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File 134111118205.jpg - (18.27KB , 200x296 , Sheogorath_Cheese[1].jpg )
110465 No. 110465
Hello again /Art/! wvDSvw here and this is my new Art thread! I am taking requests and I love competitions! I do hand sketches with photoshop and illustrator touchups and color. Have any requests, just throw them my way! I specialize in portraits and scenes. Just throwing that out there
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>> No. 110472
could we see an example of your work? :o
>> No. 110477
File 134112415773.jpg - (657.31KB , 2810x2508 , 133965560252.jpg )
heres one i did for Whitefox, Verzi, and Darkly.
>> No. 110478
draw me adversaries that have ill will towards America, and what we can potentially due to them should they choose to strike us. Join Us Now at

This is a paid advertisement by the United States Navy
>> No. 110482
Can you do something with my OC please
>> No. 110504
I have brilliant ideas for both of them!
>> No. 110506
File 134117468270.png - (136.34KB , 1598x1560 , Nimble Wing Wings Up.png )
Alright, well, if you're drawing stuff, I might as well throw mine in there, too. Here's Nimble~
Cutie mark is a gold shield shrouded in blue flames. Also, it's not in this image, but he wears a necklace with a blue gem on the end of it. That's pretty much it~
Get as creative with him as you'd like. Thanks in advance~
>> No. 110507
File 134117491451.png - (23.25KB , 364x408 , s9579245864373221.png )
Can you draw up µ for me?
(Maybe laying on a park bench while slightly overheated if you need a scene)
>> No. 110516
File 134118382659.jpg - (40.56KB , 573x797 , Four Block.jpg )
heres Four Block! oh and if any critique at all, please let it be for the pony and not the confounded puzzle lol
>> No. 110518
File 134118525412.jpg - (109.36KB , 786x1017 , 1339282905506.jpg )
whats his special talent? *creativity is my middle name*
>> No. 110522
File 134119014062.png - (107.18KB , 1024x931 , Extreme Happy by Prince Bluelolz.png )
Ah, well, creativity is great!
His talent revolves around his instinctive urge to protect his friends without a thought for himself. He jumps into any situation, not caring what the consequences might be, as long as it means he'll keep one or more of his friends safe and/or happy.
He's gotten into several bad situations because of it, as I use him on /rp/, but he's still alive and kickin'.

I can't wait to see what you come up with~
Thanks again!
>> No. 110525
File 134119427965.png - (132.52KB , 671x1000 , 131379028054.png )
I'll drop Six in here, if you're not overburdened. Here's all his info, plus a ton of references.
>> No. 110539
that works perfectly with my original idea!
>> No. 110540
srry the above post was ment for >>110522
>> No. 110548
I love it! and the puzzle looks fine
>> No. 110608
im working on
at the moment, it may take longer than i expected. sorry for the inconvenience. but i have a brilliant idea for it! i cant wait til i get done!
>> No. 110631
File 134134609966.jpg - (54.28KB , 607x786 , nimble and u 02.jpg )
Well here it is! 2 in 1 package, hope you enjoy I also have the same pic without the ait wisps if either of you would want it
>> No. 110664
now time for Six :)
>> No. 110680
File 134137318828.png - (28.46KB , 354x372 , grayscale3.png )
Hello :)

I was hoping to make a request of Grayscale (name pending). Her special talent is painting and her cutie mark (which is a bit hard to see) is a paintbrush painting a rainbow on her flank.

>> No. 110784
File 134146514812.gif - (482.76KB , 600x400 , 23419 - animated filly fluttershy.gif )
I have come to a conclusion te Rainbow Dash is the legendary pony, but the absolute cutest and most adorable is Filly Fluttershy. I mean shes already a mess of cutness enough, but come on! Young Fluttershy is my second favorite out of all, i also like the pegasus, Silver Speed. i noticed her in Hurricane Fluttershy too
>> No. 110789
File 134146992044.jpg - (140.18KB , 792x612 , Filly Fluttershy.jpg )
yeah buddy! Heres a Cute Little Filly!
>> No. 110810
File 134151116410.jpg - (258.93KB , 950x800 , Pony Simms 2.jpg )
Could you do another pic of my quasi-OC? (See pic) He's basically the John Simms "The Master" from Dr. Who/Whoof regenerated into an Equestrian Form. I'm not sure what I want him to do per se. I just need some different pics of him doing things. Maybe do a pic of him w/ a sonic laser screwdriver like he had when he was Prime Minister of the UK and the shrink ray he had in one of his past incarnations-you know, one per front hoof? He'll obviously have to stand upright to use both.

Well, here's links to weapon pics to use.

Shrink Gun.
>> No. 110833
Can you do a pic of Fluttershy blowing a kiss?
>> No. 110858
sure as sugar can! ill work on it while i brainstorm about all these OCs
>> No. 110925
File 134161251792.jpg - (487.11KB , 1264x1707 , DSCN294105.jpg )
I have bandcamp this coming week, Any requests I'm currently working on are postponed. also my best pictures are done after a period where I'm derived from art so I'll get em done good!
>> No. 110955
File 134164361189.png - (144.85KB , 901x839 , happysix.png )
>mine countenance whereupon

No rush at all! Have fun at camp and take all the time you need.
>> No. 111019
File 134171351342.jpg - (50.73KB , 808x613 , 134165057037.jpg )
this goes on my thread as well :3
>> No. 111045
wow! you are good! but it seems you already have alot on your hands already :c
>> No. 111050
ill get on all of my requests after this week, so when Friday ends ill be getting somethings done
>> No. 111052
ok I will wait :)
>> No. 111098
File 134178688198.png - (149.94KB , 1020x1240 , hazmat_pony_vector_by_thaddeusc-d4g2d5w.png )
Everytime i hear the name Hasbro, it reminds me of HAZMAT
>> No. 111099
File 134178695942.jpg - (74.63KB , 840x608 , nu freya.jpg )
Nu Freya, my improved OC
>> No. 111115
abit scetchy with the shading but itll do for now
>> No. 111129
why is it that night time in media is always dark blue and in real life its pitch black? i dont get why it could be dark blue all around...
>> No. 111188
If you are still taking requests, can you pretty please draw my OC?
>> No. 111394
sure thing, as soon as i can!
>> No. 111444
i guess ill go ahead and add my request. I mean...if thats ok with you. If you can draw Fluttershy in these clothes

Taking on a bunch of changelings sorta like this
>> No. 111518
this link takes me to a blank youtube page, tell me the video and I'll look it up.
>> No. 111546
video works for me >_>. But its basically taking on a horde of enemies in a flashy style.
Try this one
>> No. 111797
wow this thread got bumped down a lot! I almost had to consult the search. about to start on Six and i'll have it finished hopefully soon.
>> No. 111821
File 134240748197.jpg - (57.21KB , 464x738 , Six.jpg )
here is Six Mon Coin! I'm going to try and start doing the shading with my tablet so its not that sketchy, i blurred it more than usual because the shading made some aliasing stand out.
>> No. 111878
time for Grey Scale >:D
>> No. 111888
File 134248953244.png - (48.42KB , 819x565 , My pony.png )
Hay! I would love it if you could do something with my pony Roaming. Heres a bit of info

His name is Roaming, or Roamin'. His cutie mark is a brainstrom (like a brain with a lightnig bolt). He likes racing in the rain, and in his spare time he likes to write. He also is very curious and adventurous but he is also easily distracted.. He is very honest and will say what needs to be said, and sometimes says inappropriate things.He lives in Cloudsdale but doesn't spend much time indoors, he usually just explores Everfree and sits on the clouds watching the other ponies and writing. He doesn't really have any friends he is usually a bit socially awkward. Thanks. Cant wait to see what you can do. Thanks again :3
>> No. 111974
as soon as I can!
>> No. 111975
File 134255320867.png - (62.15KB , 509x362 , lolidunno.png )
hello there, may I request something for my pony Checkmate?
>> No. 111987
File 134257196435.jpg - (35.38KB , 468x286 , jennygalloway.jpg )
I need help drawing a OC Donkey who's modeled after Monsieur Thenardier from Les Miserables. It's mainly for an RP, but the problem is I REALLY can't draw at all. And let's face it, we need more Donkey OCs.

PS. if you want to do the wife too go right ahead.

Enjoy a little bit of music
>> No. 111989
File 134257320510.jpg - (42.11KB , 557x786 , freya fear color.jpg )
just dropping this so ill have a URL
>> No. 112012
File 134258221742.jpg - (43.30KB , 456x777 , Grayscale.jpg )
Grayscale has never looked better with this dashing expression and background
>> No. 112117
File 134266580506.jpg - (144.85KB , 772x612 , Cloudossium.jpg )
Dropping in my concept of the Cloudosseum for LoE. URL purposses
>> No. 112272
File 134277441742.jpg - (29.15KB , 400x400 , w8-1_LG.jpg )
I think as an artist, I subconsciously demand renown, but can never obtain it because it makes me feel like I'm selfish. Ahhh the mind of the mad.
>> No. 112282
More than being madness, bumping your own art thread with nothing new to say or do, simply because you fell off the front page, will surely make you look like an arrogant fool and a show-off.

/art/ threads take well over a month to be deleted.
>> No. 112374
File 134286183563.jpg - (33.62KB , 640x480 , 134009335398.jpg )
I simply need inspiration.
nice to make your aquaintance!
unrelated yet something new
>> No. 112435
File 134290106395.gif - (195.95KB , 400x225 , RD GIF.gif )
Here's a Gif I made
>> No. 112465
File 134292387513.jpg - (132.21KB , 540x480 , tumblr_m3l269kcuz1r9o1zto1_1280.jpg )
Dr. Hooves taco pony please.
>> No. 112476

Thank you, it suits her perfectly.
>> No. 112594
File 134305682620.png - (78.76KB , 687x675 , Shrug.png )
Could you fix the hair of this shrugging OC? I suck at drawing so it looks hideous.
>> No. 112595
File 134305691117.png - (300.79KB , 1345x2066 , Proud.png )
Better pic of the character so you could see the hair I would be glad to get.
>> No. 112642
File 134308233842.jpg - (226.01KB , 720x845 , Picture for Archer.jpg )
Alright, so for this one, you're gonna need to get a little creative I think. What I want is to substitute the Space Marine in this picture with my OC, Archer. So like, the same pose, looking forwards, with the red eyes and such. But maybe without the same background, and more of a simple landscape. Since Archer is a pony, as well, he wouldn't be holding that war hammer. For that, I thought you could substitute in his Plasma Cannon, and the barrel would be glowing blue.
>> No. 112643
File 134308248866.png - (484.44KB , 1467x1475 , Archer Battle Armor Helmet.png )

Definitely keep the lighting the same though. You just don't have to draw in the random crap in the background.
>> No. 112647
File 134308287449.png - (36.14KB , 410x160 , Plasma_Cannon.png )

And finally, the Plasma Cannon. It'd be smaller than that War hammer, for obvious reasons. But I've wanted this for a while now, the problem was that I don't think I can quite do this justice. If you could try to make it, I'd be ever so grateful, though I understand if it's a tall order.
>> No. 112854
File 134318288323.jpg - (43.22KB , 516x718 , the master.jpg )
finally done after days of a mental block.
Moving on.
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