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File 134680711638.png - (672.03KB , 2812x1932 , zacrilege_by_darkestdragonking-d531vdb.png )
115430 No. 115430
#Traditional #Digital #Vectors #Alterations #Comics #Canon #OCs #Critique wanted
So here is a thread for anyone to post a picture to get criticism and receive feedback. I did this before but I can't really find that thread again.
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>> No. 115901
File 134778211612.png - (257.58KB , 1568x1736 , Aqua Silver.png )
I don't want to hear about how messy the lineart is

But anything other then that I am all open
>> No. 115907
The eye looks like it was copy-pasted from a pre-existing pony. Did you just trace over a pony maker character?
>> No. 115908
Well, this looks like a princess style pony scaled down to regular-pony size. Where the back of the neck meets the body, the size and shape of the hind legs, size of the horn and the shape of the muzzle are all princess-like. Given the coat colour, she looks like an edit of Luna.

The placement of that silver wedge on the flank makes look like part of the tail.

I can't help but think that her hair looks like white glue.
>> No. 115918
No i didn't actually, I hate how circular the eyes are, it shows how i normally do my art [all straight lines]
>> No. 115919
Woops, meant to do this in one post
Well doesn't Fleur de Lis look that way too? [body shape]
As for body color, it was just a coincidence, didnt think about that hmm
The hair isn't white, but it IS very close
As for the silver, wow, you got that right, it was just supposed to be a silver thing, but yeah...not really a nail, just some random piece of silver
Thanks for the thoughts
>> No. 115922
File 134783773346.png - (835.75KB , 3800x2460 , Solar and Chaos Moon.png )
This is half of a picture I am working on. What do you think about it? It was an older picture just remastered [looks way better] and I redid the wings because they looked weird, and the horn because well....nevermind that. The tail was redone because it looked too long. Finally added 3 spikes to both back legs and the purple streak in the mane and tail. Those are the differences from my original drawing of him
>> No. 115925
>Well doesn't Fleur de Lis look that way too? [body shape]
Well, yeah, sure. There is that. It still looks like you only know how to draw the one body type.

>it shows how i normally do my art [all straight lines]
Yeah... you know, that "all straight lines" thing isn't really doing you any favours.

I think it looks spiky. Like you took a princess-pony, and put a whole lot of spikes on her.

I suppose that's what you were going for, and that's cool and all, but I can't say it's anything to get worked up over.

Oh, by the way: on the lowest spike of the wing, there's a gap between the line and the fill where the background is showing through.

The lower point of the moon on the flank looks bent a bit out of shape.
>> No. 115938
Well Chaos Moon is a guy and it was not supposed to look like any other characters. Wings are not supposed to be spikes either. I also don't see what your talking about. Bent out of shape?

As for the Aqua Silver picture, i draw different ways, look at the OP, im sure you remember that. So I certainly can draw other ways, but I tend to draw a side view, its just my style.
>> No. 115977
>Well Chaos Moon is a guy and it was not supposed to look like any other characters.
In terms of his shape and proportions, he has the same physical build as Princess Celestia, Princess Luna, and Princess Cadance. I can see where you may possibly be confused on this point, but I generally refer to this as a Princess body type. There is only one pony I'm aware of who has this body type and is not a princess: Fleur de Lis, who had a non-speaking background role in one episode. Chrysalis had this build too... she was a changling, not a pony, and a Queen, not a Princess, but that's close enough.

>So I certainly can draw other ways, but I tend to draw a side view, its just my style.
Just... your... style.

That's not a style, that's a comfort zone. If that is your style, I'd say it's an extremely limited, confined, and unambitious style.

Look, Zorad, you're not giving me much to go on here. I'd like to give you useful comments, but your stuff is getting repetitive. There's really nothing new for me to comment on. If you don't need comments, then my time is better spent on artists who do, and it sounds like you don't really need them, or want them.
>> No. 116010
I do know one thing I really could use critic on that I didn't have at the time for one older picture. It had to do with the same pose [so i could work with the armor easier since part of it would be done]
It was Chaos Moon in a full set of armor [which would be my first and only attempt] you could try that?
>> No. 116014
File 134797948168.png - (957.43KB , 2536x2734 , awww tenshi.png )
This is what I did on sai.. What you think?
>> No. 116027
File 134801858480.png - (211.35KB , 373x327 , edghee.png )
>> No. 116033
As it's just a sketch, I'd say it looks normal
>> No. 116043
File 134803640967.jpg - (137.31KB , 732x839 , If I Were a Big Pony.jpg )
Wooo! This thread! I tried looking for it but it was gone... Glad to see it back.

Um, here's a pony, I'm wondering mostly on whether or not I got the shading right but any other comments would be really helpful!

Non garish OC!
Um, just a comment, the mane looks a bit stiff and not fluid. It could be more, you know, flowing shampoo commercial hair like.

A lot smoother, pretty nice, looks really complicated...
Only thing is the tail looks a bit thick near the flank to me. You get that 'shitting rainbows' effect.

Pretty good, nothing much to comment on, has a nice anime vibe (I think... I don't know anime that well, it just feels like it.) hair could do with a bit more volume. (I find Olay really gives my hair oomph and shine!)
>> No. 116077
File 134810971563.jpg - (126.44KB , 732x839 , If_I_Were_a_Redline_Pony.jpg )
>I'm wondering mostly on whether or not I got the shading right
The shading looks "pretty okay" to me. The shadow around the neck, just below the jaw, is the only thing that bugs me, the rest of it is pretty solid.

I wish I could give you something more to work with than that, but putting shadows on ponies has always eluded me... they're just too stylized for me to picture their shapes in 3D.

The neck seems a little weak, and the arms a little low. The muzzle seems kinda thin, too. Here, have a redline, that might make more sense.

Anyway... hope this helps some. Sorry I couldn't give you more on the shading, but it looks like you're off to a good start. :3

([i]Dang... ever since I sorted out GIMP's vector tools, redlines have been a breeze.[/?])
>> No. 116108
I don't even use vector tools for my stuff but people think i do. O.o

Yeah, I don't know what happened to it either, but I started it up again here. As for the mane and tail, your probably right. Though I did try do it quickly. I also haven't done the mane like that for OC's so that was new to me [where part of the mane is covering the base of the horn]

As for Chaos Moon, yeah I tend to stuff like that often it seems. Just look at the OP post, I did it there too! As for the tail and rainbows...don't know what to say ahah
>> No. 116187
File 134837631299.png - (174.68KB , 1776x1545 , Water Aqua Silver.png )
I made a merpony version of Aqua Silver. I haven't drawn a merpony before, and I did something new with the legs and then there is the fact I've never drawn fins before.
>> No. 116332
File 134862050643.png - (188.10KB , 600x600 , New Canvas.png )
>> No. 116343
I will guess it is Scootaloo?
From what I can tell, everything is correct. Proportions are all the way they should be. I'd be interested in what WhiteFox will have to say about it.
>> No. 116349
I just can't get a moment of peace, can I? :3

Honestly, I was planning on not posting in this thread anymore, let it fade away, and keep the original one, >>108009, active.

Plus, when someone posts something without writing a post or providing a name, I'm usually much less enthusiastic about responding to it. Lethargy is contagious.

But, well, I'm here now, right?

I'd say this looks just spiffy. The show accuracy is great, but there's also a a personal touch that makes it interesting. Plus, I'm a real sucker for a nice looking sketchy drawing style. :3

The wings.... as much as I like sketchy, the lines for the wing is rather loose. It looks a bit small overall, too.

The feathers aren't as spread apart as typical FiM-style filly feathers. Alternatively, the wing may be closed... if that case, i's worth noting that pegasus fillies never close their wings in the show. Ever, as far as I know. Not that you can't draw it that way if you want to, but if show accuracy is a big deal... like I said: worth noting.

The mane and forelock are more flat looking than the tail, which has sharper highlights.

Anyway, hope this helps some. It's after 4AM, I should be getting to sleep.
>> No. 116353
File 134864949816.png - (303.80KB , 800x600 , 102462__UNOPT__safe_scootaloo_artist-rainbow.png )
Reminds me about Rainbow's work:
>> No. 116442
Ah, well, I started this one because of well....nothing was happening in the old one and I couldn't really find it again. >>116043 said that he/she couldn't find it either so yeah.

Guess the other one got revived though so oh well!
>> No. 116748
File 134951155675.png - (251.53KB , 1064x1179 , Zyra Pony.png )
Here is something that still has a really long ways to go before I finish. So it is still a little messy since I'm not the best with tablets as I am better with pencil and paper [as such it looks better with my paper drawing]
I am certainly going to make it neater but anything? [the wings were supposed to be like petals or what not...but oh well. I also had no side references for something like this. Without colors, I'll say the tail, and wing [not the webbing part] are vines....and those are vines swirling around the front legs. I guess it looks hard to critic for the moment but bear with me [I don't really like very harsh criticism]

Side note- looks like the other one stopped updating?
>> No. 116757
>Side note- looks like the other one stopped updating?
Okay. Whatever. You guys pick a thread and stick with it, I don't care anymore.
>> No. 116759
The feathers have no organization, the wing is one big carpet of tips.

There are numerous tutorials that mention this... See:
Particularly the section "Structure: Inside & Out."

Is probably my favourite tutorial on drawing wings, tho.

This is weird... last week, I was constantly posting about noses, and now suddenly it's wings. Did /art/ turn into /phoenix/ or something?
>> No. 116761
Honestly, I can't take anything of what you said because it is all irrelevant. Because you didn't read what I said, you don't know that I said it was supposed to be like petals, not feathers. Also, I did say the mess would look neater and therefore it will look more organized.
I am using this one now because I meant that the other auto saged or whatever you call it. It's at least 6 months old by now.
>> No. 116768
Zorad... yes, I did read your post.You said "The wings are supposed to be like petals. I don't know if that means if it has petal shaped feathers, or petals for feathers.

As for the organization thing:
>I am certainly going to make it neater but anything?
I'm sorry, this was a pretty broken sentence. It barely makes sense. When you say, "neater," I picture making the points a little more straightened out. But a straightend out carpet of points is still a carpet. I posted the refs I did, because there was no primary, secondary, or coverlet feathers.

And it doesn't matter! Whether they're feathers or petals, they look like a disorganized mess. Actual petals don't look like that, feathers don't look like that. And, even if this is fictional or stylistic, regardless of what things look like in real life, it just doesn't look very good.

Not to mention, there are plenty of options for petals that would be more reminiscent of feathers. For example:

Zorad, I'm not going to comment on your work any more. You get touchy when I misinterpret what you say, while your posts are barely comprehensible. You don't want to hear 80% of the things I would have to say. The things i would comment on, you tend to say "oh, ignore this or that, I know it's wrong" or "this is just a WIP" or "that's just my style."

Sorry, but I don't intend to waste any more time or effort.I'd love to help you with anything I can, but you're just too difficult to work with.
>> No. 116804
I'm sorry
Yes, I did mean petals not feathers.
I am going to try to organize the wing more
Also, I just never did something like this before, used to doing dragon wings more.

Actually, I have no idea how your visioning "organized". Care to do a redline? [Oh, something a little different, I based the wing more off of a dragon wing, instead of webbing for the wing, its petals I guess. Hence why part of vine part of the wing goes down the middle of the wing.

Oh, was the only thing you thought needed some work was the wings? [Again, I am deeply sorry]
>> No. 116875
>[Again, I am deeply sorry]
I will tentatively accept your apology. But I need you to understand, even setting aside how frustrating it can be to critique your work, it's just plain difficult to critique your work.

This is a WIP, so there's a 95% chance that anything I comment on was something that you already planning to work on (makes things difficult). And if I did comment on them, chances are the response I'd get would be "OMG, I SAID THIS WAS A WIP, CAN'T YOU READ?" (makes things frustrating)

And, if it wasn't that, there's a good chance it'd be "OMG THAT'S JUST MY STYLE!" (Which makes things difficult and frustrating)

So, basically, I spent about [/i]an hour and a half[/i] trying to make some kind of sense of your post. I took my best shot at writing some comments on what seemed like a safe bet, and the response I got was basically "OMG YOU TOTALLY DIDN'T READ MY COMMENTS! CAN'T YOU READ?" (Frustrating, to put it mildly)

Look, Communication is easy to screw up, mistakes happen. Sometimes the comments you write are confusing, or something what you draw doesn't give the impression you intended. Sometimes I, or some other commentator, will derp up and misinterpret something you wrote or drew even if it is written/drawn clearly.

It happens, it's inevitable. These are mistakes and accidents, not insults or attacks.

Here's all I'm gonna ask of you... not just for me, but for anyone who offers you feedback. Since you can't avoid the occasional point of confusion, all you can do is deal with them when they happen. Be civil, be polite. Ask for clarification, maybe explain what you were actually going for. Don't accuse the person of blatant negligence or incompetence.

Besides... nine times out of ten, the confusion itself is useable feedback. eg.: even if all the stuff I said about how to draw wings is useless to you, the simple fact that I confused them for feathery wings should tell you something.

And, I'll give you some advice: Do yourself a favour, if you want to reduce the possibility of these misunderstandings, be a little more intelligible with your comments. I mean, I know this is the intrama'nets and all, and noone gives a buck about grammar. But if you want people to make sense of what you say, you could at least put some effort into making sense.

That being said.

> I based the wing more off of a dragon wing, instead of webbing for the wing, its petals...
Well. That changes everything. Knowing that would have been good to know. That's actually a pretty nifty concept.

Having a few vines as fingerbones for the wings would go a long way toward making them look more like bat wings. Looking really, really really carefully, I see something that might possibly be a second fingerbone, but it gets lost in the mass of details. Since this is an uncoloured WIP, I can't really tell for sure.

Using finer lines for the petals would go a long way toward making the fingerbone-vines stand out. But, of course, this is a WIP, so you might have been planning to do that anyway.

Something to note about bat wings... the upper arm is about 1/3rd the length of the forearm. The length of the first phylanges is equal length to the forearm, and the length second plus third phylanges are equal to the length of the upper arm.

On a feathered wing, the feathers layer over all the joints and smooth everything out. On a bat wing the bones and muscle are plainly visible underneath the skin, so everything is semi-straight lines and sharp angled corners. On Zyrapony there, the vines of the wings are mostly curves, which is probably a major reason they give an impression of feathery wings.

How 'bout this... instead of vines, have a tree branch that kinks at the elbow and forks at the wrist. Where the wing meets the body, you could have roots coming out and extending over the torso. I could do a sketch to show what I mean, if you like.

The line for the jaw goes all the way to the back of the neck, which looks blocky and inorganic. For FiM-style ponies, princesses included, the jawline goes as far back as the corner of the eye.

I talk too much... back to the sketchbook for me.
>> No. 116879
Hmm, make a good point there, but I don't think a tree branch would work too well with the character since it is a pony version of a League of Legends character- Zyra. I'd still like to see what you have in mind however.
Yeah, I noticed that [the line with the head thing] however, I am not sure what I should do there since....perhaps I should do a quick color to get colors in the right spots. With all the detail, it would make it more clear what is happening....
I was also originally going to make her an alicorn, but I forgot the horn. When I tried to add it in, I couldn't make it look good so I'm leaving it that way. Want the picture I used for reference? [It would make a lot of sense that way too save for the wings and tail.]
>> No. 116889
Ah, here we go. I tried to get some simple colors on it to help differentiate things. It was rather difficult since the reference is so many different colors. Trying this really shows me how much time I'll have to take on it to make it look good.

So for the wings, the lower half of the wing doesn't look too bad....but as to looking like petals....err. The top half is just crazy, I think on paper it looks fine, but when doing it on the tablet....I must've slipped [wait...I did slip] Must be why part of it is weird looking. Tempting to put in gradients, but wouldn't matter since the final piece won't show any of this. Does this help?
>> No. 116890
File 134973633123.png - (320.64KB , 1064x1179 , Zyra Ponycolor.png )
Woops, forgot the picture
>> No. 117007
So I am trying to redo it in a different way. Hopefully it will be easier to do this way since the other one was too messy on the wings and part of it was messed up. So I scanned my picture and with the mouse [brush] I went over my lines. I should've done it on a separate layer though.

Refer to >>116890 for an idea on color scheme. None of the colors are final because some might be changed.

Character is Zyra Rise of the Thorns from League of Legends for reference [but I gave her wings to make her look cooler]
>> No. 118173
Done, file size was too large to upload so I gave the link.
>> No. 118202
File 135293404602.png - (720.73KB , 826x744 , FirstPony.png )
So this is my first drawing really ever and showing it to people, I've never really expanded from stick figure but I saw the 'How to draw' thread and thought I'd give it a shot.

Now I'm sorry for any obvious mistakes in it, I'm also sorry for the non-fancy computer made pony. I used what I had, a pencil a writing pen and colored pencils.

I would like feedback on it as it is my first time drawing a pony, sure I did 1 or 2 before (or at least tried to, but those came out as abominations)

I think I need to work on the top of the mane and face :/
>> No. 118224
>I'm also sorry for the non-fancy computer made pony.
The tools don't matter, it's how you use them. :3

The stance of the hind legs makes them seem hunched up a bit, like the character is recoiling a little. Ponies in the show usually stand with their feet a little behind them.

Would you care for a redline of the face? There's a lot of stuff there that would be easier to explain with a diagram, rather than just talking about it.
>> No. 118226
Agreed with Whitefox, though I didn't notice the legs.

Can you try- >>118173 ?
>> No. 118253
I would love anything that you can do that you feel can better explain what you mean :)
>> No. 118257
Right! Imma get right on it then.

There are white pixels between the fill and lines, which always makes a colouring job look extremely shoddy.

The lines overrun each other in places. For example: take a look at the forelegs: the line for the bottom of one hoof overruns the line for the other leg. Overruns also make work look shoddy.

The line weight is constant, which makes it hard to distinguish the overall shape and figure from the details. Using thinner lines for the details would make the image much clearer, visually.

The thick and heavy lines also mess up some of the details. Take a look at the thorns on the vines: some of them are almost non-existant, because the width of the line covers them up. The heel-spike of the hind hoof comes down farther than the rest of the hoof... again, probably because the line thickness adds to it.
>> No. 118375
File 135330803237.jpg - (27.65KB , 715x536 , YouTried_lineart.jpg )
Hi there. I'm wondering if I could get some advice / looking over my line art? The final will be a fully shaded graphite drawing, so the actual line weight and quality doesn't matter. I just wanted to make them look pretty :P But I haven't really done this much of a pony's body completely freehand, so I'm not sure about my anatomy and proportioning. Rarity's snout may be a little off, but I don't quite know how.

I apologize for the terrible cell phone picture - the final will be scanned, I swear.
>> No. 118385
File 135335578655.jpg - (290.15KB , 1920x1080 , 135316867663.jpg )
I personally think it's accurate. Rarity's front hoof that's lifting up seems a bit high. That's what I think, everything else is pretty!
And I would love to see it finished, good luck with it.
>> No. 118403
Considering the angle, it may look better if the line for the nose continued right up to the eye.

The line for the top of her nose ends in a curl... I'm guessing this is a dimple from her smile, but it seems odd to have it coming out of the bridge of her nose. One way to fix this would be to extend the line of her nose a little further past the curl, so the nose and dimple make a y. If that makes sense. Or, just leave out the dimple: the lower eyelid for that eye implies that she's smiling.

Rarity's forelock comes down to about level with her nose. Her muzzle may not look right simply because the forelock isn't there next to it.

>Rarity's front hoof that's lifting up seems a bit high.
Looks okay to me.

I totally swear I'm still working on this, It's just... taking a while. Because... well, reasons. I'm very sorry for the delay. :<
>> No. 118408
File 135336608451.jpg - (1.05MB , 1740x1527 , LotrPony2_0.jpg )
No Problem man! in fact I've been working on LotrPony for the past couple of days and here's the results :p

sorry for the white box in the corner, but I signed my name since I was proud of it but the internet must never know!
>> No. 118690
File 135406685005.jpg - (2.57MB , 2496x3363 , Future's Bright.jpg )
Critique at will! I wanted to draw again, which I believe I have been improving on looking at my "first pony" again earlier in this thread XD.
>> No. 118705
File 135409101298.jpg - (539.15KB , 1701x1236 , raritydrawing1.jpg )
I recently (read: last week) started drawing ponies and I'd like some feedback. I've only been looking at screencaps from the show and trying to recreate those poses in my drawing.

This drawing of Rarity is one of the first serious drawings I've attempted, and I'd really appreciate any tips and feedback and the like.
>> No. 118760
File 135416134564.png - (209.57KB , 1044x620 , Rarity sketch in progress[crop].png )
It looks like you're off to a pretty good start to me. Just the incentive to give it a try and put in the effort puts you well on your way.

Working off of reference images is always a good idea, but you don't have to restrain yourself to drawing exactly what you see in the images.
You might want to take a moment to think about the character structurally: how can the face and body be broken down into simple parts that can be arranged into whatever pose you need. Keep placement and proportion in mind.
I can see traces of guidelines, but when you're in the learning process there really isn't any need to conceal them. Try to stay loose and draw lightly when you're sketching the form out--art is supposed to be a free-flowing entity; it's not an exact science. (although, if graph paper is all you have lying around, there's nothing I can do to stop you from using it...)

Granted, I was drawing cartoons before I was a brony, and I tend to focus a bit too much on facial expression rather than the whole body... but this picture was one of my first drawings of Rarity from a reference. I was doing a lot of my pony drawings at school, where I didn't have references in front of me, and so I had to commit a lot of the hair and facial structures to memory. That's where mentally breaking down the character helps a lot.

>Keep drawing, and good luck!
>> No. 118769
File 135417601171.jpg - (1.16MB , 1700x2338 , rbddrawing1.jpg )
>It looks like you're off to a pretty good start to me. Just the incentive to give it a try and put in the effort puts you well on your way.


>Working off of reference images is always a good idea, but you don't have to restrain yourself to drawing exactly what you see in the images.

I started drawing ponies doing poses from the show first mainly just to get a good feel of how their faces and legs and stuff work before I wanted try to draw ponies without references, but I'll keep it in mind to pay attention to breaking down poses and facial expressions.

I'm not exactly an expert on drawing, but to me it looks like her neck is a tad too long and perhaps a little bit too wide.

>pic is two Rainbow Dash drawings I did a few days ago, I'm quite satisfied with how the first one turned out, but the second one has this really strange look on her face which I tried to but don't know how fix. (Also I'm sorry for the graph paper, but I don't have much other paper lying around right now.)
>> No. 118805
Good to see people are finally making good use of this thread.
>> No. 119046
File 135479375503.jpg - (1.89MB , 2388x2760 , Rainbow Dash.jpg )
New drawing coming at ya! As always I'd love to hear feedback and critique!
>> No. 119072
Pretty good, but the head seems a little off. I'm not an expert on telling others whats wrong so I'll leave that to someone who can. I just can't tell you what seems wrong
>> No. 119073
File 135490890897.png - (174.04KB , 900x1032 , Zeysa Xenovia.png )
Anything to say about this one?
>> No. 119080
The body proportions look like those of a filly, but the wings look like those of an adult... not sure which age you were going for.

The character has almost no neck, which looks a bit stocky. Also, the head isn't pushing forward, which would add much more energy to the pose.

The work is very clean: the lines are smooth and tidy, and the colouring/shading is very evenly applied. Is this digital or manual?

The way the cutie mark corresponds to the hairstyle? Buckin' awesome, that's clever. Is that referencing the ubiquitous sleeping-pony-with-heart-shaped-mane-and-tail thing?

The lines have actual honest to goodness curves in them, and the difference is spectacular. Especially on the legs and cutie mark. The lines on the hair are a bit lumpy.

Lighter lines with darker fill colours are harder on the eyes than dark lines with lighter fill, which is generally less pleasant to look at. I'm pretty sure that the only time they use light-on-dark in the show is when the character is such a dark colour that even a dead black line wouldn't be visible against it.

The ears are rather pointy... I'm chalking that up to personal style, though.

The eye-shines are pointing in opposite directions. If the light source is to the right, then both reflections would be pointing right (if left, then both left).

Unrelated: out of curiosity, is there any reason why you haven't yet made a gallery thread of your own in /art/?
>> No. 119081
Thank you for the feedback! :) I was going for the age of the RD we all know, I'm still trying to work on perspective and how to draw things like "adding energy to the pose" I've never been taught these things so I'm learning as I go along with each drawing.
This one being the hardest drawing I've done so far with the angle the pose and those god forsaken wings lol.

>Is this digital or manual?
all of my drawings have been done with just simple colored pencils and paper :p
>> No. 119083
Yeah, the mane and tail were tough to do, I still couldn't get it the way I did it on paper, erased several times =[

"ubiquitous sleeping-pony-with-heart-shaped-mane-and-tail thing?" Can you explain? I have no clue what that is O.o

Never thought about how the light shining on the eyes worked, I'll try to fix that next time.

Pointy ears more of a style, I think I do that often.

Lastly, on topic, yeah, I was trying to decide what the mark should be when I noticed that the mane almost closed together like a heart. So yeah, I got some interesting back story ideas around that too.

Off topic: Hmm, not sure why I don't.
>> No. 119084
File 135492582466.png - (146.39KB , 640x480 , b486bn.png )
>Can you explain?
>See: pic
The resemblance is probably just coincidence. :3

>Pointy ears more of a style, I think I do that often.
As far as stylistic choices go, it's not a bad one. "Personal style" often gets a bad rap. IMHO, as long as the artist isn't avoiding a shortcoming in their skills I don't see any problem with it.

>Thank you for the feedback! :)
Happy to help. :3

> I've never been taught these things so I'm learning as I go along with each drawing.
That's the best way to do it, actually. True mastery isn't being able to do anything, it's being able to learn effortlessly. To pick up new skills as you need them, quickly enough that you don't even break your stride. By learning as you go, you also learn how to learn. It pays off tremendously in the long run.

I ramble! Moving right along.

>all of my drawings have been done with just simple colored pencils and paper :p
I kinda figured, but had to ask. A lot of art programs go to great lengths to simulate paper media.
>> No. 119115
I was never taught that stuff either =[
>> No. 120008
File 135729893015.png - (78.19KB , 600x600 , smuzzy.png )
woohoo I finally got one :p I did this for a friend, and trying out a new style, basically just having fun with it :p tell me what you think!
>> No. 120014
wait, do you have to be a fool to hug? because if you do, then i cant hug
>> No. 120015
wait, do you have to be a fool to hug? because if you do, then i cant hug
>> No. 120016
File 135735900529.jpg - (104.11KB , 499x652 , Nuclear-Mind-Blown.jpg )
no you would be a fool not to hug, if you are not hugging at this moment then you are indeed a fool. Therefore calling you out for it
>> No. 120049
File 135747262930.png - (69.58KB , 640x400 , ShadingTestTwilight.png )
I had never tried shading before, so I threw this picture together so I could use it as a test subject. I would just like tips on how to improve my shading. Thanks in advance.
>> No. 120087
Ok well, I don't do shading.However, first i need to know: so is the light source coming from behind her or is it coming from the left to hit her with her facing the way she is facing looks diagonal? If the last part is the one, then the part of her that is her left side should probably be a bit darker. Also, part of the mane is behind her ear which should mean that it would have to be darker the other parts of the mane.

If something of that doesn't make sense, ask. I'll try to clear some of it up.
>> No. 120090
File 135760472416.jpg - (21.02KB , 326x343 , JHYouMakeHappy.jpg )

The light is coming from in front at an angle, the second one. Thanks, I didn't see the thing about the mane.
>> No. 120156
Your welcome
I may never shade, but I sort of know how it works though I think id be terrible at it....especially digitally
>> No. 120340
File 135834684797.png - (694.48KB , 900x800 , in_tents_and_porpoises_by_franksinatrot-d5geira.png )
I bring bumps from the depths of eternity!

Can anyone tell me what's wrong with this? Her face feels really off to me and I have no idea why, it's really annoying me... Thanks!
>> No. 120341
So do you only want feed back on the face? I mean, this can be a little tough since you chose Pinkie Pie, she defies many things afterall
>> No. 120342
The eye to the right... our right, that is, not her right... is rather wide. The more turned the head is, the less of the far eye is visible.

The width of the far eye is also making the bridge of the nose narrower... at a three quarters angle, the far eye is usually about equal in width to the bridge of the nose.

Because both eyes are of equal width, the impression they give is that they're being viewed from straight ahead. However, the rest of the head is distinctly being viewed from an angle. The contradiction between the two viewing angles is probably where that offish feeling is coming from. Yay, cubism!

Anyway, hope this helps some.
>> No. 120343
File 135837629718.jpg - (95.03KB , 900x600 , fluttercry.jpg )
My friend made this. i, for one, think she's supremely talented. but she wont take my word for it.
>> No. 120345
Well, if your friend wants feedback, I'd be happy to oblige.
>> No. 120377
Yes... She's meant to look funny!
Feedback on anything would be helpful really, I know her legs are too short and the colouring job on her tail is poor.

Ahh, that makes sense, thank you very much!
>> No. 120391
Happy to help! :3

>Feedback on anything would be helpful really,
Would you like a redline?
>> No. 120407
Sounds like Whitefox has you covered. He is better at this sort of thing then I am.
>> No. 120410
That's because I have more practice critiquing. It's a great exercise for improving your artistic skills in general, I highly recommend it.

...I can't keep the entire /art/ board covered by myself tho. Not unless you guys want me to burn out and disappear for a month or so. As usual.
>> No. 120442
>Would you like a redline?
No thanks, I'm alright. I know you're very busy with the rest of /art/ and I think I understand the concept now.

Thanks again!
>> No. 120638
File 135942782498.png - (318.86KB , 800x1000 , Ihavenoideawhatimdoing.png )
Feel free to rip it apart with critiques I think I need help on shading
>> No. 120642
File 135943606082.jpg - (1.27MB , 2448x3264 , 2013-01-28 23_04_32.jpg )
i'm not finished, i got to darken the lines.

before i techline it, i just want some criticism
>> No. 120662
File 135952094744.jpg - (33.14KB , 960x540 , Acleus.jpg )
i'm learning how to make ponies in blender on my own, critiques would be very welcomed.
>> No. 120689
Been to lazy to do this but here goes

Hmm, for her left eye, it appears to be popping out a lot.

Why did you put a pokemon picture on an MLP thing? I think it would be better if you went to a place and asked people that are into that more. I mean like a place about pokemon, it would be better that way.

I don't know what to say about 3D models. I can however tell you that the head is probably already knew that though. To the less obvious, the body seems awkwardly round and large. I can't say much more because it's beyond my expertise.
>> No. 121499
File 136250728771.png - (178.77KB , 800x800 , Yousure.png )
Latest thing I've done. The face is missing...something. I cannot figure out what it is, curse my very minimal knowledge of shading things.
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