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File 135128960668.png - (227.47KB , 861x861 , threadstarter1.png )
117632 No. 117632
#Digital #Canon #Taking requests

hello ponychan
it's been a long time

here is some stuff to start a thread off i guess
you are probably better off not listing this unless i actually get a good vibe going because i tend to forget about things like art threads very easily whoops

(i have a ton of old art i can upload but i wont unless prompted because ew old)

if we could maybe keep crit to a minimum unless i suddenly decide to ask for it or whatever that would be rad, as i am but a casual hobbyist messing around for recreational purposes! ok thank

taking requests i guess but can we stick to canon characters maybe? like is that a thing i can ask to do without sounding mean
also i will probably be slow
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>> No. 117633
File 135128948779.png - (184.72KB , 667x628 , pinkie1.png )
>> No. 117634
File 135128954266.png - (178.21KB , 796x687 , hairity.png )
i dont have a lot of recent stuff and i have totally forgotten how to draw raritys hair

fear not friends i will google a reference next time im actually serious about wanting to try
>> No. 117635
File 135128967163.png - (191.10KB , 773x943 , bigmac.png )
ok i

messed up my trip for three posts so here is a thing while i let you guys know its meant to look like this

aight triple out i havent slept in Too Long
>> No. 117636
Okay with shipping? I'd love to see some cuddling between NMM and Celestia.
otherwise - just Princess Celestia please? :3
>> No. 117645
File 135130267531.png - (3.25KB , 201x163 , GypsyPinkie Icon- Smile.png )
Welcome back, Triple! Can't wait to see some wonderful art from you!
>> No. 117648
>if we could maybe keep crit to a minimum
B-b-but... if I can't critique, I can't socialize! I don't know how to talk to people, all I know is art!

Oh, well... guess I'll just stick to constructive compliments. That counts as "minimum crit," right? :3

I love your characters body language, it's very expressive without resorting to gratuitous extremes.

This one made me laugh. Out loud, no less. True story.

Also: I share your pain. The pain that is Rarity's hair. And what a grand, elegant and magnificient pain it is.
>> No. 117709
File 135146971639.png - (314.25KB , 1411x757 , shippin.png )
totally didnt mean for nm to have bedroom eyes but there u go thats what happens when you draw someone with eyeshadow i guess

thank you!

i guess you can crit if you want, i just don't really feel like there's much point haha. i'm just kind of drawing for the sake of having something to do, and improving in my own time i guess? there's no harm in it though, either way.

nice meeting you dorks B)
>> No. 117711
File 135147177751.png - (172.68KB , 690x690 , muffled rap music.png )
>> No. 117722
File 135151563841.png - (633.32KB , 1289x1046 , flootershai.png )
>> No. 117736
File 135154618585.png - (101.50KB , 500x417 , 132621261550.png )

Gotta love loose styles.
>> No. 117737
Think you could draw some Gamer Luna?
>> No. 117763
File 135162256498.jpg - (91.60KB , 700x700 , 133825989811.jpg )
Hey, welcome Trip! Your art's totally adorable, I don't think there's much to critique anyways!

If you would, I'd like to request more Rarity. You can never have enough Rarity!
>> No. 117846
>tfw ponychan won't let me post
Thanks dude, that's incredible cute :3
>> No. 117860
File 135196740438.png - (1.45MB , 1903x2508 , eyes.png )
The bedroom eyes come from where the eyelids intersect the iris. At a tangent is normal. As the eyelids overlap and approach the pupils things get interesting.
>> No. 117875
>things get interesting.
oh my
>> No. 117884
ok my tablet just decided to break, gr8 timing there

things are gonna be more or less dead until i get it fixed, sorry to start a thread and then have to go quiet but i dont have a lot of money to fix my tablet right now so ye

see u whenever it does get fixed
>> No. 122221
File 136485045141.png - (72.30KB , 427x482 , 28859j5.png )
i request Ticket
>> No. 122252
File 136495473663.png - (416.84KB , 1600x1390 , Epiphany.png )
Could I have some Epiphany?
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