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File 134004406937.jpg - (447.43KB , 791x1144 , resized_for_FIM (4).jpg )
109123 No. 109123
Hello everypony,

I come here seeking feedback: critique, constructive criticism, encouragement and ideas.

I have been practicing pony drawings for about three weeks now and, as in that time I seemingly cannot put my tablet pen down and stop drawing, a record of my progress and attempts can be seen on this tumblr:

I will start my posting with the three latest sketch batches I have done and go from there.

Image one of four
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>> No. 109124
File 134004409687.jpg - (577.63KB , 860x1214 , resized_for_FIM (1).jpg )
image two of four
>> No. 109125
File 134004412436.jpg - (413.67KB , 860x1214 , resized_for_FIM (2).jpg )
Three of four
>> No. 109126
File 134004415596.jpg - (403.17KB , 860x1214 , resized_for_FIM (3).jpg )
And four of four.

I've focused on bodies and limbs so far in my practice. I need to work on heads and do hope there's some feedback in that department.
>> No. 109128
File 134004471468.png - (150.61KB , 756x1056 , 132681596077.png )
It certainly helps!

>> No. 109130
File 134004586049.png - (393.42KB , 715x269 , Lackadaisy __ Lackadaisy Construction_2012-06-18_18-45-41.png )
Progress looks great so far!

Your body construction looks excellent, but every sketch I see is a side view...maybe try some different angles.

It looks like you might be having some difficulty drawing pony heads at different's a tutorial that should help:

Your shading looks a bit odd in this one...but you did a better job here: >>109125 but it still looks a bit monochrome.
just keep in mind were your light source is and remember to shade with blues and purples instead of grey.
>> No. 109135
File 134004793381.png - (90.97KB , 476x377 , 132813095157.png )
Oh hai Keszu
>> No. 109140
File 134005044625.jpg - (151.31KB , 632x645 , 6_8_12_drawing.jpg )

Thank you for the feedback! I'm browsing through screencaps and reconstructing heads that are in various poses; bodies too. Also,that guide you linked is quite informative.


Hello Trixie.

Attached is an older batch of sketches.
>> No. 109165
File 134008077850.jpg - (486.44KB , 860x1214 , 6_18_12_drawing_scaled.jpg )

Today's sketches..

Working on heads and choosing those that are at an angle as suggested in >>109130
>> No. 109208
File 134015735394.jpg - (629.25KB , 860x1214 , 6_19_12_drawing_scaled.jpg )
Today's batch of sketches. More work on heads.

I eagerly await critique and feedback!
>> No. 109296
File 134025634753.jpg - (700.68KB , 1157x1637 , 6_20_12_drawing_scaled.jpg )
Today's batch of sketches.

I eagerly await critique and feedback!
>> No. 109298
This looks like a mix of personal style, realistic horse anatomy, and show accurate FiM-Style. The influences conflict with each other in some places but I'm guessing the style is still in development, so that's to be expected.

I like how the shoulders look, by the way. The hind legs could use some shaping up, I could redline some suggestions for that if you like.

Something to note about heads: more often than not, the eyes go right to the edge of the face. Stopping short will do... odd things.

I am so following you on tumblr. :3
>> No. 109299

Redline? Yes, of course!

The style is still in development for sure. I do want to blend some real horse anatomy into the show style and having the shoulders more apparent/displayed is an example of that.
>> No. 109315
File 134029751760.png - (156.51KB , 459x475 , 130988174256.png )
That feel when all of the ponies you adore are on Tumblr and you're not.

Maybe I should make one...
>> No. 109326

Then make one, silly!
>> No. 109380
File 134034177019.jpg - (227.86KB , 1312x919 , 6_21_12_drawing_resized.jpg )
Today's sketches. The right is a freehand which shows the difference construction (which that one lacks; compared to left) can make in areas.
>> No. 109554
File 134042988262.jpg - (208.05KB , 1314x1063 , 6_22_12_drawing_resized.jpg )
Today’s sketches; based off screencaps. I enjoy drawing background characters. As always, critique and feedback is welcomed.
>> No. 109726
File 134056439949.jpg - (383.21KB , 1447x1139 , 6_23_12_drawing_resized.jpg )
Last night’s drawings. Diamond Tiara based off a screencap and Blueball Blitz done from a pose pulled out of nowhere. The Blueball Blitz attempt has a small head...
>> No. 109823
Today’s drawing and sketching. Some original poses; those based off screencaps.
>> No. 109824
File 134060447602.jpg - (664.36KB , 1157x1637 , 6_24_12_drawing_resized.jpg )
Today’s drawing and sketching. Some original poses; those based off screencaps.
>> No. 109943
File 134068855244.jpg - (413.44KB , 1157x1637 , 6_25_12_drawing_resized.jpg )
Today’s sketches. Getting more comfortable with drawing complete pony.
>> No. 110074
File 134076904113.jpg - (552.38KB , 1157x1637 , 6_26_12_drawing__resized.jpg )
Today's sketches. Focus on faces (one expression really) and actually drawing more ponies from show!

Critique and Feedback is welcomed!
>> No. 110197
File 134085039083.jpg - (754.86KB , 1157x1637 , 6_27_12_drawing_resized.jpg )
Today’s practice. Did a painting of Aunt Orange.
>> No. 110309
File 134094274772.jpg - (622.53KB , 1157x1636 , 6_28_12_resized.jpg )
Different poses for today's sketches.
>> No. 110424
File 134103692571.jpg - (690.49KB , 1157x1636 , 6_29_12_drawing_resized.jpg )
I am getting more comfortable with different poses.
>> No. 110476
File 134112356153.jpg - (660.17KB , 1157x1636 , 6_30_12_resizeds.jpg )
Today's sketches. Getting all the pieces of pony understood for eventual final assembly!

As always, critique and feedback is welcomed and I wish to have some too!
>> No. 110497
Oh, and one further note... To aid in improvement and try something different I'd love to hear ideas for drawings.
>> No. 110560
File 134125618410.jpg - (482.07KB , 748x1439 , 7_1_12_drawing_resized.jpg )
Yesterday's sketches. Did a portrait of Diamond Tiara without her tiara. I suspect the eye placement is a bit wonky.
>> No. 110565
DT's eyes seem close together. Going by FiM-style, I'd say the far eye could be a little narrower.

Looking at your work overall, one thing that often seems inconsistant is how the upper leg and torso overlap. In >>110476, the middle-left and bottom right figures have torsos that overlap the leg, which doesn't seem right for the view angle.

The backs of the necks tend to curve inward. This is accurate for humans, but not for My Little or real ponies. It tends to do odd things to the shape of the neck, the length of the body (a narrower neck makes the body look longer), and the way the head sits on the neck (the implied point where spine meets the skull gets pushed forward). This isn't usually a problem, since the mane covers the back of the neck most of the time, but it's noticeable in >>110074 (bottom right), and >>109296 (bottom right).

For FiM ponies and actual horses, the back of the neck is pretty much a straight line from the base of the skull to the shoulders.

In >>109943 (middle-right figure), >>109208
(middle-upper-right figure) and >>109165 (upper left figure) the line of the shoulders joins the line for the legs, which makes the figure look wide and stocky. FiM-style ponies ignore this completely, but in real life horses the muscle creases form sort of a Y, with the neck coming to a point in the middle and the deltoids/pectorals below and aside. (Funfact: I use this crease as a basis for the V of Jasper's collar.)

The eyes tend to be straight ovals. Eyes are complicated shapes, and simple ellipses don't convey a lot of their subtleties. Even though the eyes of FiM style ponies are often just ovals, they tend to be tilted back a bit. The black edge of the upper eyelids do a lot to add personality by shifting the corners of the eye and adding weight to the top, making it more irregular in appearance. A plain, un-tilted oval is regular in shape, which is less interesting visually.

Anyway, I hope some of this helps. If any of it's unclear, or if you'd like suggestions, I can do redlines.

Sorry it took me so long to get around to this... I was waiting to see more work before commenting so I could pick out trends (rather than commenting on one-time hiccups), and I figured I should hold off a little to let your style shape up a bit.

There's also the fact that I was sick last week and went to a con this weekend (not that con, sadly), so my daily routine has been out of whack... But now I'm just making excuses. :3

You seem to be making good progress on your own, which I consider to be the mark of a very capable artist. Mad props, my brony.

By the way: if you get comments set up on your tumblr, I could give you critique there. It's easier for me to keep track of stuff on tumblr than on ponychan.
>> No. 110567

It wasn't until the other day when I looked at some screencaps that I realized I was making the heads too round and the back of the heads join the neck in a straight line. That was a derp caught rather late. It looks much better as a straight line.

It was a result of examining a tutorial that I joined the line of the shoulders with the legs ( ). When the leg is bent or otherwise in a non-straight position the shoulder is defined more. I started using it on more ridged stances under the impression it defined the the shape of the leg more than a line jutting out of the bottom of the torso - I want to find a comfortable blend of cartoon style and anatomy eventually.

On actual subjects I haven't been giving much attention to eyes. On images such as the portrait of Aunt Orange or Diamond Tiara more attention was given. I have been experimenting with different eye styles ( as can be seen in some prior postings) to find one that is expressive.

I do appreciate this feedback immensely. I would greatly appreciate redlines for a more visual cue; I understand what it is your are pointing out.

Comments should be set up on the tumblr now.
>> No. 110605
File 134129160852.jpg - (703.11KB , 1157x1636 , 7_2_12_resized.jpg )
Today's sketches. Subjects/areas are numbered to make feedback and critique easier to point out.
>> No. 110686
File 134137804598.jpg - (2.87MB , 1446x2046 , 7_3_12_resized.jpg )
Today's sketches. Really focused on expressions today. Sections of sketch page are numbered for easy critique and feedback.
>> No. 110715

Your body posing is spectacularly spot on. But there's a feeling I get when i Look to the west considering the faces that goes beyond geometrical knowledge of the ponies figure. The face needs to be expressive, whether it just is a simple expression, it somehow just needs to be toyed around with, felt out, drawn and redrawn until it hits the intended spirit of your pony. Your drawings have such a great base and shows your skill at the foundation level of art - viewing, understanding shapes, and recreating. Your color scheming is also really good dude. But the faces on almost all your drawings lack for some reason. Spend some time drawing ORGANIC facial features, making your own special eyes that are aesthetically pleasing, and make the face work well with the nose and mouth if you plan on making them speak or hinge the jaw. I think you're an amazing artist and I only say this because you can be improve so much by this one thing. Style speaks, not just geometry
>> No. 110787
File 134146796276.jpg - (930.63KB , 943x1433 , 7_4_12_resized.jpg )
More organic and expressive faces? I'll get right to it!

Today’s sketches. Didn’t do near as many today; more focus on expressions.
>> No. 110868
File 134155372489.jpg - (1.54MB , 1157x1636 , 7_5_12_resized.jpg )
Today's sketches/practice. Critique/Feedback welcome.
>> No. 110933
File 134161817168.jpg - (864.62KB , 943x1433 , corrections to a great piece of work3.jpg )

Dude, with faces, you just have to kinda know what looks right. The 3rd face was the only one that really said "hey my face looks really RIGHT," and the 2nd one was one the fence about it. Do yourself a huge favor and rewatch some episodes with an aesthetically aware sense. Think of how the face looks and what CONVEYS cuteness, sadness, or emotion. Since humans are so well aware of the face, anything that looks out of place or doesn't work with the other facial features will look wrong. Try nailing down the basics by looking at a mirror and copying what you see.

I highly recommend watching ren and stimpy if you wanna learn facial mastery at its finest.
>> No. 110936
Awesome feedback! Zombie?

I'd like to reference Ren & Stimpy myself, but my connection is often too poor to watch anything. If you know of any reference sheets I could learn from I'd appreciate it. Maybe somepony could make one from screencaps? I'd draw for that!
>> No. 110943

are you and APmP the same person? I'm just wondering, since the post was directed at him, even though it benefits everyone. about you send an e-mail to [email protected] and I'll send you the best reference I can imagine for ren and stimpy. Redrawing them literally everyday for like, a month, will make your own ability to manipulate the face come out that much quicker.
>> No. 110945
If we are the same person, please get help as we're schizophrenic and we don't know it, lol.

>> No. 110946

Umm.. Where not the same person.

Regardless, thank you for the written and visual notes!
>> No. 110948
>Try nailing down the basics by looking at a mirror and copying what you see.
If I could add to this... make some faces, and think how it feels. Which muscles tense, where the skin stretches or scrunches, the behaviour of eyelids compared to the eyebrows, and what directions the mouth pulls in. Not to mention, the direction the head tilts.

I do this with body language and poses, too. Just strike a pose, and feel the stretch and flex.

If you do any of this in public and someone asks if you're having a seizure or need medication, just tell them you're an artist. It works for all kinds of things, actually.
>> No. 110950
can you help me with body posing? Yours is literally almost perfect. Maybe make a small guide as to how you go about making them?


you need to google "interior semiotics" if you wanna know just how crazy artists can get
>> No. 110951
File 134163962892.jpg - (1.18MB , 1157x1636 , 7_6_12_resized.jpg )

The visual reference is great; I can see that more facial features/cues are needed in the expressions. I've been using screencaps for expressions thus so far, but it appears they can be rather stiff at times. Likewise my own detailing of the expressions remain stiff. I'll need to loosen up.


Mirrors and more reference images it is, then ;)


Sure. I can post a simple step-by-step of body construction. When I started drawing ponies I first focused on drawing good bodies over faces/expressions - which is why I'm working on them now. I studied tutorials, actual images of horses, and works by other artists. such as SB, to get a good idea of how, for lack of better words, how pony is put together.

Anyways, here are today's sketches. I composed most of them before I saw your critique. Future drawings will be taking it into account.
>> No. 110952
E-heh... good sir, I spent a year at art college. That which has been seen cannot be unseen.

I know just how crazy artists can get. I... know.

Now back to your regularly scheduled thread.

APmP, I notice that the upper hind legs of your ponies tend to be very round. MLPonies and real horse's thighs are more teardrop shaped, and fairly flattened. Also, real horse muscles have distinct groupings. The one big round shape seems kind of bulbous and blobby. It's most notable in >>110868, #9.
>> No. 110953

Right, I've seen in construction drawings and actual photos that the rear of the pony is more square and the upper hind legs, and in particular how the muscles wrap around the bones, are not really circles. We're not drawing bubble butts or flanks on ponies :P . I'm a bit and miss at this point with that, it seems. In my latest batch of sketches I do think I avoided that for the most part.

I'll be looking at more references in the near future and rewatching episodes. It's time to do a little studying.
>> No. 111044
File 134173083286.jpg - (1.33MB , 1446x1152 , 7_7_12_resized.jpg )
Didn’t do near as much today; got tied up with other things. Did some more limb/hoof practice. Critique and feedback welcomed as usual.

Don't think I achieved the teardrop shape in today's sketches.
>> No. 111148
File 134181283641.jpg - (1.54MB , 1446x1375 , 7_8_12_resized.jpg )
today's sketches; focused on poses.

I'll get to a construction/body tutorial one of these days.
>> No. 111153
#11 looks like the legs are shaping up.:3

Something about #7 and #4... there's an awful lot of belly between the hind legs. Where the hind legs meet the hip, there's... uh...

I mean, below the belly, there's not all that much space between the legs around the... well, the [/i]that[i] area...


I'm sorry, I'm pretty sure there's no way to comment on this properly without violating Ponychan's policy regarding NSFW subjects. I may just have to point it out and leave it at that. :<

I'm pretty sure you can follow what I'm getting at, tho. :3
>> No. 111170

Number 7, which was a bit difficult to sketch out as you may tell from the omission of the lower half of the hind legs, does have too much belly back there; with number 4 I think I got it about right. I know what you're pointing ;) Even when the pic is SFW (which all my sketches are unless otherwise stated) I know better than to have the hips touching back there - unless bubble but. There is a gap between them.
>> No. 111179
It's not against the rules to talk about the anatomy of the groin area nor is it against the rules to post images since we are using this to improve the understanding of the anatomy and how it is suppose to work. Just realize that any artistic nude image use as reference should have the nsfw tag to protect others.
>> No. 111215
File 134189651061.jpg - (2.22MB , 1446x2046 , 7_9_12_resized.jpg )
Today's sketches. Did more poses/body work and (quickly sketched) complete ponies. Critique and feedback always welcome.
>> No. 111217
>> No. 111243
File 134199480689.jpg - (1.26MB , 1157x1636 , 7_10_12_resized.jpg )
Today's (last night) sketches. Notes are in the image.
>> No. 111435
File 134207743710.jpg - (1.45MB , 1446x1587 , 7_11_12_resized.jpg )
Today's sketches. Took some notes from tutorials and works others (SB does such great sketches that work great for ref; love that guy's work!) have done to tweak how heads are done. The line around the eye facing away from the viewer curves in, rather than follows the circle line used for other parts of the head. The muzzle for females is shrunk in size and placed in a way to still illustrate the depth of it. Eyes are accordingly distanced based on the width of the muzzle. Comments, critique and feedback is welcomed.
>> No. 111618
File 134224484830.jpg - (1.11MB , 1157x1636 , 7_12_and_13_12_resized.jpg )
Today's sketches; working on complete ponies now... and butts.
>> No. 111837
File 134241995271.jpg - (1.01MB , 1446x1091 , 7_14_and_15_12_resized.jpg )
Some expressions (ideally without pig nose) and a coloured pony. Okay, the shading on the coloured pony isn't that great and needs refining, but darn I'm quite happy it's a start to style that I like. Critique and feedback welcomed!
>> No. 111845
Well, you already mentioned the two things I was going to bring up: the noses, and the lighting

I like the look of the colouring style. The definition around the face pops right out at you.

The pig nose thing... yeah. Whenever I see it, it just kinda bugs me. I can't help it, sorry. >_<
>> No. 111851

Pig nose is there on some expressions.. For the most part not too bad I think but I'm still working on that.

What I'm most satisfied with in the coloured image is the tail. I really like how it turned out and plan on refining and replicating that style in the future.
>> No. 111939
No sketches for today; art post will come tomorrow.
>> No. 112118
File 134266678602.jpg - (1.31MB , 1446x1192 , 7_16-17-18_12_resized.jpg )
Sketches for the 16th, 17th and 18th of July. Was busy with other things; less time to sketch over the course of those days. Primarily practiced expressions in this batch. Coloured two complete ponies to see how they would look with a quick application of colour and shading. I'm still getting the small muzzle ordeal worked out while trying to avoid pig nose. Critique, feedback and tips are welcomed.
>> No. 112290
File 134280435689.jpg - (1.74MB , 1157x1636 , 7_19_12_resized.jpg )
I focused on making more correct muzzles in this batch of sketches. The line, instead of crossing the bridge of the muzzle/snout, extends up to the eye on the far side of the viewer. With the exception of where the muzzle is overlapping the eye as it does it is set below the eyes. Expressions are rather dull in this batch of sketches and I think may even appear as creepy dolls with some - likely attributed to the eyes. As I continue to improve with muzzle work more consistent eyes are the next project.
>> No. 112413
File 134288853496.jpg - (1.18MB , 1309x1828 , 7_20_12_resized.jpg )
What I spent part of Friday doing. I don't know why, but I like having the sketch layer above the finished composition.. Perhaps it's because I'm uncomfortable with having the image look entirely complete. Well, the shading and highlighting is likely off and the pose, and in particular the hind legs Mrs. Cake stands on, may be awkward. I like her mane and tail design - very big.
>> No. 112429
It's been a while since I've sketched as much as you have done. And now of course, it's difficult to give critique when you already have a specific style.

However... If you want to be more "anatomically correct," you should make it so that the tail bone follows her spine.
>> No. 112742
File 134311118140.jpg - (960.15KB , 922x1931 , 7_23_12_resized.jpg )
Haven’t posted anything these last couple of days, but I have been busy sketching and viewing references here and there. Here’s a bit of what I worked on. It’s a rather rough batch this time; I wanted to get something out to show what I’ve been working on. Really practicing on a style that incorporates more features of equine anatomy - in particular skeleton and muscle.
>> No. 112891
File 134320139774.jpg - (1.41MB , 1446x1133 , 7_24_12_resized.jpg )
Pudgy Mrs. Cake and expressions.
>> No. 113259
File 134353821254.jpg - (1.43MB , 1446x1278 , 7_25_12_resized.jpg )
Mrs. Cake expressions and construction.. Oh, and a quick Femsnips!
>> No. 113430
File 134371017257.jpg - (1.17MB , 1446x1532 , 7_29_12_resized.jpg )
Sketch of Diamond Tiara with focus on rump. With a marker tool I wanted to see what the shading would look like. Not too much of a focus on it this time around, though, but rather wanting to see how it may look.
>> No. 113448
So one thing I've been thinking...

Have ideas you'd like to share? Requests that you wouldn't mind seeing done by me? I would be happy to take some. I feel as though if I take some requests and be open to suggestions of what to draw they'll be like assignments. They will be tasks I am given to complete and improve upon. I am willing to do such things.

Send ideas, requests and suggestions through the ask system on
>> No. 113560
File 134396402771.jpg - (1.90MB , 1446x1819 , 7_31_12(Eyes_Legs_Expressions)(Resized).jpg )
Practicing stallion heads! Legs and eyes too.
>> No. 113617
File 134405707108.jpg - (2.92MB , 2236x2107 , expressions_8_3_12.jpg )
Just some expressions (comparing mare and stallion) tonight. And Mrs. Sharpener - whose lack of fanart baffles me.
>> No. 113619
You draw a lot of sketches. Any chance we'll be able to see 100% completed ponies? I want to see the main six!
>> No. 113625

In time. I work on sketches of parts and expressions to build up skills in those areas. I can put them together and make complete ponies, but haven't done much as of late.
>> No. 113627

You need... to do... more finished pieces.

My usual policy when giving feedback is to simply observe and comment. I very, very rarely tell an artist what they should and shouldn't do. In this case, things are pretty clear cut.

If you want to go any further, start taking the work further.
>> No. 113633

Understood; it is something I've neglected to do.
>> No. 113699
File 134415189365.jpg - (1.00MB , 1157x1636 , 8_4_12_resized.jpg )
Today's sketches; going to focus more on complete ponies for here on out. Rather than just simply do many expressions do the full body - starting with the head isn't much of a bad idea, though.

Finished as in coloured, correct?
>> No. 113864
File 134440437172.jpg - (0.96MB , 1157x1636 , 8_5_12_resized.jpg )
More full body stuff. Getting quite comfortable; think I'll get around to coloring more in the near future.
>> No. 114023
File 134457835137.jpg - (709.55KB , 1111x1945 , 8_9_12_resized.jpg )
Today’s sketches; aiming for a little less flabby.
>> No. 114212
File 134483665668.jpg - (628.17KB , 1157x1636 , 8_12_12_resized.jpg )
Practice! It’s taken a few days to get this one out (other things come up) but here’s more!
>> No. 114300
File 134499397337.jpg - (503.42KB , 1157x1636 , 8_14_12_resized.jpg )
Ummm… Clean lines? Critique and feedback more than welcome.
>> No. 114304
There we go... now, this is something I can critique. :3

Might take me a while to write it all up, tho. I'll do what I can to expedite it (you've probably been waiting long enough as it is), but even so, it might be 2 or 3 days.
>> No. 114306

Oh, lovely! Tell me, is the 'complete' referring to coloured images or those that are just more complete, like the clean lines?
>> No. 114314
> Tell me, is the 'complete' referring to coloured images or those that are just more complete, like the clean lines?
Well, when you get right down to it, a piece of art is completed once it is shown to an audience. That's why artists crave comments of any sort: until someone actually sees the work, you're left with a vague sense of incompleteness, a lack of closure, and the only way to know that someone's actually seen the work is if they comment (or favourite, like, reblog, etc).

I digress.

Sketches (and WiP's) are hard to critique because they aren't finalized. Until you show me something that's been drawn to the best of your ability, I don't know if something looks the way it does because you didn't finish drawing it, or because you hit the limit of your abilities.

When I say "more finished work," I don't necessarily mean it has to be inked, or vectored, or coloured, or fully rendered, or whatever. It just has to the best you can do. Well, not necessarily the absolute best you can do, but enough for me to get an idea of where you really stand.

As a note, I've been on sabbatical for the past little while due to some major burn-out. >>114212 and >>113864 are cleaned up and straightened out enough for a critique, but I was in no condition for writing anything at the time they were posted.

Actually, looking at some of the construction lines in those two, I might redline 'em with a few thoughts. Maybe. I'm still in recovery mode, so I'm trying to take it easy.
>> No. 114326

#1, 4, 5,8 are pretty good. You tend to make the eyes too big.

9 is by far the best but maybe because there isn't as much facial conveyance. It still shows how well you understand bodies in 3d space.

I'll blue line some stuff later, i love looking at your work.
>> No. 114327

I really don't know what it is....but something about the way you draw faces is very peculiar. It's so far removed from you drawing of bodies... Hmm... With the face there has to be a certain level of aesthetic awareness. You have to have the taste in your mind to know what looks good, what comes out of golden ratios and sizes that makes something look like its there and wants to engage you emotionally.

#12 is the really good one here. Maybe you should try reshaping the eyes or the size of the pupil. Maybe the overall shape of the eye. Maybe try making it a little more ovally. The ones where the pupil is small, like when tiara or TS is mad looks right because...well it just does. It seems like you draw most of this out of instinct, (i might be wrong). Draw a part of the face, and then redraw and redraw and undo and redraw it a million times if you have to until it looks good.

The only reason I say this is because you are really good and I wanna see you prosper :)!

*Edit* I noticed you changed the eyes in >>112290 a lot, its good to sometimes fully revamp a system. The eyes work better now.

*Edit #2* >>113617 Wow! A lot better! All of them except the 2nd once in the upper middle Worked pretty well!
>> No. 114439

*nods nods*

Very good feedback you're providing.. I take it you are seeing improvement in the work?

Understood and thanks again!
>> No. 114456
File 134518770427.jpg - (222.16KB , 1366x686 , newmergedfaces1.jpg )

Np buddy.
And here, Instead of blue-lining some of your studies, I've drawn some of my own that show what a face should feel like. Now I don't claim to be the next scribner or clampett, but I know I can freeform a face pretty damn well. #2 and # 4 are ones your should really focus on. Just notice how everything in the pictures works together, the size of the pupil, the shapes, affect on other parts of the face.

Notice how all of the elements in the face WORK together as a team. Most importantly, note the eyes and mouth. My mother is a fine art restorer for the past 25 years and she is queen when it comes to identifying with an image. I showed her some of your work when she asked me what I was looking at and she said that your faces felt "plastic-y" and that it sucked the feeling out of most of your works. Mainly she said some of the eyes were like that. She said that >>112290 was the best because you changed some of those elements.

We still both hate you for drawing everything else so well X.X :(
>> No. 114543
File 134530815343.jpg - (973.60KB , 1157x1636 , 8_18_12_resized.jpg )
Sketches worked on over the last couple of days. I like how these sketches look with the line being a tad bit thicker. Not sure if I care for using airbrush for shading; I may go back to crosshatching.

Pose for Mrs. Cake comes from
>> No. 114545

Please don't hate me! I still have a long way to go when it comes to drawing 'well.'

I understand what you mean by having the elements of the face work together, and incredibly so with the eyes and mouth. It's easy to feel with your own face how the mouth, cheeks and eyebrows all play with each other when different expressions are made. If one element is not playing with the other it does create what I think of as a 'flat' expression.
>> No. 114667
File 134543494107.jpg - (607.81KB , 1157x1636 , 8_19_12_resized.jpg )
OC request.
>> No. 115118
File 134604491340.jpg - (1.30MB , 1157x1636 , 8_26_12_resized.jpg )
Flutterberry (Fluttershy x Berry Punch) is my new OTP.
>> No. 115406
File 134673574615.jpg - (646.46KB , 1446x2046 , 9_3_12_resized.jpg )
Quick sketch; want to start timing myself and see how long such things take. This was about 15 to 20 minutes.

I've been sketching daily; just not uploading much because many are either WIP or too rough to upload.
>> No. 115975
File 134793986172.jpg - (2.06MB , 2893x3154 , 9_17_12_drawing.jpg )
Goodness I haven't posted here in awhile. Well, here's latest sketches. These are more sketchy than usual, being done in shorter amount of time with the intent to improve on the pace at which I sketch. Ideal is to go further with an increased quality as I sketch at a faster pace in the future.

I have other stuff completed since last post here; can be found at:
>> No. 115985
File 134794337326.png - (69.66KB , 400x525 , wf_woot.png )
Peppermint! You're still around! And not dead or anything! Yay!
>Mine Countenance Whereupon

Sorry I disappeared without doing those redlines... they were taking a while to compose, then I lost the power cable for my laptop and it took me, like, a week or so to replace it. By that time, it looked like you'd disappeared. Which made me sad-face a lot, since you're one of a select few /art/ists who actually knows how to pony.

Speaking of which... I owe you critiques and redlines! Which I can't do right now. Because it's, like, 2AM here. And because I just finished writing this wall o' text: >>115978

I'll get right on your commentary next, Pinkie promise. :3
>> No. 115987
File 134794378872.jpg - (1.00MB , 2253x3316 , 9_15_12_drawing.jpg )

No prob!

I don't disappear! I just didn't post. I post all my sketches on the aforementioned tumblr. I just didn't get around to posting here.

>Other sketches worked on recently
>> No. 116002
Ah... that would explain it.

Recently, I've been spending all my time drawing at a McDoornail's: unlimited Diet-Coke refills, cheap snacks, and free wi-fi. Except for tumblr, that's blocked. Rage! So, no tumblr for me all day long.

It does wonders for my productivity, actually.

Anyway, where was I? Oh, yeah: sleep. Laters.
>> No. 116023
File 134800839584.jpg - (293.59KB , 753x1498 , 8-5-12_2-redline.jpg )
Aright, lez git diz party stared...

First up: a review of bones and muscles. Some of this is more or less basic stuff, but I'm going to run through it, just to make sure you know where I'm coming from. Particularly when I start going over other drawings in the future.

The trick to getting a proper impression of anatomy is to understand how everything layers on top of everything else. Muscles attach to bones, skin layers over muscle. To properly draw the surface of a pony, you have to take into account everything below the surface. Simple enough so far.

Looking at the construction lines, I can immediately see two things that are probably causing a lot of complications.

(Note: I'm about to run through a whole bunch of real-life equine anatomy stuff. Before anyone jumps up in arms about this, no, I don't think realism is somehow inherently superior to stylism. Our understanding of what looks right and wrong is based on real life, though. So, to troubleshoot the stylistic stuff, I have to analyze it in terms of the realistic stuff. Moving right along...)

>First, the layout and proportions of the bones themselves
See fig.A: The blue line is your original layout, let me know if I made a mistake on it. The redline is what an actual horses bone structure looks like. What was the thigh in your version is now the thigh and hip, and the hipsocket is much lower and to the back. The ankle is slightly lower, and the lower leg is composed of two segments rather than one.

Notice that the hip, thigh, calf, and foot (tarsal plus toe) are now closer to being all being the same length. This is vital for getting proportions that look right and move naturally. (Actual horse's skeleton: )

The bones get slightly longer and thinner as they go down the leg. This has to do with leverage: the longer a bone is, the farther the end of it will travel when the joint flexes, but also the less power it has. The higher parts of the leg have to haul the weight of the lower parts, so the higher ones are shorter and have more substantial muscles. Lower bones have much less muscle to reduce weight and reduce the work for the upper joints, and they're longer to increase the distance of the horse's stride. All the muscle of the calf is as close to the knee as possible, attached to the heel by long and massive tendon, and there's virtually no muscle below the ankle.

>Second, The way the muscles attach to the bones.
In Fig.B, I've drawn my impression of how they look like in your original: the muscles attach to the sockets on either end of the bones. This is not mechanically plausible: if the muscles flexed, all they would do is squeeze the bone end to end.

Actual muscles always attach to two different bones, usually above and below a joint (see Fig.C). When they flex, they push or pull the bones apart, and hinging on the joint. For leverage, the muscle on limbs will often attaches to the far end of one bone and the middle of the other. Exempli gratia: the muscles on the back of the thigh will attach above and below the knee, one end to the femur near the hip socket, and the other end half way down the fibia. Muscles layer and overlap each other to do this, eg: the muscles on the back of the thigh insert between the calf muscles to attach to the tibia.

As a note, the purple parts are areas almost entirely defined by bones or tendons. The light blue group is an approximation of the semitendonosis and semimebranosis, see no.11 in this pic:

The dk. blue muscles are extremely simplified versions of the actual muscles, but that's what I imagine when I need to picture how the muscles on the legs go.

The green part is basically the calf, no.6 in this (fancier looking) diagram: The semitendonosis has been omitted, so this diagram doesn't properly show where the bulge of muscle is in relation to the back of the thigh.

But... I'm talking about real horses. Does this have anything to do with ponies in MLP:FiM?

Yes, it most certainly does. Here's a picture of Twilight in profile: Her knee is hypothetically level with her belly, and the line for the back of her thigh leads to a point much farther down than that... ie: the muscles on the back of the thigh attach far below the knee.

So, what's up with the corner on the back of the leg? Well, going back to that picture of the horses skeleton, notice the tarsus: that's the ankle. There's a bone that sticks up from it, the calcaneus: that's the horse's equivalent of the heel. Going back to the pic of Twilight: that corner is basically her heel, which has been extended much higher up than an actual horse's heel... because reasons, I guess. The horizontal line of that corner is her Achilles tendon, and it pretty well points to a spot just below her knee, as it should.

(...You probably know most of this already, since you draw that area much like a human heel. I just had to run through the theory for the sake of discussion, because it'll come up later)

One other key difference between FiM-Style ponies and real horse anatomy... back to this pic for a moment... the bulge of muscle just below the knee? The gaskin? FiM-style ponies don't have that bulge, just a smooth curve extending from the knee to the hoof. This is one of the things that makes FiM-style legs hard to sort out, because it makes the placement of the knee and ankle less obvious.

At any rate... hope some of this is helpful. I'll be going over more of your work, and talk about the stylistic and surface stuff then (including some of the complications that arise from combining features of equine and human anatomy, and stylizing it). Meanwhile, do let me know how much of this you're interested in.

Here's the link to Wikimedia Common's horse anatomy category; It's kind of a pain to find unless you know exactly where to look, and it has all kinds of useful stuff. (Warning: some of it is very NSFW)
>> No. 116068
File 134810127890.jpg - (2.78MB , 2893x4092 , 9_18_12_drawing.jpg )

G-goodness.. Thanks for the notes and feedback. I'm going to have to put that in a text file.

Anyways, Yesterday's sketches.
>> No. 116126
File 134825510093.jpg - (628.21KB , 1000x1880 , 9_18_12_redline.jpg )
>G-goodness.. Thanks for the notes and feedback. I'm going to have to put that in a text file.
Yeah, sorry it's such a huge block. Sometimes I just want to explain something that's actually pretty simple and straightforward, but I have to explain something else first or it won't make sense, and that requires a much bigger explanation... and then I have to explain some bit of theory that goes behind that... and, well, ya know, it kinda snowballs.

Dang, you absorb stuff pretty quick. I can see interesting developments already. :3

One of the differences between the posterior regions of human and equine anatomy is that for humans, there's a cleft between the gluteal muscles (ie: the butt) and the back of the thigh. On a horse, the gluteals start on the top, and go down the side. (See: Sorry, couldn't find one in English. See where it says "fléchisseur de la cuisse"? I'm not 100% sure of the translation, that's right about where the gluteals are. Sorta) So, that cleft between the butt and thigh? Horses just don't really have one of those.

Back to >>116068... the figure in the bottom right corner looks like it kinda sorta has a curve for the top of the heel, but it also kinda-sorta looks like the cleft between the butt and thigh of a human. Actually, it looks like both of those things at once, which looks weird since the figure's foot seems to be right up against their flank, and they don't actually have a calf. (All the ref pics I could find had highly visible unmentionables, which ponychan site rules prohibit posting or linking to)

This comes up in a number of your other drawings and sketches: >>113699 bottom right, >>114212 bottom right, >>113259 bottom right and middle, but I wasn't 100% sure if that was due to loose and fast drawing, unremoved construction lines, or if it was actually intended as part of the final drawing, or whatever else. Without knowing what case it was, I couldn't be sure how to approach commenting on it. Wasn't until >>114300 that I had a better idea of what was really going on, which is one reason why I had been asking to see more finished work. :3

I mentioned "complications" of mixing different anatomies and styles... this is pretty much that. Sometimes, things fit together well... looking at >>115987, the top left figure's shoulder looks very humanoid, but it works fine and looks great. Very expressive. Other times, they don't. In this case, the conflict comes out of two things: Humans have well defined gluteal muscles, while horses do not; and FiM style ponies have much higher heels than actual horses.

It looks like you're already working on some of this, particularly looking at >>116068, lower left, where the calf/thigh muscles are defined with a separate line than the top of the heel. I put together a quick redline, showing how the muscles on the back of the thigh look like where they meet the calf... rather than an arc, the creases form sort of an upsidedown Y. The upper green circle is the heel which is kinda lower down in the redline than in the original, because I wanted the muscle area to be clearer. (Also, this isn't really all that accurate. As stated before, most of the calf muscle are under the thigh muscle, so the visible part is mostly tendon. Like I said, this was very quick, I just wanted to show how the creases form.)

(Also, there's plenty of ref pics in Wikimedia Commons for the hindquarters of the horse, but most of them are NSFW, so I couldn't link to them on ponychan. Hopefully, the redline will at least give you an idea of what I'm talking about)

Anyway, hope this helps some. Developing a style takes time and effort, and sometimes weird stuff like this slips in unintentionally. Hopefully, these observations will give you a little more information to work with as you decide how to proceed.

Personally, I believe people are competent enough to solve their problems, as long as they're aware of the problem. In your case? Man, you don't waste any time working stuff out, do you? I'd say that's more than just "competent." :3

Aright, now I'm rambling. I really should be giving you more time to absorb all this information, sorry. Back to the sketchbook for me.
>> No. 116190
File 134838132157.jpg - (3.86MB , 2893x4092 , 9_19_22_12.jpg )

Woo~ More delicious feedback and redline to boot!

More drawings, too.

I'll have to put more of your reply in textfile, it seem.

>Man, you don't waste any time working stuff out, do you

I act on all feedback I get; strive to improve with each moment I sketch.
>> No. 116334
File 134862204963.jpg - (559.84KB , 1157x1636 , 9_23_25_12_resized.jpg )

Quicky sketches! more practicing with a different pen and working on speed than anything. Enjoyed doing it regardless.
>> No. 116541
File 134889432685.jpg - (2.59MB , 2893x4092 , 9_26-27_12_1.jpg )
more sketches one.
>> No. 116542
File 134889437528.jpg - (1.39MB , 1446x2046 , 9_26-28_12resize.jpg )
more sketches two
>> No. 116607
File 134909741917.jpg - (1.40MB , 1446x2046 , 9_28-30_12_resized.jpg )
And more.
>> No. 116668
File 134932636220.jpg - (1.36MB , 1446x2046 , 10_1-3_12_resized.jpg )
And more!
>> No. 117595
File 135122699706.jpg - (466.41KB , 1157x1637 , 10_24_12_Sharpener_resized.jpg )
Oh hi! Still doing sketches but not posting here :P So here's an incoming sketch dump.

Posted in no particular order; file name contains dates of work.
>> No. 117596
File 135122702467.jpg - (593.68KB , 1157x1637 , 10_24_12_PinkiePie_resized.jpg )

part two
>> No. 117597
File 135122705448.jpg - (1.11MB , 1130x1618 , 10_13-14_12_post_16_resized.jpg )

part three
>> No. 117598
File 135122708106.jpg - (501.11KB , 1157x1637 , 10_16_12_to_post_resized.jpg )

part four
>> No. 117601
File 135122716697.jpg - (566.70KB , 1157x1637 , 10_4-10_12_some_resized.jpg )

part five
>> No. 117712
File 135147531845.jpg - (711.74KB , 1157x1636 , 10_24-25_12_drawing_resized.jpg )

Not the best batch of sketches, but it's something.
>> No. 117777
File 135166127096.jpg - (1.03MB , 1446x2046 , 10_28-29_12_resized.jpg )
These turned out better.
>> No. 117815
File 135182378733.jpg - (511.30KB , 1822x2332 , 10_31-11-1_12)Applebloomposehold.jpg )
Hold that pose for me Applebloom!
>> No. 118665

Still sketching; just not updating :P
>> No. 118682
Don't worry, dude. It takes a good few months for a thread to disappear =)
>> No. 119693
File 135604501939.png - (285.90KB , 1085x1535 , 12_14_12_Its_Twilight_Sparkle_resized.png )
Did this a few days ago and forgot to post.
>> No. 119695

These are your best so far. Keep it up dude, you're getting there. I f*cking know it
>> No. 119705
File 135607332318.jpg - (209.56KB , 723x1023 , workstilltobedone.jpg )
Flats; will be shaded and background added eventually.
>> No. 119798
File 135659726092.png - (249.43KB , 1280x1024 , Pinkie_Pie_Glasses_12_26_12.png )
I drew a pie.
>> No. 119857
File 135674253239.png - (313.25KB , 1280x1024 , Twopinksinatub_12-27_12.png )
More pie
>> No. 119879
File 135691339766.jpg - (495.37KB , 1280x1024 , 12_22_12_Twijack.jpg )
Twijack flats. I'm not certain if I'll do lighting and shade in the future on this.
>> No. 119884
File 135693522664.png - (249.71KB , 1024x1280 , PinkaminaBust_12_30_12.png )
Pinkamina bust.
>> No. 119908
File 135701338018.png - (199.35KB , 1280x1024 , 12_31_12_Applebloom.png )
>> No. 119937
File 135711482834.jpg - (635.68KB , 1190x1540 , 1_1_13_Sketchdump_1.jpg )
I haven't posted sketches/studies in awhile. Here are two.

>> No. 119938
File 135711487605.jpg - (655.61KB , 1190x1540 , 1_1_13_Sketchdump_2.jpg )
>> No. 120006
File 135727458226.png - (224.75KB , 1190x1540 , Sweetie_Singing_Belle.png )
Suddenly Sweetie Belle.
>> No. 120018
File 135736288844.png - (240.74KB , 1190x1540 , Singing_Femsnips.png )
Singing Sugar.

>> No. 120079
File 135753515113.png - (246.67KB , 1190x1540 , 1_6_13_Sweetie_Belle.png )
Another Sweetie Belle~
>> No. 120155
File 135769907236.png - (307.83KB , 1190x1540 , 1_7_13_Applebloom.png )
Applebloom, the yellow one.
>> No. 120227
File 135801702581.png - (233.27KB , 1190x1540 , Twilight's_Mom_1_9_12.png )
Mrs. Sparkle. I don't know when I'll shade this.
>> No. 120273
File 135814109905.png - (276.19KB , 1190x1540 , 1_12_13_Fatty_Belle.png )
Sweetie Belle gained some weight.
>> No. 120308
File 135822888975.png - (336.33KB , 1157x1636 , Chrysalis_Drama.png )
Background and shade.
>> No. 120421
File 135866745637.png - (295.92KB , 1540x1190 , OC_Pone.png )
(my) OC pone.

Going to do some non pone for a bit. Griffons and Dragons to delve into a familiar (FIM) yet different subject matter.
>> No. 120423
nice butt
I approve of it
>> No. 120488

>> No. 123122
File 136850478778.png - (133.73KB , 2975x3850 , ScoutFilly_1_29_13_to_5_13_13.png )
After so long, I publish an art.
>> No. 123123
look at all this glorious art
>> No. 123124
File 136851363793.png - (186.57KB , 400x284 , dat_flank_by_emi_chanishvixen-d4h3g6g.png )
Aloooot of pony butts.
>> No. 125964
File 137878035384.jpg - (465.30KB , 2480x3507 , Istilldraw.jpg )
Howdy folks.

It's been awhile since I've posted, but IRL does do things to ya. I've continued to practice. A lot of gestures and sketches daily. Got projects in the tube that need worked on and will (ideally) be posted soon. In the meantime here's a snippet of some of the daily things I'm doing at this time.
>> No. 126461
File 138102301616.png - (165.13KB , 992x1402 , Featherweight_Drawing_resized.png )
I finished a thing. Featherweight sleeping upside down (he's hanging from a thin wire).
>> No. 126498
File 138137092006.jpg - (1.81MB , 2480x3507 , spaghettibutts3.jpg )
Irregularly posted sketch. Gotta show behind the scenes stuff.
>> No. 126519
File 138153656278.jpg - (1.64MB , 2480x3507 , spaghettibutts4.jpg )
Twilight practice in particular.
>> No. 126527
File 138162094968.jpg - (1.32MB , 2480x3507 , spaghettibutts5.jpg )
There's motivation in drawing when you show it to an audience.
>> No. 126545
File 138180053245.jpg - (1.34MB , 2480x3507 , spaghettibutts6.jpg )
More spaghetti as I work on drawing Nightmare Moon and particular poses.
>> No. 127019
File 138828661319.jpg - (1.20MB , 2328x3115 , flutterbatsketch.jpg )
Flutterbat sketch. I just had to.
>> No. 127829
This threads always been useful over the years.
>> No. 128003
File 139787036935.png - (361.95KB , 1280x1810 , resized-version-twi-back.png )
I post far too sparingly.
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