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#Comics #Canon #OCs #Discussion

Do you have an Ask-Pony blog?! Come on in here and join the herd! Whether you need some questions for your in-box, want to set up a crossover, are looking for critique and feedback on your comics, need advice on how to use tumblr, or just want to leave a link and introduction to your blog, here's the place to do it!

Readers are perfectly welcome in here too: you're the reason we do this, after all. :3

(Since this is /art/, blogs with drawn responses only, please.)
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File 135091410068.png - (364.98KB , 640x640 , seaswirl_m.png )
I'm the mod of a Sea Swirl ask blog! She was one of my favorite bg ponies, but never seemed to get any love, so I took it upon myself! :3 I only update once or twice a week, though.
>> No. 117590
File 135120980724.jpg - (283.11KB , 2000x2000 , confront.jpg )
Detective pony here
looking for more questions/responses in my in box. also, Critique would be highly appreciated.

slow updates lately; I try to post something every two weeks if I can. Also, English it's not my native language , so expect typos or weird choices of words.

pic it's from one of my recent posts
>> No. 117652
You, I've been following for some time... good to see you're updating again! :3

An ongoing narrative... interesting. I'll have to read the archive of this one.

Dunno whether or not I'm gonna follow it... There's a fair bit of reblogging and OOC stuff, which is kind of a turn-off.

The eyes have sort of a dead-flat look. The highlights are small, and there's only one per eye (in the show, there's two per eye). The colour of the eye doesn't vary, either. A lighter patch or two does a lot to liven them up.

It's kinda hard to keep track of who is saying what, sometimes.

I like the typewriter font, very noir. And I love that fedora. :3
>> No. 117660
Thanks, for the critique. I really appreciate when people are honest with their critique; it's actually helping me to improve.

I'm taking note of this.
Again, thanks for taking your time to write your critique.
>> No. 119322
Since everypony seems to like my critique, I started a tumblr for it:

And I'll throw in my ask-blog:
(Which is supposed to be coming out of hiatus soon)

And my pony art blog:
>> No. 119345
I have one, but it has porn and I can't link it here. Ain't that a kick?
>> No. 119352
File 135536789607.png - (58.69KB , 400x400 , icon 1.png )
I'm sure a bunch of you have already seen me promote it already, but here it is again!

Updates every two to three days depending on my schedule.
I'm pretty set on questions.
Not looking for any crossovers at the moment.
I've got the style for it more or less figured out, but critiques are welcome if anyone wants to (I'm aware Glitters bangs look weird in some posts).
>> No. 121415

Hiya! I'm the mod of this blog, kinda just looking for some questions and stuff!
>> No. 126787
I'm the Mod and Artist for my OC Blog. Could use some feedback or asks or just general opinion on his blog and mayge some suggestions.

I update and post frequently to asks as well as draw answers for nearly all of the ones I get so if you like art blogs I guess It's nice for that.

I always follow my followers so there's that too. :3
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