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File 135312530553.jpg - (544.99KB , 1362x950 , fluttershy_flower.jpg )
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#Traditional #Gallery #Critique wanted


Hey, everypony!
I don't really know what to say here, other than that I'm a brony who enjoys drawing in his spare time, and I'm trying to find ways to get involved in the fandom.
I largely focus on traditional pencil sketches, and my style is largely cartooning-based, but I try to change things up whenever I have the chance.

As an improving artist, I am always, ALWAYS open to constructive criticism. Feel free to critique my work here, or hit me up on my DeviantArt (link @ top)
Enjoy, and Brony On!
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>> No. 118270
File 135312561094.jpg - (500.76KB , 1200x772 , RD-flamethrower.jpg )
>[in which Thraten doodles ponies on the backs of school papers]

Rainbow Dash is ALWAYS related to Physics class!
>> No. 118275
Are those physics equations in the margins? Do you enjoy your job here as a cartoonist, Higgins?
(Man, I loved that Far Side cartoon. Can't find it in my books to scan, though.)

I find myself envying the lettering on that Fluttershy one; is that by hand?
>> No. 118379
File 135333878057.jpg - (787.04KB , 1821x900 , louder.jpg )
I've read some of The Far Side, not enough to remember any panels in particular, though...
Yeah, high school Physics was not a particularly engaging class. I did well in it; the problem was that it took forever to cover a simple equation because the folks in the back of the room were always calling out "Mister, I don't get this!" Due to all the free time, I managed to squeeze in a copious amount of doodles.

And yes, that lettering is done by hand. I think it's a tad bit sloppy, but I did it sort of quickly if I remember correctly. I should really incorporate typography into my drawings more often...

Thanks for the feedback!
>> No. 118398
I'm pretty sure the only physics that RD needs to know is F=MA. :3

I grew up with Far Side. :3

I'm pretty sure that I get my sense of humor from Gary Larson, my vocabulary from Bill Waterson, and my artistic sensibilities from B.Kliban. Kind of explains a lot, doesn't it?

>I largely focus on traditional pencil sketches,
Oh... you and I are going to get along just fine. :3

>I think it's a tad bit sloppy,
The e and r go over the x-height, the l looks like doesn't quite come down to the baseline, and the kerning of the h and y is so tight that it causes some confusion (At first glance, I read it as "mj" with an unusually tall ascender, and on second glance it looked like "tnj").

These are, however, the most minor of quibbles. It looks great, and is rather easy on the eyes.

On a more aesthetic note, if the loop of the y were larger, the tree branch could pass through it. In monograms and flourishes, it's desirable to have all the elements interacting with each other, so the whole thing looks like one piece. As it is, the branch and the letters are two separate "pieces."

Nice kerning on the first half. "Flutt" has a lot of strong vertical lines, and the spacing is just uneven enough in all the right places to be readable. Any less even, and it'd look wonky; any more even, and it'd be too regular to be comfortable to read.

Don't mind me, I know more about typography than is good for me. X3

The way Fluttershy's chin comes out from under her upper lip looks makes it look like she has an underbite.

On her hair, there's an arc that starts at the forward point of her hairline, goes up and back, then tucks behind her ear. It looks combed back, and her hair is parted. In the show, all her hair just swoops forward and down. Having a lock of hair combed back shows more of her face, which looks less shy than her usual style.

(By the way: this is just an observation. Some people get confused when I make comments like these, and ask if I'm saying it's a good thing or a bad thing... I'm not saying it's either good or bad, I'm just pointing it out)

Her figure in general gives a distinctly humanoid impression... it works pretty well, her pose is very expressive.

Anyway... I talk too much. Critique is kinda my "thing," hope it helps some.


RD's expression. It is pure comedy gold.

Man, I love a good sketch. There's just something about fast-and-loose pencil strokes that gives them so much energy and motion.
>> No. 118497
File 135355679155.jpg - (808.79KB , 1500x1005 , crazy dancing wip2.jpg )
I can't thank you enough for your criticism, and don't be bothered in the least about your long-windedness-- a majority of the comments I make on people's artwork end on being a good-sized paragraph. (Maybe that's a good way to identify a "serious" artist...) I can tell we're going to get along just fine...

Sadly, much of the actual "artwork" that I've gotten to posting thus far have been spur-of-the-moment sketches that by chance ended up looking, at the least, "decent" to me, and so I cleaned them up, inked, colored, what-have-you.

Long-story-short, a lot of the work I've been posting has had little or no prior planning. The cramped type on the Fluttershy drawing, for instance, I didn't even plan on adding when I first drew Fluttershy on the back of a school paper. I suppose I know next to nothing about typography in real life; I just know how to make convincing serifed and italicized text. If I had perhaps planned the spacing out a bit before "winging it," then it certainly would have been easier to read, and significantly more aesthetically pleasing...

More things I personally think I kind of suck at: hair, anatomy, wings
Because I'm drawing facial expressions all the time, I suppose I can sometimes take subtleties like jawline for granted... the receding line looked reasonable to me given the angle I had her face looking...
I was personally more immediately concerned with how her hooves and forelegs seemed to be jointed like bendy straws... and how I still cannot draw convincing wings to save my life. (Which could explain why I opted to make my OC character--in pic, right side--an anthro bird with hands instead of wings.)
As for the hair, a big reason I draw some characters more than others is because I don't typically do my sketching with references in front of me, so much of the structures and features of a character are committed to memory. (I must be good at fudging these things or something...) That could probably explain the severe lack of Rarity in my drawings...that girl's got one crazy mane...

Anyway, thank you so much again for the kind words! Hope to see some more great work from you too, Fox!
>> No. 118518
>I can't thank you enough...
Happy to help. :3

>...for your criticism,
Critique. Not criticism. I'm very particular about that. Criticism implies hostility or a harsh tone, that's not how I roll. :3

>spur-of-the-moment sketches
There's a time to plan, and there's a time to go with the flow. I firmly believe that being spontaneous keeps the artwork lively and interesting, and that too much planning will make it stiff and static.

Actually, using too much of a technical, formal, mathematical approach to text is one way to screw it up. Sometimes, you just have to go with what looks right rather than what the rules tell you.

>More things I personally think I kind of suck at: hair, anatomy, wings
My personal favourite tutorial on wings:

Majnouna has all kinds of great tutorials, especially for anatomy (animal and human): Highly recommended.

The section on horses in this one, is surprisingly relevant to MLP, particularly the structure of the legs and the body proportions.

> I don't typically do my sketching with references in front of me,
Reference is your most bestest-best friend ever.

When I need to learn how to do something, I find that taking the time to do studies helps a lot. There's a difference between drawing to learn, and drawing to show.

>Pic Critique
Dude, your figure drawing is great. The anatomy may not be 100% (eg: limbs generally taper toward the extremities) but the proportions are solid, there's a distinct impression of volume and mass, and they have that intangible sense of vitality that makes them seem like living people rather than a collection of lines on a piece of paper. That's the stuff you can't get out of a book. Mad props, seriously.

Twi's mouth, like flutters, has a bit of an underbite (old habit die hard, huh?). The mane on the back of her neck is missing... I'm guessing that's due to lack of image ref. :3

For what this is, it is very well done. On the one hoof, that means you're pretty good with everything I can see here. On the other, I can't really comment on anything you might need help with if I don't get to see it. X3
>> No. 118693
File 135408481948.jpg - (1.75MB , 1500x1438 , twilight sparkle-first charcoal drawing.jpg )
>Reference is your bestest-best friend ever
When I say that I don't draw with references in front of me, it's usually not out of choice...
Like I recall saying before, a majority of these drawings are boredom-induced sketches done during "free time" in classes. With all due respect, I don't exactly have a computer with internet access in front of me when I'm in class and feel like doodling something.
That's not to say that I don't try to study references when I get the chance, though.

And speaking of drawing with references...
This was a quick charcoal piece inspired by carlotta-guidicelli's work; I believe I modeled the shading on the hair and such after a MysticAlpha drawing.
And look, it's the attack of the underbite again...
Call it style, call it habit, call it what you want; these are cartoon horses, and they have snouts.
(possibly) Final words on the matter: "I just don't know what went wrong!"

That said, thanks again for the feedback. Always appreciated!
>> No. 118694
File 135408498905.jpg - (693.32KB , 1150x1000 , twilight_science.jpg )
More content, yay!
Something relatively recent, for once!

Now, say what you want, but Twilight is always, ALWAYS related to Physics class.
>> No. 119130
File 135503832001.jpg - (1.32MB , 1700x1270 , fluttershy1.jpg )
Figured I might as well post some more content.

Wallpapers of this drawing can be found in the description of the DeviantArt page:
>> No. 119226
There's something about this Twilight that I just find appealing, underbite, widely spaced eyes and all.

Maybe it's that you're straddling that line between sketch and polished drawing really well. I never stop messing with my drawings before it's too late.
>> No. 120207
File 135794492435.png - (312.39KB , 806x624 , thraten derpy sketch [crop].png )
Okay, long story short, my DeviantArt account has been deactivated.
Not to worry, I plan on keeping this thread up to date (as best as I can).
I'm thinking about setting up a Tumblr blog for my artwork, but that will have to wait for a later time.

Here's a Derpy tablet sketch from last year, because it fits.
5-second photoshop for new signature :P
>> No. 120208
File 135794607480.png - (408.98KB , 1000x1100 , thraten SGAP sketch1.png )
And now for something I just did earlier today...
I really like SoGreatandPowerful's OC.

>Link to this musician's amazing page if you don't know him already:
He unlisted his Season 2 songs and deleted the playlist, so those you'll need to search for...
>> No. 120366
File 135845571844.png - (523.45KB , 1200x1200 , thraten love&conquer wip.png )
Thought I'd share the "finished" (to my liking) lineart for the digital piece I'm currently working on.
>> No. 120686
File 135969432638.jpg - (521.12KB , 1280x720 , thraten_love&conquerbackdrop1.jpg )
...and finished!
I'm not particularly satisfied with the coloring job, mainly because I feel this was a bit of a cop-out (I lacked the time and experience to spend too much time with it in Photoshop, so I went with a simple paint-like brush and flat colors).

The piece was prepared for this mixtape video:

It's an hour-long mix of various brony songs, primarily house and trance in this case.
Please take the time to check it out, I'm trying to shop it around and get some feedback.
The mix has a download link in the description, and I plan on making a downloadable wallpaper pack out of the background.
>> No. 120687
File 135969543890.jpg - (886.38KB , 1555x1000 , thraten redbull.jpg )
>...but only if you have the stomach for it...

In all honesty, I still don't know what to think about the "Twilicorn" scenario. I'm trying to wait for the episode to air to make any judgements, but with all the spoilers it's hard to stay unbiased. I just hope everyone at DHX manages to pull this off in a way that doesn't completely change the dynamics of the show. We'll see.
Anyway, I know there have already been too many RedBull jokes, but once I got this crack idea, I just couldn't resist.
Silly bronies--of all individuals, Twilight would know that energy drinks are bad for you! (I haven't heard the best things about RedBull's taste either...)
>> No. 120720

That cracks me up.
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