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File 134041079429.jpg - (136.77KB , 650x500 , request thread.jpg )
109503 No. 109503
Hi /art ?!??!?!?!?`~~~?!?!?

I am taking each, all and ANY requests to draw ponies, OC and whatever you wish (Or i happen to be thinking about at the time)

I am back from summer vacation and am continuing my old thread >>104975 for those of you whom may remember

I will be doing your drawing in a very cartoony style, I produce quality images that I am sure you will love :)
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>> No. 109505
File 134041111862.jpg - (116.76KB , 800x580 , jappleack derpy.jpg )

derp derp
>> No. 109506
more silly pony faces please
>> No. 109508
File 134041265252.jpg - (190.40KB , 972x639 , dr seuessy.jpg )

sorry for the wait was fooling around with guitar
>> No. 109509
I would love to see how Chrysalis looks in your style, seriously.

Well, I don't mean Chryssie looking serious. I mean me.

Not that I'm being particularly serious or anything right now.

Well, I'm serious in that, yes, I am actually making a request for Chryssie in your less-than-serious art style, as opposed to making said request purely as a matter of jest, because I would very much like to see how Chryssie looks when drawn by somepony who isn't being too serious about it.

You know what I mean.

...Just draw Chrysalis already. :3
>> No. 109512
File 134041397672.jpg - (131.28KB , 550x400 , BUMP FFS.jpg )

>> No. 109513
File 134041413208.jpg - (131.28KB , 550x400 , BUMP FFS.jpg )

Ok, lemme ask you first, whats your favorite hobby or thing to do?
>> No. 109522
My top three favourite things to do are drawing, drawing, and drawing. Sometimes I like to draw, or just sit down and draw a little.

I used to draw a lot, but then I started drawing, and since then I've started to spend more of my time drawing.

Whenever I need to take a break from drawing, I usually go draw for a while.

After a nice long session of drawing, I usually take it easy and do some sketching.

Can't really say for certain, but I'm pretty sure that every now and then I'll eat, sleep, and draw, too. When I'm not drawing, that is.

Oh, and I draw. Seriously.
>> No. 109525

Word of the day: Voluble


Chrys will take a while because she is very detailed but she will look VERY sexy
>> No. 109551
File 134042821405.jpg - (224.28KB , 900x1000 , chrysFINALLYfuckingDUNN.jpg )

Here you go, It only took me forever lol

I think I'll just stick to sketching from now on to save time :P
>> No. 109557
You, sir, have made my day. Thank you.
>> No. 109563

I'm glad I made you happy :) feel free to ask for more!
>> No. 109565
Could you draw my OC please?
>> No. 109566
sure ill draw ya a sketch
>> No. 109572
File 134046897243.png - (140.01KB , 442x542 , OCs.png )
Want to try any of my OCs?
>> No. 109573
File 134047147120.jpg - (162.43KB , 663x814 , nerdpony2.jpg )

sorry it took so long, I had some problems with flash!
>> No. 109579
File 134047681777.jpg - (275.60KB , 783x809 , step 1.jpg )



I hope this will explain things
>> No. 109580
File 134047684431.jpg - (218.04KB , 796x822 , step 2.jpg )
>> No. 109581
File 134047686495.jpg - (129.80KB , 650x550 , step 3.jpg )
>> No. 109582
File 134047695064.png - (141.72KB , 955x1012 , Dulset sad by Prince Bluelolz.png )
Awwwwwwwwwwwwwwww sucks.
Well I'm grateful you tried, you don't have to redo it if you don't want to.
>> No. 109583
File 134047706216.jpg - (163.12KB , 663x814 , nerdyponyfixed.jpg )

I fixed the image, here's the new one
>> No. 109584

I'll def reupload a new one, the pose i chose was so beautiful I'll just have to do it again...maybe without the beautiful coloring :(((((

i'm gonna take a break for an hour or two tho, I've been drawing and listening to led zepellin for the past 6 hours yipes!
>> No. 109585
File 134047773131.png - (138.91KB , 1047x956 , Dulset YES by Prince Bluelolz.png )
Can't wait to see it!
>> No. 109597
File 134049432054.png - (234.39KB , 965x1023 , Dizzy.png )
If you're still taking requests I'll drop off my own OC, Dizzy Spell the Gyromancer.
>> No. 109604
File 134050071047.png - (62.29KB , 334x440 , Static.png )
If you're still taking requests, could you perhaps draw Static Puff here?
>> No. 109606
File 134050075323.png - (58.83KB , 458x419 , basereftransparent.png )
Heh, interesting style.
Would you be willing to just do whatever with Circuit when you have the chance?
>> No. 109614
File 134050542108.jpg - (27.93KB , 787x464 , elf2.jpg )

I will do them all :) please wait patiently as I flash crashed on me today destroying hours of work I had done

i am also being sexually assaulted by numerous women because of my sexy new gibson les paul so I hope you all understand
>> No. 109621
File 134050742536.png - (229.46KB , 827x1015 , Ornstein catface.png )
That is perfectly understandable, I hope you're all right when they're done with you.
>> No. 109627
File 134050895855.jpg - (270.66KB , 1366x686 , pony3.jpg )

Finally Done! Sorry it took so long, I had a long day Thankfully it came out better than its prototype :)
>> No. 109628
I urge you all to listen to this song, it's perfect to end a long day on a good note!
>> No. 109630
HOLY MOLEY that's freakin great!! Thanks so much :D
>> No. 109636
File 134051090433.jpg - (425.68KB , 1082x1167 , discord and friends.jpg )
I'm glad you like it!

If you guys want to add this to your DA or anything, I don't mind at all. Feel free to credit me in you want to - or not. My DA is darkowin if you wanna watch me
>> No. 109663
File 134052068844.gif - (12.32KB , 550x500 , ophelia reference.gif )
I would love art of my OC Ophelia! :-3
Yer styles super cute n fun!
>> No. 109677
File 134054221508.jpg - (163.27KB , 1276x688 , ZEBRA BEFORE GRAASS3.jpg )

My first forray into digital painting...I don't think I'll be doing much more of these for today it takes too long
>> No. 109682
BTW people, I AM taking requests for the rest of the summer. No matter how long it takes I WILL finish all of them. :)
>> No. 109683
:D I love it, thank ye kindly!
>> No. 109685
I hope you know what an undertaking that is. I hope you don't burn yourself out!
>> No. 109741

I found that this is the best way to practice at an intermediate level
>> No. 109778
File 134058379226.jpg - (179.59KB , 750x800 , static puff awesome pony great job!.jpg )

Here you go! Sorry for making her smile kinda demented but oh well haha
>> No. 109783
Are you kidding? The smile makes it hilarious, and sorta cute in a weird way. Thank you very much!

And if I'm understanding the filename right, thank you very VERY much C:
>> No. 109789
File 134058894644.jpg - (279.36KB , 570x1147 , pose12.jpg )

Thanks! And it's a tim and eric refference


I will do yours too, if you want anything specific for them to do then tell me bcuz inspiration is hard to get when your drawing all day

heres a pose drawing to keep things fray-ush UH!
>> No. 109792
Oh, well if you prefer specific poses now, I guess I'll go for Circuit in a doorway, bucket on his head.
>> No. 109796
hm. maybe her crashing into something or getting some kind of injury. or possibly starin at a bug crawlin around on the ground.
>> No. 109803
Hello, could you possibly do my request, The Earth Pony Version of John Simm's The Master form Dr. Who/Whoof plz? :? I had a nice pic of him but my old comp died and took him w/ it. :(

BTW, he was a light tan Earth Pony, wore a collar and tie like he did in his Dr. Who "Prime Minister" episodes, and his cutie mark was a old-school pocket-watch w/ chain that had it's hands at 5 till noon/midnight and a cracked clock face.
>> No. 109804
Hello, could you possibly do my request, The Earth Pony Version of John Simm's The Master form Dr. Who/Whoof plz? :? I had a nice pic of him but my old comp died and took him w/ it. :(

BTW, he was a light tan Earth Pony, wore a collar and tie like he did in his Dr. Who "Prime Minister" episodes, and his cutie mark was a old-school pocket-watch w/ chain that had it's hands at 5 till noon/midnight and a cracked clock face.
>> No. 109848
File 134064285674.jpg - (72.26KB , 1366x686 , BUCKETSTART.jpg )

It's coming......
>> No. 109863
File 134065628264.jpg - (330.89KB , 700x1100 , bucket8.jpg )

WHEW!!!! Finally Done! Boy lemme tell you, I sure do love apples painting is a bitch! I don't know why I keep doing these, maybe cuz i feel bad that I put more work into some than others, or maybe cuz i feel like i'm getting better at it
>> No. 109868

Your gonna have to give me a screenshot becuz i do NOT know who that is
>> No. 109872
draw a nathan forgue pony eating apples
>> No. 109878
Hah! Well I like it, good luck with the rest, and the painting!
>> No. 109881
File 134066142823.png - (130.01KB , 1500x938 , spinny top pretty with armor.png )
Are you still taking requests? And what do you draw exactly? Or what are your limits I mean? ^_^
>> No. 109895

Allow me to clarify, I AM taking requests, for ALL of summer, and FREE of any charge. I will get to yours when I get to yours. Please don't send me any incredibly complex and personalized ponies that have hundreds of bells and whistles. I am kind of a perfectionist and that will drive me crazy :P
>> No. 109914
File 134067949508.png - (956.61KB , 1024x778 , Master Pic 1.png )
I hope my request wasn't too complicated. X( here's a reference pic, even though he lacks a collar and tie and has the wrong cutie mark. XP
>> No. 109973
I swear when I get home to my desktop I am going to throw a request out there!
>> No. 109983
File 134072592820.gif - (12.22KB , 64x81 , peasant.gif )

Mo' Work?

Off I go then
>> No. 109998
Would you maybe be able to do my OC? :3 I love cartoony styles!

Her Ref is here:
>> No. 110011
File 134074185182.png - (98.05KB , 575x492 , horrid fc.png )
Hi. Could you draw my pony, Lemon Frost? I've uh, never made a request before and I'm not sure of how to ask. Her cutie mark is a lemon, because I'm unoriginal.
>> No. 110014
>because I'm unoriginal.
Name: Twilight Sparkle. Cutie mark: sparkles.
Name: Applejack. Cutie mark: apples.
Name: Rainbow Dash. Cutie mark: A dash of rainbow.

I don't think you have anything to worry about. Now back to your regularly scheduled thread.
>> No. 110015
File 134074421327.png - (476.38KB , 510x542 , littlepipcalamity.png )
Oh Please, OP, deliver!

Littlepip and Calamity walking in the desert wasteland in direction of the screen, with their heads down, while brohoofing, both with a small; "heh." badass smile.

Littlepip and Calamity are respectively the ponies in the middle and in the right side(>>; the one with the cowboy hat) of this pic. If it's not easy to notice, might be useful to know that Littlepip is a female pony and significantly smaller than Calamity, who is a male one. And the wasteland does not need to have mountain like in this pic; they not only must be harder to draw as they give too much of a "narrow" aspect, it's to be more of a desert but with dead ground instead of sand.
>> No. 110028
File 134075005820.jpg - (468.90KB , 1300x760 , NEXTTIMECHECKYOURREARVIEWMIRROR GUFFAW.jpg )

Here you go. I hope you like it :)
>> No. 110029
File 134075038508.jpg - (106.22KB , 600x450 , smoke22.jpg )

Cookie! I'm gonna actually do yours first, because I remember in my old thread, you asked me to make you an OC but I left for summer classes that day :( I hope everypony understands I will do yours but my shit takes time and I can only do about one or two quality ones a day on my schedule.
>> No. 110033
shes so fluffy and cute but also very in character and its great
also i love how fluid your lines are it kinda makes me think of a general 90s cartoonsy feel
thank youuuu so much!!!! ily :3c
>> No. 110037
File 134075559698.jpg - (560.73KB , 1366x1300 , drowgo1.jpg )

I'm sorry but the OC you gave me was really layered so i just made a really fast sketch of it. I still hope you like it :)
>> No. 110039
File 134075903143.png - (31.83KB , 300x300 , OC.png )
Finally! got to my desktop! I was wondering if you can draw my oc and my friends oc hanging out. Do whatever situation, pose, style, etc. you feel. he is pretty much the same base as mine except his is yellow w/ red eyes and dark mane. Also, I would prefer to have my mane and tail slightly shorter. TYVM. (posted is my oc) P.S. his has no hat.
>> No. 110042
Almost forgot try to hide my friends flank please he hasn't decided on a cutie mark ;_;.
>> No. 110045
File 134076224494.jpg - (31.19KB , 630x290 , master-john-simm.jpg )
Here's another pic of the person who my character is based off of. John Simms playing "The Master" on Dr. Who. I hope the pics I've sent help. Like I may have said earlier, I had OC pics, but my old comp died and took them w/ it. :(
>> No. 110061
File 134076375651.jpg - (217.92KB , 650x750 , comic1.jpg )
>> No. 110062
File 134076386218.jpg - (491.67KB , 1538x1295 , comic2.jpg )
<<pic related

ill do one more tonite prolly then off to bed somepony give me some inspiration
>> No. 110064

this is the first time in my life that I have been the pitiless victim of a wordfilter
>> No. 110066
I did :o? Wow, My memory stinks. *Looks at old thread link* OH YEAH NOW IT CLICKS.

No problem :) Can't wait to see what you come up with!
>> No. 110067
File 134076662391.png - (31.59KB , 384x396 , marblesunrise.png )
I am in love with your art style. It's so quirky and cute! Do you have a DA or a tumblr?

And I would love to request something done of my OC ^^.
>> No. 110103
File 134081296399.jpg - (6.29KB , 211x191 , thumbnailCADMVKWX.jpg )
I know your a busy lady so I'm trying not to be a pain. I just want to know how far back I am on the cue is all. XP
>> No. 110106
File 134081357105.jpg - (29.44KB , 311x417 , 423769_310942048968838_1284038972_n.jpg )
This is my OC eh is pretty cool pony and didn't afraid of anything

>> No. 110134

I actually do not have a busy schedule, but you must understand this, I need to have inspiration to draw. I'll probably have yours done today later at night, Hopefully, if not, then 2mrw
>> No. 110145
File 134082560902.jpg - (350.03KB , 1366x900 , kissthecook.jpg )
Cookie! I am so sorry that this turned out so bad, the program I used fucked up and the original beautiful file I had got corrupted and blurred. I had to paint over it and it only came out as a pitiful semblance of its predecessor. I still hope you like it :P


I actually do not have THAT much of a busy schedule, but you must understand this, I need to have inspiration to draw. I'll probably have yours done tomorrow night, or the morning of the day after.

P.S. I hate sketchbook pro and not knowing how to use photoshop
>> No. 110150
I still Love it! Thanks!
>> No. 110151
>P.S. I hate sketchbook pro and not knowing how to use photoshop
>not knowing how to use photoshop
This tutorial is actually pretty darn good in explaining how to paint with Photoshop. At least it helped me a huge lot in getting into digital stuff.
>> No. 110155
File 134082952547.jpg - (29.00KB , 638x878 , Well Can you blame me.jpg )
>> No. 110156
File 134082957730.png - (24.71KB , 331x388 , Am I real yet.png )
Color scheme :3
Thanks..I'm in a rut myself so I'm in a lack of images. Have fun with him but nothing inappropriate please
>> No. 110173


a webcam video I currently experiencing the emotion of anger because I am going crazy with my personal projects and ponychan art. Just because people have been asking me for a couple months to show how i do what i do and to prove that I am not a fat neckbeard. HOLLA!
>> No. 110175
am i allowed to say you're hot or am i going to get banned for that
>> No. 110179
File 134083694764.jpg - (14.37KB , 176x245 , Lolzors.jpg )

Well I certainly have no objections! :)
>> No. 110183
File 134084235929.jpg - (131.25KB , 500x686 , brokenwatch2.jpg )

A preview of things to come...
>> No. 110193
File 134084813348.jpg - (470.84KB , 1366x830 , THISSUMMERJOHNSIMMISTHETIMEPONY.jpg )

Finally Done! This is what I would consider "painted" just because I applied gradients for light to it. I hope you like it, I'll upload it once without the creepy background because I didn't know what to put there after finishing it!
>> No. 110194
File 134084841654.jpg - (258.93KB , 950x800 , johnsimmwithoutbackground.jpg )

Without the background :P
>> No. 110219
File 134086195887.png - (956.61KB , 1024x778 , Master Pic 1.png )

O-M-G! That is AMAZING! I can't wait to see the whole version! X0 Still, I suppose I should bring this up, but since he's a villain, I don't want his smile to be too friendly, maybe make a mean or mischevious one.
>> No. 110221

I'm sorry but that was the full version. I spent a lot of time on it, and I can't go back and redo it now, I gotta start on a new request. Maybe if I have some downtime during the summer I'll do it.

btw, for those of you who don't know, I am doing this for the ENTIRE summer. If I push through all of the requests, I'll bump for some more.
>> No. 110223
File 134086414583.jpg - (133.93KB , 1366x830 , Pony Simms.jpg )

K, shoulda got to you sooner! Still, amazing! Wow! THANK YOU! *HUGZ!* XD BTW, how did I get a portal gun? XD
>> No. 110232
I would love to get a sketch of my OC ( because im on my iPad and cant upload it with this post) flying, so i can vector it later :P
>> No. 110276

I LOVE your pony design! So pure!

Btw, I took a break today because my left shoulder hurts from drawing so much I'll start tonight and post 1 or two OC's
>> No. 110287

yours is next
>> No. 110306
File 134093944566.jpg - (158.19KB , 1366x686 , lemon frost is my favorite pony.jpg )

Lemon frost is best pony, hope ya like it!

just sayin'
>> No. 110312
This is awesome, thank you! Glad you like her, man.
>> No. 110320
File 134095134382.jpg - (148.68KB , 800x686 , 2friends but 1 of them is missing why nobody knows1.jpg )

I would love to do your friends OC too, but I simply don't have the time right now. I promise I will do it in the future when I have downtime. I still hope you like it though!
>> No. 110322
It's... So beautiful! Thank you so much! It's amazing.
>> No. 110324

dude thanks so much, that really does mean a lot, and I will draw your friend's one like this since you seem like a good person just by being grateful.

Thank you for the patronage man
>> No. 110338
File 134098221021.jpg - (23.98KB , 150x150 , Nice to meet you.jpg )
Um... Hi. Never had much luck with requests before, but I might as well try.

If you're willing, I'd like some art of this character, dressed in the outfit in the picture, holding a shortsword and smiling.
Sorry that I don't have any better pics.
>> No. 110339
File 134098240566.png - (272.73KB , 1500x1900 , CRASHIE VECTOR.png )
srs face? please? i can nothing greatly?
>> No. 110341

can u upload a higher res version? i cant see it


wiggety wat?
>> No. 110343
*ahem* good sir, I would like to request a "srs" face of my "Original Character", Crash Tidalwave, I can pay you greatly in nothingness.
>> No. 110381
File 134100588526.gif - (360.06KB , 310x238 , You\'re awesome!.gif )
I simply respect talent, especially in art (probably because that's where I lack). I really appreciate you going and doing my friends OC anyway. I wanted to surprise him because he's been a close friend of mine since I started High School. I even introduced him to MLP. I can't thank you enough for drawing his OC and mine.
>> No. 110382
AM I on the list?
>> No. 110401

Let me repeat, EVERYONE AND EVERYTHING IS ONT THE LIST, I will repaint the Mona Lisa if you want me to, granted, a shitty version

You're both on the list, but I just want you to upload a bigger photo of your character so That when I draw it, I'll be able to see it better.

BTW, I have been so sluggish with these lately because I am packing to go to Europe in a couple days, and I'm working so slow!!!
>> No. 110406
Where you going in Europe?
>> No. 110421
File 134103609683.jpg - (15.57KB , 110x196 , Potential Human Three.jpg )
This is the only other picture I have.
Using my other name now.
>> No. 110431
File 134106947856.png - (23.76KB , 368x416 , s9579245864373221 (2).png )
Can I get you to draw µ?
*Not really an OC, but something I'd really like to see. Thanks in advance!*
>> No. 110451
File 134109722655.jpg - (103.61KB , 1366x850 , twointhethedesertkillinit.jpg )
Guys, I a huge storm just passed by the DC and southern Maryland Area, I have not had power for the past 20 hours, but am currently staying at a friend to Continue my quest in drawing everyday for the rest of my life the summer.

You first. Well, I just finished the drawing, but with no background as my computer is having technical issues (go figure) I'm having trouble uploading it to pchan for some reason so can I send it to you by e-mail? My e-mail is [email protected] send me a quick message and I'll respond, then YOU can take on the laborious task of uploading it! (that is, of course, if it doesn't work right now)


I am going to Belgrade, Serbia next wednesday. I'll still be drawing, even on the plane haha! No shame!

Lastly, I love that pony design. I am a huge supported of open torrenting and that should be a mascot for a torrent commercial or something...IDK..I'm rambling!!!!
>> No. 110452

>> No. 110453
Thanks. I'd love to see you draw her. :D
>> No. 110463
Will I still get pony? :3
>> No. 110467


Understand that my shit takes time, I work off of inspiration

If you want a quick sketch, then I can do that, but If you want something really nice, your gonna have to wait there sport. A tropical storm nearly just hit my house!!!

I hev sed dis soo maynee tymezzzz
>> No. 110470
LOL I live in South Florida. Its pretty freaky when the shit hits the fan.
>> No. 110480
File 134112861264.jpg - (53.62KB , 429x314 , AM ACCURATE DEPICTION OF HOW VIC FEELS.jpg )
How i feel

on a related note, if a fat kid falls in the forest, but there is no one there to laugh, is it still funny?
>> No. 110498
File 134116532278.png - (30.79KB , 352x415 , s9579245864373221 (8).png )
>> No. 110499
Depends on whether or not the fat kid can laugh at himself, and how far he rolls down-hill. But yes, it is funny.

Man shoots dog is tragedy.
Dog shoots man is comedy.

...Just how often do tropical storms nearly hit your house? :<
>> No. 110502
File 134116963018.jpg - (40.80KB , 960x720 , poner.jpg )

I have a friend who drew me as a pony yesterday and I love it and need moar pictures of my pony. I love your art style and if you're still taking requests I would be really grateful if you could take a crack at the pony pictured here (btw, the cutie mark is supposed to be a turnip with a viking helmet on lol). Thanks in advance! :D
>> No. 110512

>> No. 110513
File 134118087792.jpg - (423.72KB , 1366x1400 , yoimabosswhysitheheadsoweird.jpg )

Here it is!! 3 days later!!!

I think I might have derped her head a little bit...maybe not?? Idk Im tired
>> No. 110514
File 134118126122.jpg - (423.72KB , 1366x1400 , yoimabosswhysitheheadsoweird.jpg )

Not that often. I live in a suburb of Washington, DC, and for the first time since 2004 a trop. storm actually managed to find its way to my hometown. What I meant to say I take my time with my drawings ALL the time.

I won't have power until I leave for Serbia on wednesday

Fine! I'm pushing your queue to right now and have it by tonite/tomorow morning if you draw me a pony in my style eating a muffin or wearing tap dancing shoes IDK.
>> No. 110519

Her head is not derped, you've made her adorable. Thank youuu <3
>> No. 110553

How dare she
>> No. 110559
File 134125542385.jpg - (599.98KB , 1600x1600 , BREAKTIME.jpg )
Busy ATM, power came back, will post 2 requests tonight!
>> No. 110563
File 134126171095.png - (23.38KB , 370x428 , s9579245864373221 (7).png )
Alright, thanks. :D
>> No. 110573
File 134127357853.jpg - (409.19KB , 2200x1200 , kawmic.jpg )
i did this now just for gigz
>> No. 110576
And there were many giggles indeed.

Pain is weakness leaving the body! :3
>> No. 110581

I finished your pic, but for some F***cking reason, EVERY TIME I try to upload it to ponychan it sais "failed to process file"

ffs, really?

I put it up online, if you can find SOME WAY to post it, plz do it for me. (Link is below)


I Had yours done too but the file is unavailable I'll put it up when I decrypt it. If it fails, I might have to re do it F*********, but oh well

why does my computer constantly have to dick with me
>> No. 110582
I know, this error's awful.
If it gets fixed, I'll post the pic.
>> No. 110583
Namederp, sorry.
>> No. 110584
File 134128450711.jpg - (75.87KB , 457x640 , scaled with u.jpg )
Got it.
Thanks so much for drawing it for me!
>> No. 110598

hey, do you wanna be my go to person for image uploading? For some reason, nothing I upload anymore wants to stay :P The only benefit is that you get to be part of the creative process haha
>> No. 110601
Sure, but I can only stay until 1 AM EST.
>> No. 110604

okie dokey lokey
>> No. 110609

Technically she has a hammer AND a chisel :P. She's a sculptor, not a builder.
>> No. 110627

doing your guys next, Expect epicness

I still like it, very original!
>> No. 110633

Um...Please can you send an e-mail to [email protected] so I can send you pics that I have trouble uploading? You can copy my username and put them up for me. Idk why everything in the world wants to prevent from Posting the damn ponies
>> No. 110636
File 134135196423.jpg - (47.66KB , 960x720 , shypony.jpg )
Hay again!
I'm the girl from -> >>110502 and i hate to bother you and ask for too many drawings, but my BFF wants arts of her pony and is scared to post herself because she got yelled at for posting requests in the sticky >.<. So if you're not too busy could you draw her too, pretty please? <3
>> No. 110637

Um...Please can you send an e-mail to [email protected] so I can send you pics that I have trouble uploading? You can copy my username and put them up for me. Idk why everything in the world wants to prevent from Posting the damn ponies
>> No. 110638
File 134135349678.jpg - (448.94KB , 1366x900 , yodudeimsohigh.jpg )

Okay, It's done, but OMG NEVER, EVER, EVER USE AUTODESK SKETCHBOOK PRO. If you don't finish your work in 1 sitting and save it, it corrupts all of the line art on layers that are not background and gives them this disgusting aliasing and outlining. FURTHERMORE, it ruins all painting you do that not done in the background layers, completely ruining your work.

Also, I had to put the two requests into one because I had to redo them TWICE and I have to pack. If you don't like the subject matter, than sorry :P I am actually straight edge but was just inspired to draw this.

Also, I will NOT be doing requests for the next day or two until I find out how to use Photoshop, I'll post an update later
>> No. 110640
File 134135373738.jpg - (448.94KB , 1366x900 , yodudeimsohigh.jpg )

I will do all of yours when I learn Photoshop. Call it a 2 cay break period.


I will do yours WITH your Friends OC, and In a friendly setting :3 lol


I will also do your friends red pony without the cutie mark and post it, but like b4, Im busy and cant do it rite now.
>> No. 110645
:D:D:D It's awesome, thank you so much. (and thank you for being willing to draw my friend's OC too <3)
>> No. 110672
No rush.
>> No. 110722
Hey guys, a quick question, would any of you follow if I made a tumblr?

I wanna pick a char from the show, so, It's up to you guys to decide on it. Who do you wanna see?
>> No. 110731
File 134142832990.gif - (2.34KB , 78x82 , Matt-Stand-Left.gif )
Little bit-o-clarification. I found a file a made for him a while back. I hope it helps. Also, his CM is going to be 2 pistons making a "V".
>> No. 110734
File 134142873128.jpg - (7.27KB , 250x250 , 881592.jpg )
... kind of like this, but 2 and in a "V". And don't worry! It's fine! You don't have to rush for me. I feel you about the tumblr thing. I'm trying to get my own off the ground, so I gotta learn to draw again. Good luck!
>> No. 110735
Quick answer: I'd follow that. As for which character... pffft, whaddya asking us for? Go with whoever you feel like.

If you can't pick a character you feel like going with, then you don't really actually want to do it, now do you?
>> No. 110815
File 134151464186.png - (222.39KB , 373x400 , My Hair can pierce the heavens.png )
>> No. 110816
Completely missed my message..thanks Pchan..anyway this is the best I can give you that someone else drew for me..sorry about the impatience
>> No. 110820
File 134151748734.png - (125.91KB , 281x277 , Snapshot_20120426 colored.png )
And guess who drew this?

I did!

>shameless plug dance
>> No. 110822
You silly pony.
>> No. 110939
And I still thank you~
>> No. 110962
File 134165294918.jpg - (583.98KB , 1366x1200 , RUSH TOM SAWYER.jpg )

Here you go, a random dancing pose because I am completely uninspired and can't form mental imaging of a ninja pose after jetlag. I still you like it :):):)


Can I request you draw me a pony with very long legs drawing on a computer? I like the dusty chalk-like colors you use in your pics. Especially in your ID!

Btw, Serbia is soo f*cking hot its unbearable
>> No. 110986
File 134168104809.jpg - (7.96KB , 300x143 , ME ironsta.jpg )
My god...That is amazing..
>> No. 110992

Hey friend, I'll upload it again and crisp out the lines and remove the construction circles cuz I forgot to.

I'm glad you like it, sorry I didn't make the pose actiony!
>> No. 110994
File 134168935288.jpg - (216.64KB , 1024x589 , you lie___.jpg )
I don't think you understand...
It's alright if you clean it up but don't you dare change the pose
>> No. 110995

*sniff* *sniff* that comment made my heart swell :)

Ty man

I'm gonna do yours soon prolly, expect it within 1 day or so

I'm doing your after hers, sorry I kinda pushed you aside for so long, but I just REALLY have not been that inspired lately. So if you can, tell me something about your OC besides his intrepid nature.
>> No. 110996
Also I am a guy.
>> No. 111053
File 134173404306.jpg - (573.52KB , 1366x1200 , Ifyouarereadingthispleasegolistentothealbumhousesoftheholyonyoutube.jpg )

Btw, I saw a Stencil Graffiti of Derpy with the word "Derp" on it Obama style in Belgrade and I had the biggest grin on my face walking to my apartment :) I'll post it when I get my camera working
>> No. 111890
Any chance there's some updates on the art? It's been a while since you said it would be done.
>> No. 114238
Holy Shit Guys

Holy shit holy shit holy shit holy shit

I just got back from Serbia. Now, story time.

Jul 5th. Come to Serbia. Draw for 2 days.Wacom pen broke there. 3kbs internet. Thread in cobwebs. Too ashamed to look at thread. Depression/shame. Drinking. Drinking. More drinking. Tanning at the beach. Hitting on Eastern European girls. More drinking. Aug. 13th. Coming back. New Pen. Happiness. Hope. LOVE. A burning need to draw. Making amends.

I am going to do my best to get back into this, to quote riven from LoL: MY SPIRIT IS NOT LOST!!!!
>> No. 114284
File 134497825021.jpg - (151.12KB , 700x655 , kittykat.jpg )
Here's something I drew just to get back into the swing of things, I doing sleipnir ohara next
>> No. 114301
File 134499911900.jpg - (136.36KB , 800x625 , sleipnirididsobadonthiswhycantidrawanime.jpg )

I did it. But it really does not look good cuz i suck at drawing anime style stuff.

>> No. 114308
File 134501267469.png - (265.42KB , 800x640 , tTr81_crookedtrees.png )
So, are you still taking requests by any chance?
>pic unrelated
>> No. 114319

yup. Ask at will
>> No. 114320
File 134503993843.png - (57.01KB , 1000x1115 , FixedBorneGamesLogo.png )
Hey, Darkwin. Long time no see.

My little sister's really into this pony thing and I want you to ignore her and draw me an poni.

It's like, a pony, but Fancy Pants Man. Fancy Pants Man as a pony. A pony version of Fancy Pants Man.

Pic related

it's fancy pants man
>> No. 114321

Sure man i'll do it
btw, who's your is and does she have a request pending?
>> No. 114323
My sister isn't a brony. 'twas a joke.

...Although she did get me some of the merch for Christmas thinking I liked the show ironically...
>> No. 114324

I think this is the only way i can respond
>> No. 114325
File 134504168592.jpg - (10.01KB , 200x200 , tim-minchin.jpg )

>> No. 114329
File 134505201832.png - (1.56MB , 721x1100 , 30937__.png )

Well, in that case... since I'm new to art requests, I'm not really sure how detailed or complex I should or shouldn't get.

Anyway, I don't suppose you'd be able to do something of a Pinkamena x Surprise (Surprisemena?) crossover, eh?

>pic related
>> No. 114406
This post... just fascinates me. You can only respond by throwing pebbles at cars?
>> No. 114421
File 134513148950.jpg - (29.34KB , 600x450 , FattysTiara.jpg )

It only seemed appropriate.


Yea sure, you want them doing something specific together?
>> No. 114423
File 134513477165.png - (203.36KB , 644x427 , 132631865894.png )
Nothing in particular, I trust your creative instincts (assuming you're the OP).
>> No. 114435
File 134516292896.jpg - (25.96KB , 640x400 , 134446754372.jpg )
I know your prolly swamped on request, but if you ever get a chance could you draw my OC ?
>> No. 114450

Yea i can do it in a little bit, I like the colors on yours too btw. Very nice dark synergy.

I think I'm going to make a fight poster between pinkie and surprise. Now wouldn't that be funny?

I'm almost done with yours, ill have it by tonight
>> No. 114506

Here ya go dude, it took a bit.

If you want I'll put in a caption of your choice, I couldn't think of anything for him to say
>> No. 114507
File 134524815586.jpg - (391.07KB , 1366x800 , fancypantspony.jpg )

it didnt upload for some reason
>> No. 114529
File 134527377672.jpg - (8.90KB , 300x159 , mlfw6168-3848504_14a969270b0e64c5db1f8d404a180680.jpg )
I could not be happier. Thanks braah.
>> No. 114639
File 134541117097.jpg - (189.86KB , 1366x686 , rainbowdashdoodl.jpg )
Drew this based on a screenshot too keep the thread alive


Doing your guys' next
>> No. 114648
File 134541477829.jpg - (243.12KB , 1440x900 , vPZXs.jpg )
Dunno if you're into shipping or anything like that, but I wanna surprise my friend Swiftwind and his coltfriend Pokey :3

See these two ponies? It'd be really cheese if you could draw Swift (colt on right, obviously) lying with Pokey in a cute little sleeping pose.

Cheers :3
>> No. 114649
File 134541492669.png - (150.72KB , 900x586 , gilda_by_felix_kot-d41faev.png )
If you're still doing requests and shit 2 months later

Griffons :D
>> No. 114668
File 134543571407.jpg - (277.52KB , 1366x850 , griffonsketchthewingsaresuchafuckinggreatband.jpg )

Here's the sketch, I can make it into a full drawing if you want me to.

>> No. 114681
File 134548879621.jpg - (277.52KB , 1366x850 , griffonsketchthewingsaresuchafuckinggreatband.jpg )

here's another concept sketch, I think ill ink it after I finis the other 2 requests
>> No. 114682
File 134548887802.jpg - (224.11KB , 1366x900 , gilda doodle.jpg )

here's another concept sketch, I think ill ink it after I finis the other 2 requests

Disregard>>114681, I dun goofed with the same pic
>> No. 114732
File 134560878819.png - (303.74KB , 2560x2560 , Josh.png )
Any and all requests, eh?... I just might have the courage to ask a favor or fifty from you.
And I see you met my friend Rush from AOS. Good.

So, this here's Josh. He's green. I need pictures of him. Action shots, reactions, what have you. Take as long as you need. You don't even have to color them if you don't want, as long as there are outlines. I could fill the colors in later using computers.
>> No. 114749
File 134566011539.jpg - (131.12KB , 1366x686 , sexyponyoohyeahbabyhubbahubba.jpg )

Im gonna make a sexy version of your pony, nothing over the top though :)
>> No. 114750
File 134566039135.jpg - (133.34KB , 1000x686 , animechick.jpg )

Yo dude thanks, I can give you outlines and shit all day, coloring them is what takes me foreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeever and why you don't see most requests for a couple of days. 2 months of drawing ponies is not easy folks! But them again im not a pro like Carnifex :O

Pic related: what i've been drawing lately
>> No. 114775
File 134568844080.jpg - (130.57KB , 1000x720 , sexycuteAlivebypearljamisagreatsong.jpg )
>>114435 yeah, this took me forever to f-in do. :) I hope ya like it, I just wanted to make a know

Btw people, I think I might just do a lot of sketches from now on, coloring and inking these pictures takes a lot of time and college starts for me in 2 weeks. I can do a bunch of sketches for you like the griphon one, and I honestly think they are just as powerful as finished version.
>> No. 114779
Can you sketch moar griphons please?????!??
>> No. 114821
So does that mean a colored version of my request won't be done? Not to intrude or pressure, it'd just be nice to know.
>> No. 114823

I'll see how i feel, I just don't have the time with college deadlines. Ill try to color existing requests though
>> No. 114861
OMG I freaking love your exaggerated cartoony art style! I'd send a request but it looks like you're pretty busy, so maybe once your classes settle down!

Good luck with those deadlines!
>> No. 114878
File 134577654454.gif - (1.01MB , 640x360 , Writers Block.gif )
...Okay then.
>> No. 114956
File 134585335866.jpg - (187.18KB , 1250x686 , trollzor.jpg )
May I present Paraspritezor, the official (pending) mascot of Ponychan!

All rights reserved

...yeah im lazy as fuck when it comes to requests
>> No. 114958
File 134585784869.jpg - (187.18KB , 1250x686 , trollzor.jpg )

Here is just a quick sketch I made. The placement of the some of the features is off..but yeah...I'll sketch a BUNCH more in a bit after I finish my other requests
>> No. 114960
File 134585789963.jpg - (56.71KB , 800x686 , sketch1.jpg )

I keep double posting......

Here's the actual image
>> No. 114961
I truly adore your style! Do you have a deviantArt set up?
>> No. 114966
File 134586196120.jpg - (293.07KB , 1366x800 , idislikeDA1.jpg )

uh yeah, my DA is Darkowin, but I'm not gonna use it until I become a famous internet animator cuz DA is kinda lyra. Idk...But your welcome to add me
>> No. 114972
I looove it ^^ Many thanks to you~
>> No. 114974

Your Welcome :)
>> No. 114975
I will add you, but I keep in touch with someone who used to be a regular here. He's no artist, but he loves seeing the works of others. He's always there to give feedback and loves to interact with the artist. He'd really love to add your DA.

If you don't update it much, that's okay. I can always show him a piece or two from the thread here every once in a while.
>> No. 114985
I LIKE it. A lot. I can't wait to see more!
>> No. 114988

sure, tell him to send me a comment so I can see who he is (I usually delete everything in my notifications wihtout loooking)
>> No. 114995
So this appears to not be a 'first come, first served' basis...
>> No. 115095
File 134603212938.jpg - (40.36KB , 480x360 , yeahidrinksowhatnigga.jpg )

sorry y'all I run on inspiration and what I wanna draw sometimes is what you'll get.

I am leaving for college on the 29th of August, and I promise I will have all existing requests done by then. I will be posting one tonight, (COLORED) and will be done with them before I leave.

Pic related, me givin yall cheers :). I really do think you all are creative people and have some really nice OC's, even if I'm not a brony myself, I still had a lot of fucking fun doing this during the summer, and I only wish I wasn't so lazy and that art doesn't stem for inspiration.
>> No. 115103
File 134603474416.jpg - (44.15KB , 695x610 , Darkowin aka Huugenoob_see art thread.jpg )
Hey Darkwin, you won 1st place in my drawing contest! :D >>115100

You can email me to discuss your prize and give me your shipping info. Congrats!
>> No. 115112
>sorry y'all I run on inspiration and what I wanna draw sometimes is what you'll get.

You are a good man, serious respect c:
Plus forced art never brings good results.
>> No. 115114
Good luck and have fun in college.
>> No. 115125
Good luck! You're awesome!
>> No. 115137

can you draw humans?

give me your take on what I made here :)
>> No. 115145
File 134612039226.jpg - (252.82KB , 1366x686 , PONYPONYPONYPONYPONYPONYPONYPONYprecolor.jpg )

I'm not gone yet guys, 2 moar days

I've been mulling over this and other requests for the past couple of days, I colored in the characters but I didn't color on the background because I didn't have time. If you wanna do it, open up a background layer and put my image in layer 1 and paint it. I left some colors for indication. I need to get to the other folks too!

Any last requests guys? Ask away now, I might upload them on paper sketches from Boston.
>> No. 115146
File 134612216866.jpg - (203.19KB , 1366x686 , artphilosophy.jpg )
>>115137 Here's my honest opinion. I think you have some idea of what you're trying to draw but you need to study more and get proportions and anatomy down. I am not the best at drawing people either but I'll try to upload an example later. My advice is to not use Deviantart, 90% of the people on that website use it to express how hard of a weaboo they can be (sorry guys, just my opinion, and that goes for any fanbase they try to identify with) I reccomend taking a drawing class and getting a mentor, or someone that can be honest with you and tell you where you've done something wrong and where you can improve. That's what you can't get on DA on a regular basis, and many times. The only people that should be qualified to critique your work are those that can modify it themselves given the opportunity. Lastly, and this is the most important thing, drawing takes TIME. Remember the analogy I wrote you with the bird pecking sand? The culmination of your artistic skill over the years is the sum of the everyday drawing that improves little by little by little. If at any point you stop and don't feel like drawing for months at a time, then you don't truly wish to become a good artist. The inner fire which drives you to draw better, whether it be jealousy of another artist, innate love of drawing, OCD or need for attention, these are all emotions that trigger our expressive abilities. This is the crux of art, it portrays the human condition through emotions in mind, process and product. It really takes a long time. It's kind of hypocritical of me to say because I've only been drawing for 11 months, but i guarantee you in 5 years ill probably think "man i shouldn't have posted back then, I wasn't ready." However, the only way you can learn is by creating, creating, creating, creating, and WAITING. Art should be mostly self taught, and if you do enroll in some course most of that information will serve to guide you instead of instruct you towards your creative goals.

In hindsight, I think you prolly just wanted a simple critique, idk why I went on a long soliloquy :P I'm that into art
>> No. 115154
It says "ViC" in the corner.

I call shenanigans.
>> No. 115161
Looks good. I can overlook the background being ignored and the fact that you inexplicably and rather unnecessarily deemed it wise to cut off poor Pokey's horn because it looks pretty good.
>> No. 115165
Draw Twilight... riding a giant broccoli.... and playing the Tuba.

On top of the World Trade Center.

North Tower.
>> No. 115184
File 134622326941.png - (129.95KB , 811x986 , 5e9.png )

uhm... I don't go to deviantart to 'learn' how to draw. I actually am going to art school.
I'm still amateurish but I know I can do much better than what I did here, its just something I whipped out in one day and made it up as I went on...
I'm not saying what you said is not true, I just already knew about it.
That said, there is a difference between knowing the rules and actually applying them, and that part is what I tend to forget, I'm hoping to get better.


>> No. 115185
If you have the time would you be interested in drawing my OC, been dying to get someone to draw her =)
Unicorn, female, white coat, black mane with white streaks, Rarity styled curly mane and tail, bright green eyes, bright green 4 star cutie mark (similar to Twinkleshine but 4 stars instead of 3).
Thank you so much just for reading :3
>> No. 115195
File 134627080018.png - (29.56KB , 830x650 , myPony.png )
>>109503 I'm absolutely terrible at drawing, and If you'd draw my OC I'd love it. My pony is this one, but the glasses are rectangular and the cutie mark should be a basic paper scroll with the squiggle lines used to show writing. Any basic pose would be fine. It doesn't need to be colored, but if you could draw the outline in his reddish color that would be great.
>> No. 115367
File 134663420218.jpg - (13.39KB , 222x219 , mo-chroheadshot.jpg )
It'd be pretty swell if you could draw my OC with a pencil in his ear, preferably a headshot. thank you bro /)
>> No. 119509
File 135563431814.jpg - (11.58KB , 480x360 , lyingeyes.jpg )
HEEEEEEEEEEEEYYY Guyssssss, Guess what I'm back after a loooooooong stressful semester at medical school.

I will doing some pony art, "NO COLOR UNLESS YOUR F-ING LUCKY"

so feel free to post your shit and I'll work my magic
I am going to be drawing them more cartoony
>> No. 119510
File 135563986433.png - (192.35KB , 1200x1050 , 1354540645994.png )
I would like a picture of AppleJack dressed as a clown please and thank you.
>> No. 119521
File 135567037063.png - (166.65KB , 600x600 , sprocketref.png )
Hello! You take OCs? I'd love to see my OC in your style if possible, if not that's cool too, your art's a joy to look at either way!
>> No. 119554
File 135572633688.jpg - (100.81KB , 1366x686 , clownin1.jpg )
>> No. 119556
File 135572871891.jpg - (98.18KB , 1366x686 , coolpony1.jpg )

Keep 'em comin y'all
>> No. 119557
File 135572966444.jpg - (73.75KB , 427x482 , 28859j5.jpg )
how bout ticket?
>> No. 119559
File 135573141443.jpg - (26.70KB , 1366x686 , finishthis.jpg )
>> No. 119562
File 135573322928.jpg - (102.18KB , 1366x686 , notmyface1.jpg )

will do

>> No. 119564
oh god
>> No. 119583
File 135577816095.jpg - (352.14KB , 1000x950 , coloredpony.jpg )

Here you go dude. I colored it and did the works because I had to test out my software. I.e. Ya got lucky, punk!
>> No. 119587
Request? Color, minimalist if you can.

Okay, since I have absolutely no reference for this one, I'm going to have to verbally describe her.

The earth pony has a long (about Applejack's length), straight lime green mane that curls at the end. She has a white coat and purple eyes, and her cutie mark is a glass full of fizzy green liquid with a lemon wedge.
>> No. 119589
looks good except the horn is missing
>> No. 119592

Fuck...I'll add that in and repost it
>> No. 119625
File 135586102635.jpg - (181.15KB , 1366x1000 , fritzyIamnotgoingtodoanymorehidefrequestsihavealifelol.jpg )

Here you go

Sorry It takes me long to do these colored ones. I think I'm just going to do sketches from now on, so on that note, feel free to spam the thread with anything you want me to draw (no sarcasm intended lol)
>> No. 119626
File 135586204560.jpg - (358.58KB , 1000x950 , Andamerryhornmastoyou.jpg )
>> No. 119629
File 135586729229.jpg - (313.58KB , 1366x686 , thehighschooldaze.jpg )

>pic related; me back in high school
>> No. 119655
File 135594347603.jpg - (131.28KB , 550x400 , BUMP FFS.jpg )
>> No. 119671

*Wow, has the world's source of enthusiastic requesters been depleted?"
>> No. 119673
File 135596809875.jpg - (81.16KB , 464x460 , 25g41s2.jpg )
more ticket?
>> No. 119680

fuck yeah, ticket is where it's at
>> No. 119683
File 135599217005.jpg - (24.55KB , 396x274 , ss3.jpg )
If you're really that aching to have someone tell you what to draw, then draw the character from N as a pony. I saw someone request Fancy Pants earlier, might as well have N in here too.
>> No. 119689
File 135604229150.jpg - (109.89KB , 580x455 , cuteticketbg1.jpg )

I love this design so much I drew a bunch, also testing out Correl Draw (which sucks btw)
>> No. 119690
File 135604268443.jpg - (62.74KB , 900x500 , candyticket.jpg )

..and here's ticket if she were made out of candy
>> No. 119691
File 135604298261.jpg - (68.44KB , 800x686 , sadticket.jpg )

...And here's a sad ticket

Hope you like them :)

Wow, THE Bro wants me to draw something? Now I feel embarrased. And yes I mainly do this I have a need to do things for people. That's why I'm in pharmacy college to be a healthcare professional hahaha
>> No. 119692
File 135604440282.jpg - (24.21KB , 480x320 , tumblr_ma0l51phmx1r9i5du.jpg )
Yes, The Bro, the one and only direct from Betelgeuse.

No really, you must be mistaking me for someone else if my name means that much to you. I'm just a little old lady from Pasadena.

Also, I played a lot of N as a kid. I obviously had a very rich and healthy childhood. Would be cool to see him as a hores.
>> No. 119694

I say "the" bro after viewing that wonderful color piece you did for someone your thread, wow!

I'll upload it, I remember playing "N" back in 7th grade over the summer. I swear it took me over 150 hours to beat it. I'm not even a fan of vidya, but that little piece of flash beauty with its amazing physics got me so hooked
>> No. 119697
File 135605302112.png - (28.87KB , 148x188 , bro.png )
Flattery aside, yeah, that N game is pretty hardcore. It'll be cool to see what you make of it, though.
>> No. 119983
File 135723685473.png - (121.01KB , 1193x1179 , Gothic Rarity by Sawhorse.png )
I'll humor you from your /mlp/ post.
Gothic Rarity or character of your choice.
>> No. 119984
Can you do gothic Celestia?
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