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File 134627649361.jpg - (341.58KB , 1024x768 , Patchy.jpg )
115196 No. 115196
#Digital #Canon #OCs #Taking requests #Critique wanted
Firstly I'm gonna say sorry to the people who I never got to in my last thread, I haven't forgot about you, and you guys are first up :) To everyone else, feel free to request whatever, just keep in mind it may take me a while to get everyone done :3
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>> No. 116870
Tactical you dirty bastard lol ill try XD
>> No. 116880
File 134972992753.png - (212.87KB , 1314x1785 , 132401712701.png )
is fine :3
>> No. 116987
Woooow, that's a great picture, thank you very much!

Please let me know when you don't mind taking more requests of her :-)
>> No. 116989
I have recently returned to ponychan and only now saw this....thank you I love it
>> No. 116990
File 135000284255.png - (206.54KB , 1773x1557 , Bleeding Rain pony.png )
Have I posted in this thread yet? No, it seems I have not. Hello, Patchwork. Do you still do requests? I hope so. If in fact you do I would like to request art of my Self-insert, Bleeding Rain. Also if you should accept this request I would also like to ask that she be angry. I have sad, mild and happy images of her, but not angry, and I feel that anger is a more necessary emotion than we deem it to be. Thank you either way,

Bleeding Raindrops.
>> No. 117103
File 135019666863.png - (139.80KB , 587x712 , 134706381116.png )
Sorry I've been taking so long, i got caught up on all my requests backed up on devaintart :P so yours is next :)
Thanks I'd love to draw her again once im a little more caught up :)
Yay I'm glad you saw it meta-gamma :D ! I thought u'd never come back! XP
Bleeding Rain finally! lol i was surprised you hadn't shown up yet! :) I havent drawen an angry pony yet so sounds good :D
>> No. 117105
>once im a little more caught up :)
No need to hurry dear :-)

If you get the chance, could you draw her wearing a strereotypical vietnamese straw hat, while walking out of the dark of Everfree into the sunny part? It would be awesome :3
>> No. 117106
File 135020247288.png - (73.83KB , 945x945 , shrugpony Bleeding Rain.png )
Eh, I was playing the old courtesy card. I've got like, six other pending requests on thie board, but they're taking so long I figured it would be okay.
>board is slow sometimes
>> No. 117118

Don't worry, I told you I wouldn't bother you.
>> No. 117140
File 135026366477.png - (21.38KB , 222x259 , spoiler.png )
Brainless your art style is so distinct its really difficult for me to make your OC actually look like your OC DX.... do you have any pics of her drawn by someone else or in the shows style? nothing against your style its really awesome XP just hard to translate into mine...
>> No. 117141
didnt mean to spoiler that :P
>> No. 117142
File 135026596741.png - (165.35KB , 393x805 , PepperS.png )

I... uhm, I made some quick sketches, I haven't drawn too much of her, and you would be the first artist to draw her besides me.

If you need anything else please, don't hesitate to tell me
>> No. 117145
alright thanks that may help a bit :)
>> No. 117150
File 135027872061.png - (25.60KB , 450x400 , pony9347.png )
Hi! After looking through this thread and seeing your amazing work I thought I'd toss an OC request out. No worries if you're backed up or are done requests though, don't wanna impose.

It'd be great if I could this guy (yeah he's a guy, has a more slender/filly style of body though, with no eyelashes) sitting down smiling with his eyes shut.

Unfortunately I don't have a picture of him with his cutie mark yet [ ], and if you could throw that on him that'd be fantastic!

Thank you so much for your time, and keep up the great work!
>> No. 117315
Pardon Patchwork, but are you still accepting requests?
>> No. 117349
File 135071373687.jpg - (308.89KB , 800x840 , patchwork.jpg )
Hey guys, I'm still alive! Sorry for my absence but I've been really busy lately :P
Hi, sorry for the late reply, I'd love to draw him :) he's very cute! :D but yes my requests are quite backed up at the moment so it may be a while :P I've got quite a few on deviantart as well :P
yes i am although like I said they're a bit backed up :P what would you like? :)
>> No. 117350
File 135071928188.png - (715.21KB , 900x728 , brainless.png )
Here ya go brainless, so sorry it took so long she gave me so much trouble lol. I dunno why but i found your oc extremely difficult to draw :P I hope you like it :)
>> No. 117353
File 135071990754.png - (10.15KB , 382x420 , Feathermay lolwut.png )
Do you think you could draw Twilight in a Japanese school girl outfit? I just think Twilight is so kawaii.
>> No. 117362

I'm literally squealing like a little girl, It looks beautiful, and I truly mean it, thanks a lot Patchwork, remember, anything you need, I'm always lurking around.
>> No. 117368
File 135075654378.png - (67.11KB , 333x305 , expression 11.png )
Thank you so much brainless I'm so glad you like it! ;w;
>> No. 117369
not sure if paraspriting or for serious but ill draw it anyway! >:D
>> No. 117388
File 135080314552.png - (14.41KB , 562x588 , Thank You.png )
>> No. 117423
File 135088274725.png - (1.08MB , 900x728 , bleeding rain.png )
I dunno if you wanted her QUITE this angry lol... but it was fun to draw ;P
>> No. 117425
File 135088381638.png - (130.46KB , 894x894 , christmas hat.png )
Ooh, cool! Why is she sitting down, if I may ask.
>> No. 117472
shes sitting cause i tried to draw her standing up and it looked weird :P sorry.
>> No. 117473
I thought it kinda looked like she's brooding about something. :P
>> No. 117483
It's cool. Are the wings intentionally small?
>> No. 117487
yah :p i dunno do they look to small? :/ i was trying to go for normal pegasus size... but i havent drawn a pegasus in a while :p
>> No. 117491
Hey-o, Patchwork. I was wondering if it would be rude of me to request another piece in such a short time?
>> No. 117493
Of course not pirouette :D what would you like, another pic of north? :3
>> No. 117494
File 135095627938.png - (1.46MB , 1366x728 , zuro.png )
Here Zuro :) He's too cute :3 I hope you like it :D
>> No. 117495
File 135095697532.png - (466.90KB , 3255x3172 , Pirouettevectorbetter.png )
Oh, no (not unless you feel like doing that for fun :3 )- actually, I was going to request a picture of Pirouette dancing ballet on an empty stage, with standard houselights (as opposed to spotlights, if you're unfamiliar with theatre terminology) for illumination. I want it to look like she's just practicing alone, in the same sense that a person might sing in the shower.
>> No. 117497
File 135095961886.png - (247.53KB , 644x553 , gallery_69_17_18723.png )
When folded, adult pegasi wings will cover from the shoulder to the base of the flank. When extended, they should reach just past the height of the head. You've got them about halfway open, but you can tell that if folded up again they wouldn't cover much more than just the shoulder.
>> No. 117504
Ok sounds like a challenge :) and maybe i will draw north again just for fun too ;)
>> No. 117505
Oh well thanks for the tip :) well i think ill fix them then :P
>> No. 117539
File 135110553256.png - (850.40KB , 900x728 , twilight.png )
here ya go XD
>> No. 117552
File 135113246941.jpg - (77.18KB , 282x392 , Don'tMakeMeBeg.jpg )
Holy kawaii desu, Batman.
>> No. 117555
File 135114203464.jpg - (6.95KB , 210x240 , images-2.jpg )
OMG thanks Patch! It's so kawaii!!!!!
>> No. 117609
That looks fantastic! Many thanks to you, and love the snowy background.
>> No. 117637
File 135129858351.png - (188.16KB , 416x313 , fortherecord.png )

>> No. 117687
not trying to sound rude, but may I ask if you are still doing my request ( >>117105 )? It would be awesome :)
>> No. 117850
File 135190856819.jpg - (91.58KB , 640x480 , eye.jpg )
Hi everyone! Sorry I kinda fell off the face of the earth I've been pretty busy over on deviantArt :P
Glad you like it :)
uh...whatcha doin? lol
Sorry pallaskitten deviantart list is backed up pretty bad :p ill start on it soon i promise :)
>> No. 117864
No problem :D

There's a reason why it's called "free time!"
>> No. 128090
File 139934061079.png - (180.86KB , 900x650 , Peace Angel.png )
If you are willing, can you draw my OC, Angel? the only edit to the pic i want is that his wings be white and two angel wings as his cutie mark. Draw it however style you wish :)
>> No. 128510
File 140763876681.png - (307.61KB , 644x717 , 1406860408599.png )
Can someone draw my OC as a filly? Her name is Cherry B.
>> No. 128515
File 140785923422.png - (105.95KB , 409x698 )
After 2 years this thread still lives?
>> No. 128517
File 140789286621.png - (787.35KB , 1397x1813 , PiN9hue.png )
can someone draw this one?
>> No. 128521
I know you.
>requests it every thread
>never drawn
I know you, and your feel.
>> No. 128527
File 140823765967.jpg - (61.69KB , 640x480 , Pony Oc Rough Draft.jpg )
sorry if you are kinda overflowing with requests but i liked your other requests and thought i would throw one in

so this is my OC Argentite (image was taken by webcam so its blurry)

i'm not that good at drawing so this is kinda the best i can do myself. i would like to see if you can draw this guy for me, now there are a few details that aren't really visible on the drawn image (such as body color, eye color and so on including cutie mark) so i'm going to put some needed details following.

the following are Hex codes
Body color: #626262
Hoof color: #4F4F4F
Eye color: #0D4F8B
Mane & Tail Color: #CD3700

A few other details
Job: (this is just a little background to give you a bit of context)
he lives in Baltimare as a underground tunnel miner

Cutie mark: a pickaxe at a 45 degree angle (approximately) with a pyrite nugget underneath the T part of the pickaxe

Pet: now in the image it shows a bat to the side named Quartz you don't need to draw her if you don't want to but just know that she is albino(white skin/fur) in case you feel like it

Thanks a ton :D i know this was a long post sorry about that

feel free to change him around a bit it you think it fits him a bit more

Last edited at Sun, Aug 17th, 2014 09:36

>> No. 128528
only just realized that this thread was only revived not long ago and she probably wont see my request. i derped XD

Last edited at Sun, Aug 17th, 2014 09:41

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