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File 134498068199.png - (165.55KB , 640x400 , Sunset Diver 1.png )
114285 No. 114285
#Traditional #Digital #Canon #OCs #Discussion #Taking commissions
Hello again, art! I haven't been around as of late, but I'd like to get the ball rolling again! That and money is tight, so yeaaaahhhhh.

I use the GIMP program, with an Intuos 4 Wacom Tablet. I won't be selling prints, just digital works.

For my pony commission, I'm offering sketches, coloured sketches, and digital paintings. Digital Paintings are the big guns, and could take a while to complete, and they'll be the only ones with backgrounds. The amount of characters in a picture will affect prices and the time it would take.

I will only work on up to one commission at a time, since I'm not much of a multitasker.

E-mail me if you want a commission done. I may not always be checking this thread. Paypal is the only payment method I can accept; and my account uses the same e-mail.

(prices may vary with each request)

Sketches: $10
+$2 per each extra character
+$5 if you want it with cleaned up lineart

Coloured Sketches: $20
+$5 per each extra character
+$10 with extra cleaned up lineart
+$20 for realistic shading and lighting

Paintings: $50+
Prices rise depending on how complicated it would be.
A note to those wanting backgrounds and non-organic objects: I'm still a novice with such things, so please bear that in mind.

Examples below. Please also look at my portfolio and art blog!

Also, I'll probably just dump some of my own non-commission work in here too, so yeahhh.

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>> No. 115740
And right now, Twilight is thinking Great, Spike over roasted the beans again... :3

Question: are you looking for and/or open to critique, feedback, constructive compliments, etc?
>> No. 115748
File 134742427046.png - (145.74KB , 640x400 , Sunset Diver 9.png )
I'm not really looking for any, but anyone is certainly welcome to it. I tend to make pony art my relaxing, no worries art.
>> No. 115768
Ah... good to know. I always like to ask first.

>I tend to make pony art my relaxing...
It shows, actually. The figures in your work often have muted expressions, I love that kind of emotional subtlety. It's not something you see done well very often.
>> No. 115780
File 134751957814.png - (69.84KB , 310x241 , 130758014604.png )
Thank you very much! If there's one thing I find important in artwork, it's the emotion it's supposed to express. That and proper weight and fluidity in a character.
>> No. 115797
I draw comics, it's kinda my thing. Getting the right emotion across is paramount for the kind of stories I do.

The six basic expressions, anger, joy, fear, disgust, sadness, and surprise, are simple enough. Expressing them with subtlety is a little more challenging.

Byond that, however, are complex emotions... e.g.: Bob will soon be meeting his father, who he hasn't seen in ten years: he's looking forward to seeing him again, but a little afraid of what his father will think of the man he is now, and he's getting nostalgic of their time together on the family farm before Bob went off to college, but mostly he's trying to focus on the road while he's driving. Try putting all that on one face.

Not just faces, for that matter, there's also body language. Heck, I've found hands alone can be just as expressive as the face.

The thing is, with complex emotions, characters seem more like complex people, with complex lives. These kinds of characters can't simply be "read" at a glance, which makes them more interesting and engaging because it takes more time to contemplate and analyze them. Especially when those emotions are contradictory: >>115748 looks happy, sad, and relieved all at once. Shyness, as far as I can tell, is a combination of fear and happiness, as seen in >>114901: happy face, fearful body language.

Getting a character's expression just right usually means having all their features working together. Personally, I don't think that can be done deliberately by thinking through exactly what each individual feature should look like. It's an intuitive sort of thing. To pull it off, an artist needs to possess a natural ease with their tools and a solid familiarity with fundamental theory, so you can draw without thinking about it. Being aware of the rules without being conscious of them. That only comes with experience and specific kind of confidence.

At any rate... I ramble, sorry.

I checked out your portfolio, by the way: beautiful work. I love the birds in page 10, and the portraits on page 8.
>> No. 115824
File 134762475490.png - (347.08KB , 784x800 , Sunset.png )
How you doing gril?
>> No. 115831
File 134764433899.png - (193.56KB , 369x336 , 14.png )
Nah, it's cool. And thank you.

I'm doing good Saucepan.
Also, that filly is cute.
>> No. 117744
File 135156898389.jpg - (8.71KB , 286x176 , Luna Twilight Hug.jpg )

Hey, you. Hope all is well and good in the land of Itena.
>> No. 117749
File 135158055575.png - (152.66KB , 640x400 , I can count to books.png )
Hi RS! It's been kind of... work is sort of my life right now. I sleep, go to work, come back and browse the internet a little and sleep. I don't know how to get out of this pattern yet.
>> No. 117801
File 135177860590.png - (305.93KB , 900x900 , Luna86.png )

Well, there's always the weekend to veg out and relax if you can manage it
>> No. 124087
File 137144828770.jpg - (163.48KB , 447x599 , Twilight princess.jpg )
Did a thing. Part 1.
>> No. 124088
File 137144838505.jpg - (267.03KB , 627x599 , spoiler.jpg )
Spoiler'd thing based off da movie.
>> No. 124093
File 137145481492.jpg - (158.34KB , 757x520 , princess twilight is looking at the glowy.jpg )
More princess badasss
>> No. 124114
can i get commission?
>> No. 124261
Sure! Shoot me an email or skype me at itenapony. You can find my email at my top post.
>> No. 124298
File 137188435474.png - (164.31KB , 616x497 , badass princess twi twi.png )
>> No. 124299
File 137188708589.jpg - (237.29KB , 867x694 , Purple world.jpg )
>> No. 124310
File 137195391640.png - (101.54KB , 598x590 , Ticket Commission.png )
>> No. 124311
File 137195439852.png - (47.68KB , 200x187 , daaaw ~.png )
oh Itena, it is beautiful!
>> No. 124312
File 137195455968.png - (238.57KB , 737x627 , 130215753759.png )
>> No. 124392
File 137223612512.png - (487.66KB , 1008x720 , RS OC Commission.png )

Lol I mixed up RS and OC. It's RS gaiz.

Last edited at Wed, Jun 26th, 2013 01:53

>> No. 124393
File 137223615939.png - (174.45KB , 422x540 , RS OC Headshot copy.png )
>> No. 124583
My dA's been updated! I dumped a whole load of crap on it, checkit!
>> No. 124694
File 137342086401.jpg - (411.73KB , 1008x1471 , doodlesfordubs7713.jpg )
The other day's doodles for dubs results!
>> No. 124695
File 137342093953.jpg - (126.18KB , 1024x853 , flashlight kissykiss resized.jpg )
An artwork I've been working on!
>> No. 124756
File 137349363497.jpg - (126.18KB , 1024x853 , flashlight kissykiss resized.jpg )

My new Pony Art Tumblr! Checkit!

And yeaaahhh I'm posting the same picture! screw it!

Last edited at Wed, Jul 10th, 2013 15:01

>> No. 124761
File 137350673315.png - (407.00KB , 945x1118 , Twilight is SRS.png )
I don't really like this too much, but here we go.
>> No. 124762
File 137350695924.jpg - (946.59KB , 1152x1368 , doe.jpg )
Not pony but eh
>> No. 124790
File 137358877373.png - (267.47KB , 980x815 , majestic_celestia.png )
I drew a Sun Princess gaiz.
>> No. 124791
File 137358954002.png - (236.23KB , 1024x862 , majestic_celestia.png )
Fixed some small errors.
>> No. 124989
File 137430415831.jpg - (798.83KB , 2016x1440 , Ember with Twi and their pets.jpg )
Starring his new pet crow, Orion!
>> No. 125128
File 137456905711.png - (213.08KB , 1008x720 , Twilight scratches her ear.png )
>> No. 125152
File 137466239673.jpg - (124.16KB , 780x590 , The princess is doing something badass copy.jpg )
>> No. 125169
File 137472746743.jpg - (671.10KB , 2100x1500 , Twilight along the path of awesome 2.jpg )
>> No. 125191
File 137479205758.png - (233.42KB , 1008x720 , Twilight scratches her ear injured.png )
>> No. 125192
File 137479489125.png - (136.95KB , 657x543 , big mac scratches ear.png )
Done real quick.
>> No. 125193
Yay! Non-Princess stuff! :D
>> No. 125194
File 137479522922.png - (130.00KB , 293x294 , 112.png )
I'm so sorry it's not the best Princess, I'll make sure to post so much more princess stuff in the future!
>> No. 125195
File 137479548655.png - (781.49KB , 634x704 , serjmfw.png )

My face when:
>> No. 125196
File 137479576577.png - (86.48KB , 760x482 , smirk.png )
>> No. 125197
my face when rebuttal In a couple hours...

Last edited at Thu, Jul 25th, 2013 16:45

>> No. 125200
File 137479696874.png - (64.16KB , 398x357 , AJ scratchie scratchie.png )
>> No. 125201
Scratch! scratch! scratch! :D I like these.

Last edited at Thu, Jul 25th, 2013 17:06

>> No. 125203
File 137480031912.png - (66.58KB , 382x425 , RD scratchie scratchie.png )
>> No. 125211
File 137481896401.jpg - (36.49KB , 787x496 , Sad Luna.jpg )
In commemoration of the Luna drawing I accidentally deleted just now.

Remember to save everyone.
>> No. 125395
File 137533933690.png - (820.17KB , 1968x1896 , sunset diver new style.png )
>> No. 125497
File 137587000273.png - (855.82KB , 1748x1468 , RS Commission library page.png )
Zipping with the library ladder!
>> No. 125498
File 137587004781.png - (258.19KB , 818x664 , Binary Commish.png )
A cute couple!
>> No. 125637
File 137651387081.png - (198.84KB , 515x364 , Sunset Diver 16.png )
E-Mail: [email protected]
Skype: itenapony - (if you do not already have me, please message me a request and mention within it that you want to discuss commissions)

Digital Commissions only. No NSFW.

(prices may vary with each request)

Face/Bust Sketch: $10
+$2 per each extra character
+$7 for cleaned up lineart
+$7 for colour
+$7 for shading
Backgrounds not included

Sketches: $20
+$5 per each extra character
+$10 if you want it with cleaned up lineart
+$30 for backgrounds

Coloured Sketches: $30
+$10 per each extra character
+$15 with extra cleaned up lineart
+$30 for realistic shading and lighting
+$50 for backgrounds

Painting: $80+
+$10 per each extra character after two characters
Backgrounds are at no extra cost for paintings!

Anything you wish to commission me not in these categories? Talk to me anyway, we can figure something out.
>> No. 129140
itena do you have that picture still of what i commissioned years ago?
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