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File 133942720322.png - (340.56KB , 1112x1345 , Ditzynotext.png )
108496 No. 108496
Hello there!

I am Manatee, you might remember me from such classics as "my last thread" or "the thread before that"

I try to draw pony every now and then. Sometimes they end up looking vaguely ponyshaped, and that's good enough for me.

You can also find me here:

I'm not really good at requests, but I'm always open for suggestions. It's mostly because I'm really bad at promising stuff.

Critiques, questions and any chat is welcome. It got a bit lonely in my last threads. I wanna be more social around here, but I'm not super good at starting conversations and stuff.

No, I don't need a new thread because the other autosaged, but because I ragequit and deleted it.

But I really do like the community here on /art/ and I'll do my best to contribute positively.
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>> No. 110798
File 134149627957.png - (293.91KB , 800x800 , derpywings_by_manateemckenzie-d4dqo61.png )
Hiiii! Yes, a bit lonely, perhaps. Heh. But it's okay, I've got good friends around these parts anywho. Not that I wouldn't love some extra company!

Some f-tard decided he didn't like Darkly posting in here and on dA, so he threw a bunch of hate his way. Enough for him not to want to hang around anymore.
>> No. 110819
His tumblr, too.

Why have I not been commenting on your work? This stuff is awesome. Blargh.
>> No. 111455
File 134210915035.png - (1.52MB , 1913x3749 , george.png )
I feel like posting something here again =) I've been away for a while and been drawing other things. OCs and stuff. This one is on fire

>> No. 111478
You may wanna have that looked at.

The flames are great. The smoke looks flat, it's not very cloudy looking. The lines are a bit lumpy, but I think that actually makes it better.

I zoomed in to take a look at the fire, and that's when I saw the veins in the eyes... and now I have to wipe diet Coke off my screen, thank you very much. :3
>> No. 111485
File 134212999165.png - (101.58KB , 800x800 , goddamnitnappa.png )
Thanks! The drawing is pretty lazy and quick. I'm trying to make the lumpy lines work to my benefit. You'll see more stylized lumpy space princess lineart tomorrow and in two minutes on MidwestBrony's collaborative pass-around canvas. (which you should totally contribute to)
>> No. 111557
File 134218847128.png - (1.12MB , 2677x4111 , Midwest.png )
Happy Birfday, MidwestBrony!!
>> No. 112712
File 134310198513.png - (248.98KB , 1200x1200 , Savemed.png )
Finally something I can post here! It's my own OC, so I reckon it's okay, even though it was requested by someone else.

Yes, this is how it will look like if I ever tried ridin' the waves. I finally managed to draw some water too!
>> No. 112805

Slow fumbly drawing and OC's
>> No. 112808
If my computer could handle Livestream, I'd totally be there. X3

Have fun without me!
>> No. 112829
File 134316795671.jpg - (431.11KB , 1400x1400 , fancymed.jpg )
Awww, that's too bad!

I'm finished, btw. I drew Fancy!
>> No. 113181
File 134345951420.png - (525.71KB , 1000x2166 , 13med.png )
>> No. 113187
Hay! I really like you art, how long have you been doing it for? I would love it if you could do something with my pony Roaming. Heres a bit of info

His name is Roaming, or Roamin'. His cutie mark is a brainstrom (like a brain with a lightnig bolt). He likes racing in the rain, and in his spare time he likes to write. He also is very curious and adventurous but he is also easily distracted.. He is very honest and will say what needs to be said, and sometimes says inappropriate things.He lives in Cloudsdale but doesn't spend much time indoors, he usually just explores Everfree and sits on the clouds watching the other ponies and writing. He doesn't really have any friends he is usually a bit socially awkward. Thanks. Cant wait to see what you can do. Thanks again :3
>> No. 113188
File 134346990341.png - (48.42KB , 819x565 , My pony.png )
Herp derp, forgot the picture :3
>> No. 113272
Heya! I've been at it for about nine months =) Thank you so much for the kind words.

I'll see what I can do with your pony. I'm honest whenever someone asks =)
You'll have to be patient, though. I'm going away for a couple of weeks.
>> No. 113276
File 134356972011.jpg - (441.79KB , 1080x1266 , what.jpg )
I tried to draw something today, but only this came out. This happens to everyone once in a while, right?
>> No. 113365
You, sir, are most definitely not alone.

This is an excellent portrayal of the eternal inner conflict of pony: the horror of existence weighed against the horror of non-being.

The muted pattern applied to the figure, obviously insprired by early work of the arts-and-crafts movement, creates a gentle backdrop for the weighty themes expressed by the deformation of the central figure. The secondary figures, two of which are located in the background and a third placed in the lower right foreleg, compliment these themes by invoking the presence of the outsider. They are not truly a part of the primary figure's world, but observe it from without. All together, the piece invokes the ever-looming presence of the anima, and dares the viewer to ask whether it is fair to neglect the questions raised by the work.

Something about the neck seems off... I think it has something to do with the way it connects to the body, I'm not sure.

I really like her mane!
>> No. 114459
File 134519182782.jpg - (69.23KB , 640x481 , g13.jpg )
I'm back ... Sorta. I won't be able to draw for a couple more days, but I was just wondering if you were still here at all? If you still are, please say howdy or something and I'll draw your OC =)
>> No. 115140
Hi! You still doing requests? If you are, I'd love one of Four Block, my OC.
>> No. 115164
File 134616794042.jpg - (77.01KB , 640x431 , g11.jpg )
I'm sorry, sort of in a massive art block now, so won't take any more requests at the moment.
>> No. 115168

Aw that is a shame. I've looked through the thread though. Your art is wonderful! Seems like I've spotted a few featured in several drawfriends on Equestria Daily.
>> No. 115174
Awww, thanks =] I only think the top image was ever featured there. I haven't been in there for months but it sounds like they focus mostly on painted stuff?

I mostly only do OCs now and I'm really bad with requests, so I donno how interesting this thread is anymore.
>> No. 115181
Truthfully, I think your work would get featured, but EqD isn't too kind to OCs in general unless they're from a glorified fanfiction, from what I understand.

I hope this thread doesn't go away because I love your stuff. I'm gonna share some with a friend on DA so he can see your work too. He used to be a regular here. Goes by the name Darkly.
>> No. 115585
>I donno how interesting this thread is anymore.
Well, you're here, aren't you? That's reason enough for me to hang around. :3
>> No. 115738
File 134738230523.png - (593.44KB , 1629x1911 , ballet2.png )
Whoa, I totally missed that you had replied here D=

And I made a Pinkie Pie!
>> No. 115769
Dear Manatee:

Thank you for being an artist who uses backgrounds.

bein a vous,

No, really. Backgrounds don't have to be super-elaborate or complicated, and a little bit goes a long way, yet there are so many artists who just can't seem to be bothered with them... I salute thy diligence!
>> No. 116130
File 134827675660.png - (336.43KB , 435x335 , originsjjsksksal.png )
It's funny because I reused that background from a comic I did earlier. Also, I'm usually waaaaaay too lazy to do backgrounds on most of my stuff.
Still, thanks. I'm pretty bad at drawing inanimate objects, but I manage some things in the pony style.
>> No. 116835
File 134966920614.jpg - (101.68KB , 510x531 , lyra_s_new_icon_maybe_by_mnmk-d5h04kn.jpg )
Did this for an art trade with who I'm sure still has an art thread here somewhere. Thought I'd might share it here as well =]
>> No. 116847
File 134967238819.png - (286.92KB , 610x533 , PAATCCCHHHYYYY.png )
Manatee! I didnt know you had your own thread! :D Your art is awesome! If you're not too busy, could you draw patchy for me? :D (i didnt draw this one but its my only pic of her with the proper cutie mark and color scheme :P)
>> No. 116850
YES! I was going to do that anyway as a thanks =] I'll get on it in the morning.
>> No. 116856
Yay! :D thanks!
>> No. 116881
Well, if it isn't any trouble, I might have one of two that I might ask you to do? [Choose one]
Only difference is basically the mane.
If you want a challenge, I can give one.
If you don't want/get around to it, I understand.
>> No. 116883
File 134973175195.png - (691.59KB , 865x965 , Pushpin-heart.png )
=3 This was fun.
>> No. 116886
I'm so sorry, I'm gonna have to pass on it. =|
>> No. 116891
Hmm alright then.

But is there a specific reason why? Don't have to tell me. [Is there a post saying your done with requests? If there is, I missed it.]
>> No. 116892
Well, yeah. I'm passing on most requests lately. =) I'm oficially not doing them, but Patchwork's was more of an art trade and the other one was for a good friend. I'm really sorry.
>> No. 116897
OMG!!! Squeee!!! *dies from cuteness overload*

Thank you!! :D
>> No. 116902
My pleasure =)
>> No. 117813
File 135181833367.png - (906.80KB , 2000x1767 , Peppertee.png )
Look, I drew something again for once!
>> No. 118145
File 135285882436.png - (920.92KB , 1500x1430 , twiwintermed.png )
Oh, hey, lookie. Ponies yay! An old friend asked for a cute Twilight.
>> No. 118149
File 135285877971.png - (73.05KB , 800x600 , Darkly by Star Runner.png )

HNNNNNNG So cute. It's too cute
>> No. 118151
File 135285925992.png - (1.44MB , 4015x4447 , Lyrabon.png )
DARKLY!!! *tacklehugs*
>> No. 118154
File 135285988871.png - (1.43MB , 1514x1205 , Darkly by BlizzySky.png )

MANA! *tacklehugged* :D
>> No. 118155
File 135286004950.png - (179.28KB , 377x587 , 56.png )
What is going on h-
>> No. 118160
File 135286301398.jpg - (38.10KB , 400x284 , science__by_pastery-d4xhi91.jpg )
Nothing, ummmm, I was just giving Darkly a very, err, platonic welcome-back hug.
>> No. 119767
File 135646630387.png - (267.98KB , 900x1380 , Kourabiedesmed.png )
Christmas time is time to draw ponies for friends, so here goes a quick dump =3

Fizzy and Wind Whistler.
>> No. 119768
File 135646634271.png - (0.96MB , 1000x1069 , Lyra.png )
Texture horseing, yay!
>> No. 119769
File 135646640099.png - (440.23KB , 1118x1000 , Midwest.png )
What's-her-face. The one that fancy pony drags around.
>> No. 119913
File 135703952555.png - (340.37KB , 1280x1178 , tumblr_mfxdatQ8P61s0dh19o1_1280.png )
Happy new year!
>> No. 119914
File 135703975151.png - (522.98KB , 1280x1280 , tumblr_mfx9bjzkE81s0dh19o1_1280.png )
NSFWd because Twilight has a butt in her face.
>> No. 120892
File 136050437867.png - (1.59MB , 1000x1434 , Darklypresent.png )
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