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File 133884071014.jpg - (212.99KB , 750x750 , Flutterpony.jpg )
107732 No. 107732
Quickly my fillies, I am bored and request an OC to draw a black'n white lineart to

Post your delicious ponies here

Might keep this thread up to do more if people like what they see
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>> No. 108471
By celestia, I still have no idea of the flutterpony origin!
>> No. 108493
File 133942557603.jpg - (667.10KB , 1280x768 , LivestreamPost.jpg )
Fillies and cloppers, givin livestream yet another try!
>> No. 108534
File 133945980496.jpg - (0.95MB , 1500x1500 , Pinkiehandstandblurred.jpg )
My latest piece, new lighting technique tryout, what'ca think? I think Pinkie is best pony and deserves all the internet
>> No. 108545
File 133947003796.jpg - (64.55KB , 640x800 , Cotton Candy Tail.jpg )
>Pinkie is best pony and deserves all the internet
You, sir, win a cookie. And infinite cake.

>what'cha think?
Ooh, yeah, I like. Perhaps because Pinkie Pie bias, but I like.

PS: I found out that, due to addons or something, I dunno, when I hover my mouse over an image and press the S key on my keyboard, it saves an image automatically. My Downloads folder now has about 18 copies of that Pinkie Pie image.
>> No. 108567
Pie for everypony!
and I dunno what addon you have but I need it. got the Chrome addon thingy but can't seem to work for me
>> No. 108570
The lighting seems arbitrary. The shadows look more like they're following the contours of a two dimensional shape, rather than falling on a three dimensional volume. The highlight on the leg and the larger one on the hair seem implausibly long.

...I should note that I'm a curmudgeonly old fart when it comes to rendering. I'm probably not the best person to ask about stylized or cartoony lighting. :<

Also: I think Celestia is best pony.
I'm probably the only one in all the bronyhood that does, too.
>> No. 108575
Might be a combination of PonyUpZ, Hover Zoom, and maybe one of the 4chan things I hardly use. Probably Hover Zoom, though.
>> No. 108588
File 133951314271.jpg - (667.10KB , 1280x768 , LivestreamPost.jpg )
Come join us again!
We'll rock your plots
>> No. 108649

Yo Dino. I popped in here not too long ago and made this request. It would appear that you have skipped over it.

I don't mean to pry, just giving a friendly reminder. Stuff happens and you forget things, I'm sure. Like I said, just a reminder.
>> No. 108768
File 133967225453.jpg - (667.10KB , 1280x768 , LivestreamPost.jpg )

Back up! Come join you lazy ponies
>> No. 108813
File 133971547684.png - (96.79KB , 282x270 , Scootaloo - 263.png )
Hey Dino, I don't mean to pester but did you ever get around to doing my OC?
>> No. 108814
File 133971547976.jpg - (0.98MB , 1489x1418 , Rainbowballooncolored.jpg )

And also to all who awaits request, working on my exam for 3 more days so I may not work as quickly during this time. But after this I'm free you sons of fillies!
>> No. 108815
wow, reply on the minute, please look at my post, I actually have a WIP going on, but I still need you to explain his facial expression :P
>> No. 108817
File 133971723278.png - (13.81KB , 640x361 , noxwaiting.png )

Ah, exams. A time for dread, aren't they? Then again, mine are over and done with.

Here, have a bagel.

Anyway, a request: I have two OCs. Twins, might I add.

Tick and Tock, brother and sister watchmakers.

If you would like, I can post more details, but that's all I have for now.
>> No. 108851
Do post
>> No. 108852
File 133976977793.jpg - (30.52KB , 394x394 , 2982270333_1_9_JDPrkwYC.jpg )

Tick and Tock share similar designs in terms of color scheme. They both take the scheme of Doctor Whooves except Tock's cutie mark (the female twin) is a clock face (not a clock, just the hands and a transparent face)

Tick and Tock both have (somewhat) tribal clock designs on their faces. The picture I've posted is what it should be: the second and minute hands of the clock coming out of each eye like a tattoo, one pointing down and the other pointing up. (It's better if you look at the picture. Specific things tend to be a bit tedious)

And that's about it.

Thank you for your time
>> No. 108853

1 male twin (Tick)
-Colors like Doctor whooves
-Tribal Clock tattoo
-Cutie Mark?
-Mane shape?
-Other features?

1 female twin (tock)
-Doctor Whooves colors
-Clock head cutie mark
-Tribal clock tattoo
-Mane shape?
-Other features?

^^' sorry if I'm naggy, I just like doing them as alike as possible
>> No. 108856
File 133977098042.png - (13.81KB , 640x361 , noxwaiting.png )

1 male twin (Tick)
-Colors like Doctor whooves
-Tribal Clock tattoo
-Earth pony

1 female twin (tock)
-Doctor Whooves colors
-Clock head cutie mark
-Tribal clock tattoo
-Earth pony

Both are inventors, and because of their jobs they have created devices that allow them to manipulate excruciatingly small objects.

As such, they each have a mechanical cuff around one of their fore-legs that functions much like a Swiss Army Knife. It has a trio of clawed appendages that can retract from the device and is functions by mental and vocal commands, along with various other tools built into it.

Any other info you need, just let me know.
>> No. 108866
File 133979771697.png - (25.18KB , 379x379 , Dusk Facade.png )
Could you draw Dusk Facade?
>> No. 108867
File 133979797197.png - (21.85KB , 332x420 , s9579245864373221 - Copy.png )
I'll just drop my OC by here and see if you can draw him.
>> No. 108903
File 133980594289.jpg - (667.10KB , 1280x768 , LivestreamPost.jpg )
Anyhoof! Livestream back up! come and nag me to get in front line cause I've screwed up my system and allow corruption through persuading chats. No srsly, I put those who are online first!
>> No. 108920
File 133981459033.jpg - (15.10KB , 403x306 , Muse Scratch.jpg )
Can you draw me? I'm a filly so, I really can't draw me.
>> No. 108991
File 133989333373.png - (13.81KB , 640x361 , noxwaiting.png )

No livestream tonight?
>> No. 109050
Could you please do my OC if you are still doing requests.
>> No. 109051
File 133996790117.png - (318.40KB , 2555x2213 , OC Guide3.png )
Derp, forgot pic/link
>> No. 109068
File 133998268555.jpg - (13.61KB , 285x357 , north pony.jpg )
Had to dig to find it again....
>> No. 110109
File 134081389455.jpg - (29.44KB , 311x417 , 423769_310942048968838_1284038972_n.jpg )
> my OC
>> No. 110523
Holy hand grenade! I forgot your request, let me make it up to you please, I have improved alot since then. Let me do you the art!
>> No. 110527
File 134119694450.png - (834.38KB , 900x1671 , sacri_by_gueuzav-dfm6u4.png )

Oh, okay. Been a while since you've posted here, hasn't it?
>> No. 110529
Very observant. It has been a while yes. And I will be going on a vacation to italy tomorrow and onwards for a week. But I promise youre on top of my list of what to do when I return.
>> No. 110531
File 134120385995.png - (120.61KB , 441x238 , noxbowdown.png )

Have fun in Italy.
>> No. 110532
I will, and I will also bring along pen and paper to begin planning your artsies
>> No. 110533
File 134120474313.jpg - (18.03KB , 640x358 , noxstare.jpg )

Heh. Well alrighty then. Tick and Tock are my personal OCs, so I can't wait to see what you come up with.
>> No. 110566
File 134126399028.png - (31.83KB , 300x300 , OC.png )
Just throwing it out there :p. Any which way you wanna do him.
>> No. 110611
File 134130423751.png - (48.42KB , 819x565 , My pony.png )
Hay! I really like your work, and I would just love it if you could do something with my pony: Roaming. Heres a bit of info

His name is Roaming, or Roamin'.His cutie mark is a arrow. He likes racing in the rain, and in his spare time he likes to write. He also is very curious and adventurous but he is also easily distracted.. He is very honest and will say what needs to be said, and sometimes says inappropriate things.He lives in Cloudsdale but doesn't spend much time indoors, he usually just explores Everfree and and sits on the clouds watching the other ponies and writing. He doesn't really have any friends he is usually a bit socially awkward. Thanks. Cant wait to see what you can do. Thanks again :3

Love your work! byeeeee
>> No. 110821
Alright man, enjoying Italy and is getting around to sketch your ponies now. Only problem is the claw thing on their foot... Could you explain a bit closer or show me some reference pictures if there is any?
>> No. 111014

Since I'm a writer, I have no such pictures to show you. However, I can explain it in detail.

Sorry about the late reply. 4th of July vacation.

The 'claw' is really just retractable appendages that come out of a bracelet-like mechanism around one of their forelegs. You can think of it like the Pip-boy from Fallout 3, but without a screen. In its place is a small white crystal.

Any other questions, feel free to ask.
>> No. 111054
Alrighty I'll see what can be done, and I'll send you finished sketches once I return home for you to make any minor ajustments and such
>> No. 111081
File 134177004863.jpg - (33.18KB , 640x480 , 22.jpg )
Think you could draw this guy, but as a pony?

Cutie mark being that flame symbol on his chest.
>> No. 111498
File 134213933413.jpg - (1.29MB , 1500x1500 , steamy.jpg )

here is a really plain sketch as I seem to be having some art block problems these days. But tell me if anything is far off and I'll correct it before I send you more detailed sketch
>> No. 111504
File 134214619216.png - (19.23KB , 509x462 , Ivy Emoheart.png )
Take your time
>> No. 111521

Now that I think about it, Tock's hairstyle should be more like Lyra's. And you don't have to have the claws protruding from the device. It can just be the device.
>> No. 111550
Draw Princess Celestia if you still accept requests :3
>> No. 111552
Alrighty. i will go to a cabin for the following 5 days so I will be without internet but bring along my tablet and such. See you then with more results
>> No. 112650
aaaand I suck.. wow I never deliver on time. Doing the steamy ones now. Cause I still love them designs
>> No. 112670

Steamy ones?
>> No. 112795
That'd be yours
>> No. 123349
File 136919736315.png - (119.07KB , 817x910 , __free___baggie_pack_by_sayaart-d64zdr0.png )
Aw, am I too late for the freebies? D:
>> No. 123350
File 136919907491.png - (72.30KB , 427x482 , 28859j5.png )
am i late too?
>> No. 123355
File 136920567093.jpg - (793.23KB , 2700x1500 , leo(GenesisAmora).jpg )
Same here!
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