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File 135085884516.png - (53.42KB , 467x399 , Hand Drawn.png )
117401 No. 117401
#Digital #Canon #OCs #Gallery #Critique wanted

Hi there. I've been mostly lurking this board for a while—with the occasional OC request—but I've always wanted to be able to draw like everypony else. I know I'm not that great of an artist, but I had no idea how difficult this really is; you all make it look so easy. I've got a new appreciation for everypony here, especially those I've requested art from Anyway, I'm going to start posting my terrible drawings here in the hopes that they'll improve over time. Critique and advice are much appreciated.

Pic is what I accomplished after three hours of toiling with path tools and a few others in GIMP. I used my standard OC pic as a base.
I hope I did the tags right
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>> No. 117402
File 135085897020.png - (206.54KB , 1773x1557 , Bleeding Rain pony.png )
This is what I used to draw the OP. I decided to put the ear up and make the smile bigger. I also made the tail slightly smaller.
>> No. 117421
Heya, Drops! Good to see you mixing it up with the rest of us. :3

>I had no idea how difficult this really is; you all make it look so easy.
It gets easier with practice. After you've done something a few thousand times, it gets to be second nature. Course... for those first few thousand times, it's hard as hell. So, don't worry: we may make it look easy, but everyone starts out the same way you are.

And you know, as far as first attempts go, this is actually a really good one. I'll be doing a redline and critique, but not right now, 'cuz it's 1AM. X3

As far as advice goes... practice.
Daily. No exceptions. Practice, practice practice. Practice. I'm totally not kidding here. PRACTICE!

I would highly recommend working with pencil and paper, even if it's just sketching. It's good exercise for a wide range of skills in general.

Don't take shortcuts, especially with fundamental skills such as perspective and lighting. If something seems hard, don't be afraid of it: tackle it head on. Don't try to skirt the subject, don't take half measures. Read up on stuff, experiment, practice, do more research. Eat it right up.

Learn to love failure. It's your best friend.

Anyway... I talk too much. Actual critique will come later. For now, though... welcome aboard. :3
>> No. 117662
File 135134448400.png - (5.05MB , 1880x1200 , kitsune.png )
So, I was trying to draw a pony by hand, which is what you see in the middle. After about 20 minutes of that headache, I started doodling on the left. 5 minutes later I looked up, and this was the result. I'm both surprised, and not. I've always had a fascination for both fire, and foxes. What do you think?
>> No. 117678
File 135139291340.png - (2.15MB , 1211x1722 , poni.png )
Just relax man, ponies should be a fun thing to draw and shouldn't be frustrating or give you a headache. Simple ponies (or all?) are made from 75% circles, 20% marshmallow, and 5% friendship. Just draw some circles and draw over them like a pony (see attached image) they are pretty simple to doodle, just make a bunch of small ones and you will get the hang of drawing them in general. Don't worry if they are good or bad or about following a strict set of poni proportions just draw!
>> No. 117714
File 135148379178.png - (36.77KB , 487x352 , scratch.png )
Took two hours to make this. I started with three circles, one for the head, chest, and flank, respectively. I did the rest on my own, without a reference pic. Any hints or tips? Criticism welcomed.
>inb4 practice practice practice
>> No. 117717
File 135150251171.png - (1.03MB , 2526x1458 , redline.png )
practice practice practice
>pic related
Sorry if anything is spelled wrong, it is pretty late.
Let me know if you need help with anything.

Also, don't let guides and proportions constrain you. Draw ponies however you like, these are just to get you rolling. Remember ponies are ~20% marshmallow (depending on the pony) feel free to bend some limbs in awkward directions.
>> No. 117730
File 135153518948.png - (83.27KB , 487x352 , brd_scratch_redl.png )
Fri. Not everyone works the same way. Guides and proportions can be a very powerful tool, and some people learn to wield them to great effect. 'Course, some people like to work more fluidly.

Really, how you do things doesn't really matter. The trick is getting the most out of whatever methods you use.

>I'm both surprised, and not.
That used to happen to me every now and then, and I've learned to make use of it.

Say I'm trying to design a character, and something just refuses to work right. I'll just sort of get all spontaneous and noodle around a few random concepts. More often than not, I'll come up with an alternative that's way better then the idea that I was trying to "fix."

Sometimes, you just let your instincts take over, and they take you to new and interesting places. It's certainly better than trying to get something to work by pounding your round head into a square hole.

Sorry, my redlines aren't as pretty as some... I don't think the curve of the flank is quite right... oh, well, it shows what I mean. Pretty much.

As a note: all of this is strictly according to FiM-style proportions. If you wanna go with a more personal style, by all means, do so.

1. I think of the throat as a line that starts at the center of the head, coming down with a slight forward angle.

2. The back of the front leg is vertically aligned with the back of the neck. Since the back of the neck goes straight up, however, the leg and the neck aren't in-line with each other (In the >>117401 , the back of the leg is perfectly aligned with the back of the neck... it's not show accurate, but I gotta say, it looks pretty good).

2B. The lines for the foreleg are not parallel or straight. The forward edge curves so that the tip of the toe is vertically aligned with the top of the leg. The back edge starts curving back, then comes straight down. It curves forward just a little near the bottom, but for the most part it meets the ground pretty squarely.

3. The back of the flank is one head-width from the back of the head. Since the throat starts at the center of the head and comes slightly forward as it comes down the body is, overall, is slightly over 1.5 head-widths long. My pet theory is that the body is 1.6 times as long as the head, which would be Golden Ratio proprotions, but I don't have any hard data to back this up.

Also, the hind legs tend to extend back as they come down... The center of the hoof tends to be vertically aligned with the back edge of the flank. Again, no hard data for this one, but it's a handy little guideline for troubleshooting a pose that doesn't quite look right.

4. To get the hind leg, I visualize a line starting at the back corner of the eye that goes through the point where the neck meets the body, and continues on for the front of the hind leg. Once the hind leg meets the body, it curves upward, but the upper hind leg below the body is defined by this line.

5. For the corner of the hind leg, I start make a teardrop out of the eye-neck guideline and the back of the flank. Then, I cut off the tip of the teardrop with a horizontal line. That line is one head-height above the ground, or half way between the top of the flank and the ground. The distance that the corner sticks out from the leg is equal to the length of the top edge of the triangle.

Like the foreleg, the forward edge of the hind leg curves back and forward. However, the tip of the toe is in line with the bottom point of that teardrop rather than the top of the leg. The back of the leg, where it comes down from the corner, also curves back and comes straight down, almost (but not quite) meeting the ground squarely.

Another thing about the foreleg, now that I think of it... I'm pretty sure the back edge were continued upward, it would also come to the corner of the eye.

Anyway, hope this helps some. Glad to see you're keeping at it! :3
>> No. 117735
Whoop... just noticed what I derp'd in the redline: The corner on the hind leg is too low. The correct height is mentioned in the writeup.

Also: The belly should be higher than the corner on the hind leg... the height difference is equal to the height difference of the chin and the point where the back meets the neck.
>> No. 117738
File 135155077671.jpg - (35.84KB , 640x480 , Snapshot_20121029.jpg )
Well, I couldn't read most of the redlines but the circle placement was helpful. I'm using GIMP path tools by the way.

Thanks a bunch. Those proportions are quite helpful. It seems that while I'm no good drawing freehand, I can do a pretty decent rough sketch. Here's a crude outline for what I managed using those pointers of yours.
I ought to be able to draw a pretty decent path from this. final product in a few hours, and thanks again.
>> No. 117740
File 135155261562.png - (226.88KB , 418x368 , Untitled.png )
Apologies for my terrible handwriting.


1) Pony circles shouldn't really be distanced, should be close together so your pony doesn't look oblong. Think of a jellybean.

2) Snout looks a little tiny bit long

3) Legs look a bit awkward, using bones for the legs can help a lot. It looks like you just drew curved lines. Lines wont really help you when you begin drawing more complicated poses.

reposted for spelling/grammar issues c:
>> No. 117742
File 135156142919.png - (34.87KB , 352x369 , Drawing No_ 2.png )
Never took you for a grammar nazi, Fri. Thanks for the tips again. I was mostly making a crude sketch that I could make the lines from, but it still didn't turn out as good as I expected. *sigh* This is what I get for being a perfectionist while trying to learn something I've never been good at. Anyway, I used a trick a friend of mine taught me, and I made the stroke first as a separate layer. What ended up happening, however, was it made everything look skinny, so... I'll be compensating for that in the future. I also think I made the flank and the eye too big.
>> No. 117750
File 135158141723.png - (299.07KB , 1137x817 , Untitled.png )
I recommend SAI, Photoshop, MyPaint, ArtRage, and Sketchbook over GIMP. GIMP is a photo-manipulation program not an art program. Mypaint is free, but as the name suggests it is more painty than GIMP.

I've attached another redline, I put my text in black and wrote it a little larger for legible handwriting. As you had already said the flank and eye are a bit large, but the flank should be well-rounded (sounds incredibly odd saying that)
>> No. 117758
I've wanted SAI for a long time, but it costs money that I just don't have right now. When I become a little more financially stable, I might get it. I'll try out Mypaint. >>117750
I'll work on those changes too, and try out th skeleton tecnique. Thanks again, you're a huge help.
>> No. 117760
File 135162174723.png - (154.79KB , 399x484 , 135020305796.png )
You can get a cracked version of SAI, I think

As if I'd pay for SAI, hah!
>> No. 117768
I didn't pay for it either. we aren't supposed to talk about things like that on ponychan. Could always throw me an email if you want me to "acquire" you a copy.
>> No. 118062
File 135266731840.jpg - (117.17KB , 900x528 , kitsune_by_minjask6572-d5ksce3.jpg )
Okay, so... screw the tags; I really don't feel like remaking the thread. I'm just going to start posting my doodles here because, well... I'm pretty sure I can. Here's something I drew up last night while trying to fall asleep. I think I'm going to start drawing a lot of fiery foxes. They are fun.
>> No. 120479
File 135892298183.png - (449.74KB , 1743x1518 , Azure Spark.png )
Foxy... you never critiqued the OP. You said you would.
>> No. 127588
File 139400532285.gif - (123.03KB , 204x157 , C1gzocv.gif )
Draw me horses please!
>> No. 127589
File 139400800403.jpg - (336.14KB , 2045x1611 , pony flying drawing.jpg )
Crude sketch of a pegasus in flight. I think I had Fluttershy in mind for the mane but it could also be your OC. She's a pegasus, right?

I decided to take the directional, flame style I use for the foxes and apply it to ponies, rather than drawing those silly circles. Seems to have turned out decently enough. Now off to SAI to add color and such.
>> No. 127590
>> No. 127616
File 139451057863.jpg - (134.41KB , 900x582 , lucy 2.jpg )

OC maker
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