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File 134516446867.png - (299.53KB , 480x360 , vlcsnap-2012-08-16-01h07m26s227.png )
114437 No. 114437
#Digital #Gallery #Critique wanted
Hi again art

I've been drawing for two years and I did my first pony picture back in 2010. This year I haven't really improved much, I've rather regressed a great deal. I've just been sulking and agreeing with my parasprites all this year so far. I improve really slowly because of things outside of my control.

My main objective is to draw clean thin lines, clean basic shapes. I have a lot of difficulty with cubes more then the other shapes.

I'm always looking for things I can throw into sai to trace over to get cleaner lines. I've been tracing cursive writing, pages from loomis, and mlp pictures the past two weeks.

I'm lacking in a lot of other basics, but first thing is first.
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>> No. 114445
File 134516880855.png - (274.12KB , 1053x373 , CreativeFlow.png )
let's see your work :3

For example

I didn't think I was improving either for a good year, but look how I turned out

This was from February to late June

Let's see your stuff! <3
>> No. 114449
I just started drawing ponies. I'm one of those people who tries to copy the original art style, cuz im a perfectionist and I can only draw people anime. XD
Like the person said, we should see your work. I dunno if you left this forum or not, but you can always improve. I was drawing for a whole day once and I improved alot!
I don't get on what you mean by "things outside my control."

Like the person said, show us some art. We will give you advice more accuratly.
>> No. 114460
File 134519350191.png - (168.90KB , 827x659 , Temp-Aug-17-2012-Starcatcher.png )
I made a sketch. First time drawing Gen 3, drew gen 4 a lot last year until I sort of burned out on it. I've drawn gen 1 once before.

Couldn't finish the body. It was really wrong or me copying the ref. Ref copying is a problem of mine. I can draw without a ref (But you shouldn't), but when I have a ref(s) I usually end up copying them.
>> No. 114463
Same problem. Buut... copying the whole thing is ok at times. That helped me with pony poses. I don't know much about generation three, but it's good for the first time. I've seen a couple of gen. 3. I draw g4
Also, do you keep your drawings in a sketchbook? You might think you're not improving enough, but if you compare your older drawings to the more recent ones, you will see that you improved. I didn't think I improved for a couple months, but when I compared them. Turns out I improved. I got thw form better, the eyes better. You maybe just can't see it.
>> No. 114523
File 134526652328.png - (734.03KB , 500x375 , White.png )

No sketchbooks, I draw either loose leaf if I'm doing traditional or Digital. I have kept the majority of those I've done since 2010. My peak was August last year to January this year. Then after that artistically I shut down due to drama, paraprites, and art walls I couldn't get over. I currently draw on par with how I did at the start of 2011.

There is also a physical reason my art has regressed. Until the past few months I always drew with my wrist. But my wrist has been hurting me this year and only getting worse. So I looked into it and found out its incorrect and damaging to draw with the wrist instead of drawing with the arm/elbow. So I've been spending time this month teaching my arm to do the drawing and trying to be mindful of back posture.
>> No. 114530
File 134527470435.png - (137.75KB , 708x1119 , Flutter-Rex-Pinkamena-Aug18-2012.png )
I decided to do a sketch of Flutterrex's version of pinkamena. Left the tail and power cords out.

The pose was suppose to be where the line of action was like an S shape. The head and lower body leaning to one direction and her arms up and going the other direction. But I didn't know how to draw that pose.
>> No. 114554
For some reason the way this looks reminds me of Spanx the weasel from whiplash.

Probably because she looks absolutely insane, nice job c:
>> No. 114623
File 134538764042.png - (97.04KB , 405x383 , 130680020619_png luna.png )
I was doing a lot of perspective line practice yesterday to get better and ended up having to stop.

I looked into making my wrist better. It said I shouldn't use my wrist for 3 weeks to a few months or I might lose my ability to draw or grip things due to carpal tunnel. My wrist is still feeling a bit inflamed today.

My left wrist also tingles a bit, but I'm not sure anything is wrong with it. I saw somewhere tunnel can make both hands feel affected. So I'm thinking of drawing with my left hand for a while.
>> No. 114703
File 134552318202.png - (40.60KB , 376x441 , Fizzy-Pop-Gen-1-Aug-18-2012.png )
I've started drawing with my left hand. I plan on letting my right wrist heal until September 20.

Its pretty small size. Atm I cannot draw straight lines or good circles. I'm still continuing to draw perspective lines (Very wavy ones) and practice cursive writting.

Picture is Fizzy Soda From Gen 1
>> No. 114786
File 134569818743.png - (84.89KB , 629x542 , Perspective-Dizzy.png )
My left hands on fire today - Ouch. I want to draw a ton but both my wrists are mad at me now.

Still drawing with my left wrist as much as I can. Trying to learn simple perspective (Complex or anything else is way over my head right now).

The picture idea was a unicorn floating a screw driver to deactivate a fallout plate/floor trap. While on the floor watching it carefully. I was going to make the head inside the largest cube and then the body behind inside another cube. At that point I just confused myself thinking about everything else. I saved this, because perspectives always just been hard for me.

Perhaps I'm trying to do something too difficult for me. The second vanishing point (The one to the left) I didn't use, I only added it later on to see if it might add more sense.

Maybe the size of the boxes in perspective decide the max size an organic piece of a pony can be inside that box. Instead of trying to think every outline of a part needs a perspective line. but that still leaves deciding what needs a box and anything that doesn't fit inside the first biggest box. - Some of my thoughts.
>> No. 114789
File 134570363214.png - (102.80KB , 614x656 , Fall-Breeze-August23-2012.png )
My left hand started without any of my right hand's habits. But in 2-3 days I've watched it pick them up, including ones I've moved passed. It kinds kind of funny.

The first habit it picked up was holding the pen too hard. Then pressing down too hard. Today Its drawing in the scribble lines I used to do and I caught it a few times drawing from the wrist and not the arm. This picture even reminds me of an ancient form of my old style.
>> No. 114957
File 134585683900.png - (200.87KB , 500x728 , chrysalis_drink_with_me.png )
I've found out today as much drawing as I've done off pictures or my imagination all this time. I can't draw something as simple as a cube or metal salt pour top on my container of salt. Nor can I get the perspective of the circle that makes up the top of my salt cylinder correct.

I feel silly all this time trying to draw plants, bird eye view flower pots, and vastly more complex things. I have a cylinder (Large salt), a cube (Rubix cube), a sphere (Cut mineral sphere). But I haven't found anything to use as a pyramid/Triangle.

I'm thinking about how to get better at drawing perspective and proportions faster irl. I don't have any problem drawing the sphere. I just seem to keep drawing the cube incorrectly.
>> No. 114996
File 134588379966.png - (142.24KB , 825x769 , Fall-Breeze-August25-2012.png )

Took a break to edit this with right arm. Still a lot of mistakes. I stopped leaning perspective for a day because I've had a hard time drawing a certain pony character.

Didn't mean to make another oc. Shes just my not successful attempt at said character.
>> No. 115029
File 134595598968.png - (252.43KB , 1000x1000 , SpiritShine Blush.png )
Your work is very nice, Basic Pony. You have a pretty good grasp on pony anatomy. Now on the issue of clean thin lines, I advise you to actually start practicing with think lines first. They are easier to draw and manage. Try drawing in the style of canon ponies, with thick outlines. Try using longer strokes, and don't be afraid of using the eraser to clean up the areas were two strokes meet. If you can make clean lines with a think pen, you should be able to do so with thinner and thinner lines. At least, that is how I'm trying to train myself
>> No. 115157
File 134614138198.png - (168.56KB , 820x651 , Waterless-Aug-27-2012.png )
I posted this picture the other day for a while and then took it down. Looking at it made me kind of upset. Its an image full of my bad habits. Almost all of them, even older habits my other pictures don't have.

Thinking about all the things I need to fix. Too much to think about. It'll just art block me.

The next few pictures I'm forbidden from drawing my character standing sideways. They need to be front or rear shots.


I'm thinking I'm going to be practicing pony poses from the show again soon. I only really know 2-3 posses okay-ish. I still have this die hard way of thinking that I should be able to figure out stuff without having ever drawn it before. Which I know is totally wrong, but that thinking won't go away. Its so easy to think you'll just be able to wing it. Which doesn't happen.
>> No. 115265
File 134639689436.png - (203.12KB , 651x867 , Pinkamena-August-31-2012.png )
Pinkamena doodle. Haven't do much art practice the past 2 days.

I reworked this doodle I drew today until I got tired of messing with it. Did a little more perspective practice, but with big lines.
>> No. 115287
File 134647623238.png - (243.73KB , 549x960 , 487343_336534873089231_1285857281_n.png )
Is that an anthro furry?! KILL IT WITH FIRE

while I admire the talent and art style, I loath ahtro ponys and furries, to a lesser extent.
>> No. 115290
File 134649565728.png - (76.50KB , 329x288 , 1335061025313_png sweetie belle.png )

I studied how to draw humans and ponies at the same time. Human anatomy finds its way into my pony drawings (When I don't know what I'm doing).
>> No. 115378
File 134667761783.jpg - (152.75KB , 500x500 , Twilight-Problems.jpg )
I've had my first tablet for over a year and I could never get the pressure to work.

Was in my tablet preferences and saw it was set to max. Set it to medium and suddenly pressure. No idea how it'll effect my drawing since I've not had it before. (No pressure = why my tablet is all scratched up from pressing too hard).
>> No. 115479
File 134690287090.png - (624.08KB , 1965x1499 , Doodles-September-05-2012.png )
My friend got a new game and its really distracting me. I just want to play it with them, but they work so much. I'm really hyper from that and from a lot of sugar. Soo hard to focus. I bought a month of hyper food. I don't know when I'll calm down. I feel like jumping out of my chair.

Quick doodles without a ref doing different things I did this morning. When I calm down and can focus I might take one or two of them and try to draw a real picture.
>> No. 115480
File 134690359326.png - (89.79KB , 396x733 , September-3-2012.png )
September 3rd (Older) mlp anatomy practice. I've been drawing all the angles from a ref in the how to draw ponies thread. The other ones angles I drew didn't look too well.

This looks like an imp or something to me. I'm sure It'll look more like a pony in time and I'll get better at drawing the hips after I draw from the refs longer.
>> No. 115486
File 134691858802.png - (140.87KB , 750x1050 , Rarity-Doodle-Redraw-September-06-2012.png )

Spent a little bit longer on rarity this time. Redrawing the doodle. Still rushing a bit so I didn't do eye lashes, her hair curls, irises.
>> No. 115715
File 134725232053.jpg - (6.60KB , 230x219 , flutter_wut.jpg )
I don't know what has been up with me the past 3-4 days. Low energy, light headed/dizzy, when I look at the canvas or the computer screen sometimes my eye starts twitching really annoyingly.

I go to draw and my arm is tired after 2-10 minutes. I've been eating and while I've had allergies they've been very mild. I still think clearly. I'm not overworked at all.
>> No. 115726
File 134730775009.png - (94.88KB , 200x200 , fluttershy_-.png )
I remembered today that last tuesday I spent time with a friend that had bronchitis. Maybe I've been having early signs of it and thinking it was allergies. Being so tired has been my body fighting it off.
>> No. 115729
Man, hope you get better soon... your friend too. I'm a diabetic, and not very good at managing it, so I know what it's like to feel sick all the time (low blood-sugar feels quite similar to what you mentioned in >>115715, actually. I didn't mention it at the time, because if you were diabetic and still eating well, you'd have high blood-sugar, which feels completely different).

I keep meaning to comment on your work... you seem to be one of those artists who adapts and develops more quickly than I can comment on, though, so I'm stuck lurking. X3

Still, I gotta say, that speaks well for you as an artist, so keep on rockin'!
>> No. 115736
File 134737529808.png - (99.21KB , 688x743 , Fluttershy-September-11-2012.png )

My grandfather had diabetes, so I'm at risk of it. He didn't take good care of it. Always needed reminding all the time to eat something. I have some signs of it, but I can go days without eating and be fine. Still think normally and do things.

I started taking some anti-biotics I've had saved up yesterday. Today I seem to be getting bronchitis signs of slightly stuffy chest and coughing. Which is the sign its getting over. Friend thinks I might also have vertigo (Light headed dizziness).1-3 hours ago siting in my chair the room was slowly moving. Was a bit fun doodling this fluttershy like that.
>> No. 115753
File 134743604805.png - (90.99KB , 997x665 , Luna-Head-Semptember-12-2012.png )
Luna head I quickly drew this morning. I've drawn luna before early this year a few times.

The horn and crown look so small because I made the hair a lot bigger after drawing them. I didn't plan on coloring so I drew it in purple lines. Then I went with colors I thought would look nice.

At this angle the smaller eye always gives me trouble.
>> No. 115763
>At this angle the smaller eye always gives me trouble.
The bridge of the nose is, typically, higher up than the bottom eyelid. Which means that in a 3/4ths view like this one, the muzzle should cover over a little of the bottom of the far eye.

My usual guideline is that the bottom of the eye is level with the nostrils, and the bridge of the nose is slightly above that.

The bottom of the ear joins seamlessly with the mane, which looks somewhat awkward. The seamlessness gives the impression that the back of the head and the ear are one uniform shape, so there's a loss of definition.
-If the hair is supposed to be be laying over the back of the neck: An easy fix would be to add a short line for the back of the head, leading down from the ear before being overlapped by the hair.
-If the line coming down from the ear is the back of the neck: adding a corner would break up the line, making the head and ear into two distinct shapes.

... I could do a redline, if that would help.

I like the choice of colours, by the way.
>> No. 115775
File 134750358541.png - (328.21KB , 992x681 , Luna-Line.png )

Here is my own quick redline/edit if you see anything I don't, if you do one. The original before I changed it did have luna's neck hair covering part of her neck/head. But I changed it after looking at a different ref. I shrank the hair on her head closer to the size I had it at, at first.

That bit of skin/skull I don't get looking correct in pictures. The smaller eye pupil I re-drew many times without getting it correct looking.I think the muzzle it too big/angle. I would have done the ears shorter, but didn't want to mess the picture up when it was so close to done.

Colors yes, they are colors that are very easy on the eyes. I don't color much. But I have had some basic color theory.
>> No. 115776
File 134750464154.png - (170.70KB , 897x708 , Luna-Crown-Sep-12-2012.png )
Doing that redline I remembered I didn't do luna's crown in perspective in the re-draw. I made it flat, so I went to look at it better. It defies logic.

The side facing you is always smaller
>> No. 115855
File 134768496740.png - (103.83KB , 647x798 , September-15-2012-Unfnished-pinkamena.png )
An unfinished quick sketch where I cannot figure out the way to draw it yet. I like the front legs and want to base the rest of the picture off of them (Perspective and all).

But figuring out the back and the back legs is giving me problems.
>> No. 115891
File 134775488571.png - (200.13KB , 1000x2000 , Twilight-Sit-Quick-sketch-September-15-2012.png )
Two super quick twilight sitting sketches. The second one is a quick sketch based off the first. Today I'm trying drawing with my fingerless workout gloves. Because maybe they'll help my CT. Later I'll have to save up for an art glove.

Yesterday I drew a compare meme, but other then proportions I didn't improve much between 2010 and now.
>> No. 115917
File 134783486842.png - (86.26KB , 635x815 , Twilight-September-16-2012.png )
Too hyper to focus. Off to play video games.
>> No. 115921
File 134783766351.png - (125.95KB , 662x1054 , Twilight-Doodles-September-16-2012.png )
Some quick emotion experimenting doodles and I like how twilight in a long sleeve shirt looks. The back leg is so different then how I normally draw it too.
>> No. 115939
File 134785642330.png - (42.21KB , 562x556 , Twilight-September-17-2012.png )
Doodle with a smaller nose. Been drawing these doodles of twilight to look like they weren't drawn by me.
>> No. 115947
Next week I'm going to be drawing from this >>111267.

When I draw, I draw the head. Then I decide to erase the picture or draw the body. Before the head is mostly done there is no body. I start on the neck and get confused. I stay confused from that point until its time to sign the picture with the date.

Maybe headless ponies? Its a habit I've never been able to break since I first started. I tried before in the past to draw bodies first. The head is sort of my reference for everything else like scale, posture, direction.

Those times before in the past I used the foot.
>> No. 115996
>I tried before in the past to draw bodies first. The head is sort of my reference for everything else like scale, posture, direction.
1: Draw a circle for the head.
1.a: Add a center line and eyeline if you feel the need to.
1.b: Stop drawing the head. Don't worry, it'll still be there when you get back.
2: Rough in the neck and body.
3: Rough in the legs.
4: Now go back and finish detailing everything.
4.a: Including the head.

Kidding aside, getting used to roughing things in before you start on the details is absolutely essential. Seriously, it's like building a house: a properly laid foundation will save you hours of reconstruction afterwards, and going without will only lead to frustration, tears, and the urgent need to demolish a building.

>Its a habit I've never been able to break
Another absolutely essential thing for an artist to learn how to do: find every single bad habit you have, and punch it square in the head. No, really: hunt every one of those mother-buckers down and destroy them. Destroy them like a foundationless house. Devote your entire life to it.
>> No. 116008
File 134795455577.png - (148.55KB , 624x1135 , normal-way-September-18-2012.png )

I ment to say I started drawing from the ref now, not next week. This is my second headless pony from looking at the guide next to my normal way of drawing.
>> No. 116107
File 134819180515.png - (276.43KB , 1041x1219 , Trixie-Emotion-September-20-2012.png )
I ment to post something yesterday, but I didn't. I've been looking at how other people here draw the ponies. I spent yesterday drawing different bodies. I also saw lots of really good expressive heads.

This is really rough and I didn't plan it out. But its an example of the newer bodies I'm working on since yesterday.
>> No. 116111
File 134821038339.png - (114.02KB , 692x664 , Random-pony-September-21-2012.png )
A less sketchy one.I still need more practice with the mass at chest/lower chest. Positioning the neck for new chest mass, and maybe buffing up the back legs or sliming down the front.
>> No. 116135
File 134828418645.png - (160.16KB , 692x664 , redlined-pony-September-21-2012.png )
You might find the horse section of this tutorial useful:
It's for realistic horse proportions and anatomy, but a lot of it applies to FiM style ponies, too. Particularly the bone structure of the hind leg, and the proportions of the torso (The length front to back is equal to the height from ground to shoulder, though the chest of a MLPony is slightly above the halfway point).

The circle you have on the corner of the hind leg... the second lowest one... that's actually where the heel is, and the ankle is somewhat lower than that. (I talked about this a whole bunch in a critique I did for APmP, here: >>116023).

Speaking of that corner... my usual guideline is that it's halfway between the top of the flank and the ground, and the chest is slightly above that. By a distance about equal to the width of one of those circles in your diagram, actually.

This would be easier to show than tell... have a redline. (Here's the pic I used for reference: ) Notice the chest is still at the same height, it's the heel that's lower.

Anyway, hope this helps some. I talk too much, back to the sketchbook for me. :3
>> No. 116192
File 134839657779.png - (117.19KB , 503x504 , Doodles-September-23-2012.png )
I didn't really draw anything yesterday. Just a lot of thinking and a bit of tracing.

I started tonight to draw a picture, but its still beyond me (Haven't learned the pose yet. Its where a pony is sitting and looking back at you over her shoulder).

So I just did quick doodles where I tried to draw the same head from different angles in the canvas instead. I played around a bit with giving my circle heads more form. A more realistic horse leg is in there too. Maybe later do more, but sleep.
>> No. 116228
File 134845597283.png - (1.18MB , 620x6000 , Rainbow-Of-Sweetie-Belle-September-23-2012.png )
Today I drew a rainbow of sweetie belle emotions, drawn from refs from top to bottom. Didn't spend much time on each one, but it still took a while.
>> No. 116242
File 134847366005.png - (110.09KB , 659x776 , Sweetie-ref-draws-September-24-2012.png )

Its a Lot of information. I drew from pictures of real horses last year whenever I wasn't drawing humans. So I remembered a lot of things seeing some of it.

I did see the leg and think I may prefer to draw it more realistically with the lower ankle like in the first September 23 sketch. I didn't notice before Fim style moves it up high.
>> No. 116278
File 134852707148.png - (109.61KB , 349x450 , Sweetie-redls-09-24-2012.png )
>I drew from pictures of real horses last year whenever I wasn't drawing humans.
Heh... I was doing studies of horses long before MLP:FiM, and I rarely did stylized stuff... When I started doing fan art, I was better at drawing real horses than cartoon ones. X3

By the way: between >>116192 and >>116228, there's a marked improvement in show accuracy for the facial proportions. Particularly how the features are placed on the head.

One thing in particular: the bottom of the eye being lower than the bridge of the nose. In >>116192, the lower eyelid is level with the bridge of the nose... I wasn't sure if that was due to the facial proportions you were using, or the expression. Looking at some of the face in >>116228 (the top face in the lower set of green portraits, the middle yellow, middle cyan), though, It looks like you know exactly what you're doing there. Also: in three-quarter shots, you properly draw the nose overlapping the far eye.

I could hug you for this. In all the critique I've ever done, "bottom eyelid should be lower than the bridge of the nose" has to be one of my top three most frequently mentioned issues. Also, it's the one thing that /art/ists seem most willing to let slide. Which, you know, is their choice and all, but I find it very detrimental to the results, and it drives me up the wall.

I was hesitant to mention this when >>116228 was first posted, since the bridge of the nose and the lower eyelid vary quite a lot in height from portrait to portrait... the profile in >>116242 is pretty conclusive, though, so I'm pretty sure the varying placement in >>116228 is due to tilting of the head.

Also: you took the time to do studies ref'd straight from the show. For that too, I could hug you.

>I may prefer to draw it more realistically with the lower ankle
The heel. The ankle is, as far as I can determine, at the same height as it would be for an actual horse, but the heel comes up higher.

I don't mean to belabour the point, and there's a good chance you knew exactly what I meant, but the distinction is crucial. I'd rather not leave any doubt or confusion on the matter whatsoever. :3

...And this is why the distinction is so crucial. Have a redline: in blue, the bone structure, in green, the contours.

BasicPony, sorry about this, I have to go over something you probably already know. I've been told that there are lurkers on /art/ who take note of any advice I give out, so I gotta be comprehensive on this one...

The ankle is not only lower down the leg than the heel, it's also placed more to the front of the leg. See the two "actual ankle" diagrams. Purple marks the ankle, green for the ankle, red for the achilles tendon. Also, here's a much more technically accurate diagram: The Calcaneus being the heel, the talus being the heel.

Now that that's over with... When a pony sits, the back of the thigh is a distinct shape from the heel. The line for the back of the is level with the top of the lower leg. I'm not sure if the step for the heel is supposedly behind the tail or if it's been omitted entirely, but based on the top edge of the lower leg, it should be visible.

(Also note: This is actually the tl;dr version, believe it or not. The way tendons and muscles and bones and skin all layer and interact is pretty elaborate, so explaining exactly why the heel looks the way it does when a pony is seated, or running, would take more work than I'm up for at the moment... plus, I'm not 100% certain on some of the particulars, so I'd rather refrain from giving out bad advice)

Anyway... I hope this makes some kind of sense. There is a rhyme and reason to why the hind legs look the way they do in the show, but it's kinda hard to explain succinctly. X3
>> No. 116301
File 134854688417.png - (175.95KB , 725x614 , Sweetie-Scoot-Ref-drawing-September-24-2012.png )
Did this study yesterday too, but didn't post it. It was done on the 24th, put the wrong date.
>> No. 116308
Gee, why does that exact shot somehow seem familiar to me..?
I think Sweetie Belle looks way better in your version. :3
>> No. 116313
File 134855484996.png - (93.40KB , 343x345 , sweetie_belle_78.png )

I mainly try to draw from other artist them the mlp:fim show style. Doing these show studies is very super uncommon for me. My head was too cloudy to think. To take any ref and draw it differently. You call them studies? I kind of just call it copying. Copying is something I try to avoid. I usually try to draw the refs differently. I usually only do it and even then its rare if I really want to learn how to draw a character fast (Which I plan to do again soon for a draw it again meme)

The difference between the two images is because the first emotion study in gray was without any refs for the emotion. They were less studies then my drawing from memory and making stuff up.

Most of the skeleton and muscle stuff (Especially the muscle stuff) is over my head. I don't know the skeleton all that well, I have drawn parts of it before. Not that long ago I did a hoof and skull study >>115486 Rarity here has a frog from around the time I did the study.

Muscles are just a mass of lines to me that when I look at them I don't see anything. I don't see where they come from or connect, on the legs I might, but the rest of the body? Nope, not even a little. I've seen some dissection videos so I do understand the ways horses legs can walk and run.

The nose line if its subtle does give me problems. So does the head when its only slightly tilted. I don't usually make eye lines when I draw.
>> No. 116315
File 134855790567.png - (325.52KB , 1254x705 , The_sweetie_belle_door.png )

Sweetie's pose in that screenshot image is strange for sure. I'm not sure where the image came from. I just put like 30-40 thumbnail images off google search into sai. Then drew them all once. Sweetie's tongue looked odd in a different ref picture too when I was drawing it.
>> No. 116318
>You call them studies? I kind of just call it copying.
>study, n.,
6. An artwork made in order to practise or demonstrate a subject or technique.
( )
The difference between drawing a study and just copying something is a matter of credit. With a study, it's understood that the drawing was taken directly from source material, and it's not presented as anything more or less than exactly that.

The point isn't to produce a piece of artwork that you can claim as your own... the point is to learn. At the same time, a study shows the skill and aptitude of an artist just as much as an original piece, so it's not like you can't take pride in the end result.

If you mean that you traced the portraits, that obviously involves less skill and aptitude than drawing them cold, but it's still educational.

And, you know, the fact that you don't want to take undue credit shows that your honest. It also means that you did these for the sole purpose of learning, which shows that you're diligent. I can respect both of those things in an artist.

>Most of the skeleton and muscle stuff (Especially the muscle stuff) is over my head.
Well, if you ever do wanna go into that whole mess, I got your back. :3

Really, hind legs is the only part where real life anatomy becomes a major factor. Everything else is pretty simple to sort out just by looking at the ponies from the show. Same with proportions: the real life stuff helps, but not utterly essential.

>The nose line if its subtle does give me problems. So does the head when its only slightly tilted.
If you do some drawings, I can do some redlines. And, with the head and face, I won't need to go into all the muscles and stuff. :3

>I just put like 30-40 thumbnail images off google search into sai.
I usually put an episode on, pause when I see something interesting, and draw it on paper. Back when I was more active with my Ask-Tumblr, I'd be doing at least two or three studies per update.

I'm rambling... back to the sketchbook for me.
>> No. 116333
File 134862147794.png - (214.48KB , 640x359 , 640px-Derpy_Plugpull.png )

I have a long history of when using a ref being unable to draw anything but the ref.

When I think about it more, I guess after doing cube practice is when I got a little less stuck to drawing refs.

Now I usually pick an image that is not like the image I'm trying to draw all as a ref. I'm uneasy about regressing back into that bad habit. When I think about it more, it doesn't really make much sense. Artists have to learn from copying something.
>> No. 116443
File 134873772486.png - (296.70KB , 1277x856 , Rainbow-Dash-Doodles-September-27-2012.png )
Some rainbow dash doodles mostly from memory or made up.

Still making mistakes with the back leg. Haven't done any studying besides the ref drawings to fix it.
>> No. 116523
File 134886312286.png - (629.96KB , 1355x720 , Nightmare-Moon-Vcl.png )
Which pony from the show should I practice drawing next?

I've already studied or drawn a lot in the past..Pinkamena, Rarity, sweetie belle, Trixie, photo finish, twilight. Ponies I've already studied/drawn some..Luna, Applejack, nightmare moon, pinkie, braeburn, fluttershy, zecora.
>> No. 116530
How about giving this a shot? >>116525
>> No. 116545
Princess Celestia or, well, picrelated from your post.
>> No. 116547
File 134891924260.png - (2.30MB , 850x7000 , Rainbow-Dash-32-Picture-Study-September-29-2012.png )
It took 4 days, But here is the study of 32 rainbow dash images. Deleting the old 10 part ones now.

Most of these poses I've never drawn before. As I never draw pegasus, except 2-3 pictures of spitfire early this year and most other ponies don't spend so much time on their back that I remember.

I drew her so much because I was going to do a draw it again meme. Since I drew her in 2010. I drew other pony pictures in 2010 too, but I lost those.
>> No. 116548
File 134892184672.png - (120.51KB , 393x324 , PrincessCelestia.png )

Alicorns are probably still too hard for me. I haven't drawn her body type. And shes got wings and multi-color hair like dash, only there is a lot more of it.


I've seen my older gen favorites in Fim style. Later on I might do the reverse and turn a fim pony into a older gen. But, that'll be much later.
>> No. 116815
File 134964695757.png - (206.37KB , 1150x800 , Photo-Finish-Revisited-October-07-2012.png )
A whole week..I've been video games and talking, no art. Not good. Still temperature too.

Yesterday I wanted to see if I could still draw a pony I drew a lot last year. And...I forgot how to draw her as good as I used to. I used to draw her for a tumblr.I drew this, this morning in maybe 2 hours.

As I was finishing coloring and only had her hair/tail left to line in white. My hand started shaking ALOT.
>> No. 116829
That's not too bad, is it? I would be quite happy with that.
Pauses like that won't make you "forget how to draw" as such. I mean, you still know how to build a pony and the anatomy, but it might be a good idea to warm up a bit before you start drawing stuff. A good warmup always loosens up your arm and jogs the muscle memory =]

About your hand shaking, do you draw with your wrist or do you use your whole arm? Using only your wrist can be quite damaging.
>> No. 116944
File 134987381266.png - (455.24KB , 808x1531 , Gilda-oct-7-2012.png )
First gilda studies before sleep.
>> No. 117060
File 135015639553.png - (492.38KB , 675x3241 , Oct-13-2012-pre-sketches.png )
Okay, I think I finally figured out what I have, just now. I think I have Sinusitis and reading into it, since I've had it over a month. With being dizzy and feeling pressure in my head. Means it probably pretty bad. I just did not have a runny nose or coughing.

I'm trying to find a free clinic in my area, but its all so confusing, since I've never done it before. I've been trying to get people irl to help me, but they don't care. But, yeah you need very strong antibiotics or if you wait too long, surgery.
>> No. 117128
File 135024126382.png - (235.10KB , 331x348 , Soarin'_id.png )
Went to the hospital today because my symptoms were getting scary.

They did a lot of tests and said I'll be okay. But, they don't know when my symptoms will go away. So I should get back to drawing and deal with them the best I can.
>> No. 117138
File 135026046565.png - (250.16KB , 856x664 , Gilda-Practice-Oct14-2012.png )
Another gilda practice

A lot of errors and I drew her neck too long. So I cut and pasted it.

This time I think my ref was too small. It was really hard to see it.
>> No. 117157
File 135028428560.png - (2.43MB , 985x3941 , Gilda-study-October-14-2012.png )
More gilda practice. Working here on getting the basic shapes closer. I took time to do a few quick doodles on the side.

And trying to calm down. I have soo much anxiety. With everything that happened.
>> No. 117168
In the ref, the hind legs stretch farther back, the eyeshadow feathers reach farther, and the plumage on the chest is longer.

Getting refs at a decent resolution can be a pain... I usually go to The site can be a bother to navigate, but the refs are there if you dig for them.
>> No. 117170
File 135033284208.png - (396.52KB , 743x644 , Gilda-study-Oct-15.png )

I'm finding I don't like drawing her eye shadow much. I was working on her neck a bit more already today.

I'm really finding I'm over estimating her body length, I did the same thing with rainbow dash too. I like drawing her wings more then the ponies (Open, not closed, closed I prefer the ponies).
>> No. 117185
File 135035945433.png - (1.73MB , 1500x5897 , Gilda-Dash-Scootaloo-October-15-2012.png )
I made a second Gilda ref study today and I started it. Felt like art block/burn out on drawing gilda studies. So I turned the ref layer invisible and just doodled without refs. Except I had to look a sec at how to draw scootaloo's hair.

I accidently drew most of the upper half at 50% zoom. I'm not sure if you can lock the zoom in sai.

At the bottom on the cloud I got an idea and it started turning into a story. I added to on the sides.
>> No. 117204
File 135038052535.png - (1.56MB , 947x2736 , Scootaloo-Mini-Study-October-16-2012.png )
Its the 16th, so I've had this thread for a month. And tiredness, started a scootaloo study. Since I drew her a bit (Without knowing how to draw her) yesterday.
>> No. 117229
File 135044651029.png - (1.19MB , 1426x2041 , Scootaloo-mini-study-2-Oct-6-2012.png )
Very lazy today after I woke up and art block. I've been feeling better as some of what I was taking that made me so dizzy/confused has been slowly leaving my system (Vitamin A, I had way, way too much of it). But today when I looked at drawing it was making me dizzy and ugh lol.

Took a few minutes trying to make my standing pony pose better. Oh and...I don't know what happened, all of a sudden in sai I don't see any settings I changed, but my regular line got huge.
>> No. 117231
File 135045465131.png - (103.71KB , 576x258 , Scootaloo-Proportion-on-ref-test.png )
Will doing things like this help me get better at proportions? Its bugged me since I started the studies and keep getting the stomach and stuff the wrong length.

Most of the things I saw on it were for life drawings, but I'm wondering if I can apply it to the studies. And how to best apply it.
>> No. 117240
>Most of the things I saw on it were for life drawings, but I'm wondering if I can apply it to the studies.
Luna's lovely lights in heaven... oh my good golly gosh yes. So very much yes. Drawing is all about learning how to see, not how to push a pencil around. I've done life drawing for over two decades, and I use the exact same methods/mindset when drawing from life as I do when drawing from image reference... and what you're talking about here is one part of that.

It works for any subject, too: ponies or people, mountains and forests, Porches, bowls of fruit, animals, cyclotrons, stellated polyhedra... you name it (speaking from personal experience here. True story).

Whenever I write critique for someone, or troubleshoot my own work, this is one of my first and best tools.

>...And how to best apply it.
For ponies, I often use the depth of the head for roughing in the body proportions, measured from the corner of the ear to the bridge of the nose (not the tip, the bridge of the nose). For other features, like the width of a hoof or the length of a unicorn's horn, I'll use the maximum length of the eye for comparison.

Look for points that fall on a line. For example, take a pony with eyes like AJ or RD... from the side, the back corner of the eye, the point where the neck meets the body, and the forward edge of the upper hindleg are all in line.

Look for triangles. There's something about them that makes it easy for us to accurately recognize and visualize their angles, which is extremely useful for working out proportions.

Absolute lengths and distances are much harder to estimate than angles. That "points on a line" thing? Good for figuring what direction something should be in compared to something else, but not very good for figuring out how long or far away it should be.

Exempli gratia: say I'm drawing a figure from the side, and I have a circle for the head. To estimate the length of the neck. I check the ref and visualize a triangle: two corners are at the front and back of the head, the third is at base of the neck. Going back to my drawing, visualizing that triangle tells me where to put a mark for the base of the neck.

Then you can just keep building on it. Say I need to know how long the body should be: I can check my ref, use the points at the base of the neck, the back of the head, and the back of the flank. That gives me a triangle for the length of the body.

It's also useful for getting curves to look right... Say I'm drawing a pony's foreleg. I visualize a point at the top and bottom of the leg, and a third point that tells me how far back the arc of the leg should curve.

The points don't even have to be all that closely related to each other, either. Any three points can be used to measure something To double check how far down the back of the neck of a pony should go, I'll often compare the highest point of the flank, the corner of the jaw, and the point where the neck meets the body.

I've done this sort of thing for so long it's second nature. I don't really have to visualize an specific triangle per se, I just sort of look at something, compare the distances from-here-to-there-to-that, and put it on paper.

I've watched people make extremely complicated, detailed, and lifelike drawings using this method... point by point, a single dot at a time, for the whole thing. I haven't done it myself, I'm not that hardcore yet, but I've seen it in action and it works wonders.

The only major problem in working with proportions in these ways, is that errors accumulate. If one measurement is wrong, everything else based on that measurement will also come out wrong. Sometimes it means having to backtrack and rework large sections.

This is why it's best to rough in the figure before breaking down the details. First, because you have a better chance of catching errors in the undersketch before they become a problem (Say you rough in the figure, start working on the head, and realize the body is too long... no sweat: the body is just a sketch at this point).

Second, it reduces the chance that errors in one part will compound elsewhere. Say I rough in a figure, detail the head, start working on the legs, and realize I messed up the head. If I didn't use an undersketch, the errors in the head will end up messing with the proportions of the legs. If using an undersketch, the legs are based on the under sketch rather than the face, so the errors in the head won't have any impact the legs. Hopefully.

Anyway! I talk too much, I hope at least some of it is helpful. Good luck with this, it's totally worth pursuing. :3
>> No. 117242
File 135050925600.png - (414.04KB , 880x921 , Rainbow-dash-Proportions-test.png )

Triangles? Haven't heard that one before.
>> No. 117298
File 135062507513.png - (156.50KB , 868x877 , Fluttershy-Barber-reupload-October-18-2012.png )
Try to do perspective or get better proportions on a tablet and my wrist says, nope, not drawing wednesday, not drawing thursday, maybe friday (but don't count on it).

And I said I wouldn't, but here is one of my older pictures because I'm stuck bored yesterday and today. Hardly anyone saw this one.
>> No. 117320
A treasure trove of advice, I like this. Keep going!
>> No. 117386
File 135078749352.png - (190.75KB , 596x580 , Fluttershy-barber-2-Oct-20-2012.png )
This is about all I can do today. I'm aiming for monday to be back to drawing normally.
>> No. 125509
File 137601863536.png - (216.16KB , 920x1012 , 6665.png )
>> No. 125513
File 137603010965.png - (63.18KB , 489x502 , Rarity_09_2013.png )
A year nearly between drawing, I've like forgotten what little I did know.

This quickie is from memory too.
>> No. 125515
File 137603282764.png - (131.08KB , 1000x940 , Random_mare_August_9_2013.png )
Seeing how much I can remember from memory of drawing the body.
>> No. 125528
File 137611536349.png - (221.92KB , 1000x1000 , Rarity_August_10_2013.png )

Quick version 2
>> No. 125529
File 137611822970.png - (273.98KB , 1000x1000 , Sweetie_belle_August_10th_2013.png )
Wanted to see if I could still draw sweetie belle after all this time.

Couldn't get the hair curls to look good, so I skipped them.
>> No. 125546
Power knocked out a bunch today and later my computer blue screened once with a "not less or equal to" error or whatever.

I need to work on drawing these

A lot

Nurse Redheart (Mostly hair let down)
Thunderlane (May change)
Mayor Mare
Berry Punch (May change)
Cheerilee (May change)
Older Diamond Tiara*
Zecora (Or just some)


Female Shadowbolt leader (May drop)
Inkie Pie/oc (May change)*
Jet set/oc (May change)
Generic changeling
Older Silver Spoon
Pinchy (or none)

1-3+ or none

Filthy Rich
Princess Twilight
Princess luna/Nightmare moon (Or drop)*
Queen Chrysalis (or drop)*
Snips and snails together
Guard pony/bat guard pony
Book Reading OC Youth Pony
Older Rumble (or drop)
>> No. 125577
How bout drawing a pony with a different body type. Like Snips or Snails?
>> No. 125628
File 137643992967.png - (143.17KB , 709x912 , Snails_August_13_2013.png )
>> No. 125656
File 137661055720.png - (155.97KB , 951x650 , Snips_N_snails_august_15_2013.png )
Snails body circles are really out of place.
>> No. 125659
File 137662709152.png - (772.74KB , 2000x2000 , Snips_N_snails_august_15_2013_2.png )
I can't help but think all I can really draw snips doing is being like a dog on 4 legs and little else. Even thought of drawing snails holding his leash and walking him.

This was a warm up where I tried to figure out things for them to do together. I don't have much experience at a variety of poses or emotions.

Snips circle size is kind of all over the place. I still don't really know how to draw him. The buck teeth reminds me of timmy turner. And he kind of looks like a goblin or something to me. I could see him in some game like dwarf fortress maybe.
>> No. 125663
Heh, Snips is just a lump with a fat face. If I ever wanted to draw him I'd imagine a big green lima bean with stubby legs.
>> No. 125744
File 137731430323.png - (287.70KB , 500x380 , Fizzy_magic.png )
Insane, after I drew that 1-2 hours snips/snails warm up I woke up with both wrists red hot. And a full week later and its just starting to feel okay. I haven't read over my old posts in ages, but I don't think any of the past times took a full week. I even tried to do yoga and stuff to speed up the recovery.

I was so bored this week...last night I tried to draw with my feet. I taped the tablet up at an angle and put the pen between my toes.

It was pretty hard. But, I have seen a video of someone make a good picture with their feet. So It might be an option if I can't practice with my hands >.> . I just have to be able to have the ability to draw 8 hours a day somehow.
>> No. 125751
My hands give me trouble too if I draw for too long. Maybe I grip the pen too tight. You'd be surprised how much a shot of vodka can numb the pain.

If you want some generic advice, though, then I'll tell you what a doctor told me; daily stretches. That's pretty much all he told me.
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