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116912 No. 116912

Hello, everyone.

Some of you may remember a couple months back that we had a bit of a /fic/-/art/ collab competition. Well, it's take two now (take six for /fic/, but). For this event, art submissions open at Sun, 14 Oct 2012 12:00 UTC and close Fri, 19 Oct 2012 12:00 UTC—5 days later.

The special new edition to this event is the website. (Yeah, I, uh, wrote a whole website for handling the event for me. Call me lazy.)

For those out of the loop, the competition is quite simple: prompt → art → fic. Artists draw pictures, and then writers write stories to the pictures. You can get a more detailed explanation at the site's FAQ(which gives a perfect segue for me to dump the site links):

- Site:
- FAQ:
- Rules:

If you make an account (with the correct timezone settings) all the times on the site will display in your local timezone.

The scoring for the art in this round will be a little more involved. Firstly, stories can be linked to multiple artworks. Before, each image got 1 point per story linked to it. With the advent of multiple linkings, I was wondering if a story linked to multiple images would split that 1 point between them. (This isn't programmed in yet, so it's a design choice that your input would be appreciated on.)

Secondly, there's a public poll for the artworks with a scale of 0–10.

The final score of the artworks will be sum of the points gotten for linked stories and the points gotten in the public poll.

Right, I think that's everything.

Oh yeah, you get confetti sometimes. Maybe. Only one per thing though. (I'm not made of confetti.) And I apologise for the short notice on this. Time sure does fly, eh.

Uh, yeah. That's it! (I think). If you have any questions, feel free to ask them. I've probably forgotten something.

Good luck,
Roger out.
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>> No. 117117
Deal with the Devil is the event's prompt, and the submitted artworks are supposed to be based off of it to some degree. But you can slap a giant Artistic Licence (with a capital A) on that. The degree to which you can stretch the metaphor before raising a few eyebrows is pretty big.

The main purpose of the prompt is to make sure people don't start drawing before they're supposed to. As long as you're a good sport, there shouldn't be an issue.
>> No. 117119
I have a stupid question.

If your artwork may seem unrelated to the prompt, can you explain your thinking somewhere so you don't get disqualified....?
>> No. 117132
I'd say this thread and/or the related /fic/ one (when it goes up) would do well. Most of the participants check in around these parts (and I obviously do).
>> No. 117133
Oh, and make sure you post as "Artist of <your work>" for the sake of anonymity.
>> No. 117148
Challenge... accepted.

I don't say this often, but... nice get!
>> No. 117169
Question! What with S3 coming up, how is potential spoiler material going to be handled? I don't wanna see something I shouldn't if I'm skimming the art prompt gallery during the /fic/ writing phase.

Also, I'd like to contribute to the public voting for both sides, but I'd rather not view/read any spoiler material. Will the voting period for both the /art/ and /fic/ phases be open long enough for the first two episodes of the new season to air?
>> No. 117172
The art voting round opens when art submissions close, and closes whenever the event ends—in this case, at the same time as the fic public voting round.

On spoilers, I hadn't thought about that! Has there been spoiler-y material released recently? I'll put a clause in the rules saying no spoilers allowed. (Hopefully no one was going to put any spoilers in anyway, though. That would be quite rude.)

Of course, we must consider the dilemma of being able to recognise spoilers without being spoiled.
>> No. 117173
>On spoilers, I hadn't thought about that! Has there been spoiler-y material released recently?
Well, all I've herd are rumors, since I'm being very careful to avoid spoilers. I'm pretty fanatic about such things.

I am under the impression that (and I'm putting this as vaguely as possible, with as little hard facts as I can):
S3 opens with a two-part episode featuring a Big Bad of some sort, in the tradition of Nightmare Moon, Discord, and Queen Chrysalis, and there are images available of said Big Bad.

Thus, there's a good chance that the major villain would make a good candidate for the devil of a Deal with the Devil
And such an image would be a pretty big spoiler.
>> No. 117174
Deal with the Devil? m/

Having trouble coming up with a prompt idea that isn't telling its own story too strongly, but there's a few days left, I suppose.
>> No. 117175
Formatting issues broke my horns. Somewhere, Ronnie James Dio is gently weeping.
>> No. 117184
Finally settled on an idea that will be incredibly difficult to execute and lousy as a writer's prompt. Should be fun.
>> No. 117187
I've got three concepts, right now. One's a bit complicated, but the other two I shouldn't be too much of a hassle.

There will be no survivors.
>> No. 117227
Art Submitted! There is no way it will ever get chosen as a writer's prompt, but if it does it will be EPIC.
>> No. 117233
Guh I am SO freaking behind on everything...

I'll plug away at this tomorrow after I've had some coke and a few good sneezes.
>> No. 117250
>Submissions received: 2
Attention /art/: if you submit something even mediocre to this contest, you will probably get a story or three written to it.

Participation is the real key here. There's still a day and a half left, so it's not too late to get started.
>> No. 117251
I've got two submissions almost ready to post. I'll definitely be in by the deadline. Even so... 4 submissions is pretty slim pickings.

Come on, let's do this thing! Our reputation on the line here. Are you guys artists, or artlesses?
>> No. 117252
Only just found out this was happening about an hour ago... threw something up. Hope you guys at least somewhat like it.

> 3 submissions in+2 unsubmitted from whitefox

Eh... I'm confident there'll be a few more tossed up before Friday.
>> No. 117254
Threw something in, but fully expect to see the same idea by several others, probably even with the same character.
>> No. 117271
Yeah... this prompt was kinda rough. It took me three days just to come up with something that didn't seem utterly trite and cliche. Dunno how well I managed, I guess we'll see. X3
>> No. 117280
Keep in mind that the more unusual your picture is, as compared to the rest, and the less it suggests a particular story direction, the more writers will probably use it.
>> No. 117281
That's been the hard part of this one; once you specify a type of deal and a type of devil, you've told too much story. If you go more vague there's not much you can do that isn't already in the original written prompt. But I think there's twelve hours left to find the music box in this one and win Faust place...
>> No. 117282
File 135060580999.png - (246.61KB , 1000x1000 , SpiritShine worried.png )
Oh gosh, I've been so busy lately....I don't know if I can make it without pulling an all nighter or something...I guess I'll have to pass on this one then....Or just submit something mediocre...
>> No. 117288
Just threw in another one for the heck of it. Good practice if nothing else; and if a writer takes the bait, I will be amused.

Ten hours left. The rest of you need to jump in here with a sketch at least; if you're out of ideas, I didn't have time to draw a Roseluck's Baby parody yet and would love to see one...
>> No. 117297
Anything is better than nothing. Last round, I thought my submission needed another two hours of work by the time the deadline passed... In retrospect, I probably could have submitted it as was.

Speaking of submissions... for better or worse, both of mine are in. Now I get to lay awake all night and think of all the ways I could have done them better. Yay! X3
>> No. 117316
Already made some tweaks to mine. Nothing worth rescanning but now the submissions have these errors glaring at me. Hoping I'm the only one who can see them.
>> No. 117329
Pretty sure that's cause submissions just closed :/

Cant make edits once the art submission section is done
>> No. 117337

Eh, I didn't try reuploading, but everytime I come back to these drawings I notice something else I forgot.

Gallery is up:

Nice variety of pics. I keep smacking my forehead and remarking I wished I'd thought of that.
>> No. 117391
File 135082154210.jpg - (7.60KB , 320x240 , _2rt.jpg )
Just a heads up to anyone who cast a vote and was wondering why the counter wasn't going up: I had those vote records saving as type "fic". Not a bit deal, since that's just there for searching purposes (so the votes were still cast correctly), but that's why the counter wasn't changing.

I was wondering why didn't appear to be any votes yet...

Anyway, fixed now. Carry on.
>> No. 117394
Until this post, I didn't even realize that voting on the art submissions was open. O_<

You know, Roger, I gotta say: the diligence, precision, and formality with which you provide information is simply uncompromising... but, well, your clarity is drastically superseded by your accuracy.

Don't ever change. :3

One of these days, we're gonna have to sit down and have a little talk about your website design.
>> No. 117395
File 135085353623.jpg - (15.33KB , 320x240 , _4ry.jpg )
Aw, shucks. You are making me Internet-blush.

On an unrelated note, >>117119 gave me the idea to add a "Story Caption" field to the artwork submissions. You know how a lot of web comics have that title text that comes up when you hover over an image? Something like that, just to add a little flavour.
>> No. 117407
If we're talking about making Roger do more work on the website, the script that tells what time an event is closed should go ahead and tell you how many hours that is from now. Because we're all too lazy to figure out how much time we have left to turn something in.
>> No. 117442
Stories are up! That means you can see which stories (if any) were written to your works.

Check it:
>> No. 117458
Aww. No one took the bait on Ghost Rider parody. (It started out as The Headless Horse and went horribly, horribly silly.) I am still far too amused by that Apple Bloom.

Holy Cow! Two people took the bait on the cowboy hat and the strawboat. My poor, sweet Applejack, what have I done?
>> No. 117479
Not to mention, Golden Opportunity got three and a half stories... Luna's lovely lights, poor Applejack indeed! X3

Speaking of art submissions that got multiple stories: is there an official process for selecting an Artist's Choice, or can I just post in the /fic/ thread?
>> No. 117481
>Artist's choice
There's no official process for that, so yeah, just go ahead and post in the /fic/ thread.
>> No. 117506
The best part about these stories is when they manage to take a picture in directions you didn't expect. Applejack's virtue is amazingly intact, when I all but triple-dog-dared the writers to flam her flim. (Flim her flam?)
>> No. 117901
File 135211976485.png - (379.92KB , 1219x1296 , bloom_season_5_safari___by_costantstyle-d4siefz.png )
Hey, everyone. Just in case you guys forgot this thing ever happened, the results are now up:

I'd like to thank everyone who participated for making this event another great success!
>> No. 117902
Fluttercord was Spirit Shine? Nice work!

(That one was driving me crazy. Krypt and Fox and me may as well have signed ours, but I couldn't pin that one down . Nice idea.)
>> No. 117904
Woo! I actually won something! :D


I actually did sign mine in the .sai file >_> But I hid the layer behind the pron book on the shelf cause it was a cover art contest.
>> No. 117910
You had a *great* prompt. Everyone wanted to fill in the gaps on that conversation between Satan and Applejack. I knew I wanted to do "Applejack is oblivious to the implications", and she was going to bring in Twilight for advice. Somewhere around my third beer, the idea for an Encyclopedia Brown parody hit me, and by fifth beer Pinkie had taken Twilight's spot. I thought it was a cute piece of fluff with a hint of the wit I wish I had.

And then Duncan goes and writes the Pony equivalent of Paradise frickin' Lost. (He ran with my opera picture last time and it was similarly awesome. Dude can write dialogue.)
>> No. 117912
Krypt has a distinctive manner for vectors and colors. Thin lines and vibrant cel shade style.

You have careful inks around carefully planned compositions, plus you don't colorize your lines.

On a different subject: That Summons picture demands a story to go with it. I demand that someone go write one.
>> No. 117915
Aww, thanks! Though I've honestly never touched a vector in my life XD

I draw everything freehand in sai, I just use colored outlines when I wana follow the show style.
>> No. 117925
>You had a *great* prompt.
I had a great prompt? Easily the Creepiest was an epic prompt. Seriously: I took one look at that, and nearly started on a story myself.

>...that conversation between Satan and Applejack.
Actually, the biblical serpent is never specifically identified as Satan, or even as a demon... it's just a serpent (who is often interpreted as Satan, or a servant thereof).

>Dude can write dialogue.
He certainly can! Considering his previous entry, I was expecting him to take a shot at Just Who is Dealing Who?, and write some witty repartee between Trixie, Flim and Flam... Zaraturvara totally caught me off guard. X3

Whoops... double post. [Deletedness]

>You have careful inks around carefully planned compositions,
Thank you for mentioning it! The inks/colours are pretty distinctive, but it's good to hear that my efforts toward composition are noteworthy (I usually draw 2-3 thumbnails to block everything in before doing a final drawing).

As for careful inking... It looks like that because I'm trying to match the neat and clean curves of the show. I typically work with much more organic forms, feathering, lost lines, and hatching (on the rare occasion that I render in ink, at least). The "careful" look is really unnatural to me, and I started doing pony arts with the express purpose of challenging/broadening my abilities... it's killing me from the inside. ^_^

Ten bits says I've already told this story, like, five times now.

>plus you don't colorize your lines.
...Mostly because I'm really bad at it. X3

>On a different subject: That Summons picture demands a story to go with it. I demand that someone go write one.
Agreed... I loved that one. I'll mention it to DuncanR next time I see him.

>I've honestly never touched a vector in my life XD
Sweet Celestia in a bucket... consider yourself lucky.

I've tried getting into vectors a few times now... the memories never fade completely.

>I draw everything freehand in sai,
I saw that in your livestream... I love how swift, fluid, and energetic you brushstrokes are. Mad props!
>> No. 117926
File 135223469118.png - (69.66KB , 400x525 , wf_woot.png )
>Whoops... double post. [Deletedness]
Oooh...kay. Apparantly seeking to accomplish a derp greater than a mere double post, I accidentally double-deleted both of the double-posted posts. EPIC FLAIL!

I don't know if this is possible, but... I don't suppose some kindly mod could possibly be so kind as to un-delete either >117906 or >117907? (Whereupon I may then delete this one)

[Edit] Bucked up the tags below, too... yay! fix'd.

>Reposting of previously double-posted post (for posterity):
Golden takes the gold! Woot!

And Appletheosis got first, too! Double woot!

Okay... I know the scoring for the art subs isn't simply a 0-10 rating (Unlike the stories), but even so, getting a 10.67 makes me feel like I scored above 100%. X3

Pinkie Pie and the Case of the Insistent Salesserpent was Hayseed? Huh... wasn't expecting that one. By the way: of all the stories prompted by my sub's, that was my second favourite (and, you know, Appletheosis set the bar awfully high for first place).

Huh... the art sub's got much higher ratings than the stories. Appletheosis was the only one to get 8, and only a few managed to get 6 or more... on the other hoof, at least half of the art subs got 8 and above. (probably because the stories add points to the ratings... that's an interesting little impact).

>Krypt and Fox and me may as well have signed ours
B'awww... I wasn't that obvious, was I?

Also, for the record, I totally didn't recognize A Book I read as Krpty's. X3

Also also, I think Hayseed's work deserved much better ratings, I was pretty sure that at least one of them would be on the podium... bloody Philistines!
>> No. 117929
File 135224398924.png - (147.46KB , 448x710 , 134139738380.png )
Huh, I'm surprised I got such a high ranking considering how I drew it right as I was eating breakfast before leaving for school. It was merely a sketch, too

What exactly does the controversial writing and artworks mean, by the way?

Haha, I did recognize your styles. Luckily for me, I never post my art here, so none of you would have been able to tell. And if you looked at my deviant art, I draw in many different styles anyways
>> No. 117931
"Controversial" indicates split votes or widely cast, rankings all over the place depending on who voted.

Especially in fics, you get "love it or hate it" reactions.
>> No. 117932
>Actually, the biblical serpent is never specifically identified as Satan, or even as a demon... it's just a serpent (who is interpreted as Satan, or a servant thereof).

And the fruit's never identified, but we draw apples anyway because none of us has seen a fig that wasn't Newtoned. :)

And yes, Duncan writing on the Summons prompt would do nicely. Make sure he does that.
>> No. 117952
>And the fruit's never identified,
Indeed... I went with a Golden Apple because it appears in Greek mythology... among others

From Appletheosis:
Fluttershy: "And... what does power everlasting taste like? If you don’t mind me asking?"
Zaraturvara: "It’s basically like a watered-down strawberry, but crunchier. It’s technically a melon."

Funny thing... I noticed something in the story: zarat- is a term in Avestan (the standard language around Zoroastrian times) meaning "golden," and "ur" means "great" or "ultimate." I don't know what "vara" means, I'm pretty sure that Zaraturvara's name translates to something like "Golden Apple" or "Golden Fruit."

I reread the story, and in that light a few things took on a different meaning... like when Zara says: "One of these fruits—and only one—will grant you power everlasting." He may be referring to himself.

I brought this up with DuncanR, and he filled me in, but I forget the particulars of the explanation... I wasn't too far off the mark, tho, and the full answer had me hammering my head on the desk all night.

Because of stuff like this, I can logically conclude that DuncanR is completely insane. As a writer, at least.

Okay, so... apparently I still can't shut up about this story. X3

>And yes, Duncan writing on the Summons prompt would do nicely. Make sure he does that.
I'll see what I can do, but he's in the midst of editing a fimfic right now... it's well over 120K words, last I heared, so he's kinda preoccupied with that. I owe him cover art, actually.

Then there's the ~240K monster-fic he wrote before that, which he still hasn't posted yet... Dunno why.

For the record: people in /fic/ make noise about the word count of his submissions, but they didn't surprise me in the least.

> Luckily for me, I never post my art here
Well, you should! :3
>> No. 117970
File 135235728061.png - (152.94KB , 555x495 , spiritshineumm.png )
I don't exclusively draw ponies or really draw anything seriously very often at all. I don't really feel it's necessary to make a thread that gets bumped once in a blue moon that many will not even pay much heed to

You guys are more than welcome to check out my deviant art though">
>> No. 117983
Heh! I'd seen the Dr. Pepper one somewhere before, never made the connection...that one still cracks me up.
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