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File 133854094746.jpg - (2.21MB , 3000x3000 , style guide.jpg )
107330 No. 107330
Because I am not a one trick pony (ba-dum-tish) requests in my old thread got sort of confusing so I decided a new thread with a more detailed OP was in order.

The picture to the left is a guide to what I can do, but what I can do is not limited to what is shown, if there is something you want that's in between it can be discussed, don't hesitate to ask! Now, like in my first thread I am doing 100% free drawings for people but I will be leaving a donation link. I am an unemployed college student, and I really enjoy doing this for you guys.. but my tablet nibs are all going to die sooner or later and it would really help me out a lot. Though, for those that donate their drawing auto goes to the top of the list and done ASAP, I don't play around when it comes to money, the only thing that would trump it would be school work. If you have no money to give and you feel bad for asking for a drawing (don't ever feel this way, srsly) I would love love love a drawing of my OC Jest, I'm making a collection! She is the pink and purple unicorn in my style guide.

Along with donations, I will also be selling custom pony paintings. The details will need to be worked out between you and me and the slots will be very limited but I will keep a wait list. To discuss prices and things you can either catch me here or email me. But it will basically be the cost of supplies and the complexity and size of what you want and the cost of shipping, a minimum of $20

Here are some rules for things I will not draw:
Sexualized ponys
anything fetish related

That's pretty much it... I just don't like the sexualizaton of ponys and will not take part in it!

I hope to continue making some awesome art for you guys~ Also, sometimes I need a break for various reasons, please read my last post in the thread as well, if I'm on break it will be noted in that post!

Donation link:
Deviant Art:
Pony Ask Tumblr: (should start soon, if all goes to plan)

Also, please let my old thread die, thanks <3
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>> No. 107404
>> No. 107406
File 133859404730.png - (19.38KB , 830x650 , myPony.png )
Wow! This is some kewl stuff.

Well, I'll guess I'll be the one to make the first request.

All I request is Discord these days, so I'm still continuing the tradition. I was thinking I could get this OC, and Discord? I'll let you have complete freedom with what you do with it.

I'd perfer it vectored, but whatever is easiest for you.
>> No. 109640
File 134051143365.png - (57.28KB , 909x754 , disocnoref.png )
Sorry it took so long! I got sick and then fell behind on school D:

For waiting so long I totally will vector this if you are still around. To be honest I really hate vectoring Discord cause he is sooo many colours XD. I didn't auto vector it cause its a lot of work for something that you may not be able to enjoy! So let me know~

This is an extremely rough sketch, just FYI for anypony popping in. I do these when I'm going to do a vector drawing just so I have a guide.
>> No. 109656
File 134051874579.png - (172.86KB , 385x262 , dramaponyrequest.png )
Are you the person that I drew this for...?

If so, um, would you please be willing to do a vector of my OC, Cinders? I can give you some reference pictures if you want to vector her.

Thank you! <3
>> No. 109657
Yep~ That's my Jest! And sure! Just need some reference ^^
>> No. 109659
File 134051925127.png - (346.24KB , 516x497 , ponyoccolored1 copy.png )
Awesome! It's cool to see you again, by the way. xD

Would this pic work, or would you like a more comprehensive reference sheet? if it's the latter, you'll have to wait a day or so, because I still don't have one for her. -3-
>> No. 109660
Its good to be back!

Naw, that should be fine. As long as you don't mind me eye dropping colours. Looks like the cutie mark is a red diamond?
>> No. 109662
File 134052055279.png - (46.34KB , 155x167 , IAMSOHAPPY.png )
Woohoo! Yeah, the cutie mark is a diamond; it's just very poorly colored in that picture. P:

I seriously need to go to bed now, so, thank you again! <3
>> No. 109694
File 134055715233.png - (485.51KB , 1838x754 , foxtrottsketch.png )
Here is the sketch, I'll hold off on the vectoring for an hour or so to see if you have any objections :D that and I think I need some coffee
>> No. 109720
File 134056329211.gif - (2.69KB , 106x96 , dusty_stand_right.gif )
I have always wanted my OC done by somepony who can actually draw! I was wondering if you can do him. I chose this file and not the pony creator image I have of him because I like his mane and tail length about like this. If you can do it that would be possibly one of the coolest things ever!
>> No. 109727
File 134056460849.png - (31.83KB , 300x300 , OC.png )
Heres the pony creator, anyway.
>> No. 109730
How would you like it?
>> No. 109753
Ah! Sorry, I managed to sleep in til noon today... but, no objections here! That's an adorable sketch! >u<
>> No. 109757
Just kid of glancing smiling at you. That would be really cool.
>> No. 109759
File 134057213316.jpg - (44.37KB , 200x200 , 133854094746s.jpg )
kind of like the drawing in the upper right.
>> No. 109760
File 134057288302.png - (305.90KB , 3000x3000 , foxtrottvector-01.png )
Done :3! Just curious, why doesn't she have ears?
>> No. 109761
So you want the bold black outlines kind of vector?
>> No. 109765
File 134057395362.png - (46.34KB , 155x167 , IAMSOHAPPY.png )
Ahhhh my gooooshhhh that's amazing! 83 Thank you, thank you, so much!

The excuse is that she just has really big hair, but it's actually a mistake. x3; It's really a design error I made when I was first creating her; at the time, I didn't realize most ponies have ears showing in front of their manes, so I "hid" them underneath her mane. The excuse is that she just has really big hair, but it's actually a mistake. x3;
>> No. 109767
Haha, no problem~ Glad you like it
>> No. 109788
Absolutely! Sorry I didn't respond earlier.
>> No. 109795
File 134059128635.png - (31.59KB , 384x396 , marblesunrise.png )
Hi! I'd like to make a request for my oc, Marble Sunrise. I'd prefer it in the upper-right style on your style guide, but whichever is easiest for you.
Thanks ^^.
>> No. 109912
File 134067764645.png - (212.46KB , 1968x2240 , Dusty the Mechanic vector.png )
Hope you like it :3
>> No. 109925
Very nice, thanks!
>> No. 110006
File 134073829441.jpg - (87.36KB , 1024x1024 , New Canvas.jpg )
Hey, these are awesome! i wanted to know if maybe you could do my OC :)? maybe in hand painted to mix things up a bit? but a vector would be cool to , so either works.
>> No. 110071
I'm charging for hand painted, but a vector is no problem :)

If you are interested in the hand painted though, read up on it in the OP and then shoot me an email :D
>> No. 110207

I haven't been in Ponychan forever, and I'm happy to come back to this.

I don't want to bother you about it too much, but if you ever get the time, I would love it vectorized.
>> No. 110551
File 134124032747.png - (318.40KB , 2555x2213 , OC Guide3.png )
Could you please draw my OC, Four Block
>> No. 110571
File 134127059081.png - (1.10MB , 563x1313 , Touhorse 7.png )
Right, I have a rather absurd (ie AWESOME) request for you. I humbly request that you ponify the character Enjolras from Les Miserables, in full get-up and with his cutie mark being the red flag of rebellion ^o^

Now I've done my research and there are already a few pony Enjolras', however none are in epic-fied battle stance! Specifically, in the same pose as Alice in the accompanying picture (if you don't know which one is Alice, she's the blonde surrounded by dolls).

So yeah, Enjolras in that pose, rifle raised high, before a massive fiery barricade of freedom, looking to bring about the dawn of a new world in the most violent way imaginable! (and dying shortly after without accomplishing much X( )

If you have any questions, feel free to ask. Also feel free to reject, cuz it is absurd. (Also if we're going with renditions I say go with the 25th anniversary musical version, cuz he's smexy @[email protected])
>> No. 110572

Oh, forgot to mention: I would like it done Vectored, all professional-looking style. 'Preciate it ;)
>> No. 110786
Well, crap. I wonder off for a bit and suddenly I'm backlogged! XD

Some more reference would be nice... I honestly don't know what you're really talking about but I'd like to give it a try

Huh, never heard of that game but it sounds crazy awesome, I'll give it a shot... I'll do it vectored if you really want it that way, but I think the theme is better suited towards a more painted in photoshop sorta thing. In the end it's your call
>> No. 111763
File 134234339464.png - (348.97KB , 3320x2600 , hiResPony (2).png )
If you have some spare time could you draw my OC with a top hat and a joker card over the brim of the hat? And if it could be done without hiding his horn that would be awesome.
>> No. 111770
Oh yeah, please do a vector version of him. Forgot to ask for that earlier.
>> No. 111771
...and if you dont mind, would you give him a pet changeling?
>> No. 111822
No problem, I trying to free up some time to do my request backlog, my class load isn't as crazy as I thought it would be so I should be okay to start back up this week
>> No. 112103
File 134265842878.png - (79.19KB , 403x527 , I am happy, dont make me mad.png )
If you have anymore time, could you draw my OC Snow Frost surrounded by ICe?
Yes, he is disturbing close to vinyl
I know >.>
>> No. 112738
File 134311020566.png - (59.15KB , 1404x486 , marble sunrise.png )
Whooo~ I'm back!

Here is the sketch for yours, prolly will be vectored before you see this but I wanted to post it anyway
>> No. 112753
File 134311998278.png - (272.74KB , 2687x1526 , marble sunrise vector.png )
Annnd done!
>> No. 112816
If you dont have my pic ready yet could you leave the pet changeling out? Thanks already.
>> No. 112900
File 134320875549.jpg - (41.62KB , 400x456 , Jest.jpg )
>> No. 112926
Woah, awesome! Thanks!
>> No. 113015

Omg thank youu <3. It's gorgeous~
>> No. 113027
File 134332825314.png - (24.95KB , 350x314 , Stand.png )
Gonna stick my proverbial hoof in here and request art for my OC, if you would be so generous? would be very grateful!
>> No. 113028
File 134332829194.jpg - (28.54KB , 679x506 , Vagrant.jpg )
Part two, another artists take on it, which I love.
>> No. 113243
File 134352868126.png - (1.84MB , 1236x1500 , badass derpy.png )
If there is any way that you could find time for a request it would be greatly appreciated. I would like my character, Archer, done in battle pose, like this. But take in mind that he's a stallion, and that is very advanced armor, so make it look cool.

If you are willing to do this for me, then please send me a reply indicating that you are available, and I would be happy to donate some money. I just need to know that you are active.

So here is the pose.
>> No. 113244
File 134352883352.png - (688.96KB , 1467x1475 , Archer Battle Armor no helmet full version.png )

And here is Archer. Also, if his teeth are showing, keep in mind that he is an omnivore, so he has sharp canines. (Archer is a sort of alien but that's besides the point)

Like I said, soon as you reply letting me know that you are available, I'll send some money your way. I am happy to support artists.
>> No. 113251
Soonest I will be for sure free is Tuesday. School work has me a bit swamped this weekend and my head has been elsewhere.. Though I do really need something to distract myself until the applications for the Disney College Program go up..
>> No. 113252

Say no more, I understand completely. School comes first, that much is true. Whenever you get time though, I would love for you to start in on maybe getting something for Mr. Archie. Thank you sir.
>> No. 113253
What style do you want it in? I'm not getting a lot done right now and kinda wanna draw some
>> No. 113254

And I sent a donation your way good sir. I wish you success in your school work.

And if I didn't make it clear, I want this to be a vectored image. Thank you very much.
>> No. 113255
Haha, I'm no sir XD Thanks though~ I'll have a rough sketch in a bit if you're gonna stick around.. hell, I can stream it if you like. You're paying so I'd like as much input as you want to give for it.
>> No. 113256

Sure. Send me a link. And I sent that much because I felt that would buy a little something for your art stuffs.

And sorry, I assume then that you are a madame?
>> No. 113257
Haha, yes, lemme set up
>> No. 113258

Alrighty I'm ready and waiting.
>> No. 113260
File 134354173559.png - (168.27KB , 696x644 , hoofblade example.png )
obviously it would be drawn much better but like this
>> No. 113265
File 134355046277.png - (559.04KB , 3351x2897 , archer vectore transparent.png )
>> No. 113266
File 134355049470.png - (506.39KB , 3351x2897 , archer vectore.png )
>> No. 113267
That was a fun stream. Thanks =)
>> No. 113268
welcome ^^
>> No. 113269
File 134355118700.gif - (406.30KB , 500x281 , OMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMGOMG.gif )



>Pulls on his shirt, readjusting it.

Ahem, right then. Thank you so much for the drawing, it is spectacular. As I said in the stream, if you ever feel like it, you can read the threads that Archer is involved in, and you can see the guy you drew come to life :)

Thank you so much for your wonderful artwork and I wish you the best with your Disney College thing.

>> No. 113715
Hi. Would you be so kind as to take on drawing my OC? His coat is silvery grey, his mane is kind of like Vinyl's hair, in the way he keeps it, and it's a dark grey, with a tinge of red at the tips. He's a pegasus, and his cutey mark is a broken speedometer. I would love it if you could.
>> No. 113982
File 134452161884.jpg - (49.42KB , 365x450 , Ahahaha.jpg )
Hey would you mind drawing me a pic of Scootaloo laughing hysterically/dramatically? Maybe something along the lines of this? Thanks in advance.
>> No. 113999
If your still up for taking request, could my OC be drawn with a bored expression and with a speech bubble saying "Mondays.." and (if it's not too much) still in his shirt and vest?
>> No. 114000
File 134454010688.png - (558.37KB , 792x768 , Florid.png )
Heres the ref pic
>> No. 114074
File 134462457875.png - (171.91KB , 339x323 , 134230138909.png )
Could I maybe get better version of this pelase?
>> No. 117325
Will you draw non-pony OC's?
>> No. 117327
You probably won't be getting an answer, sorry... OP hasn't posted since July, and hasn't replied to any of the requests posted since then.
>> No. 117517
Ah. Okay then.
>> No. 117785
I really like the style of drawing in the Adobe Illustrator and Digital Sketch (photoshop) I was wondering if you could draw my OC in that style. I'd really appreciate it if you get the time. I'd also maybe like him to be in a different position or pose :) Thanks
>> No. 117786
File 135171625568.jpg - (35.69KB , 479x476 , Backstory.jpg )
And my mistake, I forgot to add the picture xD Here it is
>> No. 117807
>> No. 117870
File 135200090540.jpg - (210.31KB , 1385x1673 , Spotlight full.jpg )
hi, i was wondering if you were able to design a cutiemark fo my OC Spotlight. pic related. his special
talent is performing and i was thinking of a spotlight like his namesake.
>> No. 117871
sorry didn't see that post whitefox
>> No. 128200
Comedy and tragedy masks.For the cutie markless pony.

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