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File 135396198141.png - (1.44MB , 2550x3300 , savagepony.png )
118631 No. 118631
#Digital #Gallery #Taking requests #Critique wanted

well im new to /art/, and new to doing digital art. im used to traditional/pencil and paper. but here she is. no base used...i need more photoshop brushes. might take requests, depending on how /art/ likes my style. im used to drawing people fyi.
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>> No. 118668
File 135403080810.png - (1.26MB , 2550x3300 , fire.png )
figured id upload more art then. a friends OC, whos color palate and cutie mark i cant remember right now. yes, ill take requests. id prefur though if youd have something i can use as referance :)
>> No. 118670
Howdy and welcome to the board!

I know some people don't like certain OCs, but you won't see much of that here, I don't think. also, those people should probably find a better hobby.
I think your pony looks pretty good. I love her legs =3 You seem to have a good grasp of anatomy. Looking forward to seeing more from you. Will you do any requests?
>> No. 118672
yeah basicly, i like to teach myself new ways to draw them and all, when i can ill upload more of my normal way of drawing, traditional. im better at that anyway! yeah ill take any kind, well...i think im going to be avoiding NSFW that is, not sure how i feel on that juuuuust yet.
>> No. 118674
That stuff is entirely up to yourself. Just remember the rules for posting it here if you decide to.
>> No. 118675
Yeah, though chances are slim to none anyway. i dont even do that when i draw people! which i draw ALOT more then ponies...though ponies are a ton of fun to draw, alot more then i thought theyd be!! and alot more like drawing people then i thought.
>> No. 118678
File 135404317663.png - (1.14MB , 2550x3300 , shade.png )
>> No. 118717
File 135411822905.png - (720.94KB , 2550x3300 , layah.png )
>> No. 118722
File 135413185932.png - (2.36MB , 2550x3300 , nope.png )
>> No. 118776
File 135421540811.png - (4.68MB , 2550x3300 , northernlights.png )
>> No. 118812
File 135429159226.png - (553.30KB , 2550x3300 , pls.png )
>> No. 119406
File 135550536769.jpg - (118.18KB , 813x983 , color_by_savvybo-d5fzjpz.jpg )
good lord these are old
>> No. 119407
File 135550514144.jpg - (111.25KB , 729x1095 , rainbowdash_by_savvybo-d5fzk64.jpg )
>> No. 119408
File 135550547342.jpg - (85.13KB , 748x1067 , twilight_sparkle_by_savvybo-d5fw5y3.jpg )
so...very...old ;~;
>> No. 119417
>#Critique Wanted
Hey. What sort of feedback were you hoping to get?
>> No. 119435
File 135552997993.png - (120.09KB , 411x328 , creation of twilight crop.png )
"i need more photoshop brushes"

No you don't.

See that picture right there?

Basic circle brush, 35px default, every inch of it.

The need to acquire indefinite amounts of additional tools is simply an irrational defense mechanism telling your brain that the only reason you aren't painting the Sistine is because you don't have the right tool yet. The sooner you tell that psychological fallback to sod off and then really knuckle down to learn with what you already have, sooner you'll begin to improve in the important and transferable areas of artistic composition.

Also, your character, who's wing position looks slightly uncomfortable, their right back leg appears to be attached to the side of their stomach. Simple conceptual perspective error, which may also tie into the wing. What I'm trying to say is that you could certainly benefit from some study and practice in foreshortening.

I could give a lot more advice, but I'd hate to overwhelm anyone with it, and I'd certainly hate to distract from perfecting the core basics with the introduction of flashy details.
>> No. 119945
Thanks that really helps! yeah i see what your getting at now too...ive been working on anatomy more on a sketchbook and i think it might be getting a tiny bit better
>> No. 119959
File 135716870553.jpg - (80.34KB , 1366x686 , sketch copy.jpg )
if you're taking requests, how about taking a shot at my OC?

I only have ever had 1 person draw her, how about you try :3
If it helps, try your hand at Princess Cadance's body type as that is what she has <3
>> No. 119973
ooooh shes you want digital or traditional?
>> No. 119974
File 135722194017.jpg - (73.75KB , 427x482 , 28859j5.jpg )
i guess i should make a request
>pic is Ticket
digital if you can
>> No. 119975
ok sure, but can someone tell me where she came from? she just kinda..showed up.....
>> No. 119976
>> No. 119977
File 135722799822.png - (313.46KB , 1600x1600 , untitled_drawing_by_savvybo-d5q9mfg.png )
my ticket version!
>> No. 119979
so cool
>> No. 119980
Thanks!! DAmuro was giveing me issues and i lost all the work from the first attempt....which was better ;~; but now its working :D
>> No. 119990
File 135724791820.jpg - (39.93KB , 922x866 , datOC.jpg )
thank you so much <3
Do it in what style you are more comfortable with as that is what will produce the best art <3
Also, just a thing about my OC, her left eye is pink, right eye is blue to contrast with her white coat <3
>> No. 119996
I think as im not too good with digiart, ill do her traditional as shes got one of those beautiful body-types! ill have her done soon as i can!
>> No. 120195
sorry about the long wait, ive got'er done, just gotta scan her, she should be up in a couple hours at the most :)
>> No. 120217
File 135797559721.png - (211.19KB , 480x640 , vzJ0g (1).png )
Is there anyway, I can make a request~ I don't really know how this works... <3
Please and thank you if you do fulfill my request~ :3
>> No. 120232
yeah sure whats your request? im a bit slow im sorry on getting them filled, but im drawing tonight and ill be happy to take one
>> No. 120233
File 135803078481.jpg - (164.45KB , 1241x1389 , 001.jpg )
ooooh i hope you like started to anger me after a bit, looked cooler in my head!
>> No. 120262
>> No. 120281
thank you!! i might (maybe im lazy dont get hopes up) redo her as i think i could do better lazy :(
>> No. 120376
I was thinking something cute with her, sitting on a book or thumbing through a tome that says Momento Mori or a general avatar style picture
>> No. 120449
Would you happen to still be taking requests, Savvy? And if you are, would you mind terrible if I could ask you to do one of my oc Ella here?:

I'm not on my own laptop or I would provide you another pic with her hooves in it. They are the same shade of blue as on her coat, and her white fur comes over each one a bit, as she has those little tufts of fur that you see on some horses.
>> No. 120462
oh shes so pretty!! id love to!! digital or traditional?
>> No. 120464
Ooh, digital would be awesome if you could, but whatever you feel like is fine. Thank you so much!
>> No. 120693
File 135973344323.png - (130.30KB , 800x800 , untitled_drawing_by_savvybo-d5tgcma.png )
i am very sorry for my slowness. i am very slow, and again i am sorry for that
>> No. 120714
File 135979490481.png - (266.42KB , 700x627 , ella laying.png )
Oh no, don't even worry about it savvy. I'm used to waiting a good few months for pictures so take your time. I'd rather you did that than rush ^_^
>> No. 121025
File 136095328772.jpg - (304.42KB , 1396x2089 , 002.jpg )
im sorry im sorry!! im CONCENTRATING NOW. I WILL DRAW HER. but....uh traditional.
>> No. 121027
File 136095440021.jpg - (61.24KB , 888x882 , 002.jpg )
here she is...not really colored, im bad at coloring. shes SUPER pretty in all the pics you showed me, also...whys she seem sad?
>> No. 121030
File 136099489038.jpg - (9.18KB , 209x241 , Ella excited.jpg )
I'm not sure heheh, there just kind of my favorite I guess.

And OMG you did such an amazing job! Thank you so much!


She's soo cute! XD
>> No. 121128
Thank you!!
>> No. 121172
File 136146975048.jpg - (243.78KB , 500x750 , tumblr_mikxbxC8fi1rki1fno1_500.jpg )
Boom. practice in photoshop fillies.
>> No. 121183
Hi! You seem bogged down with requests, but I'll add this to the pile if I can.

I'd like a digital picture for my ponsona Epiphany (Epi or Pip for short), and here's a link:

There should be a physical description there.
>> No. 121268
well im not sure about one that i kind of got, they never really confurmed on weather or not they are, and i never got a description nor referance, so i think yours is first in line!
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