longest time, I didn't feel comfortable with people knowing I'd draw stuff like this. So I hope you like it, it took far too long to make.
>> No. 121648
File 136286992558.png - (126.48KB , 1000x720 , bah.png )
Some sketches from today. I'm not satisfied with any of them, but I couldn't just let an evening go to waste like that.
>> No. 121680
File 136293657325.png - (94.48KB , 892x568 , outlinetests.png )
The method I use to draw generally leads to very thick outlines. So let's try something different to see how it turns out.
>> No. 121714
File 136312786486.png - (76.43KB , 570x547 , rarisweetiedrawing.png )
Recycling old ideas because I'm unimaginative like that.

Also requesting critique on this image, since I've been told it looks off. I can see that Rarity's thighs are mismatched, but what do you guys think?
>> No. 121728
I think with that picture, the thing that throws me off the most is that with the way that Rarity is sitting, we shouldn't be able to see her cutie mark, since we're seeing her inner thighs.

The way the backleg-feet also kind of turn into rounded spheres seems off as well. I understand you were trying to make it look like the hooves were curving, but it just looks odd to me. Maybe adding some of the lines for where the bottom of the hooves would be?

Otherwise it's a very cute concept <3
>> No. 121743
Cutie mark shouldn't be there if she's sitting and facing us.
>> No. 121798
File 136354836166.png - (155.39KB , 1099x731 , dashfluttdrawing.png )
Thanks a million. How I missed such an obvious error is beyond me.
I was a bit short on time the last few days, and I fear it'll stay that way for the next couple weeks. Still, I managed to get something out, which I hope you like.
>> No. 122036
File 136412366898.png - (121.36KB , 1179x720 , lyrabon.png )
Something which I really didn't put a lot of thought into. Was fun to make.
>> No. 122049
Are they detectives?

(Dibs on the first "dust for fingerprints" joke.)
>> No. 122121
File 136446415874.png - (114.89KB , 960x720 , shadydazegameboy.png )
Initially, I wanted to do that, but when I was on the background, I felt like making it like a cheesy 80s sitcom or something. This is what I mean when I say I don't think images through very well before I do them.
On that note, I wish I had more time for drawing right now, but I need to learn. Perhaps this is what inspired me to draw this.
>> No. 122291
File 136503499538.png - (94.59KB , 1393x816 , pinkiestage.png )
Holy crap I drew something.
I'd have a million different things to say about it, but when I try to write it out, it all comes out mangled and incoherent. So I'll just write "yes"
>> No. 122530
File 136587954201.png - (73.86KB , 1195x796 , pinkiedrawing2.png )
Finally I'm getting to draw again. Foreshortening is as tough as it always was, and I'm not very great at making abstract backgrounds. Oh well.
>> No. 122592
File 136615254107.png - (80.39KB , 427x526 , dashsignno.png )
"Hey scrimpeh, have you gotten better at drawing since?"
>> No. 122626
File 136638451458.png - (175.89KB , 1354x750 , twigarden.png )
Now you tell me why Twilight Sparkle is not supposed to be my phantasmal significant other

Last edited at Fri, Apr 19th, 2013 08:17

>> No. 122737
File 136655595539.png - (124.47KB , 1176x804 , spoiler.png )
Spoilered today's image due to a healthy dosage of fluttershy butt. Foreshortening doesn't really do me any favors, and her hind legs look off as a result. Oh well, who cares.
>> No. 122743
File 136656793946.gif - (131.02KB , 58x130 , 55e.gif )
Your style slightly reminds me of the Rainbow Dash Presents crew of late. I hope that comes across as a compliment.

Picture unrelated, I just like pictures.
>> No. 122770
File 136672286445.png - (55.48KB , 650x404 , prostyleimitation.png )
My style? Reminiscient of the RDP crew?


I really do like their stuff however, so perhaps their style has had more influence in me than I have thought. I think I will never be able to settle on one way to draw eyes and other facial features though.
>> No. 122778
File 136680475982.png - (212.30KB , 456x457 , ajtest.png )
...However, Flash's clean lineart is something I frankly want to get away from, since I feel there is so much more you can do with just lineart. So here's something I threw together in 10 minutes to test a potential new approach.
>> No. 122788
File 136685937148.jpg - (81.31KB , 400x400 , 15228524.jpg )
How ever you like to draw, that's your style. Feel free to explore till you find something comfortable and enjoy it till you find something new. A cycle of self-rediscovery.

I'm sleepy so this is probably stuff you've already heard a thousand times before, only more eloquently phrased, but anatomy helps. People don't bug out over lineart, they double take over something looking odd, and it rarely ever looks odd because of well planned anatomy.

I'm just biased, I like anatomy. Shading can be a good way to check it, if you care as much as me one day. If you can't figure out how light falls on it, it's probably not accurate to your perception of reality. Generally, if you're drawing something, you want it to align with your perception of reality; it really helps.

Pic sufficiently related

Last edited at Wed, Apr 24th, 2013 20:09

>> No. 122793
File 136691648805.png - (400.56KB , 816x625 , dashthing3.png )
Back in the day, when I was still "searching for my own style", I figured that whatever I'd do, I would never be able to settle down on one thing for long. I think that in the last couple weeks, I have gotten sorta complacent though, so I do want to mix things up more again.
As for anatomy, it's something that still manages to give me lots of trouble every now and then. There's some poses I simply can't nail down to save my life, I should probably work on that some more. Guess why the bottom of today's image is cropped out
>> No. 122799
File 136693553437.jpg - (93.06KB , 300x300 , brocifer.jpg )
One day you'll hit the point where you deliberately choose difficult poses just to fuck with people. I'd like to say I do it just for the challenge, but I'm pretty sure I choose complected poses just to show off.

I wouldn't worry too much about your style getting "sorta complacent" for a few weeks. If you're spending time thinking about your style, you're not spending enough time thinking about improving everywhere else.
>> No. 123194
File 136874236448.png - (179.33KB , 1165x1200 , godimlazy.png )
Sketches I have saved up for a rainy day. Considering how much I put out in the last couple weeks, I'd say it's rained, there was a hailstorm and now all the streets are flooded. Figuratively, that is.
For what it's worth, the bottom two are new.

Last edited at Thu, May 16th, 2013 15:13

>> No. 123395
File 136939378835.png - (68.34KB , 514x755 , fillydash.png )
>> No. 123449
File 136959592430.png - (492.66KB , 2083x1351 , fluttclawcranefatkid.png )
I'm hoping the kid's not -too- ugly for the image.
>> No. 123462
Far too amused by this one.
>> No. 123503
File 136977290683.png - (76.90KB , 342x283 , look at my swag doe.png )
I dig how you silhouetted the other ponies.
>> No. 123614
File 137020566062.png - (114.16KB , 998x809 , pinkiesuperglueceiling.png )
Thanks, y'all. As for the sillouhettes, it was kind of a tough one for me. I didn't want to give them full color and detail, since that'd distract from fluttershy, but keeping them all as a gray mash would've been too much.

Until then, this:
>> No. 123727
File 137063403902.png - (122.36KB , 805x500 , cmc2.png )
I drew something whoops

I never really have a concrete plan in mind when I do images like these, I just start drawing an expression or a pose and make it up as I go along. When it works out, it's easily one of the most fun ways to draw for me, when not, I feel like I'm wasting hours accomplishing nothing. Owell
>> No. 123730
File 137064260263.png - (713.55KB , 944x1501 , autograph.png )
I'm thinking about posting some drawings for everyone to see

not because they're good, but because they're so autistically bad that it's hilarious

I've always wanted to be good at art, but I'm a software developer, not an artist
>> No. 123731
File 137064303884.png - (188.05KB , 500x647 , bilbo.png )
oh I forgot my question
scrimpeh, did you start out that way?
>> No. 123733
File 137064615604.png - (85.46KB , 634x593 , ajsketchsmall.png )
Not really. I never considered myself especially talented at drawing, nor was it what I thought I'd be doing on a regular basis once, but then I just kept drawing more and more, until I was where I am now.
So by all means, go for it. Who knows, you might just end up discovering your passion for art and become a great artist. Just need to find a way to balance the time it takes with being a software developer too, but art really only takes as much time to make as you want it to.
And hey, if not, what's the worst that could happen?

>pic is from september 2011
>> No. 123742
I figure it'll just be really funny with no progression happening at all
>> No. 123783
File 137087823000.png - (133.07KB , 760x591 , whoa.png )
Hey, don't let your notions hold you back, that's what I'm doing too often as it is. In the end, what matters is whether you like doing it or not.

So, on to today's picture. I really love the look pure lineart + highlights only produces, and wanted to take a shot at slighty more messy lineart, so here this is.
>> No. 126269
File 138038333887.png - (109.45KB , 800x920 , sweetiesomething.png )
You may have thought that I, indeed, could not draw ponies to save my life.
But I drew something again.
>> No. 126282
File 138045619584.gif - (306.96KB , 375x300 , yagerauoysihtdaernacuoyfi.gif )
I like :)
>> No. 127648
File 139500687293.png - (99.52KB , 934x1284 , anthroscoota.png )
It's been a while, hasn't it.

As of late, I wanted to try my hand at anthro/humanized stuff, which is how this test came about.
Don't think I'm quite there yet, but I like to think I've made some progress. You be the judge.
>> No. 127649
File 139502762352.png - (5.16MB , 2300x3800 , LunaInTheHalls.png )
>the dude who can't draw ponies to save his life
Are you kidding? These pictures are fine(actually they're pretty good). I only wish I could draw that nice. Love your style, might not be orthodox show accurate, but how much pony fan art really is? I will definitely keep an eye on this gallery. Love your pics!
>> No. 127828
File 139681098642.png - (49.35KB , 495x892 , this_looked_better_when_i_finished_it_than_when_i_uploaded_it.png )
Heh, thanks. For the most part, the way I draw ponies is a fairly pragmatic adaptation of the show's art style, geared towards being easier to draw.

I kinda want to try something more than that these days, however. So, with that in mind, redline me pls.
>> No. 129169
File 142177770717.png - (90.52KB , 1081x739 , a_little_something_celestia_taught_me____by_turbosolid-d5ks8n2.png )
That looks quite nice.

There is no system to get commissions drawing ponies is there?
>> No. 129191
File 142190046640.jpg - (119.69KB , 760x820 , Chuck_Jones_animal_legs.jpg )
On the anatomy front, it seems to me that you tend to draw the hind legs with one too few joints in them, as though the hock was a sort of projection from the back of the calf rather than the equivalent of the human ankle - - e.g., in the drawing accompanying post #122737. See the attached sketch by Chuck Jones.
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