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File 135433474211.jpg - (1.19MB , 2592x1936 , image.jpg )
118833 No. 118833
I hand drew and colored it my self, and I didn't sketch it either :)
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>> No. 118834
File 135433769780.png - (29.39KB , 336x336 , awesome.png )
Awesome! :D Keep it up!
>> No. 118848
Their colors seem a tad off, Dash is a bit lighter blue and Fluttershy a lighter shade of yellow, but other than that it looks really good.
>> No. 118852
Looks good for a first-timer.
You say, though, that you didn't sketch it. Although it may seem reasonable for a beginner to copy poses exactly as they see them in their reference images, it might help if you try and mentally analyze the way the characters are structured. What simple shapes and divisions are put together to make the character who they are? If you can figure out how these parts can be manipulated into different poses, then you'll be able to do more with the character than you would just copying poses.

That being said, you're still off to a great start; don't be discouraged and keep at it!
>> No. 128176
File 140131512437.png - (12.46KB , 349x430 , fd3.png )
Hope Ya'll like it (made this on paint
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