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File 135290380306.png - (94.20KB , 441x439 , fluttershydoll.png )
118180 No. 118180
#Digital #Canon #OCs #Gallery #Discussion #Critique wanted

I'm Alasou and thanks to you, I've now a deviant art and a tumblr.

It's over here :

I won't take anymore request (at least for a moment). I plan to start commission and have things to do before.

(Oh... And english isn't my native language and 95% of what I know, i've learned it by myself. So feel free to tell me where I'm wrong. )
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>> No. 119346
well in my experience you are actually fast even with the extreme detail you add
>> No. 119347
>this mean I can keep complaining about my art without feeling bad?
Well, you can, but I recommend against it for two reasons.

First, it puts people off. Many will react negatively toward it, such as >>119328. Self depreciation has a way of getting on people's nerves. Only a slim percentage of artists respond with sympathy, which usually results in encouragement and compliments... well meaning, but rarely encouraging or constructive.

Second, it's wasted energy. Rather than agonize over it, it's better to tackle it head on. If you don't like your art, identify what you don't like, and work on it.

I'm pretty sure the reason most artists put down their own work is out of humility. They don't want to seem arrogant, so they apologize and make disclaimers ("I'm really not that good, sorry..."). This isn't something to worry about, because people won't think you're arrogant unless you're outright bragging or blustering. If all you do is post something and say a few words, you're not going to make that impression.

Rather than talking about how much you don't like your work, talk about what you don't like. It lets you vent a little, and it'll give something for others to offer useful comments about.

When comments are directed at the art rather then the artist, it sounds much less self-depreciating.
For example:
-"I'm terrible with perspective."
Compared to:
-"The perspective in this is is terrible."

It helps to phrase things positively, too.
For example:
-"The perspective is terrible."
Compared to
-"The perspective in this could be better."

These are subtle things, but humans are all about subconscious reactions so little things can make a big difference in how people react.

There is a third reason not to complain. Any comments an artist makes will affect how people respond to the work. The less you say, the more honest and unspoiled the feedback is. Saying "Something is wrong with the hind leg of this character" will end up making everyone comment on that one particular thing, and that thing alone. If there's something else worth commenting on, it'll go unnoticed.

One of the main uses for feedback is to find out if something that bothers you is actually a problem. If nopony mentions something that sticks out like a sore thumb to you, it may not actually be as big a problem as it seems to be. By mentioning it, everyone notices it immediately, which contaminates their reactions.

>Quick question. How long it takes for someone to do something like this Rarity?
Don't worry about comparing yourself to others, it's a hard road in the wrong direction with a bad ending.

As for speed and time, that improves with practice. Focus on getting the level of quality you want first, regardless of how long it takes, and developing the techniques and methods required to get those results. Once you can create the kind of artwork you want, then focus on efficiency and speed.

Hotkeys. Hotkeys are your friend. If you can switch to a tool by with a keyboard shortcut, it'll take much less time than going over to a tool pallet. It saves you a mere fraction of a second, but when you switch between tools a few dozen times a minute, those split seconds add up.

Anyway. hope this helps some.
>> No. 119367
File 135540005058.png - (240.84KB , 1200x800 , random sketches 13-12-12.png )
I have honestly no idea what i'm supposed to say.

>Don't worry about comparing yourself to others, it's a hard road in the wrong direction with a bad ending.

It's not that I want to compare, but it's just I want to do so many things each day, and not enough time. And since I don't really know how long this kind of stuff is supposed to take... It just a curiosity.

>Hotkeys. Hotkeys are your friend. If you can switch to a tool by with a keyboard shortcut, it'll take much less time than going over to a tool pallet. It saves you a mere fraction of a second, but when you switch between tools a few dozen times a minute, those split seconds add up.

That's not a problem, I already use them. ^^ (ctrl+z is my best friend)
>> No. 119371
File 135540354086.png - (558.37KB , 792x768 , Florid 2.png )
*clears throat* Right, rude behavior aside and about the request.....
<That little bastard right there, could you do something like him sitting against a tree enjoying a jug of lemonade or somethin' ? (minust the shirt and vest)
>> No. 119382
File 135543503435.png - (361.46KB , 1400x1000 , ticket et compagnie.png )
I hope you don't mind, it take me some time because I use it as an excuse to test things and train. I will probably doing the final version tomorrow.

Will do. i just have some things to do before ^^
>> No. 119384
i dont mind in the least
just the line art looks amazing
>> No. 119386
File 135544102413.png - (218.37KB , 523x648 , ready for winter.png )
Well, thanks, even, if it's just supposed to be a sketch for their size.
>> No. 119387
File 135544181533.gif - (301.24KB , 427x240 , tumblr_m5l7wvVetC1rucu36o1_500.gif )
>> No. 119402
File 135549738936.png - (773.40KB , 1243x852 , loveleaf and vinyl scratch.png )
Someone on deviantart requested something. Now it's done and I will start yours.
>> No. 119410
File 135551208831.png - (506.39KB , 3351x2897 , Epic Archer pose by Choco.png )
Would you be willing to do some of Archer here? I have yet to acquire something of him actually looking happy, as he is a warrior at heart. Though he has a soft side for the natural world.

I don't know, but your stuff looks amazing and it would be great to get something of him.

He's supposed to be extremely tall as well, about seven foot six at the head, so if you draw him with something else it might be important to take that into account.
>> No. 119479
File 135556261013.png - (267.41KB , 1200x800 , random sketches 15-12-12.png )
You know it's going to be a hard day when you have to restart 4 times your signature.

Will do. But after, I will stop request for a while. (and probably start doing commissions)
>> No. 119481
File 135556289669.png - (178.48KB , 998x658 , 20% more awesome whywolf.png )
>> No. 119493
File 135559097314.png - (499.44KB , 1400x1000 , human ticket requested.png )
That I can't correctly sign my stuff ? That's mean ! (:p)

Anyway, I hope you're going to like it, I've missed the beginning of today's episode for that ! (ok, I've missed ten seconds because of the pub before the stream <<)
>> No. 119494
File 135559263942.gif - (1.06MB , 400x225 , funny-gifs-celebrating-your-goal.gif )
oh lordy thats the ticket
>> No. 119495
File 135559305706.png - (217.09KB , 1240x968 , spoiler.png )
you know what really pleases me
also best episode this season so far
but if this is true
>> No. 119499
File 135561125787.png - (1.85MB , 2090x2090 , Four Block - Block.png )
Alasou, you bloody fantastic artist you!

Do you remember drawing these...?

Well I took the one on the right and spent time colouring it, what do you think!
>> No. 119501
File 135562620633.png - (1.00MB , 1400x1000 , human ticket requested02.png )
Let me know if it's ok with you. I've spend too much time on it for correctly judge. Right now I want to say that's extremly crappy and I should probably redone the color from the begining, and the lineart, and the sketch but It's also 3:45 and I'm a little bit tired.

>also best episode this season so far
but if this is true

I dunno, I need to rewatch the episode to judge. And for the spoiler, I don't know if it's true, but I agree, this could be awesome.

Just need to practice a little more, and this should be great !
>> No. 119511
>> No. 119512
also merry holidays
i gave you a gift on deviant
>> No. 119515
File 135565778345.png - (193.81KB , 1200x800 , random sketches 16-12-12.png )
The lack of Derpy in S3 disturb me.

Thanks you very much, I'm glad you like it. I wasn't expecting that !
>> No. 119516
Practice? In what way, do you have any particular criticisms?
>> No. 119517
File 135566375741.jpg - (15.73KB , 640x400 , Horizon.jpg )
Well, the colors chosen are too flashy in my opinion, the lineart should have more variety in the thickness, I think the shades aren't strong enough (especially under the costume). The more something is away (near the horizon) the less the color is strong. (take a look at the pic)

Whitefox has posted a a very usefull guide for color from Purplekecleon : Take a look, it's really helping me.

But you really start to understand those things with practice (things I terribly need to keep doing btw <<)
>> No. 119528
File 135569738703.png - (267.80KB , 1200x960 , new things 16-12-12.png )
Just trying something different. I must say that I love this style. But I'm sure that I've already see someone else draw like that :/

I know I have request to do, but it's saturday night. i can do whatever I want !
>> No. 119534
File 135570566123.jpg - (95.83KB , 500x444 , tumblr_mf3qpaGawL1rwsqr7o1_500.jpg )
I saw #Taking requests and #OCs, so I'm going to ask if you could draw Knit Knack here, sock-less and knitting.
>> No. 119535
File 135570540361.png - (140.56KB , 3320x2600 , Argyle Stocking.png )
Pony creator version
>> No. 119558
look at that
trying arthro now?
>> No. 119567
File 135573631296.png - (282.59KB , 1200x800 , random sketches 17-12-12.png )
Well, I've said somewhere in the thread that I wouldn't do more requests, at least for a moment. But I had not edited my first post. Now, it's done. But I must say that a find your OC very cute. So I will probably do it too. But I don't promise anything.

I hate the idea of being stuck in one style, and not being able to do different thing. And I love trying new stuff. Plus, who doesn't like cute anthro?

(And, is there a way to correctly put the balise after an edit?)
>> No. 119568
i agree
are commissions open yet?
>> No. 119569
Before, I want to finish the few request left and I want to check about the legally process.
>> No. 119612
File 135582686913.png - (588.03KB , 900x800 , request knight.png )
I hope you like it. I tried to play a little bit with the light, but I'm not sure at all if it's working correctly. Maybe the spots of light aren't big enough, or not enough contrast. I don't know.
>> No. 119614
File 135582794080.jpg - (175.97KB , 300x400 , shade-trees.jpg )
Their edges are too sharp, they should be a little blurrier, I think. It looks like he's spattered with blood, to me.
>> No. 119615
i kinda agree with this
>> No. 119616
File 135583002117.png - (592.90KB , 900x800 , request knight02.png )
You're probably right. Looks better now?
>> No. 119617
i think it does
>> No. 119618
File 135583811174.png - (297.20KB , 1200x800 , rules 63 mane 6 etude.png )
I need help for another thing right now. I have trouble with the stallions. I don't find a way to make stallion looking manly with my style without any artifice like facial hairs. And if they're manly enough, they lose all the cuteness justifying drawing in my style and not in the show style.

So basiquely, any suggestion with the exemple I've just done?
>> No. 119624
File 135586101414.png - (67.57KB , 435x394 , T26.png )
I simply cant express words for how much I f***ing love this!
>> No. 119627
File 135586254486.png - (235.36KB , 544x600 , random anthro Twi 18-12-12.png )
I'm glad you like it ^^

<< This image just help me double my followers on tumblr in less than 3 hours... Maybe I should do some more like this...

(NSFW for questionable, even if I'm not sure that necessary.)
>> No. 119630
File 135586741367.png - (219.29KB , 600x600 , OC archer.png )
Here we go. Since you said it was him happy who was important, I figured that a simple portrait was good enough. I don't know if is happy enough in the picture, but i figured out that a happy face Pinkie style was too much. But I wonder if is not a bit seductive, now <<
>> No. 119631
File 135586836332.jpg - (70.80KB , 600x578 , you-think-this-is-a-game.jpg )
>just checked out the tumblr
>232 notes on that image
>all other not triple digits
>> No. 119633
That's kind of terrifying. It's the first "popular" pic I post only on tumblr and not on DA, and it's surprising to see so many notification.
>> No. 119634
File 135587230773.jpg - (37.13KB , 640x480 , 19_1625858654_640x0.jpg )
not completely unexpected though
>> No. 119635

Nice color sense. That works so well. I can't ever get this because I use Autodesk Pro, which is such a horsesh*t program. Do you use PS?
>> No. 119641
File 135591326872.png - (254.89KB , 1200x800 , random anthro sketches 19-12-12.png )
I was excpeting a few more notification than usual, like 10 more for a maximum. Not 300. But it's ok. I won't lie, I like drawing like that.

I use paint tool SAI. i've tested GIMP and PS3 and PS5 before, but I'm really fall in love with paint tool SAI.
>> No. 119668
Ok. From now on I will start to do commissions. I'm not sure yet about the price, not as high as a pro of course, but I'm not sure yet. And should I start a new thread just for that?
>> No. 119674
File 135596849468.png - (118.03KB , 417x800 , 315.png )
if you want you can
i dont think you have to

got any orders yet
because i have got some ideas
>> No. 119709
File 135607705628.png - (779.84KB , 1020x918 , pinkie being pinkie.png )
Ok, so, for people who are interested, I'm starting to do commissions. I don't expect many of them but if you are interested, every detail over here :
>> No. 119710
>> No. 119755
File 135636460492.png - (1.04MB , 1200x1155 , merry christmas.png )
Merry Christmas everypony !
>> No. 119774
Your tumblr is quite entertaining
>> No. 120101
File 135764288986.png - (351.32KB , 798x739 , 08-01-2013 Fluttershy.png )
I suddenly realized that I should upload this thread. At least to say thanks to the people of ponychan. Really helped me.

(the image was done for a friend, but is quite appropriate right now)
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