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File 134308903285.png - (116.36KB , 663x624 , i_love_armor_by_fribox-d4yskdw.png )
112661 No. 112661
#Traditional #Digital #Canon #OCs #Gallery
Livestreams won't be announced, you can find me and a bunch of others artists over at

Dropping sketches in here mostly, probably not much finished artwork. Sketches and humanized requests are open; OCs and canon. Armor, fun, and ridiculousness are encouraged.
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>> No. 112673
File 134309083202.png - (284.50KB , 1521x897 , Untitled.png )
Obligatory Korra poni
>> No. 112685
File 134309449095.png - (83.06KB , 608x539 , Untitled.png )
Pinkie Pie drinking coffee creamer.
>> No. 112686
File 134309523559.gif - (3.41MB , 480x270 , 178615 - animated Cadence not_a_dupe pinkie_pie twilight_sparkle.gif )
The Box is back!
>> No. 112687
How about Pinkie throwing up the coffee creamer?
>> No. 112688
Why would anyone throw up coffee creamer D: its so good.
>> No. 112733
Woot! WB, Fribox.

I kept your seat warm. :3
>> No. 112743
Gladly I wasn't gone very long.
I have amazing friends to thank for that.
Ill be ponying daily, along with other uninteresting human things that nopony likes c:
>> No. 112889
File 134320099266.png - (130.46KB , 1329x815 , Untitled2.png )
>> No. 112894
File 134320262595.png - (133.07KB , 927x700 , Untitled3.png )
>> No. 112896
File 134320407214.png - (115.12KB , 815x767 , Untitled4.png )
>> No. 112993
>>112889 >>112894 >>112896
Fribox, I just wanted you to know something: I was in a very bad mood today, and these made me smile to no end. Thank you.
>> No. 112998
Glad my drawings made you feel a little better c:
>> No. 113001
this is so good! Thank you! :D

i'd love to see a comic / tumblr with this fluttershy variant. She's the only 4:3 aspect ratio pony in Ponyville, so she feels socially awkward. So her and her pet ATI Angel 5870 go on a dangerous quest find a VGA adapter. But when she gets in trouble, her friends come to her rescue, and she learns that friends don't care what graphics standard you have, as long as you have a high contrast ratio.
>> No. 113408
File 134369279458.png - (505.76KB , 1601x2993 , Untitled.png )
Have some spitfire
Reuped to fix eye.
>> No. 113490
File 134381050119.png - (547.06KB , 570x988 , scan0026.png )
Request to have this one redrawn or ponified.
>> No. 113494
Oh crap I remember that, definitely getting ponified c:

Gosh, thats like 6 years old!
>> No. 113498
File 134382727090.png - (293.33KB , 2669x1089 , spoiler.png )
Here we go
Don't worry, its a paintball gun.
Spoiler'd for gore I guess

Still open for requests c:
>> No. 113502
Hahaha, oh, my... I mean, you didn't have to make it Fluttershy of all ponies =|

Oh, well. Thankie =)
>> No. 113514
I made it fluttershy because everyone loves her so it sort of fit the original text of "chuck norris fails" because everyone loves chuck norris but he isn't best poni.
>> No. 113567

Just as a curiosity, did you get my request on dA?
>> No. 113576
Yes I did.
Been having my life sucked away by DayZ lately, ill get to it soon.
>> No. 113577

I understand, just wanted some clarification. Feel free to take your time. It'll be about 5 years til I'm done with the fic at the rate I complete things.
>> No. 113849
File 134438453170.png - (276.38KB , 1816x2144 , fluttershy.png )
>> No. 113850
File 134438523494.png - (363.25KB , 2332x2788 , pinkie.png )
>> No. 113851
File 134438527771.png - (545.28KB , 2840x3496 , woona.png )
>> No. 114144
File 134473581350.png - (92.73KB , 829x707 , fluttershy_by_fribox-d5av9n9.png )
Don't worry thread! ILL SAVE YOU!
>> No. 114145
File 134473584247.png - (124.67KB , 733x891 , rainbow_dash_by_fribox-d5avccn.png )
>> No. 114146
File 134473229487.png - (129.14KB , 879x715 , Untitled.png )

Also, any suggestions for these derp ponies? I sort of like these.
>> No. 114149
File 134473327052.png - (128.92KB , 855x935 , victoria the victoryful.png )
Could you please try drawing this pony as some sort of gladiator/knight? Something that really says "Victory!" I imagine her with Octavia's colors, but you can do whatever if you want to try it :)
>> No. 114152
I have a couple of ideas, ill get on it tomorrow.
>> No. 114164
I must see a derp Guilda, or my life will remain incomplete.
>> No. 114167
Yeah. More derp ponies are needed.
>> No. 114228
File 134488341279.png - (101.59KB , 651x755 , Untitled.png )
I accidentally my derp pony.
Ended up with normal pony.
>> No. 114229

I love how sweeping your linework is Fri. This is great!
>> No. 114235
File 134489067542.png - (234.80KB , 1489x1777 , Untitled.png )
Thanks c:
Also I decided to finish it.
>> No. 114237

So amazing... my favourite picture you've done.
>> No. 114239
Thank you :D
I like this one quite a bit too, I'm sort of stuck between styles so I end up with some weird poni I have never made stuff like before.
>> No. 114259
Cute, but her horn placement is totally wrong and borken.
>> No. 114268
I am aware, I don't see much of a need to fix it though.
>> No. 114391
File 134509980432.png - (130.23KB , 865x775 , Untitled.png )
>what valve is doing right now
>> No. 114395
File 134510038890.png - (109.61KB , 1077x753 , Untitled.png )
moar derp in 10 seconds flat
>> No. 114418
File 134512921014.png - (87.21KB , 1377x859 , Untitled.png )
>> No. 114498
File 134523955263.png - (105.86KB , 1485x879 , Untitled.png )
more fluttershy because cute
>> No. 114669
File 134544196768.png - (216.32KB , 1342x1021 , Untitled.png )
What have I done D:
>> No. 114679
File 134548691017.png - (243.65KB , 1999x1367 , Untitled.png )
>> No. 114790
File 134570586567.png - (129.82KB , 797x768 , Untitled.png )
NSFW for... whatever this is.
>> No. 114791
File 134570800593.png - (94.74KB , 644x823 , Untitled.png )
My response to myself
>> No. 114885
File 134578008328.png - (390.71KB , 2269x2221 , Untitled.png )
woona's tail don't give a fuck
>> No. 114930
These are some nice pieces, Fribox. I'm looking forward to seeing what else you'll put out.
>> No. 115230
Tablet isn't working, some problem with the drivers ill fix whenever I feel like drawing again. Guildwars 2 is keeping me busy for now, will draw something next week (depending on when my account gets unlocked from being hacked)
>> No. 116097
File 134816899124.png - (189.52KB , 1111x827 , raridvi_by_fribox-d5ej5q0.png )
Wow, it sure has been a while since I posted something! Mini-artdump incoming; for those who don't follow me on dA.
>> No. 116099
File 134816904550.png - (194.24KB , 1255x797 , impossible_love_by_fribox-d5ejm4j.png )
Ponified version of
>> No. 116100
File 134816911727.png - (78.20KB , 642x889 , colgate_by_fribox-d5euq58.png )
>> No. 116145
That expression is just perfect, that sort of meditative concentration you get when you're in the zone, and a gentle smile when everything is going right.

Her neck seems rather lean... though, depending on how long she's been working, that might be appropriate.

She's got an awful lot of lashes... Rarity only has four when her eyes are closed (eg: ).

I was going to ask why she doesn't seem to be using a monitor, and what's up with that cord going up to the back of her head, and how she can work with her eyes closed. Then I put two and two and two together, so now I'm afraid to ask. :3

Oh man, do I love some badass looking Spike. This is awesome. And it's really sweet and tender. At the same time. Mad props.

The details on the muzzle and around the mouth is just great. Is it from reference?

The fringe of green spikes... Well, not so hot on those. The edges are straight, which isn't so aesthetically pleasing. They seem to join at the base, rather than overlap, not sure if that was intentional. And the edge where they meet with the head... not sure what's going on there.

One thing about Rarity's eye... for FiM-style ponies, the distance from the front of the head to the front of the eye is about twice the distance from the back of the head to the back of the eye. In this pic, Rarity's distances seem to be about equal.

Those two arcs inside the ears... those do not make sense to me. I'm just going to leave it at that, because the last time I started talking about ears, I broke the post limit. X3

At any rate... good to see you around again, Fribox. :3
>> No. 116153
Thanks for the well written critique as always :D
My ponies don't exactly follow show looks, besides my bodies being off-model my hair and eyes vary alot between ponies and images.
The general "mouth open dragon" thing was taken from reference, but not any part in particular besides getting the mouth to look right (Only the 2nd dragon Ive drawn, ever.) The spikes I do admit look pretty bad. There wasn't much I could quite do there (at least none thought of at the time) seeing as dragons like this aren't meant to be drawn in the MLP world.
These are ponies, they do not make sense to me either, but I like the two arcs inside my ears c:
>> No. 116159
>My ponies don't exactly follow show looks,
I'm assuming you mean my comment on Rar's neck/torso, and the lashes. I didn't bring it up because it wasn't show accurate, but because her neck just looked kinda thin, and there were an awful lot of lashes. So, less a matter of show accuracy, and more a matter of aesthetics in general.

My wording wasn't really clear on that, sorry. Usually, I make an effort to make a distinction between comments I make regarding aesthetics in general, those regarding show accuracy, but I neglected to do so. Mea culpa.

The thing about the eyelashes is that those sorts of details are easy to run away with. You end up with an arbitrarily large number of them (most often, it happens when people draw wings... on average, a bird has around seven to nine primary feathers, but people draw, like, dozens of them). Personally, I find that less is more for such details.

For all my grumbling about the individual shapes of Spike's spines in >>116099, they have a very nice arrangement. There's a coherent progression to the size and angle so they splay nicely, which looks striking and dramatic. Rarity's lashes, by comparison, are mostly all the same size, and don't look nearly as dynamic.

I ramble... sorry, don't mean to belabour the point.

>These are ponies, they do not make sense to me either, but I like the two arcs inside my ears c:
I kinda figured as much... personal taste is personal, after all. Besides, it would be awfully boring if everything made sense all the time. We can't have that, now can we? :3
>> No. 116162
File 134833849738.png - (736.55KB , 2905x3145 , Untitled.png )
I see what you mean about undramatic eyelashes. I tend to get carried away with eyes anyways, though probably too much.
Rambling is good though c:

And this is a box thread, nothing can make sense all the time :D

Speaking of not making sense, take this ponified Dispair. Death's horse. Sad story about this one. I had originally did the entire image, but the whites of the eyes and for some reason deleted the .SAI and had to completely re-trace over a copy from the livestream recording. My friend lightbulb helped immensely with the fire, and I'm happy I re-did the image.
>> No. 116316
File 134858841961.png - (472.73KB , 1397x967 , Untitled.png )
>> No. 116320
I'd comment, but to do so I'd need an idea of what you're trying to do.
>> No. 116327
From dA
"First time I have really sat down and actually tried to paint anything. Will probably move to scraps.

Painted rarity. Took about 2 hours because I have no idea how to paint anything."
>> No. 116454
I managed to snap the L-shaped connector off of my hard drive while removing it and not noticing it was still connected. Until I either manage to get another PCB and solder on my old bios chip, solder a replacement connection on it, or solder a cable directly to the pins my art will halt.
If worst comes to worst ill be buying a new hard drive and having the information professionally transferred. Shouldn't be longer than 3-4 days.
Hopefully the shop near my home can do the solder job for me or tell me where to get it done. Maybe ill just be able to get a new plastic header and drop it over the pins. Currently using an old machine from ~2004 that CAN run paint tool sai fairly well and I can draw on it. I'm fairly frustrated, tired, and upset. I probably wont be drawing for a few days. So if it doesn't get fixed in 3-4 days ill get back to drawing.
>> No. 116457
> art will halt.
No more Fribox art? Disaster!

>I'm fairly frustrated, tired, and upset. I probably wont be drawing for a few days.
Understandable... take it easy, man, we'll keep your seat warm. :3

Also... I just realize I never actually responded to >>116327, sorry about that... WF is worst brony. :<
>> No. 116472
So you still do requests?
If you are, can I ask one of the two:
What she is wearing and stuff can be up to you [so long as violence isn't directed at her]
>> No. 116488
Zorad. Did you actually read any of the last few posts in this thread?
>> No. 116500
Art will begin later today.
All was lost. 40gb of art and refs. 200gb of games. so many applications and music. Downgraded to a 250gb drive i had laying around. Currently have no operating system because I have no cd drive. I managed to save some of my music and paint tool sai. Im headed out to buy a cd drive with all the remaining money I have (I know im poor) I should have most of my stuff back by the end of the day besides the 2000+ songs I spent 2 years collecting. As nerdy as it sounds im actually fairly depressed.
>> No. 116519
The one explaining the bad things? No, but I did look over most of the thread and I didn't see anything saying Requests Closed or of the sort.

Oh, I'm sorry to hear that. I guess I don't want to give you another thing to do when you already got so much, so forget my request I guess.
>> No. 116520
Nah its cool, requests aren't closed just delayed for a few days.
I'm extreamly busy today, but tomorrow things should get back on track. I have 3 requests currently (including yours), but they should start getting done mid day tomorrow though no promises. First priority is to play mechwarrior online because I got my beta invite minutes after I broke my computer.
>> No. 116546
Ah, I understand perfectly. I have to participate in End of Nations beta
>> No. 116550
Broke something else now. I don't even care anymore. Ill be back when I fix it.
>> No. 116555
File 134894447322.png - (371.17KB , 1920x1080 , Untitled.png )
Fucking locked and loaded.
>> No. 116591
File 134903141182.png - (486.57KB , 2177x1589 , pencilmagiccropped.png )
First request done
>> No. 116623
File 134919929815.png - (353.61KB , 1973x1077 , soundwaveandchimecropped.png )
request for
>> No. 116628
File 134921331345.jpg - (63.43KB , 500x546 , 132690723278.jpg )
Hey, I'd like to make a request, assuming you're able! Sorry to hear about the accident.

This is a silly idea, but one that I'm rather committed to.

I would like a pic containing two OCs who are used as examples of bad fanfic writers trying to get steamy with each other and completely failing. I don't ask that you do your best work on this because the fanfic it's for is going to be tremendously stupid, but I would like it colored if you can be bothered--otherwise nopony will understand who the characters are.

The brown fella and the green fella are who I'm talking about. The green one is female supposedly.

The brown fella, Obnoxious Writer, is aggressively bad at what he does. He thinks he's the greatest thing ever, and refuses to accept criticism.

The green fella--uh, mare-- is Clueless User. She is innocent and backs down from her derpiness easily, but needs to be told pretty much everything.

I have no idea what it means for them to "completely fail at getting it on." I envision CU laying awkwardly on her back while OW does a macho pose. I'm not sure if this gets the message across, though. Use your own idea if you have one!
>> No. 116630
Still got a few on the back burner.
Technically I only take requests with one character (Though I only posted that on my deviantart) but i'm still getting 2+ character requests. Ill see what I can do because it sounds like a funny idea though.
>> No. 116635

Thank you so much! Your work is fantastic and I'm totally excited that you're drawing a cover for me. What kind of time frame should I expect?
>> No. 116637
If I do all of my requests in a line, 6-8 days.
but I usually pick the ones I like most and do them first. So probably 4-5 days.
>> No. 116639
Please do Cadence with legs the same length as Applebloom and a longer neck with a longer mane
>> No. 116640

That's perfect. Looking forward to it!
>> No. 116887
Hi! I just wanted to check on my request.
>> No. 116896
I haven't drawn much lately, actually been sleeping the days away this past week. Managed to cut off about a 6th of my thumb (The side of it, not the tip) while cutting wood at my family's camper. Though while its not on my drawing hand, its still incredibly painful.

Long story short, not done yet, though I always suggest looking elsewhere if you need it fast. I'm never a reliable request filler or a timely one.
>> No. 116898
Oh geez! Sorry to hear about your thumb. That's, uh, scary.

Expediency isn't terribly important for this request. Just thought I'd ask.
>> No. 116928
File 134981931900.png - (529.99KB , 1920x1080 , mechwarriorponiwip.png )
Recent WIP.
Been playing alot of MechWarrior: Online, so just like every other game I play I am making a pony version. Expect a Dishonored pony sometime soon too, as I have also been playing that game.

inb4 rage I'm not working on all of my like 15 requests.
>> No. 116942

>mech pilot pony
I am pleased.

It is a pity that you, by your own admission, aren't an expedient or reliable request-filler. I love your work to pieces and want your work all over my fics. ALL OVER THEM.
>> No. 116948
File 134987946015.png - (779.63KB , 1920x1080 , mechwarriorponiwip.png )
Mostly because requests are not obligatory, so I don't really feel obligated to do them (see what I did thar c:?) And when I don't feel like arting; it usually takes a personal project to get me back into filling requests especially with 15 of them on the back-burner.
>> No. 117029
File 135010787756.png - (822.05KB , 1920x1080 , spoiler.png )
And one edited with a derpy so its pony-related to post here.
>> No. 117033
File 135010915015.png - (81.92KB , 549x836 , Untitled.png )
Now the derpy because accidentally decent
>> No. 117149
File 135026917275.png - (233.20KB , 1825x1391 , fluttershy1cropped.png )
Totally not putting off requests.
>> No. 117156
>> No. 117162
Haha, it's great to see you are still around this lands fribox! great art :3
>> No. 117217
Of course not *applejack lie face*
Ohai, Haven't seen you in a while c:

Also, important journal over at dA for anyone who cares to follow my artwork:
>> No. 117228
So what do you still have to do then?

Also, I put another comment on your journal, you can tell it's me from pictures.
>> No. 117230
Flame123121 (
Yokuro (
Master Kaszanka (
Akria (

A few probably wont get finished, but Ill finish those who have actually supported my artwork.
>> No. 117246
Ah ok
So you know what my DA is now right?
>> No. 117247
Yes I do
>> No. 117512
File 135097473641.png - (1.02MB , 2409x2337 , trixie1cropped.png )
>> No. 117610
File 135124581206.png - (183.36KB , 1613x1473 , pinkiepiecropped.png )
From a few days ago, started as a tiny pencil sketch I doodled on a letter to my friend who is in basic training.
>> No. 117680
File 135140308411.png - (1.12MB , 3545x3322 , Untitled.png )
WIP dump, 2.5 ponies left to go and a few errors to fix.
>> No. 117696
File 135146160488.png - (165.41KB , 429x457 , 131301109153.png )
nice art here :3
>> No. 117718
File 135150961966.png - (150.72KB , 1221x1037 , Untitled4.png )
Thanks c:
>> No. 117719
File 135150981089.png - (214.78KB , 2033x1137 , Untitled5.png )
>> No. 117720
File 135150982869.png - (163.66KB , 1090x812 , Untitled6.png )
>> No. 117743
File 135156567154.png - (206.54KB , 1773x1557 , Bleeding Rain pony.png )
Uh, hey there, Fri. Just dropping by with an OC request, if you don't mind of course. Hoping for a confused expression because I don't have one of those yet. Here she is.
>> No. 117751
File 135158822071.png - (336.15KB , 1649x2057 , Untitledalt.png )
I'm not actually taking requests anymore, but this can be our little secret. I took some artistic liberties with the hair in terms of shape; hope you don't mind too much. If anything is off let me know and ill fix it c:
>> No. 117753
File 135159316605.png - (272.73KB , 1500x1900 , CRASHIE VECTOR.png )
Hey dude! wondering if I could make a Request of this loser to my left?
>> No. 117754

>I'm not actually taking requests anymore

Sorry. I stopped taking requests ~6 days ago when I made the decision I wanted to draw more things than just ponies. Anything I do now is purely spontaneous or accidental.
>> No. 117759
File 135162083800.png - (51.86KB , 234x216 , 134407838009.png )
Thanks, Fri, I love it. I've got to say that's the fastest I've ever heard back from somepony on /art/ let alone gotten the image I wanted. Thank you so much.
>> No. 117784
No problem!
Also I made a speedpaint for the mane 6 batch did a few days ago
>> No. 117811
File 135180988455.png - (139.96KB , 1387x1025 , Untitled.png )
>> No. 117812
File 135180990701.png - (176.24KB , 1537x1301 , Untitled1.png )
>> No. 117892
File 135208639882.png - (256.01KB , 1313x1313 , Untitled.png )
Not sure if going to color this one
>> No. 117921
File 135221080547.png - (351.17KB , 2149x1993 , untitled.png )
>> No. 117924
File 135223232922.png - (337.93KB , 1920x1080 , untitled.png )
>> No. 117943
hnnnng saved
>> No. 117962
File 135234202249.png - (350.65KB , 1920x1036 , Untitled.png )
Another update, Celestia is basically done. Moved her head a little. Background when both characters are finished.

>> No. 117969
I haven't been around in awhile
How are things going? Stopped working on those requests? Left unfinished?
>> No. 117973
File 135236750833.png - (605.94KB , 2553x1765 , Untitled.png )
Pretty much, though I may do some randomly

>> No. 118013
File 135246336544.png - (230.16KB , 1219x893 , Untitled.png )
Humanized version of a picture from a request thread on /mlp/

First human without reference so excuse how terrible it is c: NSFW'd for slightly suggestive Celestia.

Need to do some hand and face practices.
>> No. 118014
File 135246608206.png - (86.33KB , 811x691 , spoiler.png )
I have nothing to say about this.
>> No. 118016
File 135246912099.png - (452.77KB , 2357x1965 , Untitled.png )
>> No. 118022
This... is awesome. Did you use ref? Nice work on the pose, particularly for such a challenging shot.

The anatomy on the shoulder area and collarbones look really good, as well as the foreshortening.
>> No. 118023
File 135250253948.jpg - (1.45MB , 1882x1693 , spoiler.jpg )
Thank you c:
No ref was used, I couldn't find one I needed for that pose exactly. The image was supposed to be a humanized version of >pic related

I'm not really sure where it came from, there are plenty of things I don't like about it, but I feel like I'm finally getting somewhere with my humans.
>> No. 118030
File 135250919560.png - (766.16KB , 1186x2994 , Untitled.png )
Comic edit, because someone posted a good comment on derpibooru
>> No. 118059
File 135263437413.png - (480.20KB , 2137x2273 , Untitled.png )
>> No. 118087
File 135273865634.png - (583.95KB , 3548x1748 , Untitled.png )
Drew some fluttershies(?) on a ball.
>> No. 118093
File 135274148131.png - (117.75KB , 488x700 , Untitled.png )
More humanized celestia. Though this time I shamelessly ref'd a picture by JJ for the face. Still working on basically everything though I find this much better than my last one. It was originally going to be some face practice (that I may still do), but I liked it a bunch and turned it into a celestia.

NSFW'd just for the sake of human and clothed poorly (some skin)
>> No. 118108
Now noticing the hand on her arm is completely off and its going to bother me forever.
>> No. 118136
File 135283854706.png - (1.45MB , 2986x3994 , spoiler.png )
Comic I'm going to do, based off an idea that passed through my head for a second.

VERY rough sketch, just to give an idea of how its going to look.

Celestia and Luna are immortal (I'm assuming, over 1000 years old anyways) and will be around long after everyone else is.

1) Its a curse I suppose.
2) To be undying. To see the wastes of what once was.
3) Its been a long time since anything lived in this place. Now all that remains is a shell.
4) I miss it, I miss my friends. Twilight, Rarity, Pinkie Pie, Fluttershy, Rainbow Dash, Applejack.
5) All gone.
6) But I'm not completely alone and sometimes...
7) We have to be grateful for what we do have.

Going to be a while before its done, and hopefully I have the dedication to get it finished.
>> No. 118147
File 135285886423.png - (227.67KB , 740x1039 , Darkly by Steeve.png )

That actually sounds pretty damn interesting my friend. I'd love to see this finished.
>> No. 118174
File 135288853263.png - (354.13KB , 2314x1937 , Untitled.png )
I'm sure ill do it eventually c:

Also, have some flutterhoodie.
>> No. 118175
akh, ghhh, hnnng. *dead*
>> No. 118217
File 135299528705.png - (258.45KB , 1832x1372 , Untitled.png )

Also have some cheesehooves
NSFW'd for sauce.
>> No. 118252
File 135309488996.gif - (499.69KB , 350x217 , tumblr_lxrkzlAu311r3o9xzo1_400.gif )
Oh, god. So unbearably much sauce D=

No, just kidding, that is really cute. I like Queen Cheesyhooves and I think she's a little "come hither"-y by default.
>> No. 118263
Thats how nightmare moon is too (atleast I think so)
I think its the whole female villain thing.
>> No. 118446
File 135346745260.png - (685.59KB , 3195x2597 , Untitled.png )
For being armor edition there isn't nearly enough armor in here.
>> No. 118581
File 135381554438.png - (787.16KB , 3075x1805 , Untitled.png )
>> No. 118589
I think it's in the voice. Nightmare Moon is a total bad flank and my favorite villain ever.

Why can't Clover the Clever hold all this gear?

Knight Celestia is cool! Something about this, perhaps Twilight's size, makes her look very tall. Which is appropriate for Celestia, so I think it works well.
You still do the best Celstia manes!
>> No. 118662
File 135399187055.png - (230.99KB , 937x896 , Untitled.png )
>> No. 118691
File 135407851363.png - (222.86KB , 1042x862 , Untitled2.png )
Because everyone everywhere was crying about the arrow being too small.

"Yes I'm mad" version over here:
>> No. 118715
Oh maaaaaaaaan, I didn't even see he arrow the first time I looked at it. He's gonna be alright, right? ;_;
>> No. 118718
File 135411874481.png - (195.60KB , 1102x1028 , Untitled.png )
>> No. 118725
File 135414360180.png - (137.10KB , 1261x793 , Untitled.png )
>> No. 118767
File 135416598255.png - (485.29KB , 1437x1354 , Untitled.png )
>> No. 118775
File 135421325925.png - (39.49KB , 439x403 , 132147616269.png )
That's a fucking small arrow
>> No. 118778
Doesn't matter, cut off legs.
>> No. 118782
>> No. 118806
It's good to see your art, but too bad you aren't gonna do those couple requests that were made earlier [quite sometime being mine] would love to see Aqua in your style lol
>> No. 118817
>subtly bothering me about requests

There are a million other artists out there (not on ponychan) willing to take OC requests.
>> No. 118867
Sorry, that wasn't what I was trying to get at. I probably won't ask for any requests from anypony for sometime anyways. Except one, to a friend from someplace else....once I finish my design of something new but that's besides the point...for me anyways. Basically, I've had my share for the year.
>> No. 120022
File 135740033342.png - (96.95KB , 977x817 , derpy_and_some_robots_riding_a_big_macinrex_by_fribox-d5pki1k.png )
Hello citizens of ponychan! I have migrated over to /mlp/. Frequently streaming at (Still completely SFW!) and always posting at as well as

Always accepting new streams (as long as they are active!) to ponyhell!

Thanks for the good times (at one time) ponychan, but I bid you adieu!

have some wut for old times sake
>> No. 120333
>Popping into /art/ for first time in ages
>Pees all over floor
>> No. 121686
>> No. 121700

>> No. 123125
File 136851657378.png - (337.47KB , 1378x1096 , New Canvas17.png )
back from the dead I see
>> No. 125670
File 137676300131.png - (121.87KB , 596x587 , bits.png )
My art,Celestia and Luna filly
>> No. 125674
why would you bump this thread when I made another one.
>> No. 125675
File 137678018139.jpg - (270.49KB , 651x610 , Cutout shy.jpg )
Fribox has requested a lock on this thread; a new one is available elsewhere on art!

Thank you, everypony, for your understanding!
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