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File 134359071287.jpg - (65.91KB , 600x676 , 04.jpg )
113286 No. 113286
#Digital #Taking requests
Trying to brush up on my ponies and such. Request away and I'll do my best!
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>> No. 113293
File 134359631203.jpg - (263.06KB , 1024x768 , MyLittleMaidCafeByTh8827.jpg )
Do you do OCs, or just canon stuff?

Can you draw my OC? Here are some more references.

>>113061 (Backstory here)
>> No. 113294
File 134359710777.png - (316.39KB , 900x857 , ella sad.png )
Um..not sure if you do oc..if you do, here's my oc Ella.

If not, it's cool. Your doing them for free, so anything is appreciated. XD
>> No. 113296
File 134359912394.png - (130.02KB , 1598x1560 , Nimble Wing.png )
Taking requests, huh? Well, I'll toss my pony into the mix before you get too many built up, as long as you're ok with doing OCs.
Here's Nimble! If you can't see it well, his cutie mark is a gold shield wreathed in blue flames.
I'd just like a sleepy picture of Nimble, please.
Thanks in advance! If you don't do OCs, then just ignore my post~
>> No. 113312
File 134360564435.jpg - (75.33KB , 600x666 , 05.jpg )
Oops, I meant to canon-only! However, I'll draw your three requests since you caught me before I said that.

>> No. 113318
File 134360621026.jpg - (65.59KB , 600x688 , 06.jpg )
>> No. 113320
File 134360730047.jpg - (58.00KB , 600x606 , 07.jpg )
>> No. 113324
Oh, thank you!
I'm sorry, that's why I asked about it in my post. If you only wanted to do canon ponies, then you really didn't have to draw my OC.
Thanks, though. It looks great!
>> No. 113325
No worries, thought I'd take a shot at them anyway. :)
>> No. 113326
Apple Bloom.
>> No. 113334
File 134361545220.png - (255.67KB , 1773x1557 , Bleeding Rain pony 2.png )
Ooh a shiny new thread. Here's my OC, her name is Bleeding Rain, not to be confused with Bleeding Raindrops(le me)

I'm collecting pics of her from any artist I can find, so have fun, go nuts. I don't have a specific request other than just art of her.

If you want a back story, here's 580 words for your perusal:

Thanks in advance.
>> No. 113354
Oops, uuh...
Sorry about this Bleeding, but DF accidentally the OP, and he forgot to say that he doesn't want to take OC requests. He only wants to do canon ponies, and he did the three above because they were submitted before he made that part clear, which was actually quite nice of him.
Sorry. : /
>> No. 113355
File 134362727861.jpg - (75.53KB , 700x700 , 12.jpg )
Other than being a she, it's as Nimble said. :( Sorry about that Bleeding!

studying or attempting to
>> No. 113356
Oh, hehe, sorry about that. I refer to everyone online as a default "he." I'll keep that in mind~
Also, that's an awesome pic! Took me a second to figure it out, but when I did, I smiled~
>> No. 113357
Its sort of the rule of thumb for the internet that everyone is a male until told otherwise.
>> No. 113360
File 134363144620.jpg - (45.81KB , 960x960 , 484399_363791960352937_1737600741_n.jpg )
Oh, okay then. no biggie. Nice pic btw, took me a sec to figure it out
>> No. 113382
Sorry again, and thank you both a lot. <3 Still up for more canon requests!
>> No. 113383
Draw scootaloo riding on rainbow dash's back with a crossbow while rainbow dash is flying :D?
>> No. 113387
File 134367759937.jpg - (63.31KB , 800x564 , 7d75b28831c4de81ba7e61fb220a3f12.jpg )
well actually, I have been looking for a picture of Trixie, but the difficult part is choosing what I want her to look like, because it's for a fanfiction, and I want it to be the cover art. Could you draw Trixie (without hat or cape) walking along a road, in the rain, kinda like this one, perhaps showing a town in the background with big lights shining up out of it like from a big festival? I know it's a bit of a tall order, sorry about that.

That's not just because of ~Chaotic Discord~'s latest story on Fimfiction is it?
>> No. 113396
One of my friends had me draw this:

So I figure id request a sort of follow up image, just for some good Schadenfreude. I think it was based off some guy in a movie riding a panther or something. I don't read fanfiction c:
>> No. 124166
Sorry for such a late reply, she is adorable! Thank you so much!
>> No. 124168
File 137158019209.jpg - (92.38KB , 700x559 , f stop.jpg )
Either this filly
>> No. 124169
File 137158024279.jpg - (118.49KB , 700x560 , raster (2).jpg )
or this one. If you are still taking requests :)
>> No. 124171
oops! sorry I didnt see this post ^^; nevermind my request then. But if you are still looking for things to draw, Twiluna is always nice ;)
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