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File 134343394774.png - (297.27KB , 676x700 , Jerry Cantrell.png )
113109 No. 113109
YO ART! Your old pal Hotdiggedydemon again!

My servers are back online so I finally got around to uploading the FULL RESOLUTION versions of all the art featured in PARTY.MOV, like this cute little number here, which I had to shrink down considerably for this thread. Hit up this URL:

These images are HUGE as F.UCK, so I thought maybe you guys would like em to turn them into desktop wallpapers or whatever. I'd post them on Ponychan directly, but the files are just way too big.

Warning: The images are uncensored and one of them has titties.

Hope you like them!
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>> No. 113307
Bumped because I REALLY enjoy your movies, dude ^_^
>> No. 113331
File 134361261978.jpg - (39.65KB , 702x960 , nonenthusiastic pinkamena.jpg )
meh, I liked the first few, but it got ugly fast. Apple.MOV was awesome, Shed.MOV was great, Dress.MOV was eh, Spike.MOV was a brilliant parasprite, Magic.MOV was okay, and then Party.MOV hit the sewers. I really have no idea what HDD was thinking with that one, but I unsubscribed when that video was released.
Sorry but I gotta be honest, that last one was crap.
>> No. 113332
File 134361301345.jpg - (58.02KB , 1440x804 , ANXIETY.jpg )
I feel ya. I enjoy parodies as much as the next guy, but there's crossing the line, and then there's PARTY.MOV. But to each his own. Hope the finale is worth the wait.
>> No. 113336
Personally, I enjoyed it. SHED.MOV was my favorite, but they were all great fun to watch.
>> No. 113345
The PONY.MOV series has got to be the worst thing to come out of the entire brony fandom... which is actually really impressive.

I can't stand the series, but I can respect that kind of aptitude and dilligence that went into creating it. I mean, talk about taking it to a new level.
>> No. 113369
The .MOV series is hilarious for the same reason South Park is hilarious: it's so disgustingly crude, that it's funny. However, the best thing to come out of all this is the Jappleack tumblr. I adore it, and it's an amazing gem hidden amongst all the ask tumblrs out there.

You, sir, are a fantastic artist and animator! Keep up the hard work!
>> No. 113373
File 134363803004.png - (136.51KB , 1000x1000 , Spiritshinebwob.png )
In my opinion, Shed and Dress.MOV were the best and Party.MOV was the worst. Regardless, I adore your art style and I look forward to seeing the next in the series
>> No. 113426

Am I the only one amused by PARTY.MOV?

APPLE is on tier by itself that the others don't quite reach, but PARTY is at least better than SHED.
>> No. 113434
File 134371664540.png - (364.02KB , 854x480 , 2012-07-31_00_42_56.png )
Far out dude.
>> No. 113435
Nah, I loved it as well. It's so ironic that I couldn't help but burst out laughing when he said there's nothing more important than the lives of celebrities. Too bad that the finale won't show until the end of the year though >.>
>> No. 113437
File 134372032551.jpg - (65.24KB , 1162x971 , 132632158168.jpg )
>PARTY is at least better than SHED
I'm going to have to respectfully disagree. I actually enjoyed SHED, although that could be for the same reason that I enjoyed reading Cupcakes and Rainbow Factory--I question everyday whether or not I actually have a soul--but PARTY did the opposite of amuse me whatever that is.
>> No. 113804
File 134430976651.png - (820.89KB , 1253x887 , 1023.png )
PARTY.MOV had it's few funny parts, but it wasn't that great. I'm really hoping the Rainbow Dash animation makes up for it.
>> No. 113812
I have all of the .MOV's downloaded on my ps3 in High Definition. Ilovethemsomuch.
>> No. 113843
I thought you hated Ponies and pony fans?
>> No. 113844
The next one isn't going to be all that fantastic. It's basically RD's corpse laying on screen while I do a whole bunch of shit in the background.

It ends with Discord killing everyone and a kinda lame Back to the Future joke where the events of all the .MOV's didn't actually happen.

Oh, uh... Spoilers!
>> No. 113859
File 134440116674.png - (75.40KB , 614x515 , 1329574599596.png )
Why would he go to pony conventions if he did? Also I doubt he would spend so much time working on a tumblr blog and a whole animation series about a show he hates?
I understand if he hates the fandom though.

>> No. 113865
oh damn, shit is about to go down
>> No. 113869

I can't tell if this post and thread are some kind of mocking parody of max gilardi. That idea sounds absolutely terrible. Like "pure utter shit" bad.

>Why would he go to pony conventions if he did? Also I doubt he would spend so much time working on a tumblr blog and a whole animation series about a show he hates?

Fame and attention. Max is kind of a hack who latches onto fandoms like a vampire to boost his own fame. This is my current working theory.
>> No. 113924
I thought the point of the way they are is to make people hate it, and that itself is the funny part to me.

Also I don't know about leeching onto fandoms, I haven't really seen anything besides Jerry, Spookyville USA, and the Wacky video game jokes for kids thing.
>> No. 113994
You could've painted the back leg on.
>> No. 114049
Sorry for wanting to share my art with you guys. Don't know what I was thinking. My bad!
>> No. 114050
File 134460464802.png - (177.92KB , 494x663 , in_equestria_by_sgolem-d3e76mc.png )

Why is everypony acting like a pretentious art-connoisseur stuck up femoral artery?
>> No. 114051
Fuck this pony-bullshit.

>> No. 114052
File 134460502646.png - (403.16KB , 916x564 , freezegag.png )
Max, your talent in animation is some of the best out there on the internet.

You're wasting your time trying to please these snot nosed pseudo-critics. Keep doing what you love, 'cause it's fantasic.
>> No. 114053
I have some kind of attachment to all of the .MOVs since they're what made me curious enough to watch the first episode (which lead to every other episode). After all the anticipation of PARTY.MOV I was initially confused at the sudden change of direction (much like a lot of people, I think), but the more I watched it the more I understood it, and now it's probably one of my favourites.

I think you're a good guy generally, past the online facade. Looking forward to your panel next weekend ;D
>> No. 114054
I miss the dryness from WGJ4K. Bring that back.
>> No. 114056
Nope, Max is definately a genuine pony person. He has statuettes on The Powerpuff Girls, and is obviously a big cartoon person.

Although yeah his cartoon about Chalk Zone was obv a desperate grab for attention from the Chalk Zone community.

Max you're an animation psychopath, I wish I could finish ONE EPISODE of something, nevermind like 4 great serieses, a million shorts, a children's book, 2 comic strips, the podcast, that other new book, the Nick pilot and a million other fuckin things. HOLY HELL!
>> No. 114062
>Although yeah his cartoon about Chalk Zone was obv a desperate grab for attention from the Chalk Zone community.

PHA-hahahaha! Good show, sir, good show!
>> No. 114084
i've hung out with Max a bit, and can confirm that you guys who judge & dislike him, solely based on a couple cartoons he's done, are idiots.
>> No. 114092
Regardless of whether it really is Max or not, I'd like to say that I loved apple and very much, and that the .mov's are easily the best-animated fan-videos to come out of the fandom. :)
>> No. 114369
File 134508210027.jpg - (43.02KB , 757x960 , huh Pinkamena.jpg )
You know, a thought occured to me last night. As loved and hated as the .MOV's are, their love/hate chart would be inverted if they were written out instead. Storywise, Party.MOV is actually the most rich and has the most drama, whereas Apple.MOV would just be a short comedy.
>> No. 114378
>>114369 Woah. You're right. This makes sense, now, since Diggety has to write all of this out, and storyboard it each time he does an episode. Still ridiculous, and potentially offensive, though.
>> No. 121413
this. that's exactly the kind of humor we needed on MLP. OP's exactly the kind of people who makes this collective what it is. it's about the Schadenfreude afterall.
>> No. 121501
I honestly enjoyed the whole series, I mean Pinkie is my favorite but still, I think its a matter of preference. I don't think anyone who had been following Max Gilardi from before found it as too much of a surprise that the series slowly escalated.
>> No. 121505
File 136251218515.png - (1.33MB , 1366x768 , spike high.png )
best part of my opinion.
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