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Guidelines For Using /Art/

- Be respectful of others and others' works.
- Don’t be unnecessarily rude about someone or their work.
- At the same time, don’t hate on people who critique your work.
- Be sure to report threads that don't follow these guidelines or the rules of the site. If you feel someone is being unnecessarily rude to you or others, keep your cool and report them.
- /art/ isn't just for artists! Everypony's input is welcome.

Artists' Threads
- Artists are encouraged to make one gallery thread for personal use. This includes showing your work, taking requests and/or commissions, announcing livestreams, asking for critique, etc.
- Artists of any skill level are welcome and encouraged to make their own threads, take requests, and comment on others work. Don't be shy!
- Artists who create a thread should have it added to the directory. Post a link to your thread here, and mention what sections of the directory it should go in.
- Artists can link to off-site galleries, such as Tumblr or deviantART.
- Get as much information in your original post as possible. Tags are great for this.

- Don't make a new thread for requests. Use the directory to find an artist who takes them, and ask in their thread instead.
- Check the artists' queues. If someone is backed up on requests, asking a different artist whose queue is shorter will get you a better response.
- Be clear and descriptive with your request. Letting the artist "Have their own vision" isn't really the point of a request.
- Please be patient, and don't spam all the artists' threads with a single request.
- Please wait until your request is declined or ignored before reposting it to another artist.
- There are plenty of guides and templates for you to use. If you want something simple for an OC, try to make something yourself first. /art/ will be happy to help you out.

If you are taking commissions, your thread should include the following:
- A complete list of categories you will do works in;
- A full price sheet, and payment methods that you accept;
- Up-to-date examples of your work, either in your thread or a linked gallery;
- Contact information; and
- A small description of your commission process.

Drawing Tips
- Be sure to check the Tutorial thread if you're just starting out.
- Don't be afraid to ask for critique: everybody needs help to improve!
- Hand-drawn images should be scanned in to make sure your work can be seen properly. Photos often miss the details.
- Use references or guides. They're there for a reason. Nopony will look down on you if you do so.
- For digital drawings, you might want to invest in a Wacom Tablet.
- Useful programs: PaintTool SAI, GIMP, MyPaint, openCanvas, Inkscape.

Tag System

Tags are useful so that visitors can quickly get information about threads in the board overview. You can use the following to help clarify what your thread is about:

Art Type
#Traditional: hand-drawn art, such as drawings, paintings, sculpture, etc.
#Digital: art made using a computer, including everything from digital painting to 3D modelling.
#Vectors: art made using vector graphics.
#Alterations: recolors and image manipulations.
#Comics: comics, including full-page series, short joke comics, or even one-panel gags.
#Canon: characters from the show.
#OCs: fan-made characters.

Thread Type
#Gallery: showcasing an artist's works.
#Discussion: discussion about the fine nature of pony drawings.
#Event: art-related events, such as contests.
#Requests: the artist is taking requests.
#Commissions: the artist is taking commissions.
#Critique wanted: the artist would like critiques of their works.

The latter three tags should only be used in a #Gallery thread.


General Threads
Tutorial Thread
LiveStream Thread
LiveStream Monitoring
Practice and Progress
Ponies of Tumblr, unite!

Gallery Threads
00ToD00 >>41286
Alexrockclimber >>43536
Andy Gray >>122998
Anonymous >>115853
Arntyk >>69199
Arrkhal >>91654
Art-Anon >>123619
Avarick >>116610
Boyindahaus >>120220
BusinessPony >>121778
Carnifex >>122098
Captain Steve >>83522
CʜᴀᴏᴛɪX >>122381
Charmer >>122840
Chiapetofdoom >>121324
Choco >>107330
Claus >>122418
CradeElcin >>106901
Darkwin >>109503
DeftoneStylus >>113169
Dino >>107732
D-Tomoyo >>120531
Equinox23 >>118892
fallenpenguin >>118880
Fiasko >>60897
FoxTrott >>114632
Frederick >>120177
Fribox >>112661
Greeny-nyte >>121849
GypsyPinkie >>117302
Hopkins >>122899
inivonwini >>56683
Infernal_Dalek >>102879
Itena Sparkle >>114285
Jacquibim >>106632
Kryptchild >>114758
Lyra >>122041
Moozua >>98277
Mouse >>78579
Nightlock >>15774
Neon >>108293
Nyarls >>81776
Prince Bluelolz >>109347
prosper58 >>120930
Psych Hawk >>93976
Psychoanalytic >>119946
Psychopulse >>120285
Ren et al. >>19640
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The Z factor >>90332
Verzi >>100781
Viwrastupr >>123141
wvDarkSaviorvw >>110465
Wedgedeagle >>119898
WhiteFox >>103981
Willman >>122637

Accepting Requests
Boyindahaus >>120220
BusinessPony >>121778
Greeny-nyte >>121849
GypsyPinkie >>117302
FoxTrott >>114632
Slayercookie >>122599
Snowli the Halfa >>123485
Viwrastupr >>123141

Taking Commissions
Art-Anon >>123619
Avarick >>116610
Carnifex >>122098
Chiapetofdoom >>121324
DeftoneStylus >>113169
D-Tomoyo >>120531
Equinox23 >>118892
FoxTrott >>114632
Greeny-nyte >>121849
Hopkins >>122899
Itena Sparkle >>114285
prosper58 >>120930
Rbug2006 >>120779
Shrineheart >>120653
sleepykoinu >>119443
Viwrastupr >>123141
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>> No. 112485
File 134296047290.png - (246.10KB , 371x448 )
And there we go! The directory was mostly copied from Midnight Star's previous thread, although I fixed up a couple links.

If you have a gallery thread and it's not in the directory yet, be sure to post it here! I'll update the Directory every week or so.

Also, if there any suggestion for threads that should be added to the General Threads list, be sure to mention it.
>> No. 112494

Finally, and thank you apple mod, I'm sure this will help out a lot.

Also, can you change my thread in the directory?, that's an outdated one, my current one is >>109347
>> No. 112495
File 134297618501.jpg - (15.33KB , 320x240 , _4ry.jpg )
I dunno why you didn't use HTML lists / 3rd level headers for the 3rd level headers. (Underlining is the greatest sin ever introduced to typography.) You've lost the indentation on related list items which makes it much more difficult to read.

Also, the top text is a bit... well, verbose. It's pretty much taking up all of the space before the break to say... nothing.
>If you need help with your drawings, /art/ is more than happy to help you out, regardless of your talent or ability.
Already mentioned in the rules below, so it's being repeated.
>/art/ does have a couple of guidelines we would like you to follow.
Given that this thread has guidelines in it, this is implied.
>This thread also houses the Directory, where you can easily find the various artists that show off their work or take on requests.
Given the thread title, this is implied.

You've got three sentences saying what /art/ "is":
>This is the board for all your pony fanart-related news!
>/art/ is a community that promotes improvement: we're all here to help each other out.
>If you need help with your drawings, /art/ is more than happy to help you out, regardless of your talent or ability.
>/art/ is the place to be to connect with fellow artists, to share work, to learn how to draw ponies, to improve your work, or simply to admire the other artists at work!
Well, which one is it? I'm confused now. You could just throw all these points into a list if there's that many of them.

Also this line in particular:
>If you're an artist, or you want to be an artist, you've come to the right place.
makes it seem that this place is exclusive to /art/ists.

>If you feel someone is being unnecessarily rude to you or others, keep your cool and report them.
Repetition of the previous statement to report rulebreakers.

>If you want something simple for an OC, try to make something yourself first. /art/ will be happy to help you out.
They're only happy to help if it's for an OC? The language I used was specifically written to not imply that.

To give you an idea of how verbose this is now: There's more words in it than in the /fic/ sticky. I dunno if that's what you're going for, but that block of (mostly unsubstantial) text right up front is probably going to stop half the people who were considering reading it from actually doing so.

My 2c, anyway.
>> No. 112497
The reason why I didn't use lists and heading 3 HTML is because it made the guidelines look very strict, spartan almost. Yes, it made it easier to read, but it also gave off a super-strict atmosphere, which I didn't like - and neither did any of the others mod I showed it to.

It's a little harder to read, but I've traded that for something that just looks more friendly.

As for the intro text... Yeah, wow, you're right. I'll probably get rid of that.
As for it having more words than the /fic/ sticky... that's to be expected, since the thread has the directory as well.

Sure thing. If there are any other outdated links, be sure to let me know - I only got rid of the 404'd threads.
>> No. 112501
File 134298186668.jpg - (16.05KB , 320x240 , _8dpl.jpg )
>As for it having more words than the /fic/ sticky... that's to be expected, since the thread has the directory as well.
I took word counts before "Directory" on /art/'s sticky and before "Helpful Links" in /fic/'s.

You've traded ease-of-reading for supposed friendliness; well, the ease of reading a text is a measure of its friendliness, if you're asking me.

>it made the guidelines look very strict, spartan almost
You know you can style it to look however? You can change the bullet type to a dash if you'd rather, or none for the tags. The issue is that now wrapped list elements aren't properly indented in line with the list's bullet, and you lost the indented lists. And you can make the heading look however big or small you'd like—no need to resort to the ugliness of underlines. Bold text is a good enough heading on its own, even.

Notwithstanding that your argument that it looks friendlier is... unsubstantiated. If you were going for that, why not make the rules >greentext?

Bleh, now I'm just getting snippy.
>> No. 112515
i like it...except or eyes are a little off.
>> No. 112606
>>111474 Is my gallery thread.
>> No. 112719
File 134310292670.jpg - (55.75KB , 530x353 , 530px-Shelbyabz.jpg )
This is /art/. We should illustrate the guidelines.
(Preferably in an Uncle Shelby's ABZ Children's Book style.)
>> No. 113371
New Cereal!
>> No. 113436
>still no anon threads in the directory
Why do I even bother anymore.
>> No. 113440
You never provided the links to the thread you wanted. I don't keep tabs of the old directory and I can't tell which anon wants in the directory and I'm not going to put every single anon thread in here. Plus I have no idea where the old directory went, I am/was sick these past 5 days and I haven't drawn much those days either.

Drawing > everything
>> No. 113441
While Drawing > everything, it wouldn't have hurt to look back literally 6 pages. Everything past that is really dead, anyways.
>> No. 113489
File 134381010053.png - (273.01KB , 1991x1423 , 132487948746.png )
There are a lot of threads missing from the directory. Noone here is getting paid to monitor the board and add every little gallery.
You could have used some tact and linked to your thread and asked to be added.

When browsing six pages back I did find three anonymous threads. One was a button maker that I think moved to /merch/, one was someone who posted one thing and disappeared and the last one looked legit. Some guy with a tumblr.
Hayseed Turniptruck, Futaba, Rainbow and Aidelay aren't really anon threads as such. Maybe Rainbow, but his name is right there in his freaking OP title.

So please, submit your thread like any civilized pony would.
>> No. 113496
#accepting requests
>> No. 113573
File 134397140020.png - (2.11MB , 3000x3000 , Rainbow Dash No BG.png )
I'm taking commissions right now!

>> No. 113639
File 134407140318.jpg - (18.31KB , 300x265 , 1286694867268.jpg )
Why would I? You just did your job, bro.
And good on you for doing that before Applejack and Midnight.
>> No. 113738
Finally got around to updating this. I've decided to remove the top text completely, updated the cereal link and added these two:

As said in the OP, I'll add whichever thread, so long as it's linked here.
>> No. 114047
Ah'm takin' requests for now...
>> No. 114135

I just made a gallery thread because I'm taking commissions.
>> No. 114175

Taking requests
>> No. 114332
File 134505630789.png - (183.81KB , 640x400 , Sunset Diver 2.png )

Alright here's my art gallery thread, and I'm taking commissions, although I forgot to put in the gallery tag.
>> No. 114361

Taking Requests and commissions~
>> No. 114759
File 134568008696.jpg - (173.93KB , 500x500 , Kryptfoal Avatar.jpg )
Hello! New artist with a new thread! Here's my little corner of this fun new site. Stop by and say 'hi!'

Now then, I'm off to fill it with posts and then nose around and get to know some other folks!
>> No. 114840
File 134576028917.jpg - (194.88KB , 1000x859 )
It's been a while, but I've managed to update the thread once again. If anything isn't working, be sure to let me know: you can always report your post or email me (applejack(at)ponychan(dot)net).
>> No. 114877
File 134577621414.jpg - (52.58KB , 960x960 , 484399_363791960352937_1737600741_n.jpg )
I think Whitefox's thread should be removed, as he no longer comes here. >>113659
>> No. 114929
File 134582696248.png - (233.93KB , 634x581 , 35.png )

It's a gallery thread at least, it can stay listed, but it should be noted that it isn't active anymore for now, so it should be removed from the "accepting requests" part only, hope you meant that :)
>> No. 114936
File 134583132370.jpg - (16.19KB , 375x335 , holly 64.jpg )
Thank you very much for your work!
>> No. 114938
File 134583555341.png - (616.25KB , 669x621 , octavia.png )
Hey! Could you please take off my last thread, and put my new one under all three categories?


Thank you! <3
>> No. 114940
File 134583976557.png - (478.26KB , 570x609 )
I'm sorry to hear that. We didn't talk much, but WhiteFox was a good guy. I'll keep his link in the gallery though, but I'll take it off the "Accepting Requests" section.

Anyway, have another update.
>> No. 114982
Can you add my thread to the Gallery list? Also, can you edit the Gallery tag into my post? I did not originally plan on making it a gallery (it just kind of happened), and I don't want to create a second thread that will basically be a clone of the current one.

Sorry for the trouble.
>> No. 114993
File 134588320793.png - (156.58KB , 333x370 )
Done. #Gallery tag should show up now.
>> No. 115150
File 134612858821.jpg - (43.56KB , 550x422 , Beyonce-Jay-Z-baby-Blue-Ivy-Carter-photo-leaked-550x422.jpg )
any(BODY) remember that poster "the greek dollmaker," and her "how to pony" series? Whatever happened to the that? Or, more importantly, what ever happened to the tutorial thread that used to be on here?
>> No. 115152

disregard this, i'm obviously retarded or blind not observant
>> No. 115191
File 134625176887.jpg - (334.14KB , 2000x1500 , banana.jpg )
Don't even ask why....
>> No. 115325

You sound like someone I know -- she hates bananas for no given reason.
>> No. 115854
My thread, for the Gallery Threads and Taking Commissions

>> No. 115881
File 134774386000.png - (71.86KB , 304x327 )
>> No. 117098
Hey there! Mind addiny my thread to the directory?

I'm taking digital OC pony commissions!! >>116610
>> No. 117654
I would like to add this thread, >>117101, for Pony Tumblrs, to the General section. If that's cool. :3
>> No. 117704
File 135146264334.png - (372.95KB , 620x720 )
More updates!
>> No. 117795
AJ, I got a new thread. Up to date goodness here:
I'm also taking requests.
>> No. 117890
Could you add me to the list of people taking commissions please?
>> No. 117935
File 135225228452.png - (229.20KB , 1024x1024 , dalek brick.png )
New Gallery/ request thread, thanks :3. Nice place ya got here, btw.
>> No. 118120
could i be added to both gallery and taking requests, please?
if it's not that much trouble
>> No. 118164

Name is Bongo or if you want to go by my DeviantArt name it's Brickstarrunner. I am an artist and it wouldn't be too much to ask if this could go under the Gallery part? Thanks. Cheers!
>> No. 118508
Realized after weeks that i never posted a link ;~; Gallery and request please
>> No. 118521
I dunno if this is something the mods watch for already, but following threads in the Directory have 404'd:
Anondude >>99462
ForgetfulOwl >>98326
Johnnoz >>29024
SketchCoyote >>104512
The Dapper Pony >>33837
Volmise >>88427
zomgitsalaura >>60248

Just thought I'd mention it.
>> No. 118572
Appreciated! Do you use Skype or any messenger services like that by any chance, WhiteFox? I'd love to talk to you some time! My Skype name is crimsonrisk if you want to add me.
>> No. 118645
Should really update the OP
Most of the artists who are taking requests are away. Leads to old threads getting bumped with no new content and people looking for pictures posting new threads everywhere.
>> No. 118651
File 135397987331.png - (326.36KB , 516x525 )
Yes, meant to do that the other day but it slipped my mind. Working on updating now, and thanks for the suggestion to check for inactive threads.
>> No. 118653
File 135398186524.gif - (760.88KB , 312x396 )
Links cleaned up! If I missed anything else that it needs do be a dear and let me know!
>> No. 118724
Hey Applejack! Can we use your picture for a documentary were making about Bronies? Thanks!
>> No. 118730
!!AJ stepped down as a moderator. If you wanna get a hold of him, he goes by Thrityfour and hangs out in /chat/ I believe.
>> No. 118881
I don't know, if this is the proper place to post this, but I'm new and here's the thread I opened:
(at least I won't lose it that way ^^)
>> No. 118899

well i just made a gallery/commission thread, so if you could kindly add it to the lists :)
critique is welcome btw
>> No. 119068
File 135488283149.png - (3.38KB , 201x163 , GypsyPinkie Icon- Bashful.png )
SOO sorry AJ, forgot to put my name....Hehe.
>> No. 119306
File 135526509570.gif - (0.97MB , 186x119 , da52f1c3_70dd_c411.gif )
I made a gallery thread. I'm not good with computer so have a link.

Pic unrelated, I just like pictures.
>> No. 119316
Is "Apple Jack" the new spelling?
>> No. 119488

That's my gallery. .v. I take commissions in it.
>> No. 119525
How do i draw eyes? how do i make things bigger or small in photoshop cs5? how do i combine in cs5? How do i select things?
>> No. 119548
>How do i draw eyes?
Practice, and reference material. Give it your best shot and post it, then I can give you feedback and redlines.

Speaking of reference material, here's a little to get you going:

Eyes are oval shapes, tilted back about 30-45 degrees or so. The pupils are vertical ovals, which take up half the width of the eye when in a neutral expression. The colour takes up another quarter of the width. In intense situations, pupils shrink considerably.

The overall height of the eyes take up half the height of the head in total, the top and bottom of the eye being about quarter of the way from the top and bottom of the face.

From the side, the distance from the back of the eye to the back of the head is about twice the distance from the front of the eye to the bridge of the nose. Width of the eye takes up about half the width of the head. Going by fractions, that's 1/6 for the space in front of the eye, 1/2 for the eye, and 1/3 from the back of eye to the back of the head.

(If you draw a circle for the head, the bridge of the nose would be the most forward point of that circle. The muzzle comes forward a distance about equal to the distance from the front of the eye to the bridge of the nose.)

From the front, the distance between the eyes is about half the width of an eye, or 1/5th the width of the head overall.

These numbers are general guidelines, not hard rules, and probably aren't 100% show accurate. They're a good start, tho, and have worked well for me so far

Can't help you with that one... I use CS4, which is very different. Try the help files, tho.
>> No. 119550
Every place i go it seems like no one used or know about CS5.
>> No. 119552
Figuring stuff out is an essential skill for an artist. Feedback can point an artist in the right direction, but it can't get someone to their destination. That takes work and effort.

The best advice I can give is this: if you can't find someone to help you, rely on yourself. Read the documentation, Google for tutorials, see if you can find an artist's description of their techniques and methods. Research is a skill like any other, and it's a very useful one. Experiment, explore, expand.

I'd help if I could, but I can't give you anything more than that. Best of luck.
>> No. 119553
It's pretty hard cause my cs5 is in spanish, i have to figure out everything and most tutorials are in english, is not like those tutorials are hard but the names and positioning are sometimes so different making the whole thing different.
>> No. 119582
File 135577824077.jpg - (100.46KB , 512x512 , 2.jpg )
I also have finished this draw for the firts time in a tablet for the firts time in cs5. I think is cool regardless no cutie mark.
>> No. 119586

this is the most adorable picture I've ever seen on ponychan.
>> No. 119899
File 135698115020.png - (250.93KB , 1024x1024 , Spitfire badass times.png )

Another one for the pile.
>> No. 119948
Here's my new gallery thread; if you could add it to the list then I'll be really glad!
>> No. 120011
File 135731953693.jpg - (65.02KB , 556x307 , 4724a33d_a940_6dcb.jpg )
How often do they update the gallery listings anyway? Far as I can tell the last time was back in early October. Ponychan is secretly Valve.
>> No. 120152
Actually it was at the end of November, see >>118651

I'll try and get around to updating it again tonight.
>> No. 120163
File 135774332575.png - (223.03KB , 1400x1400 )
Updated gallery links
>> No. 120169
File 135777770060.jpg - (100.19KB , 500x679 , tumblr_m9f9yoU0pl1rvjm7lo1_500.jpg )
Actually, when I checked, Avarick's thread wasn't there and Gypsy Pinkie's thread link wasn't up to date, so October 13th was accurate.

But trouble yourselves no more. All is well now. The mods have descended to us sinners and healed our ails with their sacred werrds. Rejoice in the streets of the information highway and praise whatever god is popular these days. Today is a good day.
>> No. 120178
New gallery thread over here >>120177
>> No. 120267
File 135812570914.jpg - (66.26KB , 897x894 , pinkie pie.jpg )
heres a new gallery sum people might like, go on deviantart lots o stuff there
>> No. 120303
Added to sticky.
>> No. 120309
I posted my new thread a LONG time ago, and saw it wasn't on the list. Could you replace my old thread with this?
Thanks. ^_^
>> No. 120373
File 135847121685.png - (215.53KB , 945x945 , slurpee_derpy.png )
here my thread
take it to the directory please.
>> No. 120432
File 135873560324.png - (3.23KB , 201x163 , GypsyPinkie Icon- Confused.png )
Oh, takin requests.
>> No. 120562
File 135921324836.png - (714.10KB , 2000x1500 , 21_ Rainbow Blitz up in the sky.png )

Just made a thread with my art.
>> No. 120607

please add my tread under
gallery & commision

Last edited at Sat, Jan 26th, 2013 21:13

>> No. 120654
If I could be added to the lists for Gallery and Commissions that would be lovely.
>> No. 120780

Taking commissions
>> No. 120887
>> No. 120916
Hello! i'm 00ToD00! i don't post anymore because my usual IP was banned :(
it says i was banned from ban evasion, but i don't remember ever getting even an infraction on this site...
>> No. 120917
File 136061611283.png - (54.64KB , 165x262 , 131163819628.png )
Hi there! I'm willing to investigate this matter for you. Could you please email me at [email protected] the IP which is getting this error?
>> No. 120919
If I could be added to gallery and taking requests I would appreciate it
>> No. 120941
File 136066323071.png - (305.75KB , 720x820 , 131083046209.png )
>> No. 121053

I am taking commissions ^
>> No. 121266

Art Thread~!
>> No. 121312

Yeah, taking requests. Not sure if I'm going to pursue commissions.
>> No. 121328

Taking a few commissions. Thank you.
>> No. 121434
File 136231923402.png - (69.98KB , 156x215 , RA200.png )
>> No. 121731
File 136322410319.png - (155.83KB , 843x1000 , 136196578709.png )
>>120285 My thread.
>> No. 121783
File 136347639896.png - (54.00KB , 255x285 , BusinessPony Avatar Murder.png )

My art thread, I take requests and all info for requests and criticism is located there

Last edited at Sat, Mar 16th, 2013 16:27

>> No. 121796
>> No. 121803
On the next update, could you change my link to this?
The one you put was very outdated. My new art thread is here.
>> No. 121851
Greeny-Nyte thread!
>> No. 122043
File 136414934606.png - (158.24KB , 1100x1000 , 63481 - Bonbon Lyra artist tess cute.png )
Please remove Caddie from the list and add Lyra in -gallery threads- with >>122041
>> No. 122099
File 136434801767.jpg - (85.66KB , 872x1025 , ambrosialove.jpg )
old thread autosaged, got a new one
>> No. 122345
>> No. 122374
File 136544083398.jpg - (476.93KB , 1179x713 , Pony Effect.jpg )

Here's my gallery thread

Draw random pony stuff or tumblr related stuff

>> No. 122394
File 136545354579.png - (152.83KB , 481x455 , cute tavi.png )
Got a gallery over at
>> No. 122398
>> No. 122423
File 136556479025.png - (4.52KB , 500x500 , Pixelclaus.png )
May I possibly be added to the directory?
>> No. 122424
And also taking requests
>> No. 122579
File 136608965600.png - (47.14KB , 209x200 , you a funny guy, i kill you last.png )
>> No. 122684
Can you update the link of my thread please? >>122637
>> No. 122709
>> No. 122734
Could you add this to your Taking requests and gallery?
>> No. 122765
>> No. 122845
Could I be added to the ... Gallery?

Thank you :3
>> No. 122903

Hey-o I decided to start up a gallery/commission thread, and I was wondering if you could add it to the idex, I'd really appreciate it.

I just hope I met all the requirements in regards to giving the appropriate details for doing commissions.

Here's the link.

Last edited at Wed, May 1st, 2013 12:24

>> No. 122999
File 136795766084.jpg - (15.19KB , 420x280 , pinky.jpg )
i started up a gallery thread >>122998
and uh... yea. i would like to be added to the directory
>> No. 123140

Hello, new art thread. Could I have you add it to the list of commission and request takers?
>> No. 123142

Made a link error in the last thread, sorry.
>> No. 123490
Started a gallery and taking request thread~
>> No. 123625
File 137027258276.png - (434.83KB , 1463x1097 , PinkieMoonCommission.png )
Started a gallery/commissions thread:

>> No. 123723
>> No. 123880
Directory still links to an older thread of mine.

>>120025 is the latest
>> No. 124021
File 137130995919.jpg - (91.35KB , 900x506 , vinyl_scratch__dj_pon_3__wallpaper_by_absentparachute-d4riw8x.jpg )
I'm not all that sure where this would go, but I made a Tutorial on how to do pretty good recolors
>> No. 124426
File 137234637515.png - (217.86KB , 512x512 , Coco dealin' cards.png )
Any thoughts on this?

Last edited at Thu, Jun 27th, 2013 08:23

>> No. 124525
Is that negative Fluttershy?
>> No. 124707
I had a psychic vision that this is a pony named Coco.
>> No. 125338
File 137519416123.png - (159.17KB , 310x479 , i will eat you soooooooooooooouuuuuuul!.png )
Hey could i get my thread up on the wall next thing and the stuff?
>> No. 125463

Started a gallery thread.
>> No. 125883
Doing a request thread, and I'd like it to be added to the directory

>> No. 126113
I like Boyindahaus, Moozua, GypsyPinkie, and Jelly Shades.
>> No. 126185
>> No. 126371
>> No. 126640
File 138298801210.png - (267.96KB , 900x668 , elenapony.png )

Made a proper permanent thread for my art. Will update with pricing etc.
>> No. 126815
File 138562982609.jpg - (8.80KB , 326x155 , TwiCoThemePic.jpg )

Gallery thread
That's not my pic btw.

Last edited at Thu, Nov 28th, 2013 02:48

>> No. 127037

Gallery and Taking Requests
>> No. 127138
Um... already in there but needing an update on the thread list

Greeny-nyte thread
>> No. 127139
oh, and just requests
>> No. 127544
Got a new gallery here:
>> No. 128232

Accepting requests!
>> No. 128474
Question: Where do we put non-pony art?
>> No. 128760
Answer: On another site.
>> No. 128851
Hello, I was formerly 00ToD00 AKA the person who's gallery link is first on the list and I came back after a veryyyy long time. (That thread was started in 2011 my goodness)

I have changed my artist name to Quarium and improved vastly on my art's quality but also changed a lot as a person as well...

Point is, I wanna come back to /art/ but I wanna make a new thread to reflect my current skill level and who I am as an artist as of now and I was wondering if you guys would be okay with that?
>> No. 128870
Feel free. But just so you know, that directory list has not been updated in quite awhile.
>> No. 129265
Sup /art/.
I'll just leave it here:
>> No. 129310
It's DEAD. Please replace it with:
>> No. 129547
Hello. I made an artist thread.
How can I get those floaty tags?
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