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File 135434341307.png - (1.09MB , 1200x900 , flowerponies.png )
118835 No. 118835
#Digital #Canon #OCs #Gallery #Taking requests #Taking commissions

Hello /art/!

I am VivoFortissimo, and normally I just sort of dink around the /rp/ side of the board, but I've recently been getting more into arting, so I figured I could come around here, drop off some of my creations, and even offer my services to you all!

Plus I kind of feel like I sit on the border of the art community and want to get to know other artists and stuff. So I'm gonna dump some names/links right here real quick...

Skype: Rainbrodash
DA: (Don't use this as much anymore.)
Commission Info:

I do livestreams sometimes, and if I am doing that I will post the heads up here. I usually take requests for randomness in there. So without further adieu... let's get some art in here!

Pictured: My latest Commission done. 3 Flower ponies done in guild wars 2 style.
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>> No. 118836
File 135434321909.png - (171.89KB , 513x410 , tavi30edit.png )
Sleeping Octavia that I did for the 30 minute challenge one day.
>> No. 118837
File 135434331301.png - (206.29KB , 812x534 , vivojonesy.png )
Picture of my OC, Vivo, with a friend of mine's OC over in RP. It's not really NSFW... more questionable just because there's nudity... but you can't see anything. Just being safe rather than sorry.
>> No. 118838
File 135434360426.png - (131.49KB , 730x804 , rilaintutu.png )
OC Request for a friend. I was told not to ask why.
>> No. 118839
File 135434364414.png - (117.80KB , 749x721 , Oops.png )
Latest Hipster Derpy post. She accidentalied the ask box.
>> No. 118840
File 135434348135.png - (319.47KB , 885x541 , crossdash.png )
Rainbow Dash and a friend's OC, Cross Stitch.
>> No. 118841
File 135434379463.gif - (129.99KB , 300x350 , itstrixietiem.gif )
>> No. 118842
File 135434390149.png - (191.04KB , 835x895 , 30wheat.png )
Crystal Pony from the 30 minute Challenge.
>> No. 118845
File 135434568561.png - (158.80KB , 500x607 , izzt.png )
And last for now is a friend's OC. I'll update this whenever and be watching regularly for comments/ critique / requests/ or whatever. :)
>> No. 118865
File 135442725929.png - (37.32KB , 289x279 , Peppermint Patty.png )
Hello! Can I make a request?

A group picture. Can it include these lovelies:

Kitters- (Bangs only)
Muddy Hooves-
Peppermint Patty- Display pic, but a pegasus and the cutie mark is a peppermint
Flambe Sparks- Unicorn with long mane and tail (Red and silver) Cream coat and green eyes. Cutie mark is a pan with fire coming out of it.

I'd like to have Peppermint flying next to Kitters, and Flambe Sparks standing off to the side, far from the group.
>> No. 118885
File 135448432565.png - (607.41KB , 1000x1000 , NerdPonygrass2.png )
I love your art! Could I request something of Four Block
Seeing as it's the holidays, could you draw her in a christmasy sweater/stockings?
>> No. 118919

Quick bump
>> No. 118938
File 135456403622.png - (248.22KB , 556x586 , PJ.png )
I love your art ^^. Looks absolutely wonderful, and cute :3. Mind if I request a picture of my Poison Joke pony, PJ? I had to do a recolor of her though, but this is a reference and her cutie mark is the poison Joke plant. She's a happy and bubbly sort of character.
>> No. 119019
>> No. 119021
File 135468914131.jpg - (81.16KB , 464x460 , 25g41s2.jpg )
i have a commission if you are interested
>> No. 119022
File 135468999854.png - (63.63KB , 365x339 , Persus.png )

So... I'm done for my work week. I was kinda in a bummy mood but I'm here lookin' at this stuff.


Okay so did you just want them in lineart or something for one? And two that's... a lot to just request of me. Like I don't mind throwing out free art of just like one or two, but the biggest picture I've done was the OP and heck I got payed to do that.


Sounds fun! I need a holiday piece.


Cute. I could do that.


I'm always interested in Commissions. Feel free to contact me wherever or here if you're so inclined.
>> No. 119023
do i just post my idea here or do i send you a note on DA?
>> No. 119024

DA probably to avoid spamming here.
>> No. 119025
File 135470588516.png - (359.02KB , 739x970 , xmasreq.png )

Here ya go! Honestly I totally didn't read sweater till just now posting it but I hope you like it anyway! I enjoyed drawing her.
>> No. 119026
File 135470948933.png - (3.25KB , 201x163 , GypsyPinkie Icon- Smile.png )
Wow, this is the most adorbs style I've ever seen. (Belated) welcome to /art/!
>> No. 119028
File 135472108051.jpg - (30.95KB , 211x170 , four_block___tetris_with_____by_sddpw__by_nerd_pony-d5i3nv9.jpg )
OH... MY... GLOB...
IT'S SO ADORABLE, Thank you SO much!
>> No. 119036
Yep, line art is fine.
>> No. 119039
File 135474641684.jpg - (25.96KB , 640x400 , Digit.jpg )
Oi there.
After looking through your various art pieces I have come to really enjoy it (especially the facial expressions)
And if you wouldnt mind, think you could draw my lil OC here. Maybe something like her playing a handheld looking sleep deprived?
>> No. 119044
File 135477553166.png - (60.87KB , 366x420 , uhallothar.png )

Thank you so much :)


I'm very glad you like it.


Alright. Like I said, I don't mind requests, and that sounds easy enough, but I got a pretty big order commissioned that has to take prescience over requests.

Still willing to take more commissions in line but requests will always come after them for obvious reasons.
>> No. 119059
Actually, could you color it?

Nothing too fancy, just flat coloring. No shading or background, just flat coloring.
>> No. 119063
File 135485928806.png - (450.71KB , 781x915 , bustbackground.png )
Looks like I got a pretty big work week ahead of me.

Here's a piece I did for the group tumblr project I'm in called "The Dash Pad."

Check it out, coming soon, at
>> No. 119096
File 135495424993.png - (546.28KB , 949x1097 , Ticket63.png )
Latest Commission
>> No. 119097
i love it
>> No. 119117
File 135502388472.jpg - (41.35KB , 700x600 , dpad mare.jpg )
Any chance you could draw my OC, Dpad, wearing socks?
>> No. 119238
File 135513380024.png - (312.89KB , 781x915 , busthair2.png )
Practicing Shading on a old picture. How does this look to the previous one?
>> No. 119239
it pops out alot more
>> No. 119273
File 135520512878.png - (908.76KB , 907x1111 , darkmagt.png )
Another commission done!
>> No. 119290
i like this one very much
>> No. 119326
File 135530922551.png - (12.21KB , 438x445 , GypsyPinkie Blue Fire.png )
It is fantastic wizardy.
>> No. 119385
File 135544080644.jpg - (22.84KB , 500x282 , tumblr_mdtemdG2M61rd23b5o1_500.jpg )
Hey guys.

So I'd love to continue drawing getting to all your commissions/requests, but I might be slow this week through the holiday.

I work at a movie theater, you see, and The Hobbit just came out. I'm sure you guys can see where most of my time is being scheduled.

Just wanted to give you all a heads up. I haven't forgotten about you. :3
>> No. 119726
friendly bump
>> No. 119727
File 135619665691.gif - (1.40MB , 549x352 , bored ticket.gif )
>works at movie theater
... well at that something
>> No. 119790
File 135658517430.png - (1.15MB , 1082x1200 , atimeywimeychristmas.png )

Yes. I tear tickets sometimes.

Have my entry into the Derpibooru Holiday contest.
>> No. 119793
Just asking, could ya include a queue in the top post?

It would help keep track of things.
>> No. 120209
>> No. 120458
File 135883985506.png - (735.14KB , 1013x995 , seduceyouorig.png )
Wow. So yeah it's been since the day after Christmas since I've been able to do any art so I did a tumblr piece to practice.

Work has been absolutely insane and now I got called into jury duty which I am not looking forward to. After that, though, I will be jumping back into commissions and requests as work is definitely slowing down now.
>> No. 120482
File 135893411408.png - (637.33KB , 1217x880 , gamingticketfinal.png )
Another Comission done!
>> No. 120489

Last edited at Sat, Jan 26th, 2013 10:25

>> No. 120661
File 135951874351.jpg - (322.46KB , 2480x1759 , image.jpg )
Heyo! Remember my last request, with those four ponies? Forget that, in going to request something different. Could you draw Kitters with his gendetbent counterpart Algie (I'd explain the names, but I'm typing on a phone and it's a pain in the arse.)? I've included Kitters' brand sparking new ref, and you can design his gendetbent version.
>> No. 121140
File 136131092337.png - (202.33KB , 859x725 , Notlovers.png )
I'm still around, just been busy and working on a music project. Bumptiy bumpity.
>> No. 121351
File 136204686273.png - (612.93KB , 1008x866 , ticketship.png )
>> No. 121352
File 136204693249.png - (402.55KB , 1000x1000 , streamcrap.png )
>> No. 121353
File 136204695326.png - (973.13KB , 1741x1168 , shewantsthed.png )
>> No. 121360
>> No. 121395
File 136222675249.png - (209.21KB , 1656x1512 , Rainstream Pony.png )
I'm wondering if you wouldn't mind drawing Rainstream. She's been sent to about 20 or so artists so far, so I'm really curious to see what you'll do with her. There's a color palette in the bottom right corner, and here's a character background if you want it.

Character Background:

Rainstream is usually a very happy and fun-loving pony. She would attend any social gathering without a second thought, provided she already knows the attendees. She holds on to a select few friends, but rarely gathers any beyond that. She loves meeting new ponies, but is very shy and demure at first. She may take awhile to warm up to ponies she has not met before, but enjoys their company all the same. She is very playful—once she has become comfortable with opening up—and loves to tease. She doesn’t look it -- and rarely shows it -- but is a very powerful flier. She graduated Flight School in Cloudsdale with flying colors, having won the Best Young Flyer competition during both of her final two years.

Rain is a talented weather pony, working at the weather station in Las Pegasus, and can often be found outside of town playing in her rain field. Rainstream has an extreme fondness for rain, and finds every excuse to create it. She can be found on slow walks when sad -- with a raincloud following her around -- and will frolic in it when happy. She appreciates the beauty of it, often playing with the clouds to create an artistic display. Rainstream takes great pride in her weather making duties, hoping that others might share her admiration of the rainfall.

Rain is very disorganized, and tries not to keep a schedule. Rainstream is very spontaneous and naive, often traveling around at the drop of a hat. However, she is very loyal to anypony lucky enough to call her friend, if even for a moment, and will put herself in harm’s way to defend them. She would rather feel pain herself, than see it inflicted upon others. She also has a strong distaste for unicorns in general. They tend to be very uptight and too rich-and-snooty. She doesn’t trust them either—to be honest, or kind.

Due to her spontaniety, Rainstream may give little thought to the consequences of her actions, and can make some very rash decisions. Nopony really knows what her dream is, however. Some would argue that her dream is simply to live happily -- as she always has -- playing in the rain at every given opportunity, but nopony has ever gotten a straight answer out of her.

She grew up in Applewood, just outside of Las Pegasus, having moved away from her parents’ home in her adolescent years. She managed to get a job with the Las Pegasus weather team after running into the manager while playing with the clouds one day. (it’s not a very entertaining story, somewhat of a “Hi there” friendly conversation, manager happens to like personality, offers job due to needing another weather pony—right place at right time) They have enough workers -- and she’s skilled enough -- for her to be granted several weeks vacation time, which allows her to go traveling around like she likes.
>> No. 121754
File 136331373610.gif - (373.93KB , 308x207 , tumblr_lh33441B2a1qeok01.gif )
I need to stop getting sick.

>> No. 121816
File 136368154360.png - (170.65KB , 869x580 , ukCQd95.png )
Sketch of the best pony nobody knows about yet.
>> No. 121817
you have new OC
>> No. 121818
Pretty sure that's the new mane pony, Sunset Shimmer.
>> No. 121819
>> No. 121831
File 136375005782.png - (4.12MB , 3353x2057 , sunsetshimmerfinal.png )

Have the final version of Sunset Shimmer
>> No. 121867
File 136389836783.png - (2.01MB , 2767x3157 , pinkierafter.png )
>> No. 121870
File 136390116373.png - (73.20KB , 125x125 , 132631965934.png )
So uh... can I get a yes or no, ( >>121395 ) so I'm not sitting around waiting? There's a policy around here about not submitting to more than a few artists at once, and I'm trying to be courteous.
>> No. 121889
File 136395450397.gif - (367.64KB , 320x300 , 130368384458.gif )

Yeah I could. It's easiest to catch me in a stream, too, to get me to do requests.
>> No. 121899
File 136397866748.png - (330.06KB , 960x786 , 70's pinkamena.png )
Ooh. I like streams. When do you usually stream? I don't see it posted here.
>> No. 122396
File 136548210968.png - (0.98MB , 2827x3522 , kirbyreq.png )
I post here sometimes but I delete it when it's over. I tend to stream later at night.

Here's a request I did for a raffle winner in my stream.
>> No. 122455
File 136566143223.png - (1.00MB , 1935x2000 , joengiftsmaller.png )
>> No. 123863
File 137101706743.png - (2.73MB , 2000x2070 , lostcontrol.png )
Been busy with travel/job stuff, but I've got a list of commissions I need to do so hopefully I'll be putting out more art soon like this.
>> No. 123865
File 137103475673.png - (281.16KB , 900x962 , commish1.png )
Commission done!
>> No. 123878
File 137108213530.png - (1.40MB , 1000x1453 , fullres.png )
More art
>> No. 123879
Excellent work, I love the details in the outfits.
>> No. 123913
File 137118723604.png - (717.61KB , 2000x1477 , Stripes.png )
Another commission done
>> No. 124548
File 137265718032.png - (1.10MB , 1000x1268 , Perilla.png )
>> No. 124549
File 137265729684.png - (0.98MB , 2000x2739 , remick.png )
>> No. 124550
File 137265732130.png - (3.19MB , 2773x2105 , shadowfinalpev.png )
>> No. 124634
File 137316182058.png - (53.46KB , 404x504 , 9th 8.png )
It's something I like to ask every artist who's open to requests, so here goes.

Would you mind drawing this stallion? It's the 9th Doctor as a pony.
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