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File 134004406937.jpg - (447.43KB , 791x1144 , resized_for_FIM (4).jpg )
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Hello everypony,

I come here seeking feedback: critique, constructive criticism, encouragement and ideas.

I have been practicing pony drawings for about three weeks now and, as in that time I seemingly cannot put my tablet pen down and stop drawing, a record of my progress and attempts can be seen on this tumblr:

I will start my posting with the three latest sketch batches I have done and go from there.

Image one of four
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>> No. 116068
File 134810127890.jpg - (2.78MB , 2893x4092 , 9_18_12_drawing.jpg )

G-goodness.. Thanks for the notes and feedback. I'm going to have to put that in a text file.

Anyways, Yesterday's sketches.
>> No. 116126
File 134825510093.jpg - (628.21KB , 1000x1880 , 9_18_12_redline.jpg )
>G-goodness.. Thanks for the notes and feedback. I'm going to have to put that in a text file.
Yeah, sorry it's such a huge block. Sometimes I just want to explain something that's actually pretty simple and straightforward, but I have to explain something else first or it won't make sense, and that requires a much bigger explanation... and then I have to explain some bit of theory that goes behind that... and, well, ya know, it kinda snowballs.

Dang, you absorb stuff pretty quick. I can see interesting developments already. :3

One of the differences between the posterior regions of human and equine anatomy is that for humans, there's a cleft between the gluteal muscles (ie: the butt) and the back of the thigh. On a horse, the gluteals start on the top, and go down the side. (See: Sorry, couldn't find one in English. See where it says "fléchisseur de la cuisse"? I'm not 100% sure of the translation, that's right about where the gluteals are. Sorta) So, that cleft between the butt and thigh? Horses just don't really have one of those.

Back to >>116068... the figure in the bottom right corner looks like it kinda sorta has a curve for the top of the heel, but it also kinda-sorta looks like the cleft between the butt and thigh of a human. Actually, it looks like both of those things at once, which looks weird since the figure's foot seems to be right up against their flank, and they don't actually have a calf. (All the ref pics I could find had highly visible unmentionables, which ponychan site rules prohibit posting or linking to)

This comes up in a number of your other drawings and sketches: >>113699 bottom right, >>114212 bottom right, >>113259 bottom right and middle, but I wasn't 100% sure if that was due to loose and fast drawing, unremoved construction lines, or if it was actually intended as part of the final drawing, or whatever else. Without knowing what case it was, I couldn't be sure how to approach commenting on it. Wasn't until >>114300 that I had a better idea of what was really going on, which is one reason why I had been asking to see more finished work. :3

I mentioned "complications" of mixing different anatomies and styles... this is pretty much that. Sometimes, things fit together well... looking at >>115987, the top left figure's shoulder looks very humanoid, but it works fine and looks great. Very expressive. Other times, they don't. In this case, the conflict comes out of two things: Humans have well defined gluteal muscles, while horses do not; and FiM style ponies have much higher heels than actual horses.

It looks like you're already working on some of this, particularly looking at >>116068, lower left, where the calf/thigh muscles are defined with a separate line than the top of the heel. I put together a quick redline, showing how the muscles on the back of the thigh look like where they meet the calf... rather than an arc, the creases form sort of an upsidedown Y. The upper green circle is the heel which is kinda lower down in the redline than in the original, because I wanted the muscle area to be clearer. (Also, this isn't really all that accurate. As stated before, most of the calf muscle are under the thigh muscle, so the visible part is mostly tendon. Like I said, this was very quick, I just wanted to show how the creases form.)

(Also, there's plenty of ref pics in Wikimedia Commons for the hindquarters of the horse, but most of them are NSFW, so I couldn't link to them on ponychan. Hopefully, the redline will at least give you an idea of what I'm talking about)

Anyway, hope this helps some. Developing a style takes time and effort, and sometimes weird stuff like this slips in unintentionally. Hopefully, these observations will give you a little more information to work with as you decide how to proceed.

Personally, I believe people are competent enough to solve their problems, as long as they're aware of the problem. In your case? Man, you don't waste any time working stuff out, do you? I'd say that's more than just "competent." :3

Aright, now I'm rambling. I really should be giving you more time to absorb all this information, sorry. Back to the sketchbook for me.
>> No. 116190
File 134838132157.jpg - (3.86MB , 2893x4092 , 9_19_22_12.jpg )

Woo~ More delicious feedback and redline to boot!

More drawings, too.

I'll have to put more of your reply in textfile, it seem.

>Man, you don't waste any time working stuff out, do you

I act on all feedback I get; strive to improve with each moment I sketch.
>> No. 116334
File 134862204963.jpg - (559.84KB , 1157x1636 , 9_23_25_12_resized.jpg )

Quicky sketches! more practicing with a different pen and working on speed than anything. Enjoyed doing it regardless.
>> No. 116541
File 134889432685.jpg - (2.59MB , 2893x4092 , 9_26-27_12_1.jpg )
more sketches one.
>> No. 116542
File 134889437528.jpg - (1.39MB , 1446x2046 , 9_26-28_12resize.jpg )
more sketches two
>> No. 116607
File 134909741917.jpg - (1.40MB , 1446x2046 , 9_28-30_12_resized.jpg )
And more.
>> No. 116668
File 134932636220.jpg - (1.36MB , 1446x2046 , 10_1-3_12_resized.jpg )
And more!
>> No. 117595
File 135122699706.jpg - (466.41KB , 1157x1637 , 10_24_12_Sharpener_resized.jpg )
Oh hi! Still doing sketches but not posting here :P So here's an incoming sketch dump.

Posted in no particular order; file name contains dates of work.
>> No. 117596
File 135122702467.jpg - (593.68KB , 1157x1637 , 10_24_12_PinkiePie_resized.jpg )

part two
>> No. 117597
File 135122705448.jpg - (1.11MB , 1130x1618 , 10_13-14_12_post_16_resized.jpg )

part three
>> No. 117598
File 135122708106.jpg - (501.11KB , 1157x1637 , 10_16_12_to_post_resized.jpg )

part four
>> No. 117601
File 135122716697.jpg - (566.70KB , 1157x1637 , 10_4-10_12_some_resized.jpg )

part five
>> No. 117712
File 135147531845.jpg - (711.74KB , 1157x1636 , 10_24-25_12_drawing_resized.jpg )

Not the best batch of sketches, but it's something.
>> No. 117777
File 135166127096.jpg - (1.03MB , 1446x2046 , 10_28-29_12_resized.jpg )
These turned out better.
>> No. 117815
File 135182378733.jpg - (511.30KB , 1822x2332 , 10_31-11-1_12)Applebloomposehold.jpg )
Hold that pose for me Applebloom!
>> No. 118665

Still sketching; just not updating :P
>> No. 118682
Don't worry, dude. It takes a good few months for a thread to disappear =)
>> No. 119693
File 135604501939.png - (285.90KB , 1085x1535 , 12_14_12_Its_Twilight_Sparkle_resized.png )
Did this a few days ago and forgot to post.
>> No. 119695

These are your best so far. Keep it up dude, you're getting there. I f*cking know it
>> No. 119705
File 135607332318.jpg - (209.56KB , 723x1023 , workstilltobedone.jpg )
Flats; will be shaded and background added eventually.
>> No. 119798
File 135659726092.png - (249.43KB , 1280x1024 , Pinkie_Pie_Glasses_12_26_12.png )
I drew a pie.
>> No. 119857
File 135674253239.png - (313.25KB , 1280x1024 , Twopinksinatub_12-27_12.png )
More pie
>> No. 119879
File 135691339766.jpg - (495.37KB , 1280x1024 , 12_22_12_Twijack.jpg )
Twijack flats. I'm not certain if I'll do lighting and shade in the future on this.
>> No. 119884
File 135693522664.png - (249.71KB , 1024x1280 , PinkaminaBust_12_30_12.png )
Pinkamina bust.
>> No. 119908
File 135701338018.png - (199.35KB , 1280x1024 , 12_31_12_Applebloom.png )
>> No. 119937
File 135711482834.jpg - (635.68KB , 1190x1540 , 1_1_13_Sketchdump_1.jpg )
I haven't posted sketches/studies in awhile. Here are two.

>> No. 119938
File 135711487605.jpg - (655.61KB , 1190x1540 , 1_1_13_Sketchdump_2.jpg )
>> No. 120006
File 135727458226.png - (224.75KB , 1190x1540 , Sweetie_Singing_Belle.png )
Suddenly Sweetie Belle.
>> No. 120018
File 135736288844.png - (240.74KB , 1190x1540 , Singing_Femsnips.png )
Singing Sugar.

>> No. 120079
File 135753515113.png - (246.67KB , 1190x1540 , 1_6_13_Sweetie_Belle.png )
Another Sweetie Belle~
>> No. 120155
File 135769907236.png - (307.83KB , 1190x1540 , 1_7_13_Applebloom.png )
Applebloom, the yellow one.
>> No. 120227
File 135801702581.png - (233.27KB , 1190x1540 , Twilight's_Mom_1_9_12.png )
Mrs. Sparkle. I don't know when I'll shade this.
>> No. 120273
File 135814109905.png - (276.19KB , 1190x1540 , 1_12_13_Fatty_Belle.png )
Sweetie Belle gained some weight.
>> No. 120308
File 135822888975.png - (336.33KB , 1157x1636 , Chrysalis_Drama.png )
Background and shade.
>> No. 120421
File 135866745637.png - (295.92KB , 1540x1190 , OC_Pone.png )
(my) OC pone.

Going to do some non pone for a bit. Griffons and Dragons to delve into a familiar (FIM) yet different subject matter.
>> No. 120423
nice butt
I approve of it
>> No. 120488

>> No. 123122
File 136850478778.png - (133.73KB , 2975x3850 , ScoutFilly_1_29_13_to_5_13_13.png )
After so long, I publish an art.
>> No. 123123
look at all this glorious art
>> No. 123124
File 136851363793.png - (186.57KB , 400x284 , dat_flank_by_emi_chanishvixen-d4h3g6g.png )
Aloooot of pony butts.
>> No. 125964
File 137878035384.jpg - (465.30KB , 2480x3507 , Istilldraw.jpg )
Howdy folks.

It's been awhile since I've posted, but IRL does do things to ya. I've continued to practice. A lot of gestures and sketches daily. Got projects in the tube that need worked on and will (ideally) be posted soon. In the meantime here's a snippet of some of the daily things I'm doing at this time.
>> No. 126461
File 138102301616.png - (165.13KB , 992x1402 , Featherweight_Drawing_resized.png )
I finished a thing. Featherweight sleeping upside down (he's hanging from a thin wire).
>> No. 126498
File 138137092006.jpg - (1.81MB , 2480x3507 , spaghettibutts3.jpg )
Irregularly posted sketch. Gotta show behind the scenes stuff.
>> No. 126519
File 138153656278.jpg - (1.64MB , 2480x3507 , spaghettibutts4.jpg )
Twilight practice in particular.
>> No. 126527
File 138162094968.jpg - (1.32MB , 2480x3507 , spaghettibutts5.jpg )
There's motivation in drawing when you show it to an audience.
>> No. 126545
File 138180053245.jpg - (1.34MB , 2480x3507 , spaghettibutts6.jpg )
More spaghetti as I work on drawing Nightmare Moon and particular poses.
>> No. 127019
File 138828661319.jpg - (1.20MB , 2328x3115 , flutterbatsketch.jpg )
Flutterbat sketch. I just had to.
>> No. 127829
This threads always been useful over the years.
>> No. 128003
File 139787036935.png - (361.95KB , 1280x1810 , resized-version-twi-back.png )
I post far too sparingly.
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