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File 134170432877.png - (249.64KB , 800x600 , cupcake.png )
111001 No. 111001
I think I'm going to post all of my art on this thread just to receive some critique and ideas on how to improve. I hope everypony enjoys my art, and I always do my best.
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>> No. 111003
File 134170475820.png - (417.61KB , 1152x864 , Little Artist.png )
This was my very first time to draw a pony. It isn't very good but you gotta start somewhere.
>> No. 111006
File 134170626170.png - (139.08KB , 1024x768 , Noob Pony.png )
I'm new to Ponychan so this drawing goes perfectly with it. Also, this is Little Artist's old colors so that's why she looks different in the newer picture i posted first.
>> No. 111008

That's a great first attempt.


And that's just adorable.

You wouldn't happen to have a page on deviantArt, would you?
>> No. 111009
I do have a DeviantArt. However I mostly post on tumblr. I prefer PGish art so you won't find any nsfw stuff on it. ^_^
>> No. 111011
That's great, 'cause that's my limit with art as well. =)

Followed both, btw.
>> No. 111012
I watched you on DA. I'll check out your tumblr in a moment. *reading stuff on DA*
>> No. 111013
File 134171146809.png - (132.38KB , 983x618 , pink.png )
Another random artwork i felt like doing cause somepony told me I like pink too much hahaha~
>> No. 115801
File 134756362329.jpg - (459.86KB , 3244x2212 , On my way to PonyVille.jpg )
A little update on my art. :) Sorry for the long text.

Ok so... this is a HUGE accomplishment for me because.... It was my first drawing with the pen tool!!!

It took me ALL NIGHT from 11pm till just now *6am* to finish and It's a bit rough around the edges because I didn't understand what I was doing till I was half way done. That's just how I learn.

*The left leg is bothering me but I was way past repairing it when I noticed it wasn't right. The reason for the apples is simply because I needed something to put in the empty space.

The guy driving is a random dude I think I will call him Buckwheat because of his hat and hair.

It was a fun experience and I'll probably try again another time. :)
>> No. 115803
>I didn't understand what I was doing till I was half way done. That's just how I learn.
...It's also happens to be the best way to learn! :3

The perspective is pretty messed up. There's no horizon line when it seems like there should be, and the view of the water is completely mismatched with the rest of the pic.

There's a lot of what looks like experimental stuff... some of it falls kinda flat, like the lighting on the cart, but there's lots of details that came out well. The highlights on the apples are really nice in some ways, and the grass looks great.

I'm looking forward to seeing where you take things from here. :3
>> No. 120239
Indeed. :) I gotta work harder and improve more. I really really appreciate your imput! ^_^
>> No. 122195
File 136481169428.png - (109.24KB , 1352x1256 , Pony-Vector-Huge.png )
Just updating my art gallery. It's been a while.
>> No. 122196
File 136481188446.png - (130.16KB , 1024x768 , Leah Pony.png )
I drew my real self as a pony for a project.
>> No. 122197
File 136481216546.png - (107.46KB , 800x600 , Little Psycho.png )
Little Artist's Halloween costume.
>> No. 122198
File 136481232989.png - (141.64KB , 1352x1256 , Little-Artist-Clouds.png )
A newer version.
>> No. 122199
File 136481245035.png - (116.04KB , 900x700 , spoiler.png )
From episode One, Season 3. It was my first time drawing her.
>> No. 122200
File 136481260751.png - (136.10KB , 900x700 , FunDipp.png )
My best friend's OC drawn by me. <3
>> No. 122201
File 136481267938.png - (77.38KB , 410x605 , Light Rain.png )
My first male OC drawn with Sai.
>> No. 122202
File 136481283068.png - (225.17KB , 900x700 , How To Catch A Derpy.png )
My most recent drawing. It was my first time drawing Derpy. Made with Paint Tool Sai.
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