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106901 No. 106901
Back from the dead banned, it is Crade Elcin's new art thread.

Sorry the last one was deleted, I had a bit of a problem with the mods. Apparently, my artistic focus lies on porn except that it doesn't and my tumblr is porn infested only it's all spoilered, so it's not.
Great job, mods, for solving this heinous crime.
I won't link to my tumblr here, but to my dA, which is way more safe and totally inactive!
My tumblr is linked there.

I -do- take requests, however, I am busy atm with my askblog and I have a comic and all this manure and I am about to set up commissions.

Let's start this off by dumping some of my pictures. :D
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>> No. 106902
File 133833110760.jpg - (243.04KB , 666x666 , Pegasus-Merc - Flux enioying a Sandwich.jpg )
>for Pegasus-Merc
>Flux eating a Sandwich
>> No. 106903
File 133833124067.jpg - (233.16KB , 1200x1006 , scamper x jane.jpg )
>for Scamper and Jane
>repost coz I really really like it
>> No. 106904
File 133833131075.jpg - (237.33KB , 700x666 , ensayne follow.jpg )
>> No. 106905
File 133833142836.jpg - (244.93KB , 666x666 , crade - 7_5 - 2.jpg )
Okay, now that I have a thread again, I can finally go sleep @[email protected] G'night, everypony!
>> No. 106909
Welcome back, Crade.

And yes, Mods, confuckinggratulations on solving that crime.
>> No. 106913
File 133833821302.png - (229.61KB , 1280x720 )
"only it's all spoilered, so it's not."

We have very different views on what 'Spoilered' means it seems.
>Go to your tumblr
>Second page.
>Daring doo Anus.

Regardless, for future reference:
Directly linking to a place that contains porn = bad.
Linking to a place that contains a link to the porn = Okay(Since otherwise we'd have to be a self contained intranet to properly manage all the possible links.)
<Ponychan>---<NSFW> = bad.
<Ponychan>---<SafeForWork>---<NSFW> = Okay.

Does that make sense?
>> No. 107012
I am talking about -my- work.
>go to my page
>click Request
>never see porn because everything is spoilered

I really go out of my way to spoiler every r34 pic I make. I can't spoiler other people's work, though. So, now I get banned for other peoples work. Great.

People on Ponychan aren't stupid, they'll get their link to my tumblr somehow.

Thing is, my artistic focus does NOT lie on porn, even if raenbo dahs said so. I'm sorry, but that was more insulting than helpful and I am still pissed about that.

Bottomline, my artistic focus does NOT lie on porn, and my tumblr is NOT "porn infested" as some people put it in my meta thread. The occasional pic is in there, yes, but if it is unspoilered it is not -my- fault. It's my mod blog. I reblog things. Either I stop using one of the key functions of tumblr, or I have to screw ponychan.
I chose the last option.

The End.
>> No. 107014
File 133835607304.png - (18.48KB , 525x525 , Zate_ponder_c.png )
I gotta point out, this is pretty true. He spoilers all of his NSFW art, to the point of usually making SFW art to spoiler it with. He's quite careful about that.
>> No. 107029
File 133835867466.png - (110.93KB , 310x476 , 131440311101.png )
Angel has a point here, or it's safe as it is, and it means everything and not only request tag, or it isn't linked.
Simple as that
We don't know if somepony will press that tag, so who knows, they will find porn.
>> No. 107039
File 133836487823.jpg - (201.87KB , 700x700 , diomedes - Taco hat.jpg )
I said Press Request, because I have no button for art only (have to fix that sometime). I am very very very very sure, that I have spoilered every last one of the naughty pictures -I- drew.
Hmmm.. then again, I think I have one or two at the very very beginning of my tumblr that aren't spoilered. I WOULD delete them, but why bother now? I actually did the whole spoiler thing BECAUSE of Ponychan, and because I wanted to appeal to a broader audience.

What Angel said with Daring Doo and her Anus.. That was not my pic, that was a work from a friend, who gets almost no attention at all, despite him making really cool traditional pictures, so I tried to boost him a little bit.
The thing I got banned for, was a reblog of 30minhentai, because I participated in that, and I didn't want to reupload it, Why, if it is already uploaded?
So, you see, I wasn't banned and my thread wasn't deleted because of -my- work specifically, but more because I reblogged something.

When I told RainbowDash that I spoiler -every- picture, heshe said, that even linking to a site with a link to bad stuff is also against the rules. Laughable.

Tbh, I see where angel and the mods are coming from (and I didn't just link to my tumblr in the thread again, did i?).
However, I found the discussion afterwards to be insulting towards me, with quick judgements over myself and my "art focus", if such a thing exists, I was not treated with any respect and the thread was very quickly locked, without letting me speak, shrugging me off as just another flankhole.

>We don't know if somepony will press that tag, so who knows, they will find porn.
Even if I DON'T reblog anything from any naughty tumblr, if I just FOLLOW them, somepony could "accidently" click on one of the portraits on my follow-list.. Or they could "accidently" click on one of my spoiler pics and WHAM!
You see where I am going with this? When do we reach a stop with this?

Damn, I just wrote a wall of text... Sorry.
>have Twilight in a Taco Hat
>> No. 107053
File 133838682115.jpg - (93.96KB , 999x799 , 131296577027.jpg )
Let me explain how does a blog works:
-Not only you can view it
-Not only you see the reblogs
-Not only you can see your reblogs
-Not only you can see your reblogs
-Not only you can see your reblogs
-Not only you can see your reblogs from non-spoilered porn blogs
-Not only you can see your reblogs from non-spoilered porn blogs

You can read, can you?
That has been discussed like about 20 times already.
You don't have to use this site if you don't want to follow the rules.
And don't tell me that I'm not loving and tollerating now, alright?

>Even if I DON'T reblog anything from any naughty tumblr, if I just FOLLOW them, somepony could "accidently" click on one of the portraits on my follow-list.. Or they could "accidently" click on one of my spoiler pics and WHAM!
Not linking directly

>was a reblog of 30minhentai,
Opps, sorry, that's totally not unspoilered porn.

Caddie out
>> No. 107055
Though I hate to admit, she's right. But, let's stop fighting about this, it's all solved now, isn't it?
>> No. 107058
File 133839357421.jpg - (697.00KB , 1000x1300 , kal-answers - johnny gat.jpg )
You're right.

Have a Johnny Gat-Pony. And didn't even play Saints Row!
>> No. 107392
Streaming things :3
>> No. 107405
File 133859337020.jpg - (1.11MB , 2169x1000 , old vs new.jpg )
Look at my progress! Weeeee!
>> No. 107473
File 133864426383.jpg - (521.73KB , 1086x710 , pinkie in the rain.jpg )
Cropped picture
>> No. 107897
File 133894012058.jpg - (243.31KB , 898x632 , scamper doe prom 2.jpg )
Here is a WIP of the pony prom picture for two friends of mine.
>> No. 107954
File 133898620765.jpg - (619.77KB , 1536x2048 , rafael - im your gay side.jpg )
Fuck. Hands.
>> No. 107958
File 133898882546.png - (19.31KB , 600x600 , Z8.png )
Hands are hard.
>> No. 107967
File 133900332958.jpg - (568.34KB , 1200x1000 , scamper doe prom 4.jpg )

IMO the most complex part about humans. So many little wrinkles and bulges and I don't even get the basic shape right, anyways >_<
>> No. 107968
File 133900411688.png - (15.41KB , 900x900 , Zate_pop_up.png )
Now, that pic is neat!
I hope to be as proficient as you one day with the drawing..
I found an informative tutorial, that you might take a look at. It has a guide for hands, among other things.
>> No. 107969
File 133900567542.jpg - (691.77KB , 873x811 , crade - straightforward.jpg )
>has tutorial
>does not give me link
>mine countenance whereupon

Thanks. I wouldn't call myself proficient, though, I am still a starter and I still have so much to learn.
>> No. 107970
File 133900597654.png - (25.67KB , 600x600 , Z7.png )
>Has link
>Waited so as not to link it to you if you didn't want it
>My link whereupon

Sorry about the wait.
>> No. 107998
File 133902199616.jpg - (144.40KB , 800x600 , 1 v3.jpg )
Booknarked like a horse.

I.. I don't even know..
>> No. 108001
File 133902256053.png - (19.31KB , 600x600 , Z8.png )
Why you narkin' my books, man?
>Also, nice feather.
>> No. 108005
File 133902337821.png - (190.63KB , 549x331 , hand_construction.png )

Hands? Hard? Seriously?

When drawing hands from the side, I start with a circle for the wrist and a triangle for the palm/thumb (in blue). The back of the hand is twice as long as the diameter of the circle for the wrist.

Followed by lines and circles for the fingers and the rest of the thumb. The middle finger is half the length of the hand, so it's as long as the back of the hand. The short edge of the blue triangle is half the length of the thumb overall.

Then I just draw skin over the construction lines.

It's hard to do all this for really small hands, so I shorten this process down to a circle for the wrist, triangle for the palm and first half of the thumb, then the fingers.
>> No. 108006
File 133902360043.png - (172.75KB , 480x749 , hand_sketches.png )
Oh, and I did a few sketches. Sorry they're the wrong handedness, I use my left for reference when I'm drawing hands. They're a bit rough since they're just 3 min. drawings.

Anyway... Hope some of this helps.
>> No. 108027
wow...that's quite the extensive tutorial! very helpful. thanks for sharing.
>> No. 108032
Most artists seem to hate hands, but they're a favourite subject of mine. I spend a lot of time on them.

This is, believe it or not, the abridged version.
>> No. 108033
File 133904295222.png - (23.52KB , 600x600 , Zate_eyesclosed_happy_s.png )
No problem. It's been very useful to me, so I figured I'd share.
>> No. 108347
File 133929593716.jpg - (234.82KB , 552x1300 , stocking twilight2.jpg )
Atleast my faces look somewhat decent .___.
>> No. 108348
File 133929621999.jpg - (50.30KB , 400x400 , yay.jpg )
And thanks for that, I can't believe I forgot you :O
This is really nice of you, my foxy friend. Thanks.
>> No. 108354
File 133930328484.png - (63.09KB , 640x480 , chaosmagic smile finalmix.png )
looks cute
>> No. 108430
File 133936526475.jpg - (438.56KB , 552x1300 , stocking twilight.jpg )
There, finished!
>> No. 108528
File 133945118572.jpg - (423.70KB , 900x1460 , kyleboy21da - Stocking sfw.jpg )
And now somepony else requests Stocking.

Well, this picture looks waaaaaay better than the other one. I am really proud of myself.

SFW version, you can get the other version you-know-where.
>> No. 109064
File 133997837469.jpg - (199.42KB , 605x848 , filly pinkie.jpg )
R.I.P. Thread.
>> No. 109074
File 133998829666.png - (94.45KB , 600x600 , GreatAndPowerfulHug.png )
Cute, I love filly Pinkie's messy mane. I just wanna pick her up and snuggle her. I bet she smells like bubblegum.
>> No. 109088
I'm still lurking. Good stuff as always, I just haven't had much to say.

Pinkie looks... demented. More so than usual. :3

...And now I've got Pinkie Floyd running through my head. "Crazy...Toys in the attic..."

I can't believe I forgot to say: your quite welcome! :3
>> No. 109101
File 134002038481.jpg - (155.15KB , 605x848 , filly pinkie sketch.jpg )
I want to snuggle her so badly. I love her mane, too, it's just so playful and wild.. I will never draw Filly Pinkie differently, ever. :D

>Pinkie looks... demented. More so than usual.
she is high. on life
>> No. 109150
File 134005852027.jpg - (604.48KB , 753x1100 , platypusfighter - futa-twilight abend sfw.jpg )
>sfw edit

Because I liked the lighting, even though I am pretty sure I fucked it up.
>> No. 109175
i once said that i wanted was she was having, but that immediately made me have no life [to be high on]
>> No. 109183
Took me three times to understand the joke, but then I lol'd.

>> No. 109187
File 134012664863.jpg - (336.66KB , 490x696 , spoiler.jpg )
Sneak peek for a collage I am doing.

Humanized Fluttershy gets surprised.

Hope I don't get in trouble for this .___.
>> No. 109256
File 134023311080.jpg - (504.61KB , 1200x1000 , why does he yells at cats anyways.jpg )
>> No. 109277
One thing about light and shadow: the area of a given shade will vary depending on the shape of the object. Broad surfaces will have "wider" areas of light or shadow than sharply curved ones.

Looking at Twi's hind leg on the left (our left), even though the leg is broader toward the hoof the highlight stays the same width. The belly has a fairly narrow highlight, so there's no impression of roundness.

...I hope that makes some kind of sense.

For some reason, the ragged end of the hair just doesn't say "Fluttershy" to me. :/
>> No. 109317
File 134030075079.jpg - (541.21KB , 1600x900 , 5 no text.jpg )
pchan ate my reply?

>entire paragraph
>I hope that makes some kind of sense.
Yeah, I didn't know what I was doing there, because I just used to normal day lighting and moonlight from above ^^''

>For some reason, the ragged end of the hair just doesn't say "Fluttershy" to me. :/
Same reason as above. I can't into different hair styles. I try to make them long and flowing.
>> No. 109329
So... you still taking requests?
>> No. 109348
File 134032807672.jpg - (1.30MB , 1450x1450 , ear-scratching.jpg )
Animals love when you fondle the ears. Both of my cats melted away in my arms, everytime.

momo, the cat that died a year ago, was a real fan of it. She wanted me to scratch her ears forever and I did.


Actually no, I am trying to open commissions, but I am really really bad at organizing stuff. I just need a few examples, but I can't seem to make good stuff for it.
>> No. 109353
File 134033195906.png - (308.30KB , 945x945 , Idon\'teven.png )
Funny, my friend's cat hates having her ears touched. She flicks 'em away, and will bite you if you do it too much..

About those commissions. How much would they run?
>> No. 109383
File 134034652583.jpg - (332.71KB , 500x1120 , ah_do_it_more.jpg )
I had a cat like that also, I think she had ear mites or something.

this is my fetish.
>> No. 109405
File 134036818218.jpg - (496.48KB , 1450x1450 , ear-scratching sketch.jpg )
I'll figure the prices out in the next few days. I am so lazy >___< I just need the fucking prices... Bare with me pl0x.

>this is my fetish.
I am a fan of ponies enjoying things pets enjoy with human reactions... it's insta-d'aaaaw. :3
>> No. 109492
File 134040798254.jpg - (496.48KB , 1450x1450 , ear-scratching sketch.jpg )
I finally do done it. Or something.

And I also got a first interested pony on dA.

I hope everypony is as comfortable with these prices as I am.
>> No. 109493
File 134040817117.jpg - (1.20MB , 564x4604 , Commission.jpg )
The fuck. Ponychan got confused? @[email protected]

>THIS picture
>> No. 109497
>> No. 109530
File 134041724517.jpg - (1.20MB , 564x4604 , Commission.jpg )
Bah I messed everything up, now did I?
Let me start again:

Commissions are open!


You can either commission something here, per email, per dA note or per Skype.
>> No. 109758
Even better: A dA link
>> No. 109786
File 134058729104.jpg - (428.18KB , 800x1000 , discord humanized.jpg )
Everything makes sense now!!!
>> No. 109798
What currency do you accept?
Cause I'm thinking of asking for a flat...
I see you accept PayPal. Thats good.
>> No. 109801
File 134059198574.jpg - (156.83KB , 800x1000 , discord humanized sketch.jpg )
I'm from Germany.. Euros would be better, because Dollars are worth less than our currency. But I accept Dollars anyways.

I'd love to draw something for you, hit me.
>> No. 109905
File 134067466044.jpg - (153.99KB , 660x805 , police zebra 2.jpg )
The MLPG are all completely sane people.
>> No. 109986
File 134072878004.jpg - (2.27MB , 2000x1816 , Alex - Applejack in Lingerie dawn.jpg )

You two wanted commissions, right?

So, how about it?
>> No. 110003
File 134073374304.png - (23.85KB , 600x600 , Zate_biting_lip_s.png )
When I get some more money, maybe.
>> No. 110010
File 134074114751.jpg - (2.00MB , 2000x1816 , Alex - Applejack in Lingerie night.jpg )
That's alright ^^
>> No. 110186
File 134084354968.jpg - (619.66KB , 1800x1962 , discopie sketch 2.jpg )
The post where I advertised my stream did not go through, sadly.

I didn't get to finish it, but will do the next few days.
>> No. 110202
File 134085340238.jpg - (848.38KB , 1601x1918 , discopie.jpg )
nvm couldnt sleep finished it yay

brb dieing
>> No. 110412
File 134102370708.jpg - (454.90KB , 1000x1000 , anon - batman and pinkie.jpg )
Is this a Quadropost?
>> No. 110413
File 134102529025.png - (161.95KB , 500x466 , chaosmagic what.png )
seems so
>> No. 110642
File 134135438028.jpg - (395.81KB , 1000x1500 , surprise.jpg )

>post on tumblr
>first like and reblog from Zach
>made my day
>> No. 110644
File 134135498931.png - (73.04KB , 923x928 , chaosmagic smiles.png )
I also like surprise :3
>> No. 110999
I'm drawing and answering questions right now!!
>> No. 111181
File 134186870259.jpg - (345.09KB , 800x800 , pirates.jpg )
>> No. 111606
File 134224247857.jpg - (876.98KB , 1500x1500 , spoiler.jpg )
Delicious Appleplot!
>> No. 111833
File 134241675058.jpg - (866.96KB , 1671x909 , rarijack at the spa.jpg )
Why am I still here?
>> No. 111834
File 134241775869.png - (18.74KB , 600x600 , Zate_attentive.png )
Because we're still eagerly watching you art.
>> No. 111835
File 134241800599.jpg - (840.79KB , 1681x1195 , artblock - dash.jpg )
Then have more art.

It is always nice to see a reaction. It's sad tho, that I have to provoke you to get one.
>> No. 111836
File 134241840841.png - (23.85KB , 600x600 , Zate_biting_lip_s.png )
Sorry.. I've been taking a step back from most online things in the last few days. Got a question, though. Do.. You.. Have a Steam account? And if so, would you accept a game of equal value to the price of a commission instead of money?
>> No. 111843
Sorry I haven't been commenting... It's just that I haven't really seen anything noteworthy or mentionable to bring up.
>> No. 111844
File 134242332250.jpg - (1.01MB , 2500x1900 , Celestia sonne.jpg )
Everyone keeps asking me that >-<
Yes, I have a Steam Account. I use it to play TF2 when I feel like it.
No, I won't take games as payment.. I need the money in cash to buy me things I want. For example my voyage to my friends in a week, a new tablet and such things.
I am not even the biggest gamer anymore, like I was a few years ago.

Sooo... No, not really. But I don't get why people think this is a good compensation. Why don't you just give me the money, if you have enough money to buy me a game, you can just give me the money, or am I wrong here?
>> No. 111846
A non-gamer?

And here I thought I was the only one... fancy that.
>> No. 111882
Its because of the steam summer sale
people think buying a 20 dollar game for 5 dollars counts as 20 dollars when they try to trade it for something.
>> No. 111883
Actually, it's because it would be easier for me to buy a game on Steam than to actually transfer money to him.
>> No. 111955
File 134253092841.jpg - (288.61KB , 900x666 , jane_rangiert_jpg.jpg )
>dude on dA
>tells me Stallions don't have lpots
>because plot = female reproductive organ
>mine countenance whereupon

That'd make sense. I thought about something similar, with games that are free for a few days or coupons...

Okay, Example:
Big Rigs Over the Road Racing was 20 Bucks when it came out.
Search that mofo on youtube and you know why Games do not equal the money spent on it for me.

It is not.
If you really want, you can transfer the money directly to my bank accound, without paypal.
It's really simple though.
>> No. 111965
>dude on dA
>tells me Stallions don't have lpots
>because plot = female reproductive organ
Really. Could you tell that to people on tumblr, 'cuz people keep liking anything I do that has any Big Mac or Shining Armour plot at all.

It's kind of annoying.

And a little creepy.

>It's really simple though.
Not simple enough, apparently!

How about this: if he pays you with games, you send him a photo of a rock. That would be so much simpler than having to actually draw the commission! :D
>> No. 111969
How about this; I'm shit with online monetary transactions. I prefer cash; I barely even use a credit card. I -can- do this, but it'll take longer.

Don't be an flankhole. :D
>> No. 112003
File 134257800919.jpg - (886.16KB , 1400x1708 , punisher.jpg )
>Draw yourself as the protagonist of the last game you've played

Uhm. I raged against it. Stallions have plot. I'm confused..

And, well.. sex sells, I'm sorry. I draw other things, too, and they barely get any likes, but once I draw a picture where a pony is rubbing another pony kinda-sexually, 100 LIKES AND REBLOGS


How about this: Learn how to pay with online monetary transactions.

This is an insult to your intelligence! Even a 4 year old... No! A 4 year old DOES know how to use it, because here in germany he bought a car with it.
It's very simple, dude.
You can do this.
>> No. 112806
File 134315604719.jpg - (462.87KB , 1000x800 , 1.jpg )
im thinking about opening an ask blog.

It's gonna be about Applejack.
>> No. 112810
File 134315853194.png - (15.41KB , 900x900 , Zate_pop_up.png )
Oh? Got some kind of story in mind?
>> No. 112924
File 134322835823.jpg - (2.27MB , 2000x1816 , Alex - Applejack in Lingerie dawn.jpg )
Well, the picture already conveys a bit of story.

Gonna be like Applebuck Season, except noone has the time to help Applejack and she has no money to get herself assistance.

So because of that AND because of other shenanigans she overworks herself and becomes burned out.

That's the idea.
>> No. 113512
File 134385653850.jpg - (28.04KB , 230x251 , !!200.jpg )
>Victory Fanfare

Also, there is a picture online on my tumblr.. I can't even post the SFW version here, I presume, and I don't want to try. You know where to look.
>> No. 113513
File 134385749005.png - (212.87KB , 1314x1785 , 132401712701.png )
>> No. 113583
File 134398628287.jpg - (35.59KB , 825x494 , Double fun.jpg )
I would like to make a request of Fluttershy on top of Rainbow dash on a cloud. Your art is inspirational in a way to where it makes me want to paint with heavy shading and emotional scenes. I'm a fan.
>> No. 113782
File 134429313081.jpg - (12.19KB , 230x255 , !!300.jpg )

And then I even have to turn you down.. Sorry Dude, I am taking commissions and atm they are even closed, because I am too incompetent

I'm sorry. I'll overhaul my commissions (because skool) and then you can commission me, maybe. Or when I find the time and I feel like drawing fluttershy on top of rainbow dash on a cloud...

I never thought being an artist meant having this much fucking responsibility.. I HATE IT. >_<
I have to turn people down with legitimate good ideas, because I have commissions open and other people might take offense to me doing your request before their commissions..

And now it's itching in my fingers... aaah.. That's a good idea.

Why the fuck did I always get no requests or shitty requests when I had my requests open?
Oh draw my OC. that was basically it That and porn
But now that Requests are closed, you come along with a really cute idea and I can't DO it because you TOLD ME to do it...

It makes no sense and it's pissing me off.
I'm glad you like my art. <3

>get 100 followers over the span of 6 days
>strangely not that happy about that
>> No. 113784
File 134429456772.jpg - (107.43KB , 512x384 , si03img05[1].jpg )
Haha its okay. I didn't mean for it to be a direct command. I had too many request piling up in my thread, i had to leave it until i worked up some momentum to do more ponies on paper. I've been doing shirts for local Brony Friends. Until someone wanted me to do their truely emotional oc, it sparked so many ideas, i had to at least do one of those ideas. And then another request came, and it required some creativity to complete.

I hope this doesn't sound like I'm forcing you to you limit, but if you like the idea a whole lot, by all means do it as your own art piece, and just post it here. don't do it like its just another request. i know how that feels, and its stressing. i know.

This is a long read i guess, but I was agonizing to write about something.
>> No. 114344
File 134506258234.jpg - (696.22KB , 1500x1100 , FLUTTERDASH.jpg )


Don't tell anyone.
>> No. 114345
File 134506263360.png - (19.42KB , 600x600 , Zate_shout_s.png )
>> No. 114347
File 134506385820.jpg - (256.52KB , 1000x1200 , drunkie pie.jpg )
>Distraction maneuver with drunk pinkie
>> No. 114348
File 134506543397.png - (20.10KB , 600x600 , Zate_tongue_s.png )
>Too late! I already saw that, and linked it to a big fan of Pinkie Pie.
>> No. 114349
File 134506556087.jpg - (689.57KB , 1439x900 , Videogames sfw.jpg )
How bout this, then.

Again, don't tell anyone that I posted this here.
>> No. 114350
File 134506625720.png - (39.66KB , 600x600 , Zate_scrunchyface.png )
Of course not!
>> No. 114352
*saved* thats amazing! i like how the RD and Flttrshy pic and your post relate to the Ponyville Confidential episode.
>> No. 114356
wait.. what?
>> No. 114419
File 134512981730.jpg - (742.57KB , 1000x1442 , pinkamina.jpg )
>> No. 114457
idk, but it reminds me of the episode where Dashie is ashamed that her "soft side"gets to the Ponyville confidential. and the pic you did makes her to where nopony can document her "soft side" because shes on a clound and not in ponyville
>> No. 114468
oh, that makes sense :D
>> No. 114716
File 134558560831.jpg - (315.35KB , 1038x1412 , gangstershy.jpg )
>> No. 115049
File 134598992277.jpg - (661.98KB , 2000x2000 , Kalas - Wendigo.jpg )
Windigos are awesomely awesome creatures.
>> No. 115055
File 134600058587.png - (19.42KB , 600x600 , Zate_shout_s.png )
Yes, but they're eeevil.
>> No. 115056
File 134600142133.jpg - (897.17KB , 2000x2500 , spoiler.jpg )
Not as evil as me.
>> No. 115057
File 134600164657.png - (18.74KB , 600x600 , Zate_attentive.png )
Oh dear. What did she do to get handcuffed?
>> No. 115058
File 134600198721.jpg - (661.55KB , 1354x1741 , spoiler.jpg )
She had special needs. That, and the fact, that she went out with someone who is like me.
Don't worry, it's all consensual.

If this is too much of inappropriate content, I am sorry. I don't know how far the boundaries reach. If this is too much, inform me and I'll delete it.
>> No. 115060
..Oh my. :v
>> No. 115062
File 134600499656.jpg - (199.42KB , 605x848 , filly pinkie.jpg )

I can't quit Pinkie Pie. She's amazing.
>> No. 115063
Indeed she is..
>Question! What program do you draw these in? And with what tablet? I'm trying to get into digital art myself, again.. And I am a bit under-equipped and under-skilled at the moment.
>> No. 115064
File 134600572346.jpg - (256.52KB , 1000x1200 , drunkie pie.jpg )
I use Paint Tool Sai. You can get that for free.

Also, I use a shitty graphics tablet from Aiptek. Wouldn't recommend that. If possible, get yourself a wacom bamboo, those are pretty good and rather cheap.

But it's not neccesarily about the tablet or the program. Of course, different programs give you different advantages, and different tablets are more or less precise, but in the end it is about you being a kick-flank-artist, that makes your pictures good.
>> No. 115067
SAI? Yeah, that's what I thought.. And I've actually got a Bamboo. I am just, as I said, woefully unskilled in using it.

Heh, I try to be a kick-flank artist.. Sketching comes easier on some days than others, though. :/
>> No. 115070
File 134600781510.jpg - (153.24KB , 695x631 , F3nning.jpg )
That's normal. To be creative has the side effect, that you stop being creative. Then you have to stop being creative to be creative again.
You can compare it to drug withdrawal. It's very similar.

How your picture looks at the end depends on your mindset.

Just continue to sketch. It really is one of those things, that just come to you after time.
>> No. 115071
I've been sketching this whole time, actually.. In between lives in TF2. I drew a crazy hobo pony.
>> No. 115072
Hm. It gives you a time limit, which will improve your skill at speed drawing. Keep doing that. Drawing is an individual process... It's different for everypony.

>> No. 115073
Indeed! And ooh. I'll be in there in a sec. :3
>> No. 115200
File 134628129610.jpg - (406.68KB , 1200x450 , poni1.jpg )
These two pictures...
>> No. 115201
File 134628139077.jpg - (217.01KB , 1200x450 , poni2.jpg )
have a hidden meaning, if you compare them. It has to do with ponies. I'm not that good with secret meanings at this time, so it's kinda obscured, but maybe you can find out.
>> No. 115202
File 134628145668.png - (18.83KB , 216x216 , Sandalwood_14.png )
Ah, these. Creepy cute.


>> No. 115203
File 134628147319.jpg - (345.96KB , 800x1000 , spoiler.jpg )
Oh and also, they are up to your personal interpretation, too.
But all I'm saying is, I had a thought process when drawing this.

>more saucy dashie
>> No. 115205
File 134628169718.png - (25.05KB , 600x600 , Zate_unicorn_hat_c.png )
>Just noticed what your tripcode is
>I don't even
>> No. 115206
It's a "donation" from a friend :D Describes me pretty well, tho.
>> No. 115207
File 134628228645.png - (236.54KB , 640x480 , FINALLY.png )
Hah. I'd ask how you got away with using it, but I think I've seen 'worse'.

What pic was that?
>> No. 115208
File 134628423201.jpg - (237.80KB , 850x1000 , arakay2.jpg )
The one from >>115203

I usually only "inhabit" the deutschthread, and there, noone gives a fuck about my trip.
>> No. 115209
File 134628438517.png - (24.42KB , 251x233 , Screen shot 2012-04-02 at 11_55_19 PM.png )
Deutschthread? ..Germanthread? Do you all hang out and speak German together?
>> No. 115210
File 134628535453.jpg - (243.05KB , 666x666 , tumblr_m4jlo7fmPd1r20awmo1_1280.jpg )
Yeah.. on /int/. We have our own little community there.

Deutschthread, in my opinion, is way better than the alternative, That site is just full of underaged bandwagon jumpers, who have no idea how to be subtle about being a ponyfan. They are the type of bronies, who believe in a "brony honor code" of "love and tolerance", spam everything with ponies, want to "turn" everypony and condemn rule34. Basically, the exact type of people I can't stand.

Also the website has the name bronies unchangeably in it, which most of us are not okay with. I technically couldn't care less, of course, but even I am more comfortable in these times by sticking to the adjective "ponyfan".

Plus, Ponies without imageboards? Seriously?

But enough incoherent rambling about sites you don't give a shit about. I'mma go to bed now. Cya. :3
>> No. 115212
File 134628569288.jpg - (208.86KB , 800x800 , stream commission example.jpg )
Oh, yeah, before I forget. To anyone who is reading this:
On Saturday, this week, I will make a commission stream. Gonna be 7 bucks for a commission, + 4 per additional character. Kinda stole the idea from Jitters, but who cares, why re-invent he wheel?

I'm gonna drop a message here with the link to my stream, and then you can send me moneys over paypal and I will draw. I'll try to draw the whole day, so you can just pop in and give me a commission.

Will look something like

Ok, Gone now.
>> No. 115214
File 134628578716.png - (24.30KB , 239x223 , Screen shot 2012-04-02 at 11_29_53 PM.png )
>I make no preference; Whether I'm a pony-fan or a brony, I'm also a furry and a Christian and etc.. No reason to inject any of that into everything, or shove it down people's throats.
>I'd also probably give it a look, if I could speak more than a few words of German. :P

Nighty night! Sleep well. :)
>> No. 115227
Your work looks amazing! I'd love to see more, and I may just drop in the commission stream just to see you create some pieces.

Also, I'm going to share some artwork of yours to a friend of mine on deviantArt, if you don't mind. I'm sure you'll gain another watch soon. He used to be a regular here.
>> No. 115236
File 134631272398.jpg - (315.35KB , 1038x1412 , gangstershy.jpg )
Thanks, dude, i appreciate the help!
>> No. 115276
File 134644398029.jpg - (391.01KB , 800x800 , afterdark cmc follow2.jpg )
The CMC check out something naughty on the ponynet :>
>> No. 115297
File 134651047608.jpg - (256.52KB , 1000x1200 , drunkie pie.jpg )
Commission stream will start in a few!
>> No. 115335
File 134658146315.jpg - (0.98MB , 2000x2000 , jane x screwloose.jpg )
Stream was fun.
>> No. 115336
File 134658161072.jpg - (398.64KB , 1000x800 , doctor x derpy.jpg )
took on three commissions.I thought it would be more, but there was almost noone in my stream.
Ah screw it.
>> No. 115338
File 134658537986.png - (155.17KB , 1935x1271 , Chrysocolla_what_do_you_mean_OUT.png )
Sorry about that, by the way.. I'd meant to come in, but you'd already started hours ago by the time I woke up, and then I had a dentist appointment.
>> No. 115339
File 134658974279.jpg - (897.97KB , 2000x2200 , monsters.jpg )
Oh, that's completely ok. I just thought there would be more going on. It seems like I have less people interested in me than I thought.

Have a wip.
>> No. 115341
File 134659024180.jpg - (35.12KB , 819x662 , 656453.jpg )
nice wip
and it really sucks hat are not more ppl are
interested in your art T_T
>> No. 115342
>> No. 115343
File 134659188086.jpg - (1.52MB , 2000x2200 , monsters.jpg )
yes. It's basically vent art about my latest realizations about life.
>> No. 115344
File 134660575078.png - (236.54KB , 640x480 , FINALLY.png )
What realizations are those? And will there be more panels?
>> No. 115345
File 134660628072.jpg - (594.05KB , 900x990 , monsters.jpg )
It's finished now.

That there are monsters in everyday life. Behind you in the bus, next to you in school, above you in your job, below you in your job..
These are monsters, they just look human. They do these inhuman things, where you scratch your head and fail to understand.

And Pinkie is explaining how to deal with them.
>> No. 115346
File 134660713407.png - (740.02KB , 4161x2663 , SpessComp.png )
Friendship and nose-booping? I can get behind that.
>> No. 115347
File 134660793262.gif - (625.87KB , 720x405 , pony nuzzle.gif )
Nose booping is just the cutest thing ever.

And yeah, she's protecting Twilight through her friendship/laughter from the monsters. Maybe a bit cheesy, but whatever :3
>> No. 115348
Very cute, indeed!
>And then I saved that.
>> No. 115350
File 134661526141.jpg - (1.69MB , 2500x2500 , spoiler.jpg )
Now for something less cute.
>> No. 115575
File 134705363306.png - (353.17KB , 2460x3624 , Darkly by Prince Bluelolz.png )

Just thought I would drop in this once on Pchan to see how things are. Keep up the good work! ;3
>> No. 115717
File 134725555448.jpg - (383.71KB , 800x1144 , spoiler.jpg )
rather good. I'll be gone for a week, tho. Starting now :)
>> No. 125397
File 137536251652.jpg - (463.80KB , 2000x2000 , sketchysketch.jpg )
Just gonna bump this here thread again for the heck of it
>> No. 125400
File 137539410104.gif - (9.08KB , 600x450 , story439b.gif )
Oh wow, you're still alive!

I lost track of you when your tumblr disappeared. How are ye?
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