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File 135063173735.png - (17.83KB , 591x455 , Pinkie Hop In.png )
117302 No. 117302
#Canon #OCs #Gallery #Taking requests

Ello again, /art/! It's good ol' GypsyPinkie here! Here with improved art skills, I'll be posting some of de magicks!
About requests, I won't take too much.
Without further ado, I show.....De magicks!
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>> No. 117305
Congratulations on the new thread =) The tags seem like a useful tool. Looking forward to seeing more magic from you.
>> No. 117306
Thanks Manatee ^_^
>> No. 117313
File 135063855105.png - (21.25KB , 608x522 , Pinkie Clopin.png )
Pinkie cosplaying as Clopin from the Hunchback of Notre Dame. Watching DagaYemar's My Little Disney series, and inspired by him/her.
Wait. Clopin........OH CELESTIA!
>> No. 117319
File 135065217571.png - (12.82KB , 358x456 , Discord Whooves.png )
Reposting because of that spoiler.
Based on the popular Tumblr blog, Discord Whooves, made by Jitterbug Jive.
>> No. 117323
File 135065364329.png - (10.53KB , 610x361 , Fluttershy's Fall.png )
A random scene of Flutters falling into the darkness.
>> No. 117340
Random! I think I'll have some new backgrounds ready for ya soonish.
>> No. 117356
File 135072207432.png - (15.62KB , 412x545 , Apricot Scout Chibi.png )
Remeber that Alicorn from my old thread? Remade her into a unicorn, because alicorns usually have important roles, like Luna and Cadence. This pony isn't important so you understand.
Profile time:
Name: Apricot Scout Age: 15 Gender: Girl Race: Unicorn Talent: scouting and nature stuff
Bio: Grown up in Ponyville, her mother enrolled her in Filly Scouts. The fillies went on a camping trip, where Apricot Scout earned ten badges where the other fillies earned only two. Then she earned her cutie mark and continued to grow up in Ponyville.
Boring bio, I know. more pony chibis on the way!
>> No. 117359
File 135072414421.png - (12.83KB , 625x545 , Rainbow's Sunset Sleep.png )
Wittle Dashie on a wittle cwoud. So kawaii.....
Oh e-excuse me.
>> No. 117438
File 135090195170.png - (23.56KB , 490x679 , Mocha Bean.png )
Another character I made during my big break.
>> No. 117453
File 135091855642.png - (501.90KB , 1600x1600 , spike_by_equestria_prevails-d4mnb12.png )
Could you do one of these with him crouching or something?
>> No. 117475
File 135093709363.png - (197.85KB , 890x924 , 134884934814.png )
Hey GypsyPinkie :) If you're looking for requests, would you mind drawing my OC Patch? :3 I'd like to see her in your style its very cute and anime-ish :3 kinda reminds me of sonic :P anywhoo, if you wanna draw patch that would be awesome! :D
>> No. 117514
File 135098707432.png - (19.05KB , 453x740 , Patchwork.png )
Here you go Patchwork! Your o.c.!
>> No. 117518
File 135100794133.png - (545.92KB , 800x728 , 012567.png )
Aww! :3 too cute thanks :DD
>> No. 117559
File 135115471027.png - (131.68KB , 735x509 , Steampunk Dragon.png )
I was WAY too hyper while making this. Enjoy! XD
>> No. 117571
Smexiest eyebrow evar. :3

Huh... looks kinda like Rocky Road's OC: >>117563 Any connection?
>> No. 117639
File 135129944811.png - (3.25KB , 201x163 , GypsyPinkie Icon- Smile.png )
Just a request Whitefox.
>> No. 117643
File 135130237346.png - (11.81KB , 412x423 , Ivory Chibi.png )
An old unicorn from my last thread made into a chibi, Ivory!
>> No. 117649
File 135130786387.png - (11.90KB , 342x504 , Brush To Death.png )
Colgate will brush you to death.
>> No. 117798
File 135175630332.png - (12.75KB , 494x550 , Halloween Shy.png )
Happy Nightmare Night, /art/!
>> No. 117942
File 135228109837.png - (38.19KB , 444x482 , Scootaloo Cutie Mark Spoilers.png )
Jokes on you, Scootaloo!!!
>> No. 118033
File 135254398102.png - (12.66KB , 581x382 , Party Pinkie Chibi.png )
So excited for Season 3 tommorow guys! A chibi Pinkie picture to celebrate!
>> No. 118150
File 135285885273.png - (57.13KB , 330x401 , Darkly Big SMile by Milky Twilight.png )
I am really loving your style. I hope you have a DA for me to watch. :3
>> No. 118161
File 135286476280.png - (394.42KB , 850x850 , _trade__manatee_by_pony_spiz-d5ib859.png )
I wanted to request something off you before, but you seemed kinda busy at the time and I wouldn't wanna get in the way of other people. Maybe if you want, can you take a whack at Manapony when you have the time? I think your art is becoming rather endearing =3
>> No. 118170
Sorry.....I don't have a DA yet. I'm planning on getting on though.......
Sure I can do it. School and work may get in the way, but never fear!
>> No. 118188
File 135292650933.png - (373.42KB , 818x688 , Darkly by SparkyVerve.png )
That's totally okay. I'll keep checking back here and there, and as soon as you have one up, I'll try to be one of your first watchers.

That style is just so cute. :3
>> No. 118235
File 135305144073.png - (31.95KB , 667x570 , Manatee.png )
Here's your pony, Manatee! That fez sure looks sexy on him.
>> No. 118236
File 135305159258.png - (20.92KB , 588x562 , Derparappa the Rapper.png )
A crossover of Derpy as Parappa. Moar crossover ideas coming soon, you have been warned.
>> No. 118237
File 135305169679.png - (7.77KB , 356x353 , Nickel.png )
An OC I made. She is a royal guard from Canterlot.
>> No. 118241
Oh gosh, that is great! Thank you thank you thank you!
And thank for the, umm, compliment *blush*
>> No. 118526
Hey sorry i stoped talking. I was talking to my dad in the other room..
>> No. 118616
File 135391581093.png - (30.00KB , 788x626 , Time Travelers.png )
I remember not long ago, Patchwork said my style reminds her of Sonic. Surprisingly, I knew how to draw Sonic before MLP.
I decided I'm making a crossover series with MLP and Sonic characters that are similar.
Starting off, we have Silver and Doctor Whooves. You already know why they are paired up, they both TRAVEL THROUGH TIME.
More coming soon!
>> No. 118624
File 135394465355.png - (101.71KB , 668x1122 , 131771803888.png )
You don't understand atatomy of anything, at all
Do you
>> No. 118626
Do you, Lyra?

What's it matter, anyway? Some people just wanna draw cartoons for fun.
>> No. 118629
File 135395742964.png - (686.43KB , 2152x1456 , 131599544057.png )
Well, at least I think I do
I still can't do many awesome angles, but some of them, yes.

Well, if he/she is planning to become an artist, it kinda does matter...
And, of course, it's just that... some things, because I wish not to point out what, annoy me
I've been scrolling past this thread about 50 times, it's time to actually say something, don't you think?
>> No. 118632
>Well, if he/she is planning to become an artist, it kinda does matter...
Gypsy is an artist. On account of all this art that's been posted.

Now, if Gypsy is planning to become a serious artist, that'd be a completely different matter. But that choice is entirely up to Gypsy.

>it's time to actually say something, don't you think?
I would very much appreciate it if you wouldn't make assumptions about what I think. If I felt there was anything to say, I would have said as much.

Last time I had something to say, Gypsy was disregarding the forum rules and posting multiple threads. After little more than a brief word, Gypsy very courteously straightened things out.

Gypsy hasn't expressed any interest in receiving critique, so I haven't made any. I've been lurking this thread from day one and getting the occasional chuckle or d'awww from all the cuteness. I'm usually a grumpy old fart, so I appreciate it.

I'm really bad at making chit-chat and small talk, unfortunately. Without any critique to do, I haven't had much to say. Which is a shame, actually: I think of Gypsy as /art/'s resident ray of bright and cheery sunshine. :3

It's easy to assume that artists are obligated to study fundamental skills and technical skills... this simply isn't true. Some artists just wanna have fun. If that's what they wanna do, they're perfectly welcome to.

The fundamentals? Those are a lot of work, and you have to be a very special kind of crazy to pursue them. They can be brutal, I wouldn't pressure anyone into doing it if they don't want to.

Besides: people don't really care about mastering a craft till they're in their early twenties. Before that, they mainly care about socializing and popularity. When you hit 28 or so, you wanna get paid to do what you do. These things can't be rushed.
>> No. 118636
File 135396466895.png - (373.51KB , 533x715 , 6.png )
>Gypsy is an artist
Excuse me, I tend to forget few things, also my head was on fire today, sooo, sorry for that
Yea, sure

>I would very much appreciate it if you wouldn't make assumptions about what I think.
I didn't make any assumptions
Read my post again...

>I've been scrolling past this thread about 50 times, it's time to actually say something, don't you think?
>Not you
It's a rethorical question

I've seen some of the multiple threads, mind you I haven't been as active as I used to on this board, pretty much when the stickies got changed, I stopped going on ponychan
No problems or anything, I just felt no reason to fill my emptiness, because I thought I had friends, but now I'm here, again, soo...

That's nice that you like it, I'm happy for you
Liking art is nice, I guess

>It's easy to assume that artists are obligated to study fundamental skills and technical skills... this simply isn't true
I never even thought of that before, it's fucking stupid

>I wouldn't pressure anyone into doing it if they don't want to.
It's not like you could do more than just say a few words and hope them to do something about it

@last thing
It's just showing how bad people are
I don't care about money or anything, and don't draw THAT bad
does that make me a weird person or something?
I'll talk to you when I'm 28 and I'll still say that I don't want you to pay me when I draw something for you, okay?
Just wait 11 years
>> No. 118637
File 135396505666.png - (134.09KB , 391x482 , 7.png )
And before you read the last part as 'omg ur so bad and I'm not'
No, that's not what I meant, you're fine in your way
Everypony to it's own
>> No. 118638
File 135396494832.png - (286.63KB , 695x549 , 8.png )
And sorry for cluttering this thread with nonsense not related to the drawings
>> No. 118704
File 135408987175.png - (243.46KB , 638x355 , Silly Captions 4.png )
I was just watching Luna Eclisped and truned on captions for fun. I got this. XD
>> No. 118796
File 135425364159.png - (354.04KB , 1230x888 , Scientificly Impossible.png )
An old picture I did when I was a fan of the show, bdid NOT know how to draw ponies. Did a scene from It's About Time.
>> No. 118799
File 135426043891.png - (21.65KB , 1051x530 , Flipsides.png )
Based on the upcoming Season 3 episode, Maigc Duel. Trixie is a bad pony now. TRIXIE NOW ONE OF MEH FAVORITE PONIES.
>> No. 118801
ARRGH! Spoilers!
>> No. 118802
File 135426262902.png - (143.49KB , 651x677 , garde hahaha.png )

Oh, what to do, you've been spoiled and everything is ruined

>> No. 118803
File 135426372990.png - (19.57KB , 707x533 , Ponysona- Brain Dead.png )
Brain.exe not working.
Darn art block.
>> No. 119478
File 135556173401.png - (14.87KB , 518x494 , George D_ the Parasprite.png )
What's this? A non-pony OC?
Featuring George D. the Parasprite!
the D stands for 'Ducky' XD
>> No. 119482
i get it
>> No. 119715
File 135614032403.png - (27.89KB , 623x678 , Pendulum.png )
All right, some ponies you won't see anymore on my thread: Apricot Scout and Ivory.

Not many requests, waiting for some....

I'll be using George D. more often so.....

New character! Pendulum, Pen for short. (picture on left)

That's it!
>> No. 119775
File 135653347753.png - (30.19KB , 1057x586 , GypsyPinkie Christmas 2012.png )
Merry Christmas to all of you great folks here on /art/!
>> No. 119835
File 135666123083.png - (22.24KB , 612x752 , Ponysona- Draw.png )
Yep, I did a spin-off those pictures with my self-insert.
>> No. 119865
File 135678850072.jpg - (7.10KB , 190x265 , images.jpg )
It's my birthday /art/, December 29th.
>> No. 119866
Would you like a reaction pic drawn?
>> No. 119867
File 135679724017.png - (28.75KB , 526x497 , GypsyPinkieWithName.png )
Happy birthd... awww too late :c
>> No. 119868
Meh what do i care.. happy birthday!
I made a pic of your oc.. as a gift :D
>> No. 119869
>>119867oh wait.. did i said oc? xD ... ignore that part lol
>> No. 119874
Thank you, sweet anonymous! The picture is sweet! I may use it for a background... :3
>> No. 119875
No, but you can if boredom is creeping toward you.
>> No. 119910
File 135701600034.jpg - (7.10KB , 190x265 , images.jpg )
Sorry for no New Year's picture. Happy New Year you good folks of /art/!
Some new pics I might show:
A new pony, mare pegasus.
And a pic of the Master.
>> No. 119940
File 135711758022.png - (10.02KB , 406x430 , LucariKirby.png )
I'll be starting off 2013 with some non-pony art. I'll be posting non-pony related things here too.
This picture was insprired by Super Smash Bros, Brawl.
>> No. 119941
File 135712306020.png - (20.19KB , 580x662 , Serenity.png )
The new pony, Serenity the Pegasus!
Her talent is singing, specifically classical songs.
>> No. 119942
File 135712471720.jpg - (188.20KB , 500x500 , 1334942311968.jpg )
Can I make a Tracy joke?
>> No. 119943
I don't know. Maybe.
>> No. 120307
Sorry, for new pictures guys, been busy with school and other stuff. New pictures will be coming soon!
>> No. 120315
File 135824613056.png - (24.31KB , 811x588 , Norton and Skype.png )
I made a Skype and Norton ponies. Eeyup...that's it so far. I'll be posting another pic.
>> No. 120316
File 135824686924.png - (3.25KB , 201x163 , GypsyPinkie Icon- Worried.png )
Uh, Krypt...I just remembered you requested Sweetie Belle and Scootaloo. Sad thing is, I can't draw fillies. Would it be okay if I make them grown up? If that's okay with you.
>> No. 120431
File 135873553459.png - (16.20KB , 476x652 , Ponysona- Full Body.png )
My ponysona, Sketch Pad.
>> No. 120478
File 135891268888.png - (72.30KB , 427x482 , 28859j5.png )
if you are doning requests and don't have any issues
id like to request Ticket
>> No. 120481
File 135893143775.jpg - (78.00KB , 1000x561 , mlfw407_large.jpg )
That Ticket, you dastardly alicorn. Just kidding, sure I can do it!
Pic somehow related.
>> No. 120510
File 135908366324.png - (3.23KB , 201x163 , GypsyPinkie Icon- Confused.png )
Um, may I make her grown up? I heard she was a filly so...
>> No. 120511
File 135908896905.png - (13.23KB , 415x490 , Ticket.png )
Here you go Ticket!
>> No. 120513
File 135909072247.png - (15.79KB , 476x652 , Blue Feather.png )
Blue Feather, an OC I never really posted.
>> No. 120514
File 135909637609.jpg - (60.92KB , 720x540 , 135899329491.jpg )
>> No. 120515
File 135909735128.png - (17.83KB , 591x455 , Pinkie Hop In.png )
>> No. 120516
File 135910501667.png - (19.08KB , 647x701 , Wat Ish Dis Twi.png )
>> No. 120517
File 135911878627.png - (28.06KB , 711x658 , Regrets.png )
A last night picture of Discord Whooves...again.
This is probably my best one so far.
>> No. 120735
File 135987018935.png - (34.83KB , 926x746 , Lollipop Twilight.png )
New pic of Twiley cosplaying as Juliet from Lollipop Chainsaw. :3
>> No. 120738
File 135989366789.jpg - (78.00KB , 1000x561 , mlfw407_large.jpg )
So... I read Rainbow Factory Brought a bit of tears to my eyes. Oh Scootaloo Well written, well written...
>> No. 120777
File 136006716397.png - (14.86KB , 458x615 , Aurora.png )
Here's some Aurora from Rainbow Factory.
>> No. 121001
File 136084115239.png - (20.41KB , 739x451 , Valentine's 2013.png )
Happy Valentine's!
Have the first Sweetie Belle picture I've ever done on my CPU! It doesn't live up to how cute Krypt makes them though. XD
>> No. 121016
File 136093327220.png - (11.90KB , 342x504 , Brush To Death.png )
Going on a haitus! I'll be back with lots of art!
C U L8R!
>> No. 121017
Can we get some Pony Grumps, if you don't mind?
>> No. 121114
File 136127021809.png - (44.25KB , 706x593 , haymaker37.png )
are ya still request? I am cripplingly lacking in arts skills, so anything really original for my crappy pony maker oc either alone drinking or drinking with berry punch would be amaaazing. orz thanks in advance?
>>pic related haymaker.
>> No. 121263
File 136178672295.png - (3.25KB , 201x163 , GypsyPinkie Icon- Smile.png )
I'll try and do them, don't you guys (or gals) worry!
>> No. 121306
thanks ya :)
>> No. 121611
File 136265415574.png - (33.72KB , 759x767 , Lyra and The Doctor.png )
Sorry for inactivity, busy with school and such... I'll try and finish both two requests ASAP.
Also, have a random pic.
>> No. 121667
File 136290711982.png - (20.61KB , 749x630 , Haymaker.png )
SO SORRY for the long wait. Here's your request!
>> No. 121767
File 136343282790.png - (40.22KB , 1024x386 , A Broken Soul.png )
Inspired by OdysseyEurobeat's Luna (Dream Mode.
>> No. 122135
File 136454265245.png - (68.28KB , 763x460 , Immortals.png )
Immortal Shad and Twily!
>> No. 122152
File 136461565362.png - (18.57KB , 512x641 , Lament 'Lightning Catcher'.png )
My new OC, Lament- Er, Lightning Catcher, the peg- I pony! Bio will come later.
Yes, she's supposed to be a blank flank.
>> No. 122404
File 136550910865.png - (18.59KB , 552x695 , PHW Mascot.png )
Found out about Pinkie's Hyperactive Website about 3 days ago. Yep, same username, GypsyPinkie. Anyways, here's my mascot on there.
>> No. 122407
File 136550979810.png - (22.96KB , 684x659 , spoiler.png )
Spoilers for Double Rainboom, if ya haven't seen it.
I'm glad they put "them" in it. Loved RD's reaction to them.
>> No. 122408
File 136550996005.png - (15.89KB , 594x384 , Sonic and Charge.png )
These are NOT my OC's. These belong to two of my friends on PHW, Pinkie's Hyperactive Website. These two are Charge and Sonic.
>> No. 122428
File 136558046404.png - (36.00KB , 996x748 , I'm Going Down Flying!.png )
Dat line from Hurricane Fluttershy, inspiring.
You could say I KINDA like TwiDash.
>> No. 122470
File 136572388594.png - (209.21KB , 1656x1512 , Rainstream Pony.png )
Um, have I asked you for art of Rainstream yet? I feel like I would have, except, well, I can't find my name in your thread. In any case, here's the image and background I've been sending to everypony I request things from. Oh and the question: Could you make art of Rainstream here?

Rainstream is usually a very happy and fun-loving pony. She would attend any social gathering without a second thought, provided she already knows the attendees. She holds on to a select few friends, but rarely gathers any beyond that. She loves meeting new ponies, but is very shy and demure at first. She may take awhile to warm up to ponies she has not met before, but enjoys their company all the same. She is very playful—once she has become comfortable with opening up—and loves to tease. She doesn’t look it -- and rarely shows it -- but is a very powerful flier. She graduated Flight School in Cloudsdale with flying colors, having won the Best Young Flyer competition during both of her final two years.

Rain is a talented weather pony, working at the weather station in Las Pegasus, and can often be found outside of town playing in her rain field. Rainstream has an extreme fondness for rain, and finds every excuse to create it. She can be found on slow walks when sad -- with a raincloud following her around -- and will frolic in it when happy. She appreciates the beauty of it, often playing with the clouds to create an artistic display. Rainstream takes great pride in her weather making duties, hoping that others might share her admiration of the rainfall.

Rain is very disorganized, and tries not to keep a schedule. Rainstream is very spontaneous and naive, often traveling around at the drop of a hat. However, she is very loyal to anypony lucky enough to call her friend, if even for a moment, and will put herself in harm’s way to defend them. She would rather feel pain herself, than see it inflicted upon others.

Rainstream has a very low tolerance for two things above all else: She has a strong distaste for unicorns in general. They tend to be very uptight and too rich-and-snooty. She doesn’t trust them either—to be honest, or kind. The other thing is dishonesty. Rain will feel very betrayed when lied to, and can become scornful if she finds that somepony has gone back on their word. There is no quicker way to make an enemy of her than to lie.

Due to her spontaniety, Rainstream may give little thought to the consequences of her actions, and can make some very rash decisions. Nopony really knows what her dream is, however. Some would argue that her dream is simply to live happily -- as she always has -- playing in the rain at every given opportunity, but nopony has ever gotten a straight answer out of her.

She grew up in Applewood, just outside of Las Pegasus, having moved away from her parents’ home in her adolescent years. She managed to get a job with the Las Pegasus weather team after running into the manager while playing with the clouds one day. (it’s not a very entertaining story, somewhat of a “Hi there” friendly conversation, manager happens to like personality, offers job due to needing another weather pony—right place at right time) They have enough workers -- and she’s skilled enough -- for her to be granted several weeks vacation time, which allows her to go traveling around like she likes.
>> No. 122554
File 136601224385.png - (3.25KB , 201x163 , GypsyPinkie Icon- Smile.png )
I'll try and finish it ASAP!
>> No. 122697
File 136645076264.png - (654.32KB , 1321x650 , Split Face Lament ' Lightning Catcher'.png )
This picture is basically Lament's bio in a brief picture.
Backgrounds from DA.
>> No. 122698
File 136645327638.png - (31.62KB , 551x899 , Rainstream.png )
Here's Rainstream for ya, sorry if it looks rushed...SOOOOO busy.
>> No. 122700
Hi, could I possibly have a request done. If that's ok with you?
>> No. 122702
File 136646664111.png - (199.79KB , 480x604 , hi.png )
*hugs you*
>> No. 122758
File 136662429797.png - (3.25KB , 201x163 , GypsyPinkie Icon- Smile.png )
Sure! What do ya want?
>> No. 122759
Thanking you muchly. Hmm, now do I want my OC or Luna? OR BOTH! The choice is up to you though since you said you would do so.
>> No. 122806
File 136696136921.png - (198.15KB , 600x943 , 120820_042843.png )
I'll be glad to do your OC! I just need a lil' reference.
Picture unrelated, but I did this on my Kindle Fire. :3
>> No. 122808
File 136697702200.jpg - (793.23KB , 2700x1500 , leo.jpg )
Here you go
>> No. 122813
File 136700642370.png - (118.65KB , 745x1053 , 9th 6.png )
Something simple with Doctor Whooves #9, if you could
>> No. 122819
>>122808 Thanks Leo, I'll try and finish it quickly!
>>122813 Sure thing! I can do that! I'll try and finish ASAP!
>> No. 122820
Thank you.
>> No. 122914
File 136747262953.png - (550.41KB , 1184x836 , need_you_like_a_heart_needs_by_frostheartissiamese-d3jtmdi.png )
Sorry for no updates, you good folks here. I've been under a raincloud lately, dealing with problems relating to friends... I'll try and finish those two requests when I get a chance.
Picture not mine, credit to original owner.
>> No. 122915
*hugs* hope that makes you feel better in a small way
>> No. 123134
File 136860892113.png - (11.92KB , 540x488 , Leo.png )
Here's the long awaited requests for Leo...
>> No. 123135
File 136860895927.png - (11.22KB , 517x508 , Ninth Doctor.png )
... and the 9th Doc.
>> No. 123136
Thank you very muchly!
>> No. 123166

Thanks dude!
>> No. 123170

You are both welcome,
(PS, I'ma girl. :D )
>> No. 124201
Whoops! Sorry for inactivity!
Darn it Kirby... anyways since it's Summer, I'll be able to do some art. Stay tuned!
>> No. 124333
File 137207075787.png - (10.60KB , 448x441 , Wat Dis Kerbee.png )
This explains my motivation right now...
>> No. 124649
Lazy summer update time!
Well, I've gotten into the Kirby random with the pink marshmallow... I'm having a lazy butt... It's hot over in Okinawa... Yep. Update done, so stay tuned!
>> No. 124654
I would imagine it gets awful humid over there too, be cool ok?

Last edited at Sun, Jul 7th, 2013 20:28

>> No. 124720
No worries! Got some air conditioning!
>> No. 124907
File 137406161836.png - (12.19KB , 402x440 , Lyra Reacts To EQG.png )
Lyra reacting to Equestria Girls.
Poor Lyra.
>> No. 124991
File 137430568726.png - (86.42KB , 1278x1522 , Change 1.png )
...Wow. I improved alot.
>> No. 125250
File 137497889502.gif - (493.19KB , 500x254 , tumblr_lwezjyOdd81qd8t4mo1_500[1].gif )
I have done nothing productive right now, and it sucks.
>> No. 125468
File 137569043675.gif - (2.08MB , 320x240 , memecenter_1375176513865_18.gif )
Oh hey, I made a thing.
>> No. 125469
File 137569988516.png - (59.56KB , 1280x1024 , Sis' 5th B-Day Wallpaper.png )
Somethin for my little sis. Her birthday's tommorow :3
>> No. 125470
File 137570010427.png - (49.58KB , 1280x1024 , Sis' 5th B-Day Wallpaper No Words.png )
And without the words.
>> No. 125480
Gonna be drawin' some pones as video game characters. Stay tuned.
>> No. 125491
File 137585073840.png - (14.24KB , 357x456 , Chrysaspy.png )
...I do not regret this. :D
>> No. 125495
File 137586089919.png - (8.48KB , 324x402 , Kirbon-bon.png )
Oh, my finger did a thing.
>> No. 125499
File 137588008131.png - (68.14KB , 562x496 , 4th season 18.png )
Hey, could I request a Tom Baker pone with his red scarf?

The scarf looks like this:
>> No. 125640
Oki doki, and if it's not done in a week, blame me. I'm a bit lazy. XD
>> No. 125676
Must regain... attention...
Gosh, motivation is gone... I'll try working on that request tommorow...
>> No. 125720
File 137707136737.png - (30.83KB , 523x390 , Grayscale Pinkamina.png )
Might as well post SOMETHING.
I had the sudden urge to grayscale, also that behind Pinkamina is a Japanese symbol.
>> No. 125723
It either means sadness, alone, or longing. Do I win?
>> No. 125778
It meant dark, but close enough. Have some Internet milk too!
Update! I'll be heading back to school tommorow, so I'm going to be on during Fridays and Saturdays!
>> No. 126059
File 137936574166.png - (172.56KB , 900x927 , pinkie_wants_to_show_you_by_fureox-d5qbcty.png )
Can you do a picture of Pinkie Pie having her hair zoomed in to show a gigantic birthday party inside of it?
>> No. 126260
Um... sure, I just have to finish one other request and I can get to yours.
Shoot you guys, schools got me busy, and I'm feeling unmotivated... After getting back into some fandoms I used to be in, it's been a bit rocky. I think I'll be closing requests for now. Sorry other people. •^•
>> No. 126284
Thanks for the news, GypsyPinkie.
>> No. 126340
File 138070865887.png - (15.29KB , 706x374 , Fourth Doc.png )
Here's that request you wanted so long, Anon person! The fourth Doc! Enjoy!
While I was drawing this, I was listening to this:
It's so sad... D;
>> No. 126365
File 138079803543.png - (27.47KB , 605x650 , Via the Bat.png )
A Sonic FC, yeah somethin non-pony related. I was inspired by the stage Chemical Plant.
>> No. 126366
Chemical plant you say?
>> No. 126383

danke :)
>> No. 126390
>> No. 126404
File 138086472944.png - (3.25KB , 201x163 , GypsyPinkie Icon- Smile.png )
No prob Anon!
Now to work on le next!
>> No. 126411
File 138087194038.png - (15.52KB , 463x544 , Lori the Hedgehog.png )
Another FC for the Sonic fan universe.
>> No. 126449
File 138097486969.png - (14.91KB , 617x544 , Pinkie's Hair Party.png )
This was a bit rushed, but here you go! I'm not the best, but oh well...
>> No. 126452
File 138097609379.png - (12.49KB , 480x592 , Toony Twi.png )
I went for an old school theme here. Think I did well.
Lazy and forgot cutie mark.
>> No. 126455
Not bad!
>> No. 126472
You are welcome, Tetrisman!
>> No. 126486
Not a problem!
>> No. 126497
Please do Spike having fun with a 3 inch Rarity (I swear i want nothing NSFW outta that)
>> No. 126500
File 138139301723.png - (3.25KB , 201x163 , GypsyPinkie Icon- Worried.png )
I'm sorta closing request... I'm sorry Mr. Fox. I'll keep your request in mnd though.
>> No. 126621
File 138275516354.png - (12.48KB , 391x444 , Small Rare & Spike.png )
Here's your picture Mr. Fox! Enjoy!
First time Rarity on a computer. :/
>> No. 126652
File 138306226681.png - (206.13KB , 482x409 , DJ Pon-3 square no watermark.png )
Can you do a picture of Vinyl Scratch having her hair zoomed in to show a Rave Party inside of it?
>> No. 126667
Requests, are closed. Sorry, but I'll keep your request in mind Tetrisman.
>> No. 126679
Ok then.
>> No. 126726
Sorry guys, I've lost motivation. I've also gotten into new fandoms. I'll probably be getting a Deviantart, but until that comes, I'm gonna be on a hiatus. I'll probably be around /chat/ somewhere. I'll let you all know when I get a DA or get off hiatus. Until then, this WAS GypsyPinkie.
>> No. 126735
Sorry to hear.
>> No. 128139
>>Just wiped my hard drive.
>>Got real nostalgic.
>>Googled my ocpony's name and HOLY CELESTIA you delivered! Thank you so much! Forgive my lack of a respectable trip, but with this I rebuild every image I had posted of Haymaker.


No image attached until I remedy all this.
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