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107783 No. 107783
This is my art thread.
Sometimes I do requests.
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>> No. 107786
File 133886626311.png - (905.71KB , 864x1080 , 133876242966.png )
I'm currently working on these requests
>[and accepting no more until further notice]
OC for Drowgo >>107531
Cafe interior for Espresso >>107658
OC for Marble Sunrise >>107629

Oi! Espresso!
I'll need a pic of you OC if you want him/her to be in it.

how come .gifs don't animate properly any more? this one worked fine: >>107656

>pic is the last request I did for an case he/she didn't get it
>> No. 107816
File 133889555420.png - (1.61MB , 1856x2025 , A Typical Morning.png )
Damn, could have sworn I had gotten something from you in the past... must have been something different.

Sure, here he is; if this works as a reference? (I really need a proper one of those done..) Let me know if you need a proper colouring and size of his mark, I've got a huge vector of it.
>> No. 107842
>[requests's still suspended, I'll be leaving for a while soon]

the thread pic 404ed already? that sucks...It's been up for less than a day. Is there any way I can get it back? if not, I might just remake the thread...again.

I know you posted a bunch in the old thread, but you never requested your OC...I think I drew some wizard pony to go along with a hat from TF2 >>86861
That's pic is fine for a reference...and congratulations on not having an awful rainbow vomit color scheme!

I might be livestreaming on and off today:
>> No. 107903
File 133894276158.png - (1.21MB , 1200x800 , The Toymaker\'s Workshop.png )
>[requests suspended]

I decided to do an interior because I haven't done many of those and I wanted to practice for the next request

speaking of which...
next up: Cafe for Espresso >>107613
this one might take a bit longer because it's a more specific request...or it might not
>> No. 107905
This is gorgeous. I love all the bits covering the workbench, it's like they're either half built or half destroyed. :3

Also, I'm a real sucker for limited pallet. Nice use of colour and tone, and the lighting is expressive. Very immersive.
>> No. 107926
That's one of my favorite types of shots! I don't know if there's a term or not, but the way the background connects to the foreground really gets me.

Yeah... those high-pallet colour scheme self-insert characters really get to me sometimes. I tried to make him as believable and real as possible, both in look and personality. Glad to see it's working so far.
>> No. 107995
File 133902130801.png - (538.32KB , 813x981 , Untitled.png )
I'm having some some trouble with your request...apparently I'm pretty bad with perspective. I really need to practice that.
I ended up making a rough 3d model in Blender...but I still don't think it looks right. It might be better to get more than two tables in the shot.
What do you think about it?

I'm also open to suggestions from anypony else.
>> No. 108003
File 133902316942.jpg - (64.82KB , 558x737 , 132520870846.jpg )
You never cease to impress do you? Thank you soooo much, this is amazing!

If there's ever anything I can help you with, maybe not art since im not that good yet, but anything else, just let me know! Again, thank you so much! You should really do commissions or something, these are amazing.
>> No. 108056
I love that counter and stair placement, and seeing it in 3D is pretty cool! A larger shot would be nice, then you could get more detail in, such as adding one or two stools to the left of the counter. One thing I should mention (if you're going for that angle) is that to the right of the counter is the entrance door, and about 2 feet from that is a side window. If you want to go even further, which you don't really need to if you don't want to, you could show what's outside the window...
>> No. 108081
thanks for the input! that sounds good.
the wall to the right of the door was going to be windowed. (that rectangle thing is the door)

I really need to learn perspective properly instead of relying on 3D models...
>> No. 108092
Meh, I say if something helps you, it's not that big of a problem right? It's not like it's cheating, both take skill.
>> No. 108093
File 133909423862.png - (376.21KB , 761x448 , SAI - C__Users_Kufaz_Desktop_cafe_sai (_)_2012-06-07_11-31-22.png )
progress so far

another thing I need to work on is color pallets...mine tend to be a bit dull
>> No. 108097
Ergh, I love that counter... Don't you think the door is a little close to it though? It seems like it would be difficult for a pony to walk through it, don't you think? Just my thoughts, the rest is superb!
>> No. 108130
File 133911883510.png - (1.37MB , 1507x884 , SAI - C__Users_Kufaz_Desktop_cafe_sai (_)_2012-06-07_18-24-27.png )
here's what I have for today...I'll try to get it done by tomorrow (because I'm leaving on Saturday)
>> No. 108132
oh yah...and there's a sign on the door that has gibberish on it...should it say anything?
>> No. 108155
That's looking perfect! Uh, the sign... I've been thinking of a name for the place, but nothing has come up so far. Do you think you could replace it with a coffee bean and make the text unintelligible underneath? Those ponies in chairs is still a strange sight, it's like they're supposed to sit like that, but at the same time not...
>> No. 108182
File 133917365478.png - (1.68MB , 1920x1120 , cafe.png )
hope this is ok...

I'll be leaving tomorrow morning, so I might not get the last request done >>107629
but I'll try.
>> No. 108210
oh yah...and also I'd like some critiques...on this or anything else
>> No. 108261
File 133921105577.png - (2.99KB , 154x136 , Google Calendar_2012-06-08_19-59-46.png )
Sorry I didn't get your request done, Marble.

I should be back the 17th...bye!
>> No. 108292
Finally got a chance to comment on this. I really do love it, it's not the image I look to in my head for reference! The only thing I could comment on is the expressions of the ponies, most of them look really somber... You did very well, thank you!
>> No. 108313
File 133926567022.png - (63.09KB , 640x480 , chaosmagic smile finalmix.png )
awesome art ^-^
>> No. 108330

It's okay ^^, thanks anyway.
>> No. 109115
File 134004141707.png - (2.34MB , 1357x1991 , Untitled.png )
I'm back! Anypony miss me?

Random story:
During my absence, I was requested to make beer labels for a relative's wedding...unfortunately, all I had to work with was my sister's macbook. Unable to run sai, I had to use some piece of crap called Autodesk Sketchbook. (it's probably not that bad, but I wasn't used to it)
Anyway, this is how they turned out. I didn't come up with the names. Sorry, no ponies.

I'll do this request if you still want me to: >>107629
and I could maybe take one or two more.

My time here will be brief. In a week, I'll be leaving again...this time for about six weeks.
When I come back...I was thinking of or something.
for money.
just hear me out: I know I'm not exactly a professional, but I'm a lot better than I used to be and I was thinking that I could do it Humble-Indie-Bundle style...I would do the commission and you could pay whatever you think it's worth. (or pay nothing if you don't like it)
any thoughts?
>> No. 109162
File 134007106632.png - (1.51MB , 1920x1200 , yay.png )
Alright, Marble...I did your request...maybe
I don't know what the hay I did, but it was fun.
>> No. 109210
File 134015980586.png - (447.44KB , 1576x1154 , spoiler.png )
You might remember me. I came to you before with the drawing attached. And I was wondering if you could do another request for me :3

Okay, so here it is:
This OC: (Thats the head and color) (Thats rest of body) and my OC cuddling on a cloud
Looking cute and all that jazz

Thanks in advanced! ^-^
>> No. 109230
File 134018822580.png - (43.23KB , 495x465 , Meta Gamma.png )
I'm going to start a series of "Let's Play"s on YouTube, I'm going to start off playing the horror game "Cry of Fear" and I want a cool looking picture of the pony I made with a pistol, but sadly I'm not too good with making really cool pictures, If you could do a picture like that with this pony, I would really appreciate it (I'll even give a shout out to ya if you want)
>> No. 109231
File 134020157100.png - (159.40KB , 405x380 , Scootaloo - 4.png )
Figured I'd throw this in here, because I love your style.

I need cover art for a story on FiMfiction I'm going to submit when it's finished. It's a Scootaloo sadfic, and I need an image representative of that.

Appreciate the cosideration. If your interested, you can read what I have done. It's about depression, and finding hope when everything comes crashing down, and finally, finding help when Scootaloo finds healing.
It's turning out to be quite the story. I'd be honoured to have you do it, and naturally you'd credit for it.
>> No. 109234
File 134020805509.png - (3.50MB , 1920x1080 , under the bridge.png )
Alright...I'll do these but
>[requests are now suspended]
I can't take anymore right now because I'll be leaving again soon

any text you want incorporated? maybe a title?

I'd still like to know what people think about me maybe doing commissions
(reposted from >>109115)
>When I come back...I was thinking of or something.
>for money.
>just hear me out: I know I'm not exactly a professional, but I'm a lot better than I used to be and I was thinking that I could do it Humble-Indie-Bundle style...I would do the commission and you could pay whatever you think it's worth. (or pay nothing if you don't like it)
any thoughts?

>pic's a picture of a bridge.
>> No. 109235
File 134020973825.png - (126.98KB , 258x343 , Scootaloo - 64.png )
Looking at the quality of work you do, it is definitely worthy of payment. I'm broke right now, otherwise I'd pay you.

As for the title, it's Carnificina, which is latin for anguish, agony, work of a hangman, butcher. Pretty fitting for the title.

If you want to read what I've got, shoot me an email and I'll send it to you. I should note, though. It's very depressing at the moment.
>> No. 109236
Oh, and I'll leave it up to you if you want to include the title or not. It's your artwork to be honest.
>> No. 109237
Alright! Thank you so much, I'm using it for a big project!
>> No. 109240
very much appreciated and I like your idea for a commission, go for it
>> No. 109248
File 134022547923.png - (1.43MB , 1152x1920 , storm.png )
>[requests still suspended]

Oh...I didn't know it was for a big you want me to spend more time on it, or is this ok?
critiques always appreciated

Huzzah! finally some feedback on that. thanks. I'm thinking of doing the commissions on Tumbr...and they won't necessarily be pony-related...I'll probably still do some requests here on Ponychan when I feel like it.

so...what is the title? should I put Sarf The Magnifico as the author, or something else? I think it might be cool to make it look like a traditional book cover...what do you think?

>Next up: FlutterDerp >>109230
>> No. 109254
File 134023103760.png - (115.82KB , 305x253 , Scootaloo - 82.png )
That would be magnificent.

I don't want an actual name, so SarfTheMagnifico (Preferably no spaces) is fine.
>> No. 109261
Ha! I love it!
And not dissing you or anything, it's just that the the blue pony's mouth is a bit... big. And creepy. XD
That, and fix the hair colour a bit, and I'd say its perfect!
>> No. 109265
Turns out I like the mouth! :p (Don't judge me)
Just the mane needs fixed
>> No. 109275
>critiques always appreciated
Your work... is not easy for me to critique. Mostly because it's good, and I like it.

One of my main principals when critiquing is that I'm not here to tell an artist what they I think they should do... I try to help an artist do what they were trying to do. If I can't figure out what an artist was trying to do, or if they're succeeding in doing what they're trying to do, I don't really have a lot to say. It kind of puts me in an odd position.

So I'm going to take the shot-gun approach, say whatever comes to mind, and hope some of it works for you. :3

I've said it before, and I'll say it again... I love your use of light, and the painted style you use.

Most of the edges are soft. I wonder if more sharp and crisp edges in the right places would add definition and focus.

In some areas the structure of the figures ends up a little out of shape, which looks awkward. It's hard to say whether or not this is a choice of personal style, tho.

This is kinda hard to describe, but the scenes do an excellent job of expressing open space and volume. In >>108093 and >>107903, for example. It's a subtle thing, and makes the imagery that much more immersive... empty space is hard to draw. :3

I love the squiggly hair, very loose and fluid. I'm a sucker for that, tho. :3

The back feet are placed fairly close together, it doesn't seem like a very stable pose, or one that expresses the force required to rear up.

The mane covers most of the neck, and the forelegs hidden behind the body. I have a hard time making out the shape and pose of the body... namely, at what point the neck becomes torso. The fact that the ears and horn imply that the head is turned kinda complicates things, too.

The shading along the spine implies human muscles, it dips into the Uncanny Valley a little (at least, for me).

This is heartwarming, ya' know? Big pegasus dude giving his little unicorn pal a lift out of the storm. :3

In general, a pony's torso is about as tall as their head. It seems like the pegasus is missing half a head of height in the body.

The clouds... wow, those are some great looking clouds. They look like really large clouds as seen from a distance, however, so I got the impression that the blue guy was, like, gigantic.

I am not going to comment on the smile because I know, from personal experience and many long hours of drawing studies, that colts are completely derp'd in the face. All the time.

Anyway... hope some of this is useful to you. I always look forward to seeing your work, even if I rarely comment.

>I know I'm not exactly a professional...
Going by the definition that a professional is somepony who's had formal education? You don't have to be one. Not at all. When it comes to art, all that matters is portfolio. If your work looks good, you deserve to get paid for it.

I think your work looks good. :3

> whatever you think it's worth.
Huh... I have no clue if this would work, but I'd say it's worth a try.

Comic artists and music bands work off donations and pay-what-you-will deals all the time, but they offer their product to a large audience. Commissions are more of a one on one kind of thing, so I'm not sure how it would go.
>> No. 109287
File 134025316216.png - (263.81KB , 311x463 , Untitled.png )
You sir, are awesome.
I'm not going to respond to every point you brought up individually, but each line in that post was helpful in some way.

could you be a bit more specific? I think you want me to put black streaks in the blue one's mane...right? or is it the wrong purple? or is it the other pony's mane?

I'm experimenting with digital music making thanks to somepony over on /media/
It's kinda fun...but I'm not that serious about it
>> No. 109293

Omg, it's gorgeous. Thank you <3. I love the way you did her mane and tail and lakdskjdfnkj <3
>> No. 109294
Happy to be of service. :3

>That, and fix the hair colour a bit, and I'd say its perfect!
>could you be a bit more specific?
Rarity: Do you not like the color?
Rainbow Dash: The color's fine, just make it look cooler.
Rarity: Do you not like the shape?
Rainbow Dash: The shape's fine, just make the whole thing you know, cooler... It needs to be about 20% cooler.

That episode is so true in so many ways. :3
>> No. 109306
File 134029364498.png - (0.96MB , 900x1500 , storm.png )
>[requests still suspended]

is this what you wanted?

next up: >>109230
>> No. 109307
Well, if you look at the referance picture,, you'll notice that he has black streaks in his mane. Other than that, its really good.
>> No. 109308
Or in other words that.
Sorry, my internet is derping. Ignore previous post.
>> No. 109320
File 134030130450.png - (265.55KB , 800x450 , gun.png )

here's a rough sketch of your request...anything you want changed?
also...what do you think of me trying a new style? I was going to render it like I do everything else (all painterly like) but I'm liking the way the sketch looks...
Would you mind if I tried something more comic/cartoon-ish?
I'm thinking of doing a hybrid style...painterly shading but with lineart...any thoughts?
>> No. 109323
I like the style but I can't tell if I'm laying there dying or not, if I am I would like that changed, I'm trying to look like a boss here
>> No. 109357
File 134033241818.png - (1.35MB , 1920x1080 , guns.png )
>[requests still suspended]

>>109323 were dying a little bit.

how's this? It's pretty styalized compared to what I usually do...and it's got some crazy perspective going on...I'm not really sure if this is what you wanted.

I can add a title or some other text if you want.
>> No. 109359
I want something like that but instead of having it be viewed from above I would like it to be a view of his face if you could do that it shoild be fine, and btw thanks for doing this
>> No. 109360
And the title would just be "Cry of Fear" in horror themed letters
>> No. 109368
ok...I guess I'll do it again...
for future reference, you should be a bit more specific with your requests if you want something done a certain way

I haven't forgotten about you! I'll get to your request after I'm done with this.
>> No. 109372
Ya i realised that, sorry for the trouble
>> No. 109384
File 134034797856.png - (65.48KB , 180x262 , Scootaloo - 34.png )
Wow...way to be a dick flutterderp.

I think they all look awesome K!, despite what he says. I feel for your pain. Your art is way to good for this.
>> No. 109399
Ya got me wrong, I do like them both a lot it just wasn't what I was lookin for, and if this time I am atill for some reason unsatisfied I will just leave him alone
>> No. 109401
File 134036481695.png - (112.29KB , 270x297 , Scootaloo - 126.png )
that's still three times bro. These things take alot of time an effort, and twice you've basically said it wasn't good enough.

Whether you meant it or not, you were really disrespectful of this man's brilliant art.
>> No. 109403
Well if he feels I was disrespectful I'm terribly sorry
>> No. 109404
I'm also sorry that its holding up your request, I'll be sure to look at your fiction
>> No. 109407
File 134037927333.png - (113.25KB , 326x322 , Scootaloo - 14 - Neutral.png )
Don't feel obligated. My request will get done when it's done. I can wait. My fic isn't done yet anyway.

And my point isn't just to get it done, either. You should be more specific to what you want instead of being so ungrateful.
>> No. 109408
Reminds me of my request from a while ago seen

>> No. 109409
as much as your right about being specific your wrong about me being ungrateful, I was very grateful but lets say your doing a project on Whales and you ask an artist to draw you a whale, and he draws the best damn otter you have ever seen, you love it but are you gonna use it for your whale presentation? moral of the story: they were damn good drawings and I loved em but not what I was looking for
>> No. 109418
File 134038647658.png - (56.39KB , 251x239 , Agitated.png )
Then you should have specified, just saying. He didn't have to do it again, you know that. He could have just left it at that and moved on.

>>you ask an artist to draw you a whale, and he draws the best damn otter you have ever seen

It's actually more like asking an artist to draw a fish, he draws you a Trout, and you say 'No, I wanted a salt water fish', so he draws you a Clownfish, and you say 'No, I wanted an Eel.
>> No. 109419
File 134038682542.png - (22.81KB , 300x295 , e84453ed_Are-You-Fucking-Kidding-Me-Rage-Face-Meme-Template-Blank-300x295.png )
Your not gonna let me win this are you?
>> No. 109420
File 134038697670.jpg - (12.80KB , 295x300 , WHAT+S+GONNA+WORK+TEEAAAMWORRRKKK+Wow+_ab32c3d83516395758d7056aaddcea04.jpg )
Is this your art thread?


Then please take your drama elsewhere. K's an extraordinary artist and doesn't deserve things like this clogging up hisher page.
>> No. 109421
But.....drama is fun
>> No. 109422
File 134038767107.png - (118.92KB , 722x635 , StaticFacehoof.png )

I'm gonna just kindly say "No" and ask that you stop before a mod locks the thread up. Take it outside. This is an art thread, and I don't see much art comin' out of an argument like this.

Carry on, K, carry on.

This guy has the right idea.
>> No. 109425
File 134038790974.jpg - (17.87KB , 270x321 , haters_gonna_hate_mms.jpg )
Alright, well it seems people outside the thread are gettin mad so its time to move on, don't care bout the pic anymore (although I'll still take it), lata bros
>> No. 109435
File 134039054621.png - (185.54KB , 475x545 , Scootaloo - 190.png )
Alright, that's fair. I was standing up for the artist, and not in a confrontational way, but if that's what it comes across as, then I'll stop.
Sorry for the inconvenience.
>> No. 109437
File 134039085224.jpg - (35.15KB , 300x272 , ec800324_okay-meme-jpg.jpg )
I guess there was no point in arguing
>> No. 109439
File 134039194551.jpg - (29.22KB , 396x325 , 131065259295.jpg )
There really wasn't. I'm sorry.

Shake hands?
>> No. 109440
File 134039209839.jpg - (20.92KB , 400x300 , tumblr_lfchgbaCpO1qf82rr.jpg )
Shake hands
>> No. 109445
This is absurdiculous.

I haven't said anything up until now, because I was pretty certain that if K had a problem with FD, K would have brought it up. Which he did: >>109368. Matter settled.

Sarf, you called FD a dick, you threw a strawman attack at him when you twisted his words around, you undermined K by stepping in and reprimanding FD, in the process making the assuming that you had to right to speak on K's behalf, and you kept at it even though FD has done nothing but apologize for something he didn't do. This is NOT "standing up for the artist!"

And now I'm getting into the drama! Ponyfeathers. I'm sorry, K, I really just couldn't hold that in. I tried my best.

The point I originally wanted to make was that I really don't think FD is being unreasonable in asking for redrafts. This piece is for a project, it has to suit the needs.

FD's "it's good, just not what I'm looking for" sentiment is perfectly legitimate. He could be clearer about what he wants, but he's hardly disrespecting or insulting the artist.
>> No. 109447
File 134039473118.jpg - (14.64KB , 431x363 , you-like-ponies-dont-you-squidward-1.jpg )
I find this all friendship letter worthy
>> No. 109460
File 134039779297.png - (1.37MB , 1920x1080 , third time's a charm.png )
I might have time to take one more request before I leave...but for right now,
>[requests are suspended]

is that so.

anyways...hopefully this one is alright
I don't mind doing revisions (within reason)
in the end, it's all good practice.

Next up: Fic Cover for Sarf >>109231
>> No. 109461
>> No. 109476

I love the shape of the brushstrokes for the light and shadow. It has an energetic and raw feel, without having to go to extremes. It's very different from your usual, softer shading too.

And, again, I love your use of colour: the hair and eyes are quite striking.

The background adds visual interest without being busy or distracting, nice.

The lines for the top of the nose and horn seem heavy to me, probably because those areas are well lit.

Looking forward to the cover art. :3
>> No. 109481
File 134040469333.jpg - (18.06KB , 429x341 , 131065370575.jpg )
Great! Looking forward to what you come up with!

Would you like me to just credit K, or is there another name you go by?
>> No. 109496
File 134041029985.jpg - (187.87KB , 570x796 , Ihasgun.jpg )
Good thing you asked that.
I need to know the same thing.
>> No. 109499
same here how should we credit you?
>> No. 109532
File 134041799669.jpg - (12.52KB , 465x349 , kmart1.jpg )
well good...glad it turned out alright.

I guess just credit me as K
(that's what they're all signed as)

I'm thinking about making myself a better handle to go by, especially now that I realize K is a character from Men in Black...but for now I'm still K

I go by Kufaz everywhere else (because It's never taken)
but it's not very pronounceable or professional...I need something better...
I was thinking maybe The Aether Technician
that's cool...right? any suggestions?

but for now, I'm K
>> No. 109533
Whatever you like best. Kufaz and The Aether Technician both have style an artist should have in a name. Like a certain uniqueness. It describes your art and the personality with which you draw/sketch/paint.
>> No. 109534
It'd be easier and funner to make a pony and give it a name, then we could even include a picture of that and the name will probly be more catchy thst name
>> No. 109535
The Aether Technician?
Minecraft much?
>> No. 109536
File 134041979227.png - (123.17KB , 422x590 , standing.png )
We should courtesy sage this thread for a bit...

Like I said, just credit me as K...and I don't really have an OC

Actually I kinda do...or did
Anders Fade (pic)
I used him in RP for about four minutes before I realized that RP wasn't really my thing
but don't use him...because he's not K.

well...I do Minecraft much...But I don't see how "The Aether Technician" has anything to do with Minecraft. Does it?
>> No. 109546
It was "The Aether" that got me.
Me and my stupid, STUPID mind.
The Aether is a mod for MC.
>> No. 109589
File 134048084386.png - (211.00KB , 500x714 , cover.png )
>[requests still suspended]

here's a rough sketch...anything you want changed?
I'll probably re-draw scootaloo...she looks a bit wonky right now
>> No. 109592
File 134048272195.png - (77.98KB , 234x259 , Scootaloo - 355.png )
That is precisely what I need!

I kinda like how Scootaloo looks, actually. With the exception of the mane with the way it curls upwards. If you want to redraw it, that's fine too.

But overall you got it spot on. Somehow, without even reading it, you've captured alot of the tone of my fic. Well done!

And of course the title is Carnificina (hopefully that'll fit).
>> No. 109731
File 134056550689.png - (1.02MB , 1000x1429 , cover.png )
Is this ok? I can't decide if I like the font or not...what do you think about it? Does anything need to be changed?
>> No. 109743
File 134056778671.png - (126.72KB , 342x409 , Scootaloo - 26.png )
Perfect! I love it!

The font is fine, and her mane looks perfect now.
>> No. 109773
File 134058077727.png - (295.94KB , 500x500 , logo500x.png )

I'll be leaving on Wednesday, so
>[requests are suspended]
for a long time.

I should be back sometime in August, when I'll start commissions.
(Actually, I'll probably do some requests first because I'll be out of practice)

>pic is a possible logo for "The Aether Technician"
does that name sound dumb? please tell me if it sounds dumb.
>> No. 109793
I like it

And If i dont seem like im bombarding you with requests
I'll have one for you when you come back
But, because I feel like im pressuring you, It'll be fine if you decline

Also, have fun on your trip!
>> No. 109799
Love the pic! Aether is defined as a "personification of the sky or upper air breathed by the Olympians"
Which is represented by the cloud.

And the gear is mechanical, which relates to a technician. Very good!
>> No. 109834
File 134061304977.png - (202.51KB , 619x531 , Scootaloo - 370.png )
Not trying to complain or anything.

But I just realized you misspelled 'Carnificina'
I wasn't totally worried about it, but since yoou are getting credited as the artist, I thought you might like to edit that....
Again, it's barely noticable, but it's there.
>> No. 109850
File 134064559871.png - (2.16MB , 1000x1429 , cover.png )
whoops...that's a pretty easy fix.
>> No. 109861
Much obliged!
>> No. 109873
I really hope your fic is good, I've read a lot and they're mostly grim-darks, clop-fics, and futa-clops
>> No. 109876
File 134066087443.png - (125.08KB , 362x374 , Scootaloo - 248.png )
It's a sad fic, but it's sad for a reason.

As soon as it get's approved, I'll be sure to link it.
>> No. 109885
If you want when its finished, let me know and I might read it on my YT channel, it might make your story more popular
>> No. 109886
That'd be really great actually.
>> No. 109889
File 134066604502.png - (165.97KB , 380x367 , Scootaloo - 213.png )
But I want to hear you do another first. If you don't have the voice or the style of reading that I may not want you to.

At the same time my work is long. I'm current;y sitting at 5,500 words.
>> No. 109890
E-Mail me when its done
[email protected]
>> No. 109891
in that case, might not be the best idea, I at least think I have an unattractive voice, but thats what I think
>> No. 110025
File 134074766570.png - (135.24KB , 272x364 , Scootaloo - 109.png )
Anyways, for those who wanted to check it out, it's uploaded on FiMfiction now
>> No. 110117
File 134081444548.jpg - (29.44KB , 311x417 , 423769_310942048968838_1284038972_n.jpg )
> My OC
Pleeeeease :)
>> No. 110158
File 134083001446.gif - (2.70MB , 480x264 , 133811410902.gif )
Alright ponychan, I'm off to new adventures! I should return from my new adventures some time in August with a better outlook on life and novelty spoons.

uh...sure...but you'll have to wait a few months...sorry
>> No. 110171
Fair winds on thy journey! Your awesomearts shall be missed.

Have a good time. :3
>> No. 111957
*stealthily uses phone when nopony is looking*

Just letting everyone know that I'm still alive...I should be back in 2-3 weeks.
I'm doing a lot of sketches, but I'm afraid I'll be out of practice for digital painting when I get you loose the ability to draw on a tablet when you don't use it for a while?
>> No. 114245
File 134490191123.png - (1.06MB , 1000x900 , aether commissions.png )
I'm back and I'm ready to do some commissions!
um...this is my first time doing I'm not sure how this will work out...but here's the plan:

-You send an email to [email protected] with details about what you want me to draw
(make sure you specify whether or not I can release it publicly on Deviant Art or Tumbr)
-I draw it
-I send the finished picture to you via email
-you pay whatever you think the picture is worth via PayPal
(or don't pay anything if you think it's crap)

I'm not entirely sure how PayPal works...could someone enlighten me? I have a sellers account, but I don't know how
I'll do pony and non-pony alike.
>> No. 114246
File 134490362928.png - (1.37MB , 1920x1080 , Meta Gamma Cry of Fear.png )
AND HE RETURNS! hop it goes okay, you may remember doing this
>> No. 114248
>> No. 118663
File 135399215668.png - (483.62KB , 1000x1000 , mane6.png )
118663 you can probably imagine, this: >>114245 didn't really work out. No one wants to put a value on someone else's art. But! I was incredibly lucky and now I'm doing this concept art
for this game

Anyway, I decided to do some ponyish speed paintings and drawings to try out a few different styles. I haven't drawn pony stuff for a bit, so I'm sure the equine anatomy is messed. I probably won't be posting as frequently as I once did, (I have several other projects besides the concept art) but I might stick around for a bit.

As always, comments and critiques are appreciated.
>> No. 119419
File 135552270817.jpg - (282.56KB , 933x700 , This Pony.jpg )
So I was doing some sketches and suddenly this pony happened. More sketchbook stuff if you're interested:
>> No. 119533
File 135570547335.png - (149.21KB , 800x686 , green.png )
another style test thing. I really want to merge my silhouette stuff with a more painterly approach...possibly more on that tonight.
>> No. 119546
File 135571566009.jpg - (146.13KB , 1000x617 , orange.jpg )
hm...I kinda like this style. What do you think, internet? Critiques are appreciated.
>> No. 119640
High contrast.
Painterly color application.
This is highly relevant to my interests.
>> No. 119662
>> No. 119696
File 135605079869.jpg - (153.11KB , 900x1125 , reindeer.jpg )
Happy (early) Holidays Ponychan!
Here's a fuzzy reindeer fellow. Not sure how he's supposed to operate a mug with those hooves...but whatever. It seemed wintry.
Comments and critiques are appreciated. Especially critiques.

oh hey...I'm not really expecting much of a repose here...but I'm doing commissions. No fancy price sheets. Just $10 an hour. This took about 2.5 hours.
you can contact me here if you're interested: [email protected] or just post something in this thread.
>> No. 121250
File 136173340789.png - (291.96KB , 1920x1080 , sworcey.png )
Anyone here played Sword & Sworcery? It's really good.
>> No. 121251
File 136173347813.png - (287.93KB , 1920x1080 , sworcey2.png )
Here's a textless version.
>> No. 126182
File 137990578549.png - (70.35KB , 1000x644 , pone-mech.png )
Whoa- this thread is still up! I thought it woulda been long gone by now.

Anyways, I decided to draw a pony- Whoo! I might do some more fanart once season four starts, but for now this thread will probably remain dormant.

I still do commissions by the way! A sketch like this would probably be about $5 [[email protected]]

I also have a Tumblr-
and a DeviantArt-
if you're interested in that kinda thing.
>> No. 126183
Thats pretty neat, I kinda got an OC like that too:

Edit: Bionics FTW!

Last edited at Sun, Sep 22nd, 2013 20:57

>> No. 126208
Thanks!- and cool OC! Cyborgs are a lot of fun to draw because you get to combine soft surface with hard surface.
>> No. 126210
Thanks! His name is Lazarev btw
>> No. 126236
File 138015051067.png - (743.04KB , 800x800 , SweetieBot.png )
Aw what the heck. I'll do another one.
Have some Sweetie Bot!
This would probably be a $10 commission.

Lookin' back on this thread...I've done some crap crap art. One day I'll probably say the same thing about what I'm drawing now. Gotta get better!
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