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File 134041079429.jpg - (136.77KB , 650x500 , request thread.jpg )
109503 No. 109503
Hi /art ?!??!?!?!?`~~~?!?!?

I am taking each, all and ANY requests to draw ponies, OC and whatever you wish (Or i happen to be thinking about at the time)

I am back from summer vacation and am continuing my old thread >>104975 for those of you whom may remember

I will be doing your drawing in a very cartoony style, I produce quality images that I am sure you will love :)
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>> No. 114972
I looove it ^^ Many thanks to you~
>> No. 114974

Your Welcome :)
>> No. 114975
I will add you, but I keep in touch with someone who used to be a regular here. He's no artist, but he loves seeing the works of others. He's always there to give feedback and loves to interact with the artist. He'd really love to add your DA.

If you don't update it much, that's okay. I can always show him a piece or two from the thread here every once in a while.
>> No. 114985
I LIKE it. A lot. I can't wait to see more!
>> No. 114988

sure, tell him to send me a comment so I can see who he is (I usually delete everything in my notifications wihtout loooking)
>> No. 114995
So this appears to not be a 'first come, first served' basis...
>> No. 115095
File 134603212938.jpg - (40.36KB , 480x360 , yeahidrinksowhatnigga.jpg )

sorry y'all I run on inspiration and what I wanna draw sometimes is what you'll get.

I am leaving for college on the 29th of August, and I promise I will have all existing requests done by then. I will be posting one tonight, (COLORED) and will be done with them before I leave.

Pic related, me givin yall cheers :). I really do think you all are creative people and have some really nice OC's, even if I'm not a brony myself, I still had a lot of fucking fun doing this during the summer, and I only wish I wasn't so lazy and that art doesn't stem for inspiration.
>> No. 115103
File 134603474416.jpg - (44.15KB , 695x610 , Darkowin aka Huugenoob_see art thread.jpg )
Hey Darkwin, you won 1st place in my drawing contest! :D >>115100

You can email me to discuss your prize and give me your shipping info. Congrats!
>> No. 115112
>sorry y'all I run on inspiration and what I wanna draw sometimes is what you'll get.

You are a good man, serious respect c:
Plus forced art never brings good results.
>> No. 115114
Good luck and have fun in college.
>> No. 115125
Good luck! You're awesome!
>> No. 115137

can you draw humans?

give me your take on what I made here :)
>> No. 115145
File 134612039226.jpg - (252.82KB , 1366x686 , PONYPONYPONYPONYPONYPONYPONYPONYprecolor.jpg )

I'm not gone yet guys, 2 moar days

I've been mulling over this and other requests for the past couple of days, I colored in the characters but I didn't color on the background because I didn't have time. If you wanna do it, open up a background layer and put my image in layer 1 and paint it. I left some colors for indication. I need to get to the other folks too!

Any last requests guys? Ask away now, I might upload them on paper sketches from Boston.
>> No. 115146
File 134612216866.jpg - (203.19KB , 1366x686 , artphilosophy.jpg )
>>115137 Here's my honest opinion. I think you have some idea of what you're trying to draw but you need to study more and get proportions and anatomy down. I am not the best at drawing people either but I'll try to upload an example later. My advice is to not use Deviantart, 90% of the people on that website use it to express how hard of a weaboo they can be (sorry guys, just my opinion, and that goes for any fanbase they try to identify with) I reccomend taking a drawing class and getting a mentor, or someone that can be honest with you and tell you where you've done something wrong and where you can improve. That's what you can't get on DA on a regular basis, and many times. The only people that should be qualified to critique your work are those that can modify it themselves given the opportunity. Lastly, and this is the most important thing, drawing takes TIME. Remember the analogy I wrote you with the bird pecking sand? The culmination of your artistic skill over the years is the sum of the everyday drawing that improves little by little by little. If at any point you stop and don't feel like drawing for months at a time, then you don't truly wish to become a good artist. The inner fire which drives you to draw better, whether it be jealousy of another artist, innate love of drawing, OCD or need for attention, these are all emotions that trigger our expressive abilities. This is the crux of art, it portrays the human condition through emotions in mind, process and product. It really takes a long time. It's kind of hypocritical of me to say because I've only been drawing for 11 months, but i guarantee you in 5 years ill probably think "man i shouldn't have posted back then, I wasn't ready." However, the only way you can learn is by creating, creating, creating, creating, and WAITING. Art should be mostly self taught, and if you do enroll in some course most of that information will serve to guide you instead of instruct you towards your creative goals.

In hindsight, I think you prolly just wanted a simple critique, idk why I went on a long soliloquy :P I'm that into art
>> No. 115154
It says "ViC" in the corner.

I call shenanigans.
>> No. 115161
Looks good. I can overlook the background being ignored and the fact that you inexplicably and rather unnecessarily deemed it wise to cut off poor Pokey's horn because it looks pretty good.
>> No. 115165
Draw Twilight... riding a giant broccoli.... and playing the Tuba.

On top of the World Trade Center.

North Tower.
>> No. 115184
File 134622326941.png - (129.95KB , 811x986 , 5e9.png )

uhm... I don't go to deviantart to 'learn' how to draw. I actually am going to art school.
I'm still amateurish but I know I can do much better than what I did here, its just something I whipped out in one day and made it up as I went on...
I'm not saying what you said is not true, I just already knew about it.
That said, there is a difference between knowing the rules and actually applying them, and that part is what I tend to forget, I'm hoping to get better.


>> No. 115185
If you have the time would you be interested in drawing my OC, been dying to get someone to draw her =)
Unicorn, female, white coat, black mane with white streaks, Rarity styled curly mane and tail, bright green eyes, bright green 4 star cutie mark (similar to Twinkleshine but 4 stars instead of 3).
Thank you so much just for reading :3
>> No. 115195
File 134627080018.png - (29.56KB , 830x650 , myPony.png )
>>109503 I'm absolutely terrible at drawing, and If you'd draw my OC I'd love it. My pony is this one, but the glasses are rectangular and the cutie mark should be a basic paper scroll with the squiggle lines used to show writing. Any basic pose would be fine. It doesn't need to be colored, but if you could draw the outline in his reddish color that would be great.
>> No. 115367
File 134663420218.jpg - (13.39KB , 222x219 , mo-chroheadshot.jpg )
It'd be pretty swell if you could draw my OC with a pencil in his ear, preferably a headshot. thank you bro /)
>> No. 119509
File 135563431814.jpg - (11.58KB , 480x360 , lyingeyes.jpg )
HEEEEEEEEEEEEYYY Guyssssss, Guess what I'm back after a loooooooong stressful semester at medical school.

I will doing some pony art, "NO COLOR UNLESS YOUR F-ING LUCKY"

so feel free to post your shit and I'll work my magic
I am going to be drawing them more cartoony
>> No. 119510
File 135563986433.png - (192.35KB , 1200x1050 , 1354540645994.png )
I would like a picture of AppleJack dressed as a clown please and thank you.
>> No. 119521
File 135567037063.png - (166.65KB , 600x600 , sprocketref.png )
Hello! You take OCs? I'd love to see my OC in your style if possible, if not that's cool too, your art's a joy to look at either way!
>> No. 119554
File 135572633688.jpg - (100.81KB , 1366x686 , clownin1.jpg )
>> No. 119556
File 135572871891.jpg - (98.18KB , 1366x686 , coolpony1.jpg )

Keep 'em comin y'all
>> No. 119557
File 135572966444.jpg - (73.75KB , 427x482 , 28859j5.jpg )
how bout ticket?
>> No. 119559
File 135573141443.jpg - (26.70KB , 1366x686 , finishthis.jpg )
>> No. 119562
File 135573322928.jpg - (102.18KB , 1366x686 , notmyface1.jpg )

will do

>> No. 119564
oh god
>> No. 119583
File 135577816095.jpg - (352.14KB , 1000x950 , coloredpony.jpg )

Here you go dude. I colored it and did the works because I had to test out my software. I.e. Ya got lucky, punk!
>> No. 119587
Request? Color, minimalist if you can.

Okay, since I have absolutely no reference for this one, I'm going to have to verbally describe her.

The earth pony has a long (about Applejack's length), straight lime green mane that curls at the end. She has a white coat and purple eyes, and her cutie mark is a glass full of fizzy green liquid with a lemon wedge.
>> No. 119589
looks good except the horn is missing
>> No. 119592

Fuck...I'll add that in and repost it
>> No. 119625
File 135586102635.jpg - (181.15KB , 1366x1000 , fritzyIamnotgoingtodoanymorehidefrequestsihavealifelol.jpg )

Here you go

Sorry It takes me long to do these colored ones. I think I'm just going to do sketches from now on, so on that note, feel free to spam the thread with anything you want me to draw (no sarcasm intended lol)
>> No. 119626
File 135586204560.jpg - (358.58KB , 1000x950 , Andamerryhornmastoyou.jpg )
>> No. 119629
File 135586729229.jpg - (313.58KB , 1366x686 , thehighschooldaze.jpg )

>pic related; me back in high school
>> No. 119655
File 135594347603.jpg - (131.28KB , 550x400 , BUMP FFS.jpg )
>> No. 119671

*Wow, has the world's source of enthusiastic requesters been depleted?"
>> No. 119673
File 135596809875.jpg - (81.16KB , 464x460 , 25g41s2.jpg )
more ticket?
>> No. 119680

fuck yeah, ticket is where it's at
>> No. 119683
File 135599217005.jpg - (24.55KB , 396x274 , ss3.jpg )
If you're really that aching to have someone tell you what to draw, then draw the character from N as a pony. I saw someone request Fancy Pants earlier, might as well have N in here too.
>> No. 119689
File 135604229150.jpg - (109.89KB , 580x455 , cuteticketbg1.jpg )

I love this design so much I drew a bunch, also testing out Correl Draw (which sucks btw)
>> No. 119690
File 135604268443.jpg - (62.74KB , 900x500 , candyticket.jpg )

..and here's ticket if she were made out of candy
>> No. 119691
File 135604298261.jpg - (68.44KB , 800x686 , sadticket.jpg )

...And here's a sad ticket

Hope you like them :)

Wow, THE Bro wants me to draw something? Now I feel embarrased. And yes I mainly do this I have a need to do things for people. That's why I'm in pharmacy college to be a healthcare professional hahaha
>> No. 119692
File 135604440282.jpg - (24.21KB , 480x320 , tumblr_ma0l51phmx1r9i5du.jpg )
Yes, The Bro, the one and only direct from Betelgeuse.

No really, you must be mistaking me for someone else if my name means that much to you. I'm just a little old lady from Pasadena.

Also, I played a lot of N as a kid. I obviously had a very rich and healthy childhood. Would be cool to see him as a hores.
>> No. 119694

I say "the" bro after viewing that wonderful color piece you did for someone your thread, wow!

I'll upload it, I remember playing "N" back in 7th grade over the summer. I swear it took me over 150 hours to beat it. I'm not even a fan of vidya, but that little piece of flash beauty with its amazing physics got me so hooked
>> No. 119697
File 135605302112.png - (28.87KB , 148x188 , bro.png )
Flattery aside, yeah, that N game is pretty hardcore. It'll be cool to see what you make of it, though.
>> No. 119983
File 135723685473.png - (121.01KB , 1193x1179 , Gothic Rarity by Sawhorse.png )
I'll humor you from your /mlp/ post.
Gothic Rarity or character of your choice.
>> No. 119984
Can you do gothic Celestia?
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