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File 134541048790.png - (120.89KB , 609x535 , wetmanecopycopy.png )
114632 No. 114632
#Traditional #Digital #Alterations #Canon #OCs #Gallery #Taking requests #Taking commissions #Critique wanted
Are you intimidated by the good artists out there?

Do you like self deprecating humor that may or may not be true in regards to my art?

Are your requests satisfied with pencil sketches uploaded using my webcam, touched up in Photoshop Elements, and delivered with a hefty heaping of snarky sarcasm?

If you've answered yes to at least two of the three questions, then look no further than FoxTrott's Sketchy Thread!

If you want something sketched, post it here, and I may or may not get to it. References are always appreciated. If I really like it, I'll color it, but otherwise don't expect too much.

This is the revised edition because I wanted to use the shiny new tags system. The last thread was also getting a bit too big for my poor little 3DS.

1) Post your request. If it's with an OC, references are always appreciated.
2) Wait. Sketches generally take less than a day, but if I'm busy, expect a standard wait of 2-5 days.
3) Get sketch. Higher qualities are available upon request.
4) Requests will be done on a first come, first serve basis. I reserve the right to close requests if it gets too crowded.
5) If you think you were ignored, either email me or bother me in this thread.

If you want something commissioned, please email me at [email protected] and leave a note here in my thread. Commissions will always be higher quality than sketches, will be inked, and can be colored.

Reaction pic sets are currently the only type of commissions I am taking. Sets can be anywhere from 10 to 50 pictures. You can request specific emotions or pics, or let me decide. Payment will be discussed through email, although I will only use PayPal for transactions.

Previous thread: >>105897
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>> No. 114633
File 134541070917.png - (599.08KB , 618x535 , lunacyistheone.png )
Example of one of my favorite requests.
>> No. 114634
File 134541069714.png - (576.20KB , 641x701 , personagriffonfortheta.png )
Another request, this time from a buddy over on /ooc/ and /rp/.

For the record, this is digitally colored. You can tell because it's so lack luster. :/
>> No. 114635
File 134541079352.png - (616.25KB , 669x621 , octavia.png )
Example of what I can do with canon characters. Inked with pencils still showing.

Heavily, heavily referenced from a screen shot of Octavia.
>> No. 114637
File 134541110896.png - (47.99KB , 180x150 , pbbbbt.png )
Penultimately, the kind of silliness I can get to with reaction pics. This one only has pencils.
>> No. 114638
File 134541122544.png - (114.99KB , 381x176 , 13sig7.png )
And here is an example of the kind of derpiness I do with digital editing.
>> No. 114640
File 134541152111.png - (24.49KB , 438x407 , I can has.png )
I can has another pic?..I have GIMP now so I can make another base for you
>> No. 114641
File 134541184171.png - (54.12KB , 194x194 , huggu.png )
Of course you can has! x3 Give me a ref and tell me what you want, Rush.
>> No. 114642
File 134541192437.png - (6.41KB , 290x427 , Rush Swatches.png )
>> No. 114644
And thinking likeFAcing the viewr with Assassins armor on..Like Ezios clothes without the hood
>> No. 114645
File 134541242202.png - (46.34KB , 155x167 , IAMSOHAPPY.png )
I'll try my best!
>> No. 114647
A bit like this
>> No. 114650
File 134541553036.png - (318.88KB , 412x578 , rushrequest1.png )
Here you go!
>> No. 114651
File 134541590991.png - (14.81KB , 400x229 , Wang Vhung Tonight.png )

That is if I can make more in return for more base art....
>> No. 114652

You don't have to give anything in return. xP Just keep in mind, I'll probably be slower to do requests from a regular requester, than if you were a new requester.

If that made any sense.
>> No. 114654
File 134541635800.jpg - (61.54KB , 600x392 , HEretic Bow.jpg )
Yeah I know keep business flowing without playing
Same armor but, in a dodge flip holding a bow towards the viewer?
It doesn't have to be as fancy but identical
>> No. 114655
File 134542172420.png - (349.70KB , 541x485 , rushrequest2.png )
>> No. 114664
File 134543174990.png - (392.92KB , 416x747 , spoiler.png )
For a friend.
>> No. 114680
File 134548846041.png - (0.99MB , 1007x828 , fuuuseeeenHA1.png )
For some dumb reason, my previous thread was bumped back up to the first page. I'll honestly never understand why that's so popular with spammers.

Have some more doodles.
>> No. 114693
File 134550873296.png - (190.53KB , 400x334 , silly face.png )
Probably because they know that your page is getting views =P
>> No. 114853
File 134576576045.gif - (447.95KB , 240x135 , watrgfd.gif )
Draw burd sniper snuggling night fall



I reminded you now

>> No. 114864
File 134577106703.png - (350.18KB , 584x405 , burdandnighty.png )
Beep! Here you go!
>> No. 114876
Hi there, FoxTrott!

I'm really enjoying your artwork here. May I you have a deviantArt set up?
>> No. 114879
File 134577716619.png - (857.95KB , 826x774 , doodles2.png )
Some weapons doodles.

Hola, SombreroCaballo!

I have a deviantart, but it's hardly ever updated, and it's definitely not as good as my stuff here.
>> No. 114880
*Caballito! Dang it! I am so screwed when the school year starts.
>> No. 114882

Haha well that's okay. I'll be sending the link to a friend who used to frequent these parts. I know he'll like to see your work. At least you'll have another watcher.
>> No. 114884
Cool! Thank you! :3
>> No. 115008
File 134592162146.png - (706.99KB , 846x625 , doodles3.png )
Have you ever wondered what a standard page in my sketch book looks like?


Well now you know!
>> No. 115016
File 134593825643.png - (188.87KB , 3320x2600 , hiResPony.png )
*checks around* Ehm... Hi.

I'm a reviewer and author back at /fic/, and I was looking for something very specific. I have an OCxMjölna shipfic project, but it's impossible for me to find anything for a cover. For the character:

In the post there's the Pony generator version of Drakkar, the OC (the closest to a reference I can give you). His cutie mark is the roaring head of a bear looking towards his face (using the reference, the bears head is looking to the left) And now for the big problem: Drakkar wears a bear pelt over him. You know, like viking berserks. The upper jaw and head serves as a helmet, the rest of the fur covers his body, and both arms cross around his neck like a scarf, keeping it from falling. I'm trying to think of details, if you think you need some more information about him, I'll try to fill what you need. Thanks in advance.
>> No. 115019
So, you want me to make a cover? Or just a drawing of the character?
>> No. 115046

Oh, right, sorry about that, I got distracted trying to give as much info as possible but then... Also, sorry for taking long to reply (different timezones and all)

To be honest, a cover art would be ideal, but I think that'll be asking too much. If you feel like doing a cover art with Drakkar and Mjölna, be my guest (not too cheesy if you do). However, I'd be satisfied with Drakkar's drawing. I leave the choice to you.
>> No. 115061
Don't worry about the time; I'm not good at checking this thread anyway. xD;

I'll try my best at creating a cover for it!
>> No. 115075
File 134601031072.png - (604.71KB , 632x734 , ocxmjolna.png )
How's this? If you like it enough, I'll ink it and scan it.
>> No. 115077
File 134601298250.png - (99.79KB , 272x306 , Cicadus grin cropped.png )
Did I miss you posting the scan of that picture you gave me earlier? I often skim through threads when I come back to them after a long time.
>> No. 115079
File 134601333726.png - (132.84KB , 307x299 , zag1.png )
For a friend.

I haven't posted the Cicadus scan yet, but I've got enough stuff right now that it justifies a scanning trip. I'm really sorry. x-x
>> No. 115088

Wow, that's... actually pretty good. I'm impressed with the result, and I really mean it. Do go on, please, I'm looking forward for the final image.
>> No. 115102
File 134603474031.png - (1.35MB , 1784x1862 , ocmjolnacolorcopynottransparent.png )
>> No. 115128

*blinks in disbelief*

My good friend, Satisfied doesn't even begin to express how proud I am of this cover! I have finals to study, but I'll try to balance my time so I can write "The Lovers' Edda" so we can use this wonder as soon as possible.

You have my gratitude and honest congratulations.
>> No. 115144
I'm glad you like it! :3 Would you like the transparent version instead?

Please post a link to the fic when it's done!
>> No. 115163

Well, for the cover, thie one who posted first will do much better, and I got the transparent one from your dA.

And sure, let's see if this finals are soon over and I can start more actively with these writings! ^^
>> No. 115273
File 134644299420.png - (206.53KB , 279x533 , gangstapanda.png )
Ahhh, the weekend.

Have a silly sketch.
>> No. 115280
File 134645176903.png - (99.79KB , 272x306 , Cicadus grin cropped.png )
>the timing
Hehehehehehe =P
>> No. 115410
Friendly notice to all five of you who watch this:

School's started again for me, and with that comes not only more socializing, but Debate as well. Though I will be much busier Monday through Friday, I am still open for everything!
>> No. 115555
File 134702077222.jpg - (91.10KB , 640x480 , HNI_0082_MPO.jpg )
Stupid pchan, derping all the time.

Bumping my freaking old thread. e-e

Here's a little birthday gift.
>> No. 115556
File 134702249315.png - (115.80KB , 500x516 , alright.png )
>> No. 115571
File 134705223361.png - (199.79KB , 480x604 , hi.png )
>> No. 115572
File 134705268161.png - (207.23KB , 379x396 , BUTTERFLIESFUCKYEAH.png )
No no no! XD

It's not my birthday! It was for somepony's birthday on /ooc/! My birthday's still two months away!
>> No. 115573
File 134705303792.png - (581.18KB , 744x1037 , Yay.png )
... Happy Birthday anyway!
>> No. 115630
File 134708420648.png - (43.52KB , 178x234 , smile.png )
Oh... heheh

Unless my eye's decieve me, then it must have been Rush's, judging by the pic. =P Happy birthday to him, and happy early birthday to you.
>> No. 115721
File 134729472962.png - (2.53MB , 1978x1759 , DMicansaveyay.png )
Thanks for the happy early birthdays. :P

I'm in Digital Media 1 at school, so we're working on Photoshop right now. Here's something I did in ~45 minutes. It's the first time I drew totally digitally in a long time. @[email protected]
>> No. 115723
Looks sweet! I take it you had ref's?

The almost-white underneath the black areas is visually distracting. I'd comment on the shading, but... well, in ~45 minutes you get what you get, right? :3

I love the highlights on the visor: an understated detail that gives a nice sense of glossiness.
>> No. 115730
I referenced it directly from a pic of Master Chief, yeah. I couldn't do something that nicely from memory.

I spent most of the class period messing around with different settings, so that's why I left all the white space there. The shading's pretty cruddy, too; mostly just the burn and dodge tools.

Thank you always, and it's good to see you back, WhiteFox. <3
>> No. 115767
Hi, can I get a drawing of my OC, Asma? She has a silver mane, and a dark red body. She is a unicorn, and her cutey mark is a sword and shield. Love it if you could.
>> No. 115795
Uh... if you could give me a bit more information, I could.

Like, what's her personality? Anything interesting happen in her past? What's her profession?

"Silver hair and red fur with a sword and shield buttattoo" doesn't really describe much.
>> No. 115807
>Uh... if you could give me a bit more information, I could.
Foxty, come on... you're not even trying anymore, there was plenty of description. I mean, what part of "silver hair and red fur with a sword and shield buttattoo" did you not understand?

...Wait. Was that last part as in, she has a butt-tattoo of a sword and shield, or she has a sword and a butt-tattoo of a shield? Also, does she have a cutie mark, or just the tattoo?

Wait, wait... time out. I lost track of who I was actually paraspriting. Give me a minute.

I'm just being silly, of course. :3

Funfact: horses have hair, not fur. True story.
>> No. 115814
Umm..... I can give you her backstory if you like.
She's very cinical, and I forgot to mention her horn rim glasses. They're black. For the cutey mark I was thinking a silver shield, with a sword crossed behind it right to left.
>> No. 115828
File 134763846876.png - (68.99KB , 424x349 , sociallyawkward.png )
Does this work?
>> No. 115829
File 134764049959.png - (215.00KB , 719x718 , octavia.png )
and here's a trace of my earlier pic of Octavia.

With colors!
>> No. 115830
Yeah, thanks! You are awesome.
>> No. 116123
I need to update this more, huh?

>> No. 116137
Yes, you do. If you don't update, I can't critique.

Do you see what you're doing to me, Foxtrott? Do you? How could you?

And I thought we were friends... sniffle
>> No. 116369
File 134867910719.png - (159.88KB , 217x399 , cutiecabra.png )
School's going well. I had to stay home yesterday and today because I'm sick. P:

Here's a little thing for y'all. StarmanTheta of /croop/ and /fic/ calls it a Cutiecabra. It steals cutie marks.
>> No. 116378
This guy has has a perfect munchkin look to him. I love the feet, and his posture is utterly mischievous. His arms just sorta end in nubs, it's kinda creepy. Not sure if that was intentional or not, but it works. :3

Wait, is that Pinkie Pie's cutie mark on his flank?
>> No. 116381
Please do Cadence with legs at the same length as Applebloom, small head (about 1in. tall) yet neck and mane are normal size playing with Applebloom
>> No. 116389
File 134868897875.png - (486.49KB , 552x624 , oppacindersstyle.png )
More silly sketches.

Thank you, as always, White Fox~ I tried to make it look pretty creepy.
That is Pinkie's cutie mark! The idea behind the cutiecabra is that it steals cutie marks from ponies, making them a blank flank and causing them to lose their special talent. It's also the first cutie mark I thought of.

So... a filly Cadence playing with filly Apple Bloom?
Or deformed Cadence playing with filly Apple Bloom?
>> No. 116390
You could say "Distorted" Cadence playing with Applebloom
again, Cadence should have legs at the same length as Applebloom, small head (about 1in. tall - read: tiny) yet neck and mane are normal size
>> No. 116392
File 134868986425.png - (0.96MB , 837x899 , nashispissed.png )
Did this for a friend over on /rp/ and /ooc/.

... not to be rude, but, exactly why do you want this?
>> No. 116394
For fun
I didn't mean to freak you out or anything
Please do it ^^;
>> No. 116396
File 134869083111.jpg - (6.78KB , 227x198 , 130429418916.jpg )
Requests drawn here?
>> No. 116397
Sorry, this is too close to the realm of "really weird fetish art" for me to do. .-. I hope you find a willing artist.

Most of the time.
>> No. 116401
ok then, how about this as a compromise
Cadence shrunk to Applebloom's height and playing with Applebloom

ok? ^^
>> No. 116402
File 134869514555.png - (29.03KB , 378x347 , Offering a Helping Hoof.png )
Requesting a commission. Going to be emailing you, but I'd rather see if you're interested first because I'm sick of not getting replies.

I love your art. Please be interested.
>> No. 116403
File 134869535280.png - (46.34KB , 155x167 , IAMSOHAPPY.png )
I guess I can do that.
Sorry for being a bit of a bother.

I'm always interested!
[email protected] is my email~
>> No. 116404
Nah, that's cool ^^
>> No. 116405
File 134869996356.png - (382.49KB , 601x422 , playingdressup.png )
Here you go~
>> No. 116460
File 134877810800.png - (2.08MB , 2029x2054 , comish1background2.png )
My first commission! <3 Check out!
>> No. 116461
Shoot shoot shoot!

>> No. 116462
Don't forget the first part, so the board will convert it into a link:
>> No. 116463
File 134878490249.png - (139.29KB , 803x996 , scootaloo_happy_rear_vector_by_starshinecelestalis-d51pzkm.png )

Hahahaahah! Thanks for trying Ali XD
>> No. 116465
I meant the link. The art looks great, sorry :p
>> No. 116470
>flops over
Thank you, WhiteFox.

I try, that's all I can ever guarantee. xD
>> No. 116492
Much obliged. :3
>> No. 116556
People keep spamming my old thread. :|

Bumping this to keep it above the old one.
>> No. 116563
File 134896467323.png - (274.96KB , 453x473 , requiemspitter copy.png )
I drew a zombie ish spitter-inspired pony.

>> No. 116578
File 134899376188.jpg - (7.11KB , 197x200 , spoiler.jpg )
That's pretty cool!

Haven't seen you on skype much. Or you haven't responded or something.

Anyway, I want to discuss another commission if you'd be willing. No rush on dates.

I want a pic of my OC and my current girlfriends OC (The Pic. You can leave out the goggles and metal wings. Her eyes are purple), in a romantic setting, like a diner or fancy restaurant, with a table and a milkshake between them. Their tails should be interwined (as is common in romantic fics) and their eyes interlocked.
It's kind of a present for her for our anniversary, and I want it to look good. If you could, write 'For Maria' in the corner.

I realize the effort this requires. I'd be willing to pay a full $15-$20 due to the nature of the piece (And that I haven't given you the tip for last one yet)

You're opinion would be welcome. Also, no worry on time constraints. It can be a few days late, so don't be afraid to pace yourself out.

Also, do you do digital? I'll admit, I wasn't overly fond of the marks the inking process left after final editing on the first one. Not a big deal if there's no other way around it.

Drop me a line when you get the chance!
>> No. 116586
I messaged you on Skype about it, I'm super sorry for not being on it much! D:
>> No. 116588
You have skype? How did I not know this? Do I have your skype? Because I totally should. You should totally e-mail your skype to me. Because reasons, obviously.
>> No. 116589
Okay okay, I emailed it to you. xD
>> No. 116596
File 134903357931.png - (360.72KB , 548x549 , bobbafettlocks.png )
Bumping again, this time with a request from /ooc/.
>> No. 116644
Sorry Foxtrott, but I'm gonna cancel on that commission we discussed. (I hope you haven't gotten to far on it)

However, I still need some different poses of my OC. I can still drop you $15-$20 if you wanna do up a bunch of them of varying quality. That'd be great :)
>> No. 116647
Aw... I'm sorry how slow things were with the commission in the first place. School makes weekdays difficult.

If you send me a basic list of what you'd like to see, I'd be happy to do them, digitally or traditionally.
>> No. 116716
File 134946199949.png - (293.32KB , 550x732 , classy as hell.png )
Hey FoxTrott!

Would you be willing to make a bunch of reaction pictures for this guy as a commission? Same hair style, size, and build, sans the crown thingie.
>> No. 116726
Absolutely! Send me an email or a Steam message (when it stops freaking out) and we can discuss specifics!
>> No. 116742
File 134950515339.png - (99.79KB , 272x306 , Cicadus grin cropped.png )
Will do! Lemme give some thought as to what sort of stuff I would like first. What emotions and whatnot.
>> No. 116867
Bumps for the bump god!
>> No. 116951
File 134988655430.jpg - (110.78KB , 460x644 , 2awebervideogame.jpg )
Bumping with something I put together in Digital Media.

We had to vote on who had the best video game cover. I won. I would've cried if I lost to "Master Chief's Karaoke Party", which was just a render of Chief on a stage... and terrible text...
>> No. 116954
And the first thing I thought was "Kirby in Pandaria." X3

>and terrible text...
Me ma' is a professional graphic designer... probably about half the job is picking the right fonts.
>> No. 116960
File 134990360452.png - (81.89KB , 609x535 , wetmanecindersVECTOR1.png )
First ever vector! It took me a while, but it's basically a trace of the OP pic.

xD That's pretty close to what it is.
Typography's a super important part, yeah, but people designed the video game covers before our brief unit on typography... so Chiller and Papyrus were all over the place.
>> No. 117020
File 135009999180.png - (818.58KB , 862x708 , spoiler.png )
Just a sketch of the new S3 villain, King Somber.

They've only released a headshot of him so far, so this is just a concept.
>> No. 117038
File 135011466553.png - (103.96KB , 1000x1000 , SpiritShine Say what.png )
What? That really is him? Gosh, I thought that was just some rumor. Totally not the kind of villain I would have expected. I was hoping for some super cool non-pony villain :c This guy just seems too "dark and edgy". Even more so than Nightmare Moon, which says a lot considering she's the princess of the night!
>> No. 117058
File 135015340645.png - (482.33KB , 821x436 , gravityfallstoomuchscience.png )
Have some Gravity Falls.

I really like him! He has the feel of the stereotypical evil king, which I think is pretty cool for a kids' show. I hope the writers haven't portrayed him too seriously, though; giving him a few hammy moments would be funny.
>> No. 117179
File 135034499364.png - (268.91KB , 485x360 , hunter2.png )
Zombieish pony?

Zombieish pony.
>> No. 117180
File 135034585968.png - (59.75KB , 473x473 , YEEEEEAAAAAAAHHH.png )
He used to be somepony, but I guess you could say that he's... *shades* zompony else entirely.
>> No. 117181
File 135034773784.png - (180.47KB , 465x479 , zomgpony.png )
Zombieish pony!
>pic related.

Or, he's half the pony he used to be.
>> No. 117212
Those muscles are super realistic... @[email protected]

Also, question. Could you give me a basic idea of Cicadus' personality?
>> No. 117213
File 135040440580.png - (293.32KB , 550x732 , classy as hell.png )
Suave, courteous, polite, mischievous, maybe a little smug, but also very bound by the duties he's given, carrying them out to the greatest of his ability. Very much a sarcastic joker with those he is closer too, his tongue perhaps having a bit more of an edge to it than most at that point, but he is sensitive enough to know when to stop such jokes. He has a keen sense of the emotions of those around him, and keeps it that way in order to use them more effectively for his own purposes. After all, the better an emotional connection you can establish with the one you feed from, the better you feed.

However, this emotional closeness occasionally comes back to bite him, leading him to sometimes be either too protective or too bold, and he ends up making a mistake in some way that could ruin every thing. Given his now greater degree of mental freedom in his guarding of Princess Pupa, on some levels, he desires a true connection with another, not only for feeding's sake, but to fill this new growing need for something more within him. He also knows that such is against changeling nature and against the duties he should be carrying out, and so there is a great amount of emotional strain within him.

He also has a love for appletinis. =P
>> No. 117219
>Those muscles are super realistic... @[email protected]
...5 years of live figure drawing sessions, every weekend.
...1200 reference images from Gray's Anatomy, as well as a few hundred assorted animal anatomy diagrams, kept on hand at all times.
...8 years of practice with dip pens and india ink (which can ornery and difficult to work with, but have certain unparalleled advantages... one of which being refined line control)

And just one single person noting it makes it all totally worth it. Much appreciated. :3

The neck muscles are a bit messed up: the omohyoid should be under the sternocleidomastoid... I mean, duhh. Silly me.

Right now, though, all I can think is "gee, I wish I'd remembered to add the tendons in white."

Critiquing my own work in someone else's thread... can you tell I'm hardwired for it? X3

Forgot to mention: the image quality makes it hard to comment on particulars, but the hunched-over lurking/stalking pose is just awesome.

>so there is a great amount of emotional strain within him.
You could say that while he eats the feelings of others, his own feelings...
...are eating him.
>> No. 117249
File 135052712621.png - (275.83KB , 365x594 , anthroflutters.png )
New arts!

Thank you thank you, as always!

You're welcome, WF. xD Maybe you need a critiquing break. Anyway, I really need to get in the habit of scanning things...
>> No. 117459
File 135092941715.png - (367.25KB , 416x654 , zagsoc.png )
Just a friendly bump to remind y'all of the fact that I'm still alive.

I'm working on commissions right now, so there's not much to show off... in the meantime, enjoy an old pic of a friend's OC.
>> No. 117551
File 135112988649.png - (417.12KB , 549x510 , hammerinmouth.png )
Man, I need to post more! @[email protected]

I'm currently working on two sets of commissions, but I'm still open for both requests and commissions! Just keep in mind that I'll probably be slow for both. I have a debate tournament Friday and tons of research to do on Thursday, so there is a very good chance I might not pop in til Saturday. If you need to get a hold of me, my email is still the best way.
>> No. 117572
File 135119091470.jpg - (72.81KB , 640x960 , 250187_3372311881525_658049096_n.jpg )
>> No. 117592
File 135121096148.jpg - (27.26KB , 394x797 , anthrocindy.jpg )
That is indeed a cute humanized Rainbow Dash!

But lacking context. o-o What's up?
>> No. 117612
What do you mean "context" a bit confused...explain? if you mean color....well i dont normaly color....and your coloring is a TON better then mine
>> No. 117613
Thanks, but I'm not a very good colorist anyway. ^^;

As in... why did you post that Dash pic? This is kinda my thread, so generally it's just my art. o3o Would you like critique... or another pic... or...?
>> No. 117670
File 135137092743.png - (47.99KB , 180x150 , pbbbbt.png )
Because there's no such thing as too much advertising! <3

Currently streaming commissions and taking music requests! :P
>> No. 117679
File 135140013904.png - (149.12KB , 488x504 , cindersdigital copy.png )
Art dump!
>> No. 117705
File 135146296147.png - (509.16KB , 736x679 , pyramidpony.png )
Because ponies.
>> No. 117772
File 135164681641.png - (154.94KB , 489x480 , malecinders.png )
Just something to bump with.
>> No. 117833
File 135182572483.png - (192.01KB , 569x502 , kefkaWIP copy.png )
The front legs are really weird, I know, and I based the pose off a statue of a deer, so it's bound to be bad.

In other news, tomorrow's my birthday! <3

And el dia de los muertos, which is much more interesting.
>> No. 117873
File 135200670965.png - (401.30KB , 553x512 , happybirfday.png )
My birthday was pretty cool. I drew this while in class.

Happy late birthday to me and all that.
>> No. 117903
File 135213666972.png - (1.20MB , 1800x1048 , SHEETCICADUS copy.png )
This is on my dA, but I figured I might as well put it here, too. It's an expression sheet for a guy over in /rp/ and /ooc/
>> No. 117909
File 135216341830.png - (239.70KB , 485x360 , hunter2 copy.png )

Come watch me draw random stuff!
>> No. 117913
File 135217198879.png - (82.38KB , 628x354 , THANKYOU.png )
Aaaand that's all the streaming for tonight.
>> No. 117946
File 135230894811.png - (162.16KB , 539x441 , STREAM2camyay copy.png )
Something from last night's stream. Nightly art streams might become a regular thing.
>> No. 117986
File 135239588875.png - (140.81KB , 872x425 , 2webera cartoonvector.png )
My first real actual vector! And it is amazing!
>> No. 117987
And I forgot to crop it. Whoops.
>> No. 117988
File 135241900175.png - (154.79KB , 399x484 , 135020305796.png )
Huh, interesting. I oughtta learn vectoring on day

What are the benefits of vectors over pixels?
>> No. 117989
File 135241991396.png - (31.06KB , 222x221 , thinking.png )
How does one vector, anyway? I heard that it has something to do with the pen tool.

I heard that it has something to do with the fact that you can resize them up or down, and there wont be any blurring from the resizing and what not.
>> No. 117992
Vectors are done using mathematics and paths. While raster images are done by the use of pixels put into whatever spot you place them. Vectors can be infinitely scaled up or down with no blurring or difference in quality. While the MLP community loves to use the word "vector" what they are actually giving you is a vector image that has been exported in a raster format (because ponychan doesn't do SVG (Scaleable Vector Graphic) files) To do vectors you need a program meant for vectors like illustrator or Inkscape. Photoshop and SAI are capable of paths that can be scaled until you export them, but neither are capable of exporting in SVG. So in you could make an image with vectors that was 1000x1000 then scale it to 100000x100000 and export it in png with no difference in quality. Exporting a large png file insures you get good quality and you will still be able to scale it down to whatever size you want to retain most of the quality depending how far you are scaling down, though 100000x100000 is just an absurd example; you don't actually export in more than 10k or so.
>> No. 117995
A vector, in strictly mathematical terms, is composed of three things: A point, a direction, and a magnitude. With vector art, you place points to define the path of a line. The direction and magnitude is defined by dragging a little handle around, and that's what defines the curve of a line between two points.

Advantages of vectors:
-Infinitely scalable. Since everything is defined with math, the program can just multiply all the numbers to make a larger image.
-Fine control, smooth curves. Since the path of a line is defined using handles, you can tweak the curve of the line precisely by wiggling them around as much as you like, at your convenience. Since everything is scalable, you can zoom in to absurdiculous magnification too.
-Transformations. Again because the paths are defined by math, you can scale/skew/rotate a shape all you like, without any loss of image quality.

It's technical.

On a piece of paper, I can draw an organic, fluid, wiggly little line with a flick of the wrist. In vectors, I'd have to lay down a dozen points and fiddle with the handles for hours to get the same results.

I use a dip pen to ink on paper... I can control the weight of a line with pressure, so things like tapered lines are intuitive and done more by feel than anything. Any change in line weight has to be done manually with vectors. Usually, this means laying down two paths for each "line", and tweaking the distance between the paths to change the width of the line.

As a result, organic and fluid lines that can be really easy on paper are really hard in vectors, while "perfect" shapes (like circles and straight lines), that are really hard on paper are really easy in vectors.

Another major downside is that everything in a vector has to be made as a distinct object. Gradients are a pain: you'd have to lay out and arrange every individual shade of color as a separate piece. Programs like Illustrator can add gradients automatically, but then you have to fuss with settings and controls.

Objects layer on top of each other, and this can get restrictive. For example: on a pony's head, the mane comes out from behind the ear, and layers over the neck. The ear is an object overtop of the mane, and the mane is an object overtop of neck. Since objects have to be either on top or underneath each other, some things can be a real pain to arrange. For example, Jasper (My OC) has a neck cloth tied so that one part comes out from under another, then tucks on top of the part it comes out from. This is simple to draw, but in vectors, it'd take a lot of fussing because a part can't be ontop of something in one place and underneath it somewhere else. I'd have to make it in several pieces, and arrange them very carefully to hide any seams between the various parts.

Anyway! I talk too much. As much as I complain, getting nice lines in vectors becomes easier with practice and experience. Me, I'm too comfortable with a pencil, so I'd rather just draw a line than fuss with points and wiggle handles around, but vectors can go by quickly and easily once you get comfortable with them.

I talk too much! Back to the sketchbook for me.
>> No. 117996
File 135242971738.png - (261.11KB , 464x509 , legionsketch.png )
These two have provided more information than I could ever ~dream~ to provide. Thank you both!
>> No. 117998
File 135243952149.png - (166.49KB , 800x856 , SpiritShine by Brainless.png )
How interesting. I doubt I need use of scaling, so suppose I will stick to SAI then. Vectors seem to be good for drawing simpler ponies, heh
>> No. 118003
Vectors are good for lineart. I know a few artists who will sketch, vector the lineart, then color/shade in raster below it for perfect lineart. Its referred to as "Voxel" artwork If I recall correctly.
>> No. 118020
>Its referred to as "Voxel" artwork, If I recall correctly.
"Vexel," actually: vector pixel. Slight difference: vexels are done with bitmap graphic programs with vector-based tools, such as GIMP and Photoshop. I suppose that doing the graphics in a purely vector program, such as Flash, Inkscape, or Illustrator, then rasterizing the image and editing it as a bitmap could also be considered vexel graphics... generally, though, vexel art looks like vector art but was created entirely in a bitmap program as a bitmap image.

Voxels, on the other hand, are volumetric pixels (And pixel is a portmanteau of picture cell). Voxels are, basically, a rasterization of a 3D object. The only real difference between voxels and pixels is that the cells are 3D rather than 2D. In 3D graphics, voxel's are good for things that take up volume but aren't definite, solid shapes. They're used for extremely high quality smoke, fire, clouds, sea spray, etc.

It's also used for 3D interpretations of pixel art, such as this:
I love this movie. Thank you for giving me an reason to link it. :3
High-res voxels are basically something like that, but with much, much smaller cubes (in some cases, nanometers on a side).

The big floaty blob at around 0:40, the water from the fire-hydrant at 1:45, pacman at 1:04, and the final explosion are all done with voxels. Most of the rest is done with 3D objects that are really blocky, but they're not actually voxels... they're just blocky 3D objects.

To explain that: Minecraft also doen't use voxels either, it just has 3D blocks with low res textures. The blocks can still move and rotate freely in space. Actual voxels are cubic cells of a 3D grid and each cell is either filled or empty. A voxel object fills a certain number of cells and as the object moves, it occupies different voxels. The object moves within the voxels, but the voxels themselves do not actually move.

For another comparison: A vector line fills a certain quantity of pixels, and altering the line changes what pixels it occupiew. The grid of pixels itself doesn't actually move, the line moves within the grid.

I talk too much! Sorry, that happens with subjects I'm in love with. X3

Wikipedia pages:
Vector Graphics:

>Vectors seem to be good for drawing simpler ponies, heh
Well, you can still do extremely complicated objects in vectors. They're particularly good for mechanical design, like high-detail spaceships or elaborate architecture.

My philosophy, though, is that it doesn't matter what tools you use, it's how well you can use them. It's not like any of them are inherently superior to any others.

Some tools are better for certain things, though, so the choice of tools really just depends on the artist's objectives, priorities, and personal taste.

Again! I talk too much! Back to the sketchbook for me.

[edit]Screwed up a tag... fix'd. Man, I love being able to edit posts. :3
>> No. 118055
File 135261688066.png - (168.42KB , 495x428 , spoiler.png )
Spoilered because season three and Donut Steel.

Originally a response to everypony who hated him.
>> No. 118065
File 135267195797.png - (506.96KB , 500x697 , tumblr_m72qztUMzQ1r58qa6o1_500.png )
I am in need of your services. Check your email for more info.
>> No. 118168
File 135286991771.png - (134.17KB , 575x422 , hoodieticket copy.png )
Still taking requests and working on stuff. Here's what I finished a day or two ago for a commissioner.

I might do a request stream within the week, so keep an eye on this thread~
>> No. 118205
File 135293495857.png - (141.41KB , 536x462 , cindersidek copy.png )
Streaming, if anypony wants to watch!
>> No. 118213
File 135294821122.png - (284.96KB , 712x805 , cowgirlticket copy.png )
aaaand the stream's over.

Thanks to all who watched! <3
>> No. 118227
File 135304025451.gif - (575.96KB , 648x691 , doyouevensmith.gif )
Too much free time.
>> No. 118228
Psst... I sent you an e-mail.
>> No. 118229
Same here...
>> No. 118244
I emailed you on the email that was attached to the PayPal, just to be sure it wasn't someone else.

I replied! Sorry, the email originally went to my spam folder. ^^;
>> No. 118264
that is amazing.
>> No. 118272
Replied to your reply! (Did it end up in the spam again?)
[edit] the exact very moment I post this, you reply. Derp of epic timing! X3
>> No. 118358
File 135329116296.gif - (575.96KB , 648x691 , doyouevensmith.gif )
Streaming for at least the next hour!
>> No. 118364
Just in time for me to miss it! Never fails. X3
>> No. 118367
File 135329799774.png - (333.97KB , 868x579 , STREAM3vivoandcindy copy.png )
aaaand it's over.
>> No. 118424
File 135343132334.png - (398.34KB , 809x649 , stream4IDONTCARE copy.png )
While pchan was derping out last night, I drew.... things.
>> No. 118428
File 135343626843.gif - (38.44KB , 320x182 , 5360.gif )
WHAT!? Hahahahahahaha, that is so random xD
>> No. 118430
Bicycles... why do they have to be so hard to draw!

Priceless as ever, Foxty. :3
>> No. 118433
File 135344124015.png - (365.61KB , 958x727 , fluttershycolorsshadingtransparent.png )
Something I whipped up in... two hours? Ish?

Blame my /rp/ friends for the randomness. xD

At least it looks somewhat like a bicycle, right? Bikes are up there on my list of things I hate to draw, right next to breasts and folds.
>> No. 118436
>At least it looks somewhat like a bicycle, right? Bikes are up there on my list of things I hate to draw, right next to breasts and folds.
It looks very much like a bicycle, actually. :3

Personally, I just love drawing... folds. Big, soft, voluminous folds. Eyup.
>> No. 118467
>>118436 I have a theory that every artist ever from the first caveman started drawing so he could draw more folds. Eventually they learn enough about drawing folds they can apply it to other things. Man, I love drawing folds. Pert, upright little folds, folds so big you could get lost in them...

...wait, what were we talking about?
>> No. 118487
I dunno, I lost track.

>I just can't think in three dimensions.
The only sure fire way I know of to work on this is to do life drawing... it does all kinds of things to your ability to visualize shapes, and there's no substitute. When I went to art college, it was a mandatory course, whether you were a painter, sculptor, or performance artist.
>> No. 118534
File 135364505377.gif - (1.63MB , 350x197 , yayspazzyay.gif )
Some late night request streaming going on! Come, watch, and maybe get your request drawn! <3
>> No. 118570
File 135378641103.png - (968.96KB , 900x987 , Viridi(62).png )
Requesting a ponyized Viridi, please.
>> No. 118571
File 135379495641.png - (224.11KB , 590x507 , sweetiebelleirony copy.png )
Ahhh, the weekend. My request and commission queues are open.

I'll get right on it!
>> No. 118573
File 135379799103.png - (406.26KB , 903x743 , ponytizedsomone.png )
>> No. 118606
Thank you!<3
>> No. 118615
File 135390464732.jpg - (356.93KB , 1727x1617 , PonyC-Eden.jpg )
Can i have a version of her with a mad face taking a sword in her mouth ?

Thanks for all.
>> No. 118655
File 135398474195.png - (166.45KB , 419x383 , requestswordinmouth.png )
Here ya go~
>> No. 118656
File 135398623711.png - (60.69KB , 348x264 , barrels pewdiepie cicadus.png )
I... don't think that's what anon meant. XD
>> No. 118659
File 135398927974.png - (171.78KB , 564x376 , 30minchallenge2.png )
's cose enough.
>> No. 118673
>> No. 118680
File 135404632292.png - (30.88KB , 169x258 , hahaha.png )
Oh Foxtrott, you're such a tease!
>> No. 118719
I've been trolled :O
>> No. 118728
File 135415490829.png - (207.20KB , 541x450 , randomcrystaloc.png )
Just a doodle.

>> No. 118772
File 135421058564.png - (86.59KB , 2212x2200 , allisonlogobigger.png )
Hey look I have a logo now

>> No. 118779
File 135421984816.gif - (187.07KB , 320x240 , 2zNBh.gif )
>> No. 118934
File 135454152816.png - (345.01KB , 481x949 , leahwhooo.png )
Just a friendly bump. <3

I really love drawing this cheetah character. I got started drawing by attempting to do furries, so I suppose this is a return to my roots.
>> No. 118939
File 135457252040.png - (592.07KB , 1015x938 , how_jade_says_do_not_touch.png )
Heh... I started out drawing furries too. And, as chance would have it, in the first comic I ever started my main two characters were a rat, and a cheetah (Well, a nine foot tall cheetah demon to be exact. Long story).
>pic related
Old art... the horror, the badly drawn horror. :3

But! I digress.

Awesome pic. The shoulders look hunched hunched up, and her arm kinda stiff. Not sure if that's the intended body language, but if so, it works. :3

There's a subtle impression that her hips/shoulders are turned, like she's taking a step. Or she's just standing with her hips cocked. Nice sense of movement, very dynamic.
>> No. 118940
File 135457502439.png - (762.92KB , 988x770 , 30minchallenge5.png )
What a nice coincidence~ x3 I bet a lot of furry artists have migrated to the pony fandom, just because of the similarities.

Thank you for your comments, as always. <3 I didn't really have anything in mind when I started drawing, but it's cool that I can draw readable body language. xD
>> No. 119005
File 135466839211.png - (93.90KB , 453x409 , cindersheadshot.png )
Just messing around with painting.
>> No. 119148
File 135508425963.png - (359.42KB , 473x788 , requestblncreeparka.png )
Just for a friend.
>> No. 119409
File 135550952497.jpg - (143.75KB , 1453x1721 , 2webera facevectorSMALLER.jpg )
Bump! <3

I did this at school as a part of our vector unit. I used Illustrator, but hopefully I'll be able to do something like that at home with Inkscape.
>> No. 119523
File 135568644804.jpg - (15.91KB , 480x470 , Backstory.jpg )
I'm not really sure if you are still taking requests but I was wondering if you could draw my OC in a Christmas setting and wearing a Santa hat. I'd appreciate it :)
>> No. 119547
File 135571575961.png - (451.24KB , 888x559 , requestbackstory copy.png )
I always do requests!
Here you go, and have a happy nonspecific religious holiday~~
>> No. 119551
File 135571959265.png - (116.49KB , 450x600 , allonsy_y_by_lompster_monster-d56o7dn.png )
Miss Foxtrott!
I was wondering if maybe I could please request a drawing of this pony? It's okay if you don't have time =]

Her name is Fizzy and she is a silly, brave and nice pony. Her talent is making bubbles.

References here ->
>> No. 119571
File 135575083176.png - (290.84KB , 778x581 , shyassassin.png )
Oh my gosh, she's too cute! <3 Did she originate in one of the earlier gens or something?

Anyway, I'll get right on that when I get home from school~~
>> No. 119572
Yes, she's from the G1 show =)
>> No. 119575
That's amazing! Thank you :D
>> No. 119599
File 135580317279.png - (319.88KB , 689x630 , requestfizzy.png )
You're welcome! <3

Here you go~~
>> No. 119621
=D That is awesome!!

You don't have a deviantart, by the way? =3
>> No. 119628
Fox Trott, you're getting better everday, keep it up!!
>> No. 119637
File 135587758674.png - (502.23KB , 861x840 , stream6chimera copy.png )
I do! I just don't update it as much as I should, and it's pretty old. xD; is my dA!

Aw, thank you! <33
>> No. 120349
File 135841241006.jpg - (5.27KB , 100x156 , redh08.jpg )
A question, old boy.
How might you handle a pastiche of the works of Sydney Paget?
>pic related
>> No. 120451
File 135880834855.png - (162.78KB , 1868x2177 , blnddeadponyVECTORED.png )
Hey look, it's Deadpool as a pony. Sorta. I'm working on vector work, it's hard.

Whoa! Sorry for the late reply, dude, I haven't been keeping a good eye on this thread recently. X-x

I'm not very familiar with him, but I could definitely try. A quick Google shows some pretty, well, pretty artwork.
>> No. 120452
That pose is freakin adorable. Do you do requests by any chance?
>> No. 120454
File 135881714634.png - (168.22KB , 556x761 , jojosmaller.png )
Something I did... fairly recently, I think.

All the time, dude, just check the tags. xD;
>> No. 120456
File 135883002343.png - (445.89KB , 2500x2500 , ella.png )
Then would you honor me with some of your awesome art? :D

My oc is Ella. I would love it if you could do a pose like that one of dead pool up there, but if you feel like doing something else, go right ahead.

Here's some more reference pics of her. Her hooves are blue with the white of her fur coming over them a bit in little tufts. Of course, I'm not going to be picky with how you do it because it's free art.

>> No. 120459
File 135884408658.png - (215.72KB , 993x796 , requestella1.png )
Here you go, hope it's okay~
>> No. 120460
Oh my gosh that was fast! Thank you! Is so cute! <3
>> No. 120461
File 135884482485.png - (251.40KB , 2235x1892 , BLNgrellponyVECTORED.png )
Another random pic I did.

I work fast when I have nothing better to do and no school in the morning. -3-b Glad you like it!
>> No. 120552
Alright, then. I'm broke as a joke so I can't promise you anything more than my admiration and due accreditation.

Here is a story.

It's EQD feature:

In the next chapter, there will be a scene wherein Twilight gazes wistfully over a bridge, and across stream. Can you do a Sydney Paget-esq rendition of that? It needn't be at all detailed, perhaps just her moon lit face gazing wistfully into the darkness. It will be used as a reference, as Doyle did, in the coming chapter. If you don't mind, I might even return asking or more requests under similar guidelines, recreating scenes out of the text.

Now, I know what I'm asking of you. It should be a commission. But, please, consider it a friendly challenge. It might even be a bit of fun!

>> No. 120636
File 135942327296.png - (269.21KB , 482x645 , leahchibi.png )
Not a pony, but it's cute so I put it here.

Sent you an email response! <3
>> No. 120889
File 136048092264.png - (338.25KB , 1181x1331 , full.png )
I have here an inked and colored picture from a sketch that FoxTrott gifted to me!

Hope you enjoy it. =P
>> No. 120895
File 136052644796.gif - (18.09KB , 550x400 , walkcycle.gif )
Just a friendly reminder to everyone that I am indeed alive. <3
>> No. 121019
Can we get some Game Grumps ponified in here?
>> No. 121080
IDK if you can do this.. but i need something spectacular..

1 Diamond Dog (more wolf is then dog ish if possible) with a Claymore (in or out of its sheath) and a shield on his back (male)
1 White Unicorn with an Anime esk scar shaped cutiemark in a X formation (Male)
1 Gray Unicorn with cutiemark of a musical note with one white angel's wing on it (female)

If you don't want to draw all that the Cutiemarks and the sword will be enough.

If further info is needed just ask please?
>> No. 121115
File 136127030852.png - (44.25KB , 706x593 , haymaker37.png )
hmm you don't seem to have posted recently but I am in desperate want of good art of my oc. I'd love some pictures of him drinking alone or with berry punch. Its kinda my deal...
orz thanks in advance /)*(
>>pic related
>> No. 121654
File 136287766893.png - (451.24KB , 888x559 , Christmas Backstory.png )
Hi there ^_^ You drew a picture of my OC back in the holiday time and I was wondering if I could get you to draw another with a spring-type setting. Thanks!
>> No. 122136
File 136454498237.png - (407.20KB , 1010x1431 , 1364437871021.png )
Guess who's a terrible person for not updating recently?


I seriously apologize for not being around recently, but if you really REALLY need me, send me an email (you can find it in the OP) or ask me on tumblr,!

To make bit up to y'all, here's a preview of something I'm working on for fun <33

Also, still open for all sorts of commissions ~~~
>> No. 122164
File 136467038525.png - (257.69KB , 738x674 , cindersreffyay.png )

Compare this to the OP pic. I'm slowly getting better~!
>> No. 122279
File 136502292393.gif - (10.52KB , 395x365 , face_talksprite.gif )
Hey look a little talk sprite aww <33

To everybody who's requested things weeks/months/a long time ago and hasn't gotten them: um, if you're still interested, poke me here!
>> No. 122280
File 136502410766.png - (72.30KB , 427x482 , 28859j5.png )
can i get Ticket?
>> No. 125086
Urm, Excuse me. Do you do humans?
>> No. 125118
File 137453549651.png - (248.54KB , 470x470 , the animator's channel is animationrelated btw.png )
Requests, you say? Ponify this face. It will contribute greatly to our cultural development.
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