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#Digital #Vectors #Canon #Gallery #Discussion #Critique wanted

I don't use Chans a lot so I'm not entirely sure how they work, so excuse me if I sound a bit clunky, but I decided to make a thread showcasing some of my Deviations.

I am not sure if any of you have heard of me, but I am Brickstarrunner, but I always prefer to be called Bongo. I have a DeviantArt account and make various Deviations with my main tool of use being Gimp and (Usually) working off of traces from screenshots from the show. Thus my art style tends to mimic the show in a way and doesn't deviate much from it.

In most cases, I consider my art to be 'Semi-Vector' By that I mean they aren't small pictures that can fit on your screen, but they aren't those super big humongous vectors either. It's a mid point where it was big enough to look high quality but small enough for me to work on.

A few more things about me: I cannot draw. I've been planning on getting a tablet and hooking it up to my computer and finally get some use out of Photoshop (Funny story about that. I have Photoshop as well as other Adobe Design products but I never learned to use them). I was hoping that getting a tablet may help me start drawing on my own instead of just relying on screenshots from the show and tracing over them.

I also do NSFW stuff sometimes, although I won't post it here though. I work off of sketches done by artists in the NSFW department and give them the same treatment as I would to a show screenshot: Trace over it until the picture is complete.

You can head on over to my DeviantArt page here:

Oh, and be sure to critique my art. I am always open ears to any suggestions that may help improve me in the future. I taught myself how to use Gimp from the ground up so I am still in the learning process.

- - - - -

Anyways this first deviation I want to share with you guys is a very recent one. It's called the 'My Littlest Ponies Title Card'. The DeviantArt page can be found here: . It is a crossover/parody of the Littlest Pet Shop logo with ponies and Lauren Faust thrown in it. After watching the Littlest Pet Shop teaser on TheHUBTVNetwork's Youtube Channel (And finding out a lot of who worked on MLP also worked on LPS) I was really inspired to do a crossover between the two. It was completed 5 days before the premiere of the MLP/LPS TV shows. I was hoping to catch a ride on the two show's hype before they aired, although it seems that I am riding the aftershocks of both show's popularity due to a rise in views after the show was unveiled.

In this, I didn't match up the characters with their matching personas, but by how they looked. For example, Russell Ferguson, an orange hedgehod, was the one to the very left. He and Applejack shared a similar orange so it seemed fitting to place him there. Same with Pinkie Pie replacing Minka Mark, Twilight Sparkle replacing Zoe Trent, and Derpy Hooves replacing Pepper Clark. The only two I matched with personality/action being done was Fluttershy/Sunil Nevla and Rainbow Dash/Penny Ling. Fluttershy due to Sunil looking very closed in on himself which matched Fluttershy perfectly and Rainbow Dash because I could just imagine her laying on the logo all day relaxing. And Rarity was thrown in because I didn't know where to put her. And for those who don't know, that's supposed to be Lauren Faust that is replacing Blythe Baxter.

Unfortunately I accidentally saved over my Gimp work file for this so I can not make any further alterations to this. Sorry :c

But that shouldn't stop you. Please do give me your feedback and feeling about it, as well as your critiques. I would love to hear them! Also do you have any other comments and/or questions? Do post them down below.

See you next time when I post another Deviation of mine!


PS: This is wallpaper sized (Or at least to the size of MY wallpaper) so give it a try and see if it fits you!
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File 135286564488.png - (622.26KB , 2301x1294 , My Littlest Ponies (Faustless Version).png )
And in case anyone wants it, here's a Faustless version:
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little pony shop
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