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File 134304195654.png - (194.56KB , 1000x1000 , Fluttershybyjuul.png )
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#Digital #Gallery #Critique wanted
Heres a little art i made about fluttershy, its my fhirst art so i like some critics
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>> No. 112588
File 134304216042.png - (75.63KB , 615x478 , 134298040295.png )
.............................................................hey.......I'm having a hard time believing this is your FIRST art...I love it
>> No. 112597
File 134305876689.png - (227.79KB , 1902x1999 , Mother of.png )
Are you sure that this is your first? That looks amazing!
>> No. 112602
File 134306260886.png - (52.75KB , 180x170 , iseewatudidthar.png )
I have a feeling you took a vector (, burned some parts, and called it good. Although that's very nice shading, that's not really "art;" it's more editing.

Next time, right click and do "save as" instead of copypasting the png into your image editing program of choice. That'll get rid of the black background and save the transparency.

There's a little line where the wing meets the body. You could do a quick fix and paint over it with Fluttershy's body color, or, if you want to be super advanced about it, use the clone tool to cover it up.
>> No. 119911
File 135703079441.jpg - (849.90KB , 1727x2059 , img033.jpg )
you're good. I'll show you my first art.. It is from months ago.
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