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File 133702417297.jpg - (54.73KB , 539x700 , changeling2.jpg )
105303 No. 105303
previous thread is here:
but it seems to be going faulty. updates don't display correctly, and while i seem to recall something about "cleared from deletion", it appears to be on autosage. i just hope that it'll still remain, because it's been going since june 2011.
anyway, onward!

ask blog:
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>> No. 105304
File 133702423092.jpg - (95.30KB , 797x950 , changeling3.jpg )
>> No. 105305
File 133702430237.jpg - (64.78KB , 636x812 , changeling4.jpg )
these are just random concepts for now. i really like her look, but i haven't got any name or background for her yet. i figure she's queen of a smaller hive somewhere.
>> No. 105312
File 133703160271.jpg - (59.97KB , 611x680 , changeling5.jpg )
got some good name suggestions from my tumblr followers, but the “winning entry” comes from one ryuredwingsreturn:


namely because it gave me the “headcanon” that she, along with her entire brood, stinks quite rotten, to the point where it might even be faintly noticeable when they transform themselves into somepony else. so for that reason alone, and because Miasma is a vain bitch, she’s obsessed with perfume.

All welcome our musty majesty!
>> No. 105314
File 133703548331.jpg - (106.84KB , 600x600 , PrettyPrettyQueenSketch.jpg )
>> No. 105315
File 133703558255.jpg - (120.61KB , 1000x1000 , HailToTheQueenBaby.jpg )
I, for one, welcome our new changling queen overlords.

(posting 2nd time to cookie my name on my laptop)

I love her jawline
>> No. 105330
I really like her! Or maybe I'm just a sucker for changelings. *shrug*

Looking forward to more!
>> No. 105365
I just wanted to say:
Those colours are awesome. Very striking eyes.

That is all. Carry on.
>> No. 105398

Fantastic. Queen Chrysalis from the show was amazing. Her design reminded me of a locust crossed with an emaciated corpse. Definitely not what I was expecting to see in a kids' show with candy colored cartoon ponies.
>> No. 105416
File 133711061520.jpg - (68.73KB , 793x520 , chubbyvelvet.jpg )
thanks guys! she's definitely fun to draw.

since the current mini-arc of ask velvet revolved around people questioning velvet's weight, here's a what-if.
>> No. 105422
File 133711308578.jpg - (42.13KB , 682x450 , spoiler.jpg )
and the other “what if” possibility.
spoilered to be on the safe side.
>> No. 105459
Oh my.
>> No. 105463
File 133713365959.jpg - (80.03KB , 736x550 , mellowdash.jpg )
Ladies and gentlemen, in contrast to the volatile ASK HOTBLOODED PINKIE PIE, we are proud to present ASK MELLOWDASH.
Chill with our favourite aspiring-to-be-Wonderbolt as she explores what the clouds* have to offer.

(not an actual tumblr)
>> No. 105464
File 133713368934.jpg - (156.06KB , 1201x1000 , mellowdash2.jpg )
>> No. 105467
Dear Rainmellow Dash:
Are you a Pastafarian?

(not an actual question for not an actual tumblr)
>> No. 105469
I'll be honest with you. I'd follow that in a heartbeat.
>> No. 105476
File 133714473689.jpg - (44.30KB , 600x600 , changelingoc.jpg )
I am planning on joining a tabletop rpg mid-session, and am talking with the gm about being a changeling who was impersonating a player who left for several sessions.

Anyways, I just had to go purple. Can she call Miasma her queen?
>> No. 105496
>> No. 105520
File 133720002392.jpg - (31.12KB , 600x430 , salute.jpg )
Anything she should know as a follower? (for the rpg game)
>> No. 105531
File 133720891102.jpg - (28.05KB , 600x600 , face1.jpg )
Eh, short mane looks too much like Scootaloo
>> No. 105640
File 133730120304.jpg - (41.02KB , 671x550 , helium.jpg )
unfortunately i don't have the time to actually make it...but somepony else is welcome to pick up the concept!
haven't really fleshed out any character for her, so nothing really. she's probably quick to get angry if things don't go according to plan.

what if velvet and surprise had a daughter?
>> No. 105654
If little Velvet Surprise there met Woona, the universe would implode due to the resulting quantum-cuteness-singularity.
>> No. 105656
Does Queen Miasma have a crown?
>> No. 105660
File 133730865518.jpg - (77.22KB , 803x750 , changeling6.jpg )
little velvet surprise's name is helium, for future reference :)

have some miasma angrily yelling at her table.

or underlings, i guess. i should draw those guys some time.

i still have no clue what her actual character is like.
>> No. 105662
She probably bumped into it cuz it was invisible.
>> No. 105688
File 133736003319.jpg - (39.04KB , 605x660 , changeling7.jpg )

testing out colours for her underlings and getting a general feel for these guys.
again, they are not wingless, but have their wings folded under their back shell.
>> No. 105692
Maybe my Mirage could be her daughter...princess Mirage...I like the sound of that.
>> No. 105698
File 133736364786.jpg - (64.51KB , 956x600 , changeling8.jpg )
ehh, sorry, no.

two things that were established through some discussion today: miasma has a pair of underlings carry incense burners around her. they usually manage to hit each other with em. cartoon hilarity ensues.
this particular tribe of changelings just LOVES rotten food. it's funny with miasma especially cause she's trying to be all queenly and prissy, but then has the WORST table manners and food taste.
>> No. 105699

"Tell me your secrets, table!"
>> No. 105786
File 133744558522.jpg - (65.93KB , 718x511 , changeling9.jpg )

ponies that have been completely sucked dry of their love for the queen become low class workers that are mainly used for cleaning the hive and other menial tasks. having to walk on jagged rocks most of the time leaves them unable to run away and mimics their superiors' appearance in a grotesque way. they cannot exist outside the hive because they have forgotten what it means to be a free willed individual and will only live to serve the queen.

i'm only using strap here to illustrate the point because we know what he normally looks like. having to live underground has bleached his coat.
>> No. 105787
Poor Strap. :C
>> No. 105841
File 133748116537.jpg - (91.16KB , 836x700 , changeling10.jpg )

Husk ponies will often assist normal workers in transporting the queen's eggs into breeding chambers, where those are placed into cocoons to grow into full-size changelings.

(again just using velvet to illustrate the point because i don't feel like coming up with entirely new ponies for this. plus it's fun to play with the concept of deterioration.)
>> No. 105850
Living under an emotion vampire seems pretty unpleasant. This is some pretty interesting speculation though. I do wonder what goes on in the Elephant Graveyard looking place shown at the climax of the finale.
>> No. 105896
File 133753994871.jpg - (77.25KB , 907x600 , changeling11.jpg )
perhaps we will find out some day.

Sometimes husk ponies will forget what their assignment was or become more aware of their actual surroundings, at which point a normal worker will transform itself into somepony they know and love and coax them back into doing their tasks.

In this case, Velvet's "mom" would tell her to continue looking after her "little ones".

(Oh hey, don't mind me, just crushing your soul)
>> No. 106032
File 133761556532.jpg - (75.85KB , 597x925 , changeling12.jpg )
With the help of his horn a new-born changeling tears open his cocoon and emerges into the world, fully grown.
>> No. 106035
File 133761632839.png - (164.21KB , 500x361 , hugh.png )

I like this, as depressing as the concept world is. Hugh would also love to slither into one of those cocoons...
>> No. 106045
File 133762679831.jpg - (52.51KB , 702x650 , changeling13.jpg )
i don't think he'd like the smell...

Most changelings are unable to transform into something beneath their own body mass. The only exception to this (beside queens) are changeling commanders, who thanks to higher willpower even manage to transform themselves into little fillies. They are usually the first ones to infiltrate a town when the changelings plan to "stock up" on love, because no-one suspects children when it comes to reconnaissance.

("Stocking up on love" would be something like what happened during the season finale)
>> No. 106089
File 133765244361.jpg - (33.24KB , 600x723 , medieval-horse-armor.jpg )
Ehhh...thinking Mirage won't be part of the hive, one way or another. I'll think of a way of writing her out for sure later. Working 11 hour days so I haven't had much time to draw, but I've been thinking about it...

She needs to sort of be with the heroes.(although she is quite mean) I was thinking that for one reason or another she ran away from the hive.

She lived on her own for a while until she fucked up royally (literally) and found herself at the mercy of some Princess who offered her a job or a place in her garden as a statue.

It's easy to guess which she chose, and she signed a contract that restricts her actions against the Princess or her forces. The contract would never be enough on it's own, but I think it'll be linked to some piece of gear that is forced upon her. If she acts against the Princess the device will petrify her on the spot...otherwise it acts as armor. (I was thinking a peytral, resembling the ones guard ponies wear. Pic related in case you aren't familiar with your horse armor.)

I really want to draw but I'm working too much atm...

Also, sorry for invading your thread. I-i-it's not like I admire your work or anything...
>> No. 106090
File 133765359793.jpg - (152.25KB , 1150x1183 , changeling14.jpg )
aw, that's ok. wish you luck with your rp.

Though changelings only need to feed on love to survive, they eat other things too in order to produce body liquids which they excrete through the holes in their legs. Those are used to fortify the hive, form cocoons for the eggs, and various other things, such as decorations and traps. Additionally they allow the changelings to walk on almost any surface. The Miasma hive prefers rotten fruit and the occasional carcass, which is what gives it its particular smell.

The most common trap for gathering love is to lay out some sticky liquid in a remote area and wait for a creature to walk into it, then send in a disguised changeling to rescue the creature. Thus gaining its trust, the changeling will begin to deepen the relationship and feed on its love. Usually multiple changelings take turns playing the role and feeding, thus speeding up the process of transforming the creature into a husk.
>> No. 106094
Oh yeah, another thing. The main order the Princess gives to Mirage is to be an active counter-changling,

To hunt them and keep her kingdom safe from them, because it takes a changeling to reveal a changeling. Maybe we could have a confrontation over this betrayal?

Also, I decided that her full name is "Silhouette Mirage", after a videogame I love. She mainly goes by "Mirage" or "Mira" (sounds like Mirror...Mira Mira on your floor, in the form of whom you adore), but she avoids telling anypony her first name because she hates the thought of being nicknamed "Silly"

Here is the page where the GM is working on the custom changling class. If you have any further ideas I'd love to hear them.

Let me know if you can't see it.
>> No. 106103
File 133765944458.jpg - (36.23KB , 600x600 , changelingoc.jpg )
>Now with horse armor DLC.
Sorry for crappy, rushed work, but I'm pretty much drawing on borrowed time.
>> No. 106245
File 133778637531.jpg - (66.25KB , 624x600 , flutterhoody.jpg )
no ideas from my side. i like the "smell bond "ability. quite plausible. (i'd appreciate if you kept the rest in your thread now though)

sudden desire to draw fluttershy.
>> No. 106247
HNNNGG You should have more of these desires.
>> No. 106248
It's ok...I understand...*sniff*

I was meaning to ask you, at some point in the future Mirage will gain the ability to transform from a memory of a pony she once disguised herself as, might I use one of your characters? If so, what kinda stats would they have? (Intelligent? Charismatic? Strong? Agile?)

Just thought it'd be interesting, plus you'd get art of that character....being mean, lol.
>> No. 106270
File 133781014207.jpg - (204.75KB , 1105x1280 , griffin.jpg )
hmm, i don't think i have that many characters to begin with. you've got the elements of discord, which are already evil, and the cast of ask velvet, which i'm already using myself for changeling artworks. i think it's best you come up with your own character in this case. :)

testing out griffin hairstyles. i had way too much fun with this.
>> No. 106327
Peacock, Cockatoo, and Parakeet...I don't know any of the others.

Parakeet is cutest, and Cockatoo is coolest.

Peacock would be neat for maybe some sort of Royal Gryphon. Gryphon Royalty...would be neat to see.
>> No. 106361
I see a bird of paradise in there... win!

There are not enough interesting gryphon OC's out there... these are awesome.
>> No. 106493
File 133795364999.jpg - (71.79KB , 801x550 , backscratches.jpg )
thanks! trying to decide on one because i feel like inventing a griffin oc.

I just realized one of the biggest advantages of Spike is that he not only has fingers, he has claws. He could probably just open up his own shop where he scratches ponies' backs all day and...

Wait a little pervs just think they're having sex, aren't you?
>> No. 106496
File 133795657375.jpg - (87.67KB , 704x896 , scrap002_a.jpg )
I'm sure it's a complete accident that it turned out that way.
>> No. 106527
File 133798300444.jpg - (36.47KB , 666x850 , changeling15.jpg )
in a first i thought he would fit on her back completely. turns out he didn't, so the position became a bit more...unfortunate.

anypony feel like going cave exploring?
>> No. 106572

Well, at least it's not a creeper...
>> No. 106576
File 133805170498.gif - (910.61KB , 500x350 , tumblr_m4a6egWZue1ru326fo10_500.gif )
>Talks about accidental sexual position
>Then asks if we want to go cave exploring
>Mine Countenance Whereupon
>> No. 106668
File 133813962222.jpg - (75.52KB , 715x800 , pinkiepie.jpg )
heh...well, creepers will only give you temporary pain (or kill you outright)...but've seen what they do :D
rofl! didn't notice that.

Gonna sell prints of this at Bronycon.
>> No. 106678
File 133814811032.jpg - (81.93KB , 759x800 , fluttershy.jpg )
another print, featuring the snuggliest-wuggliest hoodie around.
>> No. 106689
D'awwwwwwwwww..! So sweet and adorable.

I'm diabetic, you know. This stuff is bad for me. :3
>> No. 106740
Where did Fluttershy-in-a-hoodie come from? That needs to be an actual toy. Preferably a decent plush.
>> No. 106744
I've seen flutter in a sweater around before... might be almost-but-not-quite a meme.
>> No. 106749
All my love! So adorable!
>> No. 106752
File 133823306768.jpg - (134.52KB , 1033x700 , rarity.jpg )
somehow hoodies and sweaters never turned as popular as socks (which i really don't get)

here's rarity for bronycon!
>> No. 106760
Ah, I love the way you shade, and how cute you make everything look! You made changelings look -Somewhat- cute!

>> No. 106784
File 133824968530.jpg - (77.33KB , 772x800 , spike.jpg )
hehe, somewhat.

"We're going to Bronycon, Peewee!"
>> No. 106879
>...socks (which i really don't get)
A pony wearing no clothes is... well, perfectly normal.

A pony wearing socks suggests that they do wear clothes but at the moment, are wearing nothing but socks. Suggestive!

This is something that comes up in classical art, actually. A casual nude woman is tasteful... a woman wearing frilly lingerie is erotic.

This... is adorable. Seriously, Peewee is love. :3

I egghead if I asked you this already, but are you open to or looking for critique/comments/feedback/whatev?
>> No. 106884
The board substitutes "forget" for "egghead?" Seriously? Argh.
>> No. 106889
File 133832272974.jpg - (116.55KB , 826x945 , applejack.jpg )
i meant that i get the GENERAL concept of ponies with clothes, but i don't get why socks in particular are so popular. feedback is always nice - sometimes a second pair of eyes does wonders when it comes to spotting glaring errors.

Care for a dance, partner?
>> No. 107082
File 133840620679.jpg - (97.94KB , 977x750 , twilight.jpg )
"Proper beach etiquette - aha!"
>> No. 107229
File 133850283602.jpg - (99.32KB , 994x800 , rainbowdash.jpg )
>> No. 107269
oic, forgot twilight's magic aura. updated version here:
>> No. 107362
File 133857183576.jpg - (56.95KB , 865x700 , honeyhive.jpg )
taking a short break from bronycon prints to philosophize about a possible third changeling hive. don't take any of this as final concept.

The Honeycomb Hive is known to prefer hot and humid rain forests. In contrast to other hives they don't necessarily build their lair underground, but may simply hollow out trees. They are less actively aggressive than other hives (of which the Chrysalis Hive is the most aggressive) and more seldom venture outside their designated area. Their favourite method of trapping creatures is to disguise themselves as dancing females and to lure males into their traps. Those are especially sticky since the hive has an affinity for sweet nectar - and blood. They usually wait for their target to weaken inside the trap, so they can more easily apply hypnosis spells. If they are not outside dancing and creature walks into a trap all by its own, it may take a worker weeks to notice it, which usually leaves a lot of creatures to die in the humid heat.

Nopony has seen their queen yet, but she is said to be rather beautiful - for a changeling.
>> No. 107488
File 133866605809.jpg - (135.88KB , 1579x650 , cmc.jpg )
Sunshine or rain, we'll hunt for our cutie marks!
And maybe jump into some puddles along the way.
>> No. 107489
Wow, didn't think raincoats could get so adorable. They need to put this in the show.
>> No. 107501
File 133867366907.jpg - (60.38KB , 764x600 , draconicorn.jpg )

Was trying to see if it's possible to make a dragon-pony hybrid that doesn't look like a bag of flank and/or mary-sue-ish.

I'm rather satisfied actually, though I'm totally undecided on how to handle the scales/hair, if it's like soft scales or part hair, part scales, etc. etc.
>> No. 107503
Hmm there could be different types. Some could have scale hair and some in between?
>> No. 107540
File 133868934205.jpg - (96.83KB , 1016x600 , draconicorn2.jpg )
i was mostly thinking about the scales/hair on top of her head.

reactions are pretty mixed so far...all the more reason for me to experiment.

i decided to give her luna's nightguard's ears this time. for all we know those are the canon hybrids...wouldn't THAT be fun?

since i can't come up with anything else at the moment, i'll go with there being hair only on top of the head which goes into spikes on the neck. as for body hair in general, i imagined it being more coarse and wiry than on normal ponies, more akin to pig bristles.

i like working within the constraints of the show, to see what COULD work in it. furthermore i'm trying to find a true mix between pony and dragon features - not an easy feat. that means it can't be too complicated, but also not too simplistic. it should make sense both in the show and outside of it, at least somewhat. (ignoring the fact that mammals and lizards, if dragons are in fact lizards, can't mate)
>> No. 107546
The forelock and neck spikes work pretty well: the ear makes a convenient transition point. Looks good, too

The body shape is interesting, it's a nice blend of pony and dragon. I like how you used the body length to leg height proportions of a pony, but the torso thickness of a dragon. The combination of dragon claws and pony legs fit together well.

>I like working within the constraints of the show, to see what COULD work in it.
I salute thee, noble sir or madamare
>> No. 107604
File 133874250053.jpg - (160.14KB , 1000x1052 , draconicorn3.jpg )
thank you! working within the constrictions of the show is more fun to me because it forces me to think. anypony can just throw together something that looks "cool". :)

i've been asked about wings and horns. through some trial and error i've come to the conclusion that it looks better if they aren't overly prominent. the pony side is stronger so to speak. it also lead me to the headcanon that nature itself kinda disapproves of the union. see, dragons have horns, wings, scales and spikes to defend themselves with, pegasi have wings, unicorns have magic horns. but if you mix the two, all of those survival instruments become toot. draconies (i think i'll call them that from now on) have vestigial wings that they cannot fly with, and horns that aren't really made for intimidation or battle. they have wiry hair instead of scales, and only small spikes that admittedly protect their neck sufficiently though. they are smarter than your average dragon, but their inherently more ferocious nature prevents them from stepping up the social ladder in pony society, though it is the one that accepts it more. their existence is highly frowned upon by everypony.

and here's the fun part, for me personally - i feel like i managed to capture that. i look at these hybrids and go "these shouldn't exist". they feel wrong, for all the right reasons.
>> No. 107611

I rather like the look of the horns on the yellow one. Just the right mix of cute and probably-shouldn't-touch-that.
>> No. 107614
Fun fact about horns: true horns are living bone with a layer of keratin, while deer antlers are dead bone and keratin, rhinoceroses' horns are just keratin... makes me wonder if the composition of a horn may affect a creature's aptitude with magic.

Just thought I'd throw it out there... all the biology notes got me thinking. :3

Neat stuff, by the way. Their social standing as riffraff/ne'er-do-wells/etc. just sorta fits their generalized physiology.

>thank you! working within the constrictions of the show is more fun to me because it forces me to think.
I go through that with character designs. I don't like using secondary coat colours (for the muzzle or lower leg) because you never see that in the show.

I digress... back to the sketchbook for me. :3
>> No. 107624
File 133876004172.jpg - (100.37KB , 831x850 , draconicorn4.jpg )
cheers guys!

trying some males...females are kinda more fun...bit more elegant. :D
>> No. 107651

With all this talk of draconies, it seems if Rarity and Spike had any offspring they would be outcasts from pony society. And that's a shame.
>> No. 107711
File 133881415378.jpg - (74.28KB , 656x750 , dragon.jpg )
i wouldn't say outcasts, but they'd certainly be the talk of town. some are inclined to be more friendly, others not. lots of potential for drama.

designing weird gangly teenage dragons can be fun too. can you guess who's daddy this is?
>> No. 107714
File 133881843365.jpg - (82.14KB , 1149x550 , draconicorn5.jpg )
trying some age variation. i love how the teenage version turned out, the whole thing just screams "awkward". not sure about the baby version though. i tried to mix spike's pudginess with normal baby pony proportions, but she looks more like a fat kitten than anything else.
>> No. 107723
File 133883404815.jpg - (99.04KB , 976x800 , luna.jpg )
Luna in a sundress for Bronycon. Kinda ironic :D
>> No. 107724
There is only one word for this... squee!

Seriously. She's adorable. :3
>> No. 107725
Argh! I wanna go really badly, but I'm broke and there's no way my parents'd bring me.

>> No. 107910
File 133894736656.jpg - (42.81KB , 630x470 , draconicorn6.jpg )
i'm thinking about maybe selling prints online after the con too...we'll see.

i experimented a bit more, but apparently it's impossible to make baby draconies not look like kittens to some degree. so be it. one thing i've decided to do is give them lighter eyes as babies that become darker over time.

i think this cutie patootie is gonna need a name btw...suggestions are welcome.
>> No. 107913
Scutes? Because, you know, she[i]s'cute[i].

Scutes are larger, protective scales on a reptile or serpent that don't overlap, like on the face of a snake ("protective" being a relative term, here).
>> No. 107956
File 133898674784.jpg - (64.70KB , 777x560 , draconicorn7.jpg )
heh, cute.

i've gotten some great name suggestions. while i REALLY like tourmaline, and amethyst is so FITTING, both of those don't sound like names that anypony would use on the show. i mean can you really imagine rarity hissing "AMETHYST, what are you DOING?". i can't. but THAT i can imagine. it sounds kinda prissy too, which is perfect for rarity. i can even hear spike saying it, affectionately. so i think i'll go with lavender.

while i still think about that, here's the offspring of a different couple. whether she exists in the same continuity as lavender i do not know yet.

meet sunflower.

edit: hmm, direct linking doesn't seem to work.
oh well. these are her parents.
>> No. 107961

Amethyst actually sounds like a name Rarity would choose for a cat.

So, yes, I can imagine her saying that.
>> No. 107962
hmm, yes, it does sound like that. for a cat, it would be perfect. but for her own daughter, it doesn't sound endearing enough if you ask me.
>> No. 108007
File 133902391778.jpg - (125.40KB , 1159x850 , celestia.jpg )
The last to leave the party.
>> No. 108029
File 133903610837.jpg - (65.48KB , 748x650 , goopony.jpg )
felt like rendering something, so here's a quick goo pony before bed.
>> No. 108089
File 133909299155.jpg - (42.09KB , 596x450 , draconicorn8.jpg )
Draconies are mostly herbivores, but they won't reject the occasional fish or fowl. From their dragon parent they seem to have inherited a certain affinity for food rich in minerals and stuff that makes a nice crunching noise. (Like gemstones for dragons)

If you want to go grimdark, that can be bones too.

In this case Lavender is enjoying some peanuts.
>> No. 108090
Goop-ony? :3

I love this kind of impressionistic rendering style, by the way. The rendering gives it a waxy surface.

The value isn't constant over the whole figure (eg. the light areas on the forelegs aren't as bright as the light areas on the top of the head), that's awesome. It improves the readability of the image, gives it focus, and really adds to the sense of volume.

I've mentioned that I like your rendering, haven't I? Because I do. :3

Wild horses couldn't drag her away.

No, really: I honestly don't think they could. :3
>> No. 108131
File 133911887982.jpg - (68.54KB , 925x700 , cave.jpg )
thank you very much!

wanted to paint a mood scene with some crystals. then i found out i don't know how to paint crystals. oh well.
>> No. 108133
File 133911919883.png - (32.59KB , 212x238 , BD-NeckStretch.png )
Wait... What the hay?
I never watched this thread...
That means... Somepony in my town used the same McDonalds as me!
Another Brony in this town!
>> No. 108165
>> No. 108178

Or sandwiches with potato chips in them.

Hmm. I've never tried drawing crystals before, but that looks really close. Maybe if the crystals were more opaque and the lines were less opaque it might look more crystal-like? The one closest to the middle made me think "vacuum tubes." Which probably isn't what you were going for, but now that I think about it, would be a funny topic. Tiny ponies exploring your electronic devices like a cave.
>> No. 108402
File 133933476611.jpg - (66.97KB , 726x650 , velvetsketch.jpg )
i feel like i’ve un-learned how to draw velvet.
>> No. 108410
File 133934252764.jpg - (26.75KB , 600x600 , New Canvas.jpg )
I look forward to seeing more velvet!

Maybe perhaps some Sinky Sigh or Midnight Glow?
>> No. 108413
A bit presumptious of me...I mean to say, 'I hope this means you'll draw more velvet!'
>> No. 108417
File 133935022922.jpg - (22.14KB , 600x600 , Lyrasit.jpg )
I just don't feel like finishing anything today properly.

Also, whenever I have time off to draw, I never know how much until I get a knock at the door.
>> No. 108422
File 133936056429.jpg - (85.83KB , 818x750 , velvet.jpg )
i sure plan to. also thankee for the fanart ^^

It's funny how this turned out a bit more "winterly" than the other ones. A neat contrast between official and fan characters, in a way.
>> No. 108506
File 133943296492.gif - (230.08KB , 827x639 , changelingforest.gif )
So at first I wanted to paint what the Honeycomb Hive's forest area might look like, but then it kinda turned into a pseudo game screen.

Warning, potential changeling activity in this area.
>> No. 108781
File 133968006875.jpg - (67.03KB , 552x800 , anthrovelvet.jpg )
semi-drunk anthro velvet sketch from yesterday night.
>> No. 108785
File 133968478307.jpg - (77.74KB , 847x850 , anthrovelvet2.jpg )
size relations.
>> No. 108951
File 133985721915.jpg - (86.52KB , 1015x750 , changeling16.jpg )
Once or twice a year, the queen will really gorge herself on love to prepare for birthing more changelings. During this time, she is very vulnerable.
>> No. 108954
File 133986289065.jpg - (46.36KB , 634x620 , changeling17.jpg )
No-one knows how long changelings live, but at some point in her life the queen will give birth to a new queen. A few workers will quickly move her to a new hive location, as queens are very territorial.

In contrast to normal changelings, the new queen is only half-grown when she emerges from her cocoon. This enables her to gather experience while she grows. Other changelings emerge fully grown because they only need to do as their queen tells them and posses basic instincts that were passed on to them from her.

To see if a new queen is fit to rule, she must travel into a village and suck a pony or other creature dry of its love to the point of turning it into a husk. Upon return to the hive, she will have gathered experience and knowledge of tactics that will help the hive to survive. The changelings from the original mother hive are now hers and will often undergo physical changes to reflect that. (usually signaled by a change of colour)

If she fails her task, the changelings from the mother hive will abandon the young queen, and she must either perish or fight the odds alone until she can start a hive herself.
>> No. 108957

So is Velvet semi-drunk, or were you semi-drunk when you drew her?
>> No. 108959
i was.
>> No. 108960
that reminds me, gonna copypaste some things that i answered without pictures on tumblr.

no mating occurs. the queen is completely autonomous and could in theory start a new hive from scratch, though she’d need to suck at least one pony dry of its love (thereby also providing a first husk/worker for herself).
“sucked dry” means that at some point they have turned into husks that live in a constantly hypnotized state and will only serve the queen. their kind of love doesn’t provide nourishment to the changelings.
purely physical love doesn't sustain them. the mental aspect is more important. hormones and stuff. no hatesex for sustenance.
The queen is the only real female, the others asexual.
If you ask me, the Chrysalis Hive has established itself as the most ruthless and aggressive, thus making Chrysalis herself queen of all queens. The others begrudgingly pay her respect, though sometimes a queen will try to infiltrate her hive and usurp her. It usually fails because while changelings can imitate the look of other changelings, their pheromones (or smell) will betray them eventually.
Incidentally, each hive has their own distinctive way of “building”. Compare the cocoon Celestia was in to the more droopy and sloppy cocoon the Miasma hive uses. Speaks of military discipline, imo.
>> No. 109009

[darn, picture was too here is a link instead-]4y11zz ]
>> No. 109033
big flank textpost answering questions, gonna link it.
>> No. 109042
i got a whole 'nother bunch of questions, so just look at the latest posts if you like.
>> No. 109072
File 133998664375.jpg - (51.79KB , 842x600 , satinmeltin.jpg )
quick doodle before bed cause i dislike not having done any art today.

satin may not be quite as melty as cteno, but she does lose her form under certain circumstances.

my room is so hot. '-_-
>> No. 109091
I find this to be incredibly adorable. I just thought you should know. :3
>> No. 109118
File 134004315446.jpg - (81.19KB , 672x860 , anthropinkietophat.jpg )

currently comparing prices for printing for bronycon...

have some anthro pinkie in the meantime.
>> No. 109121
Can I ask if you drew the head later or with something different? It looks... off somehow. The proportions are good (ok, maybe the raise leg looks weird to me, but that's just probably me) but the head just looks... different.
>> No. 109129
possibly the hair...i always have trouble with pinkie's hair...
>> No. 109131
Yeah, that must be it. The lines are also less defined on the head than on the body, but I'll be damn if that matters much. Pinkie's hair, I have seen, seems better to look at it like a series of puffs rather than lumps in order to make it look more like the show... if that makes sense?

Thanks for answering by the way.
>> No. 109141
File 134005120542.jpg - (73.92KB , 772x870 , anthroraritycoat.jpg )
it does, but it's hard to transfer.

not quite as happy with this one, but eh.
>> No. 109149
File 134005810852.jpg - (97.44KB , 763x665 , satinnoms.jpg )
It's not very effective...
>> No. 109153
You are killing me here dude...
>> No. 109203
File 134013980071.jpg - (66.52KB , 587x760 , anthroadulttwist.jpg )
at least that is effective...;)
>> No. 109260
When I was in highschool, people would buy an ice cold can of soda and leave it in the bottom of their knapsack so it would cool their lower back.

One girl left it in there so long that she forgot about it, and walking around shook it up till it exploded.

Nice pose: casual but expressive.

I gotta say, there's just something about a loose sketch that gives it so much more personality than, say, sterile vectors. You can see the artists hand behind it, if you know what I mean.

(I know vectors aren't necessarily or inherently sterile, but... I dunno, there's just something I like about hand-made artwork)
>> No. 109271
File 134024569415.jpg - (72.66KB , 685x760 , anthrovelvetcaress.jpg )
i know what you mean...maybe cause with vectors you usually have unified line thickness. plus sketches have texture.

>you will never have Velvet caress you with small chubby fingers telling you you are a good person
>> No. 109318
>Sour Apples
>good honest bucking
It took a while, but I see what you did there.
>> No. 109331
File 134031175544.jpg - (74.39KB , 680x585 , spoiler.jpg )

I have a feeling I know where that's going...

That aside, how long does it take you to do line work like that?
>> No. 109354
File 134033196840.jpg - (63.19KB , 601x660 , anthrovelvetcarry.jpg )
wait what?
i didn't keep track, but i'd say anything from one hour upwards, depending on difficulty of the poses etc.

>you will never carry a sleepy Velvet to bed
>> No. 109361
You know, that series of EoD pics you did. AppleJack's revenge on Sour Apples.
>> No. 109406
ohhhh right. i'd completely forgotten about that :D
>> No. 109446
>you will never carry a sleepy Velvet to bed
I hope not... Velvet looks pretty heavy. :3
>> No. 109742
File 134056777845.jpg - (128.57KB , 901x860 , draconyfamily.jpg )
hehe, better not mention that to her ;)

approximate size relations. also gave me a chance to see how well they go together colour-wise. darkened lavender's hair just a bit.

also, age question. i'm gonna assume that dragons live for at least 5000 years. if granny smith is anything to go by, i'm going to assume that ponies live to around 200. thus draconies live up to 500 minimum. (again, pony side being a bit stronger)
>> No. 109748
oh yeah, and even if it turns out ponies don't live that long, i'll still stick with draconies getting at least 500.
>> No. 109751

So Spike will have to watch as his wife and daughter die while he lives on for several thousand more years.

That's not depressing at all
>> No. 109754
eyup. but with any luck twilight becomes the next immortal princess so he’ll at least have somepony to complain to.
also, peewee.
>> No. 109996
>with any luck twilight becomes the next immortal princess
Have you been peeking in my sketchbook? I have no idea how that drawing got there, it's not mine I had nothing to do with it you can't prove anything.

>if granny smith is anything to go by, i'm going to assume that ponies live to around 200.
My head-fanon-canon states that each pony has their own individual aging threshold. Once they reach it, they just stop getting older.

I personally believe that Sweetie Belle has been a yearling for over sixty years.
>> No. 110005
That's a lot of sheltered years if you ask me...
>> No. 110146
File 134082565646.jpg - (83.87KB , 708x650 , spoiler.jpg )
i believe the "twilight becomes next princess" is a quite widely distributed fanon. ;)

for some reason, zombie pinkie is incredibly fun to draw. and for some other reason, it really fits her. maybe cause her inherently joyous nature is a nice balance to the "grimdark-ness" of zombies.
(warning, blood and brains)
>> No. 110195
File 134084989625.jpg - (49.04KB , 778x500 , spoiler.jpg )
ok, i think this ends my macabre mood for tonight. i know, it’s horrible.

please don’t ask how she regenerates.
>> No. 110379

Something about anthro Velvet is super precious and I can't figure out why.
>> No. 110809
slept 13 hours today after the 11 hour flight back from new york yesterday. since my flight left at 9pm, me, ahmedz and darkly spectre went and watched the new spiderman before i left. good movie.

unfortunately i missed half/1 day of the con because my flights fucked up and i was stuck in spain. despite that, the whole even was a great success.

i’ll be uploading some photos over the next few days on tumblr, so keep a lookout:
>> No. 110886
File 134157988756.jpg - (207.33KB , 454x681 , spoiler.jpg )
check out all these sweet guest sketches:
>> No. 110890
My Bronycon experience:

start at the bottom.
>> No. 111076
File 134175900962.jpg - (120.24KB , 1280x719 , SpWchangeling.jpg )
...something on my face?

(yes that's me)
original photo by skyfries:
>> No. 111079
And then Carnifex slept with a nightlight ever after.
>> No. 111084
File 134177728569.jpg - (198.82KB , 900x1999 , diamonddog1.jpg )

random design exploration.
>> No. 111111
File 134179748977.jpg - (131.99KB , 950x1469 , ddcol.jpg )
so i figure this guy's a jail guard...head of the watchdogs or something.

stubborn, relentless, grumpy, no humor. a no-nonsense guy. probably easy to outsmart though.

gonna need a name for this puppy. just on general principle. names make things "official".
>> No. 111137
File 134181044762.png - (119.78KB , 750x750 , Ss.png )
>mine countenance whereupon that get
>> No. 111140
mother of god
>> No. 111160
Flawless... Simply flawless.

Carnifex, I propose an R63# pic to commemorate this momentous occasion.
>> No. 111166

Lockjaw the cager.

Speaking of R63, I very rarely see any female diamond dogs.
>> No. 111171

I have a feeling female diamond dogs are like female dwarfs.

It's the beard

....wait a sec...
>> No. 111173
I'm still wondering if anyone saw what I did there... :<
>> No. 111195
File 134188453407.jpg - (101.66KB , 800x936 , dd2coll.jpg )

i have no idea what i'm doing.
>> No. 111199
The song "I'm sexy and I know it" comes to mind
>> No. 111263
Ours is not to reason why: ours is but to draw or die. :3
>> No. 111496
File 134213841175.jpg - (54.03KB , 707x520 , anthrotwi.jpg )
i've really taken a liking to this outfit for twilight. can't remember where i first saw it.

it is at once kinda business-y, but also quite casual - the perfect mix for how i see twilight.
>> No. 111567
Somehow, I can't help but think the shape of the skirt matches the shape of her bangs. Similar contours.

The only thing that doesn't seem "Twilight" about the outfit is how short the skirt is. That's probably my head-fanon-canon talking. :3

Very nicely done pose, by the way. The shoulder and arm give a nice impression of the weight being put on it.

In the part of her hair that comes down around her shoulders, the streak is up high. In the show, the notch in Twilight's mane is about jaw level, and the streak is down below. This only matters if you care about show accuracy, but I thought I'd mention it.

That expression is so cute! :3
>> No. 112238
File 134275078301.jpg - (99.26KB , 956x700 , lavenderNanthroSp.jpg )
thank you! and thanks for the crit as well - i don't draw twilight too often, so i usually get parts of her hair wrong.

lavender fighting with a downright malicious walnut and spike and rarity going to fluttershy's birthday party or something. images not related.
>> No. 112349
This is do very a-d'awwww-able pic. She has a perfect angry-but-cute-kitten sorta look.

Aren't they such a cute couple? :3 As always, great expression in the faces and body language.

The edge for the base of Spike's spikes make the top of his head look flat. Dunno if that was intentional or not, since he was pretty block-headed as an adolescent in Secret of my Excess.
>> No. 112437
Actually, you know what I really like about Spike/Rarity? It's a whole story in one image. Strolling down the boulevard, doing some Hearth's Warming Eve shopping (Rarity wearing winter clothes, Spike carrying a box that looks like a present), and enjoying some time together (their proximity suggests a close relationship, Spike's caramel apple and Rarity's expression suggesting a casual outting). That's a lot of information with one image.
>> No. 112492
File 134296929460.jpg - (121.01KB , 1257x800 , velvetanswer130woCol.jpg )
thank ye kindly. glad you enjoy it :) and yes, spike's blockhead is intentional ;)

personally i like the uncoloured version of today’s update even better than the coloured one. it reminds me of daily paper strips ala calvin and hobbes :D

this particular version of rarity and spike “belongs” to the wonderfully cute Ask Spike and Rarity.
>> No. 112549
File 134300825830.jpg - (95.39KB , 847x820 , guylestia.jpg )
you may remember my musings about a r63 universe before…well, even such a universe needs its king(s). so here’s king celest (name subject to change). yes, he’s king. no way he could just be a prince.
the wavy eyebrows were just too good to pass up.
>> No. 112554
Hahahahaha, that drawing made me laugh more than it ought to.

My vote goes to "King Sol"
>> No. 112576
So for some strange reason, I realized I've never went into your ask velvet blog. My good sir, I haven't laughed so hard in a while xD
>> No. 112593
File 134305644085.jpg - (65.49KB , 650x938 , miasmaportrait.jpg )
mm, i've been suggested "king solaris"...he certainly looks the part. i like it.
cheers! glad you like it.

haven't practiced my inking for quite some time now.
>> No. 112609

Seth Rogan's voice popped into my head when I saw that picture for some reason, I've no idea why...

And are those green things supposed to be his eyebrows?
>> No. 112833
File 134317282675.jpg - (94.98KB , 696x750 , spoiler.jpg )

anon requested "moar fat ponies". i think mrs. cake fits the description nicely. though she prefers the term "pleasantly plump" or "curvy".
>> No. 112850
File 134318177582.jpg - (105.99KB , 971x750 , anthroshy.jpg )
so the pose is pretty stupid, but this is basically a concept of what "my" anthroshy looks like, so i needed something that was rather neutral to show off her figure. basically i wanted to go for a sort of pixie-like figure, very thing and fragile, "grasheful", y'know. no big boobs because she was a model. models are like coathangers. the clothing is her standard day-to-day outfit, sorta hippie style.

i keep forgetting how giant her hair is.
>> No. 112860
The fabric of the jeans is great. The lines for the folds and creases are fluid and casual, but give a really nice impression of the material.

The sweater mostly clings to her, like it's painted on. It's open in front so there's no reason it shouldn't hang loose a bit.

Her head is really round, almost spherical. This is kind of a stylistic thing, I suppose, but it does make the character seem a little... erf, I dunno how to put it. Less organic? It has less visual interest than an irregular shape would have, at least.

Anyway, hope some of this makes any kind of sense. Awesome as ever, it's neat seeing an artist playing/experimenting/developing something. :3
>> No. 112918

So if his eyebrows behave like his mane does, then does that mean that his pub-

>> No. 113020
File 134331729754.jpg - (140.78KB , 1313x850 , anthrotrixie.jpg )
thank you! hm, i actually thought the cardigan hangs pretty loose already. otherwise i'm just gonna go and say the material is a little tighter knit ;D
i usually try to make the heads pretty round, but sometimes they appear less so. but i agree that it appears a bit weird in this one. i think it's because the ears are higher up/smaller than usual.
>implying horses have pubic hair ;D

so…trixie. normally i really dislike trixie. probably even more because of her raging fanbase. but today i had an epiphany. i noticed that i dislike her a lot less if i see her as a pure villain. if i leave out any thoughts of her as a person, her motivations, any deeper notions that could elevate her to something resembling a protagonist and any equal of the main 6. in one word, if i leave out all the maudlin crap and just see her as the thing she is: a fun, hammy villain who’s highest goal is being in the spotlight just because.

with all the fanon material floating around that’s more difficult than you would think. i’m still reserved about her and probably won’t draw her too often, simply because i don’t think she’s that interesting. but for now, let’s go with this.

as usual i’m not 100% sure about her outfit, but what i know is that i wanted her to wear a corset, and have huge fake boobs. because let’s face it, she’s all about appearing better than she is. she probably tries extra hard to appear sexy because that gets her more attention.

oh, and now i’ve found one thing that’s worse to draw than trixie herself.

her damn hat.
>> No. 113024
You know, the outfit has kind of a Gypsy look to it that suits her perfectly. Sultry, shameless, a hint of the exotic... perfect for bamboozling the locals, but durable enough for travel. Sporty, yet practical.

Some billowy sleeves and ruffles on the cuffs of her shirt would really sell it. :3

Would you believe that I actually looked up the definition of "bamboozle" before I used it?
>> No. 113025
File 134332748663.jpg - (84.86KB , 582x800 , anthrotrixie2.jpg )
omg, how did i not think of this? genius!
>> No. 113050
File 134334061486.jpg - (143.09KB , 574x568 , 6a458b251fcce35cfe624e46e05955f5.jpg )
I understand your feels Carnifex. Good work!
That's the same exact way I see her.
Except I like her a lot more.
>> No. 113062
File 134336481575.png - (70.38KB , 400x400 , 131171721999.png )
And when I say a lot more, I mean a little less obsessed than or as equally as obsessed as Sethisto.
>> No. 113079
File 134340364821.jpg - (198.67KB , 1261x1300 , anthroaj.jpg )
hehe. thanks!

couldn't decide on an outfit. i think the two middle ones are my favourites though. bottom one for hanging round/working at the farm, the other one for going into town.
>> No. 113080
File 134340662533.jpg - (162.15KB , 1261x1300 , 134340364821.jpg )
Personally, I'm a fan of these two!
>> No. 113083
File 134341089448.jpg - (11.79KB , 232x231 , 986.jpg )

Applejack has more outfits than Rarity... Something ain't right there.

ANYWAY, seems like different clothing for different situations, top mid and right for colder weather, bottom three for warmer. AJ seems to like to show off her abs, thought I don't mean to make that sound like a bad thing.

And something I noticed: In the basic drawing for her, she has her cutie mark, but in the other ones you've done they don't. Not like I'm staring at her flank or anything...

>>pic = my thoughts
>> No. 113089
Personally, I think the entire bottom row would be good for working while the above could work for going out (except the nekkid one of course)
Top right looks great for a godeo or getting on stage for... er, something. lol
That said, I don't think suspenders really work for AJ, unless you're doing overalls, maybe.. nah, not as sexy as those shorts. lol
To be honest, I don't really like the lower left design at all. the bandanna also seems a bit bulky compared to the top and suspenders

In the end, I'm gonna go with G&PT on this one and vote for those on the far right

I'm really digging your anthros, dude! Keep it up!
>> No. 113093

The shorts and suspenders made me think of Misty from Pokemon to be honest.

Probably not intended, but still... *Twilight Zone music*
>> No. 113148
I'll agree with you on the top middle one, it seems to fit AJ's sensibilities.

The string top on the work outfit seems incongruous though... it looks kinda trendy, and doesn't seem rugged enough for farmwork.
>> No. 113282
File 134358358348.jpg - (286.55KB , 1341x2000 , anthrorarity.jpg )
well generally cutie marks don't show through clothing y'know...;)
i should add that the naked one only serves as general figure reference. noticed the misty thing afterwards, lol.
hmm, maybe. a few dirt patches might help that. comfyness is the key factor. :)

rarity is the kind of woman trixie wants to look like, and she’s all natural.
i could probably spend all day designing outfits for her.
i like a woman in a suit. can you tell?
>> No. 113299
File 134360120306.jpg - (409.50KB , 1324x2600 , anthrorarity2.jpg )
some more outfits.
>> No. 113333
File 134361430681.jpg - (68.94KB , 782x600 , satinplayin.jpg )
well lookee who’s back.
>> No. 113411
File 134369279649.jpg - (62.24KB , 749x600 , anthrosona.jpg )
it’s my self-insert…as anthro.
i think that’s going half circle…or something…?
>> No. 113419
File 134369833372.jpg - (70.74KB , 859x650 , ignobility.jpg )
should get back to these guys soon...but velvet's current storyline takes priority.
>> No. 113519
File 134386555376.jpg - (68.54KB , 829x700 , gloomy.jpg )
Great, now I've gone and done it - I'll feel compelled to draw each of them saying something.
>> No. 113526
File 134387100273.jpg - (57.46KB , 716x650 , midnightglow.jpg )
(She doesn't say anything because she's preparing a vial of explosive chemicals that she's gonna throw at you because you disagreed with her)

(First time I'm drawing her with her goggles down too, she looks so weird :D)
>> No. 113531
File 134392267256.jpg - (173.83KB , 1124x1200 , anthrord.jpg )
rainbow dash is rather petite overall. her strength is more focused on the upper body, especially her wings, in contrast to applejack's leg strength. her overall appearance and outfit in the upper row are heavily inspired by this woman: . despite everything, i usually see her as girlier than applejack. note that her arms are usually a bit thinner because she's flexing them in these pictures.
>> No. 113538
File 134394132848.jpg - (59.84KB , 568x750 , anthrocakebusiness.jpg )
>> No. 113546
File 134395144092.jpg - (53.57KB , 963x680 , sinkysigh.jpg )
oh're so cute and pathetic at the same time.
>> No. 113557
File 134396051337.jpg - (86.11KB , 1018x600 , anthrorarityreading.jpg )
and with that, i wish you a good night.
>> No. 113652
File 134410294642.jpg - (59.10KB , 761x600 , ctenosurprise.jpg )
poniest asked carniscorner: So, Satin is a Cteno-Velvet hybrid. What would a Cteno-Surprise hybrid be like?
messy. no, but in all seriousness, she’d probably be a sympathetic bubbly little airhead. in fact, i went as far as making her slightly translucent. tail and ears are shaped like this for help during flight. she doesn’t have normal pegasus wings but some sort of self-grown butterfly wing thingies. i know we said Velvet’s and Surprise’s lovechild would be named Helium, but i think it fits better for this filly. gonna need input from Will on this. dr. adorable probably helped creating her. only she would be so evil as to unleash something so cute and dangerous on the world. oh, and she would totally be messy.
>> No. 113655
File 134410618111.jpg - (66.42KB , 1061x600 , humannpony.jpg )
attempt a human to pony scale thingy.
>> No. 113721
File 134418705628.jpg - (53.49KB , 731x650 , kersey.jpg )
ok, so now that this filly >>113652 is the “new” Helium, Will and i started brainstorming about what to do with “old” Helium. after some back and forth about names i concluded that i wanted to redesign her and give some more thought to personality and name and everything.
so now we have this new little magical lovechild between velvet and surprise, book-smart little thing that often ends up embarrassed because of her moms.
meet kersey.
>> No. 113752
File 134422223097.jpg - (71.96KB , 968x700 , brazenspite.jpg )
oh brazen, you're such a bitch but i love you.
>> No. 113801
File 134430857001.jpg - (70.72KB , 944x700 , sourapples.jpg )
And thus we conclude our little series of unpleasantries. Maybe I'll get around to some actual update sometime...
>> No. 113853
File 134438804928.jpg - (72.67KB , 890x700 , spoiler.jpg )
i just remembered a certain r63 character i’d drawn.
>> No. 113990
File 134452676196.jpg - (58.43KB , 670x850 , scootaloo.jpg )
>> No. 114001
File 134454133601.jpg - (45.16KB , 754x850 , changelings.jpg )
>> No. 114006
File 134454961833.jpg - (76.71KB , 912x800 , trixieplot.jpg )
inking practice.
>> No. 114009
File 134455221446.jpg - (87.41KB , 830x750 , pinkiebounce.jpg )
haven't drawn happiest pone in some while.

>> No. 114013
File 134456619660.jpg - (77.48KB , 768x680 , spoiler.jpg )
zombie twilight sure likes them brains.
>> No. 114048
Well, *I'm* not going to be sleeping for a few days now...
>> No. 114103
mission accomplished.

too lazy to properly clean this up, but i think the basic idea comes across :D
exposed boobs warning.

>> No. 114105
File 134469682080.jpg - (192.39KB , 1069x1350 , anthrotrixienshy2.jpg )
aha! wasn't sure the nsfw tag still worked.
>> No. 114117
Let's see what we have here...
>Clear storytelling without use of dialog, relying entirely on facial expressions and body language to deliver the narrative.
>A gag about boobs that is actually funny.
You, sir, are an artist to be reckoned with. That pratfall is priceless, and the hand in frame 3 really sells Trixie's reaction.

I think the only thing that detracts from the comic is that Trixie's arms seem completely inflexible. The copy-paste'ing isn't to obtrusive for the most part, but that one thing did stick out to me.

Fat Trixie looks great... the rounded cheeks and double chin are a nice touch. I can't believe she didn't pop a button or two around the waist though.
>> No. 114202
File 134482089225.jpg - (75.57KB , 770x750 , anthrotwi.jpg )
why thank you good sir. ha, well, the corset probably prevented the worst, thought she popped THAT off in the process.

general purpose reference for anthro twi. i kinda have a hard time interpreting her character, so i kept her body type pretty average. same for outfit - she probably doesn't spend a lot of time picking out stuff, but still has a bit less casual outfits than, say, fluttershy, because she's from canterlot.
>> No. 114222
File 134486580468.jpg - (69.20KB , 655x650 , anthrotrixiefat.jpg )
people want more fat anthro trixie...
>> No. 114240
File 134489295368.jpg - (192.68KB , 1308x1300 , anthropinkie.jpg )
and finally, pinkie.
i wanted everything about pinkie to come across as youthful. she’s not too thin, not too thick, she’s fit, but not overly muscular. everything about her is kinda round and firm and healthy. the outfits are trickier. my personal favourite remains the zatanna-like one. to me it kinda speaks of her random character, weird abilities, and her party character. she could pop out a cake with it or appear in a shower of confetti. and as a bonus it’s kinda sexy, but kinda androgynus, and still allows her to move pretty freely.
>> No. 114317
i re-opened commissions! refer to this journal/masterpost whenever in doubt:
>> No. 114469
File 134522187545.jpg - (79.97KB , 965x576 , tazfightDA.jpg )
commission for ksclaw (
>> No. 114659
File 134542537251.jpg - (116.93KB , 837x700 , 2000sfw.jpg )
thank you for 2000 (and a little) mod blog followers!
>> No. 114660
File 134542704377.jpg - (82.76KB , 971x700 , raridashDA.jpg )
commission for
>> No. 114676
File 134548189306.jpg - (106.77KB , 918x680 , helium.jpg )
"tell me your secrets, bug!"
>> No. 114819
File 134573190326.jpg - (65.35KB , 748x600 , flutternightmare.jpg )
didn't really work out as i intended...
>> No. 114862
File 134576984807.jpg - (69.80KB , 570x800 , humanr63spike.jpg )
i had a sudden vision of a human r63 spike as a sort of punk-ish teenage girl. i think the personality would translate pretty well.
>> No. 114875
File 134577486009.jpg - (105.04KB , 902x600 , humanr63twi.jpg )
and stressed librarian twilight to go with her.
>> No. 114897
hey carn man I was just wondering how long you have been drawing? I've been drawing for about 10 months and I feel as if I've only just started to understand figures in three dimensions. How long did it take you to feel comfortable sketching freely and correctly?
>> No. 114924
File 134582018310.jpg - (51.45KB , 637x500 , satinboop.jpg )
phew, i've been drawing since i could hold a pencil, so +20 years at least. i've always felt comfortable sketching freely. now correctly on the other hand...but i wouldn't remember. there's always new discoveries to be made.
>> No. 115080
File 134601429330.jpg - (71.96KB , 846x750 , cherryjubileehuman.jpg )
at first i simply wanted to make a pose study involving some humanized pony. then i thought about giving her snazzy clothes. then i couldn't think of any.

so it remains a pose study.

spoiler cause i guess it technically is a nude.
>> No. 115084
File 134601640939.jpg - (63.84KB , 664x600 , miasmaNiggy.jpg )
i'm not sure whether miasma is hypnotizing iggy or if she actually found a gemstone in one of her caves. insert your own story, i guess.
>> No. 115096
File 134603241677.jpg - (61.17KB , 785x600 , r63sparity.jpg )
so when i thought about how to design r63 rarity, i thought of romance novels and manly guys with wavy hair. unfortunately that led to me not being able to un-think fabio. ah well.

r63 spike design shamelessly pulled from tess.
>> No. 115101
File 134603462062.jpg - (49.22KB , 609x500 , r63aj.jpg )
>> No. 115105
File 134603671264.jpg - (57.10KB , 600x700 , r63teenagespike.jpg )
a conversation between me and my brain at 4:30am:

"hey, remember that episode where spike grew cause of greed? what if that was genderswapped?"

"ohh and then what if, what if...instead of awkwardly gangly she got fat? fat, i guess? don't some teenage girls get that?"



>> No. 115110
Carni your brain sounds like a really fun person♥

Can I hang out with it some time? Pretty please?
>> No. 115192
File 134625195547.jpg - (61.43KB , 692x500 , heliumboop.jpg )
but only if you return by 11pm!

also put some multi-image stuff on my carniscorner tumblr, like a floorplan of the crop.
>> No. 115242
File 134634216185.jpg - (74.01KB , 599x800 , heliumgrownup.jpg )
if helium were grown up.
>> No. 115301
File 134651626554.jpg - (102.80KB , 1355x700 , sweetieanthro.jpg )
wanted to see if i could draw convincing child proportions for my anthros. i'm pretty happy. no. 3 is probably the most "her". (though no. 2 the same only with a cardigan)
>> No. 115417
File 134677170008.jpg - (90.96KB , 1126x700 , anthrorarityoutfit.jpg )
saw someone had drawn this outfit on human rarity today. thought it looked really cute.
>> No. 115465
File 134684881639.jpg - (106.35KB , 1012x700 , ravennfriendsDA.jpg )
>> No. 115466
File 134684913366.jpg - (90.44KB , 919x700 , hubbaDA.jpg )
another one
>> No. 115493
File 134695183090.jpg - (135.35KB , 1472x720 , pinkiebombnfluttericeDA.jpg )
commission of pinkie pie as bombman and fluttershy as iceman from megaman.
>> No. 115651
I don't suppose you'd do Big Mac as Guts Man. >:3

The curve of her thighs and belly, plus with the knees-together pose, give the impression that she has wide, curvy hips... not exactly childlike.

The head-to-body proportions and the shape of her upper torso do have a distinctly childlike look, tho. I like the left-most outfit, the knit sweater is cute.

(...And for some reason, now I'm picturing Scootaloo in a sailors rig ( )... no idea why. Weird.)

By the way: I love how you handle costumes and garments. Your style has a bit of a fashion illustration feel to it... or so it seems to me, at least.

D'aww... this is so sweet.

I'm diabetic, you know: this kind of stuff is bad for my health. :3
>> No. 115741
thanks for the nice feedback! i was trying to go for pudgy belly with a bit of hip fat.

hate to reply without picture (old habit), but lately i've drawn mostly nsfw stuff, plus some velvet updates.
>> No. 115747
>i was trying to go for pudgy belly with a bit of hip fat.
I kinda figured it was something that. Interesting fact about belly fat: it's stored internally in with all the organs. This means that it sits within the "bowl" of the hips, so even obese people will have a visible crease that follows the illiac crest (as per Trixie in the last panel of >>114105).

For a moderately pudgy look, the fat is almost all abdominal. So, the belly protrudes somewhat, but the obliques and upper thighs remain relatively lean.

One of the reasons SB doesn't look quite right, I think, is that the arc where the inner thighs meet the body looks like the underside of a roll of fat, which would normally form somewhat above the groin. This also lengthens her torso, because the belly seems to come down much further than it ought to (pudge sits mainly around the belly button, higher up).

Anyway! I talk too much. Variety in body shapes is quite an elaborate subject so there's no end of stuff to dither over, and subtle distinctions can completely change the impression a figure makes... hope this helps some.
>> No. 115754
Hi, mod of Best OC Tumblr Ever!

I was planning on editing out the "happy mother's day" from the Ask Velvet mother's day picture and using it as the cover for a fanfic.

You'd be credited of course, I just thought I'd ask nicely first.
>> No. 115796
asking is always good. go for it. oh, and link me to the fic later on, i'm curious.
>> No. 115805
File 134757037830.jpg - (146.30KB , 1152x750 , chenilleoutfits2skirtvar.jpg )
mm, i see what you mean. i'd probably have to add an additional crease above the crotch, though personally i was thinking a very tight belly that seamlessly goes into the abdomen...kinda like a pregnant woman's belly. might be because i'm thinking of a child putting its hands behind its head, thus stretching the belly...quite a typical pose for them.

i felt like inventing a character with a haircut similar to velvet, a figure similar to rarity, a disposition similar to pinkie pie, and the ability to look good in pretty much any outfit and colour. was quite tricky to figure out an appropriate coloursheme, i suppose it’s kinda “human”. her cutie mark is a smiling sun because…she has a sunny disposition and is warm and welcoming? i dunno, it’s the best i could come up with. i’m a bit unsure about her profession yet, but i’m thinking she’s probably a model. gives me an excuse to draw her in various outfits and the most random situations, because i can always say it’s a photoshoot. yes…i like that.
her name’s chenille.
>> No. 115806
File 134757040147.jpg - (231.28KB , 1493x1300 , spoiler.jpg )
spoilered cause sexy lingerie.
>> No. 115818
File 134759168748.jpg - (69.87KB , 663x700 , chenillesitting.jpg )
i love sitting like this while eating breakfast.
>> No. 115819
>...kinda like a pregnant woman's belly.
I used to go to a weekly nude model drawing session, and one of the models got pregnant. We got to draw her at a variety of stages, it was epic. Very different looking than simple fat. Still have the drawings somewhere.

>she has a sunny disposition and is warm and welcoming?
>i’m a bit unsure about her profession yet, but i’m thinking she’s probably a model.
How about concierge for a resort hotel? Requires a sunny, warm, welcoming disposition as well as business savvy and professionalism, not to mention a wardrobe for everything from business meetings to upscale social functions to semi-casual interaction with the patrons.

Ooh, I bet you'll like this part: "In upscale establishments, a concierge is often expected to "achieve the impossible", dealing with any request a guest may have, no matter how strange, relying on an extensive list of contacts with local merchants and service providers." Random situations galore!

...Just throwing it out there.

Nice lace on the lingerie, by the way. Once again, you and your fabric material. :3
>> No. 115827
File 134762866212.png - (169.33KB , 413x413 , 134759870169.png )
>> No. 115832

>>dealing with any request a guest may have, no matter how strange

And then hilarity ensues
>> No. 115833
File 134764680407.jpg - (91.17KB , 642x890 , chenillepilgrim.jpg )
as much as i like this idea (i really do, gonna write it down for some future oc), my brain's already stuck on model, and i want to be even more random than what the profession of a concierge would allow (f.ex. space, or the following picture).
(i think i just want to draw her looking pretty, i guess)
>> No. 115834
Yeah... kinda funny how some things will randomly "set" in your mind early on, isn't it?

Chenille is certainly looking... "festive." :3
>> No. 115905
File 134780432893.jpg - (90.66KB , 966x660 , chenillestretching.jpg )
>> No. 115913
Hey, sonce I said I was using something you made, I thought I'd swing by and show what I did to it to make it work better as the cover.

I'll link it once it goes live. I submitted it a few days ago and I have every confidence that it'll pass... I just have to play the waiting game...
>> No. 115929
File 134784760778.jpg - (109.08KB , 677x700 , pinkieman.jpg )
looking forward to it
>> No. 115949
File 134790960484.jpg - (107.50KB , 1362x700 , anthroab.jpg )
this time i figured out the belly fat better, i think.
also noticed that my first art thread is now gone...there goes a piece of history...
>> No. 115950
These are cute
>> No. 115971
File 134792874352.jpg - (96.27KB , 886x450 , satindoesntwant.jpg )
>> No. 115997
That is looking better. The line for the belly could be lighter, but it looks great in terms of shape. The hip has a nice impression of anatomy, though the assortment of lines is a little cluttered looking. The bumps and corners could be smoothed out a little, maybe.

The sundress is adorable, but the overalls definitely seem more appropriate for Apple Bloom. On the other hoof, the sundress looks exactly like the sort of thing Granny Smith would force AB wear, so that works too. :3

"I'm mel-ting... meeellll-tiiiiing..!" Out of sheer apathy, no doubt. :3
>> No. 116053
File 134807643384.jpg - (110.38KB , 1008x750 , fineprintNlisianDA.jpg )
yesssss! that was my exact thought: granny smith forcing her to wear that for a family meeting or something. then of course she gets it dirty.

>> No. 116058
File 134808583953.jpg - (70.60KB , 557x700 , chenillebfshirt.jpg )
>> No. 116061
Whoo! Nailed it!

You know, every now and then I'll make a comment that seems really lame, or like I'm stating something painfully obvious, and then the artist goes "that's exactly what I was going for!" You never know what's going to hit right on the mark. :3

I just noticed... her bangs look remarkably similar to Velvet's: straight across the forehead, like a shorter and rounded version of Twilight's. They obviously have different hair colour, but shape is more significant than colour when it comes to character recognition. The similarity in shape may end up trumping the difference in colour, obvious as it is, and make it easy to confuse the two of them.

I like the wavy-curly look to her mane, tho. Kinda reminds me of Diamond Tiara's, very classy.
>> No. 116075
File 134810772824.jpg - (43.20KB , 705x520 , spikeeating.jpg )
well, if i may redirect your view to the description here again...;)
funnily enough, i think velvet's bangs have gotten longer over time...

and with that, good night.
>> No. 116078
>well, if i may redirect your view to the description here again...;)
Well, yes, there would be that I suppose. Well played, Carnifex... well played.

Remember when I said:
>You never know what's going to hit right on the mark.
This is the flip side: when I'm about to say something really, really dumb, I never see that coming either. Fun! :3

By the way, Carnifex, a while back I noticed that Strap's hood looks something like an executioners hood. Any connection there?
>> No. 116131
yeah. strap started out as my self-insert, and carnifex is latin for "executioner". but since i actually used him for ask velvet, he became his own character.
incidentally, i just made a big update there.
>> No. 116136
>carnifex is latin for "executioner"
Yeah, I stumbled on the definition as I was doing research for my fantasy comic-project-thing, which draws mainly from ancient greek and roman mythology and culture. Then I was all like, "hey, waittaminnit..." :3

Also: Velvet's expression in that last frame of today's update... priceless. No doubt related to the last panel of the update from three weeks ago..? :3

Also also: I like your use of silent frames. Far too many comic artists out there lack the resolve to draw a panel without words, but it can add so much impact (dramatic or comedic). Mad props.

One observation, though... your panels often have a lot of empty space in them. When there's one or two characters, an ask box, and some dialog, everything fits nicely in the frame, but there's usually less than that, and the panel seem kinda empty. Sometimes, the sense open space and distant view can add weight to the scene, but the unvarying camera shots and frame composition can get a little monotonous.
>> No. 116195
File 134841141651.jpg - (87.58KB , 860x630 , velvetninkie1.jpg )
thank you! hmm...i usually obsess over having the characters set into the panels in a way that doesn't seem cramped...might be that takes away any tension there could be though.

For Ask the Pie Sisters’ one year anniversary!
>> No. 116198
File 134842023327.jpg - (90.56KB , 610x835 , chenillesailor.jpg )
hello sailor!
>> No. 116205
>...might be that takes away any tension there could be though.
Well... it kind of depends. When the camera is pulled back, it can add a sense of alienation because it firmly establishes how isolated the character feels. It can also make a character appear modest, meek, or ashamed: a lone character in a big empty space looks[/i[ tiny, mirroring how the character [i]feels tiny.

The camera shot can do other things too. Close in shots add intensity to emotions, whether they're happy, sad, or angry. A more subtle use is to pull in close when a character is considering something... contemplation isn't a very dramatic facial expression, but pulling can establish that whatever is being considered is a very weighty matter indeed.

This is one of my favourite concepts to play with: the camera as a character. If you can think about how a person would behave in a situation, . Low and high angle shots are the literal version of metaphorically "looking down on" or "looking up to" someone, and have the same emotional impact.

The camera doesn't have to be an actual character in the scene or anything. it's just that the camera can convey many of the same things that character behaviour does. So, for example, a shot of Strap as he's being embarrassed: the distant camera makes Strap look pathetic, but the camera isn't actually the viewpoint of any other characters in the scene. It's not showing how Glyph or Velvet is looking at Strap, it's showing the humiliation that Strap is feeling.

There's a number of panels where this works to your benefit, especially in shots of Strap as he's being humiliated by Glyph, then later when Strap is feeling guilty for giving Glyph a dressing down. The thing is, isolation or modesty won't always be the appropriate impression for the situation.

Generally, when I need to frame a shot, I'll draw a thumbnail version and sketch in panel borders after. Only takes a minute or so, and lets me visualize things. I also helps if I start with a horizontal or vertical division, and keep all the dialog on one side, and make sure to fill the other side comfortably with visuals (My composition isn't as good as I would like, tho).

I'm rambling tho... back to the sketchbook for me.
>> No. 116312
File 134855233652.jpg - (96.62KB , 648x500 , velvet mom.jpg )
I'd been planning to hold this back until it goes up on EQD,

But I've been holding it back for so long that I feel bad about not dumping this in here.

I continue to prostrate myself at your feet, a now and forever drooling fanboy, Carnifex.
>> No. 116356
File 134866740716.jpg - (47.96KB , 709x550 , r63fluttershy.jpg )
thanks dude. and oh man, that story is AWESOME.
mm i definitely know/see what you're talking about. things like that probably happen subconsciously to me. (take f.ex. this post
woulda been piss boring without the perspective)
i don't give them much active thought, or if i do (like right now), i dare say i chose most shots for their clarity, and keeping it kinda looking like a video diary. i dunno, i guess i just don't feel like adding "fancy" camera shots to the ask blog, keeping it more subtle and quiet most of the time. argh, now i'm rambling too...i don't know how to properly express it.

some r63 - see the rest here:
>> No. 116358
File 134866743323.jpg - (88.16KB , 732x1000 , spoiler.jpg )
twifaun poofypants
>> No. 116359
File 134866752287.jpg - (79.14KB , 785x750 , chenilleoutfit3.jpg )
partially inspired by doxy
>> No. 116360
File 134866754626.jpg - (56.44KB , 694x520 , iggy.jpg )
damnit iggy, y u so fun to draw
>> No. 116373
> things like that probably happen subconsciously to me.
Oh, yeah... lots of stuff like that is subconscious.

Here's one: When you have three people in a room, if a conversation between two of them becomes heated or intense, the third will step in to diffuse the situation. We do this automatically by instinct, it's very deeply ingrained behavior.

When there's only two people present, however, the conversation is free to continue intensifying, and things can reach dramatic proportions.... which is exactly why writers often often put pairs of characters in isolated situations: it lets the drama fire up. If there's a third character in the scene who doesn't intervene, it seems really bizarre to the audience. For some reason that you can't quite put your finger on.

That's basically what happened when Velvet left the room to make coffee. Strap and Glyph's conversation got heated, and as soon as Velvet came back the situation diffused.

>keeping it more subtle and quiet most of the time.
I like that about Ask-Velvet, actually. I think of intensity as spice, to be used sparingly. The day-to-day events? That's where the meat of the story is.

The thing I like about using camera shots is that it can bump up the intensity without becoming gratuitous. A closer camera can add weight to a mild or moderate expression, so the character's face doesn't need to be dialed up to eleven. It helps keep things low key.

Man, this is awesome for all kinds of reasons... I love the hands.

The wrist on the right looks broken.

Because reasons, obviously. :3

Also: "iggy" reminded me think of Iggy Koopa, and now I can't get the connection out of my head. X3
>> No. 116447
File 134875732673.jpg - (53.08KB , 568x650 , spikenlavender.jpg )
ha! well, they both have green hair, at least :D (but in this case "iggy" is just short for "ignobility" ;) )
>> No. 116453
Sweet Celestia in a bucket... How can so much squee fit into one little image? That is just so heartwarming and adorable. :3
>> No. 116479
File 134879888557.jpg - (81.57KB , 602x700 , raritynlavender.jpg )
skillz. i has them.
>> No. 116499


carnifex why

why do you keep on finding new ways to be my favorite artist

First the character who was made for the dress-up pictures and the proportions/body type study, and now this heart-stoppingly wonderful thing
>> No. 116507
Dang... and here I thought >>116447 was adorable.

The lighting adds a nice touch of atmosphere, soft and warm. Looks like golden hour-lighting, I'm a sucker for that. X3

If the floor is lower than the bed, there should be a significant offset between the patches of light on them. As it is, floor on the right seems to be an inch or two lower than the top of the bed.

OMG, I just noticed the itty-bitty tuft on the tip of Lavender's ear... squee! So cute.
>> No. 116517
>>People dawing over >>116479
>>My first thought is "So how exactly does a reptile and a mammal have an offspring?"

Also: >>116058 Holy shit that is an amazing eye color.
>> No. 116521
>My first thought is "So how exactly does a reptile and a mammal have an offspring?"
Wait, wait, wait... this is a universe where pegasi, part horse, part bird, can fly despite having 1/3rd the necessary wingspan and a tenth the required muscle mass... where gryphons, manticores, and basalisks exist (all of which fit the definition of a chimera)... where horned horses can traverse distances instantaneously (aka: teleport, aka "winking' in MLP jargon)... where the power of buckin' friendship of all things is a tangible force that can be harnessed for physically impossible magical feats... and this is what that seems implausible to you?

To answer your question: Magic. Magic, and true love.
Welcome to Equestria. :3
>> No. 116562
File 134896350899.jpg - (37.83KB , 627x550 , satinpeeking.jpg )
yah, the offset was bigger before, but then it kinda went away. oh well, low-set bed ;)
thanks guys :)

woops, lost my tripcode for a sec there.
>> No. 116564
File 134897409646.jpg - (75.94KB , 562x915 , anthroadultsatin.jpg )
"Anonymous asked:
Not to be a bother sir, but could we see anthro Helium and anthro Satin together. The adult versions, and just out getting Ice Cream or shopping, something adorable."

got too tired to draw helium, but i'll add her later.
when it's not past 4am
>> No. 116592
File 134903244069.jpg - (93.72KB , 668x860 , anthroadulthelium.jpg )
>> No. 116593
File 134903247026.jpg - (138.31KB , 903x900 , anthroadultheliumandsatin.jpg )
>> No. 116602
File 134905515409.jpg - (119.01KB , 606x800 , discord.jpg )
that feel when you know you should get up earlier the next day, but suddenly you have TONS of ideas, and ohhh look there's that album you haven't heard in a long time...

i blame discord.
>> No. 116609
New Elements of Discord page!

Linking it because it’s damn big.
>> No. 116649
File 134928378793.jpg - (55.46KB , 567x560 , femsnails.jpg )
a little femsnails for the weaver. he draws her way cuter than me though.
>> No. 116651
File 134929258288.jpg - (99.97KB , 676x800 , chenillebarbarella.jpg )
at first i just wanted to draw some big-flank hair, but then it became something more.
>> No. 116653
OMG freaking adorable!
>> No. 116712
File 134943805643.jpg - (77.88KB , 705x700 , twicook.jpg )

"Of course I'm gonna bake like this, Spike! You see, if I spill something on myself, I only need to take a shower instead of washing any clothes! EFFICIENCY!"
>> No. 116718
File 134946958641.jpg - (116.08KB , 626x750 , chenillerich.jpg )
>> No. 116724
Carni, are you sure you're a fan artist and not a fashion designer? Honestly you do the best little outfits. I wana like, borrow several pages from your book but I'm afraid I'd get coffee stains on them.
>> No. 116871
File 134972137215.jpg - (90.25KB , 956x850 , wildfire.jpg )
i'm pretty sure. XD i don't really know much about fashion - i just pick up stuff here and there.

i got to do an art trade with sibsy!
here's her half of it:
>> No. 116873
File 134972201655.jpg - (89.95KB , 923x700 , raridash2DA.jpg )
and a commission.
>> No. 116882

I saw that! Freaking awesome Carni! I love how the producers of the show are so in tuned with the fans that they're even willing to do art trades with some during their down time.

Chalk up another reason why I love this fandom and the folks behind the show ♥
>> No. 116916
File 134980611650.jpg - (157.68KB , 1082x1050 , anthroadultsweetie.jpg )

musings about adult anthro sweetie belle. i drew all the outfits on the same body base, but actually the first two would have to be from when she’s still a teenager and very much influenced (and protected) by rarity (who wants her to be a “proper lady”). then you’d have prom, college and international pop star.
rarity’s and sweetie’s mom seems pretty hip heavy (which is where rarity got her curves from), but i thought it’d be funny to have sweetie even more endowed in the upper area, but less so in the hips than her sister.
>> No. 116926
File 134981406410.jpg - (97.12KB , 987x760 , anthrosweetiejealousy.jpg )
jealousy is an ugly thing.
>> No. 116945
File 134987811697.png - (9.50KB , 300x300 , processing.png )

They made Sweetie Bell cry....
>> No. 116946
File 134987814636.png - (11.52KB , 300x300 , Incomingrage.png )

>> No. 116984
File 134997580581.jpg - (97.96KB , 969x720 , anthroadultapplebloom.jpg )
don't worry, her friends will set them straight.
speaking of which...

adult anthro applebloom. she has strong shoulders and upper arms since she works a lot with her hands and is generally more similar in build to rainbow dash than applejack, though she has more belly because she doesn’t actually exercise as such and eats rather well.
she is also flat as a board.
>> No. 117009
File 135009249844.jpg - (75.20KB , 830x600 , r63strapnvelvet.jpg )
made another attempt at r63 strap and velvet. much happier with velvet than on the previous one. i'm considering naming her r63 version Duvetyn. any suggestions for strap's?
>> No. 117018
File 135009438082.jpg - (53.91KB , 691x550 , r63glyph.jpg )
and of course, everyone's favourite character, glyph! ;D
>> No. 117019
I dunno about Strap (Strapless? Bridle? Halter? Hrmm), but I got one for R#63 Glyph: "Rune."

Also: let the record show that Velvet will always look good in a suit, no matter what. Period.
>> No. 117239
File 135047976380.jpg - (237.73KB , 1487x1400 , anthroadultscootaloo.jpg )

so adult anthro scootaloo. the impression that i wanted to give here is “legs”. she’s all legs. she also found out that she isn’t really built for speed, and instead went for a career in skating. she uses her wings to enhance her stunts (giving extra momentum to somersaults etc.).
>> No. 117330

>>In a dress

Brb, gonna go make sure the sky isn't falling and the seas aren't running red with blood.
>> No. 117392
you only have prom once in your life ;)

Ask Velvet celebrates one year, and you're all invited!
>> No. 117492
File 135095583506.jpg - (74.55KB , 805x880 , sparitybackview.jpg )
>> No. 117614
Two new Elements of Discord pages!
>> No. 117631
File 135128049252.jpg - (132.66KB , 780x750 , satinsunset.jpg )
Tried to make an impressionistic picture àla Holivi.
>> No. 117644
File 135130247303.jpg - (88.38KB , 716x750 , gilachallenge.jpg )
halloween costume gilda for a 30min art challenge.
>> No. 117647
This... looks most epic indeed, good sir. Very nice choice of costume, too: it really suits her.
>> No. 117706
File 135146557506.jpg - (48.78KB , 458x650 , prombloom.jpg )
thank you! it was quite hard to come up with a costume since she already looks so cool au naturale.

"Anonymous asked:
I see a prom Scootaloo and a prom Sweetie Belle. Any chance of a prom dress Appebloom?"
>> No. 117775
File 135164765444.jpg - (59.53KB , 560x520 , satinhalloween.jpg )
>> No. 117781
File 135169888611.gif - (292.93KB , 698x650 , halloweenanimatedweb.gif )
Happy Halloween!
>> No. 117878
File 135203859107.jpg - (59.82KB , 543x720 , slavechenille.jpg )
>> No. 117948
File 135231792629.jpg - (125.85KB , 698x905 , rarihuman.jpg )
inspired by doxy’s rarity.
>> No. 118035
File 135255779552.jpg - (60.93KB , 496x800 , femspike.jpg )
>> No. 118036
File 135256014081.jpg - (58.38KB , 501x606 , vneckrarity.jpg )
>> No. 118060
File 135265923842.jpg - (75.79KB , 653x650 , changelingiggy.jpg )
Don’t cross the streams!
Oh shit, too late, we’re doomed!
She’s not gonna stop until every last bit of love is consumed!
(Spiritual successor of >>115084 ?)
>> No. 118089
File 135273981029.jpg - (86.52KB , 1005x600 , dragons.jpg )
>> No. 118216
File 135298380596.jpg - (190.18KB , 2010x900 , humanized.jpg )
trying something new.
>> No. 118317
File 135323996534.jpg - (78.21KB , 830x550 , funcrystals.jpg )
did i ever tell you guys i really like season 3 so far?
>> No. 118330
New Elements of Discord page!
>> No. 118351
File 135328489899.jpg - (76.37KB , 1049x750 , nightmaremirror.jpg )
While it is generally a very bad idea to venture into the Everfree Forest at night, one should take extra care to stay away from the ancient castle of the royal pony sisters. Some thousand years ago, Nightmare Moon tore the place to pieces when she first unleashed her rage, and now some ponies have reported that they heard a strange voice calling out to them from somewhere underneath the castle. What evil lurks there?
>> No. 118380
File 135334356771.jpg - (135.13KB , 1112x770 , humanized2.jpg )
>> No. 118401
File 135335906189.jpg - (91.09KB , 743x765 , pinkiehug.jpg )
>> No. 118480
File 135352553065.png - (113.54KB , 600x560 , VelvetOhYeah.png )
I herd it's somepony's b-day soon~

Would you like me to (try) to draw something for you?
>> No. 118519
File 135361843240.jpg - (68.23KB , 753x1100 , sombrahellboystyle.jpg )
oh my...of course! :)

Mike Mignola presents...


Been reading a lot of Hellboy comics lately. I just love that man's style.
>> No. 118522
Well, any idea what you'd like me to try?
>> No. 118529
i'll leave that up to you :)
>> No. 118547
If it's for you it has to be something you want, and I don't know that!
>> No. 118550
well, since it's a birthday gift, i'd like being surprised, but rarity, velvet, or either of the elements of discord are always good. :)
>> No. 118594
i cheated a bit on the breathing animation.
edit: ponychan refuses to upload, have a link instead:
>> No. 118609
File 135389299986.gif - (855.26KB , 841x463 , fluttershyanimED.gif )
edited the timing and removed the breathing animation - i’ll have to figure that one out properly sometime.
>> No. 118613
That is incredible! So cute! Any plans to color?
>> No. 118614
Leaving out the breathing bit was probably a good call. Based on watching my dogs sleep on the couch, the movement of the chest would be a lot more subtle than the original, maybe even imperceptible under that hoodie/sweater/what-have-you at that distance.

Having said that, that is *adorable*. I need to draw more Flutters.
>> No. 118669
File 135403211369.jpg - (48.21KB , 567x660 , bday.jpg )
not currently.

it's my birthday!
>> No. 118679
Happy birthday, man. Stay awesome.
>> No. 118692
File 135407898619.jpg - (80.27KB , 600x600 , velvet.jpg )
Ok, Velvet...

I started sketching and this is what's happened so far. Continue? NSFW'd for mild plot
>> No. 118720
File 135413140778.gif - (788.56KB , 787x485 , rarityanimweb.gif )
thanks dude!
of course! why do you ask me this?

have a rarity animation.
>> No. 118804
File 135426463170.png - (173.44KB , 800x800 , velvet.png )
I ask out of habit, I guess. Want to get to commissioning level eventually!
>> No. 118832
Heart melting cute!

I'd say you're getting pretty close.
>> No. 118847
File 135435391622.png - (182.60KB , 800x800 , velvet.png )
Small fixes.
>> No. 118849
File 135437617919.jpg - (112.38KB , 914x720 , ridinghigh.jpg )
she's wonderful! thank you! :)
>> No. 118907
File 135450365718.jpg - (107.07KB , 828x950 , crystalunicorns1.jpg )
i wanna make a little comic about where the crystal unicorns and pegasi went, so here’s some design exploration.
>> No. 118908
File 135450368404.jpg - (194.07KB , 1298x782 , crystalunicorns.jpg )
i very much like their haircuts, but i’m unsure about their colours.
>> No. 118916
I giggled at that like an idiot for far longer than I care to admit.

Reptilian bustles are *in* this year, I see. However, just how far in they are is none of your business.
>> No. 118937
File 135456254029.jpg - (157.64KB , 950x1444 , crystalguard.jpg )
ehehehehehehe :D

well, this little project is turning into more work than anticipated. but eh, design explorations are fun, so who cares.

i figure that when the original crystal princess or queen was alive there were some royal guards around, but when sombra came to power he eventually got rid of them. (also, he apparently tailored their armor to fit his style better ;) )

for the record, i do actually think that the crystal ponies are their own race without unicorns or pegasi, but for this comic, i need them. and on the other hand, why would ONE of them be a unicorn that rises to power, and no-one else? except if sombra came over and was like "this kingdom is ripe for ruling". hmm. maybe a mixture of both...yes.
>> No. 119029
File 135472437527.jpg - (87.14KB , 1059x700 , sparitypreg.jpg )
Kiss for the baby.
>> No. 119032
Best picture ever.
>> No. 119040
File 135475198589.jpg - (28.35KB , 460x276 , lil-b-looks-good.jpg )
I fully endorse this new drawing style by Carni 100%

There's a syndicated comic that I feel this draws from but I can't put my finger on it. What inspired this shift?
>> No. 119041
File 135475847193.png - (22.25KB , 142x200 , Tintin_and_Snowy.png )
Kind of makes me think of this, but mainly due to simple eyes.
>> No. 119106
File 135500567550.jpg - (139.27KB , 1090x980 , rarilament.jpg )
this here >>119041 but mostly subconsciously. i wanted to draw something that i can easily reproduce more often, and maybe this way i can work myself up to more realistic humans that stay the same throughout various depictions too.

insert your own lament.
>> No. 119109
Om nom nom
>> No. 119243
File 135516157018.jpg - (129.07KB , 1119x760 , honeyhivequeen2.jpg )
the queen of the honeycomb hive.
she’s quite curious and rather playful, but often will harm her victims that way cause she has no concept of, and doesn’t care about their natural limits.
no name yet.
>> No. 119266
File 135519123306.jpg - (103.09KB , 842x750 , honeysuck.jpg )
>> No. 119291
File 135525460593.jpg - (108.18KB , 798x730 , ambrosia.jpg )
All hail queen Ambrosia!
Also, design and colour notes.
>> No. 119309
File 135527601809.jpg - (81.62KB , 997x750 , myxine.jpg )
so after some thinking (and some asks), i've come to the conclusion that, while an underwater hive is rather silly, a seaside hive might actually be cool.

so here's queen myxine and her changelings. they live in hollowed out caves along the shore and eat seafood to produce their building material (which might resemble corals). usually they'll either play the drowning to be saved, or save the drowning. sometimes they build sharp spires underwater and try to navigate ships into them. sometimes they're lazy and just simulate a shark attack by swimming with their horn looking up over the water like a shark fin.

they are a pretty small hive as ponies aren't all that big on seafaring. overall they're pretty pragmatic and a direct contrast to the honeycomb hive's song and dance.
>> No. 119372
File 135540638995.jpg - (222.77KB , 1193x912 , ambrosiabored2.jpg )
“I want to see how thin you can get…”
>> No. 119375
File 135541298805.png - (211.43KB , 525x586 , cicadussnicker.png )
Oh my. What's going on there?

Also, love your work on all those changeling pictures you've made.
>> No. 119520
File 135566722864.jpg - (65.92KB , 1090x700 , stripey1.jpg )
ambrosia being ambrosia :D
>> No. 119526
File 135569369204.jpg - (101.95KB , 730x920 , raritydressing.jpg )
colour versions on my nsfw tumblr
>> No. 119753
File 135635633487.jpg - (80.35KB , 881x550 , velvetanswer168.jpg )
A merry Hearth's Warming Eve!
>> No. 119754
File 135635642373.jpg - (126.02KB , 1440x800 , holidaychangelings.jpg )
And Happy Holidays!
>> No. 119766
File 135645646451.jpg - (92.50KB , 630x760 , chenillexmas.jpg )
haven’t drawn chenille in quite a while…
>> No. 119773
I LOVE your changlings, Heck, I love everything. Keep being awesome!
>> No. 119776
File 135654972067.jpg - (231.96KB , 1392x1500 , anthrotwilight.jpg )
thanks! i'll try ;)

i felt like redrawing/expanding upon the character sheet of anthro twilight.
>> No. 119809
new EoD page!
>> No. 119895
File 135697503388.jpg - (155.56KB , 1435x750 , velvetanswer169.jpg )
>> No. 119921
File 135707124129.jpg - (117.51KB , 850x1050 , chrysalishive.jpg )
>> No. 120005
File 135726263924.jpg - (135.52KB , 1274x720 , sagittarius.jpg )
sagittarius, based on the official mlp zodiac sign.
>> No. 120051
File 135748883251.jpg - (150.44KB , 1150x1020 , randompone.jpg )
random pone
>> No. 120228
File 135801740244.jpg - (79.09KB , 1440x900 , tiredlestia.jpg )
>> No. 120329
i re-opened commissions. you can check the info here if you want:
>> No. 120338
File 135834627535.jpg - (101.61KB , 989x650 , raridashblushDA.jpg )
>> No. 120374
File 135847637646.jpg - (54.26KB , 688x574 , nightmaretwi2.jpg )
trying to find a colour scheme for nightmare twilight from my elements of discord comics.
>> No. 120382
File 135852211813.jpg - (70.58KB , 844x545 , satinsnow.jpg )
>> No. 120417
File 135864663237.jpg - (60.50KB , 576x980 , discord.jpg )
For now.
>> No. 120427
File 135871062435.jpg - (140.91KB , 930x900 , changelings.jpg )
expression practice
>> No. 120450
File 135880473505.jpg - (101.39KB , 569x1000 , rainbowthor.jpg )
>> No. 120455
Very cool.

The Avengers; that movie I procastinate seeing 'cuz I'm cheap.
>> No. 120484
File 135897206187.jpg - (60.66KB , 521x522 , fluttersnakecharmer.jpg )
it's pretty cool.
>> No. 120497
File 135906258789.jpg - (95.47KB , 706x820 , maidDA.jpg )
>> No. 120499
File 135906709262.jpg - (73.89KB , 570x1023 , celestiahuman.jpg )
>> No. 120618
File 135931800397.jpg - (203.05KB , 1012x1420 , velvetanthro.jpg )
>> No. 120619
File 135932264837.jpg - (85.59KB , 828x600 , lavenderanthro.jpg )
>> No. 120623
I love the curves
>> No. 120651
File 135950051144.jpg - (226.18KB , 1258x1000 , lavendermemoriesBig.jpg )

“There. You look just as beautiful as your mother.”
>> No. 120666
File 135956086001.png - (99.31KB , 500x500 , I never asked for this.png )

Dude, that's bittersweet.

Conflicting feels man.
>> No. 120682
File 135965197859.jpg - (97.88KB , 1214x600 , lavendernrarity.jpg )

I figured that after all those heavy feels it would be nice to have a “typical Rarity moment” to lighten the mood.
>> No. 120758
File 135994242577.jpg - (38.51KB , 548x350 , spoiler.jpg )
>> No. 120761
File 135999378000.jpg - (112.41KB , 1071x800 , quilin.jpg )

Because I've been getting this a lot lately, and it does actually bother me.
No, draconies aren't qilin/kirin.
No, any dragon/pony hybrid isn't kirin.
That's like saying any mix between man and bull is a Minotaur.
Qilin might be a mix between dragon and horse (although they are more often likened to deer, along with tiger, ox and fish), but they are not the result of a union between the two species.
>> No. 120762
Technically speaking, a "chimera" is any creature composed of parts from multiple animals (although the Chimera was a specific creature, any zoological hybrid can be called a chimera).

Nice rack, by the way.

...I'm talking about the antlers, of course.

Actually, all the little details are really nice: the cloven hooves, the fetlocks, the eyebrows. The slightly more realistic anatomy is nicely handled, too.
>> No. 120920
File 136062703464.jpg - (73.46KB , 845x792 , auntsweetie.jpg )
cheers, thank you :)

"Aunt Sweetie!"
>> No. 120993
File 136080943769.jpg - (58.62KB , 784x520 , vdaygloom.jpg )
Happy Valentine’s Day!
>> No. 121009
File 136088718778.jpg - (91.92KB , 1001x980 , miasmalove.jpg )
>> No. 121142
File 136131627475.jpg - (105.90KB , 815x750 , ticketsfwDA.jpg )
>> No. 121182
File 136148138172.jpg - (85.66KB , 872x1025 , ambrosialove.jpg )
Her hair turned out a bit too light for my taste, but eh.
>> No. 121190
File 136150311214.jpg - (63.21KB , 872x1010 , myxinelove.jpg )
And that's all for now.
>> No. 121206
hmm, image upload doesn't seem to be working.
have a link instead:

oh yeah, and wallpapers:
>> No. 121270
File 136181592051.jpg - (87.37KB , 1083x750 , miasmasheetDA.jpg )
(Figured I'd do a proper write-up on these guys)

The Miasma Hive is probably the second largest of the known hives. It usually resides underneath or at the edges of big cities like Las Pegasus or Manehattan, modifying sewage systems and/or garbage dumps to their needs. They eat rotten food and the occasional carcass to produce their body liquids, which, in addition to their choice of living space, gives the whole hive a particularly rancid smell. Sometimes it even gets so bad that it's noticeable when a changeling has transformed himself into another creature.
Their Queen, Miasma herself, is a very vain and snobby person and tries to appear better than she is. She has two changelings follow her around with incense burners wherever she goes and douses herself in perfume as often as possible. One wonders what is worse, the rotten smell of the hive, or the overwhelming stench of sweet perfume contrasting with it.
Although trying to appear noble and sophisticated, the queen has a very bad temper and can turn from sweet to sour in mere seconds.*
(She also has very bad table manners (and taste), and won't even stop short of literally rolling around in her food. It's not helped by the fact that she has holes in her cheeks so you can see her chewing even if she has her mouth closed)
The hive's manner of gathering victims isn't very sophisticated, ranging from cries of help from out of a gully to simply waiting for someone to get stuck in their secretions while drunkenly wandering about at night.

*Think Prof. Ratigan from "The Great Mouse Detective".
>> No. 121293
File 136191508567.jpg - (238.99KB , 1564x1330 , flutterclothes.jpg )
>> No. 121443
File 136233640676.gif - (0.99MB , 556x717 , miasmaanim.gif )
mainly to show how miasma’s mouth works.
>> No. 121461
File 136235961576.jpg - (113.04KB , 1024x768 , TheMummy.jpg )
Yeah, that's how I imagined.

It really reminds me of the movie 'The Mummy' if you've seen it; there's a part where a mummy is regenerating his flesh and at a certain stage he has a hole in his cheek. A beetle crawls in and he eats it, heh.
>> No. 121635
File 136285072192.jpg - (80.22KB , 758x684 , vinyl.jpg )
hehe, yeah.
>> No. 121636
File 136285075038.jpg - (51.99KB , 448x703 , octavia.jpg )
>> No. 121712
Finally some new Elements of Discord! 3 pages even!
start here:
>> No. 121770
File 136344766151.jpg - (92.43KB , 1340x587 , mysteryladies.jpg )
ohh, who are these mystery ponies?
>> No. 121771
File 136344777417.jpg - (141.10KB , 1294x1246 , colourchartnew.jpg )
also, updated colour chart for characters from ask velvet.
>> No. 121772
File 136345702276.jpg - (145.62KB , 1094x1146 , changelingcolourchart.jpg )
New! Changeling colour chart.
>> No. 121802
File 136355978465.jpg - (214.33KB , 1071x745 , shahbanuDA.jpg )
>> No. 122094
File 136433245794.jpg - (132.34KB , 589x800 , VaR.jpg )
It’s the movie of a lifetime!
>> No. 127640
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