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File 134912696409.png - (248.82KB , 1552x1879 , shien.png )
116610 No. 116610
#Digital #OCs #Taking commissions #Critique wanted

Hey, everypony! I'm finally opening up commissions on MLP OC characters. I'm experienced and have been working on ponies for more than a year now and, since I'm looking for some money, I decided to give it a try. As follows is my listing. Everything is digitalized, colored, and coordinated with you to warrant satisfaction!

Please contact me through my e-mail (Check my name here!) or through my DA, shown at the bottom of this post.

Single pony: $6

Includes one simple pony; any desired pose; no clothing; no props.

Add to base price for:
Extra pony: $4
Simple Props/Accessories: $1
Complex or Multiple Props/Accessories/Pets: $2
Clothing/Complex Physical Features: $3

Reference Sheet: $20

Includes pony front view; pony profile view; pony 3/4 view or back view; bio text; cutie mark sample; color pallette.

Add to base price for:
Simple Props/Accessories: $2
Complex or Multiple Props/Accessories/Pets: $4
Clothing/Complex Physical Features: $6
Extra View: $6

Age Chart: $17

Includes baby pony; colt/filly pony; mare/stallion pony; elder pony or teenage pony.

Add to base price for:
Simple Props/Accessories: $2
Complex or Multiple Props/Accessories/Pets: $3
Clothing/Complex Physical Features: $4
Extra Life Stage: $3

Icons/Cutie Marks/Banners: $2

Includes desired icon/cutie mark/banner at desired height and length.

Bust shot: $3

Includes upper body view of pony; customer's desired expression.


Payment must be received before the work starts. If the user is not satisfied with the product, it will be reviewed and redone based on their observations. You may decide if you want a constant progress update, which will take longer until completion, but gives you more control over what's done.

Thank you for considering me!

You may find more of my work on DeviantART:
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>> No. 116612
Payment will be handled through Paypal, and it will be agreed upon when contacting me.
>> No. 116619
File 134914375446.png - (262.91KB , 1925x2123 , Aqua Silver.png )
Bumping up with samples!
>> No. 116627
File 134920685280.png - (353.79KB , 1376x2000 , guu.png )
Some more samples!
>> No. 116641
Yay! Aqua Silver =D
>> No. 116648
File 134927661006.gif - (886.51KB , 354x151 , mlfw6102-sad_face.gif )
>mine countenance whereupon I dont even have money for commissions anymore ;_; .
Hopefully I can get my money situation sorted out so I can get something from you someday.
>> No. 116663
File 134930788680.png - (374.10KB , 1370x2492 , dragondressed2.png )
First ever completed commission!

I wish you the best of luck, you'll come across great stuff sooner than you think!
>> No. 116722
File 134947811822.png - (327.80KB , 1947x2382 , godfrey.png )
Next completed commission! They are still OPEN!
>> No. 116738
File 134949729730.png - (449.39KB , 1208x2504 , pegasusnobowtie.png )

Another commission complete! This one with three variants; out of all, this one's my favorite.

You can still get your own, and the queue has diminished; solicit at [email protected] of

Have an awesome weekend!
>> No. 116789
File 134962485903.png - (510.57KB , 2165x2000 , frosty.png )
This is the next commissions, and now the queue's free for a bit!
>> No. 116790
You, sir, deserve mad props.

The line art is clean, but it's still fluid and dynamic. A lot of artists end up with either clean but stiff and inorganic lines, or lively but shoddy lines. The shapes have a nice sense of form: they feel like solid objects (as opposed to a bunch of lines on a flat screen).

Some parts of the line art can be hit or miss... particularly, the corners and line weight. Looking up close at >>116722, for example... the superfine line for the top of the hair? I love that, it's gorgeous. The way the lines of the legs taper as they meet the body? Given how solid a leg is, the lightweight lines don't seem appropriate.

The figures are very expressive: all they have to do is stand there and look at you, and you get a sense of their personality. It's subtle, too. They don't resort to extreeeeem faces to pull it off.

The body language, how they stand, how they're posed, could be doing more. >>116738 and >>116789 have expressive poses, but >>116610, >>116722 and >>116627 are just sorta standing there. Their faces have personality, so it seems incongruous that their poses do not.

I went through your DA gallery a bit, and noticed that everything you do is character art. Have you done anything with backgrounds or scenery at all?

At any rate, I talk too much... hope this helps some. Awesome work all around, looking forward to seeing more. :3
>> No. 116791
File 134963470500.png - (104.21KB , 850x191 , everfree autumn.png )
Thanks for your critique, I'll make sure to try out more expressive poses in the future.

And yes, I mostly do character art only, because I started drawing only to be able to do so with my own characters in the first place.

Lately, I've been practicing backgrounds quite a bit, though I haven't gotten anywhere satisfactory.

This banner is the latest thing I've done in such a way, and I still believe I have ways to go in backgrounds. (That's the reason I don't list it for commissions just yet!!)
>> No. 116807
Oh? Your the one who made that? Did you make the Harvest Festival one too?
>> No. 116810
Yes, I did!
>> No. 117084
File 135017621329.png - (404.04KB , 1794x2600 , FINAL34.png )
Part of a WIP reference sheet!

Commissions are still OPEN:
>> No. 117095
You may want to have your thread added to the Directory sticky, here: >>112483. It has a section just for commissions.
>> No. 117099
File 135019082965.png - (315.94KB , 1843x2013 , Starfloweradult.png )
Thanks, done!

Also, this is my latest finished commission!
>> No. 117248
File 135052413504.png - (377.30KB , 2000x2920 , starflowerteen.png )
Here's another commission, and now the queue's free: and commissions are OPEN!
>> No. 117372
File 135076230027.png - (363.17KB , 1094x1601 , bustshot.png )
>> No. 117376
File 135077181291.png - (386.18KB , 1746x1122 , Kite.png )
Here's my newest completed Commission, what do you think?

I really liked working on her and am satisfied wit hthe result~
>> No. 117525
File 135102989339.png - (234.88KB , 2211x1477 , unicornresting.png )
Here's Blaze, the latest commission. And now the queue is clear!!

Commissions are still open, either through my e-mail (Check my name here) or my DA!
>> No. 117580
File 135120130396.png - (243.26KB , 1415x2072 , baby.png )
This is part of my next commission: My very first age chart!! How does he look?
>> No. 117663
These are so good /)*A*( what program do you use?
>> No. 117664
Also what a cute lil filly x3
>> No. 117686

I use GIMP most of the time. I find it much more comfortable than photoshop, though I do make use of that one for certain things.
>> No. 117794
File 135173887973.png - (206.87KB , 1536x1912 , teen.png )
The htird part of hte latest age chart commission; one more to go!!
>> No. 118343
File 135327511149.png - (587.51KB , 2500x1506 , agechart2.png )
Aaaaand here we go! It's the first Age Chart I make, and the commissioner was pretty happy with it. Any criticism on it?

Also, commissions are back open!!

Check me out:
>> No. 118345

I'mma commission you once I have money again. :D
>> No. 118349
File 135328306139.png - (315.47KB , 2200x2180 , Magnet Bolt.png )

Meanwhile, here's a pony I just drew. She's Magnet Bolt, who has a blindbag floating around somewhere.
>> No. 118365
(psst... I sent you an e-mail)
>> No. 118381
Hm... It appears I didn't receive it. If it's not much trouble, would you mind re-sending it?
>> No. 118384
Re-sent. It may have landed in your spam folder.
>> No. 118531
File 135364417328.png - (370.72KB , 2648x2454 , space voyager.png )
Latest commission complete!

Her name's Space Voyager.
>> No. 119246
File 135516261007.png - (228.20KB , 1504x1968 , canon beat.png )
Just a little something between commissions. Yeah, it's lazy. But eh.
>> No. 119314
File 135528356000.png - (15.33KB , 384x428 , innk.png )
Can I get a picture of my pony Archivist Ink?
Distinguishing features are slick back hair, black glasses, and a pentagram brand on his cutiemark. his flank is black and speckled, with a grey star cutie mark. He has an upside down star pentagram branded on both sides of his flank. He's ebil and mean. Feel free to email me!
>> No. 119524
File 135568940272.jpg - (4.88KB , 191x251 , 1306820478998s.jpg )
Friendly bump~
>> No. 119574
File 135575804119.png - (0.96MB , 2306x2130 , ticketfamily.png )
Here's the next commission! Working on a few more~
>> No. 119748
File 135632076805.png - (4.35MB , 4408x3272 , fifthdoctorvenus.png )
Here's one of the latest!!
>> No. 119752
Are you currently open for digital commissions of oc ponies?
>> No. 119757
I am! You can find me either on DeviantArt or my e-mail address (Click my name for it!)
>> No. 119862
File 135676034065.png - (341.56KB , 1828x1399 , swordxkaraoke.png )
Here's another of the latest!

And if anyone needs a commission... Well, I'm looking for more commissioners due to sudden money trouble.

Feel free to contact me through my e-mail (click my name) or note me on DeviantArt!
>> No. 119957
File 135716332736.png - (155.49KB , 400x637 , Impressed4000.png )
Well, difficulties have been successfully solved!

Still taking commissions though!
>> No. 120004
File 135725882290.png - (318.78KB , 1419x1975 , gina.png )
Next commission!

I can do griffons too now, apparently!
>> No. 120590
File 135922871276.png - (2.34MB , 2000x2249 , leobackground.png )
This is my latest piece, and it was a personal roject. Not the best, but I'm quite proud!
>> No. 120629
Almost tempted to create a Paypal just to get this done.
I am assuming the pricing is in US dollars? I from New Zealand so I thought it best to check first.
>> No. 120631
Yup! It's US Dollars :3
>> No. 120632
Allow me to work out currency convertion and any spare funds of mine. I may be in contact. I see this costing me a fair amount but I do not care.
>> No. 120671
File 135960403228.png - (3.23MB , 2340x3327 , stormchaserbg.png )
Another finished commission! I enjoyed this one a lot~
>> No. 120672
Hi, did the currency conversion. Wanting to get a lot done, so currently the total is 69.39NZD. Wanting a reference sheet, age chart, bust shot, just the single pony, and a film camera as an accessory. Hopefully will have the pennies spares and a paypal sorted soon. Currently moving house you see, although I don't want to lose this opportunity to have my OC idea come to life.
>> No. 120673

Oh, that sounds nice! When you're ready, would you mind sending me an e-mail so we can talk about it? You can find me by clicking my name, or e-mailing [email protected]
>> No. 120675
I will do. May not be for awhile yet. But will have a message ready to send.
>> No. 120744
File 135991847608.png - (649.86KB , 1931x2999 , adhara.png )
A little thing for a roleplay. Not really a commission~
>> No. 120792
File 136012833099.png - (514.01KB , 2716x1592 , spoiler.png )
Showing this off! Kinda spoilery, so I hid it.
>> No. 121374
You still open I would love to get some of your work, please and thank you.
>> No. 121381
Heya! I am, please email me at [email protected] or [email protected] so we can talk about it!
>> No. 121385
Sent you an e-mail. Forgot to say what mine was so you know who is sending it. It's [email protected] . Hope to hear back from you soon.
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